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19th Dec2014: Introducing 123 Copy DVD Gold: http://t.co/dz75nACo0q via @YouTube
20th Nov2014: Introducing 123 Copy DVD Movies 2 Mobiles: http://t.co/SQwQ92sF0a via @YouTube
19th Nov2014: Introducing 123 Copy DVD Platinum: http://t.co/ig74MXrMi6 via @YouTube
26th Mar2014: 123 Copy DVD - DVD Conversion to Windows Media Player: http://t.co/pRMJVbOwGw via @YouTube
7th Mar2014: 123 Stream Rip and Replay: http://t.co/NFDXQKsImo via @YouTube
7th Mar2014: 123 Music Rip and Replay: http://t.co/WOkWDrUSYo via @YouTube
7th Mar2014: 123 Music Rip and Replay: http://t.co/aHY9vGM34q via @YouTube
4th Mar2014: 123 Internet Video Downloader: http://t.co/rBRC1CZGS4 via @YouTube
31st Oct2013: 123 Copy DVD - MP3 files to CD: http://t.co/SRQsRZKGRC via @YouTube
30th Oct2013: 123 Copy DVD - Ripping: http://t.co/XzwoxVpgJM via @YouTube
4th Oct2013: 123 Copy DVD - Internet Downloader: http://t.co/LBwAOv5Koj via @YouTube
4th Oct2013: 123 Copy DVD - Converting a Video File: http://t.co/MlgMEVhWFE via @YouTube
4th Oct2013: 123 Copy DVD - Creating a picture slideshow: http://t.co/jv9jwwrnEb via @YouTube
4th Oct2013: 123 Copy DVD - Backing up a DVD movie to your PC: http://t.co/nYVwsc7Hav via @YouTube
4th Oct2013: 123 Copy DVD - Converting a DVD movie to Android: http://t.co/EYRa7wVlny via @YouTube
4th Oct2013: 123 Copy DVD - Create a video file with audio: http://t.co/JfWlKogXPC via @YouTube
4th Oct2013: 123 Copy DVD - Create a Ring Tone: http://t.co/lzUM8CEJUr via @YouTube
10th May2013: The #GreatGatsby opens TODAY! Are you going to go see it tonight? #newreleases
4th Apr2013: #ArrestedDevelopment. Season 4. 15 new episodes. 26 May. Only on @Netflix. http://t.co/QSVfo8zW3w
27th Mar2013: Check out the first, full-length trailer for The Wolverine from @Marvel and @20thcenturyfox - http://t.co/Uee5mWiwDN. #trailer #newrelease
26th Mar2013: Check out this 6-second teaser for the #TheWolverine, coming to theatres July 26th: http://t.co/pfs2Eb3Ska
15th Mar2013: Check out what movies hit the theatres today: http://t.co/0Xoe0eDT9y. #moviereleases #weekend
12th Mar2013: Are you a @GameOfThrones enthusiast? Catch up on #season2 in just 14 minutes! Check it out here:http://t.co/TTImSMVKzF. #tvseries
6th Mar2013: Relive Decades of #BestPicture #Oscar Winners in 4 minutes: http://t.co/5vcY0chF9i.
14th Feb2013: Happy Love Day everyone! What are your plans for the big day? #valentinesday
14th Feb2013: Big plans for #ValentinesDay? How about staying in and watching a movie? Here are some great #movie ideas for V Day: http://t.co/V5xSOaBc.
1st Feb2013: Find out which movies are hitting the big screens today: http://t.co/xNbCZF8H. What will you go see? http://t.co/95aM7uOE #moviereleases
29th Jan2013: Tell your story in 6 seconds…try @vineapp, a #video creation #app that will definitely have you addicted in no time! http://t.co/n4RhXNMg
24th Jan2013: Do you know that 123 Copy DVD Gold & Platinum can convert movies for over 100 different devices? Find your device here:...
10th Jan2013: Time to start placing your bets - #Oscar nominations are in, who will you choose? http://t.co/z1VCGFJ1. #AcademyAwards
8th Jan2013: Welcome to the International Space Station:http://t.co/Ri5OjbEJ. Take the video tour with @ISS_Research through the station.
26th Dec2012: From all of us at 123 - Merry Christmas!
19th Dec2012: Still looking for some ideas for #Christmas #shopping? Check out the 123 Christmas #giveaway: http://t.co/L5VHX8O8. http://t.co/98QD8rk1
13th Dec2012: TigerDirect Daily Deal Slasher - 123CopyDVD Platinum for absolutely free! 11 hours left, get it while the deal lasts. http://t.co/eVE8YVq7
12th Dec2012: Is this the new #GangnamStyle: http://t.co/7DVzw8dO. #1PoundFish, will it make it big? #video
3rd Dec2012: It is official - Pope Benedict XVI has joined the Twitter ranks with the handle @pontifex. http://t.co/hoW3AnKI
1st Dec2012: Happy 1st of #December everyone! This family sure knows how to kick off the #holiday season right! http://t.co/NZ44sShK #gangnamstyle
27th Nov2012: Today is #GivingTuesday and is your chance to give back! Check this link from @mashable for ideas on giving back: http://t.co/DqJCYwEn.
21st Nov2012: With #Thanksgiving just around the corner, check out these great tips for capturing your favorite #holiday moments: http://t.co/sLjadrEr
20th Nov2012: To help get you in the spirit of the #holiday, check out some of these favourite #Thanksgiving TV moments: http://t.co/z9O71HRO #tvmoments
14th Nov2012: The final #countdown is here! The brand new 123 website will be launching tomorrow. Keeps your eyes open for the link! #launch #website
6th Nov2012: Watch America #vote in real time right on @facebook - http://t.co/RQU7RxxR. #election2012.
31st Oct2012: #HappyHalloween everyone!
30th Oct2012: 11 days until #Skyfall hits theatres. We are getting pretty excited for 143 minutes of Daniel Craig & some Bond action! http://t.co/j7bndRzo
29th Oct2012: Happy #Monday everyone!! #Halloween is just around the corner - what are your #spooky plans for the big day?
26th Oct2012: Big things are a brewing at the 123 offices! Keep your eyes posted over the next couple of days for more info!
24th Oct2012: Halloween is around the corner - are you ready!? Make great halloween playlists of spooky tracks or your favourite horror scenes with 123.
19th Oct2012: 123 Copy DVD #2013 line is finally here! Check out the new line and get your 2013 products here:http://t.co/y2GpEbpB http://t.co/1bzBdttm
7th Feb2012: I liked an @YouTube video http://t.co/frvRq8sF SWTOR Guide | Annihilation Droid XRR-3 | Eternity Vault Operati
1st Feb2012: I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/3vac4jQv 123 Copy DVD Gold Mac 2 Feature Tutorial
7th Jan2012: I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/FNXFpx7B 123 Movies 2 Mobiles How to Convert a DVD
6th Jan2012: I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/XjwrHRno 123 Movies 2 Android Convert DVD tutorial
4th Jan2012: I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/riFBRhuW 123 Copy DVD Gold 3 Feature Demo
4th Jan2012: I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/HlgKwmhd How to Convert a DVD to Your Ipad
6th Oct2011: Steve Jobs, a man of distinct vision and genius has left us. Rest in peace Sir, your work will live on and you will be remembered.
17th Sep2011: Acer and ViewSonic sign Microsoft patent deals covering Android, Chrome OS devices http://ow.ly/6p8kW
16th Sep2011: Twitter touts growth, 100 million active users http://ow.ly/6p7eO Wow!
16th Sep2011: A big FF to all my new twitter friends @ Addicted2Success @ MySOdotCom @ AlanCosens @ VictoriaVoucher @ RockfordFSBO @ aviation_earth
16th Sep2011: George Burns Live In Concert http://ow.ly/6p7TZ A little old however its nice to visit George.
16th Sep2011: Moneyball with Brad Pitt - Trailer http://ow.ly/6p7PP
15th Sep2011: Amazon Staves Off the Tax Man for Another Year http://ow.ly/6p75b
15th Sep2011: Without Jobs at the helm will we see a 7 inch iPad or QWERTY iPhone? http://ow.ly/6p8bc
14th Sep2011: I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/Lhnt3AdJ 123 Copy DVD Promo
14th Sep2011: The real history of Java and Android, as told by Google http://ow.ly/6p70a
14th Sep2011: Really Famous Movie Quotes http://ow.ly/6p7uQ I did pretty good, I was surprised!
13th Sep2011: A decade later, public safety still lacks national network http://ow.ly/6p6QX
12th Sep2011: Rush filming real F1 cars in 35mm http://ow.ly/6p7kk Ron Howard directing.....
12th Sep2011: Sprint reportedly prepping for iPhone 5 http://ow.ly/6p6NI
9th Sep2011: 10 Android apps that can get you fired http://ow.ly/6kfgl
9th Sep2011: The future of IT will be reduced to three kinds of jobs http://ow.ly/6kfai
8th Sep2011: New A Lonely Place to Die trailer reveals too much? http://ow.ly/6kelr the scenery is beautiful..It makes me want to see the flick
8th Sep2011: WikiLeaks releases full searchable US secret cable files http://ow.ly/6kezy Crazy scary!
8th Sep2011: Starz halts licensing talks with Netflix http://ow.ly/6kefq With all the online competition for watching movies, everyone wants more.
7th Sep2011: New Years Eve Trailer http://ow.ly/6kf0s Looks like the movie Valentine with a star studded cast
7th Sep2011: Margaret trailer looks emotionally tough http://ow.ly/6kdWR Two actresses from True Blood..
7th Sep2011: Happy Feet Two http://ow.ly/6keVG I loved the first movie and the second one looks cute.
6th Sep2011: iPad met its match in the TouchPad http://ow.ly/6kdQ6 great article, but I might have to disagree.
6th Sep2011: Trespass trailer: http://ow.ly/6kdHY I hope it is as good as it looks. The director makes awesome films
2nd Sep2011: How bad is the Mac malware scare? http://ow.ly/6e32c
2nd Sep2011: #FF @daleperryman @FollowMichelleF @WorkingMomsOnly @bridgehealthca @JCardona71 @OlympicHotTub as well as everyone else have a great weekend
1st Sep2011: What happens when Google+ cuts you off? http://ow.ly/6e2V0
31st Aug2011: The Third Man http://ow.ly/6e38K An old black and white film released in 1949 Classic
30th Aug2011: Steve Jobs steps down from Apple http://ow.ly/6e2PL Good-bye Steve
30th Aug2011: Jenner To Fill In For Osbourne On The Talk http://ow.ly/6e2CS wow this family knows how to market themselves!
30th Aug2011: More than half of online adults use social networking sites http://ow.ly/6e2rQ a little higher then half that is a lot of people
26th Aug2011: Keeping up with the hackers (chart) http://ow.ly/67YPR It is so crazy, we have to be one step ahead of all the hackers
26th Aug2011: #FF @daleperryman @WorkingMomsOnly @ComstockHome @bridgeshealthca @FollowMichelleF @TheRemote @ EdgeBoardShops
26th Aug2011: New Footloose trailer http://ow.ly/67YwY I am looking forward to this one.
26th Aug2011: New Immortals trailer - Wow http://ow.ly/67Yt8 This movie looks awesome!
25th Aug2011: Apple suit targets alleged counterfeiters in New York http://ow.ly/67YLC I have seen look a likes on the internet based in Asia
24th Aug2011: Which streaming media device is right for you? http://ow.ly/67YF1 I love my HD LiveTV
23rd Aug2011: Superman: Man of Steel plot reveals big surprise? http://ow.ly/67YoJ I hope its as good as it reads!
23rd Aug2011: Apple may have manipulated images in Samsung case http://ow.ly/67YC1 Apple under fire again, what else is new?
23rd Aug2011: Hungry man tweets about steak, gets surprise delivery http://ow.ly/67Yyi Now this is service
22nd Aug2011: Superhero Movie Quiz http://ow.ly/67Yip I bombed out on this one
19th Aug2011: Expendables 2 begins; Rambo V happening? http://ow.ly/62vzb
19th Aug2011: Interview: the single engineer who built Facebook Video Calling http://ow.ly/62vWW Very interesting piece
19th Aug2011: Dark Tower fails, Stand remake continues? http://ow.ly/62vxL I hope they remake The Stand
18th Aug2011: Google turns to social network to trump Bing http://ow.ly/62vUt
18th Aug2011: This Day in Tech: BART shuts down cell service to stop protests http://ow.ly/62vQY
17th Aug2011: Do think you know all about dance scenes well its time to prove it http://ow.ly/62vrl a fun little quiz
17th Aug2011: Google asks U.S. Patent Office to re-examine Lodsys patents http://ow.ly/62vPD
16th Aug2011: RT @bridgeshealthca: @StonerJokes @LichiSuperFruit @carlyweeks @StrategicRNs @selfhelpbible Have an AWESOME Tuesday! - rightbackatcha!

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