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10% off - Whole range of BackPainHelp Coupon (to 30th Jun)
Backboard2122 Classic for 00a339.99 (to 31st Dec)
Back Brace for 00a339.99 (to 31st Dec)
Dual Action Massager for 00a314.99 (to 31st Dec)
Posture Hero2122 for 00a339.99 (to 31st Dec)
Standing Desk for 00a3149.99 (to 31st Dec)
Standing Desk was 00a3249.99 now just 00a3174.99 (to 21st Nov)
Posture Band now available and only 00a312.99 (to 21st Nov)
Office Posture Pack was 00a3139.99 now only 00a3119.99 (to 21st Nov)
Free Delivery when you buy a Shoulder Brace (to 21st Nov)
New in Spine Aligners now just 00a339.99 (to 21st Nov)
Prevent slouching (to 18th Oct)
Neck Brace now available for 00a344.98 (to 18th Oct)
Save 00a375 on Standing Desk (to 18th Oct)
New in - Spine aligning insoles from 00a339.99 (to 18th Oct)
Posture Corrector Brace now 00a339.99 (to 18th Oct)
This patent-pending innovation in hot and cold therapy gives you ma.. (to 18th Oct)
Buy 3 Save 00a320 On Our Lifestyle Posture Pack (to 9th Sep)
Buy 3 Save 00a320 on our Office Posture Pack! (to 9th Sep)
Standing Desk and Laptop Stand at Backpain Help (to 1st Jul)
Standing desks at Backpain Help (to 1st Jul)
Free Easy Applicator at Backpain Help Coupon (to 29th Jun)
15% Off at Backpain Help Coupon (to 29th Jun)
25% Off at Backpain Help Coupon (to 29th Jun)
Posture Cushion at Backpain Help (to 5th Jun)
$100 Off at Backpain Help Coupon (to 31st May)
$10 Off at Backpain Help Coupon (to 30th May)
60% Off Heat Pads (to 28th Jan)
Buy one posture stand get another half price Coupon (to 28th Jan)
2 for 1 at Backpain Help Coupon (to 31st Dec)
10% Off at Backpain Help Coupon (to 30th Dec)
$50 Off at Backpain Help Coupon (to 29th Dec)
20% Off at Backpain Help Coupon (to 29th Dec)
$20 Off at Backpain Help Coupon (to 28th Dec)
$40 Off at Backpain Help Coupon (to 30th Nov)
25% Off All Neck Braces Coupon (to 31st Mar)
25% Off All Backboards Coupon (to 2nd Mar)
20% Off All Shoulder Braces Coupon (to 28th Feb)
14% Off Posture Brace (to 13th Jan)
14% Off Shoulder Brace (to 13th Jan)
15% Off Backboard Light (to 2nd Jan)
10% Off Posture Stand (to 25th Nov)


28th Jun: Check out the NEW way to improve sitting posture, BACK Curble Posture Seat available at
5th Feb: Improve your posture with Posture Hero on QVC UK via @YouTube
29th Jan: We are delighted to be named as a finalist in @tradegovuk_nw’s #GtrChinaAwards for 2020! 🎉#ExportingIsGREAT
23rd Jan: Always a pleasure to be featured on @qvcuk😁 The stars of the show this week have been our Therapy Pad and Posture H…
22nd Oct: Hi @Joe_Sugg, great to see you using our #PostureBrace to help keep your Posture on point for the competition! If y…
18th Aug: Do your #Homework with good #Posture using our Posture Stand! Now with FREE DELIVERY for a limited time only!…
18th Jul: Specially created to be near invisible under clothing, our #PostureBrace can correct your posture in just days!…
29th Jun: Question Time! 🤔🤔🤔 What do you do to help ease your back pain? Please tweet us and let us know! #BackPain #Help…
26th Jun: We recently featured on @KDVR over in the US. Checkout the video to see their thoughts on our applicator #BackPain
14th Jun: Looking to improve your Golf game? Check out how to improve your swing and posture here at #BackPainHelp #swing
7th Jun: On average most adults spend around 8.9 hours sitting a day! #BackPainHelp #posture #health #backpain
31st May: Stand straight and proud! Improve posture and relieve pain! #BackPainHelp #posture #health
18th May: Almost 10 million Brits suffer with Chronic pain daily! #BackPainHelp #invisibleillness #chronicpain #ReducePain
10th May: Checkout this great article on Sitting & how it affects us! via @bi_contributors #SitLess #BackPainHelp #posture
8th May: Back pain symptoms - Doing THIS will relieve pain and speed up recovery! #BackPainHelp #ReducePain #chronicpain
6th May: Looking to reduce lower back pain? Maybe BackPainhelp can help! #BackPainHelp #ReducePain #chronicpain #stayfit
29th Apr: Doug Jones provides #BackPainHelp with expert healthcare knowledge on the impact of sitting! #SitLess #MoveMore
26th Apr: *🎉* WIN A STANDING DESK WORTH £224.99 **🎉 Retweet this post and Enter here👉 #contest…
23rd Apr: BBC News - Cycling to work cuts risk of cancer and heart disease #SitLess #MoveMore #BackPainHelp
19th Apr: *🎉*🎉* WIN A STANDING DESK WORTH £224.99 **🎉🎉** Enter here & Retweet! 👉 #SitLess #MoveMore…
18th Apr: The #standingdesk allows Joe to continue his #active life by alternating his #sitting and #standing position…
14th Apr: Bank Holiday Offer - Free Delivery on All Posture and Pain relieving products within our entire range! #SitLess…
13th Apr: Win a Standing Desk by entering our competition! #SitLess #MoveMore #OTF2017 #backpainhelp #officedesk #standingdesk
13th Apr: Joe, a Web developer come Strongman, gave us the following review of our Standing Desk! #SitLess #MoveMore…
12th Apr: Sit to Stand with better posture with Backpainhelp! Improved productivity and wellbeing! #SitLess #movemore…
28th Mar: Silence your phone and let go of guilt: 10 tips to improve your wellbeing at work #wellbeing#work#rest#stress
27th Mar: This article features one of our many Neck brace users, helping to relieve pain and improve posture! #backpainhelp
23rd Mar: Drugs are not the answer! We have a range of Drug free products to relieve Pain and improve Posture! #backpainhelp
22nd Mar: In the UK, 2.5 million people struggle with pain every day! 😮 Our Back Brace may be the Answer 😃 👉…
19th Mar: Looking to improve your Posture? ✋ Try our Posture Stand! 👉 #posture#laptop#health#wel…
18th Mar: Reduce pain and tension with our Dual Action Roller Massager FREE Relief Gel worth £10 on all Orders over £20 👉…
13th Mar: Causes, symptoms and treatments for neck pain! #neckpain #backpainhelp
28th Feb: #Pancakeday Special Offer - Only available until midnight tonight at
28th Feb: £50 OFF STANDING DESK WITH FREE POSTURE CUSHION WORTH £34.99! Treat yourself on Pay Day! Last Day Offer!…
24th Feb: Save £85 with this weeks latest offer! : £50 OFF Standing Desks + Free Posture Cushion worth £34.99 -This week only…
23rd Feb: Expert knowledge by Doug Jones on the Impact of Sitting! … #altiushealthcare…
7th Feb: Checkout our quick 30s video on how simple it is to adjust our award winning #Backboard lumbar support #AwardWinner
19th Jan: Aches and pains from being back at the gym? Get yourself over to Backpainhelp! For one week only ANY TWO PRODUCTS G…
19th Jan: *!*!*!* COMPETITION TIME *!*!*!* Simply #favourite and #retweet this post to be in a chance to #Win one of our…
5th Jan: To celebrate the launch of our refreshed website we are offering £5 off our Posture Braces:…
22nd Dec: Save 20% on all Neck Braces today only! Checkout the link for more details... #NeckBrace…
21st Dec: This simple, adjustable lumbar support helps you to maintain a correct sitting position by preventing slumping of t…
21st Dec: £10 off Backboard Plus! 1 Day only! #LondonSpineClinic #BackPainHelp #Christmas…
20th Dec: By compression the Sac belt helps to relieve stress and instability, therefore helping to re-establish the natural…
20th Dec: Day 1 of our 12 days of discounts. Save £5 on all Sacroiliac Belts! Relieve lower back pain today!…
6th Dec: Christmas Big Sale! Save £5 on #PostureStands. Easy to adjust, affordable way to improve your workspace ergonomics.…
2nd Dec: Save £5 this weekend on all #PostureStands. Available in 3 colours, they make a fantastic #Xmas for all tech users!…
28th Nov: Today is the last day you can save 20% off our fantastic products such as this Posture Stand! Head to the link belo…
25th Nov: #BLACKFRIDAY Save 20% off all products today and this weekend only! Head to the link below to checkout our range…
22nd Nov: 20% OFF! The Posture Cushion works to strengthen core muscles and improve both posture and stability when seated.…
17th Nov: Visit us at stand 42 at this years @NorthWestExpo ! You can register for free at…
14th Nov: Save £10 with 40% off our Dual Action Roller Massagers whilst stock lasts Uk designed and m…
7th Nov: Developed with the London Spine Clinic, our range of products help relieve your back pain, improve your posture & k…
4th Nov: You can now save £5 on all Posture Stands, a simple and affordable way to improve the ergonomics of your workspace.…
3rd Nov: Check out the features and benefits of our Dual Action Roller Massager! #massage #massager #backpain
2nd Nov: £5 off Posture Stands for a limited time only! #Posture #SpecialOffer #BackPain…
1st Nov: Ready for the fireworks? Long hours standing around can take its toll on your back. Check out our Back Brace and pr…
30th Oct: Find out more about our award winning #NeckBrace in our video! #support #pain #posture #LondonSpineClinic
28th Oct: Thought about joint support? Relieve #pain and #support your joints with our #SacroiliacBelt, specifically design f…
28th Oct: Improve #Posture with our award winning, UK made Posture Brace. As recommended by the @LSpineClinic…
26th Oct: Our innovative Neck Brace is available in 6 colours! Which one will you choose? #neckbrace #innovation #posture…
26th Oct: Neck pain is a common problem, and often nothing to worry about... Read more in our latest blog post:…
24th Oct: Our range of back care products help to relieve #pain, improve #posture & #support your back. Developed with the…
22nd Oct: Have you seen our innovative #NeckBrace yet? Winner of an #IFDesignAward 2016, it is discreet, comfortable & suppo…
17th Oct: #Arthritis can have a big impact on daily life, with symptoms including; joint pain, inflammation around the joints…
14th Oct: Checkout our latest #arthiritisweek offers over at #LondonSpineClinic #BackPainHelp…
12th Oct: Over 28% of customers said that the pain they felt was mainly in their lower lateral back…
11th Oct: Arthritis: Relieving your symptoms
7th Oct: Which one would you pick? Posture Cushion - Available in 6 colours!
7th Oct: BEFORE & AFTER Prevent slouching and improve your posture with our Shoulder Brace! UK manufactured and designed!…
6th Oct: STANDING DESK SALE EXTENSION: Due to popular demand you can save £25 on all Standing Desks for another week!…
30th Sep: Create a healthy work environment with the Standing Desk! £25 Off Standing Desks for this week only!…
29th Sep: Thought about heat therapy? Get a FREE pack of Heat Pads with ALL orders until midnight tomorrow!…
23rd Sep: Save £5 off our Posture Stand for 1 week only! For more details see here:
19th Sep: Switch between sitting and standing throughout the day can help reduce the physical stress
19th Sep: Standing Desk: The Benefits
9th Sep: Save £5 on all Posture Stands with our Back 2 School special offers. #Posture #Sale #BPH
9th Sep: Checkout all of our latest Back 2 School posture product offers! #Posture #SpecialOffer
15th Aug: Did you know our Shoulder Braces are available in @BootsUK and @LloydsPharmacy nationwide? #Backpain #Boots #Lloyds
12th Aug: #SittingDisease : Checkout more information at #Posture #Health #Backpain #Workplace
4th Aug: Save £5 and get free delivery with our special #OlympicGames launch week special offer!
3rd Aug: Driving with back pain – How to Protect yourself
29th Jul: Tara from @Channel4 show #Eden wearing our Posture Brace to help ease her back pain. >> <<
28th Jul:
28th Jul:
25th Jul: Summer Activities – The Fight Against Back Pain
22nd Jul: #StandingDesk #SitStand #BackPain #Health #OnOffer #Sale
21st Jul: For 1 week only get 15% off all #posture products! #Backpain #LondonSpineClinic #sale
21st Jul: 15% off for 1 week only!
14th Jul:
14th Jul: Keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages and website for a great offer that will be live later on today #BPH
12th Jul: #backpain #Health
7th Jul:
7th Jul:
7th Jul:
7th Jul: #Pink #Posture #Promotion #BackPain
7th Jul: The Undeniable Significance of Having a Good Posture at Your Workplace
28th Jun: Improve your golf swing with good posture
21st Jun: Find out more about lumbar back problems in our blog: #backpain
17th Jun: Did you know that all of our Posture Stands now come with a free mouse rest! #StandingDesk
13th Jun: Do you get back pain whilst #driving? If so then checkout our adjustable car lumbar support>
10th Jun: Watch @wolvesrl player @rhysevans23 review our Shoulder Brace here: #Rugby #BackPainHelp
8th Jun:
6th Jun: Visit the link below for more details on our improved #StandingDesk design. #Posture #Health
3rd Jun: Would you like 5% off your order? Simply answer the quick pop up question in the bottom right corner of the link
23rd May: For more information on how to correct your #posture, visit
23rd May: Working to improve posture you can feel more confident and energised but also look forward to a healthier future!
16th May: Improve your back health with our Back Brace: Read about Paul’s experience
13th May: Our #British designed and made core range of products are available in #Boots and #Superdrug stores across the UK?
11th May: Save £10 on all Posture Cushions! 6 Colours available! #SpecialOffer #Active #Sitting
6th May: Work in the optimum position to support spinal alignment with the Posture Stand. More info >
5th May: “All the products I have received have been excellent quality and the service is also great...." Read the review:
5th May: Find out how our Sacroiliac Belt and other products can help post pregnancy #backpain
29th Apr: #FREEDELIVERY this bank holiday weekend only! Head to to checkout the range :) #BackPain
28th Apr: Britain, it’s time to get ‘On Your Feet’ this Friday!
25th Apr: Trouble with the spring clean? Try the Back Brace
22nd Apr: All of our core range product are British designed and manufactured product, we believe the quality shows! #BackPain
21st Apr: Is back pain not being taken seriously because it cannot be seen?
13th Apr: 3/10 people suffer from backpain at work...backpainhelp featuring in @TomorrowsFM
8th Apr: Fascinating article by @IrishTimes on how back pain can even effect the best golfers out there! #backpain #golf
7th Apr: Millions of us suffer as doctors ignore invisible back pain
1st Apr: Bac< Award Winning Products
1st Apr: Here at backpainhelp it was recently brought to our attention the importance of posture in motorcycling; To Read > <
29th Mar: Zone 4 – Pain in the Central Lower Back
29th Mar: Back pain is bad for business and business is bad for backs
23rd Mar: Personal Trainer for fascia: the 3D active seat swopper
22nd Mar: Back Pain Bad for Business and Business Bad for Backs
22nd Mar: 7 million adults in the UK who sit for over 9 hours a day..
22nd Mar: Stand up to back pain...great to see our research is helping people to take notice
18th Mar: The experts over at @BicyclingMag have created a brilliant 8 step guide to cycling pain free
17th Mar: Is a strong core the answer to lower back pain?
16th Mar: How Hot and Cold Therapy Can Help You
16th Mar: The Benefits of Massage Therapy
16th Mar: Create your own ergonomic work environment in 5 easy steps
14th Mar: The Backboard was just one of our products that won at this years iF product design awards -
11th Mar: See what @wolvesrl player Rhys Evans thought of our award winning Shoulder Brace right here>
7th Mar: Working on a laptop can be a killer on your back and neck. Upgrade your workspace ergonomics with our Posture Stand
4th Mar: All of our braces are made from cushioned, breathable and antimicrobial fabrics - ideal for wearing during #sports!
2nd Mar: Our Posture Stand can be used anywhere. Try it on the sofa, in the kitchen or even in bed -
26th Feb: Are you looking to improve your #golf game? Have you ever considered your posture could be the problem? Read more >>
26th Feb: Switching to a standing desk can help you to feel more energised and productive - #StandingDesk #posture
22nd Feb: Watch @wolvesrl player @rhysevans23 review the Bac Shoulder Brace right here: #Rugby #Posture #ShoulderPain #Relief
18th Feb: We’ve won! Our Neck Brace and Backboard are winners of iF Design Award’s 2016
17th Feb: Need some gadgets to help make your work life easier? Check out which of our products made the Inquirers list -
12th Feb: Car owners spend on average 1 hour a day sat in their car, that over 15 days a year! Learn >
10th Feb: Very interesting results from this recent survey Take a look:
8th Feb: Pain when walking, lifting or after sport? Injured your lower back? Try our Back Brace for #lowerbackpain relief.
4th Feb: New in! Hot and Cold Therapy
2nd Feb: New mum with lower back/pelvic pain? Check out the Sacroiliac Belt review by All Baby Advice:
29th Jan: Designed to improve your posture, prevent slouching and align your spine therefore relieving pain and discomfort :)
29th Jan: A recent study found Standing Desks may provide a brain boost by enhancing cognitive skills like focus and memory -
22nd Jan: Checkout UK made back supports, perfect for protecting your back in the gym #Gym #Fitness


7th Jun: Curble

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