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$5 for order $28+ Coupon (to 26th Jul)
$10 for order $55+ Coupon (to 26th Jul)
$15 for order $80+ Coupon (to 26th Jul)
8% off $59+ Coupon (to 10th Jul)
$10 off $199+ Coupon (to 10th Jul)
$3 off $30+ Coupon (to 10th Jul)
$5 off 50+ Coupon (to 10th Jul)
Get $10 off for orders $120+ (to 10th Jul)
Holographic Stamping Polish (to 10th Jul)
10% off 99+ Coupon (to 2nd Jun)
12% off $119+ Coupon (to 2nd Jun)
Up to 20% off Orders of 499+ Coupon (to 2nd Jun)
Valentine's Day Collections Low to $0.99 (to 13th Mar)
Clearance Sale $0.09-$0.99 (to 1st Mar)
$0.99 Sale For Nail Art (to 28th Feb)
Spring Color Gel Nails (to 27th Feb)
Nail Art Tool 25% Off Coupon (to 23rd Feb)
$200 Coupon For Nail Art Contest (to 22nd Feb)
New Arrival Nail Gel (to 20th Feb)
New Nail Stamping Collections (to 18th Feb)
Valentine's Day Nails Sale Coupon (to 15th Feb)
Dipping Holographic Powder (to 10th Feb)
Gel Nails Daily Deal (to 7th Feb)
Makeup Promotion Lowest to $0.09 (to 6th Feb)
Holographic Nails Collections (to 4th Feb)
20 Colors Painting UV Gel (to 2nd Feb)
Gel Nails Daily Deals (to 1st Feb)
Nail Stamping Daily Deal (to 28th Jan)
Free Gifts For Every Order (to 26th Jan)
New Arrival Nail Stamping (to 25th Jan)
Hot sale nail polish (to 21st Jan)
Up to 60% off for hot sale nail art products (to 21st Jan)
Get $3 off with the code BP3 (to 21st Jan)
Christmas Sale Low to $0.01 (to 19th Jan)
Valentine's Day Nails Ideas (to 18th Jan)
2019 New Colors Nail Polish (to 16th Jan)
39 Colors UV Gel Nail Polish (to 12th Jan)
Nail Stamping Daily Deal Low to $0.99 (to 11th Jan)
20% Off For Christmas Products (to 9th Jan)
Magnetic Nails Ideas (to 7th Jan)
Christmas Nail Low to $0.99 (to 6th Jan)
Nail Polish Free Shipping Worldwide (to 5th Jan)
Nail Stamping Low to $0.69 (to 3rd Jan)
10% off $99+ Coupon (to 2nd Jan)
$9.99 For 5Pcs Stamping Gel (to 2nd Jan)
New Arrival Stamping Plates (to 30th Dec)
3 IN 1 Nail Powder Only $2.59 (to 30th Dec)
Featured New Nail Polish (to 29th Dec)
Nail Stamping Kit Daily Deal (to 27th Dec)
Gel Polish Low to $1.99 (to 26th Dec)
9 Pcs Gel Nail Polish Kit $16.99 (to 24th Dec)
Cyber Monday Free Gift (to 24th Dec)
30% Off For Group Order (to 23rd Dec)
Free Gift For Last 4 Hours (to 23rd Dec)
5Pcs Nail Stamping Kit $8.99 (to 22nd Dec)
All Nail Art Items $2.99 (to 20th Dec)
US Warehouse Nail Polish Low to $2.99 (to 20th Dec)
Nail Stamping Daily Deal Low to $1.99 (to 20th Dec)
Nail Art Daily Deal $0.99 (to 19th Dec)
Nail Stamping Gel Only $3.59 (to 16th Dec)
25% Off Cat Eye Shining Nail Polish (to 16th Dec)
Top 5 Thermal Gel Only $12.99 (to 15th Dec)
Nail Dryer Daily Deal (to 14th Dec)
Hot Sale Nail Sticker 35% Off (to 13th Dec)
25% Off For Red Sparkle Gel Polish (to 12th Dec)
UV Gel Nail Polish Daily Deal (to 7th Dec)
Extension Nail Art Set (to 6th Dec)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupon (to 4th Dec)
Nail Polish Arrival (to 2nd Dec)
US Warehouse Free Gift (to 2nd Dec)
Nail Stamping Daily Deals (to 1st Dec)
New Thermal Nail Polish (to 30th Nov)
Stamping Nail Daily Deals (to 29th Nov)
$5 off $29+ order Coupon (to 26th Nov)
Christmas Holographic Nail Stamper (to 24th Nov)
Featured New Arrival (to 21st Nov)
New Arrival Nail Art 3D Decorations (to 18th Nov)
30 Colors Dual-usages Stamping Polish (to 18th Nov)
Holographic Nail Powder 35% Off (to 16th Nov)
Nail Art Products Seckill Low to $0.01 (to 14th Nov)
13 Colors Stamping Nail Polish (to 14th Nov)
Acrylic Nails Daily Deal (to 11th Nov)
Gel Nail Kit Daily Deal (to 11th Nov)
8th Anniversary Celebration Special Offer (to 10th Nov)
New Arrival Nail Polish (to 10th Nov)
Get Poly Extension Gel Set For Free (to 10th Nov)
Lucy Bag Low to $0.99 (to 9th Nov)
Holographic Nails Daily Deal (to 9th Nov)
Peel Off Nail Polish Up to 30% Off (to 7th Nov)
$0.99 Nail Art Foils (to 6th Nov)
Halloween Coupons Coupon (to 1st Nov)
Halloween Coupons Coupon (to 1st Nov)
Halloween Sale (to 31st Oct)
All items are $0.99 (to 30th Oct)
Holographic Thermal Top Coat Polish (to 30th Oct)
BORN PRETTY 8TH Anniversary Celebration (to 30th Oct)
New Stamping Nails (to 28th Oct)
Nail Art Daily Deal (to 27th Oct)
48W LED UV Nail Dryer (to 27th Oct)
Most Popular Finger Extension (to 27th Oct)
Most Popular Removal Soak Off Gel Polish (to 27th Oct)
30s Fast Dry Top Coat Soak Off Gel Polish (to 27th Oct)
Limited Time Offer Cat Eye Polish only $2.99! (to 26th Oct)
Nail Art Dipping Powder System Liquid (to 26th Oct)
Limited Time Offer (to 26th Oct)
10 Colors Matte Nail Polish (to 25th Oct)
34 Colors Peel Off Nail Polish (to 21st Oct)
26% Off 5Pcs Nail Art Stamping Kit (to 21st Oct)
Glitter Series Peel Off Nail Polish (to 21st Oct)
Coolest Finger Extension Glue (to 20th Oct)
Nail Art Poly Extension Gel (to 19th Oct)
24Pcs Nail Art Water Stickers Only $2.29 (to 18th Oct)
24Pcs Nail Art Water Stickers Only $2.29! (to 18th Oct)
Flash Sale Only 4 Days (to 18th Oct)
6ml Glitter Nail Polish (to 17th Oct)
BORN PRETTY 8TH Anniversary Coupons Coupon (to 16th Oct)
BORN PRETTY 8TH Anniversary Coupons Coupon (to 16th Oct)
BORN PRETTY 8th Anniversary Celebration Coupon (to 16th Oct)
Last One Day Coupons (to 16th Oct)
19Pcs Nail Art UV Gel Polish Set Only $21.99! (to 15th Oct)
19Pcs Nail Art UV Gel Polish Set Only $21.99 (to 15th Oct)
20% Off Poly Extension Gel (to 15th Oct)
20ml Nail Builder Gel (to 14th Oct)
Free Stamping Kit For Order $99+ (to 14th Oct)
Hot Sale Nail Polish Recommend (to 13th Oct)
All items 15% off for US warehouse products (to 13th Oct)
All items 20% off for US warehouse products (to 12th Oct)
New Nail Colors 30% Off! (to 12th Oct)
New Nail Colors 30% Off (to 12th Oct)
Chinese Style Stamping (to 11th Oct)
New Glitter Polilsh (to 10th Oct)
Save $3 For Orders $19 With Code "ND3" Coupon (to 8th Oct)
Save $5 For Orders $29 With Code "ND5" Coupon (to 8th Oct)
11 Patterns Christmas Stamping Plates (to 8th Oct)
$3 Register Coupon Without Minmum Amount Coupon (to 8th Oct)
US Warehouse New Arrival (to 7th Oct)
Buy One Get One Free (to 7th Oct)
New Acrylic Powder 28% Off (to 7th Oct)
5Pcs Stamping Kit (to 6th Oct)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free (to 6th Oct)
16 Colors Magic Nail Polish (to 5th Oct)
Up to 33% Off For 3D Nail Decoration (to 4th Oct)
24W Nail Dryer Only $14.99 (to 3rd Oct)
$10 off $59+ order Coupon (to 30th Sep)
Top Nails Ideas 2018 (to 28th Sep)
New Thermal UV Gel Polish (to 28th Sep)
New Nail Stamping Plates Low to $1.29 (to 26th Sep)
New Holographic Nails (to 23rd Sep)
New Arrival Magnetic Nail Polish (to 23rd Sep)
Holiday Stamping Nails Low to $1.29 (to 23rd Sep)
New Tropical Series Stamping Plates (to 22nd Sep)
New Nail Decoration 30% Off (to 21st Sep)
New Arrival Nail Art 3D Decoration (to 20th Sep)
20% Off Chameleon Magnetic Gel (to 19th Sep)
$4.99 For 2Pcs UV Gel Nail Polish (to 19th Sep)
New Glitter UV Gel Polish (to 17th Sep)
28 Colors Matte UV Gel Nail Polish (to 17th Sep)
New Arrival UV Glitter Gel Polish (to 16th Sep)
New Arrival Peacock Holographic Nail Polish (to 15th Sep)
New Stamping Nail Art (to 14th Sep)
New Arrival Gel Nail Polish (to 14th Sep)
New Arrival Glitter Gel Nail Polish (to 13th Sep)
New Stamping Nail Art Low to $1.59 (to 13th Sep)
35% Off For Glitter Sequins Gel (to 9th Sep)
Only $4.99 For Nail Art Dip Powder (to 9th Sep)
Up to 30% Off For Makeup Tools (to 8th Sep)
10 Colors Nail Sticker Only $2.99 (to 3rd Sep)
25% Off For 7 Pcs Nail Brushes (to 3rd Sep)
Halloween Nail Art Up to 50% Off (to 3rd Sep)
6 Colors Soak-off UV Gel Polish (to 2nd Sep)
Nail Art Gift Sale (to 2nd Sep)
New Gel Nail Polish (to 1st Sep)
New Plates Available Up to 50% Off (to 31st Aug)
Secret Gift with $25+ order Coupon (to 12th Aug)
New Glitter Sequins Nail Designs at Born Pretty Store (to 24th Jun)
$30 Off at Born Pretty Store Coupon (to 24th Jun)
Nail Brush at Born Pretty Store (to 12th May)
Stamping Nails at Born Pretty Store (to 12th May)
Nail Flakies at Born Pretty Store (to 12th May)
Nail Products at Born Pretty Store (to 12th May)
Quick Building Poly Gel at Born Pretty Store (to 13th Apr)


11th Nov: Order cat eye nail polish in BORN PRETTY aliexpress store with the lowest price😍😍 and it can also get 1 pc magnetic…
11th Nov: BORN PRETTY quick building poly gel, $2.3 😃only for today, ☺️more details click:😍
31st Oct: Flossy as silk @margaritabarkina #Pink Series Peel Off Nail Polish #44296:
30th Oct: A fairy tale @love_nails_etc #bornpretty Holographic Laser Nail Polish Rainbow Holo Varnish #43654:…
30th Oct: Peel off nail polish. Dries very quickly and perfectly removed with a film without damaging the nail #44287:…
30th Oct: What does the fox say? "Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! @galanea_marta #bornpretty Stamping Polish Candy Color…
30th Oct: The glitter holo makes it looks like raining. Epitomizing a gloomy Halloween @suskumm #bornpretty Halloween Day S00…
29th Oct: Fall colors💚💛💜@ caticorn_nails Neon Pigment Powder #40192:
28th Oct: Stylish!!! Every detail attracts the eye! @irina_zorg #bornpretty Melody Life Stamping Series #42859:…
28th Oct: Wow On dark shades, this top struck me down @irina_zorg #BORNPRETTY Glitter Top Coat #43163:
27th Oct: Soft your cuticles and make your nails remain strong😛@crush_on_polish Nail Cuticle Oil #39329:…
27th Oct: Creepy glowy eyes! @beautyloveca Chameleon 3D Magnetic Aurora Series Cat Eye Nail Polish #42398:…
26th Oct: Stripes @peb_nails #bornpretty Green Stamping Polish #42859:
24th Oct: Macaroon series 😊@peb_nails #BORNPRETTY #42860
24th Oct: Hallo. Deutschland @cloud_nails Plate BP-L065:
23rd Oct: Prepare for Thanksgiving😛 Thanksgiving-L002 :
23rd Oct: Holo peacock @peb_nails #bornpretty Peacock Holographic Chameleon Nail Powder #40893:
22nd Oct: 🌸 Flower In Sunshine Series 🌞 @aksinailart #42513 BP-FS04/Years: Flower Plate Art BP-L067 #…
22nd Oct: Glow in the dark cat eyes for Halloween @xbea_nails BORN PRETTY Neon Phosphor Pigment Powder:
21st Oct: Burgundy in coldness and magenta in warmness @lauraspills #bornpretty Thermal Stamping Polish #42853:…
21st Oct: Cat eye nail polish #42398: matched with Magnetic Stick #43650: Boom…
20th Oct: So perfectly Autumn and lovely ☺️🍁@damselnails #bornpretty Stamping Polish #42855:
20th Oct: Tail of a mermaid @ojemelo #bornpretty Rose Gold Series Glitter Nail Polish #43162: Black St…
19th Oct: Football style@multimanis #bornpretty Stamping Polish Macaron Series #42860:
19th Oct: Glowing cat eye mani 😺@xbea_nails #bornpretty Neon Phosphor Pigment Powder #40192:
18th Oct: It will brighten my day when I see beautiful things❤@lackschaft #bornpretty stamping polish #42859:…
18th Oct: Color Changing Thermal 3-layers UV Gel Polish. The effect is more obvious when you have long nails and especially i…
17th Oct: Cheetah @uitsanka Tropical Punch-L002;
16th Oct: Flower nail design from @laxmi_nails using bornrpettystore Flower Yarn S001 🌸 #43671:
16th Oct: A must have for this Fall 🍂@manicure.d Used #bornpretty Stamping Polish Earth Tone Stamping Series #42855:…
15th Oct: Pink flamingos with plate #bornprettystore Tropical punch @iv_juli L002:
14th Oct: Leaves on black base. How do you like this one🌿@yushibaevanails #bornpretty Holographic Glitter Nail Lacquer #43654…
14th Oct: Tropical style @uitsanka #bornpretty Stamping Polish BP-AC05 Lucky Clover: Stamping Polish…
13th Oct: Already expecting snowflake @peb_nails Transparent Chameleon Nail Flakies: Christmas Design…
13th Oct: Spooky @anna_garo_21 Halloween Day L003:
13th Oct: Christmas Holographic Transparent Stamper & Scraper. Need a set for the incoming Christmas 😃
12th Oct: Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way🕸️
12th Oct: Hello kitty🥰Chameleon 3D Magnetic Aurora Series Cat Eye Nail Polish:
12th Oct: Now the new seckill countdown 1 hour 🤗 hurry up everyone #bornprettystore#bornpretty#nailpo…
11th Oct: Hello sweeties, 8th anniversary celebration is going on. Many items will be in low price in the history beyond your…
11th Oct: Super extrodinary @leliabesa Used #bornpretty Chameleon 3D Magnetic Aurora Series Cat Eye Nail Polish Astral realm…
9th Oct: Waiting for the winter😛@liliy_manicure #44312:
8th Oct: What a bright color 💛@uitsanka #bornpretty Stamping Polish Candy Color Series #42861:
7th Oct: A neon design will make my day ❤ Thank you for sharing @geolena_koski Bornpretty Opal Cat Eye Rhinestone #42526:…
7th Oct: Halloween Yah🧟‍♀️🦇@ex_kavalerovanails #bornpretty Brown Stamping Plish #42855:, Ghost Spider…
6th Oct: Bornpretty Blooming Soak Off UV Gel. White and Clear for your choices.Clear blooming gel can use any color gel as b…
5th Oct: #newarrival Gloosy, Flossy,Glittery, all can be found here.Thermal UV Soak Off Gel Polish. 22 Colors options. More…
4th Oct: My only relief is doing my nails or enjoy beautiful nails😍🤤@ojemce #bornpretty Chameleon Mermaid Shell Glimmer Nail…
3rd Oct: #bornpretty Thermal Stamping Polish was tested by our lovely @denizsbeauty. It turns out sooo pretty. I mean her na…
1st Oct: Agent brand💅HARUNOUTA stamping plate💅ID #44800: #44801: ✨Christmas de…
1st Oct: Good vibes😛😛😛@liliumzz #bornpretty Floral Design stamping plate #36309:
30th Sep: Gloomy and exotic marbling😛from @donuttouchmynails Used #bornpretty White stamping polish:
30th Sep: Rose gold Metallic Series Nail Polish tested by @makethebeautyupp How do you like this one?😋😋😋Used #bornpretty Meta…
29th Sep: Plant a flower on my nails🥰So pretty @elenaleg1411 Used stamping plate BP-L067:
29th Sep: This pattern is on the nude base, what do you think so?😘Used the plates #42518: Thanks for y…
28th Sep: Simple dots make up different beauty.🤗🤗 From @ojemce. used #bornpretty Holographic Chameleon Pigment :…
28th Sep: Get some Biscuits and coffee for the cozy day🍪☕~~~so stunning nails from @astashkina.mariia. using ID: #41087🤗…
27th Sep: Just find another nice halloween design🌸😘Used the plates #43669: Thank you @iv_juli
26th Sep: Pastel Goth @olga_petra #bornpretty 3-in-1 Water Based Base/Top Coat #NailCare #42866:
26th Sep: ✨ 💅How many stamping colors in this design? 😝 You can find all colors with the item ID #42859:…
25th Sep: No one can take away beauty from you @makethebeautyupp 😍😍😍 used bornpretty Metallic Series Nail Polish #42849…
25th Sep: #newarrival Four Seasons in my hand✌️🌺🍁🍂🥀🎄❄️ Nail Stamping Kit low to $9.59. Search #44836:…
21st Sep: 1 Bottle, 2 Usages:stamping polish + nail polish! It is Born Pretty MOST classic and popular HOLO Stamping Polish!…
20th Sep: Black & White + Geometry + stamper & scraper = ??? ✌️👉Search #44268 for more details:
19th Sep: Here comes the most enthusiastic firing RED😄😄😄@iv_juli #bornpretty Stamping Polish #42857:
18th Sep: 😍🌼🌼🌼🌹🌹🌹More flower, more flavor@iv_juli #bornpretty Light Blue Stamping Polish #42858: Flor…
17th Sep: Soo Pretty Color❤❤❤@iv_juli #bornpretty Stamping Polish #42860 Summer Mints: #42861 Bright Y…
16th Sep: Never thought Burgundy would look so pretty😍😘@lakodzen #42853😘
16th Sep: Experience different scenery with our #newarrivals Symphony Dream Series #44288 Enjoy the Serenity😍😋…
15th Sep: #iPhoneXSMax is going to be released. OMG. When will I afford such a luxury😭😭😭After all, what I can afford is these…
15th Sep: Gradient holo glitter. Out of this world 💋👄Dreamy Heaven Series Tint Top Coat #42381:
14th Sep: Dark green or light green? Which is your favorite?😪 @manicure.d # #42859 BP-ML04 : #42861…
13th Sep: Swatch of gorgeous Mirror nailpolish. Thanks for sharing @laxmi_nails #42542 BP-ML09:
13th Sep: Now this is what 3D Magnetic should look like😎 @uitsanka #42398 BP-MA02:
12th Sep: 💅Exciting!!! 🙆BORN PRETTY New colors for nails are already coming. 😍😍Up To 30% Off ✨😍Waiting for you here!😘 Take yo…
12th Sep: Dream High 🌏 ☀️ 🌙 ⭐️ 🌟 💫@katenokr #42567:
12th Sep: The flower in the bottle is a real dried flower。 Looks like perfume? NO, cuticle oil 🌸Thanks for beautiful photo…
12th Sep: Super adorable @blossomstreet Cute Chicken Stamping Plate BP-134:
11th Sep: What a bright color😉 Thanks for you @iv_juli Used stamping plate #41068: and stamping polish…
11th Sep: Tutorial for kisses. MUA❤ 💋🎥@nailsteria bornpretty No Smudge Top Coat #42840:
10th Sep: Cool color + vintage design, bring a different visual impact. Do you think so? Thanks for sharing @nailsteria BORNP…
10th Sep: Simple and high gloss black is very good for improving personal temperament.Only one coat can achieve, also can as…
10th Sep: Guess who the lady on her nails is?🤔🤔🤔@smnski #bornpretty #42840 No Smudge Top Coat:
9th Sep: Black and white will never go out of fashion😏😏😏@nailsteria #bornpretty No Smudge Top Coat#42840:…
9th Sep: #newarrivals BORN PRETTY Nail Care Essence -Protect your nails. Be kind to yourself👄 💋
9th Sep: #newarrivals BORN PRETTY Acrylic Powder-a good helper in Tip Extension👐
8th Sep: Levarsi un fil di fumo @xbea_nails #bornpretty Neon Phosphor Pigment Powder #40192:
7th Sep: Look at the simple but elegant flowers.❤😁 Thanks for sharing @olga_krykova #bornpretty No Smudge Top Coat #42840:…
7th Sep: 🎉#uswarehousenewarrivals Hi dear! 😉 Now, US Warehouse many new products have already arrived. 😍😍 Surprising!😱 choos…
7th Sep: #newarrivals BORN PRETTY Sandy Sugar Nail Polish-enjoy the dazzling moment😁 😃 #43341:
6th Sep: #newarrivals BORN PRETTY Soak Off Chameleon Glitter UV Gel Polish. You will always find one you love😎 #42881:…
6th Sep: #newarrival BORN PRETTY Flatting Top Coat. Have any idea how does it work? 😎See more here:
6th Sep: 💅Black polish is always suitable for any design, right? 💅used stamping polish #42857 😘 💅Photos is from…
5th Sep: #newarrivals BORN PRETTY Pink Translucent Jelly-like Nail Varnish. Beautiful things never ask for attention😎 #43186…
5th Sep: Catch the tail of summer. Watermelon, wanna try? @polishpixie92 bornpretty No Smudge Top Coat #42840:…
4th Sep: Feel dizzy? 😵😵😵Cool 😏😏@polishpixie92 bornpretty Black Stamping Polish #42857: No Smudge Top…
4th Sep: As fall is coming soon, BORNPRETTY provide you a big sale. Get $5 off with order $39 using code fall5, get $10 off…
4th Sep: The most popular #BornPretty Shining Magic #NailPolish series has launched new products, new packaging and color ma…
3rd Sep: #newarrival Tropical style stamping plate-catch the tail of summer👏 More plates are released. See more here:…
3rd Sep: BORN PRETTY Chameleon Holographic Nail Polish-The color of the starry sky😍 #42894:
2nd Sep: Autumn floral mani😁 😁 😁 @polishpixie92 BornPretty No Smudge Top Coat #42840:
2nd Sep: #newarrival BORN PRETTY 24W White LED UV Curing Lamp. Now with it, you can also do your nails bu yourself. After a…
2nd Sep: #newarrival BORN PRETTY Aurora Chameleon Top Coat-Aurora makes your fingertips even more amazing😎 #43164:…
1st Sep: #newarrival Cuticle Pusher Remover. You are going to need it if you are a nail art lover😎 #44209:…
1st Sep: #newarrival Sea World Series Stamping Plate are newly released👄 😁 All various cute sea animals😉 And also mermaid😃 W…
1st Sep: #newarrival BORN PRETTY Holographic Laser Glitter Rainbow Nail Polish😁 Wanna create a rainbow on your nails? Secre…
31st Aug: ⭐Pattern 1 or ⭐Pattern 2 or pattern 3? Which one is more beautiful?😜 Leave your comment👇 💕Thanks to lovely…
31st Aug: #newarrival BORN PRETTY 30s Fast Dry No Wipe Top Coat-Why you need this? Keep watching❤#43180:…
31st Aug: Simple, but looks so good. Love the color combination @nailostic😍😍😍 Holographic Galaxy Glitter Powder #39876 :…
31st Aug: #NEWARRIVAL Arab-style Mandala Stamping Template #44325, #44326, #44327 More details:
30th Aug: BORN PRETTY Gradient Topcoat.😍😍 The dreamy heaven series #42845 :
30th Aug: Have no idea with this autumn nails? BORN PRETTY provide you top nails ideas 2018 here! Hurry to find your style no…
30th Aug: Plaid nails DIY by @laxmi_nails ❤❤❤ Using #bornpretty rhinestones and rhinestone picker #40684:…
29th Aug: Geometry Nail Design combined with matt and sparkle👍💗 @esinaesinail #40768 mirror nail powder:…
29th Aug: Let it rain😚 👐 @anna_garo_21 BORN PRETTY Round Stamping Plate Umbrella Dreamy Clouds Stamping Plate #40496 Link:…
28th Aug: #newarrival BORN PRETTY Color Changing Thermal 3-layers UV Soak Off Gel Polish-Magic Time With Your Fingers😚 #43620…
28th Aug: Hello loveies, BORN PRETTY provide gift sale to our followers! Order $29+ will get a surprise gift valued $5, order…
28th Aug: A girl with gold dress❤🤩@smnski #bornpretty No Smudge Top Coat #42840:
28th Aug: Water marble design tutorial shared by our Qualified Nail Technician @baby_mama_nails. Watch and learn🙊🙊#bornpretty…
27th Aug: Join in BORN PRETTY Aliexpress Brands Shopping Week now! Store link:
27th Aug: 😍Blue or Green? Which one do you prefer? 😘Gorgeous nail mani from @withnailsandi,she used #bornprettystampingpolish…
27th Aug: Pearl Lustre Series BP-PL02 Lotus in Moonlight. Looks dreamy 😊@ liubanika_nails Link:
26th Aug: Peacock nail polish collection🤗🤗🤗Can never resist shining stuff🤩@nailostic #bornpretty Base Coat and No Wipe Top Co…
26th Aug: Kiwi french manicure with droplets effect😮🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸@nailostic #bornpretty No Wipe Top Coat #39795:…
25th Aug: Rhinestones and Beads definitely make everything look better💫💫💫Amazing design @laxmi_nails Well, you are gonna need…
25th Aug: Looking for date look? How about this one?🤩 @laxmi_nails 😎
24th Aug: 🥳🥳🥳😊Great News!!! BORN PRETTY Malaysia exclusive agent shop will be opened at the end of September. We are here to…
24th Aug: BORN PRETTY Peacock Holographic Nail Polish Collection❤ Pick one you love #43165:
24th Aug: Wine Red. Looks cool @laxmi_nails😎🤩#bornpretty Mirror Nail Polish #42542 :
24th Aug: Emerald Jade mirror nail polish matched with several flowers. BOOM. Exceptionally gorgeous❤@laxmi_nails…
23rd Aug: #newarrival BORN PRETTY Gradient Topcoat.😍😍 The dreamy heaven series #42845 You are gonna love it at first sight🌅
23rd Aug: 🌈Unicorn stamping nails, all the most popular stamping patterns are here✨💅Item ID #42567 ✨photo is from @laublm 😝👉…
23rd Aug: A mani without holo😯😯I saw the sunset glow is kissing the sea🌅🌅🌅@xbea_nails Gradient Brush #38211:…
22nd Aug: Who wants this kind of chocolate?😋 #42873 Link:
22nd Aug: #summerendsale Hello lovelies, you may have already spent a happy summer. Great news to you! BORN PRETTY provide yo…
22nd Aug: #newarrival🎉🎉 28 colors optional! 🤗 👉Swipe to check, and tell me which color is your favorite💕 💅#42879 Frosted Glit…
21st Aug: 😍Beautiful Stamping Template Rectangle Flower Strip Mandala Nail Art Image Plate🤓-simple in style, and shining in i…
21st Aug: Encapsulate Sequins Glitter with Born Pretty Builder Gel❤❤❤@nailostic Dual-ended Dotting Pencil #43483:…
21st Aug: Here’s the tutorial for unicorn🦄🦄 mani! Thanks for sharing @xbea_nails White Gel Polish #24316 Link:…
20th Aug: Pinted with different floral nail designs!😍 Magnect flower stick match with cat eye gel polish. It’s great! Magnect…
20th Aug: Video on beer hops design🍻@urbannailart🍺🍃 #bornpretty Cat Eye Gel Magnetic Soak Off UV Gel Polish #40188:…
20th Aug: They are so perfect✨💅Find the stamping plate Item ID #42567 ✨photo is from @laublm 😝👉
19th Aug: Seems like our gold stmaping polish is quite popular😂😂😂Thanks for liking it @smnski. #bornpretty gold stamping poli…
19th Aug: Got any idea for Halloween? How about this one? Hope it gives you some inspiration😈Thanks for your design@selebelle…
18th Aug: #newarrival Holographic Chameleon Magnetic Cat Eye Gel Soak Off UV Gel Polish #42880 Wanna see the magic of it? Ch…
18th Aug: Tutorial of Glitter Top Coat #43163 is shared here. 😝 Visit here to see more:
17th Aug: #newarrival Chameleon Nail Polish. #42894 The color of starry sky❤❤
17th Aug: #newarrival Holographic Glitter Top Coat. Sounds new😎 Blingbling is always my favorite😁 #43163. Check here:…
16th Aug: #newarrival Nail Foil Adhesive Glue For Nail Foils Transfer #42893 How to use it?😌 See more here:…
16th Aug: #newarrival🎉🎉 Chameleon Holographic Sequins Nail Polish Black Orchid Series come out now!📢 The amount Is limited, G…
16th Aug: #NEWARRIVAL Gradient Topcoat Nail Polish #42845 Blooming A unique style😚 Wanna try?
15th Aug: It always brighten my day when random strangers say "Ooo, I love your nails."☺️And when you notice beautiful nails…
15th Aug: #newarrivals Hello lovelies, BORN PRETTY new arrivals released! 😊8 colors chameleon magnetic cat eye nail polish, 1…
15th Aug: 🎈#newarrival💅Shell-Glitter-3D-Cat-Eye-Magnetic-Soak-Off-UV-Gel: #43349💕All 8 colors are Very Very beautiful😍 See mo…
15th Aug: Balck and gold. Looks noble😎😎😎@smnski #bornpretty Stamping Polish Gold & Silver #42857:
14th Aug: New Arrival >< Glitter UV Gel Bling Sequins #42883 24 colors to choose:
14th Aug: 😊Hot sale plate recommend 😘I guess you will like it very much💅stamping plate #42518✨🌷Photo is from…
13th Aug: ☘🌺"Flamingos and summer are a perfect match. Very thin and attach to the dry nail polish really well;on the sheets…
13th Aug: 😍❤️🌷Such a beautiful floral mani! Thanks to@artonfinger #39942 color #12 green Stamping polish
12th Aug: Dark purple color coat, love this shade! #43161 color #prophecy. Shop in my bio! Free shipping to worldwide!⭐✨✨
12th Aug: Hello. Lovelies. How you spent your weekend? Wanna try a new manicure to cheer yourself up? 👌👌👌What about this kind…
11th Aug: Pink or rosegold pink? Which color do you prefer? 🤓Tell me in the comment. #bornpretty:#43162-12colors for chocie!…
11th Aug: Finger Dance😎. Would be cooler with your new nail design.😍 Come and challenge😏
10th Aug: New Arrivals!!!Holographic Chameleon Magnetic Cat Eye Nail Polish❤❤Pick me up and take me home😜#bornpretty ID:43679…
10th Aug: New Arrival!!! Finally, dipping podwer is coming. I know many of you are expecting this🤗Item Id: #43322. Link:…
10th Aug: Guys. Meet my new nail technician😂
9th Aug: Anyone has a clue where it is? Definitely one of my bucket list😂
9th Aug: The power of doing nails art ><
9th Aug: I wish I had her @nailsteria freehand skill🙈 😉#bornprettystore BP-17 stamping plate(#42187):…
8th Aug: Magic? Unbelievable😂
8th Aug: 👍👍👍🌷🌼🌻Black and Silver. Looks so cool❤ Thanks for sharing@smnski #BORNPRETTY black and silver stamping polish(#4285…
8th Aug: 💅Aamzing stamping design, it is your turn ✨photo is from @sandra_lex_nails. Using #bornpretty Floral stamping plate…
7th Aug: I love pets. I love paws. I love bones❤@prettyprincesspolish Born Pretty No-Smudge Top Coat(#42840):…
7th Aug: Listen to my heartbeat❤❤❤ @zeenat_chawla. Glitter Topper Nail Polish: #43358: 👉…
6th Aug: Maple Leaf Nail Design. Sooo Gorgeous❤❤❤@polishpixie92 Brown Stamping Polish(#42855): No Sm…
6th Aug: 💅Beautiful floral nails designed by @iv_juli. Using #bornpretty Flower pattern stamping plate BP-L043(ID: #42518).…
5th Aug: 🌼Pastel Spring Lilies Nails. What a talented artist!!! @nailsartmypassion. BORN PRETTY Template Stamping Plate Flow…
5th Aug: 💖💖💖BORN PRETTY pink nude cat eye gel nail polish shared with you, 9 colors to choose, could you please tell me whic…
4th Aug: WOW. I love the color combo @ludochka_t.BORN PRETTY Flower Stamping Plate(#39490 ):
4th Aug: 😎😍So beautiful! Her @peb_nails color choice is sooo amazing! Adorable! Want to try this nail art ? 😜Get the…
3rd Aug: Amazing! I adore your nail art skill! @rose_love.29 Cat eye magnetic stick: #43650 Magnetic Aurora#BP-MA02
3rd Aug: Hello lovelies, are you looking for some new stamping plate especially the layer plates?😘 Look at there, flower lac…


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