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18th Jan2019: Last Month in @InternetIntel by @dbelson: https://t.co/GjkIurAp8e https://t.co/qRXBOA4EbF
17th Jan2019: Power outages, technical faults, and government-directed shutdowns were just some of the causes of global #internet… https://t.co/N238YHA8h2
17th Jan2019: Our @kyork20 doing an @Oracle Groundbreakers Live interview with @WorlWindWriting at #OOWLON https://t.co/bgY1Q1EYEe
16th Jan2019: How do you identify and stop advanced malicious bots from attacking your web presence? Device fingerprinting and hu… https://t.co/svMKUDVfRO
16th Jan2019: You need security from the core of your #cloud to the edge. @laurentgil explains why at #OOWLON. https://t.co/1ZmFPGuCYB
16th Jan2019: The pros and cons of vanity nameservers by @JackRiach: https://t.co/ExzoGtYjg6 https://t.co/FrP92GifJY
15th Jan2019: Today, #bots are more sophisticated—and more malicious. They’re going after applications and data, and they’re usin… https://t.co/IPYPYw136H
14th Jan2019: ICYMI: #Cuba has activated nationwide mobile internet service for the first time. @InternetIntel reports:… https://t.co/3RXAUWYsBQ
14th Jan2019: The @OracleIaaS Jump Start Learning Labs are a great way to bridge the #cloud computing skills gap. @rmogha explain… https://t.co/wIWTNe3D2H
14th Jan2019: Data breaches and cyberattacks are a way of life for businesses today. How will they evolve in 2019? @colinsteele a… https://t.co/Z7OBBeyI0M
11th Jan2019: 2019 #cybersecurity predictions from @she_secures, @Kevin_Jackson, @mclynd and more: https://t.co/vHPyorSYYw https://t.co/XvnHNT8mDN
10th Jan2019: What are vanity nameservers and do you need them? #DNS https://t.co/tBv5tRaXN5 https://t.co/p9SPUkH2n1
10th Jan2019: What is the #cloud edge? Watch @Karan_Batta and @kyork20 explain why #DNS, web application #security and other edge… https://t.co/J4I6VkxOFP
9th Jan2019: "The only real technical benefit of vanity nameservers is in cases where an organisation has many thousands of zone… https://t.co/iCN1UBVqGy
9th Jan2019: “There are good #bots and bad bots on today’s Internet. I predict that 2019 will be the year that the market become… https://t.co/4wLTALbGaz
9th Jan2019: "More consumer, employee, and corporate data records will make their way to dark markets in 2019. The culprits behi… https://t.co/Pp4yQ1J1ux
8th Jan2019: "Oracle #Cloud Infrastructure views #security from the core to edge, which is why security is a fundamental design… https://t.co/EGPQsNPN6K
8th Jan2019: "Experts predict #ITsecurity will face even more challenges in the next 12 months than it did in the past year."… https://t.co/9rEmWqFCgU
7th Jan2019: Six critical steps to mitigate a #DDoS attack: #cybersecurity #infosec https://t.co/J39nzbc6ow https://t.co/EJimqVATvO
4th Jan2019: 2019 #cybersecurity predictions from @kyork20 and @laurentgil via @eWEEKNews: https://t.co/lP8spklSUy https://t.co/kEiZeDQNSI
3rd Jan2019: How to get more out of your #email delivery vendor in 2019: https://t.co/223OQubqLb https://t.co/M0DG51RtE9
2nd Jan2019: 6️⃣ steps to #DDoS attack mitigation success: https://t.co/uYooplFII8 https://t.co/E1P9czzCzL
2nd Jan2019: Understanding #API security: https://t.co/cTR9TVhV7n
31st Dec2018: The business case for advanced bot management: https://t.co/Cv9xZl6HXU #bots #cybersecurity
28th Dec2018: If a #DDoS attack hasn’t happened to your organization yet, odds are one will eventually. https://t.co/vLQIP5W2eO https://t.co/ooh1jhxVbh
27th Dec2018: Six benefits of advanced bot management: https://t.co/Cv9xZl6HXU #bots #cybersecurity
26th Dec2018: 5 reasons why you need a managed #security operations center: https://t.co/SuSWl3dKTy
26th Dec2018: Oracle Dyn Web Application #Security enabled Covanta to protect its @PeopleSoft_Info application from #DDoS attacks… https://t.co/mEcgTTQrHB
24th Dec2018: Securing #API endpoints is vital to doing business on the internet today: https://t.co/cTR9TVhV7n #cybersecurity
21st Dec2018: Tis the season to give back! Our sales operations team volunteered at the Capital Region Food Program today, packin… https://t.co/U6vKtMEE0R
21st Dec2018: Case study: A large waste management company prepped for its #cloud migration by deploying web application… https://t.co/bSZB31LVi7
20th Dec2018: The edge is a crucial point for users’ interactions with applications in the #cloud -- and a potential launch-point… https://t.co/G81AkqcYCi
18th Dec2018: Time for our holiday trivia contest! 🎄☃️🎁 https://t.co/4J6cWZ5ly8
17th Dec2018: The use cases for dynamic #DNS: https://t.co/8t5WK2vLqZ https://t.co/Rp3GaXkHbF
15th Dec2018: Good times at our apres ski party! https://t.co/oW4DWTklCy
13th Dec2018: New Hampshire watch party for the @OracleIaaS all-hands meeting (and 🍕) https://t.co/zyeBa69rzz
13th Dec2018: Dynamic #DNS is a service that automatically updates the registry whenever a device’s IP address changes, ensuring… https://t.co/828lQYRnw0
12th Dec2018: "#Edgecomputing is a new way for #datacenter admins to process data closer to the source, but it comes with challen… https://t.co/et5uvDhQPF
11th Dec2018: DDoS attacks, problems with terrestrial and submarine cables, and general network issues led to some notable… https://t.co/wEyOGhtvuS
11th Dec2018: Should you enable dynamic #DNS? Here are the top use cases: https://t.co/gn53h7eiSI https://t.co/wxBUxXyth0
10th Dec2018: "You will never have a person more ready to engage with your brand than when they sign up for #email." @joshnason… https://t.co/kVmLleQcFs
7th Dec2018: The most notable #internet disruptions in the past month were due to reported #DDoS attacks, problems with terrestr… https://t.co/xEfp2Vml2l
7th Dec2018: It is easy to waste money on schwag and conferences with little return on investment. But if you make them an integ… https://t.co/duTx9rKWJo
6th Dec2018: Last Month in @InternetIntel: November 2018 https://t.co/cNwXfyB1Oj https://t.co/7GoZMFBxbP
6th Dec2018: How to avoid high #email unsubscribe rates by @JoshNason: https://t.co/KPczyAM6Sz https://t.co/wHJZr3KReM
6th Dec2018: Rethinking how to build a #cloud by @kyork20: https://t.co/LSf3zCeuX2 https://t.co/UfDjoKz8uL
4th Dec2018: #Email #marketing can be hard. Between trying to gain new subscribers to navigating into the inbox to getting peopl… https://t.co/2WjroINV17
4th Dec2018: Download the free @OReillyMedia ebook, "#Security with #AI and #MachineLearning" https://t.co/GUqk6drHd6 https://t.co/CCwAsTL24R
4th Dec2018: “It is not about AI and ML - it is all about automation using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniqu… https://t.co/YmflEEWPeR
4th Dec2018: We’re at the Ritz this morning discussing the role of AI and Machine Learning in Web Application Security with… https://t.co/sAp6xQdHmQ
3rd Dec2018: What is a Generation 2 #Cloud? @kyork20 explains: https://t.co/HeSUuzortP
2nd Dec2018: The @NHTechAlliance recently held #TechWomenAmbassadorsWeek to inspire young women looking to pursue careers in… https://t.co/Oh1NA20TVd
30th Nov2018: "As an #entrepreneur, you are going to wear many hats if your tech #startup is to become successful. One of the mos… https://t.co/3R1AejPJRX
29th Nov2018: “With Oracle Dyn, I have a new member of my team that I could not have hired on my own.” https://t.co/R4NWLsBJf3 https://t.co/4628UcZLps
28th Nov2018: Many traditional enterprise workloads simply cannot run in first-generation public clouds, because they don’t provi… https://t.co/lF5f5bOHMO
28th Nov2018: "You have to remove jargon, get out of the weeds, and show the business value of the products and solutions you off… https://t.co/hpiC6ZiMYO
27th Nov2018: #Data should be your top priority when moving to the #cloud. @kyork20 #reinvent https://t.co/FEgbiaclAY https://t.co/qSSLNo2G4K
26th Nov2018: "Our hope for inspiring these young girls is to give them exposure to interesting careers and technology and the co… https://t.co/ZLa4axGMqx
26th Nov2018: What is bot management? #bots #cybersecurity https://t.co/Xufk1t7IAP
23rd Nov2018: Is your #WAF up to the task when it comes to bot management? https://t.co/ErGguZvVBZ https://t.co/ofvTUECvPr
23rd Nov2018: We asked four cybersecurity experts to share the latest trends in bot management and mitigation.… https://t.co/P25cS8Mq6c
23rd Nov2018: In this new @OReillyMedia ebook, @laurentgil and @uuallan look at the strengths and limitations of #AI- and… https://t.co/6SLMZxcTHR
22nd Nov2018: "Most #DDoS attacks start small and ramp up over a period of time, so early detection is crucial." @StephenJGates… https://t.co/WzFDcpzNeo
22nd Nov2018: From Oracle Dyn to you: Happy Thanksgiving!
21st Nov2018: Case study: How WMPH Vacations supercharged its #email sender reputation by @Brunola88 https://t.co/U9KhGEMjz2 https://t.co/3MAESzGWgM
21st Nov2018: On this date two years ago, we were acquired by @Oracle. @kyork20 reflects on that day: https://t.co/WyBfjBbXH5
20th Nov2018: Where #AI is going -- and how you can get there: #machinelearning #automation #cybersecurity https://t.co/GArsPN7WsY
20th Nov2018: "Make it easy for people to do the right thing, and they tend to." #cybersecurity #infosec #CSO… https://t.co/U9CY1ww7O8
16th Nov2018: "#HPC workloads are as mission critical as it gets, and we take the responsibility to run them effectively in the… https://t.co/qKR7ZaiQlT
16th Nov2018: Mapping the future of #security at Oracle #Cloud Infrastructure: https://t.co/lZZB6clcgP https://t.co/Gh8xoBtq68
16th Nov2018: Great event in our office! https://t.co/n1Fs8VxNH7
15th Nov2018: It won’t be long before the world sees #machinelearning and #AI powering business-critical endeavors such as #cloud… https://t.co/9PTFwngNHE
15th Nov2018: "If #security is simple enough and features are built directly into processes whenever possible, people will do the… https://t.co/4U1PzzmDqb
15th Nov2018: Come to #infosecna18 Booth 2102 and learn how we provide WAF, DDoS protection, and DNS that deliver enterprise-grad… https://t.co/B6GfDJSeoh
14th Nov2018: Last Month in #Internet Intelligence: https://t.co/lIwm0WBxP6 https://t.co/xKQhAcP3Wq
14th Nov2018: "Most #DDoS attacks start small and ramp up over a period of time, so early detection is crucial." @StephenJGates… https://t.co/qUaj1kxXUH
14th Nov2018: Come to #infosecna18 Booth 2102 to learn how to deliver sites, apps and services over the internet with a high qual… https://t.co/0C564q8xHa
13th Nov2018: "Many organizations have serious #security concerns—rightfully so, given how some #cloud providers handle customer… https://t.co/B1GhrjUtfK
13th Nov2018: "Oracle has been focused on protecting governments, industries, large enterprises at a global scale. This shift to… https://t.co/20q7sbJL1e
13th Nov2018: “[Oracle Dyn Web Application Security] is definitely one of the higher-performing solutions in this space. We’re re… https://t.co/JLNQRZjNLn
12th Nov2018: In this new @OReillyMedia ebook, @laurentgil and @uuallan look at the strengths and limitations of #AI- and… https://t.co/CA20rTg3kc
11th Nov2018: "Some people might say a 10-15 percent performance boost is not a big deal. But for anyone who runs resource-intens… https://t.co/yCUmfeez17
10th Nov2018: "The growing importance of the #Internet for communication, commerce, and even government services means that wide-… https://t.co/uPHQLmzfm7
9th Nov2018: "#HPC is used to solve complex, performance-intensive problems—and organizations are increasingly moving HPC worklo… https://t.co/eXM47yPQkd
9th Nov2018: Last month in @InternetIntel by @dbelson: https://t.co/Z4ICLWea0v https://t.co/WZOAvEdQzJ
9th Nov2018: 5 #DDoS mitigation features to look for by @StephenJGates: #cybersecurity #infosec https://t.co/ryZ9lWY120 https://t.co/p1uuKWsY3f
8th Nov2018: "We believe #IaaS is not and should not be a commodity." @kyork20 https://t.co/cLMwYcp8LI https://t.co/Hjf6mzJM6v
8th Nov2018: Dog photo shoot in the office. Say hi to Gus! #DynDogs https://t.co/r1mXVtYmOM
8th Nov2018: #AI and #machinelearning have begun to replace the older rules- and signature-based tools that can no longer combat… https://t.co/HKIo7P7pcm
7th Nov2018: Five features to look for in a #DDoS mitigation service: https://t.co/zYM9gKN3vz https://t.co/zYn3MJjFPq
7th Nov2018: Energy giant secures its #cloud edge with Oracle Dyn Web Application #Security by @Brunola88 https://t.co/M3RNAgeUen https://t.co/iSRIcZ54v8
7th Nov2018: We loved meeting you all at the Careers Fair today with @uniofbrighton and @SussexUni - we have a number of great p… https://t.co/mtuhMNOxsF
7th Nov2018: Oracle Dyn provides a single platform with a common user interface for DDoS, WAF, and bot and API protection. Learn… https://t.co/MMeADsdmJA
6th Nov2018: Why a leading waste management and energy company chose us to secure their @PeopleSoft_Info implementation:… https://t.co/QrUq3Wkt7z
6th Nov2018: What are the differences between #4G and wired residential networks, and what does that mean for dynamic #DNS usage… https://t.co/boTtr8ovpW
6th Nov2018: So the #internet is your corporate network. Now what? @AndyThurai offers some guidance: https://t.co/MtODRkANnn https://t.co/fjbIuFCata
5th Nov2018: China Telecom (whether intentionally or not) has misdirected internet traffic (including out of the United States)… https://t.co/rPVzJ5p7bX
5th Nov2018: Case study: @Covanta protects the network edge with Oracle Dyn Web Application Security https://t.co/mIjBH7Swwe
3rd Nov2018: "A business leader should take a serious stance with educating their staff to mitigate towards botnets." @Fisher85M… https://t.co/gvtxKihH1N
2nd Nov2018: "Bot management should be built around three basic principles: detect, categorize and control." @reach2ratan Gain… https://t.co/av9gEZQaOe
1st Nov2018: Do all #bots have #AI? We take on the war against bots and dispel the myths. https://t.co/5o5dhetvLE https://t.co/bSvoX0S4pd
1st Nov2018: There are some substantial differences between #4G and wired residential networks, which can complicate the use of… https://t.co/xsbedklL92
1st Nov2018: Take control of your internet #security with advice from top experts: @reach2ratan @Kevin_Jackson @evanderburg… https://t.co/SB4mz0xnZO
1st Nov2018: Are you at #VelocityConf in London today? We are here at stand 201 explaining how our secure, intelligent edge plat… https://t.co/rz4FMr4Yfy
1st Nov2018: Oracle Dyn are at #VelocityConf in London today and tomorrow! Come visit us at Stand 201 to learn how our secure, i… https://t.co/fKUnsv8G4D
31st Oct2018: Enterprises need to have complete visibility into the #internet. @AndyThurai explains why: https://t.co/y9IfMlJv2j https://t.co/BmsDt2G6v6
31st Oct2018: “Infected #IoT devices seek to spread malware...We need to set limits and understand their impact on our personal p… https://t.co/X1Hf6AzTIo
31st Oct2018: Happy Halloween from all of us at Oracle Dyn! https://t.co/cywBPMlo6Z https://t.co/rIw205dp8e
31st Oct2018: Your entire app infrastructure, one security solution. Learn about Oracle Dyn’s Web Application Security suite at … https://t.co/WVjtCOZMXv
30th Oct2018: Is #4G DDNS possible? @MTtheSE has the answer: https://t.co/7jULpK7h4e https://t.co/eqwolBg4I3
30th Oct2018: Four hidden costs of #cloud infrastructure: https://t.co/2ds9D6tfHm https://t.co/87dez1CM0M
30th Oct2018: "Oracle #Cloud Infrastructure was built by a team of cloud industry veterans to uniquely meet enterprise-grade comp… https://t.co/iRrGtGqWy7
30th Oct2018: #Cybersecurity is like fighting a never-ending battle against a relentless foe. Stay one step ahead with expert adv… https://t.co/FXxNpc9xt5
30th Oct2018: Case study: How a waste management and energy giant deployed web application #security before a mission-critical… https://t.co/o2ykS87Fd8
29th Oct2018: Three #SaaS vendors explain why they chose @OracleIaaS: https://t.co/C9c7WFmibY https://t.co/LeHCHw4YBd
29th Oct2018: Today’s network edge is increasingly taking on a critical role in connecting users to the digital content and web s… https://t.co/cZ16TgKNdR
29th Oct2018: Many WAF vendors don’t provide sufficient capabilities for managing #bots. #cybersecurity @StephenJGates… https://t.co/DoIKZeBweg
29th Oct2018: Oracle Dyn’s #cloud-based Web Application Security platform enables you to deploy and scale your apps quickly and s… https://t.co/mAhPX3quip
28th Oct2018: Is your #WAF up to the task when it comes to bot management? https://t.co/DB3nc3ch18 https://t.co/knQppKj7l9
28th Oct2018: How Oracle provides a unique view of the #internet in the #UAE via @tahawultech https://t.co/WMUiyXGUPZ
27th Oct2018: Four bot mitigation best practices: https://t.co/t4XC1vhLYK https://t.co/UTJbSNspGz
26th Oct2018: 🔑 https://t.co/hS9UKIDbgh
26th Oct2018: Can the law take on bad #bots and win? @StephenJGates https://t.co/ONgo6gqHqP https://t.co/RqYwN6ef76
26th Oct2018: The @InternetIntel Map is "an opportunity for us to share and to be more open and to give back to the #internet com… https://t.co/wv1ymnsGn3
26th Oct2018: The business case for bot management is compelling, but not all offerings have the same capabilities.… https://t.co/HXoEaHqPY1
25th Oct2018: "#Oracle counts the U.S. federal and state governments among its most important customers, and those folk don’t mes… https://t.co/uzoggVvSRu
25th Oct2018: "Other clouds have been around for a long time, and they were not designed for the enterprise." @larryellison… https://t.co/beutRgAqP4
25th Oct2018: As #cybersecurity threats increase, many businesses are finding it hard to keep up. https://t.co/TGZDqtCZN9
25th Oct2018: Our Charlie Baker speaks about edge services on Oracle #Cloud Infrastructure at #oow18 https://t.co/sh5PA0Vi07
24th Oct2018: The mission of @OracleIaaS is to enable customers to run any and every enterprise workload securely in the #cloud.… https://t.co/BhOY8t94bh
24th Oct2018: "The experience Dyn gained from that [2016] attack now helps to inform Oracle on how to properly defend its #cloud.… https://t.co/j1PeNWy1j8
24th Oct2018: "The issues facing the #internet infrastructure industry are of utmost importance to anyone who has ever gone onlin… https://t.co/PjTe54mAuO
24th Oct2018: "The #internet has become the world’s most powerful tool for commerce, communication, and innovation because of a c… https://t.co/TrINZJbqNS
23rd Oct2018: Rodrigo Balan of @IdentityMind explains how he uses Oracle Web Application #Security. For more information, read ou… https://t.co/zAYQr4uV22
23rd Oct2018: Our GM @kyork20, vice president of product strategy for @OracleIaaS, being interviewed by @geekwire at #oow18: https://t.co/wPV59yhRNr
23rd Oct2018: The pros and cons of various bot management techniques, some of which the bad guys have figured out how to evade.… https://t.co/kixnNhS5QQ
23rd Oct2018: Our @laurentgil discussing the role of #AI and #machinelearning in #cybersecurity at #oow18 https://t.co/nwf4sin9wY
23rd Oct2018: For enterprise-grade organizations -- large, traditional businesses and the smaller companies that aspire to be lik… https://t.co/B9xHuAaWGS
23rd Oct2018: Introducing the Generation 2 #Cloud at #OOW18: https://t.co/4BpXRjujHk https://t.co/Ia3RUvLNdp
23rd Oct2018: One hour to go until @laurentgil and our customer @IdentityMind talk #AI, #machinelearning and #cybersecurity at… https://t.co/NNzeGxJig5
23rd Oct2018: Oracle is building around five pillars of #cloud purpose-built for enterprise: protect existing investments price… https://t.co/aBf1zsnO3D
23rd Oct2018: Oracle Adds New #Security Services to #Cloud Platform #oow18 @EduardKovacs @SecurityWeek https://t.co/fsula9xO3v https://t.co/xXsvwYkE0l
23rd Oct2018: Good morning, #OOW18! https://t.co/bkqjf97IN8
23rd Oct2018: NEWS from #OOW18: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is proud to join @internetsociety @kyork20 @SullivanISOC #MANRS https://t.co/JQ8AYkiUXC
23rd Oct2018: NEWS from #OOW18: Welcoming Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to the @i2Coalition by @kyork20 https://t.co/n7J1b1Cpra
23rd Oct2018: Download the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), which named Oracle a "Visionary" https://t.co/HAR61gFw1J
22nd Oct2018: An edge security demo from @laurentgil for the media at #oow18: https://t.co/BniPhQncpg
22nd Oct2018: Reporters getting an up-close look at @InternetIntel from @dbelson at #oow18 https://t.co/VTqMNAAIGv
22nd Oct2018: "Bot management should be built around the three basic principles of detect, categorize, and control.” @reach2ratan… https://t.co/wdgvqEGZDn
22nd Oct2018: How are APIs a #security risk? Is a WAF enough protection? Get answers to these and more in our FAQ on #API securit… https://t.co/4JpZK1Lqfk
21st Oct2018: Before moving its @PeopleSoft_Info implementation to the #cloud, @Covanta protected its network edge with Oracle Dy… https://t.co/CMArp75stB
20th Oct2018: “#Bots are ‘dumb’ and execute by following rules configured by humans. That means these processes respond to struct… https://t.co/bL5bm3d9BB
20th Oct2018: As #ICANN63 kicks off, @MTtheSE explores the question: Is #DNSSEC worth it? #ICANN #DNS https://t.co/RLSHmGQwnK https://t.co/r7kjlWe1Rt
19th Oct2018: Bot management and mitigation are about more than just identifying bot traffic. #bots #cybersecurity… https://t.co/a7AH4wuXBS
19th Oct2018: “Some companies mistakenly believe their #chatbots and websites contain only public information and therefore do no… https://t.co/fpWrIu8tC5
19th Oct2018: Case study: @Covanta migrates its @PeopleSoft_Info application to @OracleIaaS and protects it with Oracle Dyn Web A… https://t.co/a1uvSqvwwK
18th Oct2018: Q&A: @laurentgil outlines the four types of bot attacks https://t.co/LEcVnqS09q https://t.co/Mpdacvobna
18th Oct2018: Bot management: Expert advice and the latest developments #cybersecurity #bots https://t.co/T34muIMbQp https://t.co/cCn0iHVyLt
18th Oct2018: Our principal platform engineer @CaptTofu will be speaking about running #MySQL in #containers next week at… https://t.co/P1ti4SvkDo
18th Oct2018: Digital channels are critical to your business, yet there are a shocking number of disruptions. According to a rece… https://t.co/2NVOwmYcko
17th Oct2018: "Not all #bots are the same, and not all are malicious." @gigabarb https://t.co/PwuMsvs3uS https://t.co/y632qcfjYU
17th Oct2018: Commit to #cybersecurity education with insights from @fisher85m, @darryl_macleod and @laurentgil… https://t.co/eVDbux0Oi6
16th Oct2018: Far too many organizations are relying on their #cloud provider alone to ensure resiliency. #internet #DNS… https://t.co/HZyLVO7V0M
16th Oct2018: #OOW18 Preview: Web Application Security is All About Automation https://t.co/Uxr7y0XZ34 https://t.co/Fs5xOp6JZX
16th Oct2018: Can the law take on bad #bots and win? @gigabarb reports: https://t.co/QvKn75tUjL #cybersecurity #socialmedia https://t.co/sao2Q4UDsh
15th Oct2018: Q&A: @laurentgil previews his #OOW18 security session on #AI, #machinelearning and #automation:… https://t.co/LqIvTcGS9L
15th Oct2018: If your business is online, you need to worry about #cybersecurity. Dive into bot management with advice from 8 exp… https://t.co/VWgzZS76sL
15th Oct2018: Bot management and mitigation are both crucial parts of modern website security. https://t.co/mw6BybuFny https://t.co/1idCpmep5K
12th Oct2018: For the first time in recent #internet history, a new submarine cable is carrying live traffic across the South Atl… https://t.co/gS5a2YmVJD
12th Oct2018: “To help mitigate against #botnets, a business leader should take a serious stance with educating their staff.”… https://t.co/2HFc9ffi3f
12th Oct2018: Security for #bots is based on evaluating structured input/response options for vulnerabilities or errors.… https://t.co/TmKaXDCziL
11th Oct2018: Q&A with @laurentgil: How to identify #bots and stop attacks https://t.co/yQZxVTEipq https://t.co/HK0lFQ16cm
11th Oct2018: How can bot management software help you take down enemy forces attacking your website? 1. Detect 2. Categorize 3.… https://t.co/mHmIJTRg26
11th Oct2018: Research: ISP reliability issues were the top reason for #internet disruptions and outages within the last 12 month… https://t.co/Xk5iOIyVi4
10th Oct2018: What are the benefits of combining #DNS and a cloud-based #WAF? Find out in our upcoming webinar:… https://t.co/Pb3IydUHt6
10th Oct2018: “Organizations need to constantly reassess environments for #security vulnerabilities that might increasingly jeopa… https://t.co/9H4Kxr0Mw1
10th Oct2018: Take control of your internet #security now! https://t.co/TCEBd6ZTn8 https://t.co/jGPlIUtm07
10th Oct2018: Gartner named Oracle a "Visionary" in its Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls (WAFs). Download the report… https://t.co/ywG4XQ4ATa
9th Oct2018: New research says ISP problems and hackers top the list of network resiliency concerns. @Brunola88 reports:… https://t.co/LUKDOXiO1D
9th Oct2018: Bot Management: 4 Components of a Comprehensive Defense @mclynd @MikeQuindazzi @darryl_macleod @Fisher85M… https://t.co/OJiY0JQlPG
8th Oct2018: #Bots and #DDoS attacks are constantly evolving. #AI can help you keep up. @gigabarb reports: https://t.co/XizDYrQm9V
8th Oct2018: What is bot management? #bots #cybersecurity https://t.co/H0AEf8GfI2 https://t.co/gnCzW6ImQ5
8th Oct2018: "I’ve never had a conversation like this with #Oracle. Am I hopeful? A bit." @tompetrocelli @AmalgamInsights… https://t.co/2nHVDZfnJi
8th Oct2018: Why is @OracleIaaS different and better? Kyle York, vice president of product strategy, spoke with @SeekingAlpha ab… https://t.co/rNhHn8hFel
8th Oct2018: Are malicious #bots threatening your website? Experts including @reach2ratan, @mclynd and @Fisher85M provide insigh… https://t.co/IdSsH9f1J4
8th Oct2018: Reasonable security is a concept prevalent in many data protection regulations, but its requirements are far from c… https://t.co/RBIy2qz6Vm
8th Oct2018: Innovation in edge services: The @OracleIaaS Edge Network #IoT #cloud #IaaS https://t.co/btjWfv4992 https://t.co/oWetOO3Kgi
5th Oct2018: "More #AI and #ML solutions are beginning to surface as a major success against #DDoS attacks. We are beginning to… https://t.co/6tFcFiTm15
5th Oct2018: "The #IoT will only continue to grow, and more and more applications and services will work at the edge."… https://t.co/UXf1xs6Dn7
5th Oct2018: How can you win the ongoing #cybersecurity battle? 8 experts weigh in on bot mitigation and what you can do:… https://t.co/u3JHmY1H9L
5th Oct2018: What is TTL, and why is it one of the most misunderstood parts of #DNS? #internet https://t.co/fIOUgwp3hU https://t.co/urj4Sz2wV9
5th Oct2018: While it’s impossible to completely prevent #DDoS attacks, there are multiple ways to protect services and to mitig… https://t.co/HI6Mlx5KCy
4th Oct2018: If you heard @laurentgil talk about #bots at #IPEXPO or #VelocityConf this week and want to learn more, check out h… https://t.co/0rPoxeQcyf
4th Oct2018: Download our buyer’s guide and learn how you can leverage the benefits of #cloud web application #security:… https://t.co/ajmThYgCR5
4th Oct2018: "Bots now make up over 50% of website traffic and have become the primary source of malicious application attacks"… https://t.co/BZZTmod4Iu
4th Oct2018: .@laurentgil on stage at #IPEXPO discussing how we can apply machine learning to combat the bot epidemic… https://t.co/ZQOYGEbiIy
4th Oct2018: Dont miss @laurentgil Oracle Dyn Security Evangelist speaking in one hour in the Cyber Security Theatre at … https://t.co/ngVTNXlqWq
4th Oct2018: Automated bot attack vectors will increase by 250% in 2021, is your IT Infrastructure prepared? Come visit us at… https://t.co/We1A7W0E97
3rd Oct2018: Play BATAK and win a drone at #IpExpo2018 - visit Oracle Dyn at Stand C14 to see if you can beat the top score!… https://t.co/7YKoiYWHSo
3rd Oct2018: Visit us at Booth 203 at #VelocityConf to find out how our visionary #WAF can protect your business from emerging t… https://t.co/M39JdL0GuF
3rd Oct2018: Join @laurentgil, Oracle Dyn Security Product Evangelist at #IpExpo2018 on the  4th October at 12.20 in the Cyber S… https://t.co/gc86HfTsR2
3rd Oct2018: Oracle Dyn are at #IPEXPOEurope today and tomorrow! Come visit us in #CyberSecurity zone Stand C14 to learn how our… https://t.co/zdZdDy6sKo
3rd Oct2018: Oracle Dyn are at #IpExpo2018 today and tomorrow! Come visit us at Stand C14 to learn how our secure, intelligent e… https://t.co/V2bSjsa0NA
2nd Oct2018: Need to get your blood pumping after a full day of #VelocityConf sessions? Come play Batak at Booth 203! https://t.co/SLUI7Foi4W
2nd Oct2018: WAF + API gateway = BFFs #VelocityConf @laurentgil https://t.co/zdRQL3HEl4
2nd Oct2018: When it comes to #security, "simple things we do on web applications can be done on #API calls as well." @laurentgil #VelocityConf
2nd Oct2018: Video interview with @rogerm and @laurentgil at #VelocityConf https://t.co/WAGd5C5FOI
2nd Oct2018: 85% of organizations consider web #APIs and #API-based integration fundamental to their business strategy and conti… https://t.co/qWypYEV32J
2nd Oct2018: Great post-session discussion on #bots with @laurentgil at #velocityconf https://t.co/hBMgQwqVst
2nd Oct2018: Malicious scanning is when #bots poke sites looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. @laurentgil #velocityconf
2nd Oct2018: Methods for identifying and protecting against malicious #bots: good bot whitelisting CAPTCHA challenge IP rate li… https://t.co/41Sjg0nOIf
2nd Oct2018: How bot management works, as explained by @laurentgil at #velocityconf: https://t.co/Fa7IY22GKa
2nd Oct2018: #Bots make up 50% of web traffic today. @laurentgil #VelocityConf
2nd Oct2018: Lots of good #cybersecurity discussions going on at Booth 203! #velocityconf https://t.co/r9U2p3Hr1k
2nd Oct2018: Like us on Facebook to watch live #velocityconf videos: https://t.co/ndk3cPzlQC
2nd Oct2018: #VelocityConf, join @laurentgil in one hour for his session on using #machinelearning to combat malicious #bots:… https://t.co/Kel6V2yjXA
2nd Oct2018: #VelocityConf https://t.co/FXuzDcXYXr
2nd Oct2018: More details on the #DNS attacks that @laurentgil is talking about at #velocityconf: https://t.co/38WcTy7Ajz
2nd Oct2018: Our @laurentgil takes the keynote stage at #VelocityConf to share the latest #cybersecurity research. https://t.co/yNh9ZoQx2l
2nd Oct2018: Seat for the #velocityconf keynote 💯 https://t.co/55k2crW4Lk
2nd Oct2018: As distributed applications push more connectivity and functionality to the edge, application managers and #DevOps… https://t.co/QeDl50uWEA
2nd Oct2018: Download our buyer’s guide and learn how you can leverage the benefits of #cloud web application #security:… https://t.co/pOUU0g96j3
2nd Oct2018: 77% of breaches are caused by dark bots. Cybercriminals use these bots to commit fraud, steal data and fuel DDoS at… https://t.co/TXkImHrwqB
2nd Oct2018: #VelocityConf https://t.co/QF8sneZkkI
2nd Oct2018: Our @laurentgil explaining the difference between good and bad #bots at the #velocityconf meetup https://t.co/nCc5lmmMhn
2nd Oct2018: Our meetup on hybrid and multi-#cloud #security starts in 10 minutes in the Sutton Center! Grab a book and a mini-s… https://t.co/5Sj4nz9Ka8
2nd Oct2018: Congrats to all the #velocityconf Ignite speakers! https://t.co/eypnmg0IgF
1st Oct2018: How does bridge-building relate to software development? @Mampersat #VelocityConf https://t.co/qVtZZ4e15D
1st Oct2018: Our Matt Sheppard (@Mampersat) is presenting one of the #velocityconf Ignite lightning talks, which start in 10 min… https://t.co/4mAvMHSMqr
1st Oct2018: One hour until #VelocityConf Ignite kicks off! Join us in Beekman/Sutton North for lightning talks on business, tec… https://t.co/IX3NEddt5e
1st Oct2018: #API #security is quickly becoming a key concern for everyone from #DevOps to the #CISO. Learn why tomorrow at… https://t.co/VIhcipeyL9
1st Oct2018: Join @laurentgil at #VelocityConf tomorrow for "Bot or Human? Applying #MachineLearning to Combating the Bot Epidem… https://t.co/5tzcZQ5g4F
1st Oct2018: How Dyn and the #cloud are reinventing #Oracle: https://t.co/9sMszApkpc https://t.co/s1I5eAlgQ7
1st Oct2018: Half of all web traffic is made up of automated bots – but stopping malicious bots, and allowing legitimate bots re… https://t.co/Th11zEMWMq
1st Oct2018: In his latest blog post, @MTtheSE discusses the role of DNS in high availability and why we should treat servers li… https://t.co/AoTSRxpXdX
30th Sep2018: #VelocityConf week is finally here! Join us tomorrow at 5 p.m. for Ignite, a series of five-minute presentations on… https://t.co/2DHVoh9AMk
28th Sep2018: While it’s impossible to completely prevent #DDoS attacks, there are multiple ways to protect services and to mitig… https://t.co/8LNXamGaXa
26th Sep2018: It is hard to overstate the potential for a new submarine cable to profoundly alter how traffic is routed (or not)… https://t.co/FJG0PfYpsU
26th Sep2018: Traditional web application #security uses a rule-based approach. The problem is that it is only able to identify w… https://t.co/BwIesSgLy3
26th Sep2018: IdentityMind Global is making the move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. But first, the company is bolstering its sec… https://t.co/kCf3JsQY0E
25th Sep2018: "Our business is growing extremely fast. Therefore we need flexibility with our infrastructure. We embrace openness… https://t.co/15PQlyr3Ws
25th Sep2018: At least 85% of organizations consider web #APIs and #API-based integration fundamental to their business strategy… https://t.co/3Jc3l9Xf70
25th Sep2018: Gartner named Oracle a "Visionary" in its Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls (WAFs). Download the report… https://t.co/gh3AkScf41
25th Sep2018: Read up on the secrets to defeating malicious #bots, then join us for our "Bot or Human?" session at #VelocityConf… https://t.co/9g15igdu08
24th Sep2018: "With #opensource, enterprises can escape the dreaded #cloud lock-in. Even better, #developers can escape vendor lo… https://t.co/1lMEiEuEu7
24th Sep2018: What is a #DDoS attack? #infosec #cybersecurity https://t.co/6GyqiICLp9 https://t.co/5cfzff9j3Q
24th Sep2018: Web applications remain the number-one threat as cybercriminals are focused on application and #API vulnerabilities… https://t.co/adVnoA2uhB
21st Sep2018: "How do we identify and remove bot traffic from our ad network?" #bots #cybersecurity #adtech… https://t.co/njVVmvIRc2
21st Sep2018: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! https://t.co/VAIFoNOBwi
21st Sep2018: Gartner named @Oracle a "Visionary" in its new Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls. @laurentgil does a dee… https://t.co/LP3Fr33959
21st Sep2018: No emergency calls, no electricity, no drinking water: a prolonged total failure of the Internet could plunge the w… https://t.co/yMJT7gRD1r
21st Sep2018: What is TTL, and why is it one of the most misunderstood parts of #DNS? #internet https://t.co/WDVYzSfZPP https://t.co/6l9PwoOOJ4
20th Sep2018: "The future is bright for companies that are willing to take the time to mix and match the right software with the… https://t.co/3qb8vwEAZF
20th Sep2018: Austin, our Dyn & Dash event is coming next week! #cybersecurity https://t.co/KPwVFll9HQ
19th Sep2018: For the first time in recent #internet history, a new submarine cable is carrying live traffic across the South Atl… https://t.co/D0wTsM9J3j
19th Sep2018: Performing #DNSSEC on zones that use advanced #DNS features such as traffic steering and DNS-based failover is chal… https://t.co/Bjutq25f0O
19th Sep2018: When it comes to #databreach prevention, tech that protects against #bots and #DDoS attacks is a must.… https://t.co/jh5QBeaygh
19th Sep2018: The new developer role centers on #opensource technology. @bobquillin explains in his debut column on @DevOpsAgenda: https://t.co/BhCIes2O2Q
18th Sep2018: Is #DNSSEC Worth It for Enterprises? @MTtheSE explores the pros and cons: https://t.co/47C0Kwdvkl https://t.co/LKlIdNPdXJ
18th Sep2018: Three ways to ensure a good #customerexperience when moving to the #cloud via @NetworkWorld: ✅ Choose the right pl… https://t.co/RVGip1Ngjq
18th Sep2018: One week left to register for our free webinar, "#Cloud-Based #DNS: Five Reasons to Make the Move."… https://t.co/TDEVFPYI4X
18th Sep2018: “Oracle is committed to enterprise security as a pillar of its #cloud platform. The emergence of the @Oracle #WAF a… https://t.co/6J8spX9o24
17th Sep2018: #Opensource technology has made the role of the #developer more creative and valuable. #DevOps #cloudnative… https://t.co/GW58h2jbEs
17th Sep2018: Five reasons why #multicloud is so important: @NetworkWorld @OracleIaaS https://t.co/ONknOTnrVt
13th Sep2018: "There are more good people working hard every day to make the #internet better and to allow it to reach its potent… https://t.co/h8lgHfguSI
13th Sep2018: How to prevent a #databreach by @stephenjgates: https://t.co/me9fMciHya https://t.co/GujXvmXueT
13th Sep2018: Boston, our Dyn & Dash event is coming next week! #cybersecurity https://t.co/KPwVFll9HQ
13th Sep2018: Are you fast enough to win a drone? The top score on our BATAK board is currently 56 - if you think you can beat th… https://t.co/7bopoJ0SKb
12th Sep2018: #Cloud is mission-critical. Network disruptions can hurt your bottom line. Learn how to ensure resiliency in this n… https://t.co/eLBeD9wd4A
12th Sep2018: How Are Emerging Tech and Robust #Cloud Strategy Imperative to Business Success? https://t.co/AkA9uiHZ4h #IoT #AI… https://t.co/IxgometOiv
12th Sep2018: VP @kyork20 of @OracleIaaS explains why our #WAF, which Gartner named a “Visionary” in its latest Magic Quadrant, i… https://t.co/v5R0niAET0
12th Sep2018: The @InternetIntel Map historically focuses on #internet disruptions, but it also provides evidence of new service… https://t.co/VBIgfxO8m4
12th Sep2018: Play BATAK and win a drone at #Dmexco2018 - visit Oracle Dyn in Hall 7 Stand B-030 to see if you can beat the top s… https://t.co/s1VNMYqXmL
12th Sep2018: Oracle Dyn are at #Dmexco2018 today and tomorrow! Come visit us in Hall 7 Stand B-030 to learn how our secure, inte… https://t.co/OvZSLJtOiH
11th Sep2018: Thinking about #cloud #DNS? Learn why you should make the jump in our upcoming webinar. https://t.co/3tuEbqEVby https://t.co/8ITA5OvsQB
11th Sep2018: ISPs are the biggest single cause of #networking disruptions, according to our latest research. @gsloper #cloud… https://t.co/lOPMJKzQfS
11th Sep2018: NEWS: Gartner names @Oracle a “Visionary” in its Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls… https://t.co/cncRm26os2
11th Sep2018: Three ways to ensure good #CX when moving to the #cloud by @kyork20: https://t.co/SFIp6YpgCY https://t.co/gygF5Si7Pj
11th Sep2018: 50% of web traffic is made up of automated bots – but stopping bad bots, and allowing the good bots requires a secu… https://t.co/JXZesbsx8B
10th Sep2018: In August, the @Oracle @InternetIntel Map surfaced disruptions around the world due to nationwide exams, #elections… https://t.co/YCXO1qyBgR
10th Sep2018: Best wishes to @anvilwalrusden, new CEO of @internetsociety, from @kyork20 and all of us at Oracle Dyn!… https://t.co/80CwpWBTeE
10th Sep2018: A new report shines a surprising light on #cloud usage and network interruptions: https://t.co/s88TW6qpYT https://t.co/8YghDMwj2u
10th Sep2018: 2 out of 5 visitors leave a website after 3 seconds of loading time. The reliable delivery of your digital content… https://t.co/C0vEeeBkSv
7th Sep2018: "No one likes when their #email address #privacy is breached, but it happens more than you might expect."… https://t.co/wAMsT73GSU
7th Sep2018: How is edge #security like tapas? @MattShooman explains. #ICANN63 #DNS https://t.co/DkeyPkH5TS
7th Sep2018: In the spam folder, no one can hear you. Email Deliverability is key for effective communication to your customers,… https://t.co/E0FN2Ir3nm
7th Sep2018: Malicious bots can scrape your digital content, hurting your revenue and brand recognition; whilst driving up your… https://t.co/Zh2eo1qDGd
6th Sep2018: Join us at the Arizona Technology Summit next week to learn about the latest and greatest in web application securi… https://t.co/jvS9JpR3KG
6th Sep2018: Four #ecommerce bot management tips to stop automated attacks #infosec #bots https://t.co/Zobudso0DU https://t.co/v6IFZlemBp
6th Sep2018: A flexible, secure and reliable infrastructure is key to improving your Ad bidding speed. Chat with us at… https://t.co/z2gff0Uc6V
6th Sep2018: Do you have big list syndrome? Read our email list management best practices for Marketing https://t.co/bjeh1RlRw9 https://t.co/uozpeDZQl1
6th Sep2018: Moving apps to the cloud? Our very own @kyork20 explains the 3 steps to ensure good customer experiences when you m… https://t.co/gtsQRNWaw0
5th Sep2018: TLDs and #DDoS - Are You Protected? #ICANN https://t.co/A4uUFeDgqd
5th Sep2018: Atlanta, our Dyn & Dash event is coming next week! #cybersecurity https://t.co/KPwVFll9HQ
5th Sep2018: Why @V5Systems chose @OracleIaaS to scale its services in the #cloud: https://t.co/7oGyJj6H9B
5th Sep2018: SOC Q&A - read the latest installment in our series highlighting the people who power our network and security oper… https://t.co/d9xQJBQTMh
4th Sep2018: "While IXPs have certainly helped several regions reduce the costs and latencies of #internet traffic, they should… https://t.co/pJZmQAaiHT
4th Sep2018: Want #email address #privacy? Check the policy. @JoshNason https://t.co/IbfJDckNJJ https://t.co/HEOaMvEPGr
4th Sep2018: Four ways to avoid #cloud outages and improve system performance: https://t.co/N4nxedtEI0
4th Sep2018: "A #SOC analyst is one of the most difficult people to find in #cybersecurity today." @laurentgil… https://t.co/GsB8MedwUx
31st Aug2018: The Arizona Tech Summit is fast approaching! Join us Sept. 12 in Phoenix to learn about the latest in web applicati… https://t.co/CxCV77FDvK
31st Aug2018: What to look for in a #privacy policy to better understand what companies are doing with your #email address:… https://t.co/ap2HHIuKHF
30th Aug2018: Management of #ecommerce #bots should be a high priority. @StephenJGates explains why. #retailtech #cybersecurity… https://t.co/BrgRxWDYjB
30th Aug2018: "The risk of a #DDoS attack at the infrastructure layer keeps many network managers awake at night." @MattShooman… https://t.co/EF1PIayZlI
30th Aug2018: #DarkBot of the Week: A BOTNET’s motto is “strength in numbers.” Learn how to stop this threat. #security… https://t.co/DFp1fmkUUW
30th Aug2018: Today is the last day to help send @kyork20 and @jimdavis415 to #SXSW, so they can share their insights on internet… https://t.co/EEXGYcoM3i


31st Jul2018: Oracle Dyn Bot Manager: Advanced Detection and Mitigation Techniques
31st Jul2018: Managing Bot Traffic: Knowing is Half the Battle
31st Jul2018: Advanced WAF for an Evolving Threat Landscape
11th Jun2018: Internet Intelligence Map
16th May2018: Oracle Dyn Time Lapse Video
27th Oct2017: Secondary DNS
27th Oct2017: DNS Traffic Steering
27th Oct2017: What is DNS?
31st Oct2016: Dyn and Cox Speak at Programmatic
31st Mar2016: Register or Transfer a Domain with Dyn
23rd Oct2015: TechToberFest Presenter Interview - Tim Fernholz and Andrew Sullivan
23rd Oct2015: TechToberFest Presenter Interview - Chris Brenton
23rd Oct2015: TechToberFest Presenter Interview - Doug Madory and David Belson
23rd Oct2015: TechToberFest Presenter Interview - Jeremy Hitchcock
23rd Oct2015: TechToberFest Presenter Interview - Kyle York and Dan York
23rd Oct2015: TechToberFest Panelist Interview - Kathleen Moriarty, Dan York, Sean Smith, Ben April
23rd Oct2015: TechToberFest Presenter Interview - Steve Case
1st Oct2015: TechToberFest - Doug Madory and David Belson
1st Oct2015: TechToberFest - Steve Case
15th Jul2015: WEBINAR: Misconceptions Around Web Performance - About.com and Dyn
18th Jun2015: Transfer Your Zone to Dyn Using AXFR
12th Jun2015: Webinar: Using Cloud Infrastructure to Optimize Business & People Performance
5th Jun2015: Internet Outages that Made Headlines - Terremark and Datagram
5th Jun2015: Internet Outages that Made Headlines - Realtor.com and GoDaddy.com
5th Jun2015: Internet Outages that Made Headlines - Coke, Acura and Apple
5th Jun2015: Internet Outages that Made Headlines - Marketo and Online Banks
13th Apr2015: Managed DNS: How To Set Up Your First Zone
13th Apr2015: Standard to Express
13th Apr2015: Dynamic DNS Update Clients
13th Apr2015: Setting Up Dyn Remote Access
13th Apr2015: Time To Live (TTL)
13th Apr2015: Email Delivery Metrics
13th Apr2015: Monitor a Prefix with Internet Intelligence
13th Apr2015: How to upload a zone file to Managed DNS Express
13th Apr2015: Searching For Network Assets
16th Sep2014: Dyn Is Internet Performance. Delivered.
22nd Apr2014: #DynMMT: Where Internet Performance Reaches Rockstar Status at SXSW
1st Apr2014: Dyn Announces Partnership with Dyn
27th Mar2014: ICANN 49 Singapore: Stephanie Duchesneau of Fairwinds Partners
8th Mar2014: #TakeTheDayOffBrian - an invitation for Brian Williams
20th Feb2014: Welcome To Dyn
20th Jan2014: NamesCon 2014: Chad Folkening of Global Ventures LLC
17th Dec2013: Happy Holidays Internet!

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