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7th Nov2018: Ebook Freebies for publishers https://t.co/qbSctVyXu1 https://t.co/PWUJpY7Hby
2nd Nov2018: Should we sell your ebooks without DRM? https://t.co/j56MMjmwar https://t.co/dOGY3WU3HY
31st Oct2018: Publisher services from https://t.co/5JnO2MzkiL https://t.co/IAza67ITQQ https://t.co/0Bdc4oAo4j
4th Oct2018: Baby Boomers, Age, and Beauty https://t.co/mRtWOrmbFY https://t.co/rwqWkvjbVV
3rd Oct2018: QUASH: How we crushed online credit card fraud https://t.co/gagzWVINk0 https://t.co/xfJliu72oN
3rd Oct2018: New from https://t.co/5JnO2MzkiL: Class sets and bulk sales https://t.co/dzuecIm596 https://t.co/iDWbt7qbIJ
4th Sep2018: Factoid: 54% of ebooks have no territorial sales restrictions https://t.co/AWz5mGCLLS https://t.co/YKOfokhHlN
30th Aug2018: Ebook Collections – Sell your ebooks direct to institutions https://t.co/9j3fgKG9U2 https://t.co/6RysefzANZ
21st Aug2018: Protected: Digital Comps: The hands-free way to manage requests for complimentary copies https://t.co/glUnonBJ3f
15th Apr2018: Sales Up at https://t.co/5JnO2MzkiL https://t.co/vAXMAZmTYf https://t.co/gvudPTJ60N
14th Mar2018: Steven Pinker says it’s getting better all the time https://t.co/UFWZpnkWV5 https://t.co/x5WTp24gUR
28th Feb2018: Publishing’s Ratner moment: why eBooks are not ‘stupid’ https://t.co/Aql1He6f8a https://t.co/lOc2BaV6Yc
26th Feb2018: Australia’s consumer laws still don’t cover e-books and many other digital products https://t.co/3SvzdkWroX https://t.co/JyCCuap29n
11th Dec2017: Enriching book metadata IS marketing in the digital age says @TAC_NISO https://t.co/qDChDQdjp4 via @scholarlykitchn
8th Dec2017: e-Textbook Sales Growing at https://t.co/5JnO2MhIUb https://t.co/90ZeOqBp1i https://t.co/aQjQJppQur
7th Dec2017: 374 Reading Recommendations from People We Trust. The team at National Public Radio has… https://t.co/SXDnH1w8nn https://t.co/pGWb9h7XyJ
24th Nov2017: Desktop beats mobile devices at https://t.co/5JnO2MhIUb https://t.co/puOofaI3nd via @ebooks. 60% of ebook buyers are shopping on a computer.
18th Nov2017: Why doesn’t everyone love reading ebooks? This article summarizes a number of problems with… https://t.co/g9amNQJ1Rq https://t.co/53Ki1NSutd
17th Nov2017: With his new collection of short stories, Tom Hanks turns out to be at least as sensitive… https://t.co/mC7wpO8LxL https://t.co/ZMAObqTQcl
17th Nov2017: Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders https://t.co/0oWkwrzwMS https://t.co/CBW22BSeve
6th Oct2017: Kazuo Ishiguro Wins 2017 Nobel for Literature https://t.co/pvDj0rbSMN https://t.co/Dh42hYIB5b
1st Oct2017: World University Rankings https://t.co/ZdY8Rlnzp2 https://t.co/H0kVv3jDku
20th Sep2017: Ebook Industry News Feed https://t.co/m2rVb6bcb6 https://t.co/BBGj65acw9
1st Sep2017: Global Ebook Bestseller List for August 2017 just released https://t.co/EFDcHnb8ui via @ebooks
31st Aug2017: Gartner’s Hype Cycle 2017: A Familiar Curve for Ebooks https://t.co/HgeNO6dtAr https://t.co/BjMrCLSqbz
29th Aug2017: Seeking Adam Smith https://t.co/EYQHWhdaNm https://t.co/SjsucSki6g
28th Aug2017: Publishers can now issue https://t.co/5JnO2MzkiL discount coupons https://t.co/q3xHVqgZiK https://t.co/ZRo7SWRzoY
28th Aug2017: Win a $100 ebook gift certificate https://t.co/t95QqJfsdD https://t.co/4hZnHIVK2c
4th Aug2017: Note to publisher: Please keep sending us PDF ebooks https://t.co/kKxoTGluZ1 https://t.co/IyGcx1rHHT
2nd Aug2017: 2017 Man Booker Prize Long List https://t.co/DW5MC4watC https://t.co/ZM1mdoPMxO
30th Jul2017: Benedict Noel Completes 16th Year at https://t.co/5JnO2MzkiL https://t.co/qj6FS27i9Q https://t.co/MBZp8x7746
29th Jul2017: Autumn, A Novel by Ali Smith https://t.co/9Iof0vzNkh https://t.co/kIF3tICTNm
28th Jul2017: Navigating MathLand https://t.co/ThwRnTGGhp https://t.co/B6joPJW3c5
26th Jul2017: https://t.co/5JnO2MzkiL works with the UK’s biggest mobile provider to offer free ebooks https://t.co/uQee3Xz7uC via @ebookscom
20th Jul2017: "... the sudden appearance of Amazon best-seller lists dominated by unknown authors selling pulpy shockers, mostly… https://t.co/epUzYJrvaZ
19th Jul2017: Possibly controversial list of The Most Iconic Book Set in Each Country in the World https://t.co/PxPnylTN3L via @inkbitspixels
13th Jul2017: The Digital Reader - “Zero Textbook Cost” Degree Programs Are Rendering Paid Textbooks Obsolete https://t.co/ISIl0Yt4sw
5th Jul2017: https://t.co/5JnO2MzkiL’s Global Ebook Bestseller List for June 2017 https://t.co/baofjsCZfw https://t.co/5bKwDl8Ejh
3rd Jul2017: DRM-Free O’Reilly ebooks available from https://t.co/5JnO2MzkiL https://t.co/tjRUNDaNOi https://t.co/t4A8OYmTNE
29th Jun2017: A beautiful, if slightly macabre, sentiment: "When you hold a book, you are holding someone’s head in your hands..." https://t.co/qYg4AEnDRL
19th Jun2017: Toddlers who read e-books learn more. https://t.co/pzh3hFYEDN
14th Jun2017: #Republic https://t.co/lZPbeevKsM https://t.co/qPx8PHQ9qx
12th Jun2017: Who’s buying ebooks: Geographical insights from https://t.co/5JnO2MzkiL https://t.co/5aSm8aFrct https://t.co/ggfIFJ7NLP
12th Jun2017: New ebook reader app for Android devices released https://t.co/0EsMhYokmw https://t.co/97W4gdEg0j
12th Jun2017: https://t.co/5JnO2MzkiL’s Global Ebook Bestseller List https://t.co/5DgBTaJruK https://t.co/FUrgKg3sx7
8th Jun2017: Ebook Coupon Code — 20% Off in June https://t.co/7w20bBNhxs https://t.co/Oz5XuuAto8
4th Jun2017: Scott Uminga, Artist: Forest of Reading https://t.co/ZXeoWGewMY https://t.co/TFxEMdEbWj
31st May2017: Artist: David Hettinger https://t.co/OT58ViIB5e https://t.co/6wZ7iopamT
23rd May2017: First time to https://t.co/5JnO2MzkiL? https://t.co/CO5Qq8mMVI https://t.co/C7bH8YpIKe
15th May2017: How real books have trumped ebooks: Another Luddite rant from The Guardian. Who are these people? https://t.co/CO4JwZcnuf
12th May2017: What we already knew: People who read books are nicer https://t.co/l6tAjpmc1K https://t.co/zY0ydMhzD3
10th May2017: Has the print book trumped digital? Beware of glib conclusions https://t.co/xfrrcOyuMd via @ConversationEDU
8th May2017: Digital Comps service gets simpler https://t.co/gnavAxXtMS https://t.co/eyohHuWrtl
5th May2017: Screen Fatigue and the Decline in Ebook Sales https://t.co/g85OvJbHFV https://t.co/4Ah2SyCGYY
3rd May2017: The Necessity of Marginalia in the Age of the Ebook https://t.co/ktKlDzE2cW via @farnamstreet
29th Apr2017: https://t.co/Ub1vCYhhrN
26th Apr2017: MEPs want to lift online geoblocking for Spotify and ebooks @EURACTIV https://t.co/UVnd6bOLqd
20th Apr2017: 9 Famous Typos In Literature that Will Remind You to Seriously Double-Check Everything https://t.co/8AIoXwjBO0
18th Apr2017: Google Book Search and the misunderstood library project https://t.co/Hp3inTtxOh https://t.co/Jmn3QLUdTG
23rd Mar2017: Pop-up artisanal studio offers ethically sourced fair trade locally produced gluten-free bespoke ebooks https://t.co/krSqCKcvLr
8th Mar2017: Amazon dominates the indie author / publisher space. https://t.co/BftkpLqiqT
3rd Mar2017: 20% off ebooks https://t.co/JEbUbMiguI
2nd Feb2017: Average UK consumer owns 42 ebooks and other digital goods collectively worth £25 bn ($31 bn) via @forbes https://t.co/QskP8UUmDO
13th Dec2016: https://t.co/5JnO2MhIUb was just voted the most ethical ebook-store! https://t.co/zcbsXUUdEU https://t.co/XGVo2nQP7h
20th Jul2016: Woman reveals crush on Waterstones Twitter guy - ends up marrying him ... https://t.co/PB6aopBJrB
25th Nov2015: This is Camino: gorgeous celebration of no-waste cooking. Figs, eggplant, lamb slow-roasted https://t.co/EvUSnD2FMj https://t.co/6F50NSQ37D
24th Nov2015: Smooth transition to new datacenter. https://t.co/jD6bP0Rr2H is back up and cracking along. Thanks for your patience. All systems go!
24th Nov2015: https://t.co/5JnO2MhIUb is moving to a new awesome datacenter today. The site will be down for two hrs from 9pm to 11pm US. Exciting times.
23rd Nov2015: 20% off our ebooks on: Computing, Art, Nature, Photography & Self-Help. Ends next Monday. Coupon: "categorysalecp" https://t.co/pzwnqt3S0u
16th Jul2014: The saddest part of any book you love http://t.co/hkXC53eHk8
16th Jul2014: Hmmm... so much for 15 mins. Will tweet when the site is back up. Sorry for the blackout.
16th Jul2014: http://t.co/5JnO2MzS8j website is down for a necessary server migration. This should only take 15 minutes. Update in 15 min.
30th May2014: RIP Maya Angelou, a beautiful, inspiring titan of the arts and civil rights. Here are some of her wonderful quotes: http://t.co/Ogdv60AvP1
28th May2014: Hurry! Just a few days left of our May 20% off sale on eBooks in selected categories: http://t.co/I9jre25D22
27th May2014: Another reason to love ebooks! http://t.co/my3B9eW1B4
27th May2014: "There are so many ways of reading, and they complement one another." Novelist Margaret Drabble on the joy of ebooks: http://t.co/G1zta5NFBF
2nd May2014: UNESCO report shows mobile tech is improving access to text in the developing world w/ potential to advance literacy: http://t.co/fdVkUu9scH
15th Apr2014: Congratulations to Donna Tartt on winning the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2014 with The Goldfinch! A fantastic read. http://t.co/vxEFZM6hbn
14th Apr2014: 8/10 *hangs head in shame* Need to re-read his sonnets! RT @OUPAcademic Shakespeare’s 450th birthday quiz http://t.co/reAhvWFNTw
14th Apr2014: How well-read are you? Here at Ebooks Towers we can check off 88/155 of these classic books - must do better! http://t.co/FxyapMMMG1
14th Apr2014: April offer! Use the code CATEGORYSALECP for 20% discount on all Art, Photography, Psychology & Social Science at http://t.co/NiRMI6xChd
3rd Apr2014: Learning to Read: Navigating the Ebook Reader Market - including http://t.co/NiRMI6xChd - from the @scholarlykitchn blog #ebooks
26th Mar2014: Calling all reading machines - we have fuel for you! http://t.co/bUkiklGqR2
12th Mar2014: Where did the story of ebooks begin? http://t.co/eQzS82h7oB
7th Mar2014: "All too often, metadata is treated as a chore." Graham Bell of EDItEUR talks metadata on the @ipghq blog http://t.co/lC0VXyDTVE
6th Mar2014: Writes of Passage - 50 books that will change your life. Are your choices on the list? #WorldBookDay http://t.co/OsFlLHSLGu
6th Mar2014: The latest version of our Ebook Reader app has launched with major new features! Download and start reading today: http://t.co/ITvZVExtH2
6th Mar2014: Happy #WorldBookDay! Here are some amazing outfit ideas from the UK http://t.co/tlkjREKSiA What did you decide to wear or make?
6th Feb2014: So JK Rowling regrets Hermione & Ron, but which other couples from fiction would be better off without each other? http://t.co/UvQLZZZXWd
30th Jan2014: Which is better, poetry or prose? A classic literary debate turns deadly in Russia! http://t.co/nqVCAKJMRv
29th Jan2014: Can you guess these classic novels from the 1st sentence? We only managed 13/17 - come on, you guys can beat that! http://t.co/lC10Ay1cIN
17th Jan2014: This year, once again, Hollywood has looked to books for inspiration. Which adaptation are you looking forward to? http://t.co/VZDThrV5kQ
17th Jan2014: The Hatchet Job of the Year shortlist has been announced! Which acerbic & witty review will be voted best of 2013? http://t.co/6b8XaIDWip
31st Dec2013: Celebrations to usher in 2014 have now taken place in NZ and Sydney! Happy New Year to all our lovely customers & publishers worldwide :)
28th Nov2013: As the Christmas countdown begins, which book will be best celeb memoir 2013? http://t.co/O3OI99npI1 All available at http://t.co/sYSV5pP6OV
28th Nov2013: Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the US!
12th Nov2013: Digital publishing in Germany - a round up of the discussions at E-Publish Kongress: http://t.co/fInMyLrTPG
6th Nov2013: Edinburgh University Press buys Dundee University Press http://t.co/ZirQGxfkoU
5th Nov2013: We are loving this! A London street map made up of 600 books from the history of literature: http://t.co/8g2AsLMNpP
5th Nov2013: Congratulations to @LucyHH, who won the @SJPrize! The Pike charts the life of D’Annunzio, Italian poet turned Fascist http://t.co/irPgRxRnLG
4th Nov2013: Gavin wrote the book after spending 14 months at a research station at the south pole - a captivating story: http://t.co/9Fw3JcoQz9
4th Nov2013: Edinburgh GP Gavin Francis wins Scottish Book of the Year with Empire Antarctica: http://t.co/oOLnWECsc2
4th Nov2013: The Samuel Johnson Prize winner is announced later! See what the shortlisted authors have to say about their books: http://t.co/VefGuCMfYb
1st Nov2013: As well as carrying out experiments @Cmdr_Hadfield tweeted stunning photos from the ISS & made the first music video (Space Oddity) in space
31st Oct2013: This is a fun story for Halloween: 93-year-old crime novelist P.D. James believes "with absolute conviction" that... http://t.co/SAoU5xkGEE
31st Oct2013: Global shortage of wine? Must stockpile for those moments of curling up with a book by the fire as the nights draw in http://t.co/TiwtoTNGwo
31st Oct2013: Today we look back through the mists of time to 2010, when our friends at @TheFutureBook interviewed our CEO @SJ_Cole http://t.co/WSID1zovUL
31st Oct2013: Happy Halloween! Our pumpkin carving skills leave a lot to be desired, but check out these amazing pumpkin sculptures http://t.co/8yxZXZpJiR
30th Oct2013: I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/pjgbxu23ck
30th Oct2013: A powerful review of I am Malala from Fatima Bhutto in The Guardian: http://t.co/atkKIJaVXD
29th Oct2013: Read My Autobiography, the memoir of Sir Alex Ferguson and the fastest-selling non-fiction book since records began! http://t.co/qYWc8cacOs
29th Oct2013: The question of differentiated tax rates for digital & physical products has been delayed until the EC meets in Dec: http://t.co/PvWA9v0ewj
28th Oct2013: Our CEO @SJ_Cole on The Future of the Book at the 2nd International Summit of the Book in Singapore(56 mins, 57 secs) http://t.co/GloYGnQZjl
25th Oct2013: Fifty Shades of Grey Halloween costume! See more fun Halloween costumes inspired by books:... http://t.co/22sdZNZ2mK
25th Oct2013: Fifty shades of grey Halloween costume! See more fun Halloween costumes inspired by books:... http://t.co/7N3xdnOsNV
24th Oct2013: I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/UlimSYn0AE
24th Oct2013: A facebook friend recently gave her newborn daughter the middle name "Malala" in honor of Malala Yousafzai, the... http://t.co/YRBRDYkK6P
23rd Oct2013: Wahoo! Our Facebook page has just broken the 10,000 barrier! You like us - you REALLY like us! https://t.co/YIAJHwsIiN
23rd Oct2013: J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, was not impressed when someone leaked the secret that she... http://t.co/OpzHltGTMp
22nd Oct2013: An adorable book-themed Halloween costume: the Diction-Fairy. (And you can do this with your old dictionary, if... http://t.co/x6Aoaa6v3u
22nd Oct2013: An adorable book-themed Halloween costume: the Diction-Fairy. (And you can do this with your old dictionary, if... http://t.co/ohan3JOkJ6
22nd Oct2013: How about a Halloween costume for your reader device? This Harry Potter cover was designed by Life Geekery:... http://t.co/AX1Sj6BxJ8
22nd Oct2013: How about a Halloween costume for your reader device? (This Harry Potter cover was designed by Life Geekery:... http://t.co/OIYABtZO8L
21st Oct2013: Donna Tartt, acclaimed author of The Secret History, The Little Friend, and The Goldfinch, tells the NYT that all... http://t.co/h37wnVK06O
21st Oct2013: EU to debate ebook VAT on Thursday - it "may finally bring a solution that benefits the UK consumer." http://t.co/SQXVvxTNov
18th Oct2013: Hey! Yeah, you who loves cool libraries & all things literary as much as we do. Check out our new Pinterest page at: http://t.co/EnY2blF8hF

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