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20% off Protein Bars

100% this worked

Save 20% on IdealBars by IdealShape! Use code at checkout!

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IdealShape Promotion! Spend $100 Save $20! Coupon (to 16th Aug)
SAVE 15% on IdealShape Meal Replacement Shakes - IdealShake SAVINGS... Coupon (to 16th Aug)
Save $20 When You Spend $100 Coupon (to 10th Feb)
Extra 10% OFF Coupon (to 10th Feb)
Up to 60% off + Extra 10% off Coupon (to 10th Feb)
Up to 50% Off 30, 60, 90 Day Plans (to 1st Jan)
$6 off WYS $60 and $12 off WYS $80 (to 5th Dec)
Spend $100, Save $20 Coupon (to 30th Nov)
IdealShape Promotion! Spend $20 On Sale Items & Get 25% Extra Off S... Coupon (to 15th Aug)
Spend $49.99 or more on IdealShake get a FREE IdealCollagen (to 18th Jul)
Spend $49.99 or more on IdealShake get a FREE IdealRenew (to 18th Jul)
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Additional 15% Off Site-Wide (to 4th Jul)
$20 off $115 at IdealShape SITE WIDE with Code! Coupon (to 4th Jul)
Any shake, boost & bar for $69.99 (to 5th Jun)
Free IdealRenew with $49.99+ order Coupon (to 30th May)
Free IdealOmega with $49.99+ order Coupon (to 30th May)
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Save up to 50% on IdealShape Meal Plans - 30, 60 & 90 Day Plans! (to 31st Mar)
Losing weight becomes SO much easier when you're able to block.. (to 1st Jan)
By choosing to eat a healthy breakfast, you're putting yoursel.. (to 1st Jan)
Great gut can help you absorb the nutrients you need, reduce fat, a.. (to 1st Jan)
Nourish your body and boost your health throughout your weight loss.. (to 1st Jan)
NEW FLAVOR DROP - Chai Latte IdealBoost (to 12th Dec)
30% Off All Supplements+ Extra 15% Off (to 12th Dec)
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Purchase $49.99 or more of IdealShake + get free Collagen (to 20th Nov)
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Purchase $49.99 or more of IdealShake + get free Omega (to 20th Nov)
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NEW!! IdealShape Announces Reshape Achievement Program - EARN PRIZES! (to 27th Sep)
Only $19.99 for IdealBoost Weight Loss Drink with Code (Buy 30 or 6... Coupon (to 27th Sep)
Save $300 on Early Bird IdealShape Ship Shape Challenge Event!! (to 15th Sep)
20% off all Chocolate Products!! (to 7th Sep)
Lemon-Lime Pre Workout at Ideal Shape (to 22nd Aug)
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Extra 11% Off Black Friday Deals at IdealShape (use code by 11/30/17) Coupon (to 30th Nov)
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IdealShake at Ideal Shape Coupon (to 31st Oct)
IdealRaw Superfood at Ideal Shape Coupon (to 31st Oct)
Ideallean Burner at Ideal Shape Coupon (to 31st Oct)
Free Second Pack at Ideal Shape Coupon (to 31st Oct)
2 for 1 at Ideal Shape Coupon (to 31st Oct)
IdealPlan at Ideal Shape Coupon (to 31st Oct)
IdealLean Protein at Ideal Shape Coupon (to 31st Oct)
Ideal BOOST at Ideal Shape Coupon (to 8th Oct)
30% Off at Ideal Shape Coupon (to 4th Oct)
Free Shipping at Ideal Shape Coupon (to 19th Sep)
50% Off at Ideal Shape Coupon (to 12th Sep)


12th Feb: Anyone else? 🙋🏽🤣
8th Feb: 😏
8th Feb: It’s not just about what you eat; it’s about why you should or shouldn’t eat. @TrainerKami gives us the low down on…
3rd Feb: Vanilla Latte Mocha Protein Shake Recipe: 1 c unsweetened almond milk 1/2 scoop Vanilla Shake 👉…
2nd Feb: You voted more recipes, so we are delivering! Try out this delectable Chocolate Peanut Butter Zucchini Bread 🤤 Get…
31st Jan: Just the name has got our mouths watering 🤤 Chocolate Butterscotch Granola Bars Get the recipe 👉…
30th Jan: "I am very excited with the progress I have made. I am not at my end goal yet, but I am loving where I am at so far…
28th Jan: What are carbs and why do you need them? First things first, carbs are not evil. You don’t have to completely cut…
18th Jan: Does this happen to anyone else or just us? 😂
18th Jan: 🤷‍♀️
16th Jan: #TransformationTuesday IdealShaper Misty lost 80 pounds using the IdealShakes and the IdealPlan! Get the shakes, ex…
14th Jan: Do you find yourself getting frustrated for no good reason sometimes? Pro Tip: Add Water! When you feel frustrated…
12th Jan: PB cookies 1 c PB 1/4 c agave 1/2 c kodiakcakes mix 1 scoop Vanilla Chai IdealShake 👉 2 tsp…
11th Jan: At least tomorrow is Friday! #ThursdayThoughts
11th Jan: #MyHighSchoolYearsIn5Words So glad it finally ended
11th Jan: Hazelnut, chocolate and caramel, the perfect trio! 🤤 #GainMore Flavor with this delicious recipe 👉…
10th Jan: #KhloeKardashian released her weight loss tips for 2018 and Trainer Kelli from IdealShape comments on the blog...…
9th Jan: This trainer created the ultimate weight loss guide for 2018--hit those gains. 💪
9th Jan: #GainMore LOVE today!
9th Jan: YOU GOT THIS!
8th Jan: #MondayMotivation brb, lovingly staring at our idealshake meal replacement shake all day.
8th Jan: #MondayMotivation When your "why" is "pizza". 🍕💪
7th Jan: "This challenge was life changing for me. Meaning when I took the first picture I had just completed my first half…
5th Jan: Anyone else? 🙋🍰
5th Jan: Because people keep putting water bottles in the @Pringles can holder on the treadmill. #WhyIAvoidTheGym
4th Jan: 🍪🍪🍪 It happens every time.. 🙈
1st Jan: Fitness goals should be hard--and totally worth it. What is your fitness resolution for 2018? #NewYearNewYou
31st Dec: Self love is seriously important to a weight loss journey. Raise your hand 🙋 if you agree. RT and tell us your fav…
28th Dec: "My motivation was definitely my husband who exercises daily. He lost over 80 lbs and beat diabetes. I use ideal sh…
26th Dec: "Same shorts! 9 months ago apart! I set an ultimate goal when I began to get to 185lbs. Today I finally hit 184lbs!…
24th Dec: Have your cake and lose weight too! With this Chocolate Peppermint Mug Cake🍰🤤 👉
19th Dec: #TransformationTuesday with our AWESOME IdealShaper Jenna. She reminds us that "anything is possible and change doe…
19th Dec: So yeah, cardio is important...but do I have to? RT w/ your favorite "love-hate" cardio move!
17th Dec: Calories: Tiny creatures that live in your clothes and sew your clothes a little bit tighter each night. 😂 A sweet…
13th Dec: Chocolate and coconut together?? Does it get any better? 🤤🍫Who else is making these as soon as they get their new C…
12th Dec: Our private Facebook communities are the perfect way to keep you accountable. The group is made up of other challen…
12th Dec: Set a goal for this week and share below! 👇
10th Dec: #Alwayshungry 🤷‍♀️Anyone else?
9th Dec: We never realize how good being healthy feels until we get sick. 5 steps that you can start doing today to help boo…
7th Dec: 🤦‍♀️ Who knew? 🤷‍♀️
5th Dec: Make it happen 👊
4th Dec: Monday feels 😴
3rd Dec: Do you crave diet soda? Or is chocolate more your cup of tea? Maybe you’re even a potato chip kind of gal.🍫🍕🍔🍟 Re…
2nd Dec: It doesn’t seem to matter how much rest you get over the weekend, you feel just as groggy by Friday as you did on M…
27th Nov: A high-quality weight loss shake can be the first step to a healthy lifestyle and can help you completely change yo…
24th Nov: Yummy treats that aren’t loaded with all of the fat and calories. 🙌 #GainMore flavor with this Banana Cream Caramel…
22nd Nov: This time of year, meals often get skipped with all the craziness. Having a snacking strategy is the secret weapon…
19th Nov: 🍕😂
17th Nov: #amiright 🍩
15th Nov: Salted Caramel Eggnog Smoothie 🤤
14th Nov: Only two minutes of prep for this delicious Eggnog Chia Pudding! 🤤 👉
13th Nov: #MotivationMonday 🙌
13th Nov: Did you know you can lose weight with yoga? 👉
11th Nov: 🤔 Asking for a friend...
10th Nov: Eggnog French Toast 🤤 👉
9th Nov: Hazelnut Chai Hot Chocolate 😛 👉
8th Nov: 7 Recipes for Apple Cider & Hazelnut Hot Chocolate 👉
6th Nov: Carmel Hazelnut Hot Chocolate 🤤 👉
5th Nov: 💪 #amiright
4th Nov: Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate 🤤 👉
3rd Nov: Our feels as the holiday season rolls in..😂
2nd Nov: 🤔 #MotivationMonday
31st Oct: Happy Halloween from IdealShape! 👻
28th Oct: Perfect for your next Halloween Party 👻 👉
27th Oct: 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
26th Oct: 🤔
25th Oct: 🤷🏻‍♀️
24th Oct: 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😂
23rd Oct: #motivationmonday 💪
22nd Oct: 🍩 🍩🍩
21st Oct: #nocaptionneeded 🤤 Get the recipe here 👉
20th Oct: Eating healthy is rough..
19th Oct: But how good does this look? 🤤 Get the recipe here👉
17th Oct: 5 Horrifying Facts You Should Know About Your Health 🎃
16th Oct: #nuffsaid
14th Oct: Breakfast is served! Try out this amazing IdealShape Cereal Pops! Ingredients 1 c nonfat plain Greek yogurt 1 sco…
13th Oct: #truth
12th Oct: This defines me...😂
10th Oct: Today is the LAST day to get our Pumpkin Spice IdealShake $20 off.🙌 Once we sell out of this flavor, it’s gone!! 🎃…
9th Oct: 5 Morning Weight Loss Hacks You Will Love!
8th Oct: 👙 vs. 🌯🌯🌯 . Which would you pick? Chicken or Steak? 🤣 #FitHumor
8th Oct: Anyone else memorized by how delicious this Pumpkin Coconut steamer looks?! 😍 Grab this recipe here 👉…
7th Oct: SO.MUCH.TRUTH! 🙌 #FitHumor
7th Oct: What will you GAIN when you LOSE? Join our #GainMore campaign & start gaining more! 😘
6th Oct: Nothing #BASIC about gettingt healthy & taking your life back!🙏 With Pumpkin Spice IdealShake you can have both! 🎃…
6th Oct: Who else is looking to hire someone like this?? 🙋 #fitnesshumor
5th Oct: Pick the best pumpkin in the patch this year with our all NEW Pumpkin Spice IdealShake! 🎃
5th Oct: Who else is down for this kind of look? 🙋🏻 #FitnessHumor
5th Oct: What’s the #1️⃣ must-have fall flavor?? PUMPKIN SPICE, of course!! #DUH. 🎃
4th Oct: There’s nothing #basic about we have coming for you! 😉
4th Oct: Ready to #GAINMORE control over your health? Our IdealShakes will help! 😉
3rd Oct: 🎃 + Spice = something tasty & nice! (took us a while to come up with that 😜) But really, this festive smoothie is 👌…
2nd Oct: #MondayProblems 😩😩😩 #FitnessHumor
2nd Oct: Our new flavor Vanilla Chai flavor is irresistibly good! Get it at the best price within 48 hours! 👐…
2nd Oct: No excuses! 💪#FitMotivation
1st Oct: Start every day with a cup of goodness & NOTHING will stop you! 😉 Grab the recipe here 👉
1st Oct: Why do we make weight loss seem scary?? 🤔 Tiffany, is living proof that it can be fun & get you results! 🙌…
1st Oct: No need to feel guilty about drinking these Vanilla Chai Lattes! 😉
1st Oct: Niki deserves a MAJOR round of applause for ALL of her hard work! 🙏 Sign up for our FREE 12 Week Challenge here:…
1st Oct: 🤣🤣🤣 #LetsBeHonest! #FitHumor
29th Sep: Nothing basic about this new Vanilla Chai IdealShake flavor! 😂 & it tastes SO great heated up on a cold fall day! 🍂…
29th Sep: Where will you be in 8️⃣ weeks? Closer or further from your goal? #fitnessmotivation
28th Sep: Finding your ideal is EMPOWERING! Check out 20 other real weight loss stories that will help motivate you! 💪…
28th Sep: Healthy dessert options makes getting healthy SO much easier! 🙏 Grab this 🍑-y recipe here👉…
28th Sep: Nice to meet you! 👋 #FitHumor
27th Sep: Get the crunch you need this fall with this delicious maple vanilla chai granola! 🍂🍁 Grab the whole recipe here 👉…


6th May: Thank You!

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