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Womens Day Sale! Save up To 54% on Select Products at Lelo.Com! (ex.. (to 16th Mar)
Get the Sleek and Discreet Mia 2 for Only $63.67 at Lelo.Com! (Expi.. (to 22nd Feb)
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Save 25% Off the Best Selling Lily 2 at Lelo.Com for Only $104.25! .. (to 22nd Feb)
Holiday Sale! 25% Off the Stimulating Ora 2 Now Only $141.75 at LEL.. (to 19th Dec)
Holiday Sale! 25% Off the Best Sellling Smart Wand Large Now Only $.. (to 19th Dec)
Holiday Sale! 25% Off the Always Discreet Mia 2 Now Only $63.67 at .. (to 19th Dec)
Holiday Sale! Save 25% Off Select Products at! (Expires 12.. (to 19th Dec)
Holiday Sale! Save 25% Off 36 Pack Hex Condoms for Only $26.17 at L.. (to 19th Dec)
Save 50% of the ALIA at! Now only $69.50. Use Code SD2018 .. (to 20th Nov)
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Singles Day Sale! Save Up to 50% Off Select Items at! Use .. (to 20th Nov)
Save 25% Off the Large Smart Wand at! Now only $149.25. Us.. (to 16th Nov)
Celebrate SONA2019s first anniversary by treating yourself to a cli.. (to 31st Oct)
Remote Controlled Vibrators from $159 Coupon (to 18th Oct)
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Hex Condoms for $34.90 Coupon (to 18th Oct)
Personal Massagers from $139 Coupon (to 18th Oct)
15% off Orders Coupon (to 20th Jun)
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Remote Controlled Vibrators from $159 (to 19th Apr)
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Lelo Deal (to 20th Mar)
Up To 40% Off Selected Items (to 20th Mar)
Great Womens Day Offer up to 54% off Selected Items Coupon (to 20th Mar)
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LELO Valentine Deals up to 50% OFF on exclusive pleasure objects Pr.. Coupon (to 16th Feb)
Up to 50% off Selected Products Coupon (to 20th Jan)
Free Discreet Delivery on Orders (to 9th Jan)
20% Off Lelo Hex Products (to 12th Mar)
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Save 10% Off HUGO! Coupon (to 30th Apr)
Save 10% Off LILY 2! Coupon (to 31st Mar)


16th Nov: “All you need to know is that it’s incredible.”
16th Nov: The dirty details!
15th Nov: Maybe it’s cliché, but it’s love at first sight! Don’t miss your last chance to shop your LELO toyfriend with up to…
15th Nov: So how do you get past the fear and talk honestly?
14th Nov: LELO UK is the first company in the world to allow its employees to take ‘self-love days’.
13th Nov: Wanna lazy Monday with me?
13th Nov: Check out to find discounted luxury orgasms and much more. 🔥
13th Nov: Freshen up your routine a little bit. 😉
12th Nov: Try all the touches and teases that unleash exhilarating climaxes. Discover Anniversary Collection with up to 36% o…
12th Nov: Include a LELO toy in the mix.
11th Nov: LELO celebrates by delivering overwhelming orgasms to the good single folks far and wide.
10th Nov: Want to be stretched to your limits? 📷: @le_sex_en_rose
10th Nov: Toygasms, anyone?
9th Nov: We are proud to announce that LELO won the award of the Brand of the Year at The Native Advertising Awards in the t…
9th Nov: Hell yes!
9th Nov: And please understand – your acceptance means everything.
8th Nov: Listen to your penis doctor, please!
8th Nov: You’ve mastered missionary and you’ve done it doggy style?
7th Nov: Time for a little ‘ménage à moi’?
6th Nov: Best. Ever.
6th Nov: Nov. 4 is the best day in the LELO calendar.
5th Nov: Perfect for couples. Because teamwork makes the dream work.
4th Nov: The beautiful MIA. As home in your purse as in your bedroom.
3rd Nov: Watch your mouth, you.
2nd Nov: When you got that sex hair and dgaf who knows.
2nd Nov: Going somewhere? Take a LELO travel partner with you!
1st Nov: Turning dirty thoughts into dirty words...
30th Oct: We can sum this article up in a single word: LUBE.
29th Oct: Ok.
29th Oct: LELO SONA Cruise, with Cruise Control. Drive it like you stole it. 📷: @magiquesexualite
28th Oct: SONA: now with further reductions. If we took any more off, it would be indecent.
28th Oct: A very willing customer shares her first time using GIGI 2. Spoiler alert: she liked it A LOT.…
27th Oct: Fun fact: BDSM actually stands for Badly Disappointing my Strict Mother.
27th Oct: We like to think that all friends are beneficial, and therefore all friends are friends with benefits.…
26th Oct: "Get ready to take pleasure into your own hands. You will be so glad you did." @DaRealAmberRose
25th Oct: Happy Hump Day!
24th Oct: In a world of action, a world unlike any other …
24th Oct: Something to help you get started. Thank us later.
23rd Oct: And you thought you knew it all...
23rd Oct: We strongly believe you should do something that makes you moan. 📷:@mermise
22nd Oct: You want to know what it’s like.
21st Oct: Don’t beat yourself up for giving into the temptation.
21st Oct: Your girlfriend is using SONA, too?
21st Oct: Go, check it out yourself.
20th Oct: How could this day get any better? Find out here:
20th Oct: ANALyze this! 😉
20th Oct: Are you ready for kinky injection? 🔥
19th Oct: All together now...
19th Oct: Is there anything wrong with casual sex? How about smart-casual sex?
16th Oct: Wrap yourself up in a world of pleasure with F1s for men. The only limit is your imagination!
14th Oct: Wwooww tthhiiss tthhiinngg iiss ppoowweerrffuull. GGeett yyoouurrss ttooddaayy!!
13th Oct: Moma do the hump! Here are some awesome pregnancy sex positions.
12th Oct: Get a further 45% off LELO SONA Cruise, the only pleasure product with Cruise Control, which makes sure you never g…
10th Oct: Get closer, with these exhilarating lesbian sex positions.
9th Oct: As the fallout from the Blasey Ford/Kavanaugh testimony continues to land, we take a look at some of the attitudes…
8th Oct: The LELO SORAYA, deeply satisfying. Get it in your life!
7th Oct: Foreplay? Pff. More like MOREPLAY, am I right? Test your foreplay knowledge with Kinkly!
6th Oct: I kink, therefore I am. How can BDSM benefit your healthy?
6th Oct: Dem nipple ripples tho. Can you climax through nip stimulation alone?
4th Oct: HUGO goes where few go. And you, tho? You know, bro. HUGO is the most sophisticated male pleasure product in the wo…
3rd Oct: When the urge to sleep outweighs the urge to sleep with someone.
2nd Oct: Slip between the sheets with INA Wave for an overwhelming blended orgasm. 📸: @lesexenrose
30th Sep: When your LELO order arrives on a Friday.
29th Sep: Real Housewives Of New York’s Carole Radziwill claims that masturbation gave her power over her sexual urges (check…
29th Sep: Is masturbation one of your five a day?
27th Sep: Who says you can’t have it all? This beauty, SORAYA provides multiple pleasures with a waterproof and luxury vibe.…
27th Sep: Oh boy, here we go again!
25th Sep: We at LELO are seeking to clear the air to help you!
25th Sep: Because one is never enough.
24th Sep: Dare to share? TIANI will turn your lovemaking into adventurous bedroom play.
23rd Sep: Maybe it’s the right time to get your prostate examined?
23rd Sep: Are you allowed to circle back?
22nd Sep: Move, human.
21st Sep: To be alone is to be in good company. Especially with LELO Soraya close at hand.
21st Sep: Few tweaks to raise the stakes.
20th Sep: Do you believe in magic? Because these reviewers do!
20th Sep: Ready to go on the hunt for the male G-spot?
19th Sep: But, when begging someone to stop is all part of the experience?
17th Sep: In short, get the TIANI Amber Rose Gold. 😉 @DaRealAmberRose
17th Sep: LELO knows how to win big! We have won the prestigious Luxury Brand of the Year Award at the first-ever XBIZ Europa…
16th Sep: Have you already met the lord of the thunder pleasure?
16th Sep: Feel no guilt about spending this weekend on the couch.
15th Sep: Anyone in the mood for some Bed, Bath and Beyond of a different kind?
15th Sep: You never know till you try. 😊
13th Sep: A journey of a thousand pleasures begins with a single LELO vibrator. 😊
13th Sep: Accidental farts, mess, slips & falls…
12th Sep: A little back-to-school shopping that’s a whole lot more fun?
12th Sep: And yeah, you should go without socks. 😉
11th Sep: Yes, each and every item of the sizzling LELO Anniversary Collection.
11th Sep: Butt why not?
10th Sep: Find a little more time for relaxing, and with LELO Smart Wand take body massage to another level. And don’t miss t…
10th Sep: Ready to ride the wave?
9th Sep: Are you into a little ear pleasure?
8th Sep: Looking for a new podcast? This one comes with an exclusive discount for listeners!
8th Sep: Lies, sex lies everywhere….
7th Sep: How sexy is our Anniversary Collection? Check out this ravishing photo shoot.
6th Sep: There’s a reason the word "job" comes after blow.
5th Sep: Are you into a fun blend of pain and pleasure?
4th Sep: How to deal with bad vibes at the airport.
4th Sep: Kinky sex, anyone?
3rd Sep: This good boy felt he might not see as much of his owner with LELO #INA2 in the house. He took appropriate action a…
3rd Sep: So, how was the date?
2nd Sep: Kiss me baby one more time… 😊
1st Sep: Getting wet or having vaginal “sweating”?
1st Sep: LUNA Beads can reveal all kinds of new sensual pleasures. 😉
31st Aug: Few tips and tricks for improving on your handy work. 😉
31st Aug: Have you tried dirty talk?
30th Aug: It’s beyond sexual pleasure, it’s all about self-love.
29th Aug: Few key things to check before you hit the panic button.
28th Aug: In case you lie there thinking, “Now what?”
27th Aug: You’re about to uncover some very powerful sex secrets.
27th Aug: Yes, BDSM can lead to healthy conversations and better sex!
25th Aug: These beads that swirl are worth a whirl!
25th Aug: Need an excuse to schedule next sesh with your vibrator?
24th Aug: Do your sex drives match up?
24th Aug: Hear this, men, and proclaim it far and wide. 💦
23rd Aug: Yep. Literally go deep.
23rd Aug: The best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody else? 🗯️
22nd Aug: Right here, right now. 😁
22nd Aug: Sweat baby, sweat... 💦
21st Aug: Have you already heard #TheClimax with @jellymalin and @RebeccaCNReid? Do you believe in monogamy or...?😀
21st Aug: In a mood for a ‘hands-free’ pleasure?
20th Aug: Stand up, sex up!
20th Aug: Why “O” why?
19th Aug: Because sex can’t make your endometriosis worse, but your endometriosis can make sex super unpleasant.…
19th Aug: Some tips to get you feeling your finest and friskiest self again.
18th Aug: LELO TIANI Amber Rose Gold Edition will tickle pink you.
18th Aug: She owns a haul of LELO sex toys and she wants to show you her playroom. Watch it here:
18th Aug: How to make your threesome fantasy a reality 😉
17th Aug: Are you ready for the climax of the story?
17th Aug: Listen to the words of wisdom coming from women who know how to please a man. And how to use our Anniversary Collec…
16th Aug: Introducing the crown jewel of an already fruitful partnership. @DaRealAmberRose 🔥
16th Aug: Want a toy that even kind-of imitate oral sex? You got it. 😄
15th Aug: For Bigger, Better climaxes. #Billy.
14th Aug: Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a prostate pro, you’re in great hands when BRUNO enters your life. 🔥…
13th Aug: What separates a good blow job from the bad....
13th Aug: First of all, it’s not small. In fact, you should know what a bad ass beast it looks like.
12th Aug: “…can be likened to the crescendo, climax, and sudden stillness achieved by an orchestra of human emotions… and to…
11th Aug: Some positions that are worth a shot to see if they hit the spot. 😈
11th Aug: Make sure you’re not “Some creep sent me a photo of his dick today” kind of guy.
10th Aug: Need some lusty long-distance tip?
9th Aug: Have you ever experienced exercise-induced sexual pleasure?
8th Aug: If you’re the girl who wants it all, meet #SORAYA. 😊 Find out more:
7th Aug: Are you honest with your orgasms?
7th Aug: When the body wants to, but head won’t let go.
6th Aug: The look. The feel. The LELO LOKI.
6th Aug: Some interesting things to know about being a sex toy tester.
5th Aug: Because it’s fun. And an exciting foreplay.
4th Aug: It’s a G-reat pleasure to meet you, #MONA2.
4th Aug: Looking for a vibe that hits all the right notes?
3rd Aug: Ear porn to get it on.
3rd Aug: Gettin’ Ziggy With It. 💦
2nd Aug: Pleased to meet you. 😃
1st Aug: Thinking about adding a new massager to your collection? Check out these reviews first!
1st Aug: We may be biased, but this is our FAVORITE holiday -and we think it should be yours too!
30th Jul: Grab the ice cube and let the sizzling games begin.
29th Jul: From ouch, double ouch to super, mega ouch…
28th Jul: Think of edging as sensory journey, not a destination.
27th Jul: There are always new lessons to be learned. 😃
26th Jul: Because it’s too important to be left to chance… 😉
24th Jul: Let’s not pretend that it is.
22nd Jul: Just do it safely, guys.
21st Jul: Ready to explore the wonders of the deep?
21st Jul: All night long….all night… 🎶
20th Jul: …but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize calorie burning. 😉
19th Jul: The excitement shows no sign of slowing down...
19th Jul: Anal sex myths - debunked. 😉


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