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Buy $150 & Get $14.08 for Free on MoYu BoChuang 5x5x5 Speed Cube - .. (to 30th Sep)
Hot Deal Get 22% on 4x4x4 Magic Cube (to 31st Jul)
Free Shipping Offer (to 31st Jul)
Clearance Sale ! Get upto 76% (to 27th Jul)
Dragon Boat Festival Offer ! Get 29% OFF (to 30th Jun)
GET 18% OFF on LED LIGHT (to 30th Jun)
Syma X8HG Drone with 8MP Camera (to 30th Jun)
Ready to Battle? Get upto 42% OFF (to 30th Jun)
Biggest Sale on Nerf (to 26th Jun)
10% Off 99$! Coupon (to 19th Jun)
Extra 5% OFF on Lightake Coupon (to 17th Jun)
Get 58% OFF on Nerf&Gel ball&Gear (to 14th Jun)
Hot Deal Get 12% on Qiyi Valk4 M 4 x 4 x 4 Magic Cube (to 31st May)
9% Off Available for For Nerf&Gel ball&Gear Coupon (to 30th Apr)
16% Off Available for Cubes Coupon (to 30th Apr)
Lightake Electronics Coupon Coupon (to 31st Mar)
Lightake Sports Coupon Coupon (to 31st Mar)
5% Off for IQ toys Coupon (to 31st Mar)
Money Off Coupon Coupon (to 31st Mar)
12% Off Available for Pet Supplies Coupon (to 31st Mar)
11.00% OFF Available for Home & Garden Coupon (to 31st Mar)
27% Off for True Blue Packs Coupon (to 21st Mar)
Extra 2% Off for Women's Day Coupon (to 10th Mar)
10% Off Sitewide due to International Womens Day! Coupon (to 9th Mar)
$8 off for order over $88! Coupon (to 5th Mar)
5% Available for Chinese New Year! Coupon (to 5th Mar)
11% Off Available for IQ Puzzle Toys Coupon (to 5th Mar)
20% Off Sitewide Coupon (to 31st Jan)
Lightake $3/8/15 Coupons Coupon (to 31st Jan)
Lightake December Coupon Coupon (to 7th Jan)
Lightake Xmas Coupon Coupon (to 7th Jan)
Lightake Pet Supplies Coupon (to 31st Dec)
12.00% OFF Available for Sports & Outdoor Coupon (to 6th Dec)
12.00% OFF Available for Consumer Electronics Coupon (to 6th Dec)
$30 Off Available for order over $199 (to 31st Oct)
HOT NEW ARRIVALS at (to 2nd Jun)
Spend $150 get $15 Off Site Wide at does not apply to .. Coupon (to 31st Mar)
8% off whole website (to 31st Mar)
All green items are 15% off at does not apply to items.. Coupon (to 31st Mar)
15% off Site Wide for Spring 2018 at does not apply to.. Coupon (to 15th Mar)


25th Dec: #NewArrivals #STEM Merry Christmas for all friend
28th Nov: Merry Xmas Lightake is waiting for you, Earlier Buy, Earlier Receive😃 👉
26th Nov: Cyber Monday deals Over 1000 stuff, crazy 24-hour Lightake is waiting for you, which item you are looking for?
23rd Nov: Black Friday Deals The Max. promote price this year,🎉 Lightake is waiting for you on 2018.11.23😜
19th Nov: Pre-sale🍺 Qiyi Mofangge Backpack will be launched at the end of November! Are you ready?
16th Nov: Magic Cubes in Lightake 上传了 2 张新照片。 发布者:Joan Lightake · 刚刚 · 🎉New Arrivals🎉 8-holes Spheric Rainbow Magic Cube $0.…
10th Nov: 11.11 Global Carnival is COMING SOON!🍻 👉
18th Oct: Somebody said MF3RS2 is the most suitable choice for beginners, because it is worth for your money. Have a look?👉…
17th Oct: If you have $0.99, which product you can buy on Come here to get answers: 😃
11th Oct: Maybe you will like this new qiyi family member😜
5th Oct: Recently, which one do you prefer?
4th Oct: Holiday of National Day was finished, start to work✊
29th Sep: Just Sunday😜
28th Sep: Are you a young mother? 👉
25th Sep: Recently we updated some "hot" cubes on our U.S warehouse. 😄 Less than 20 every cube, first come, first get.🎉 Only…
25th Sep: 12 warriors~
20th Sep: Time machine, can solve it? 👉
20th Sep: 🎉New Arrivals🎉 Qiyi 2x2x2 Pyramid Cub $2.99 for only TWO days~🤗 👉
18th Sep: Lanlan Love Magic Cube🎉 Accept Challenge? 👉
17th Sep: A new week start! Have fun😎
15th Sep: If you are considering gift choice, why not try magic cube gift box? 👉
15th Sep: It seems like hardly solving.......😥
14th Sep: Someone asking for below product links, please click on as below to have a look~😊
14th Sep: Who knows this cube?
14th Sep: 🎉New Arrivals🎉 $28.99 for all cubers this month😊
12th Sep: How do you think of Hays 7x7? 👉
10th Sep: Morning~
6th Sep: 🎉New Arrivals🎉 Moyu Aosu GTS2 10% Off for only 2 days 👉 👉
5th Sep: Back to school, will you bring it? Qiyi 2x2 Mastermorphix 👉
4th Sep: Which fun attract you, solving or disassembling? Moyu Barrel Redi Cube, offer you a chance 🤗 👉…
1st Sep: Moyu Cube Gift Box, Who do you want to sent?
30th Aug: Very excited! Good Job~ The cube he used: Valk3 ( ) First sub 5 of China 来自 @YouTube
29th Aug: 🎉New Arrivals🎉 Qiyi Magic Cube with Jelly Color Low to $2.99 Waiting for you to collect one whole set~ 👉…
28th Aug: Enjoy your "Hot" cube with "hot" price~
28th Aug: Have you heard about Yuxin Hays7M? 7x7 official average: 2:09.04 [OcR] 来自 @YouTube
28th Aug: New World Record🎉 The Max. 3x3 Magic Cube in the world ------1.68 meters👍 How to solving it?
27th Aug: Moyu MF9 9x9, waiting for you to break the World record^-^ 9x9: 5:48.41 single (UWR) 来自 @YouTube
23rd Aug: 54,69 (Unofficial) Average of 5 On the MoYu AoChuang GTS M | Martin Egdal 来自 @YouTube Prod…
22nd Aug: Give me "5" 😄 👉 👉
21st Aug: 🎉New Arrivals🎉 Moyu Aochuang GTS M 5x5, welcome a new member to Moyu family~ $28.99 Off for only 2-day. First come,…
20th Aug: 🎉Celebrations🎉 China is the first winner in Asian Championship 2018
18th Aug: Morning~🙃 #Pandora Magic Cube#
16th Aug: Moyu MF9 9x9 Cube launched on lightake today!🎉 75mm length, smaller than similar product on market, provides you a…
15th Aug: A travel with Moyu GTS M 😁 👉
14th Aug: Moyu told you the 9x9 cube also can be solved quickly than you expected!😎
13th Aug: A New Week, Cheer Up💪😁
13th Aug: Aoshi GTS M 6x6 arrivals! $35.99 for only 3 days, Stickerless and black type, which one attracts you? 👉…
9th Aug: Warm notice from, the autumn is coming. Tell you 3 knowledges in daily life: 1. Do not stay…
7th Aug: Pandora Box brother cubes from Moyu family Sweet? 👉
7th Aug: Speek Freely🤗 Which kind of cube with jelly color do you most wanted?
4th Aug: YongJun family increased 5 new members at one time, If you are their fans, why not have a try? 15% Money Off coupon…
2nd Aug: 🎉Oversea Warehouse Service🎉 If you live in United States, there is a good news for lightake customers! More than 20…
29th Jun: 📢📢📢SALE21%OFF Yuxin Creative Cute Cartoon Shape Lucky Cat Panda Tiger Cube
29th Jun: SALE26%OFF🎉🎉🎉 MoYu Fisher Yileng Time Wheel Speed Cube Toys
29th Jun: sale20%off 55CM Cute Unicorn Plush Doll Bolster Stuffed Toy Girls Valentines Day Gift with Light Effect - Pink…
29th Jun: 📢📢📢SALE19%OFF GAN460M Magnetic Type 4x4 Magic Cube Puzzle Toy for Brain Training - Colorful
28th Jun: SO COOL 📢📢📢SALE18%OFF XWE Gen.1 M4 Water Gel Ball Blaster for Wargame
28th Jun: LED Frequency Bright Cool Stun Grenade with Battery for Nerf Water Beads Blaster Tactics
28th Jun: New product, not to be missed🎉🎉🎉 Steddy PDW Water Bomb Emitter Electrical Running Fire Blaster Transmitter Toys for…
28th Jun: QiYi Mofangge Qixing 7x7 Speed Cube (sale24%off)
27th Jun: Last two days, limited buying📢📢SALE19%OFF Time Machine Magic Cube Creative Souvenir Edition Puzzle Toy - Black…
27th Jun: SALE36%OFF🎉🎉🎉Flash sale 1000 Dart Refills Flat Soft Head Foam Bullets for Nerf Toy Gun 7.4c*1.3cm - Dark Blue + Gre…
26th Jun: Value Deals 💕2 Pair 8331 LED Propellers Low-Noise Quick-release Blades for DJI Mavic Pro / Platinum / Alpine Whi…
26th Jun: Last three days, limited buying💕SALE 40%OFF MF9306 Splash Gold Series 3x3 Magic Cube Puzzle Toys…
26th Jun: 📢📢📢Flash sale Lim Framework Pyramid Magic Cube Puzzle Toy 🎉🎉🎉SALE 51%
25th Jun: SALE 60%OFF🎉🎉🎉 Mofangge Fingertip Floppy 1x3x3 Fidget Puzzle Toy
25th Jun: 📢📢📢SALE 26%Megaminx Magnetic Version Magic Cube Puzzle
25th Jun: sale💕📢20%off Worker Swordfish Blaster Body - Transparent
23rd Jun: So cute, do you want it? QiYi Mofangge Enhanced Version Four-leaf Clover Pattern Magic Cube Brain Teaser Puzzle Toy…
23rd Jun: #good news#Reduced prices😍 GAN 249 V2 2x2 Magic Cube Stickerless Speed Cube Puzzle Toy - Colorful…
23rd Jun: #Limited time promotion, only seven days.#⚽️⚽️ GAN356 Air SM Magnetic Version 3x3 Speed Cube A lot of discounts, we…
22nd Jun: Moyu Aoshi GTS 6x6 Magic Cube Speed Cube Puzzle Toy for Brain Training
22nd Jun: YJ 3X3X3 Magnetic Version MGC Magic Cube Speed Cube for Brain Training
22nd Jun: Qiyi Mofangge Coin Type 3x3x3 Magic Cube Educational Toys for Brain Trainning ⚽️⚽️⚽️
11th May: Qiyi Mofangge XMD Ying 6x6x6 No reason not to buy ,especailly recommend the Magnetic…
9th Apr: Rubik Geek Winner
16th Mar: Rainbow Megaminx 😌
13th Mar: 🤩Who wants this one?
1st Feb: Moyu Cubing Classroom Splash Gold Gift Box Package 😍
24th Jan: I really want to see you soon - GAN460😍😍
19th Jan: 6000 Fans giveaway!Congratulations! @CubosalcuboPete will get this free gift -GAN249 V2 M .…
17th Jan: How much what do you think ?😎
11th Jan: Happy New Year 2018🎉 6000 fans giveaway !!! The prize is GAN249 V2 M 💥 Easy to enter: 1. Fo…
6th Jan: Splashed gold 3x3 just $1.99 do you like the looking?
5th Jan: Qiyi Galaxy V2 Megaminx in stock. 2 types: concave (black, colorful) and sculpted (colorful) which one you like? ch…
3rd Jan: New arrival -- GAN249 V2 M just $13.99, get one now
26th Dec: Galaxy Megaminx V2 coming soon😎 will you add one?
21st Dec: New Arrival -- Fangshi Lim 2x2 Irregular Pyramid do you love the design?
19th Dec: Get 8% discount code XMAS2017😎 use for all items, no limitation, check on
11th Dec: New Year gift package -- Moyu Mofang Jiaoshi 3 in1 It includes 3pcs different level stickerless cubes: 2x2 3x3 4x4…
11th Dec: No minimum order value😱 the code LT1212 for all items, check now !
8th Dec:
7th Dec: do you have any idea about its name?🤓 #cube
5th Dec: pink Galaxy Megaminx, you love it?
4th Dec: Valk3 Power M colorful one Hot sale 🔥🔥🔥will you add one into your collection?
4th Dec: Wow, 5500 fans😍 thanks for your great supports. Congrats to @QBotMX @cubik99 @RubiksBoyYT who will get one YJ Round…
30th Nov: 💥💥Promotion back now Extra 10% off code "LIGHTAKE99" on wholesite today(Nov. 30th) only❤️ S…
27th Nov: Do you like the transparent blue body? it glow in the dark, very cool more details here
24th Nov: Do you like stickerless cube? Yuxin little magic megaminx $3.99 to get😊 here 8% code "Black…
23rd Nov: Thanks to all for your great support😘😘 Black Friday Promotion👈 You must use the code "BlackFriday" to get extra 8%…
22nd Nov: Zcube 122 cube have 4 colors: black, transparent, white, transparent blue. which color you like, or all? 👉…
20th Nov: bought it one year ago, stickers damaged a little😟 should I change new stickers? #CUBE
17th Nov: ☃️🔥Unique design, Christmas Tree Cube ! Amazing offer: $3.59 + Free Shipping on weekend, only 50pcs for each color…
15th Nov: My new pentacle puzzle, amazing, right?😀
14th Nov: Special Christmas gift for friends and families -- Luminous 3x3 puzzle who will get one?😎😎
10th Nov: Global shopping carnival coming🎊🎊 Amazing deal + extra 8% discount code "SALE1111" for whole-site…
9th Nov: got so many lube oil for my cubes😎 which one better you used?
8th Nov: White body with green and white stickers make it pretty and unique😍 I really like it, and you?…
7th Nov: Aosu GTS M, upgraded version of the Aosu 4x4, 60 magnets inside to provide outstanding turning. Do you want one ?…
6th Nov: do you want the Clover puzzle ?
6th Nov: How Five-pointed Star puzzle comes out?
2nd Nov: Christmas gift Rose pink Valk3 mini comes 💗 Top 10 $14.99 + free shipping only for 10pcs Click…
30th Oct: To express my love to a girl, will you accept?😊
28th Oct: 🔥🔥GAN249 2X2 Best offer $8.29 + Free shipping for 20pcs only ! You need one?
28th Oct: cool, very like it, hope solving😎
26th Oct: A new 2x2 Megaminx comes with carbon fiber stickers also looks very bright and beautiful here to get…
26th Oct: you love Pikachu? very cute😃
23rd Oct: what do you think Yuexiao Pro? Now solve Yuexiao Pro M
23rd Oct: Hot deal on Shengshou Legend 8 Axis🔝 🔥$2.99 + free shipping only for 50pcs Will you be lucky? click…
18th Oct: 5500 fans giveaway on YJ Round Beads 3x3 !!! retweet and comment bellow ! 3 winners will b…
17th Oct: Thanks Alex Espinosa share me his collection about 430 cubes😘😘 what about you??
16th Oct: 💥💥💥Flash deal -- $2.99 for MF3RS2 Only 50 pcs, so everyone just order one. Why not add on…
7th Oct: GoestHand 3X3cube ----I am back!
7th Oct: Free shipping ! just need $2.99 !Cubing Classroom MF2C 2x2x2 Speed Cube
27th Sep: How about our new warehouse ?😊😊😊
26th Sep: Free shipping ! just need $6.59 3Pcs Cubing Classroom 3x3 Key Chain Speed Cube
26th Sep: Does anyone know this activity in Ecuador ?😍😍🎉🎉🎉
20th Sep: 20% Off Exclusive Code "GANSM" Free Shipping GAN356 Air SM Magnetic Version 3x3 Speed Cube…
13th Sep: Do you like this new cube from Z-CUBE ?😎
12th Sep: Free shipping just need $2.99 !YongJun Ghost Cube Irregular 1X1 Speed Cube
8th Sep: MoYu WeiLong GTS2M Limited Edition Speed Cube - Sakura Pink
8th Sep: YongJun Ghost cube !😍
7th Sep: 😎
5th Sep: New arrival -MoYu Fisher time wheel
4th Sep: New products----Xingheng 2x2 M ,Do you like it ?
1st Sep: oh my god!😂😂
31st Aug: $9.99 QiYi Mofangge Twisty Skewb Magic Speed Cube Puzzle
31st Aug: DIY banana timer .😂😂😂
30th Aug: Valk 3 Mini 😎😎😎
21st Aug: New item ! MOYU mini3X3 40 mm version . key chains attached with the cube !😎
17th Aug: NEW ARRIVAL ! 38 % discount! Qiyi Mofangge Speed Cube Male Short Sleeve T-shirt
14th Aug: Guoguan YueXiao Pro review!
14th Aug: New arrival !!! 🤩🤩LanLan Smooth Irregular Flower and LanLan Eight-axle Heart Curvy Irregular .Which one do you p…

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