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6th Oct: Share a smile. Its the same in any language! #worldsmileday
24th Aug: Another gums & overall health connection!
17th Aug: American soda stat. #teeth #decay
7th Jul: Did you know that 25% of the general population in the United States has never heard of dental implants?
4th Jul: George Washington: The Man, The Myth & The Teeth
29th Jun: WEIRD DENTAL FACT: Neanderthals used toothpicks crafted out of bone, wood or grass 130,00 years ago.
25th Jun: Over 25 million root canal procedures are performed in the United States every year.
24th Jun: Inflammation caused by periodontal disease may prevent ovulation or could stop the embryo implanting.
21st Jun: Great tips for picking out the perfect toothbrush
17th Jun: Are your teeth strong enough to pass the Wallenda test?
15th Jun: Got yellow teeth? Blame your folks
13th Jun: "Thank God for modern dentistry." Demi Moore
13th Jun: Stress can do a real number on your teeth. Just ask Demi Moore
12th Jun: Researchers were surprised to find that recreational cannabis users may be at risk of periodontal disease
12th Jun: NIH scientists found that the primary teeth of autistic children contain more lead & less zinc & manganese than those of other children
8th Jun: Once again teeth provide critical clues to the origins of humankind
7th Jun: UK paper busts man for teaching unqualified beauticians how to whiten teeth
30th May: A few extra pounds can dramatically increase your risk of severe gum disease.
29th May: Remembering those brave individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.
19th May: Now thru June 15th is National Smile Month in the UK. We sure could use one in the USA. Share if you agree
14th May: Wishing mothers everywhere a day of peace, joy & love!
9th May: World-class dentistry keeps this NBA All-Star in the game.
3rd May: Nobody puts Myrna in a corner 😌
28th Apr: How to Make Sure Your Smile Is Ready for Prom
25th Apr: How to Make Sure Your Smile Is Ready for Prom
21st Apr: Great news for coffee drinkers Hope it tastes good!
19th Apr: How many of the these tricks of the trade does your dentist use?
18th Apr: Tests show the tree extracts can increase the strength of dentine by up to ten times
16th Apr: Wishing you a very Happy Easter that is filled with plenty of love and happiness.
12th Apr: Do you think prehistoric dentists took prehistoric dental insurance?
11th Apr: Wishing your life is blessed and enriched by all the goodness and wonder in this world.
10th Apr: Did dentists make the list?
10th Apr: Men living on wild diets in the bush had the worst teeth in the study, while women eating the same diet had the best
8th Apr: Regular check-ups and cleanings might have saved Mama June a fortune
7th Apr: Every day 132 new people in the US will be newly diagnosed with an oral cancer. Learn the symptoms:…
6th Apr: Protect the teeth of young athletes with a professionally fitted sports mouthguard. Learn more…
5th Apr: Dental phobia kept this woman from seeking treatment for the rare tumor that eventually destroyed her teeth
4th Apr: WEIRD DENTAL FACTS: A Spanish Neanderthal suffering from a dental abscess was using a natural pain killer
4th Apr: Dreading getting your braces tightened? Read these helpful tips before your next orthodontist appointment
31st Mar: New study finds that individuals with sleep apnea suffer from mild cognitive impairment 10 years before those without symptoms
30th Mar: Improving the oral health of people with chronic medical conditions reduced their annual healthcare claims by $1,300
29th Mar: Why do male dentists earn so much more than female ones? Good question. No good answers
27th Mar: WARNING: Cocaine addicts have 4 fewer teeth because the drug erodes gums, study find
25th Mar: Thinking about going to Mexico for dental care? Watch this first:
24th Mar: The number of UK children aged four and under being hospitalized for tooth extractions has risen almost 25% in the last decade
23rd Mar: Dental emergencies can happen to anyone...even Oscar-winning actresses like Chalize Theron
22nd Mar: Think you might be suffering from sleep disordered breathing? Bring it up with your dentist
22nd Mar: Shoutout to the Futuredontics / 1-800-DENTIST Race for Success - 5K Team helping raise funds for local elementary s…
21st Mar: This is something dentists ask themselves every day
20th Mar: Check out these helpful hints for picking out the perfect tooth brush
20th Mar: Celebrate World Oral Health Day by scheduling your next dental checkup with 1-800-DENTIST
19th Mar: A fascinating look at the billion dollar consequences of the "historic rebuff" of dentistry by physicians
18th Mar: WARNING: You might have trouble getting an emergency dental appointment in NYC today
17th Mar: Dental Fact: Alcohol consumption can increase the risk for oral cancer. Learn more:
16th Mar: Would a cocktail make it any easier for you to see a dentist?
15th Mar: Fred Joyal is being interviewed by Kirk Behrendt on FB Live today at at 2:10: PM EST/11:10 AM PST. Watch:…
13th Mar: Dr. Cameron R. Stroyan has Ed Sheeran down cold!
13th Mar: For dental geeks only! Mushrooms and moss for dinner? YUM!
10th Mar: Practicing dentistry since 1959 Doing something you love keeps you young almost forever!
9th Mar: Go to the Dentist Less with CEREC - D1: via @YouTube
9th Mar: Go to the Dentist Less with CEREC - D2: via @YouTube
9th Mar: Go to the Dentist Less with CEREC - M2: via @YouTube
9th Mar: Go to the Dentist Less with CEREC - D3: via @YouTube
9th Mar: Go to the Dentist Less with CEREC - M3: via @YouTube
9th Mar: Go to the Dentist Less with CEREC - D4: via @YouTube
9th Mar: Go to the Dentist Less with CEREC - M4: via @YouTube
9th Mar: Go to the Dentist Less with CEREC - M1: via @YouTube
9th Mar: Massachusetts dentist breaks into the glamorous world of Hollywood screenwriting
9th Mar: YouTube Ad 4 mobile: via @YouTube
9th Mar: YouTube Ad 4 desktop: via @YouTube
9th Mar: YouTube Ad 3 mobile: via @YouTube
9th Mar: YouTube Ad 3 desktop: via @YouTube
9th Mar: YouTube Ad 2 mobile: via @YouTube
9th Mar: YouTube Ad 2 desktop: via @YouTube
8th Mar: Artificial tooth enamel may hold the key to replacing metal in airplane fuselages & car chassis #dentistry
7th Mar: This big day almost slipped by us Shout-out to dentists every where
7th Mar: Wanna go to the Dentist Less?: via @YouTube
7th Mar: Copy of I Want You to Go to the Dentist Less and Why: via @YouTube
6th Mar: I Want You to Go to the Dentist Less: via @YouTube
6th Mar: I Want You to Go to the Dentist Less and Why: via @YouTube
6th Mar: Next time you smile, thank a dental assistant
6th Mar: Appointments for special needs individuals can be challenging for both patients & dental care providers
5th Mar: How far would you be willing to travel to see a dentist?
3rd Mar: Are bleeding gums a precursor to a stroke?
2nd Mar: Dentistry is at a crossroads Many in the field are now reassessing their prescribing habits
1st Mar: Combat stress, poor water quality & a mediocre diet all contribute to dental health problems on the front lines
28th Feb: We’re celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day with FREE activities for kids!
27th Feb: Welcome to the dangerous world of big exotic animal dentistry
26th Feb: Bad news for people who lose five or more teeth by the age of 65
26th Feb: Thinking about dental implants? Read this first:
24th Feb: UK dentist has an unique way to get new patients #boxing #dentistry
23rd Feb: Dentist / extreme-sport enthusiast goes for the Guinness World Record
22nd Feb: Some states are opening warming up to the idea of dental therapists? What do you think?
20th Feb: The best snacks for healthy teeth! @CNN @lisa_drayer #healthy #tips #dental #teeth
20th Feb: Dentists know more mutants than Professor X
18th Feb: Live in Alabama? The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry is looking for patient volunteers
15th Feb: Dentistry has the power to change lives A great story to share with your patients
14th Feb: Dentistry has the power to change lives
10th Jan: A happy accident leads to a promising development the fight against tooth decay
7th Jan: Sadly, this fake news story from The Onion is really no laughing matter
6th Jan: The Founder of 1-800-Dentist, Fred Joyal, answers fans questions about dentistry and dental health. Topics...
2nd Jan: Americans rank dentists in the top 5 professions for honesty & ethical standards
28th Dec: Chewing gum was first patented on December 28, 1869 by a dentist in Ohio.
14th Dec: Finally, an electric toothbrush that you only need to charge once a month
14th Dec: Gift-giving tips for the dentist in your life
9th Dec: Researchers at the University of Malaya found that a mouthwash made of a mixture of green tea & miswak twigs could help control plaque
9th Dec: Shout-out to everyone volunteering at the Dental Mission of Mercy at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum today
9th Dec: Think you can get away with only brushing once a day? Think again!
6th Dec: Scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center found that electronic cigarettes are as damaging to gums as regular cigarettes
5th Dec: A big breakthrough in dental health technology
1st Dec: Use up your 2016 dental insurance benefits before they expire. Find a dentist now:
27th Nov: Time for a career change? Check out our latest openings
25th Nov: Take a minute today to think about your teeth. Check our our best flossing tips
11th Nov: “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” -Elmer Davis
1st Nov: Got leftover Halloween candy that you need to get rid of?
1st Nov: Wishing everybody a happy National Brush Day! #NatlBrushDay
31st Oct: 10 Tricks for Scaring Away Halloween Cavities #parenting #halloween
17th Oct: Get personally matched to the right dentist. Share with someone you care about.
16th Oct: Get personally matched to the right dentist. Share with someone you care about.
13th Oct: Learn what an orthodontist can do for you
11th Oct: Informal Poll: Tell us in the "Comments" section whether you keep your eyes open during a dental exam
10th Oct: Performing dental procedures on psychiatric patients presents a unique set of challenges.
7th Oct: Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile."
6th Oct: The "tingle of health" Watch the 1st commercial on British TV ... it was for toothpaste
5th Oct: Study finds 8 out of 10 pro soccer players have gingivitis... nearly 50% have cavities
4th Oct: Fluoridated milk could be an easy and inexpensive tool to improve the dental health of children
3rd Oct: May this New Year be sweet, healthy and happy. L’shanah Tovah! Happy Rosh Hashanah!
3rd Oct: Five days after surgery most patients were feeling better but had more than half of their opioid pills left
1st Oct: Life is better with healthy teeth. Make sure regular brushing & flossing are part of your daily health regimen.
28th Sep: Dr. Edwin Smith is a true hero
26th Sep: We like to think "Dr. Vergara" would have been a 1-800-DENTIST dentist
26th Sep: Avocados can fight bad breath and clear out bacteria from the mouth! Definitely something to smile about :)
23rd Sep: Time to rethink the "Plaeo Diet"?
22nd Sep: Learn the secret of picking the perfect toothbrush
19th Sep: Sometimes even bears need to pay a visit to the dentist.
13th Sep: Thanks for the shout-out!
12th Sep: Providing dental care not only makes people healthier, it can also make them more financially secure
11th Sep: Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton explains why he used dental floss during game
9th Sep: New technologies have made dental procedures shorter & state-of-the-art instruments mean less discomfort
8th Sep: Look into my eyes ... you are getting sleepy
7th Sep: Florida-area Dental Professionals: Can you lend a hand at the next Remote Area Medical free dental clinic?
5th Sep: Enjoy your day off. You deserve it!
3rd Sep: Dental patient went to answer his phone but accidentally grabbed his pistol & shot himself.
2nd Sep: Looking for a new career with an organic company culture? Visit
31st Aug: Millions of people let their dental health benefits go to waste Are you one of them?
29th Aug: Another example of the connection between your oral health & overall health SHARE WITH FRIENDS
26th Aug: Research suggests visiting the dentist may help you to think more clearly in later life SHARE WITH FRIENDS
22nd Aug: We’re celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day with FREE activities for kids!
21st Aug: Get personally matched to the right dentist. Share with someone you care about.
20th Aug: Get personally matched to the right dentist. Share with someone you care about.
19th Aug: This is cool but flossing is out?
18th Aug: .@dntlassistcoach Really enjoy your posts on @Dentaltown
18th Aug: Glad to help!
17th Aug: Want your teeth to last a lifetime? Read this:
17th Aug: Some fun from our favorite clowns at The Onion


17th Sep: Horsehead
17th Sep: Underwater
12th Aug: Work Underwater
10th Aug: Horsehead
13th Jan: A Unique Group

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