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5th Nov: I like to #eat takeout with my bed because it never asks to share.
1st Nov: Add some burgundy and gold throw pillows for a fresh autumn bedroom feel
5th Oct: Layer up your bedroom with a warm cozy blanket. Decorative and functional!
1st Oct: Fill your room with candles and luxurious essential oils for a luxury bedtime feel
29th Sep: Cats sleep 13 to 14 hours a day! Talk about a cat nap…
26th Sep: What are you eating? Me: A muffin…(covers food) #MuffinMonday
20th Sep: I just need 5 more minutes please. #snooze
19th Sep: Blueberry or chocolate chip? The hard decisions of #MuffinMonday
18th Sep: Did you know an albatross bird can sleep while it flies? #sleepgoals
14th Sep: An apple a day keeps the cravings at bay! #snackhealthy
11th Sep: "Do Not Disturb" is just code for #napping.
11th Sep: Fall into autumn bedroom décor with a crisp new look.
9th Sep: Spice up your bedroom with a little autumn pumpkin candle!
9th Sep: Want to fall asleep faster? Turn off your phone and close your eyes! #goodnight
7th Sep: Transform your bedroom into an oasis with these 15 tips!
6th Sep: Our two favorite things equal one perfect day. #NationalCoffeeIceCreamDay
4th Sep: Did you know a desert snail can snooze for three years? Talk about beauty sleep!
2nd Sep: Eat #pizza. Nap. Repeat.
31st Aug: Your bedroom should get a style update just like your wardrobe. Add some fun new pillows or aromatic candles!
30th Aug: Crackers and cheese, please! Try this healthy snack for better sleep. #healthy #snack #sleep
28th Aug: Did you know pillows should be washed every 3 months? #stayfresh #1800SleepFacts
26th Aug: We love sleeping, yes we do, we love sleeping, how about you?
24th Aug: Whoever said dessert before bed was a bad idea is not invited to our sleepover…
22nd Aug: Chocolate chip or cranberry, that is the question. Happy #MuffinMonday! #breakfast
21st Aug: Delicious and nutritious is oatmeal for the win! #healthy #breakfast
20th Aug: Whatever it is can wait until tomorrow…#goodnight #donotdisturb
18th Aug: Put some pep in your step - for real. An afternoon walk will give you an energy boost to make it to bedtime! #1800SleepFacts
17th Aug: The all-carb diet can start now. #wafflesallday
15th Aug: Muffins on Monday are the best thing to jump start your week! #MuffinMonday
14th Aug: Look at you being all smooth. Stay suave with a stawberry and banana breakfast #smoothie! #healthy #yummy
11th Aug: Need an energy boost? Try a hint of #mint! Adding a mint leaf to your tea will lift your energy. #powerup
10th Aug: Snack your way to a healthier you with crunchy apple slices and sweet honey or frozen banana slices and almond butter! #foodtips
9th Aug: Psst…read this to sleep better tonight! #1800SleepFacts
8th Aug: Move over oatmeal, Monday is a job only muffins can handle. #MuffinMonday #breakfast
6th Aug: I can speak French in my sleep…Un, deux, trois, Zzzz #goodnight
4th Aug: Are you a good carbohydrate, or a bad one? Try trading your croissant for a banana to balance your carb intake. #healthy
3rd Aug: Be part of hydration nation and snack on watermelon! #watermelon #summer
3rd Aug: Wax and wane with the moon. Drink chamomile tea during a new moon to fall asleep easier. #newmoon #1800SleepFacts
1st Aug: Calling all yogis! Before bed, do your downward dog or savasana until you fall asleep.
30th Jul: Mattress shopping is tough! Follow these steps & never choose the wrong mattress again! 6 steps to sweeter dreams..
28th Jul: Your room will seem cleaner just from reading this! #clean #bedroom #tips
24th Jul: Weekends are for sleeping in! In the words of Mindy Kaling, "There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it.”
24th Jul: You are getting very sleepy…Well, you will with this breathing exercise! Inhale & exhale deeply 10 times to relax and fall asleep faster.
22nd Jul: Because sleep is the best! #pets #animals #sleep
18th Jul: Conquer Monday with a blast of berries with this berry muffin recipe! #MuffinMonday #breakfast #muffins
17th Jul: Just whistle while you work…making your bed in the morning will add instantly clean vibes! #keepitclean #makeyourbed #sleep
16th Jul: H2O has never been so tasty. Add your fav fruit to a gallon of water & leave in the fridge overnight! #infusedwater
9th Jul: Saturdays... #weekend #naps #adventures
8th Jul: Dark chocolate, cherries & toasted coconut mixed with original greek yogurt for breakfast. Yes to that! #breakfast #healthy #yogurt
7th Jul: Want to beat the summer heat? Stick out your feet! #cooltricks #tips #sleepcool #summernights
5th Jul: Early bird gets the worm! If you wake up early to have breakfast, what do you make? #tellus #earlyriser #morning #breakfast
1st Jul: Woke up and it was July. Where is summer going?! #onlytwomoremonths #summer #fun
30th Jun: Give your bedroom a makeover with a fresh pouf!
29th Jun: Did you know that coffee beans are the pit of a berry? Coffee is a fruit.. #fact #welovecoffee
26th Jun: Go bedroom chic with this awesome rug layering trick:
25th Jun: Sleep cool for the summer with these sleep-cool hacks:
24th Jun: If you like ice cream sundaes, this is your dessert dreams come true! #droolalert #icecream
20th Jun: See how others celebrate the longest day of the year around the world: #happysummer #summer
17th Jun: Sleep cooler this weekend with this luxuruiously cooling gel pillow: #socoolsogood
14th Jun: Get a smoothie to start your day! Warning: may work better than coffee. Find awesome recipes here:
10th Jun: Get up off of that chair! Study shows less time sitting is associated with better sleep and health. #1800SleepFacts
6th Jun: Coffee. Need we sleep more? Learn all about caffeine and sleep here:
1st Jun: Our summer must-have is here! Get your porch quilt and start planning picnics and parties!
30th May: The color blue helps you relax. Here’s 23 ways to decorate your room with a touch of blue!
28th May: Can’t sleep? Try the 4-7-8 exercise!
25th May: Healthy summer eating leads to better Zzz’s. Try these 7 healthy recipes today,
23rd May: Visit, see our info-graph on Bizarre but Helpful Ways to Fall Asleep Faster!
22nd May: We <3 dessert! Take a look at these 24 crunchy desserts that you can’t wait to bite into
19th May: Warmer temps make it harder to snooze. Our sleep experts have crafted up 12 great tips for a better night’s sleep,
17th May: Stay cool during warmer nights with these 15 frozen fruit pop recipes!
15th May: As the weather gets warmer, keep your bedroom to a cool 60-68 degrees (F) for maximum sleep comfort! #1800sleepfacts
13th May: Pie oh my! It’s #NationalApplePieDay, treat yourself to a slice tonight! #nom
12th May: Beauty sleep isn’t just a fable! Getting at least 8 hrs of sleep a night helps you look more refreshed and vibrant. #1800SleepFacts
9th May: Did you know that you should nap position slightly upright so you can avoid a deep sleep cycle! #1800SleepFacts
6th May: On #Fridays we day dream about naps
4th May: Blueberries are extremely healthy & packed with antioxidants! Here’s some of our fav #blueberry recipes for summer,
2nd May: When you’re feeling the tired in the afternoon, do you drink coffee? Or take a nap?
1st May: Sleep is the best meditation! zzzzz #goodnight
30th Apr: Add some throw pillows to your bed and make your bedroom look more polished!
25th Apr: Strawberries, yogurt, blueberries, honey, ice & oats to fill you up this #Monday morning.
23rd Apr: Morning stretches are everything! Try our favorite yoga sequence this weekend:
20th Apr: Turn your sleep space into a paradise this spring with our hand-knitted pouf!
17th Apr: The average time is takes to fall asleep is 7 minutes. How long does it take for you to start snoozing? #1800SleepFacts
13th Apr: More veggies, less junk! You can do it! #sleepbetter
11th Apr: Here’s 20 easy ways to spice up your white bedroom wall!
8th Apr: It might be time to give your mattress a good cleaning! Take a look at our favorite tips to help you get started:
6th Apr: Eat clean this spring and get better sleep! Try these healthy lunch recipes to pack up for work.
4th Apr: April showers bring May flowers (and also new bedding!)
26th Mar: Tell us your Zodiac sign, and we’ll guess when you went to bed last night
24th Mar: Running late? Here’s 15 breakfasts you can eat on the go!
22nd Mar: We have your back. Here’s some of our favorite spring cleaning tips:
20th Mar: Start your spring off right. Here’s 8 stretches to help energize your mornings!
16th Mar: Give your bed a fresh new look with one of our favorite headboards!
14th Mar: 24 wonderful ways to celebrate pie day. Treat yourself to a slice for dessert!
13th Mar: Sunday calls for blueberry bagel french toast with cream cheese glaze
10th Mar: Spring your pillows back to life! Pop them in the wash and dryer to freshen them up.
6th Mar: Keep the fresh linen smell and change your bed sheets every 1-2 weeks! #1800SleepFacts
3rd Mar: Follow this checklist & make spring cleaning for bedrooms a breeze!
1st Mar: You snooze, you lose. Wake up early and make a healthy breakfast to start your day off right!
28th Feb: Drink a warm cup a tea an hour before bed to help you wind down and relax. #1800SleepFacts
26th Feb: Running out of #breakfast ideas? Check out our favorite energy-boosting breakfast toasts:
24th Feb: Rise and shine! Here are 8 stretches to energize your Wednesday morning:
22nd Feb: We need our #caffeine fix now. #Mondays
21st Feb: What’s Sunday brunch without bacon pancake dippers? Get the recipe now:
19th Feb: 5 easy ways to make your bedroom a magical hideaway
15th Feb: Give your morning fresh start with a healthy mint +melon salad:
14th Feb: Valentine’s Day coupons are the perfect quick, easy and free gift anyone will enjoy!
13th Feb: 23 lovely reasons to do breakfast in bed this #ValentinesDay
13th Feb: Get cozy tonight with a warm cup of hot chocolate and your favorite movie!
3rd Feb: Start your day right with a morning exercise. Stay fit and help improve your sleep at the same time!
1st Feb: During REM sleep, your subconscious puts on a show. Do you remember your #dreams from last night?
30th Jan: Find your sweet spot & avoid oversleeping! 7-9 hours is the normal & healthy amount of sleep for adults between ages 18-64. #1800SleepFacts
28th Jan: Hungry before bed? Have a slice of whole grain toast with almond butter. These snooze-promoting carbs will help you sleep like a baby!
25th Jan: Follow these brilliant tips to cozy up your bedroom for free!
21st Jan: Naps between 6-30 minutes can help improve brain function and memory... you know what this means, nap away!
19th Jan: Give your bedroom a fresh look with a new bedset. Add a pop of blue with our favorite quilt:
14th Jan: Is it time for a change in the bedroom? Here are 21 (*inexpensive) ways to make your room feel brand new!
12th Jan: Avoid going to bed hungry tonight. Have a light snack of yogurt and fruit.
9th Jan: Kitchen cheat sheets to help you eat healthier in 2016!
8th Jan: Writing in a journal allows you to focus on the positive aspects of your day & helps you fall asleep easier at night
7th Jan: 15 mouthwatering recipes to try this year!
6th Jan: Frozen yogurt covered blueberries make a great mid-day snack. Find the recipe here:
5th Jan: Peppermint tea to the rescue! It can help reduce stomach problems, decrease stress, and promote relaxation. Try a having a cup tonight!
2nd Jan: Here are some questions to help you look back on the year in a healthy, productive way:
1st Jan: How do you feel about this 7 day clean eating challenge for 2016?
1st Jan: #HappyNewYear!
1st Jan: Resolution for #2016: sleep more, snooze less #newyear #newyou #moresleep
30th Dec: Are you dreaming right now? Let’s find out if you need to wake up.
28th Dec: We need these nap chairs, now! *yaaawn*
27th Dec: 3 hacks to make your morning bowl of #cereal more delicious:
25th Dec: #HappyHolidays to you!
23rd Dec: These mini #holiday desserts are too good to eat just one. We need ALL the desserts!
22nd Dec: Take the quiz to find out which #holiday cookie matches your personality!
22nd Dec: Get cozy for the longest night of the year! #WinterSolstice #HappyWinter
21st Dec: Coffee for your Monday blues.
20th Dec: Sunday breakfasts are the best.
19th Dec: Peppermint buttercrunch will be the perfect bedtime dessert this holiday season!
19th Dec: Start the New Year off with a better night’s sleep! Save up to ½ off Sealy, Serta, Beautyrest & more at 1800mattress!
18th Dec: Did you finish your #holiday shopping yet? Give your friends and family the gift of sleep!
18th Dec: Time for some dessert. Check out our favorites on Pinterest!
16th Dec: No, you’re not sleeping enough, and it’s a problem! Read the 15 facts about the importance of sleep.
14th Dec: Staying active makes dozing off easier! Follow a daily exercise routine and reap the benefits as you sleep. #1800SleepFacts
13th Dec: These holiday cookies are almost too cute to eat! Which recipe is your favorite?
12th Dec: Take a look at these cute, fluffy items that will help keep us warm all winter long!
10th Dec: Overnight, muscles and joints can stiffen while you sleep. Remember to give yourself a good stretch in the mornings!

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