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19th Oct2018: Find out how to install new #AmazonAlexa skills, how they help you and more in our #DigitalGuide:… https://t.co/XHPHR8cZea
18th Oct2018: Poor #SEO affects the bottom line of your business. Here are some best practices to optimize your website: https://t.co/Ba0vL7oGxf
18th Oct2018: #KeyboardShortcuts that make work processes easier are extremely popular. Find out more about these #Excel shortcut… https://t.co/dcge44Fkbq
17th Oct2018: Nowadays, you can store your #Data easily and securely in the #Cloud. How exactly does this work? Our… https://t.co/HYMz0vmGSV
16th Oct2018: October is National #CyberSecurityAwareness Month. Here are some tips to a proactive approach for your #smallbiz: https://t.co/TqUsYLcG3F
16th Oct2018: #Accounting is very important for #Companies, but can also be very annoying and unpopular. We have summarized the m… https://t.co/QDLZv1e7KF
11th Oct2018: Are you making the most of #onlinemarketing for your #smallbiz? Learn more best practices here https://t.co/gcHHmJvdlo
10th Oct2018: If you die today, you leave behind a vast #DigitalLegacy. You should make sure to regulate what happens to your dig… https://t.co/qTEHfiRd9d
5th Oct2018: For many #Entrepreneurs, registering a #SmallBusiness is a step towards #SelfEmployment. Find out what you need to… https://t.co/wJMkrBjAiK
4th Oct2018: Your #SmallBiz customers drive your business. Are you interacting with them? Here are some ways to build loyalty: https://t.co/oj6NdnRPHo
3rd Oct2018: How can you make the classic #Newsletter successful when #Marketing in the social media age? Tips can be found here… https://t.co/Br39cDqQHa
3rd Oct2018: Nowadays, you can store your #Data easily and securely in the #Cloud. How exactly does this work? Our… https://t.co/rl8yPhDvXS
2nd Oct2018: Struggling to increase traffic to your website? Check out some ways to bring people to your #SmallBiz website: https://t.co/znHAYHOjNt
2nd Oct2018: Was kann der Amazon Sprachassistent? Wir haben Ihnen die besten #Alexa Skills im #DigitalGuide zusammen gefasst:… https://t.co/Vp6Ka7zgXz
30th Sep2018: Backing up and #Share data online: the best #CloudStorageServices at a glace: https://t.co/ovVBvDbDXC… https://t.co/hHIyA4yvvR
29th Sep2018: What exactly is #PersonalData? Why is it worth protecting and what #Rights do #Consumers have? Find out everything… https://t.co/ia43z0Bxel
25th Sep2018: More brand mentions lead to more trust in your business. Gain more #mentions with these strategies: https://t.co/CdOhEb5p4K
24th Sep2018: Do you want to share your #Appointment schedule with your colleagues? The #Outlook calendar makes this easy:… https://t.co/b0JIUA867I
22nd Sep2018: Have you heard of #RaspberryPi projects? In the #DigitalGuide we present 17 interesting projects made by the… https://t.co/ZgIDBOfaSO
22nd Sep2018: Is the future of online advertising, #influencermarketing? Entrepreneur names 25 tips for small businesses to consi… https://t.co/4A8qFI4jIE
21st Sep2018: In the #DigitalGuide we have listed inexpensive or free alternatives to the well-known #ImageProcessingProgram Adob… https://t.co/AAcZ16TRgj
20th Sep2018: Have you ever heard of "Rainbow Tables"? How do they work and what do you need them for? To find out, read more in… https://t.co/dnGN8BtsUq
20th Sep2018: Running a #smallbusiness website? Pro-tip, making your contact information easy to find. More: https://t.co/CIv1SLWRJy
18th Sep2018: Here are the #Arguments for and against #AncillaryCopyright protection for press publishers:… https://t.co/sfCv5jUAM4
18th Sep2018: Why should only the Fortune 500 companies get access to #BigData? With these tools, any sized company can, so wha… https://t.co/g3nxhjHt32
17th Sep2018: #Email writing made easy: With these 8 basic rules, you will succeed with your professional #Communication.… https://t.co/KTBL2m1Tm4
16th Sep2018: #CloudStorageProviders are practical and popular. Here is a direct #Comparison of the best options:… https://t.co/tfe6mXafYn
15th Sep2018: Your #customers are changing their online behavior, is your #business adapting? Learn how consumer response to… https://t.co/9n2TaDVag4
11th Sep2018: Online advertising is cheaper than traditional channels, provides better marketing #analytics, and can reach more c… https://t.co/uYgxajmJ3D
10th Sep2018: What can #GooglePay really do? Our article has the answers: https://t.co/jdOR6e3wtQ https://t.co/EttXtFMOYO
7th Sep2018: The Internet is a practical platform for exchanging knowledge. One of the latest #Trends are MOOCs (Massive Open On… https://t.co/62buTem5aF
7th Sep2018: #PersonalData gets special protection thanks to the #GDPR. We explain what this is all about:… https://t.co/5vBedxKFlG
4th Sep2018: #WordPress is the most popular #CMS for creating a #Blog. We will show you step-by-step how to set up your page:… https://t.co/niFHgu3BZ3
31st Aug2018: Microsoft #Office is used by many people in the workplace - but have you heard of these six alternatives?… https://t.co/veIDU1ub7l
31st Aug2018: Microsoft #Office is used by many people in the workplace - but have you heard of these six alternatives?… https://t.co/o921Yav5nN
30th Aug2018: Nowadays there is a large selection of different payment methods for paying online. But what are they and how do th… https://t.co/KAp2rR2F2I
30th Aug2018: There are 3 components to #marketing: a #message, a #media to deliver it, and a #market to receive and respond to i… https://t.co/LYRjKUXyMA
29th Aug2018: #OnlineTrade is important for a company since $453,46 billion was spent on #OnlineSales in 2017. But which sales pl… https://t.co/neDQWoYtqs
28th Aug2018: When it comes to #engagement, video is a vividly colored unicorn. It captures the eye, draws the user in, and holds… https://t.co/lqn1N2SFNO
27th Aug2018: Have you ever wondered what #CaaS is? The #DigitalGuide tells you everything you need to know about Container-as-a-… https://t.co/txPEEOzVEO
24th Aug2018: There are many different #PaymentSystems for online shopping. Probably the best known and most popular is #PayPal,… https://t.co/OlaZCZyW2P
23rd Aug2018: Looking for a new, simple #ImageEditing and #ManagementProgram for your #Photos? You will find a selection in our… https://t.co/ZGyjYU1Lxn
20th Aug2018: The first #SecurityLabel for websites without HTTPS - what is Google aiming for with the #Chrome 68 update? All fur… https://t.co/rs1ofHAyLu
16th Aug2018: Data and #analytics can be game-changing information for the performance and success of an organization. Learn how… https://t.co/HdngpRpDWe
15th Aug2018: More and more people are turning their hobby into a #Profession and becoming #Influencers. Are you also interested… https://t.co/K1BAxztad6
14th Aug2018: Have you ever heard of Apply Pay, Masterpass, or Skrill? We give you an overview of the alternative payment procedu… https://t.co/9fgE7Ch3Lm
14th Aug2018: Your #business may not be saving the world, but chances are you don’t want to hurt it either. Here are a few ways t… https://t.co/Wv83ZIpEj0
10th Aug2018: #SSLCertificates protect websites against any third party criminal activity. 1&1 now offers a free SSL wildcard cer… https://t.co/IzrnoZhlhL
9th Aug2018: Businesses that fail to keep up with the evolving world of #SEO risk losing up to 80% of the #market that starts wh… https://t.co/bkvh9H1Fbw
9th Aug2018: #OnlineSale is a must for every entrepreneur nowadays. But which #SalesPlatform is best for selling your product?… https://t.co/CjKYF9oPi0
8th Aug2018: There are many different #PaymentMethods in #OnlineTrade. Find out how they work and what advantages and disadvanta… https://t.co/IBg3gc8Qnk
4th Aug2018: We explain the topic of Container-as-a-Service in more detail. How do #ContainerServices work? What exactly does… https://t.co/iYvRgoYiyg
3rd Aug2018: Arduino projects - here, hobbyists can find all important information on #Arduino and assembly instructions for the… https://t.co/MrqskE4OYy
2nd Aug2018: As a #smallbusiness, making your company available on Google Maps or another app allows your #customers to find you… https://t.co/aurVgBFkOF
31st Jul2018: According to PWC, out of 2,000 manufacturers, 86% expect to see cost reductions and revenue gains from their… https://t.co/Az61ip0ogO
28th Jul2018: #Swarm and #Compose - these are two supporting pillars of the #DockerOrchestration. We explain their implementation… https://t.co/w29olvCi2t
28th Jul2018: #Crowdfunding quickly turns some ideas into reality. Could this also work for your #Business?… https://t.co/jNINmCcKqf
27th Jul2018: Happy #SysAdmin Day 2018! Thank you to all #system administrators for your great work in making sure that the entir… https://t.co/CufTD8lAjL
25th Jul2018: "Not secure" - what is Google hoping to achieve with the #Chrome68 browser update? All important information for in… https://t.co/TCgG10TDDp
25th Jul2018: Sending your newsletter at the right time is crucial. This is what you should consider. #Newsletter #Business… https://t.co/GDmQPWitYS
24th Jul2018: Letting employees choose their own #tools and devices creates an #ownership mentality among workers. Are you inspir… https://t.co/r3aqsFAard
23rd Jul2018: A written offer is usally legally binding. This is why you should attach particular importance to it: #Business… https://t.co/BXKTOfO2c9
23rd Jul2018: Many self-employed people would prefer to do away with tax matters. The #DigitalGuide provides information on the s… https://t.co/a8JcaWKWe5
21st Jul2018: The best #TranslatorApps for #Android and #iOS in an #Overview: Find out which apps suit you best on… https://t.co/SboRXyjFAK
20th Jul2018: Today is #WorldEmojiDay: a good opportunity for you to learn about the new #EmojiDomains in the #DigitalGuide. Is t… https://t.co/jZeSwjlt4d
19th Jul2018: Making sure your #website visitors know who you are and what you do is key to retaining them. Here are other tips t… https://t.co/RF85ooBlCM
18th Jul2018: Use a free #BlogService or host your #Blog professionally? There are many ways to set up a #Blog. Decide which suit… https://t.co/Ky13wbj9Ju
17th Jul2018: Effectively using #socialmedia video ads can be key to increase #customer acquisition. https://t.co/XyqdS82gdm
15th Jul2018: Are you on vacation for a long time or simply not reachable via #Email? Then simply create an #OutOfOfficeNote so y… https://t.co/jNJMBRWUYD
14th Jul2018: Just like in an orchestra, tuning and distributing resources also plays a main role when it comes to… https://t.co/D3EfERX8Lf
13th Jul2018: Is your website secure? As a website operator, it is important to know everything about the #Chrome68Update:… https://t.co/5OKaNpYsRn
12th Jul2018: Prepare yourself for #networking by using four or five different descriptive words to identify the core of your… https://t.co/O7rs7ZBhTD
9th Jul2018: Depending on when your customers are most active determines when you send your newsletter. We explain what you shou… https://t.co/uqNxysR5Ca
9th Jul2018: A good written offer needs a company address, the offer date and lots more. In the #DigitalGuide, we offer a #Word… https://t.co/pxICzXNMPW
6th Jul2018: Find out which #TranslatorApp suits you best. In the Digital Guide, we introduce apps for #Android and #iOs… https://t.co/2wzQCj25wR
4th Jul2018: On #WorkaholicsDay, there are 30 different #Excel shortcuts included in the #DigitalGuide. #Shortcut… https://t.co/iVZvvxACqD
4th Jul2018: You want to know what the 1&1 MyWebsite is all about? @WebEminence has reviewed the 1&1 Website Builder in detail o… https://t.co/AIrhs89Rt1
3rd Jul2018: The colors and #typography you choose can make or break your #marketing initiative https://t.co/1QXvylNgQW
2nd Jul2018: Emojis like ;-) and :-o are an intregral part of our chats. Now they are also included in so-called #Emoji domains… https://t.co/5qDWu5Sflr
1st Jul2018: #Chrome, the most used browser in the world, will mark every #http page as unsafe from July onwards. Time to change… https://t.co/xd4wkZH9d3
30th Jun2018: Almost half of all internet users have been victims of #cybercrime. This is a good reason to pay attention to the t… https://t.co/eh7Qj7wz6a
29th Jun2018: Tuvalu is a small island nation, but the #ccTLD .tv makes the Polynesian island into a big number #online. The… https://t.co/R2sm0GSXkj
27th Jun2018: #Screenreaders open up the #internet to visually impaired individuals. But how do they work? Read about it in the… https://t.co/8VpFB8jbao
26th Jun2018: Did you know 60% of #smallbusinesses who have experienced a #cyberattack go out of business? Get smart with these t… https://t.co/cxLmWzqA4h
19th Jun2018: Pro-tip: the "About Page" of your #website sets the tone for your entire #business. Get smart on what to include an… https://t.co/FaQPxpDce4
19th Jun2018: There are lots of photo editing programs. Many of them offer options for extracting an #image. The #DigitalGuide ex… https://t.co/EN0JCKb85M
18th Jun2018: The internet is an exciting #playground for #children too. But content often appears on the popular search engines… https://t.co/KzGxlb8LuY
16th Jun2018: Private individuals, companies, or even entire industries are threatened by #cybercrime. We recommend that you keep… https://t.co/wYPauXt0L7
14th Jun2018: Are people having trouble finding your #smallbiz website? Here are eight reasons why and how to fix them: https://t.co/rROpc23sQA
12th Jun2018: How do you make your #website content stand out from the crowd? One excellent way is to identify these too-familiar… https://t.co/TmF8jAfRUF
11th Jun2018: JAWS, NVDA, and Narrator are all #screenreaders. The #DigitalGuide explains what these are and how to use them.… https://t.co/llOFBxKQMc
10th Jun2018: #Deepfakes trace back to #DeepLearning, a form of #MachineLearning. It enables objects or faces to be swapped in im… https://t.co/mld04BcwNI
8th Jun2018: #Containers are used in software development. The #DigitalGuide outlines the benefits of such applications.… https://t.co/ruJLoqftcS
7th Jun2018: Today, anyone can create an #Ecommerce #website. Learn how #customerreviews can validate your brand and products: https://t.co/dTxjY8GUui
7th Jun2018: You know the shop signs - for example, that let you know when the hairdresser around the corner has closed for the… https://t.co/XHgPzHKIkJ
1st Jun2018: Today is International #ChildrensDay: Here are some search engines for kids that will keep your little ones safe… https://t.co/h8D2tJJCVa
31st May2018: With Google’s upcoming switch to mobile-first indexing due mid-year, it is time to boost your business with the cre… https://t.co/MUnHQ8AcVI
29th May2018: Online reviews can be invaluable #marketing opportunities for #smallbusinesses, read more about how to embrace… https://t.co/cd8I0OKJdd
28th May2018: On International #WorldGamesDay, we show you how to set up your own #Minecraft server: https://t.co/4VydTYGKOa https://t.co/jV4A62UC9f
24th May2018: Did you know? While challenges for #women still remain, the number of businesses owned by women has grown 114 perce… https://t.co/VUrqfCCsVB
24th May2018: The #GDPR will come into effect tomorrow. The comprehensive EU law brings many new features to areas such as… https://t.co/coGmqzO5sn
23rd May2018: From beginner to #Docker professional - our article on open source software accompanies you on your way.… https://t.co/hjQokDAuhi
22nd May2018: Having a #website is a great first step for a #smallbusiness, but in order to get traffic to your #website, you mus… https://t.co/SqssVDv9KP
21st May2018: #CaaS - Container as a Service - is a form of contained-based virtualization. This comparison shows how the CaaS pr… https://t.co/yavTkVxJde
20th May2018: #Arduino - a programmable microcontroller that has become a playground for hobbyists. Here you will find ten differ… https://t.co/Vnxztn2y2v
19th May2018: Ad-free, typo-resistant, and concise: Your own #emaildomain has many advantages such as these:… https://t.co/gsa05UQm7p
19th May2018: A #domain is only worth as much as the buyer is willing to pay for it. We show you criteria so you can evaluate you… https://t.co/IHR4orf1KN
17th May2018: Did you know? The rate of shopping cart abandonment is more than 67%, making it one of the greatest concerns for a… https://t.co/1tLKLLXNRR
16th May2018: Squatters also exist on the internet and this is known as #typosquatting. The #DigitalGuide explains how the typo d… https://t.co/so7DNb3o3B
14th May2018: Discredit political opponents or increase the popularity of your own products: #Socialbots are capable of many thin… https://t.co/HKCd4RN4NJ
14th May2018: With more than 100 million registered users worldwide, #Minecraft is one of the most popular video games. The… https://t.co/gqYLJmXLi7
12th May2018: As well as parking your car, you can also "park" your #domain. The Digital Guide explains how you can earn some mon… https://t.co/BItTAkfdu1
10th May2018: #Writersblock? Consider the following five tips to help you brainstorm something fresh for your #blog:… https://t.co/y3CPUxjklK
9th May2018: Even though the open-source software has a cute whale as its logo, the #Docker virtualization tool is quite someth… https://t.co/5L8Mwqvb5e
6th May2018: An #emailaddress is one of the most important contact points regarding customer and business communication. The… https://t.co/zzjBCAybAl
3rd May2018: The key to keeping your #socialmedia on brand? Consistency! Learn more advice on #branding across all social channe… https://t.co/4M1XFYCwOi
3rd May2018: A typo can easily creep into the address bar when surfing, which sends you to a completely different site than int… https://t.co/EtUQoy0cP3
2nd May2018: A microsontroller that consists of just the essentials - #Arduino offers unimaginable possibilities. The Digitial G… https://t.co/iUylMJT8mX
30th Apr2018: More #transparency and #confidentiality: The #GDPR heightens data protection for companies within the EU.… https://t.co/pTuk8FqOZh
28th Apr2018: Want to protect your #onlineprivacy against third parties? Clearing your #cookies is one way to do it:… https://t.co/56uKJVgajh
25th Apr2018: For more than 11 years, #businessemails have formally counted as business letters. This means they must contain cer… https://t.co/ve1tPeCnle
24th Apr2018: Did you know a typical #smallbusiness website is hacked 44 times a day by malicious software? @washingtonpost expla… https://t.co/PY4SO3MUc5
21st Apr2018: Are #GIFs the key to #onlinemarketing success? Test it out yourself and create mini videos with our help:… https://t.co/FByB1j20Vb
17th Apr2018: If you spend a lot of time on social media, especially Instagram, you have more than likely seen, or even shopped t… https://t.co/Jm80Yi2XAT
12th Apr2018: Without a good website design, a marketing strategy rarely converts leads. Learn a few elements of a good website d… https://t.co/e9nTUVOgWz
5th Apr2018: In addition to having an optimized website, your #smallbusiness can utilize #GoogleTools to attract customers and g… https://t.co/LB6P5XJ6kx
3rd Apr2018: Did you know? 85% of marketers plan to increase investment in video in 2018, up from 75%. Learn how you can up impr… https://t.co/7pDswWgEA1
31st Mar2018: Siri, Cortana, and Alexa: all three talking assistants are examples of self-learning systems that already play a ma… https://t.co/Vui9hJkFDg


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