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14th Jan2019: Its benefits to eye-health are undeniable https://t.co/eOE84TgZhi
13th Jan2019: Experiencing dry eye this winter? Try using a humidifier. Dry air can speed up tear evaporation resulting in dry, i… https://t.co/MtRhAOUjOh
13th Jan2019: #EyeFacts The older we get, the fewer tears we produce. https://t.co/JYNhB4qyky
12th Jan2019: Sick? Might be best to ditch the contacts https://t.co/DyqN9buioV
12th Jan2019: #SightseeingSaturday Monasteries of Meteora, Greece https://t.co/kLZKoLAEmc
11th Jan2019: Hint: it’s amazing for your eye health https://t.co/JGt5o25lHl
11th Jan2019: They could actually be causing more harm than you may realize https://t.co/7xrd6Ku7sT
9th Jan2019: Another addition to the “Why Soda Is Bad For You” list https://t.co/r3b5WXzkq3
9th Jan2019: Remember to blink when using electronics! #DidYouKnow when using screens, our blink rate can reduce by 50%, contrib… https://t.co/vzWvhDCj1Q
7th Jan2019: Thinking of switching over to contacts? Make sure that you are compliant with safety measures and hygiene habits to… https://t.co/m9ByFKYIFa
6th Jan2019: Good thing we LOVE oranges 🍊 https://t.co/myopJpCNLy
5th Jan2019: #SightseeingSaturday Vatnajokull Glacier Cave in Iceland https://t.co/ZNAw3HauaC
4th Jan2019: #FoodFriday As if we needed another reason to eat chocolate https://t.co/gEyFq6MGCO
3rd Jan2019: The 20-20-20 rule is perfect for alleviating eye strain and preventing headaches https://t.co/L62ZPuSRNG
2nd Jan2019: Ever wonder how a wasp sees the world? https://t.co/Ulo2euBAMP
2nd Jan2019: Consider this your first reminder of the year to get that eye exam you’ve been putting off! 👀
1st Jan2019: #HappyNewYear everyone!🎉 May 2019 be a rewarding year for you all! https://t.co/cc2Y0OIBAz
31st Dec2018: Beverages are an easy way to work eye-healthy nutrients into your diet. Read this week’s blog for some easy drink i… https://t.co/nMeYtMzEWo
31st Dec2018: For #NewYearsEve we’re reflecting on this rollercoaster of a year. What are your 2019 Resolutions? https://t.co/dd0szQO0kY
30th Dec2018: #SundayMotivation https://t.co/q5bZJEhxuD
30th Dec2018: #DidYouKnow Tears help protect our eyes from infection by washing out dirt, dust, and other irritants. They are als… https://t.co/rVjvLLlppE
29th Dec2018: #SightseeingSaturday Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain https://t.co/gX2TWxjVKT
28th Dec2018: #FridayFood Lutein, an antioxidant found in foods like spinach, is incredibly important to eye-health https://t.co/pqihQYhaQM
28th Dec2018: To prevent dry eye in the car, you should point your vents toward your lower body instead of your face. https://t.co/pxGbilVISn
26th Dec2018: #WednesdayWisdom New Years Eve party plans? Make sure to take off your makeup after or you might face the consequen… https://t.co/30yKu1K9Yf
26th Dec2018: Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! What did Santa get you this year? https://t.co/KAlPj9SEFT
25th Dec2018: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!🎄 https://t.co/FChmzRxoZn
24th Dec2018: Sunglasses are equally, if not MORE important to wear during the winter as the warmer months. Read this week’s blog… https://t.co/nxyBeJJELR
24th Dec2018: #MondayMotivation The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
23rd Dec2018: #EyeFacts Your eyeballs grow as you age. This includes growth spurts at around 2-years-old and during puberty. https://t.co/I6stzULjcB
22nd Dec2018: #SightseeingSaturday Krabi, Thailand https://t.co/DdICjfhk9m
21st Dec2018: Don’t clean your contacts with saline! It is nothing but sterile salt water and cannot disinfect your contact lense… https://t.co/xDzW3SVal1
19th Dec2018: There’s nothing worse than losing your glasses. Read this week’s blog for tips and tricks on how to keep them on a… https://t.co/xa6yig5iYl
19th Dec2018: #DidYouKnow Overuse of eye drops can actually constrict blood vessels in the eye, leading to redness. https://t.co/7p73JhepMA
16th Dec2018: #EyeFacts Your eye muscles are the fastest set of muscles in your body. They can move at around 500 degrees per second or more.
16th Dec2018: In need of a new eye-healthy recipe?🍳 https://t.co/jP6EEax1Pd
15th Dec2018: Happy #Caturday everyone! 😸 https://t.co/IV3TdZCg3M
15th Dec2018: #SightseeingSaturday Saint Lucia https://t.co/dJPrkx3MMY
14th Dec2018: Cozying up around the fire this winter? Try not to stand too close and ensure proper ventilation in your home as sm… https://t.co/MKZmZfpQde
14th Dec2018: Stress has an overwhelming effect on the body, including your eyes https://t.co/qwfPwDxGgE
12th Dec2018: Do you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA)? Read this week’s blog and learn ho… https://t.co/YuHlRGiwdN
11th Dec2018: Still wondering why eyeglasses from your local eye retailer are so expensive? Read this week’s blog and find out wh… https://t.co/GinYTX8Mg4
10th Dec2018: Be wary of anything that you put in or around your eye... even if celebrities endorse it https://t.co/27VcHOlby9
9th Dec2018: #DidYouKnow The purpose of eyebrows is to move moisture away from eyes in order to keep vision clear. They’re also… https://t.co/Sryw1Pff4S
8th Dec2018: #SightseeingSaturday Great Smoky Mountains, USA https://t.co/m08iBUrDRw
8th Dec2018: It might be #NationalChocolateBrownieDay, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore eye health https://t.co/TaAn5KBgao
7th Dec2018: These paintings perfectly depict what it’s like to have not-so-perfect vision https://t.co/Zqa7axoVaZ
7th Dec2018: Problems seeing in low light or at night? It might be helpful to renew your skills with a driving class. Many car i… https://t.co/rR5rz4ZjA4
5th Dec2018: Believe it or not, cold weather affects our eyes in many different ways. Read this week’s blog and find out how… https://t.co/0DDoz0XH7i
5th Dec2018: Sweet potatoes are considered one of the world`s healthiest foods. Their abundance of vitamin A promotes good visio… https://t.co/bZYjp19DEB
3rd Dec2018: It might be time to stop using your phone right before bed https://t.co/nNi8wMTJht
3rd Dec2018: This week is National Hand Washing Week! Washing your hands is vital to overall health, including eye health. How o… https://t.co/zHODnxkpKu
2nd Dec2018: #SundayMotivation https://t.co/bzjEuiKtTL
2nd Dec2018: #EyeFacts Your hair color could increase your risk of macular degeneration https://t.co/ALYuIHHq7Z
1st Dec2018: True or False: You can lose a contact behind your eyeball. Comment your answer!
1st Dec2018: #SightseeingSaturday Seljalandsfos waterfall in Iceland https://t.co/fWiNi3jtcM
30th Nov2018: Wondering why your contacts are making a run for it? https://t.co/WhDzmGYCmS
30th Nov2018: #DidYouKnow you can catch a cold through your eyes? A cold virus can travel easily through the duct that connects y… https://t.co/bLJjIGs6gB
28th Nov2018: Stop rubbing your eyes! Vigorous eye rubbing can do more damage than good. It can stretch the delicate skin around… https://t.co/ykcibND35m
28th Nov2018: Tomatoes contain antioxidants like lycopene, lutein, and beta-carotene which protect against cataracts and AMD https://t.co/VaVtCTptrN
25th Nov2018: Need some #SundayMotivation to get that much-needed eye exam? Consider this it!
24th Nov2018: #SightseeingSaturday Drake Bay, Costa Rica https://t.co/RV18Ki9eoc
23rd Nov2018: #FitnessFriday Eye exercises can potentially strengthen the muscles in your eyes and help you maintain your current… https://t.co/Gb6GoFEfpd
22nd Nov2018: #HappyThanksgiving everyone! What are you thankful for?🦃 https://t.co/qUd8aoMSnF
19th Nov2018: We’ve all heard that glasses supposedly make your eyes worse over time… but is this true? Read this week’s blog and… https://t.co/peRFb9McU2
18th Nov2018: #SundayMotivation https://t.co/KSztav5x05
18th Nov2018: In need of an eye-healthy #SundayBrunch recipe?🥂 https://t.co/DgR5aVsq7p
17th Nov2018: #SightseeingSaturday Kyoto, Japan https://t.co/DNIPpjt7er
16th Nov2018: Turns out, the eyes really are the window to the soul https://t.co/UhUsvwY6Ec
16th Nov2018: #DidYouKnow in 1899, American psychologist created this famous rabbit-duck ambiguous image illusion. What do you se… https://t.co/qUs9nbKEin
14th Nov2018: #WednesdayWisdom No matter how tired you are, never sleep in your contacts! This can deprive your corneas of much-n… https://t.co/siioLbroDA
14th Nov2018: Contacts dryer than The Sahara? Read this week’s blog for easy ways to prevent this common issue… https://t.co/iMpqloHooU
12th Nov2018: #DidYouKnow Poor school performance, balance issues, squinting and headaches are just a few of the telltale signs o… https://t.co/1CBcwRvJPn
11th Nov2018: "Every extra hour the child spent on computer games each week increased the chance of them having myopia by 3%" https://t.co/bAkEbNUc4b
11th Nov2018: #SundayMotivation According to The College of Optometrists, a third of people do not wash their hands before puttin… https://t.co/jV6wnXKi2H
10th Nov2018: Everyone loves sunglasses 😎 Which is your favorite style? https://t.co/KZAEUWDACX
9th Nov2018: Need eye-healthy recipes for #FoodFriday? https://t.co/MgBFLi5utW
9th Nov2018: #FridayFacts https://t.co/cXxf59kcVh
7th Nov2018: Think twice before getting this procedure done… it is incredibly dangerous https://t.co/ZSYUi5e4Pq
7th Nov2018: Glasses have evolved tremendously over the centuries. Read this week’s blog and find out what glasses were like as… https://t.co/RxwSiYDU75
6th Nov2018: All you have to do is be mindful of your eyes! https://t.co/EmFrSZBPk8
5th Nov2018: "While WebMD can arrive at the correct clinical diagnosis, a significant proportion of common ophthalmic diagnoses… https://t.co/yNgNmRaCgP
5th Nov2018: To anyone who might be trying to get in contact with our customer service, our phones are experiencing some technic… https://t.co/CJvWEoo2T4
3rd Nov2018: Want healthier eyes? The Mediterranean diet might be for you https://t.co/2dv9yCClXE
3rd Nov2018: #SightseeingSaturday Provence, France https://t.co/tjm04nKYy2
2nd Nov2018: Insomnia and general lack of sleep prevent eyes from getting needed fluid circulation. This can lead to eye twitchi… https://t.co/EMhX0UMEo7
1st Nov2018: #DidYouKnow Some of the best foods for eye health are part of the seafood family. This includes salmon, crab legs,… https://t.co/LqdyytWTQ8
31st Oct2018: Seasonal allergies getting the best of you? Read this week’s blog and find out what you can do to relieve your symp… https://t.co/Bm7nlU2TiP
31st Oct2018: #HappyHalloween everyone!🎃 https://t.co/Pbe4XoaNje
30th Oct2018: Take care of your eyes this Halloween! An easy and important way to do this is by removing your eye makeup before b… https://t.co/uyyNJSR5BO
30th Oct2018: Experiencing dry eye? It might be time to schedule an eye exam. Factors like being in a windy, smoky, or dry enviro… https://t.co/JXc3kiopX5
30th Oct2018: Have you jumped on the carrot train yet?🥕 https://t.co/MUMVJkDADt
28th Oct2018: #SundayMotivation https://t.co/mgqo7k84tj
28th Oct2018: Eye exams are extremely important, but sometimes the idea can scare your children. Here’s how to ease their fears b… https://t.co/8xVHVj4oh0
27th Oct2018: #SightseeingSaturday Al-Khazneh ("The Treasury") in the ancient Arab Nabatean Kingdom city of Petra, Jordan https://t.co/bWW8uLfqNS
26th Oct2018: A few things can happen if you keep your contacts in for too long… none of which are good https://t.co/Cc8mbDtrP2
26th Oct2018: It’s #NationalPumpkinDay! Did you know pumpkins are amazing for eye health? https://t.co/j9RZ0lNgdh
24th Oct2018: #WednesdayWisdom Try not to swim with your contacts in! The water in pools, rivers, and the ocean can leave your ey… https://t.co/Qp06cud0Ka
24th Oct2018: Need another reason to start exercising? It’s amazing for your eye health! This week’s blog outlines the benefits… https://t.co/h3JQkf2AS4
22nd Oct2018: Want to take better care of your furry friend’s eyes? Here’s everything you need to know https://t.co/9aSLDC8mcs
22nd Oct2018: For when you want to take care of your vision on-the-go https://t.co/8q2Adab1Cq
21st Oct2018: For #SundayFunday take a look at this classic optical illusion. Are the rows straight or tilted? https://t.co/BmXGXRr4Ad
20th Oct2018: Pumpkins aren’t only great for Halloween, but for your eyes as well. They are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, whic… https://t.co/yo5Wn2ZlPU
20th Oct2018: #SightseeingSaturday Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan https://t.co/izTktKGWnK
20th Oct2018: #DidYouKnow 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women in the world are color blind. Are you one of them? Can you tell what num… https://t.co/B4sHma3X2C
19th Oct2018: Jaz on the lookout in her new #39s✨ Frame: Senior in Matte Burgundy Shop Here: https://t.co/ka7XoUDhl7 https://t.co/v1olcCHtRz
19th Oct2018: 80% of what children learn is through their eyes. It’s very important that you look after your children’s eyes and… https://t.co/MbVTIFmBt2
17th Oct2018: With Halloween right around the corner, you might be thinking about adding some fake contacts to your costume... Do… https://t.co/1MkmAshpOM
17th Oct2018: Need an eye-healthy dinner idea for #NationalPastaDay? Check out this delicious recipe for Creamy Avocado and Spina… https://t.co/CN3RQXWxN2
16th Oct2018: Today is #WorldFoodDay! Consuming foods with the right nutrients is vital in maintaining eye health. Vitamins C and… https://t.co/LiVxDxhWTc
14th Oct2018: #DidYouKnow When a horned lizard feels threatened by a predator, it defends itself by shooting blood from its eye s… https://t.co/X7YWS7AKPe
13th Oct2018: #SightseeingSaturday Bora Bora, French Polynesia https://t.co/jqJ790nRet
12th Oct2018: Sleep is incredibly important to eye-health, especially if you work at a computer. It’s recommended that we get 6-8… https://t.co/tURDj2lNHE
10th Oct2018: Looking for an eye-healthy treat? Try kale chips. They’re loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin which both protect agai… https://t.co/E7GHzKtwFk
9th Oct2018: Need help finding the perfect frame your face shape? Read this week’s blog and discover what glasses you’ll look be… https://t.co/2JaqIKdpBu
8th Oct2018: Anyone else tired of hearing, “you look tired”? https://t.co/soc9XKBQrQ
8th Oct2018: #MeowMonday White cats with blue eyes are usually deaf. If a cat is white and has only one blue eye, they will like… https://t.co/IHDcdSVpTF
7th Oct2018: Fall harvests can be amazing for eye health. Foods like apples, pomegranates, and squash are just a few that are in… https://t.co/YTOdtlILle
7th Oct2018: #SelfCareSunday Taking care of your eyes should be at the top of your priority list https://t.co/LEOCirgfhw
6th Oct2018: Ever wonder why they’re even there? https://t.co/CJJ5QRQqUR
6th Oct2018: #SightseeingSaturday Wonder Lake in Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska https://t.co/C1lsZHBi5x
5th Oct2018: #FridayFacts Tears help protect our eyes from infection. They keep our eyes clean, moist, and are filled with antib… https://t.co/PUEBY783AN
5th Oct2018: #October is #EyeInjuryPreventionMonth. Make sure to use protective eyewear when the situation calls for it. Each da… https://t.co/BrCgBp3gJy
4th Oct2018: Among many other benefits, tomato juice is packed with beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin C which are a… https://t.co/RFG6hqsSDc
3rd Oct2018: #WednesdayWisdom Leaving a fan running all night can increase irritation and dry eye. Purchasing a fan with a timer… https://t.co/wyIFmHdu0E
3rd Oct2018: Eyewear has become a staple in fashion over the decades. Read this week’s blog and reminisce on the past 100 years… https://t.co/l0sn2JrDnR
1st Oct2018: October is National Seafood Month! Many forms of seafood such as salmon, crabs, scallops, and oysters are natural s… https://t.co/9BvfjcskZu
1st Oct2018: #DearParents Minor vision problems in children are common. It’s important not to panic if your child has a correcta… https://t.co/0tkVe7DcPy
30th Sep2018: For #SelfieSunday remember to post a photo with/of your glasses and tag us (including your order number and… https://t.co/wmEE1DU90d
30th Sep2018: #SundayMotivation https://t.co/vB1VTRpQ32
29th Sep2018: #DidYouKnow Aristotle thought that the ostrich was the only bird with eyelashes but hornbills have them too. So doe… https://t.co/epDASCYlJW
29th Sep2018: #SightseeingSaturday Nusa Penida, Indonesia https://t.co/feQGzJbFF8
29th Sep2018: It’s very important to know your family’s health history. Many eye conditions are hereditary and can be prevented i… https://t.co/NXlOWnYLjb
28th Sep2018: Driving a long distance? It’s very important to take a break every two hours or every 100 miles, whichever is soone… https://t.co/8UPfoj2Mui
28th Sep2018: #FridayFacts According to many experts, glasses are considered the fifth most important invention since mankind dis… https://t.co/89NV2eeugF
27th Sep2018: #WednesdayWisdom Most people make it a priority to get their annual physical and annual teeth cleaning. It’s crucia… https://t.co/ouWLIpZb7q
26th Sep2018: Our vision inevitably declines as we age. But there are ways to increase their longevity and ensure their health. R… https://t.co/3RbX7wSiCE
25th Sep2018: The benefits of spinach are seemingly endless https://t.co/JOwyv9spIs
24th Sep2018: #DidYouKnow Heavy alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of early age-related macular degeneratio… https://t.co/w4O5FSV1pd
24th Sep2018: There are many ways to ensure your eyes stay healthy this fall https://t.co/kpwExMkdBK
23rd Sep2018: Kiwis contain high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants can protect against eye damage from UV radia… https://t.co/TIbPvhJRkM
23rd Sep2018: "To see under starlight and moonlight, the retina of the eye changes both the software and hardware of its light-se… https://t.co/OaJhljybtR
22nd Sep2018: #SightseeingSaturday Plitvice Lakes National Park in Central Croatia https://t.co/hUUaQFHghu
21st Sep2018: If you’re experiencing dry-eye symptoms, it is especially important not to sleep with your contacts in. Doing so pr… https://t.co/yXy6jfvwBf
21st Sep2018: #FitnessFriday Eye exercises are a great way to improve vision and help relax your eyes https://t.co/bavnGvFwcV
19th Sep2018: 20/20 vision is not as straight-forward as many think it is. Read this week’s blog and learn what this commonly use… https://t.co/L27Y6EfVGz
19th Sep2018: #WellnessWednesday Exercise is important for general health as well as eye health because it improves blood circula… https://t.co/q7itTSGB90
19th Sep2018: Watery eyes can be annoying and promote irritation https://t.co/skJURfSdx5
18th Sep2018: #DidYouKnow Over the course of an average human life, you’ll shed the equivalent of 98 feet of eyelashes. https://t.co/ohR8wd7cuE
17th Sep2018: Fill up your diet with every color of the rainbow https://t.co/7XbQ3tKY1y
17th Sep2018: #MondayMotivation https://t.co/aN0BRokXvA
16th Sep2018: #DidYouKnow Kiwis are amazing for your body... including your eyes! https://t.co/sMOsgjn1nZ
15th Sep2018: #SightseeingSaturday Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York https://t.co/Ndgo3orIa3
15th Sep2018: Because there are many reasons your lenses might be bothering you https://t.co/4g0Zc31Ou7
14th Sep2018: Sleep is extremely important to overall health. Try out these natural sleep remedies and give your body the wakeup… https://t.co/mPHWqHIIZp
13th Sep2018: Touching your face, especially the mouth and eyes, is an excellent way to increase your odds of getting sick. If yo… https://t.co/Ej74BR85B7
12th Sep2018: #WednesdayWomen In 1920, Dr. Mae Booth-Jones became the first female president of an optometry school, Washington S… https://t.co/e8GdBUVJlW
11th Sep2018: #NeverForget #September11th https://t.co/YKsBXIABAr
11th Sep2018: "The ability to access good eye care can make a great difference in the lives of these children, both in the short… https://t.co/95psyJtoEl
10th Sep2018: #MondayMotivation Eat more fruits! Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is found in fruits and vegetables and may reduce the… https://t.co/VCo4CUHsF3
9th Sep2018: Need inspiration for an eye-healthy #SundayBrunch https://t.co/RPHTvIVnV8
8th Sep2018: #SightseeingSaturday Whitehaven Beach in Whitsunday Island, Australia https://t.co/ZFL1mUykek
7th Sep2018: #EyeFacts Wider pupils can suggest excitement. Any positive thought can serve to dilate your pupils. For example, w… https://t.co/zthnbIigmB
5th Sep2018: Food is one of the most important factors in vision health. Read this week’s blog and find out what foods you must… https://t.co/h7Fi2Y1ha2
2nd Sep2018: https://t.co/2aqYsYPsFq
2nd Sep2018: When you put on a very dark pair of sunglasses that don’t offer UV-protection, your pupils open up and allow much m… https://t.co/VSWh0eMEOo
1st Sep2018: #DidYouKnow 84 percent of American people rate vision as the most important sense, and nearly everyone (97 percent)… https://t.co/Llh4Op6JrG
1st Sep2018: #SightseeingSaturday The ancient city of Aït Ben Haddou in Morocco https://t.co/fKB06tnsya
1st Sep2018: Egg yolks are high in lutein, a type of carotenoid that helps fight macular degeneration, the leading cause of lega… https://t.co/8ptQXSZZrA
31st Aug2018: Are your contacts making a run for it? https://t.co/Qt1beE2HCl
29th Aug2018: #WildlifeWednesday Goats have rectangular pupils instead of round. This allows them to to have a 320 degree field o… https://t.co/aHOhV0DB17
29th Aug2018: #WednesdayWisdom You should power down your devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime due to the stimulating effec… https://t.co/ORPyUff7kP
28th Aug2018: “The amount of salt fluctuates with the amount of hydration we’ve had that day, which is why our eyes burn more at… https://t.co/HzQonTF0M3
27th Aug2018: #DidYouKnow about 2.4 million eye injuries happen in the United States each year? https://t.co/0GpERIqM85
27th Aug2018: You can probably guess that eye tattoos are extremely dangerous and risky... But do you know why https://t.co/mXtUR5cY7k
26th Aug2018: If you use makeup, make sure to clean all brushes and applicators regularly to ensure that they remain bacteria fre… https://t.co/arXP6UVwOt
25th Aug2018: #DidYouKnow 80% of information that children receive in classrooms is presented visually? Read this week’s blog to… https://t.co/ylbth5ShzE
25th Aug2018: #SightseeingSaturday White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, U.S. https://t.co/El8YTw0Uon
25th Aug2018: Eye boogers might be gross, but they’re a fact of life. Ever wonder where they come from? https://t.co/lz8snU98Ov
24th Aug2018: #FitnessFriday Eye rolling is beneficial in relieving eye strain. Start by rolling your eyes a few times in a clock… https://t.co/VcJFYdS0mr
23rd Aug2018: For Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month, learn what toys to buy your children in order to prevent eye injuries https://t.co/w0jUT0rn9R
22nd Aug2018: Regular eye exams are extremely important to eye health. Without them, you could be endangering your health. Learn… https://t.co/9ucI10ayjO
22nd Aug2018: "more than a third of Americans incorrectly believe children should receive a first comprehensive eye exam at age f… https://t.co/ZnRnuRoR9K
20th Aug2018: #DidYouKnow 50% of people put their eyes at risk during the summer by not always wearing UV-protective sunglasses t… https://t.co/IYd9m9vVaT
20th Aug2018: In case you need another reason not to sleep in your contacts https://t.co/vn7n55rOEm
19th Aug2018: Wildfire smoke can severely affect eye health, along with many other parts of the body. It can even exacerbate unde… https://t.co/0YAL7J0afO
19th Aug2018: For #SundayBrunch try out one of these eye-healthy meals!🍽️ https://t.co/AED9SK81Hk
18th Aug2018: "Beet greens contain over 275 micrograms of lutein, which is a critical nutrient to maintain eye health and vision,… https://t.co/b3iRXsHLRf
18th Aug2018: #SightseeingSaturday The Temple Of Angkor Wat In Cambodia https://t.co/ZxsE3JI51y
18th Aug2018: Children are more vulnerable to UV exposure than adults. Because of this, it is especially important for them to pr… https://t.co/X7OwuToXbk
17th Aug2018: "it may reduce the number of patients at risk of losing their eyesight in the future" https://t.co/sPXCG1jxjD
17th Aug2018: It’s no secret that blue light can be very bad for our health. But what can we do to combat this? Read today’s blog… https://t.co/NamKXD5bCG
16th Aug2018: #DidYouKnow Blue light rays may cause permanent eye damage, including age-related macular degeneration which can le… https://t.co/bOVwMF4J7m
15th Aug2018: When children think that their blurry vision is normal, problems oftentimes arise https://t.co/Aqqlu0QqVi
15th Aug2018: #WednesdayWisdom Make sure to always wear protective eyewear when playing sports! According to the National Eye Ins… https://t.co/xhvrGSmP7F
13th Aug2018: Watermelons contain Lycopene, an antioxidant that may help keep eyes healthy and protect against age-related macula… https://t.co/glIvOS4VXe
13th Aug2018: Wondering why blue light is so bad for us? https://t.co/YvHYag2rDG
12th Aug2018: #SundayMotivation Take care of your eyes! 80% of vision problems worldwide are avoidable or even curable. https://t.co/ngid9gIt4T
11th Aug2018: #DidYouKnow The Chinese are credited with inventing the first sunglasses in the 12th Century, both to protect their… https://t.co/VJ1Z8HaVrx
11th Aug2018: #SightseeingSaturday View of the Mediterranean Sea from Santorini, Greece https://t.co/OkhyPu3QtJ
10th Aug2018: Here’s a classic optical illusion for #FunFriday! https://t.co/7T6PtHMHQd
9th Aug2018: #ThursdayThoughts It’s no secret that smoking is bad for us, but how does it affect our eyes? Read this week’s blog… https://t.co/zWy7kKPKWw
9th Aug2018: Wondering why your lenses are so bothersome? https://t.co/hV7bg0APJ2
8th Aug2018: Are glasses on your child’s back to school list? They should be! Check out our back to school sale and get $10 or 1… https://t.co/BQEXsmuJzv
8th Aug2018: Today is #InternationalCatDay!🐈 We don’t make glasses for cats… but that doesn’t mean they don’t look great in huma… https://t.co/KgSqovxghU
7th Aug2018: #EyeFacts A fingerprint has 40 unique characteristics, but an iris has 256, a reason retina scans are increasingly… https://t.co/4RmGrDPErI
6th Aug2018: For Child Eye Health and Safety Month, learn the best practices to protect and care for your children’s eyes:… https://t.co/qv46t8j0WK
5th Aug2018: #SundayMotivation It’s important to eat for your eye health. Studies suggest that up to 25% of all nutrient intake… https://t.co/hpq2CBe9eF
4th Aug2018: One of these triggers might be the reason for your dry eye https://t.co/PDbC0c2Auj
4th Aug2018: #SightseeingSaturday Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar https://t.co/oKRaCYFhs8
3rd Aug2018: #DidYouKnow The eyes are very susceptible to air pollution. The response of eyes to airborne pollutants ranges from… https://t.co/s66PFY9DuX
2nd Aug2018: Need to revamp your shopping list? https://t.co/XNhXIxh5ED
1st Aug2018: Eye injuries aren’t always serious, but it’s important to take care of them properly https://t.co/FJPNWx8Ulz
1st Aug2018: August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month! Stay on top of your child’s eye health in order to ensure their s… https://t.co/WVDREUgRYz
31st Jul2018: https://t.co/s3eH3lHfE1
29th Jul2018: https://t.co/HuZ1cLhHDZ
29th Jul2018: #SelfieSunday Remember to tweet a photo with your glasses, tag us and include your order number and #GotMy39s to ge… https://t.co/LOR4gIte41
28th Jul2018: Our eyes are amazing… this story is a perfect example of why https://t.co/MgMHt09nro
28th Jul2018: #SightseeingSaturday Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia https://t.co/n1QMflBjDR
27th Jul2018: #FlashbackFriday In 1901, Minnesota was the first state to pass a law recognizing and regulating the medical practi… https://t.co/Q6I153HYNA
26th Jul2018: Studies have shown that drivers are failing to get eye tests done. If you drive regularly (most of us), it is extre… https://t.co/f9djwc30zh
25th Jul2018: #WednesdayWisdom Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A is neede… https://t.co/wDO263xgri
23rd Jul2018: "Antioxidants such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-cryptoxanthin help guard against macular degeneration and protec… https://t.co/0pRUpk1eJ5
23rd Jul2018: We love improvisation, but you should actually keep makeup away from an eye infection https://t.co/wOSfjwlJPk
22nd Jul2018: For when the scratch-resistant coating just doesn’t hold up https://t.co/JEuNvrzFEV
22nd Jul2018: Us today on this #LazySunday💤 Who else is taking the day to rest and relax? https://t.co/rkTmZtATPC
21st Jul2018: #DidYouKnow Humans and dogs are the only species known to seek visual cues from another individual’s eyes, and dogs… https://t.co/XIikRQvZcl
21st Jul2018: #SightseeingSaturday Poznan, Poland https://t.co/LvzoMHlBz3
21st Jul2018: Here’s why you should pump up the cardio https://t.co/qggX3HbdBX
20th Jul2018: Just don’t do it!💦 https://t.co/7zOgi5tes9
19th Jul2018: We’ve added a Wishlist to our site! Read this week’s blog and discover how to use it and why we’re so excited!… https://t.co/Fk3hL33kpZ
19th Jul2018: #WildlifeWednesday All birds of prey have amazing vision, but eagles are one-of-a-kind. They can see eight times as… https://t.co/O5Sp7srFkl
18th Jul2018: Need some new cooking inspo?🍽️ https://t.co/MwGhVOh6Oj
17th Jul2018: #TuesdayTips Stay hydrated! Dehydration results in your eyes producing less tears and no longer staying lubricated.… https://t.co/eJLLxPuwJj
17th Jul2018: Happy #WorldEmojiDay! Which emoji is your favorite⁉️😎🤓🤩👀 https://t.co/fNlpwoZNct
15th Jul2018: Time to add oranges to your shopping list!🍊 https://t.co/EWlmufSffr
15th Jul2018: #SundayMotivation Make sure to exercise! Research has found that staying active can reduce the risk of age-related… https://t.co/vjXdf23lbE
14th Jul2018: #EyeFacts Some pirates were convinced that wearing an earring would improve or even cure bad eyesight, as they beli… https://t.co/CZHjZL1soc
14th Jul2018: #SightseeingSaturday Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy https://t.co/GopuDWtBfL
14th Jul2018: Check out this optical illusion for #FunFriday! https://t.co/r6eS5WmYN2
13th Jul2018: #FridayFacts If you step outside on a windy day, it’s unlikely that alone will give you dry eye. But if you’re regu… https://t.co/LdcG1Zx1Jh

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