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$30 off sitewide at 99designs.com Coupon (to 28th Jan 2018)


12th Jan2019: Thanks for following along with our color trends report this week! Enjoy your weekend and check out the full list o… https://t.co/ycYmNnK6nJ
11th Jan2019: “Many people enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working in the freelance economy, but if they know more about the… https://t.co/fDleaH9aet
11th Jan2019: There are many reasons why you might have to check where a design appears on the web. The good news is that the int… https://t.co/WAgfJ0uxIB
11th Jan2019: There’s a whole science (and art) to the meanings of different colors. As an entrepreneur or designer, it’s essenti… https://t.co/5b9FbeKu5J
10th Jan2019: As a color trend, iridescence marries futurism, aestheticism, and technology. Fundamentally an optical effect where… https://t.co/OceJsU5eDI
10th Jan2019: Looking to stand out on Youtube? Take a cue from @mayasworld and be unique in your presentation. We love how Maya m… https://t.co/jQFOjWxqSW
10th Jan2019: People love colors because they immediately inject any composition with joy. In the past, we were told to avoid lou… https://t.co/2HYoYwZ1BE
10th Jan2019: Negative space logos use the white spaces within and between letters and pictures to create new shapes. While… https://t.co/MMi3Ydb7F4
10th Jan2019: Working with contrasting colors can be tricky, but if you manage to get it right, you’ll have a super vibrant and s… https://t.co/wPK2u3NOmG
9th Jan2019: it’s 2019, and we are all looking for a break from the daily processed images we see on social media. From time to… https://t.co/EqeMCm8shv
9th Jan2019: After analyzing design trends across the board for 2019, we compiled a list of the ten best branding trends for 201… https://t.co/6Gp5NeusUJ
8th Jan2019: Our CMO @pamwebber_sf shared the 3 #logodesign trends we expect to dominate this year with @Adweek: https://t.co/QQ3AKG3k8O
8th Jan2019: Color is the fastest and most direct way of setting a good first impression. While it may seem overwhelming at firs… https://t.co/uj7bvRL865
8th Jan2019: Our first color trend prediction for 2019: fiery reds. From early associations with fire and blood to modern symb… https://t.co/WJp0WD3WSq
8th Jan2019: Color is a powerful thing, and designers across the world have been pushing the boundaries, creating new and colorf… https://t.co/ip1pDok5hp
7th Jan2019: From colorful geometry and minimalism of the future to retro styles of the bygone past, 2019’s branding trends cove… https://t.co/CvkQnqWLB1
5th Jan2019: #YouTube is a fantastic brand-building tool, but how to you make it work for you as an entrepreneur or marketer? We… https://t.co/chwNW38N87
5th Jan2019: Branding trends for 2019 divert into two definitive and opposing paths, futuristic and nostalgic, and consumers use… https://t.co/cMsGYpO4oU
4th Jan2019: And we have a winner! Congratulations to Jaseng99 for blowing us away with their reimagining of the @adidas logo in… https://t.co/Ti0byrrulO
4th Jan2019: We chatted with talented #99designer Maryia Dziadziulia about her favorite animators, her creative process and wher… https://t.co/Hxt36ejzGV
4th Jan2019: 🙌 https://t.co/dIYEpQ7mez
4th Jan2019: Our friends at @andco have rounded up the top 11 free icon sets for graphic designers. Which one are you most excit… https://t.co/qvG0hToKHu
4th Jan2019: We’ve combined some of our top design trend predictions for 2019 on @TheWisePops blog to guide you as you refresh… https://t.co/qcxpKpOMX4
3rd Jan2019: Hand lettering is in peak demand these days. In this article, we cover the basics you need to get started, and reco… https://t.co/ET8hHDKt24
3rd Jan2019: Finishing out our #webdesign trends for 2019 is an extremely important one: diversity and representation. The inter… https://t.co/TuqghH9A93
3rd Jan2019: "It doesn’t matter how good your deals are; if your site looks outdated, people will assume your brand is low quali… https://t.co/RpqC1OK9RB
21st Dec2018: #Minimalism will continue to dominate the digital landscape in 2019. Animations and scrolling will result in more w… https://t.co/UFxgUb86pA
21st Dec2018: Excellent article on #designtrends for 2019 by @ctrlzee for @FastCoDesign. We agree w/ Gadi Amit of @NewDealDesign… https://t.co/70Q8AH8hOu
20th Dec2018: It’s no surprise that #YouTube is one of the most prominent marketing tools out there today, so to help understand… https://t.co/TZ1LmqoDHx
19th Dec2018: We predict that in 2019, web pages will feature significantly more micro interactions. Hover and scrolling animatio… https://t.co/6eDjsTXJYQ
19th Dec2018: Though web pages are usually set up for systematic grids, designers are turning to smooth lines and organic shapes… https://t.co/1M0g91kXzx
18th Dec2018: We shared our top 10 #graphicdesign trend predictions for 2019 with @andco. Freelancers, these are the trends to ke… https://t.co/4k79eMkSHg
18th Dec2018: Vote vote vote! 🇺🇸 For your favorite @PeterVoogd23 logo! https://t.co/utsKmQQX9B
18th Dec2018: Which Bauhaus-inspired design will reign supreme? Only 4 more days to vote for your favorite logo in our community… https://t.co/DPMUq2O89p
18th Dec2018: Our first #webtrends prediction for 2019 is the return of the serif. While sans is still the go-to for website copy… https://t.co/thnHsEyK3K
17th Dec2018: Hard to believe, but 2019 means we’re closing out the decade. The internet has changed a lot in the past ten years… https://t.co/rOOikKPIbm
17th Dec2018: When it comes to inspiring @YouTube channels, @mattdavella is top of our list. Not only is his channel extremely en… https://t.co/0CYQbdFXAn
17th Dec2018: Nostalgia and futurism are set to go head-to-head in 2019. Dive into more graphic design trends predicted to domina… https://t.co/slHhkpiyvx
17th Dec2018: On the hunt for a last-minute present for your favorite client? We pulled together a selection of gifts to inspire… https://t.co/z49VrbsCqZ
15th Dec2018: Logos have limited space to paint a picture of who a brand is and what they stand for. This is why close attention… https://t.co/Oan8H2QZlT
15th Dec2018: Christian is a Swedish graphic designer specializing in bespoke packaging for wine and spirits. When clients need a… https://t.co/AJNSJDAJNE
14th Dec2018: Heloisa, aka TikaDesign, is a packaging and illustration guru. Her love for art and music shines through in every o… https://t.co/HueS3q4vej
14th Dec2018: In 2019, we anticipate more designers embracing the overlapping elements trend (as popularized by @PayPal), utilizi… https://t.co/TUVPXCk3Us
14th Dec2018: Did you know @StellaArtois has been using the same logo with very minimal changes since the early 14th century? One… https://t.co/uPbEenkQ6L
14th Dec2018: Are you an English-native writer who loves covering creative topics? The 99designs blog is looking for new contribu… https://t.co/If9IjDqcRy
14th Dec2018: Amongst the most familiar design trends is perhaps the most salient: #minimalism. At this point, it’s reasonable to… https://t.co/G6dKYIi4bG
13th Dec2018: Guess what? The gradient trend is showing no sign of slowing down in 2019. See it at its best in these inspirationa… https://t.co/CMh48ltyi0
13th Dec2018: Our friends at @InVisionApp have rounded up 101 quotes about design and creativity to inspire you as you head into… https://t.co/7fDuWTk14F
13th Dec2018: Are you an English-native writer who loves covering creative topics? The 99designs blog is looking for new contribu… https://t.co/XDeWeGab5K
13th Dec2018: Our latest Behance showcase puts the spotlight on Christian Bjurinder, a Swedish graphic designer with passion for… https://t.co/ARX33hzVAP
13th Dec2018: Looking through trends of years past is a fun way to see how far we’ve come, but when you’re planning a website des… https://t.co/6O3bG6KltZ
12th Dec2018: From @evernote to @twitter to @World_Wildlife, animals are the stars of logos all around us. Animals are a popular… https://t.co/F7t1Uwf8wS
12th Dec2018: We’re seeing designers focus more strongly on using color in a purposeful way, placing color more intentionally tha… https://t.co/XFSGfQfJnx
12th Dec2018: Another huge logo trend for 2019: designs that play with perspective, fragmentation, or visual distortion. This cre… https://t.co/Lw1QSFm3YT
11th Dec2018: In 2019, #designtrends will be about contradiction: Neon duotones alongside warm, vintage color palettes. The glitz… https://t.co/JSki3EcKbo
10th Dec2018: Animal logos: accurate, adorable or abstract? This roundup compares the best of the best to help you decide which d… https://t.co/jt651SFCp3
10th Dec2018: How can a logo can help a brand build a stronger personal connection with different groups of customers? Well, one… https://t.co/t7pTegXv4f
10th Dec2018: If you want your branding to feel remarkable and relevant then you need to keep an eye on how design trends are evo… https://t.co/ScIJlyFC2I
8th Dec2018: Responsive logos are shape-shifting logos that change in size, complexity or even color to adapt to wherever they a… https://t.co/xaR7g3vlzV
8th Dec2018: Treat yourself to a taste of our packaging design trend forecast for 2019 on #Behance 🎁 https://t.co/xkO9IVgA1t
7th Dec2018: If you’re trying to make room for more creative projects in your life, try these tips. https://t.co/7wPtkwIFJy… https://t.co/OHr49IYYsY
7th Dec2018: The most exciting time of the year is here! @pantone announces #LivingCoral as the 2019 #ColorOfTheYear. See it in… https://t.co/3Y0o8BIUqC
7th Dec2018: There are a few things to consider when deciding if going freelance is right for you. Maximize your chances at succ… https://t.co/qwVIPbSxZE
6th Dec2018: Expert packaging designer Martis Lupus foresees more minimalism, less plastic, and brighter colors in the near futu… https://t.co/9wjfwZPDeJ
6th Dec2018: There’s no business like yours. You know it. We know it. And that’s why you’ve come to the right place. We’re takin… https://t.co/54DBi6xtNf
6th Dec2018: With so many different design requirements, it becomes highly beneficial to hire designers that specialize in your… https://t.co/R6VcKzQjXj
5th Dec2018: Kitasavi are a power couple-turned-agency putting their delightful, eclectic and unique touch on branding for all i… https://t.co/gIgWUOdig3
5th Dec2018: 101 quotes about design and creativity https://t.co/dvfyITnEi5 #InsideDesign via @InvisionApp
5th Dec2018: From extra-loud bold fonts and minimal sans serif fonts to nostalgic vintage typefaces and messy, naive scripts, he… https://t.co/NPfFWq4Caf
5th Dec2018: The biggest hurdle facing #SMB owners looking for outsourced designers is knowing how to properly vet and hire them… https://t.co/FQo1XxRc1o
4th Dec2018: Top designer Meella is a cover design guru. Clients come to her with works any subject, any genre—and she always ha… https://t.co/IG0uU33WFl
4th Dec2018: Only 2 sleeps until the very first #StartupGrind APAC Conference in Melbourne! Grab a ticket and head down to hear… https://t.co/5FJOtQ8mXO
3rd Dec2018: If you want your logo to feel remarkable and relevant, you must first invent the universe. Or, at least start by ex… https://t.co/cPvg0anxMr
3rd Dec2018: Animated logos are a delight. Watch as they unfold and come to life in sweeping, smooth motions. #Behance… https://t.co/Mit4eRCtdX
3rd Dec2018: Gorgeous roundup! 🤗 #coverdesign https://t.co/eWGocprr4K
1st Dec2018: 7 @Photoshop techniques to try right now, like this weekend for example: https://t.co/Cind7VX6tn When done right,… https://t.co/KYgZjK4yop
1st Dec2018: "Knowing that my art could be interactive inspired me more and more. That’s when I decided to create layouts for we… https://t.co/NTDkEyLwjV
30th Nov2018: When you have a book cover concept that needs to be brought to life, designer Meella is your gal. She puts her hear… https://t.co/X0QuoTSEpR
30th Nov2018: 2019 is the final chance for web designers to make their mark on the decade. From monochrome to the evolution and p… https://t.co/POZf1xyuCc
30th Nov2018: Typography is a powerful thing, making a visual impact and evoking emotion sometimes quite overtly. It can make you… https://t.co/xzWfrdT0ah
29th Nov2018: We polled our 99designs community and other design leaders to create this list of the most important soft skills fo… https://t.co/5mxpMWTRC3
29th Nov2018: Infusing beautiful #typography into your design is the one of the most effective ways to communicate as a brand. Th… https://t.co/Xwxf8Z30Lj
28th Nov2018: It can hurt when someone criticizes your work—but it doesn’t always have to be. Train yourself to deal with constru… https://t.co/w76VByrPKn
28th Nov2018: Get some insight from our CEO for @entrepreneur as to why we see the gig economy as providing unparalleled opportun… https://t.co/mbpxlw3wRN
28th Nov2018: Natalie Franke (one of our absolute favorite humans) lists @BreneBrown, @ThisIsSethsBlog, @shondarhimes, @garyvee,… https://t.co/IPk8c8UmRt
27th Nov2018: Thanks so much to @GirlGeekAcademy for inviting us to take part in this awesome event - we had a blast! Best of luc… https://t.co/hvQzrJGzBg
26th Nov2018: Looking for a specific kind of vintage to emulate in your next design? Here are some great vintage styles to know a… https://t.co/AqRYZXv3kb
26th Nov2018: Expert designer Mky shares her predictions for the font trends that will rule #graphicdesign in 2019. Read up, then… https://t.co/oSzX6JMG9b
26th Nov2018: How do you get your logo to demand attention? Make it cute. (And maybe add a fuzzy animal mascot.)… https://t.co/RgMs6IipE1
26th Nov2018: Hot cup of joe, chilly cold brew, frothy mocha—choose your brew and then sit back and take in the best of coffee de… https://t.co/3ZtZaHaBlq
23rd Nov2018: Water resistant, long-lasting and artistic AF. 🎨 What could be better? This season, pick up an environmentally-frie… https://t.co/pGeTiQxl6U
22nd Nov2018: Gorgeous branding and identity design for natural soy candle company, Toasted Collections. All by 99designs designe… https://t.co/2QAZtKCrsG
22nd Nov2018: Ready for a little brainstorm to get the perfect logo for your business? via @VismeApp https://t.co/61FDioEA1I… https://t.co/r5Be52JgLa
21st Nov2018: From New Age geometry to elevated negative space, get ready for the new year by reading up on our top 9 emerging… https://t.co/9oXiQ2Yjpl
21st Nov2018: Look no further for the perfect gift: @connox has #Bauhaus mobiles designed by #OleFlensted, and we have them in ou… https://t.co/FAHQsXodMf
21st Nov2018: Soft skills are most definitely a thing! And just like knowing your way around Photoshop, they’re critical to your… https://t.co/CISqMwXbMJ
20th Nov2018: "Its message is simple: share. Share what you do and how you do it with the world." https://t.co/chuHmywDJx via… https://t.co/bcacvZ4F8B
19th Nov2018: A @leica_camera (Sofort, if you please) is a perfect gift for anyone, anytime. But it would be an absolute hit at y… https://t.co/F3TGtxfWBo
19th Nov2018: .@Areaware have so many amazing items in their shop, it was hard to pick just one for our holiday gift guide. So we… https://t.co/kSzBy659rf
17th Nov2018: #slowfashion champions @printalloverme sling well-designed, custom made items by amazing artists—including design 💘… https://t.co/9CSvmuV8km
16th Nov2018: Also on our ultimate designer #giftguide: a Yellowgold notebook 📙 by @baronfig. Small enough to take anywhere, but… https://t.co/FZ4Cj5lFe2
16th Nov2018: Logo design trends for 2019? The wait is over: https://t.co/j5rzRDwqxy #designinspiration #graphicdesign #designtrends
16th Nov2018: Our 💝ultimate💝 gift guide for #designers, #artists and #creatives is finally here! Cue the "oooh"s and "ahhh"s. And… https://t.co/OhAo2fZ0ng
15th Nov2018: We 💖 Mila! Check out her best packaging projects on #Behance and ask her for quote: https://t.co/3dat9qRv8L https://t.co/Rg8rckXq1j
15th Nov2018: The holidays are nearly upon us, and that means getting serious about your online marketing efforts. Get inspired b… https://t.co/AUhvOMzWKz
15th Nov2018: Hot off the press, 10 gorgeous graphic #designtrends for 2019: https://t.co/WjHpfcX1nH From 3D design and delicat… https://t.co/6UPRywg2Rb
14th Nov2018: Something AMAZING and incredibly festive is coming to the blog tomorrow. Can you guess what it is? 🎁 Stay tuned to… https://t.co/pvGU8SrmiZ
13th Nov2018: To be a great designer, you need to be creative. But along with the slew of technical design skills you already pos… https://t.co/YIwLb6hMxz
13th Nov2018: As a business, designing custom holiday cards can give your marketing efforts that special cozy touch:… https://t.co/wXOvVKPDbx
12th Nov2018: Top designer :: scott :: strikes a classy balance between elegant and playful in his brand designs. Check out the r… https://t.co/41EfK7mq4U
12th Nov2018: Extra, extra! Read all about how our #remoteteam used a book club to improve our shared design vocabulary (and over… https://t.co/1AUyUwKQ2e
12th Nov2018: “The benefits of a book club go way beyond team building for remote workers—it can be a great tool for any design t… https://t.co/bqSgW4MyQ7
9th Nov2018: Procreate is a digital painting app designed for mobile, which means it’s been optimized for you to start sketching… https://t.co/F7DKGsznGX
8th Nov2018: Itching to master @Procreate? 99designer Fe Melo gives her rundown on the app and recommends some of her favorite… https://t.co/CRpOXxgwni
8th Nov2018: From art deco to #vaporwave, here are the vintage design trends that are still going strong: https://t.co/IOUOu9Tn74
8th Nov2018: We love this video from @SueBZimmerman on how to make money on Instagram Stories. Great tips and great examples, ch… https://t.co/8Or4BVKCbo
8th Nov2018: Here are the top ten web design tips you need to know about (plus some useful dos and don’ts), divided into three c… https://t.co/yL3KX6AowF
7th Nov2018: We polled our 99designs community and other design leaders to create this list of the most important soft skills fo… https://t.co/Z2JUtOiypy
7th Nov2018: Meet Kitasavi: a graphic design power couple collaborating on colorful, eclectic and versatile designs.… https://t.co/MDrFS9uDZs
7th Nov2018: As a business, your clients are the reason for your success. The holidays are the perfect time to share your gratit… https://t.co/TOLWuiSA04
6th Nov2018: Not all banner ads are created equal. If you want your banner ad to drive traffic and conversions, it needs to be i… https://t.co/h22Huy6Dz9
6th Nov2018: We know how hard it is for non-designers to get the hang of this whole web design thing, so we created this handy g… https://t.co/SURyZ09qt3
6th Nov2018: If you want an outstanding logo for your brand, you’ll need to pinpoint your brand identity, understand the basics… https://t.co/Xb7S7ntwfu
6th Nov2018: Choosing the right pricing model for your #digitalagency can be a head scratcher. Let’s take a look at the differen… https://t.co/Nzk1pKUqU4
6th Nov2018: Marketing yourself as a designer doesn’t have to mean mindless self-promotion or employing sleazy sales tactics, an… https://t.co/wPHYF69xCb
6th Nov2018: Forget everything you know about traditional marketing and buckle up for some truth: marketing yourself is an impor… https://t.co/gtGj3RN3lq
5th Nov2018: From funny to sweet, take a look at these custom holiday cards and get inspired to create your own this holiday sea… https://t.co/vOYFLDu2XN
2nd Nov2018: If you build it, they will come” sounds awesome in theory, but freelance designers know it’s hardly realistic. Here… https://t.co/X6OZYT8JEf
1st Nov2018: Forget everything you know about traditional marketing and buckle up for some truth: marketing yourself is an impor… https://t.co/gqHeAZuivn
31st Oct2018: Get in the Halloween spirit with this collection of pop culture-inspired horror movie posters 👻… https://t.co/jKh5L2maUz
31st Oct2018: If you want an outstanding logo for your brand, you’ll need to pinpoint your brand identity, understand the basics… https://t.co/LKEmo9C7SQ
30th Oct2018: Nothing says "tis the season" like a custom holiday card. Here are 31 examples to inspire your business:… https://t.co/lq3gwUSrWx
30th Oct2018: Here are our top #ecommerce #webdesign tips to help you take your design to the next level (and sell a crazy amount… https://t.co/ed6FdWX8FJ
29th Oct2018: Here we walk you through the process of designing an app, from ideation to reality. https://t.co/ThdL5ZLKqt https://t.co/3zIbBbolAi
29th Oct2018: If you want an outstanding logo for your brand, you’ll need to pinpoint your brand identity, understand the basics… https://t.co/o0HMmt4D8m
29th Oct2018: How do you know when a design is good or bad? While design is subjective, here are a few questions to consider when… https://t.co/Ko7erGQRxQ
29th Oct2018: This cold has us dreaming of the beach, road trips and cozy coffeeshops. Ah, yes. The #digitalnomad life sounds pre… https://t.co/WUKHNr7h7x
25th Oct2018: In order to know whether a design is right for you, you need to understand the elements of good visual communicatio… https://t.co/6Frq3Ut8OZ
25th Oct2018: From ghastly elegance to nightmarish newsprint, get the lowdown on horror genre #typography.… https://t.co/nXl6HQIIb6
25th Oct2018: Get to know 99designs designer #goopanic, aka Anton, through his branding for #natural #wellness company Raw Earth… https://t.co/ilt3bxL9cj
24th Oct2018: An #ecommerce site offers you the chance to build your brand, connect with more customers, and sell more products—b… https://t.co/Nu9xMlV1a8
24th Oct2018: Ready to stop procrastinating and find entrepreneurial inspiration? To get you started, we curated this list of 1… https://t.co/2POuPgnb6p
23rd Oct2018: There’s so much you can do with a simple shape if you think outside the box. https://t.co/IGL50VQvLZ https://t.co/lqyXYg1CIN
22nd Oct2018: Keep it on point with these 25 chic square logos 👌https://t.co/1MVgmNtinD #logodesign https://t.co/zZ1x7oN1Bg
22nd Oct2018: Fulltime freelancing gives designer Bojana Mirkovic (aka GoodEnergy) the flexibility to work while traveling the wo… https://t.co/UE8VEaRdWQ
19th Oct2018: In case you missed it, here are 3 of our best resources for being a better freelancer: https://t.co/1xmeLowAO2… https://t.co/vC9ME09ZQN
19th Oct2018: Design mockups provide a first look at how the design will work for a client and their customers, and a realization… https://t.co/Rtq2fvh3Ul
19th Oct2018: At its core, minimalist design (or #minimalism) is functional. No extras, no waste. Every element—including shapes,… https://t.co/sfV4GhMo1w
18th Oct2018: Make branding a priority, use color psychology to your advantage, think like a visitor, and 8 more tips to get the… https://t.co/cii6uMl0UE
18th Oct2018: Social media has changed the way people in the world connect, so it’s no surprise to see new social media apps popp… https://t.co/92Q9mWItTd
17th Oct2018: While minimalism might seem “easy” to the untrained eye, designers know how much confidence and control it takes to… https://t.co/BcZaIqhian
17th Oct2018: YouTube is full of awesome designers who are doing amazing work not just with their art, but as creative entreprene… https://t.co/ZFaipYsG0Z
17th Oct2018: With all the different types of apps out on the market, it can be hard to know which visual direction to go in. To… https://t.co/XSKMRaXOrU
16th Oct2018: These days, we do just about everything online—and that includes shopping. Which is why there’s never been a better… https://t.co/dBEskg9vsc
16th Oct2018: Calling all designers! Illustrate one of three @BillSimmons slogans on a t-shirt and have your design featured in t… https://t.co/QWsBx86v6g
16th Oct2018: We’ve created this guide to help you understand the concept, technicalities and pitfalls associated with designing… https://t.co/a7KOTEYI1t
16th Oct2018: Who else is excited for this new feature?! 🖐️ Like a smart object, but smarter 😜 https://t.co/HXrPKjV6mO
15th Oct2018: Branding is both an idea and an image that people have of a product, service, or company. Storytelling affects your… https://t.co/aCTKzMGrzx
12th Oct2018: Designers all know the power of a good mockup. We’ve created this guide to help you further understand the concept,… https://t.co/6P7qQiImOC
12th Oct2018: Want to be a better freelancer? Of course you do. #behance https://t.co/yFsBjRetjp https://t.co/2iGR8qWcUA

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