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40% Off 3+ Full-Price Items Coupon (to 15th Mar)
The FEB-YOU-ARY Event: 40% Off Full-Price Coupon (to 4th Mar)
30% Off Full-Price Suits - USA coupon Coupon (to 4th Mar)
50% Off 3+ Full-Price Items US Coupon (to 4th Mar)
40% Off Your Purchase (to 13th Feb)
50% Off Winter Favorites with code: COLD50. Valid 1/30 @ 12 Coupon (to 2nd Feb)
50% Off, Plus an Extra 15% Off Your Purchase with code - SISTERS. V.. Coupon (to 18th Aug)
Extra 40% Off All Sale Styles. Valid 8/8 - 12AM - 8/12 - 3PM! (to 13th Aug)
60% Off Select Full-Price Styles with Code - FIREWORK. Valid 7/5 at.. Coupon (to 9th Jul)
Extra 60% Off Sale Styles. Valid 7/4/19 at 12AM - 7/8 at 3AM! (to 9th Jul)
50% Off Your Purchase with code - JULY Valid 7/2 - 12AM - 7/4 - 12AM Coupon (to 5th Jul)
40-50% Off Full-Price Styles with Code - LETSGO. Valid 6/27 - 12 Am.. Coupon (to 3rd Jul)
Extra 50% Off Sale Styles. Valid 6/27 - 12 Am - 7/2 - 12 Am! (to 3rd Jul)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 6/26 - 3AM - 6/27 - 12AM! (to 28th Jun)
50% Off Almost Everything Plus an Extra 10% Off. Valid 6/21 - 12 AM.. (to 27th Jun)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 6/20 - 3AM - 6/25 - 12AM (to 26th Jun)
Extra 25% Off Clearance. Valid 6/24 - 12 Am - 6/25 - 12 Am! (to 26th Jun)
All Sale Dresses Under $35 with code - BESTDRESS. Valid 6/21 - 12AM.. Coupon (to 25th Jun)
50% Off Almost Everything Plus an Extra 15% Off. Valid 6/21 - 12 AM.. (to 25th Jun)
50% Off Almost Everything Plus an Extra 10% Off and Free Shipping. .. (to 25th Jun)
40% Off Clearance. Valid 6/18 - 12 Am - 6/20 - 12 Am! (to 21st Jun)
$99 Suits. Valid 6/14 - 12 AM - 6/20 - 12 AM! (to 21st Jun)
40-60% Hundreds of Styles. Valid 6/14 - 12 AM - 6/20 - 12 AM! (to 21st Jun)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 6/18 - 3 Am - 6/19 - 3 Pm! (to 20th Jun)
Cyber Summer - 50% Off Everything Plus Free Shipping Valid 6/15 - 5.. (to 19th Jun)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 6/13 - 3AM - 6/15 - 5PM! (to 16th Jun)
40% Almost Everything Plus an Extra 25% Off with code - EXTRA. Vali.. Coupon (to 15th Jun)
Extra 60% Off Sale Styles. Valid 6/11 - 12AM - 6/13 - 3AM! (to 14th Jun)
40% Off Your Purchase with code - HELLO40. Valid 6/6 - 12AM - 6/10 .. Coupon (to 11th Jun)
Summer Favorites Starting at $19.99 Plus an Extra 20% Off. Valid 6/.. (to 11th Jun)
Select Suits $125. Valid 6/5 -12AM - 6/6 -12AM (to 7th Jun)
40%-60% Off Select Styles. Valid 6/2 - 12AM- 6/5 -12AM! (to 6th Jun)
30% Off Clearance. Valid 6/2 -12AM - 6/5 -12AM! (to 6th Jun)
50% Off Select Full-Price Styles with code FIFTY. Valid 5/30 -12AM-.. Coupon (to 5th Jun)
Extra 50% Off All Sale Styles. Valid - 5/30 -12AM- 6/4 -3AM! (to 5th Jun)
Buy 4, Get 60% Off, Buy 3 get 50% Off, Buy 2 Get 30% Off. Valid at .. (to 3rd Jun)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 5/29 - 3AM- 5/30 -12AM! (to 31st May)
Extra 60% Off Sale Styles. Valid 5/26 - 12AM - 5/29 - 3AM! (to 30th May)
Ankle Pants 50% Off. Valid 5/22 - 12 AM - 5/29 - 12 AM! (to 30th May)
40% Off Full-Price Styles Plus Additional 15% Off with code - HEATW.. Coupon (to 29th May)
40-60% Off Must Have Outfits. Valid 5/14 - 12 AM - 5/22 - 12 AM.! (to 23rd May)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 5/21 - 3AM - 5/22 - 12AM! (to 23rd May)
Clearance Event - Buy 5 or more Get 25% Off, Buy 4 Get 20% Off, Buy.. (to 17th May)
50% Off Hundreds of Styles. Valid 5/9 - 12 Am - 5/14 - 12 Am! (to 15th May)
50% Off Almost Everything with code - MOTHERSDAY. Valid 5/11 - 12AM.. (to 14th May)
40% Off Full-Price Styles with code - TREATMOM. Valid 5/9 - 12AM - .. (to 12th May)
Extra 50% Off Sale Styles. Valid 5/9 - 12AM - 5/11 - 12AM! (to 12th May)
40% Off Full-Price Suiting with Code - SUITYOURSELF. Valid 5/6 - 3 .. Coupon (to 11th May)
50% Off Select Styles Plus Extra 10% with Purchase of 3 or More Sty.. Coupon (to 11th May)
50% Off Select Full-Price Workwear with Code - GOODWORK. Valid 4/24.. Coupon (to 11th May)
Spring Essentials - 40-60% Off Almost Everything. Valid 5/2 - 12 AM.. (to 9th May)
Extra 60% Off 3 Plus Sale Items, Extra 50% Off 2 Sale Items, Extra .. (to 7th May)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 4/30 - 3 Am - 5/1 - 12 Am! (to 2nd May)
$50 Off Every $100 Full-Price Purchase. Valid 4/26 - 12 Am - 4/28 -.. (to 29th Apr)
New Arrivals Starting at $24.99. Valid 4/4 at 12 AM - 4/18 at 12 AM! (to 19th Apr)
Buy One, Get One Free Dresses and Jumpsuits. Valid 4/4 at 12 AM - 4.. (to 11th Apr)
40% Off Your Purchase Plus Additional 10% Off with Code - HELLOSPRI.. Coupon (to 10th Apr)
40% Off Full-Price Styles with Code - SPRINGISIN. Valid 4/4 at 12AM.. Coupon (to 7th Apr)
Extra 50% Off Sale Styles. Valid 4/4 at 12AM - 4/6 at 12AM! (to 7th Apr)
50% Off Full-Price Tops. Valid 4/4 at 12AM - 4/6 at 12AM! (to 7th Apr)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 4/2 at 12 Am - 4/4 at 12 Am! (to 5th Apr)
Spring Sale 40-60% Off. Valid 3/30 at 12 Am - 4/3 at 12 Am! (to 4th Apr)
Spring Sale 40-60% Off. Valid 3/27 at 12 Am - 4/3 at 12 Am! (to 4th Apr)
Extra 50% Off Sale Styles. Valid 3/28 at 12 Am - 3/31 at 12 Am! (to 1st Apr)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 3/26 at 3AM - 3/28 at 12AM! (to 29th Mar)
50% Off Select Full- Price Tops and Sweaters. Valid 3/21 at 12 Am -.. (to 28th Mar)
Clearance $24.99 and Under. Valid 3/13 at 12 AM - 3/25 at 11 - 59PM! (to 26th Mar)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 3/18 at 3AM - 3/23 at 5PM! (to 24th Mar)
Spring Fashion Styles 40-60% Off. Valid 3/7 at 12 AM - 3/20 at 11 -.. (to 21st Mar)
Extra 15% Off Clearance with Code - EXTRA15. Valid 3/14 at 12AM - 3.. Coupon (to 18th Mar)
Twice the Style Sale - 50% Off Almost Everything. Valid 3/14 at 12 .. (to 18th Mar)
Extra 50% Off Sale Styles. Valid 3/12 at 3AM - 3/17 at 11 - 59PM! (to 18th Mar)
40% Off 3 Plus Full-Price Items, 30% Off 2 Full-Price Items, 20% Of.. Coupon (to 17th Mar)
Twice the Style Sale - 50% Off Almost Everything Plus Free Shipping.. (to 16th Mar)
Spring Fashion Styles $40 Off Plus an Extra 10% Off. Valid 3/12 at .. (to 13th Mar)
Spring Forward Flash Sale 40-60% Off Plus Buy 3, Get an Extra 23% O.. (to 12th Mar)
Style Steals $29.99. Valid 2/26 at 12 AM - 3/11! (to 12th Mar)
New Arrivals Starting at $29.99. Valid 2/26 at 12 AM - 3/6 at 11 - .. (to 7th Mar)
The Pant Event- Buy One Get One Free Select Pants. Valid 2/21 at 12.. (to 7th Mar)
Extra 50% Off Sale Styles. Valid 3/1 at 3AM - 3/4 at 11 - 59PM! (to 7th Mar)
$20 Off Your Purchase of $100. Valid 3/4 at 12 AM - 3/6 at 11 - 59PM! (to 7th Mar)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 3/4 at 12 Am - 3/6 at 11 - 59 Pm! (to 7th Mar)
Clearance Flash Sale - Buy 5 Plus Styles- Get 25% Off, Buy 4 Styles.. (to 4th Mar)
Extra 60% Off All Sale Styles. Valid 2/27 at 12AM - 2/28 at 11 - 59PM! (to 1st Mar)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 2/19 at 3AM - 2/25 at 11 - 59PM! (to 26th Feb)
$50 Off Full-Price Shoes. Valid 2/20 at 12AM - 2/22 at 11 - 59PM! (to 23rd Feb)
$50 Off Full-Price Dresses. Valid 2/20 at 12AM - 2/22 at 11 - 59PM! (to 23rd Feb)
Select Styles Starting at $19.99. Valid 2/7 at 12AM - 2/20 at 11 - .. (to 21st Feb)
40% Off Select Full-Price Styles with Code - SOSWEET. Valid 2/13 at.. Coupon (to 19th Feb)
40-60% Almost Everything Plus An Extra 15% Off Your Purchase with C.. Coupon (to 19th Feb)
Extra 50% Off All Sale Styles. Valid 2/13 at 12AM - 2/18 at 11 - 59PM! (to 19th Feb)
40% Off Select Full-Price Styles with Code - LOVETOSHOP. Valid 1/24.. Coupon (to 17th Feb)
Work Staples Starting at $29.99. Valid 2/1/19 at 12 Am - 2/14/19 at.. (to 15th Feb)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 2/12 at 3AM - 2/13 at 12AM! (to 14th Feb)
Extra 40% Off All Sale Styles. Valid 2/7 at 12AM - 2/11 at 11 - 59PM! (to 12th Feb)
40% Off Select Full-Price Styles. Valid 2/7 at 12AM - 2/11 at 11 - .. (to 12th Feb)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 2/5 at 3AM - 2/6 at 11 - 59PM! (to 7th Feb)
New Arrivals Starting at $29.99. Valid 1/24 at 12AM - 2/6 at 11 - 5.. (to 7th Feb)
Buy One, Get One Free Suits. Valid 1/24 at 12 AM - 2/5 at 11 - 59 PM! (to 6th Feb)
$50 Off Full-Price Dresses. Valid 1/31 at 12AM - 2/3 at 11 - 59PM! (to 4th Feb)
Extra 50% Off Sale Styles. Valid 1/29 at 3AM - 2/3 at 11 - 59PM! (to 4th Feb)
End of Season Sale - up To 70% Off / Suit Sale 40% Off. Valid 1/25 .. (to 4th Feb)
Clearance New Markdowns Starting at $14.99. Valid 1/18 at 12 AM -1/.. (to 31st Jan)
Clearance Flash Sale- Extra 20% Off Hundreds of Styles. Valid 1/27 .. (to 29th Jan)
Extra 70% Off 3 Plus Sale Items, Extra 60% Off 2 Sale Items, Extra .. (to 29th Jan)
Wrap Dress, Wrap Sweaters, Wrap/tie Blouses and Wrap Skirts--Starti.. (to 24th Jan)
Extra 70% Off All Sale Styles. Valid 1/20/19 at 12 Am Est - 1/21/19.. (to 22nd Jan)
Extra 60% Off Sale Styles. Valid 1/16/2019 at 12 Am - 1/19 - 11 - 5.. (to 20th Jan)
40% Off Select Full-Price Styles + Extra 60% Off All Sale Styles. V.. (to 20th Jan)
Clearance Styles Starting at $14.99. Valid 1/6 at 12 AM - 1/17 at 1.. (to 19th Jan)
End Of Season Sale--50%, 60% at 70% Off. Valid 1/8/19 at 12 AM - 1/.. (to 17th Jan)
Work Wear Now Work Styles Starting at $17.99 Plus Extra 10% Off wit.. Coupon (to 16th Jan)
Select Sale Shoes Under $35. Valid 1/14 at 12AM - 1/15 at 11 - 59 PM! (to 16th Jan)
Extra 50% Off Sale Styles. Valid 1/14 at 12AM - 1/15 at 11 - 59PM! (to 16th Jan)
Select Sale Dresses Under $35. Valid 1/14 at 12AM - 1/15 at 11 - 59.. (to 16th Jan)
50% Off Everything with Code - GIFT50. Valid 12/15/2018 at 3AM - 12.. Coupon (to 15th Jan)
50% Off Full-Price Tops & Sweaters with Code - TOPITOFF. Valid 1/3 .. Coupon (to 15th Jan)
End of Season Sale--50%, 60% & 70% Off Plus $20 Off $100 or More wi.. Coupon (to 15th Jan)
Winter Styles Starting at $29.99 Plus an Additional 15% Off Your Pu.. Coupon (to 15th Jan)
Select Sale Sweaters Under $25. Valid 1/11 at 12AM - 1/13 at 11 - 5.. (to 14th Jan)
50% Off Select Full-Price Styles Plus Extra 60% Off All Sale Styles.. (to 14th Jan)
60% Off Plus Extra 10% Off All Sale Styles. Valid 1/8/2019 at 12AM .. (to 10th Jan)
Extra 60% Off All Sale Styles Plus Additional 10% Off. Valid 1/8 at.. (to 10th Jan)
End of Season Sale - Extra 60% Off Sale Styles. Valid 12/26/18 at 1.. (to 8th Jan)
Semi Annual Sale--50%, 60% and 70% Off. Valid 12/26/18 at 12 AM - 1.. (to 3rd Jan)
50 - 70 % Off. Valid 12/18/18 at 12 AM - 12/25/18 at 11 - 59 PM! (to 26th Dec)
50% Off Our Latest Collection. Valid 12/13/18 at 12 AM - 12/22/18 a.. (to 23rd Dec)
Clearance 60-80% Off. Valid 12/13/18 at 12 AM - 12/22/18 at 11 - 59.. (to 23rd Dec)
Tops Starting at $19.99. Valid 12/6/18 at 12 AM - 12/20/18 at 12 AM! (to 21st Dec)
40% Off Your Purchase with Code - GIVEANDGET. Valid 12/7/2018 at 3A.. Coupon (to 15th Dec)
Free Shipping + 40% Off Everything with Code - SHOPEARLY. Offer val.. Coupon (to 15th Dec)
40% Off Everything with Code - THANKFUL. Offer valid from 11/21/201.. Coupon (to 15th Dec)
Black Friday 50-70% Off Almost Everything Plus and Additional 15% O.. Coupon (to 15th Dec)
One Day Only! Free Shipping Plus 50% Off Everything with Code CYBER.. Coupon (to 15th Dec)
Cyber Monday 50-70% Off Almost Everything Plus and Additional 15% O.. Coupon (to 15th Dec)
50-70% Off Almost Everything Plus and Additional 10% with Code EARL.. Coupon (to 15th Dec)
Clearance 60-80% Off. Valid 12/5/12 at 12 am - 12/12/18 at 12 AM! (to 13th Dec)
Gifts Under $24.99 and $49.99! (to 30th Nov)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles from 11/12/2018 at 3AM- 11/20/2018 at 12AM! (to 21st Nov)
Dresses $49.99 from 11/8/18 at 12 AM- 11/15/18 at 12 AM! (to 16th Nov)
Sweaters $19.99 from 11/8/18 at 12 AM- 11/15/18 at 12 AM! (to 16th Nov)
Outerwear 50% Off from 11/8/18 at 12 AM- 11/15/18 at 12 AM! (to 16th Nov)
Pants $34.99 from 11/8/18 at 12 AM- 11/15/18 at 12 AM! (to 16th Nov)
Up To 73% Off Womens Suits (to 14th Nov)
50% Off Right-Now Styles. Use code FALLCOLORS at Checkout. Offer Va.. Coupon (to 14th Nov)
Free Shipping Plus 50% Off Your Purchase with Code - HURRYUP. Valid.. Coupon (to 14th Nov)
$25 Off $100, $50 Off $175 with Code SHOPMORE. Valid 10/25/18 at 12.. Coupon (to 14th Nov)
40% Off Your Purchase Plus Additional 10% Off with Code - REFRESH. .. Coupon (to 14th Nov)
Up to 38% off Accessories Coupon (to 14th Nov)
Extra 40% Off Sale Styles. Valid 11/1/18 at 3AM - 11/8/2018 at 12AM! (to 9th Nov)
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Best of Fall Styles Starting at $24.99. Valid 10/25/18 at 12 AM - 1.. (to 2nd Nov)
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Dresses 40-60% Off. Valid 10/25/18 at 12 AM - 10/30/18 at 12 AM! (to 31st Oct)
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Great Cyber Monday Offer 50% off Sitewide Plus Free Shipping Coupon (to 15th Sep)
$25 off Full Price Orders Over $75 Coupon (to 15th Sep)
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Extra 50% off Dresses Coupon (to 12th Jul)
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Up To 57% Off Shoes (to 14th Nov)
Up To 57% Off Knits Plus Tees (to 14th Nov)


17th Oct: Found: A coat that checks off all the boxes… Shop Now:
17th Oct: Sweatpants, who? Elevated and easy is how we’re doing pants this fall. Shop Now:
15th Oct: Spotted: This perfect outfit. When would you wear it? Shop Now:
14th Oct: Our newest animal print is big, bold—and incredibly versatile. Shop Now:
14th Oct: Here’s a comfy secret: Our faux leather has two-way stretch! [ 📷 : Instagram handle liyahaaliyah_] Shop Now:…
13th Oct: When in doubt, wrap yourself up in calming colors. Shop Now:
13th Oct: This coatigan goes with *everything*, right Ann Taylor DC? Shop Now:
12th Oct: This week’s style quiz: Which cozy-luxe sweater is your favorite? Shop Now:
12th Oct: Whether they’re dressed down or dressed up, our plushest sweaters always feel just right. Shop Now:…
11th Oct: The easiest way to brighten your week? Just throw on a statement trench. Shop Now:
11th Oct: Thanks, style expert Denise Caldwell, for visiting us IRL. (Also: Those fall florals look flawless on you…) Shop N…
10th Oct: Your cozy weekend outfit equation: a luxuriously plush sweater + our seamed leggings + an extra layer (just in case…
10th Oct: We took our best-selling Hutton Blazer and reimagined it as a soft-yet-structured knit that you’ll never want to ta…
9th Oct: Just leaving a little outfit inspo on your feed… When would you wear this? Shop Now:
9th Oct: Wondering what to wear with our faux suede Easy Ankle Pant? Even more soft layers, right @mksportsanista? Shop Now…
8th Oct: Our faux suede Easy Ankle Pant looks and feels like the real thing—with the added benefits of make-your-life-easier…
8th Oct: Take your favorite timeless styles. Update them in a brilliant blue hue. Look amazing and feel energized for the da…
7th Oct: Style tip: Add a bold belt to turn your favorite house dress into a wear-out-of-the-house dress, a la…
7th Oct: An instant outfit (and energy) boost... Shop Now:
6th Oct: Influencer Marianne Sides of The MA Times showing off the most perfect wear-every-day cardigan…ever. Shop Now:…
5th Oct: Mondays always feel better when you’re wearing something soft. (And our sweaters are *incredibly* soft.) Shop Now…
5th Oct: Current obsession: Puffed sleeve everything—cardigans included. Shop Now:
4th Oct: Anyone else still planning their outfits for the week, even if you’re just wearing them to the living room? Shop N…
4th Oct: Meet our welt pocket high-waist jeans: chic, flattering, and pairs perfectly with all the pretty tops you’ve stocke…
3rd Oct: Your weekend outfit equation: a faux leather top + white jeans + cute boots. [📷 Marianne Sides of The MA Times] Sh…
3rd Oct: Easing into the weekend like… Shop Now:
2nd Oct: Wearing a cozy statement sweater is a form of self-care, right @thebstinger? Shop Now:
2nd Oct: Fringed, soft, and gorgeous—say hello to your new favorite sweater. Shop Now:
1st Oct: Match your outfit to your pumpkin spice latte. Shop Now:
1st Oct: Swipe to see the perfect way to style this perfect fall dress, courtesy of @clarkandstone. Shop Now:…
30th Sep: Wish you could feel this sweater stack, so you could understand just how soft our new styles are. Shop Now:…
30th Sep: Raise your hand if sweater weather is your favorite weather. Shop Now:
29th Sep: Current obsession: micro ruffles—especially when they’re on outfit-making tops like this one. Shop Now:…
28th Sep: This week’s style quiz: Which ruffled top is your favorite? Shop Now:
28th Sep: Our design team set out to give the classic trench coat a modern update. (Think: Something you’ll want to wear for…
27th Sep: Thanks, @carolinareal, for stopping by the store—we’re so ready to jump into the new season, too! Shop Now:…
27th Sep: We’re falling hard for ruffles this season. Shop Now:
26th Sep: Looks like Charlotte Bridgeman and @mystylevita figured out the secret to turning heads… Shop Now:…
26th Sep: Your weekend outfit equation: a polished sweater + wide leg jeans + accent accessories. Photo by @livlovesleo…
25th Sep: Tag a friend who gets that Friday nights are for staying in. Shop Now:
25th Sep: Wish you could feel just how soft this sweater is. Shop Now:
24th Sep: Go on, give them the *bold* shoulder. [📷 Ann Taylor, Michigan Avenue] Shop Now:
24th Sep: We love both of @mystylevita’s outfit options—which is more your style? Shop Now:
23rd Sep: Style quiz: Which accessory would you add to today’s outfit? Shop Now:
23rd Sep: Photographer Naomi Derose is sitting pretty in our leopard print camp shirt. Shop Now:
22nd Sep: Fall is officially here—and the new dress code for the season is equal parts soft and sophisticated. (Swoon.) Shop…
21st Sep: Influencers A Glam Lifestyle, Life with Jazz and Dr. Kayra (Instagram handle: kayrazalvarado) show how easy it is t…
21st Sep: Our amazing bi-stretch suiting separates were made for people who want to dress like it’s Monday but feel like it’s…
20th Sep: Just leaving a little outfit inspo for the week… When would you wear this? Shop Now:
20th Sep: Friends of Ann influencer: @retroflame On her list: layer-ready essentials Shop Now:
19th Sep: Friends of Ann influencer: MK Sportsanista On her list: updated animal prints Shop Now:
18th Sep: Friends of Ann influencer: Honey n Silk On her list: (faux) suede everything Shop Now:
18th Sep: Friends of Ann influencer: Vanessa Oblinsky On her list: statement tops Shop Now:
17th Sep: Friends of Ann influencer: Charlotte Bridgeman On her list: just-right jeans
17th Sep: We love seeing your (masked) faces in our stores! Thanks, Emily Kammeyer (aka The Accessories Gal), for visiting us…
16th Sep: TFW your top is both incredibly soft *and* beyond cute. Shop Now:
15th Sep: Comment below and tag a friend who would be wild about this look. Shop Now:
15th Sep: An effortlessly polished outfit you can actually wear out of the house? @aglamlifestyle shows us how it’s done. Sh…
14th Sep: Here’s a really simple equation: A blazer plus anything else equals instant polish. Shop Now:…
14th Sep: Our jeans have stretch that *actually* holds its shape, NBD. Shop Now:
13th Sep: A little bit of leopard makes an outfit pop. Shop Now:
12th Sep: Style quiz: Which is your Saturday night print pick? Shop Now:
12th Sep: We’ve made our in-store shopping experience safe *and* mirror selfie-friendly. (Looking gorgeous at our Durham loca…
11th Sep: Honoring our heroes-- today, tomorrow, forever.
10th Sep: Go easy, tiger—with this comfy-chic set. Shop Now:
10th Sep: This outfit’s beyond purrfect. Shop Now:
9th Sep: We love @mksportsanista’s animal instincts. Shop Now:
8th Sep: The question we ask ourselves when we get dressed these days: “Do I look good enough to turn my video camera on?” (…
8th Sep: Summer’s a state of mind, right @SoSageBlog? Shop Now:
7th Sep: One dress, two ways—thanks blogger Jasmine Ricks of Life with Jazz for the inspo. Shop Now:
7th Sep: Tag your favorite rule-breaking friend who would look amazing in this outfit today—and after Labor Day, too. Shop…
6th Sep: Just daydreaming about perfect LBDs again… Shop Now:
5th Sep: How are you celebrating Labor Day weekend? (No matter what you’ve got planned, this outfit would be perfect, BTW.)…
5th Sep: Heading into the long weekend like…(📷 Kat Tanita) Shop Now:
4th Sep: Found: The perfect print for long weekend vacations (and staycations). Shop Now:
3rd Sep: Blogger Sabine Jean of The B Stinger’s outfit is the epitome of timeless-with-a-twist. Shop Now:…
3rd Sep: Getting endless summer vibes from blogger Vanessa Oblinsky’s perfect plaid outfit. Shop Now:…
2nd Sep: We think both of these honey-hued outfit options are sweet—which do you prefer? Shop Now:
1st Sep: Looking to try the basketweave trend? Start with delicate accents like these. Shop Now:
31st Aug: Go on, show your stripes. Shop Now:
30th Aug: So many plaids, so little time—which is your favorite? Shop Now:
30th Aug: This look checks off all the boxes. Shop Now:
29th Aug: Found: The perfect summer-to-fall outfit. Shop Now:
29th Aug: Why choose between florals and dots when you can have both? [📷: Ceta Walters of Clark and Stone] Shop Now:…
28th Aug: Tag a friend who knows how to find a good time on a Friday (even if it’s virtual). Shop Now:…
27th Aug: Our current obsession is this pretty poppy print! Shop Now:
26th Aug: Ever notice how a pencil skirt just instantly pulls an outfit together? [📷: Monroe Steele] Shop Now:…
25th Aug: Pretty scarves are the MVP of Zoom calls. Shop Now:
25th Aug: Blogger Lauren Ball of Roses and Rainboots reminding us how much we love skirts that go *swish*. Shop Now:…
24th Aug: Do yourself a favor and put on something incredibly mood-boosting today (we recommend our fringe tweed peplum jacke…
23rd Aug: If we can’t go on vacation, at least we can wear accessories that transport us somewhere tropical. [📷: Ann Taylor K…
22nd Aug: Meet our new favorite color combo—gorgeous, right? Shop Now:
22nd Aug: Tag a friend who always looks on the bright side (or loves a bold pattern). Shop Now:
20th Aug: Summer, gingham and jumpsuits just go together. Shop Now:
20th Aug: Found: A reason to wear shoes again. Shop Now:
19th Aug: Blogger Roses and Rainboots gives nautical a neutral spin. Shop Now:
18th Aug: Because you’re not gonna want to wait for fall to wear this blazer, make it warm weather-appropriate with tailored…
18th Aug: We are here to convince you that a golden blazer is a wardrobe essential. Shop Now:
17th Aug: What would you add to this outfit: a frozen cocktail, a beach read or an ocean breeze? Shop Now:…
17th Aug: When it’s Monday but you want to dress like it’s still the weekend. (Thanks @TheBStinger for the inspo.) Shop Now:…
16th Aug: Get yourself a blazer that brightens moods. (We’re talking wearable sunshine.) Shop This Look:…
15th Aug: Golden hour > happy hour. Shop This Look:
15th Aug: Pop quiz: Which top would you reach for today? Shop Now:
14th Aug: Two of our favorite things: little black dresses and stylish white sneakers.
14th Aug: It’s Friday! Why not celebrate by getting all dressed up…even just to work from the couch? Shop Now:…
12th Aug: We are *very* into white denim season, you? Shop This Look:
10th Aug: Our new favorite neutral print goes wildly well with everything. Shop Now:
9th Aug: Our friends at the Ann Taylor Aventura, Florida store make sitting pretty look easy. Shop Now:…
8th Aug: Live out your Roman Holiday fantasy in our new wide-leg palazzo pant. Shop Now:
8th Aug: Blogger Caitlyn Warakomski rocks our roomy palazzo pant like a dream. Shop Now:
7th Aug: Gold shoes = the best summer accessory. Shop Now:
7th Aug: Relax, it’s Friday—even if it’s already Saturday under the blazer. Shop Now:
6th Aug: Blogger Meghan Donovan of Wit and Whimsy hunts for the best pieces and gathers the style results. Shop Now:…
6th Aug: Masks are back in stock (and in style). Shop Now:
5th Aug: Our teammate, Lesley, lounges with her favorite lap dog wearing our new summer floral pant. Shop Now:…
2nd Aug: The Double Take Girls have double the sister fun and double the awesome outfits. #NationalSistersDay Shop Now:…
2nd Aug: The top you asked about is back! Plus, it’s #NationalSistersDay! Tag the sisters and like-a-sisters that you might…
1st Aug: Because an outfit this good deserves at least a quick walk around the block. [📷: @jeanwang] Shop Now:…
31st Jul: A dress that feels like an instant vacation, care of @MKSportsanista. Shop Now:
30th Jul: Pinteresting Plans has a look made for a weekday adventure. P.S. Try wearing your top reversed to unlock a whole ne…
30th Jul: Happy #InternationalFriendshipDay! Tag the BFFs you’d shop these outfits with (for us, that’s YOU).
30th Jul: Take a break for a middle-of-the-week marg with a friend today. Wear this. [📷: Lilly Demello] Shop Now:…
29th Jul: A linen summer set is your ultimate wear-it-how-you-want-now, still-fall-in-love-with-it later outfit. Shop Now:…
29th Jul: Your sunny-day forecast: this look. [📷: @thebstinger] Shop Now:
28th Jul: When it’s too hot to think about our outfit, we go for easy dresses in “wow” prints. Shop Now:…
27th Jul: That smile. That great jacket. That not-so-mellow yellow. Yeah, Monday’s looking pretty good. [📷: Ann Taylor DC]
27th Jul: Sun’s out, stripes out — this two-piece linen set doubles your summer style options. [📷: @retroflame] Shop Now:…
26th Jul: Cool and easy, this look is summer in one outfit. [📷: via liyahaaliyah_ on Instagram] Shop Now:…
26th Jul: Pet a dog today. #SelfCareSunday [📷: @kattania] Shop Now:
25th Jul: Dress like you’re ready to get away — your patio totally counts. #ThisIsAnn Shop Now:
25th Jul: Here’s a little break from… everything — just a seriously great outfit. Shop Now:
25th Jul: Remember to take five, take a breath, and find a reason to smile today. You got this. Shop Now:…
24th Jul: Current weekend uniform: easy tops and bold shorts. [📷: Vanessa Oblinsky] #AnnStyleTip Shop Now:…
24th Jul: We love how you’re styling our favorite new prints — like this tile pattern, which @retroflame paired with can’t-go…
22nd Jul: Earrings that feel like vacation — and you don’t even have to pack them. Shop Now:
21st Jul: Great together, and great apart — this two-piece set gets extra points for versatility. Shop Now:…
21st Jul: This matching knit set has us feeling twice as nice. Shop Now:
20th Jul: A Monday check-in: which emoji do you feel like today? [📷: Vanessa Oblinsky] Shop Now:
19th Jul: Sunday mornings = time for porch hangs. (Not pictured: one giant iced coffee.) Shop Now:…
19th Jul: Sunday mornings = time for porch hangs. (Not pictured: one giant iced coffee.) Shop Now:
18th Jul: Time for an imaginary packing session: where would you bring these boardwalk-ready accessories? Shop Now:…
18th Jul: Forever a classic: @retroflame in a perfect white blouse and denim shorts. We’re also partial to a good mirror self…
17th Jul: Wear that ruffled top just because you can. What mood-boosting styles are you reaching for lately? Shop Now:…
17th Jul: #AnnStyleTip: doubling up on pinks is always a good idea. (We also still love to lay out our clothes the night befo…
16th Jul: Summertime staple madras and so-chic black are our fave seasonal pairing. (Fries dipped in ice cream is second.) [📷…
15th Jul: Summer’s the perfect time to work on your tar-tan. Shop Now:
15th Jul: Found: the perfect floaty dress for going here, there, and nowhere. Shop Now:
14th Jul: Not into waking up for the sunrise? Just dress like one, then. Shop Now:
13th Jul: We’re back at it again, with one of the many looks you can’t miss in new arrivals. Tap the link in our bio to shop.…
12th Jul: These shoes are a) comfortable b) so of the moment and c) go with everything. Don’t put a cork in it — tell everyon…
11th Jul: Step out in new cork shoes — even if it’s just for a walk around the block. [📷: Roses and Rainboots] Shop Now:…
10th Jul: Today’s forecast: sunny with a chance of florals. Shop Now:
9th Jul: Breezy and black = what we’re wearing when we don’t want to think about what to wear. Shop Now:…
8th Jul: Roses and Rainboots hit the outfit holy grail: simple, stylish, AND comfortable. Shop Now:
5th Jul: Buttons, linens, stripes, and summer white — is this the best warm-weather look or what? Shop Now:…
5th Jul: #SelfCareSunday tip: getting outside can do wonders for your mood — just don’t forget the SPF. [📷: @9to5Chic] Sho…
4th Jul: Happy #FourthOfJuly! Choose a look that makes fireworks. [📷: @AnnaWPage] Shop Now:
3rd Jul: Question: can you ever have too many stripes in your closet? (We say no.) [📷: @Hayet.Rida]
2nd Jul: Head-to-toe summer whites just might be our favorite part of the season. The avoiding grass stains and ice pop drip…
30th Jun: One great top, two great ways to wear it. Which look are you adding to cart? [📷: @Being_Bridget] Shop Now:…
29th Jun: We’re still getting dressed for the summer we want. What are your must-have styles these days? Shop Now:…
28th Jun: Dress with a little zest. Shop Now:
27th Jun: New & right now: citrus shades and smile-worthy separates. Shop Now:
25th Jun: Anyone else thinking about adding *all* of these to cart? Shop Now:
24th Jun: There’s something very on-the-dot about @sarah_najafi’s whole look. #ThisIsAnn Shop Now:
23rd Jun: Never underestimate the calming powers of a cool breeze (or our new linen). Shop Now:
21st Jun: Lightweight knits are like a wearable hug. #SelfCareSunday Shop Now:
20th Jun: Happy #FirstDayOfSummer! Time for soft-serve ice cream, sunny afternoons outside, and styles to take you through al…
30th May: Our new summer uniform: classic stripes & a great tee. Shop Now:
30th May: Just a reminder to get outside today! [📷: @9to5chic] Shop Now:
29th May: It’s floral dress season! (Ok, that’s all the time, but we’re really feeling it right now.) Shop Now:…
29th May: Question of the day: if you don’t take a mirror selfie, did your great outfit even happen? [📷: The Double Take Girl…
28th May: Comfortable, great looking, and easy to wear — this black jumpsuit is ready for the couch now and heading out in th…
24th May: ‘Tis the season for head-to-toe whites — and being extra careful for spills! Shop Now:
23rd May: Instant seafaring style, no matter where you’re anchored. [📷 @9to5Chic] Shop Now:
22nd May: No matter your plans (or none at all!), a holiday weekend deserves your best outfits. [📷: @doubletakegirls] Shop N…
18th May: Win #1: this scarf looks SO pretty in your hair. Win #2: it keeps your hair up and away as temps and humidity incre…
18th May: Are you that person who puts hot sauce on everything? Well, these spicy tones add a kick to your look. Shop Now:…
17th May: Chic AND effortless — our two favorite things. [📷 @roses_cloud] Shop Now:
15th May: Meet the season’s new wardrobe BFF — the LBD. 📷: @maryorton
14th May: Blue skies. A new dress. Good wine. Chelsea from our creative team is all about the little things these days. Shop…
13th May: One of our very creative associates found that your favorite silk scarf doubles as a mask — all you need is some fo…
13th May: Peanut butter and jelly. Spaghetti and meatballs. Black and white. Some things just go together. Shop This Look:…
12th May: No need to check on this one — it’s the perfect outfit. Shop This Look:
11th May: Take a minute to check in with yourself today — how are you feeling this week? 📷: @jogrange Shop This Look:…
11th May: Mondays need: a can-do attitude, a sunny outlook, and a special sleeve. Shope Now:
10th May: Moms do so much — and a lot more has been added to their plates as of late. So here’s to the moms, grandmas, like-a…
9th May: Let’s give spring the warm (puffy) shoulder. Shop Now:
8th May: Cheers to a weekend of celebrating moms — who, coincidentally, might be the people who need that glass of wine more…
7th May: What’s as good as watching a sunset? Wearing it, too. Shop Now:
5th May: Pretty top for Zoom meeting? Check. Shoes you just love looking at because you’re not wearing them right now? Check…
5th May: All wrapped up and to the living room we go. Shop Now:
4th May: Our stylist Janine (and her son Jasper) on schooling and working side by side. “Things are a bit of a mess right no…
3rd May: Together or apart, tag someone who’s making you feel brighter from afar. [📷 Lilly Demello] Shop Now:…
1st May: Cheers to Friday! These days, we’re dressing from the top down — and bonus points if our happy hour drink matches o…
1st May: Airy. Relaxed. And oh-so-ready for summer — linen is here. Shop Now:
30th Apr: #AnnStyleTip: Alicia Lacey knows pretty tops are a #WFH secret weapon. That, and a furry companion. Shop Now:…
30th Apr: We’re feeling good about florals – what’s making you smile this week? Shop Now:
29th Apr: It might be hard to send Mom a real card this year for Mother’s Day — but Natty Michelle Paperie has plenty of down…
29th Apr: The bigger the sleeve, the bigger the style moment. Shop Now:
27th Apr: Don’t adjust your screen: you are seeing double, and it’s fabulous. [📷 The Double Take Girls] Shop Now:…
26th Apr: Because you will wear your jeans again… and again and again. #SpringsNotCancelled Shop This Look:…
26th Apr: Wrap up the weekend by plotting this outfit into your “looks to wear in the future” calendar. Shop This Look:…
25th Apr: This weekend’s dancing shoes (even if the dance floor is your living room). Shop Now:
24th Apr: Just try to deny the positivity of hot pink. Shop This Look:
24th Apr: Happy Friday! @honeynsilk knows that getting through the week means wearing that outfit that makes you feel good. W…
23rd Apr: Is it a scarf? Is it a bag? It’s a scarf-bag (!) and we can’t wait to bring it everywhere this summer. Shop Now:…
23rd Apr: Pink. Red. Two strong shades that are actually better together. Just like us. Shop Now:
22nd Apr: These colors are an instant pick-me-up. What’s brightening your day today? Shop Now:
21st Apr: Yes, we’re suggesting you wear a dress, but it’s so easy and flowy and comfortable you won’t want to take it off. (…
20th Apr: Put a pin in this #AnnStyleTip for later: when in doubt ,black + white = the easiest equation for chic style. [📷 Oh…
19th Apr: Because we’re still excited to wear stripes. #SpringsNotCancelled Shop Now:
18th Apr: An outfit made for weekends, now and later. (We’re thinking dog walks, brunches, farmers markets, afternoon coffees…
17th Apr: Friday means it’s almost time to put your feet up for the weekend. What are you planning on watching tonight? Shop…
17th Apr: Even when #WFH, we admire women like @retroflame who can wear all-white looks and not spill a thing. Shop Now:…
16th Apr: Because our silver lining is cloud-soft colors. #SpringsNotCancelled Shop Now:
16th Apr: To the WFHers, the tired moms, the ones doing it all (and keeping it all together), we see you. #ThisIsAnn
15th Apr: A #WFH tip from our friends at @roseandrex: Take a lunch break, whether it’s sitting with family members or calling…
14th Apr: Because this flowy, flowery, moves-with-a-warm-breeze dress is at the top of our lists. #SpringsNotCancelled Shop…
14th Apr: Roses and Rainboots loves pretty blouses and wide leg jeans as much as we (and you!) do. Shop Now:
13th Apr: Because white pants = the ultimate wardrobe palette cleanser. #SpringsNotCancelled Shop Now:…
12th Apr: Caring-for-all Sunday is the new self-care Sunday. How have you helped your loved ones in these uncertain days?
12th Apr: Weekend goals: Catch Meeks If You Can fills hers with great denim and woman’s best friend. Shop Now:…
11th Apr: Hello, reading corner inspo! Where’s your current fave place to curl up with a good book? (Bonus points if you tell…
11th Apr: Your weekend, made more relaxing — care of these neutral shades. Shop Now:
10th Apr: Cheers to the weekend, from all of us (in our Zoom happy hour) to all of you!
10th Apr: Denim now, denim later, denim forever. [📷 Charlotte Bridgeman] Shop Now:
9th Apr: So pretty, your friends will ask “where did you get that top?” even over video chat. Shop Now:…
9th Apr: Top priority = looking good from the desk up. @achiquepeek shows us how to #WFH in style. Shop Now:
8th Apr: Moves like your favorite yoga pants — but with so much more polish. Shop Now:
7th Apr: Ann Taylor designer Ali’s puppy Sasha is really enjoying all the extra cuddles from her mom during their time at ho…
7th Apr: Easy tees and super soft jeans = the comfort food of clothing. Shop Now:
6th Apr: PSA: Reach for a mood-boosting color to start the week off right. [📷@DoubleTakeGirls] Shop Now:…
30th Mar: A look to love now — and even more later on. Shop Now:
29th Mar: Indoor picnic for one, please. Shop Now:
28th Mar: What feels good right now? Soothing shades and softer-than-soft sweaters. Shop Now:
27th Mar: A timely little experiment: try wearing PJs all day to #WFH one day, then try wearing this the next. Then tell us w…
24th Mar: Just because we’re staying in doesn’t mean our wish lists are on hold. Tap the link in our bio to see the spring st…
22nd Mar: Despite it all, there are still things to love about spring. Like eyelet. Shop Now:
21st Mar: Sometimes, you just have to put on your favorite outfit. (Even if you’re not going anywhere.) 📷 : @thematimes Sh…
16th Mar: Fact: When you start your Monday with a latte and your new *favorite* top, there’s nothing you can’t do. 📷 :…
15th Mar: We’ve always known greens are good for you. Shop Now:
15th Mar: Weekend uniform. (…Wait, actually, everyday uniform.) Shop This Look:
14th Mar: The moment you realize “perfectly put-together” and “perfectly at ease” don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Shop…
13th Mar: @adventuresinabbyland definitely speaks trench. Shop This Look:
12th Mar: Our kind of fresh-cut florals. 📷 : @loverlygrey Shop This Look:
12th Mar:
12th Mar: We heard today is National Plant A Flower Day, but we say wearing a bunch counts, too. Shop This Look:…
11th Mar: You can only pick one... go! (Just kidding — get them ALL.) Shop Now:
10th Mar: Florals = the print you can depend on (kind of like your best friend). Shop Now:
10th Mar: PSA: this blazer on @kerriemburke is as good with turtlenecks and jeans as it is with floral dresses. Because, you…
9th Mar: We’ve done some research and it turns out a great pair of pants can make your whole day. Shop This Look:…
8th Mar: Every outfit has a hero. For @kattanita, it’s that perfect pink blazer. (Even tossed over your shoulders, it totall…
7th Mar: Cheers! So, where to this weekend? 📷 : @mystylevita Shop Now:
7th Mar: Because sometimes, you just want a pretty blouse. Shop This Look:
6th Mar: More proof that keeping it simple is never *not* a good way to go. Right, @honeynsilk? Shop This Look:…
6th Mar: Looks like @mystylevita is as obsessd with these wide-leg jeans as we are. Check out our stories to see how she wea…
5th Mar: Sure, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, but honestly this green is a year-round dream. Shop Now:…
4th Mar: Perfect lengths and just-right proportions mean petites don’t have to spend time cuffing and rolling. Time = saved.…
4th Mar: Our way to beat spring showers. Shop This Look:
3rd Mar: These perfect pants are equal parts “ooh” (leopard!) and “ahhhh” (elastic waist!) and we’re already planning a mill…
2nd Mar: But first, people watching. Oh, and coffee. 📷 : @maddiegreer Shop This Look:
1st Mar: Happy Sunday! We got you flowers. Shop This Look:
1st Mar: BIG. NEWS. Our Marina (aka your favorite pant!) is now also available in a drapey, relaxed, feels-amazingly-good fa…
29th Feb: Is animal print * really* made for blending in? Shop This Look:
29th Feb: Your mood: denim every day. The occasion: calls for something pretty. The outfit: see above. Shop This Look:…
28th Feb: Hello, Friday! We got there (go ahead and pat yourself on the back) so let’s talk weekend plans. Where to? Shop No…

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