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16th Sep: Your voice could be perfect for this brand new podcast!
16th Sep: Registration is open for Sound Stories, our brand new contest challenging you to create a project using only sound.…
16th Sep: If you’re already in the Halloween spirit this is the perfect gig for you.
16th Sep: Every season #TheBoysTV gives @ErinMoriarty_ new challenges—but she wouldn’t have it any other way.
16th Sep: The skills of standup comedy are primed for the proper management of your mental health. (via @SighKickScream)
16th Sep: This year’s BFI London Film Festival is set to be its most accessible ever.
16th Sep: Preparation can make or break every voice actor.
16th Sep: Headshots are not one size fits all. (via @HeadshotsByMarc)
16th Sep: If you’re interested in meditation this project might be perfect for you!
15th Sep: Director of photography Greig Fraser’s impeccable work is just one reason why #TheMandalorian’s new trailer looks s…
15th Sep: These opportunities might be just what the doctor ordered!
15th Sep: Condragulations to the #DragRace casting team! They won Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program at last night’s…
15th Sep: A young adult sci-fi audiobook is casting young voiceover talent for remote work.
15th Sep: This advice from #Emmy nominees like @kerrywashington, @IamSandraOh, @theebillyporter, @1capplegate and more is exa…
15th Sep: Are you ready to start your multihyphenate journey? (via @mikiehyphenate)
15th Sep: The 25th-anniversary revival of legendary musical #BeautyAndTheBeast is casting for a host of roles!
15th Sep: #3: Don’t “take” a breath. (via @philip24601)
15th Sep: At the end of the day, we can’t let those thoughts swallow us whole. (via @robpeterpaul)
15th Sep: Actors, have you tried the new Instagram Reels feature?
15th Sep: “Nomadland” director Chloé Zhao is the first female director to win the Golden Lion since 2010 and the first woman…
14th Sep: It’s a new world of making things, one where plug-and-play services help creators, companies, studios, agencies, an…
14th Sep: A high-paying children’s YouTube series is casting!
14th Sep: #LovecraftCountry star Jonathan Majors has scored a role in Marvel’s upcoming #AntMan3!
14th Sep: We have a clear vision of the modeling jobs that might be right for you 👓
14th Sep: This is your chance to be on MTV!
14th Sep: Here’s what you need to know about interacting with showrunners. (via @MatthewDelNegro)
14th Sep: Avoid these questions at your next meeting with an agent.
14th Sep: Great news, more #TheGreat is coming!
14th Sep: A handful of major productions including @sixthemusical, @jamiemusical, and @playgoeswrong will resume in the comin…
14th Sep: More and more brands are turning to microinfluencers for more down-to-earth partnerships with niche audiences from…
14th Sep: “The whole trend right now in commercials is just letting the actor be the character."
14th Sep: Voiceover is one of the most viable branches of our industry.
14th Sep: For those Los Angeles actors, these commercial casting is a great place to get your foot in the door.
14th Sep: If you’re planning to produce your voiceover demos, be sure to invest in yourself.
13th Sep: From interviews to solo shows to voiceover tools, we’ve got you covered this week on The Slate. Full schedule:…
13th Sep: Feed your imagination.
13th Sep: Anyone who might hire you in voiceover, needs and wants your very best.
13th Sep: Commercials are the starting point for countless working actors.
13th Sep: It takes a village to develop great performers and a great, collaborative team is crucial!
13th Sep: Stay adaptable, stay flexible, and open up your world online!
13th Sep: A lot of these “rules” are just fear-based advice.
13th Sep: Reason #1: You constantly compare yourself to other actors on social media.
13th Sep: Voiceover is not an exact skill until it is.
13th Sep: The visual effects supervisor is one of the very first people to be hired on a production.
13th Sep: If you’re thinking of transitioning into voice acting, use the skill-sets you’ve developed over the years to make t…
12th Sep: Practicing your audition with your equipment is just as or even more important than memorizing your sides alone.
12th Sep: Learn everything you can about the business.
12th Sep: Sometimes, when you least expect it, the stars line up and your life changes in a major way.
12th Sep: The first step includes putting yourself out there and dismantling your comfort zone.
12th Sep: With an athletic background, you’re more prepared than you may think to succeed as an actor.
12th Sep: Your voice can heal with help and good vocal hygiene practices can keep your voice in tip-top shape.
12th Sep: From classic movie marathons to dance parties, there are tons of activities you can do at home. (via @321Acting)
12th Sep: Make sure you’re ready for when #SYTYCD returns.
12th Sep: The pandemic may have halted most television production, but animated shows like #TheSimpsons remain unstoppable.
12th Sep: Kick off horror movie season by applying to this spooky gig.
12th Sep: Make sure you’re in it for the long haul because you love it like @nicolebyer. Listen to our full podcast episode…
11th Sep: “I think people are becoming very inventive because people are yearning to work, and people need to work, and peopl…
11th Sep: The holidays could come early for you with this project!
11th Sep: “One of the biggest lessons I have learned along my journey thus far is to embrace myself.”
11th Sep: You could portray this iconic #BlackPanther character!
11th Sep: The Amazon anthology series #ModernLove is casting for its second season.
11th Sep: You might be wondering what it’s like being on a set right now during COVID—here’s an in-depth look. (via…
11th Sep: You can do these production jobs right from your own home.
11th Sep: Anne Hathaway may have locked down her next film.
11th Sep: These London productions are looking for various crew members.
11th Sep: For this U.K.-based child actor, all it took was a week on Backstage to land the first project she applied to.…
11th Sep: Two Apple TV projects starring these powerhouse actors are shooting soon.
11th Sep: Get your hairspray out for this project.
11th Sep: Apply online for your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia!
11th Sep: #1: Can you deliver performance quality work in your own home studio? (via @DebbieIrwinVO)
11th Sep: Although there are many terms to know, here are a few of the essentials.
11th Sep: Challenge yourself to train vocally within these genres.
11th Sep: If you’re looking for a crew job these might be the right fit for you!
11th Sep: Channel your love for the great outdoors into this gig 🏕
10th Sep: .@nicolebyer’s ultimate advice to fellow artists in the latest episode of @InTheEnvelope is simple: “Play the game…
10th Sep: Order up! Your next projects might be waiting for you in today’s roundup.
10th Sep: Do you have any self-tape tips?
10th Sep: Don’t miss this week’s prime projects for kids.
10th Sep: .@mcctheater’s #Miscast20 will look a little different this year but it’s still a must-see for those who love (and…
10th Sep: These productions are looking for various crew members right now!
10th Sep: An uncommon road led #LovecraftCountry breakout @wunmo to acting.
10th Sep: Here are six Shakespeare monologues for teens that can be found online. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
10th Sep: Tony and Emmy Award winner @KChenoweth is announcing a new MFA program—exclusively to Backstage—which she’s co-foun…
10th Sep: #1: Define your audience. (via @Marketing4Actor)
10th Sep: There are many techniques that help actors lay the groundwork for a well-developed character.
10th Sep: Here are some of the most successful showrunners behind your prime-time favorites, as well as some up-and-comers yo…
10th Sep: It’s crucial for actors to attend film festivals.
10th Sep: According to Travis Fimmel the worlds of #Vikings and #RaisedByWolves aren’t all that different from ours.
10th Sep: This musical web series is looking for voiceover talent!
10th Sep: This high-paying island touring opportunity could be the perfect fit 🏝
10th Sep: There are lots of great roles for talent in the Southeast right now!
10th Sep: There are still plenty of projects casting talent to work right from their own homes right now.
9th Sep: After 11 seasons, #TheWalkingDead will end its run. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of horror projects look…
9th Sep: Say cheers to these opportunities 🍸
9th Sep: Luca Guadagnino saw #WeAreWhoWeAre as an opportunity to rewind his lens from Timothée Chalamet’s protagonist in…
9th Sep: .@theblcklst is about to shine a spotlight on Muslim screenwriters.
9th Sep: There are lots of great roles for talent in southern states—including remote opportunities!
9th Sep: Furthering their commitment to diversity on- and off-camera, the Academy has introduced new guidelines for best pic…
9th Sep: With his new Netflix musical series #JulieAndThePhantoms, @KennyOrtegaBlog continues his practice of discovering un…
9th Sep: These series are set to begin filming soon!
9th Sep: Pulitzer Prize winner Suzan-Lori Parks is adding showrunner to her résumé + redefining "genius." In this week’s cov…
9th Sep: The @BwayAdvocacyCo is currently accepting applications for its inaugural Artivism Fellowship!
9th Sep: SAG-AFTRA members who do television voiceover animation work are about to see a pay increase.
9th Sep: If you have a twin, you’re in luck!
9th Sep: Just because we’re social distancing doesn’t mean your child’s acting training has to stop.
9th Sep: The reality of voiceover, in particular, is that it’s an industry of industries.
9th Sep: Meisner is often reduced to the smallest part of the technique. (via @actatbaronbrown)
9th Sep: #1: Does the clip represent a role you can play today? (via @CreateYourReel)
9th Sep: Feeling lucky? Apply for these projects 🎰
8th Sep: This high-paying opportunity might be the refreshing project for you 🍎
8th Sep: Many talent agents are using this slower time to review submissions and check out fresh talent. (via @tv_hosting)
8th Sep: How can dancers navigate this new normal?
8th Sep: There are lots of opportunities for young talent this week—including work-at-home opportunities.
8th Sep: Put on some shades and take a look at these modeling gigs 😎
8th Sep: Toni Collette may have bombed her audition for Charlie Kaufman’s “Adaptation” but, in a full circle moment, she’s n…
8th Sep: .@TommyBracco will be taking over our Instagram (@backstagecast) to answer all your questions! He’s most known for…
8th Sep: Film festivals aren’t just for industry types. They’re for everyone.
8th Sep: #GameOfThrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are making their much-anticipated return to the small scree…
8th Sep: Multiple projects are looking for talent who love cooking!
8th Sep: If you’re looking for advice and insight into the world of agents, look no further than our Q&A with @CBGActors.
8th Sep: There are two major roles up for grabs in this Halloween horror movie-themed ad 🍕😱
8th Sep: In positive news for actors and the entire live entertainment industry, UK culture secretary Oliver Dowden has reve…
8th Sep: Think of a reel as part of a package.
8th Sep: Learning about this industry will help better equip you to work in this area.
8th Sep: "I work between eight- and ten-hour days, depending on the day and workload."
8th Sep: Getting organized and decluttering can help you feel focused and rejuvenated in your voiceover work.
7th Sep: Actors can be assured that they will have lots to explore in songs from these shows.
7th Sep: It’s an illuminating look behind the scenes of the commercial casting process!
7th Sep: Get ready, folks—#TheFlash himself is joining us on Instagram! ⚡️ Grant Gustin is going live with us on our Instag…
7th Sep: Memorization is one of the toughest obstacle actors face when preparing a role.
7th Sep: When Stacey Sher started out three decades ago, it seemed the only role in the industry for a woman was “actress.”
7th Sep: A career in performance is a bold choice and we all have our reasons for making it.
7th Sep: The expression of your vulnerability is what moves people on an emotional level.
7th Sep: There are specific things that you can do that will guarantee headshot success.
7th Sep: Before you jump right into finding work, make sure you’re ready to start selling yourself like a pro.
7th Sep: From performing Shakespeare to watching world-class theater online, you can still be involved in the industry from…
7th Sep: To be successful in the VO field, you need to be well versed on the lingo
6th Sep: Change your behavior first and your mind will follow.
6th Sep: Making assumptions can complicate your work in the voiceover industry.
6th Sep: It’s a week full of The Slate sessions on YouTube and Instagram. Will we see you there? Full schedule:…
6th Sep: The trend toward virtual auditions and content creation has accelerated rapidly.
6th Sep: "There’s no direct training route. It’s not necessarily a position you can learn in school—even though it totally s…
6th Sep: Today especially, you hardly need a film school education in order to be a successful filmmaker.
6th Sep: These seemingly small actions and precautions can make all the difference to booking that commercial.
6th Sep: If you’re serious about the job, you’ll spend an hour or two at minimum trying to get a better grasp of the company.
6th Sep: Social media helps you build relationships.
6th Sep: If you’re going to use a headshot in VO, give it your best shot!
6th Sep: #1: Pivot your perspective.
5th Sep: The skills you have from working in these areas can be applied to a successful VO career.
5th Sep: There are many factors that play a role in making sure the atmosphere is right for your favorite films, including t…
5th Sep: "The first thing people should do is step behind a mic and get used to hearing their own voice through headphones."
5th Sep: Start by speaking the words!
5th Sep: CDs are totally changing the game via Twitter.
5th Sep: It may seem like something all singing actors should know, but many don’t know what their range is.
5th Sep: “Digging down in the depths of your soul and reaching for every ounce of courage and positivity can drive you to ac…
5th Sep: There’s a faster and more efficient way for actors to find the perfect TV scene.
4th Sep: There are lots of great opportunities for talent in New York City and the Northeast this week.
4th Sep: Backstage is the perfect place to find a story that speaks to you—or to your friends. #IGotCast
4th Sep: The casting director for @ReginaKing’s feature film directorial debut searched for months to find the right actors…
4th Sep: Aidy Bryant isn’t just a brilliant actor and writer, she also gives *really* good advice. Hear more of it in the l…
4th Sep: It’s immortality, my darlings.
4th Sep: Actors with disabilities are still fighting for change in Hollywood (via @MarciLiroff)
4th Sep: Could you be the right fit for these roles?
4th Sep: These London-based projects are hiring various crew positions.
4th Sep: This Mark Rylance-led comedy is based on a true story and officially greenlit!
4th Sep: You can film this mobile came commercial from home 📱🏠
4th Sep: #2: Play with original voices you’ve been doing since childhood.
4th Sep: Find out how to maintain your form and well-being at home.
4th Sep: When choosing a Shakespeare monologue for auditions, it’s important to remember three specific things.
4th Sep: There are a bunch of work from home projects for talent around the world right now.
4th Sep: Aidy Bryant let this rejection light a fire under her 👏👏👏
4th Sep: You could be the lead in this comedic-drama.
3rd Sep: This horror project that you can record from home is scary good 😱
3rd Sep: Jump into action to land one of today’s top gigs!
3rd Sep: Actor, director, and acting coach @tashasmith4real has had an extensive career in the entertainment industry, and h…
3rd Sep: .@rosalindchao’s story of tapping into her own personal experience as a mom for her role as #Mulan’s mother is so h…
3rd Sep: Don’t miss any of today’s top gigs for kids including a hoverboard photo and video shoot, a dance competition, and…
3rd Sep: Make sure your headshots look picture perfect 📸
3rd Sep: And, perhaps more importantly, how to make the most of it when you do.
3rd Sep: Apply online for these crew jobs that are hiring right now!
3rd Sep: #TheNest star @carriecoon is always looking for multifaceted stories about women, but they’re hard to come by.
3rd Sep: The casting team for #TheWitcher has magical advice for all actors.
3rd Sep: From classics to contemporary works there is plenty of great material for teens. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
3rd Sep: You and your child must take safety precautions and approach the creation of a YouTube channel with a very clear st…
3rd Sep: The production company @tongal is now figuring out how to navigate sets in the new reality dictated by the pandemic.
3rd Sep: .@TheNYFF will have virtual, drive-in, and outdoor screenings.
3rd Sep: Don’t miss any of these gigs casting in Canada!
2nd Sep: Put the pedal to the metal and apply to these gigs 🚗💨
2nd Sep: There are a bunch of great remote gigs casting right now!
2nd Sep: You could record this national commercial from home!
2nd Sep: Rose Byrne will channel Olivia Newton-John on her next project.
2nd Sep: Gear up for these auditions 🚲
2nd Sep: #Mulan is proof that there isn’t only one type of hero, just as Niki Caro is proof that there isn’t only one type o…
2nd Sep: The Venice Film Festival is returning (starting today) with a nearly full-strength line-up.
2nd Sep: Let’s talk about Toni Collette’s face. Few actors have such a distinct capability to reflect every emotion under th…
2nd Sep: The Producers Guild of America has released its safety guidelines for independent producers looking to restart film…
2nd Sep: Taking over as the lead on #PowerGhost was a challenge—but @michaelraineyjr was up for it.
2nd Sep: Popping over a computer screen is different than popping in a self-tape.
2nd Sep: Our awards editor @JackSmartWrites explains how COVID-19 is doing lasting damage to film festivals.
2nd Sep: If you can master these skills you can achieve a performance most audiobook listeners take for granted.
2nd Sep: Instead of waiting and hoping for things to happen, take control of your career and make the jobs come to you. (via…
2nd Sep: You could get paid for that quarantine hair change you’ve been thinking about 💁‍♀️
1st Sep: Sink your teeth into today’s top gigs!
1st Sep: Actors don’t have to be A-list in order to make a difference.
1st Sep: Jean Smart has nine Emmy Award nominations—and three wins—to her name, including her current recognition for…
1st Sep: This work-at-home voiceover opportunity is looking for young talent.
1st Sep: Helen Behan went from a nurse to a BAFTA-nominated actor—and even went back to nursing during the pandemic to help…
1st Sep: The defining aspect of the second half of 2020 is entering its most difficult phase this month.
1st Sep: This UK thriller is casting a host of supporting roles.
1st Sep: The extra text, the space the playwright left blank, can actually be the biggest canvas an actor can have.
1st Sep: #1: Make a schedule of your week. (via @Charisjjackson)
1st Sep: Avoid these common legal traps into which independent filmmakers can easily fall.
1st Sep: While you wait (im)patiently for the queens to return to the runway for another season of #DragRace, you can explor…
1st Sep: Every actor can learn from what Meryl Streep does on set.
31st Aug: Two renowned nonprofits have announced women of color who will be joining their artistic teams in high-profile role…
31st Aug: These projects are super sweet!
31st Aug: In just two weeks, the cast of the upcoming #DearEvanHansen adaptation has gone from so small to so big.
31st Aug: Emmy nominee @YvonneOrji’s ability to pull off both comedy and drama continues to enhance #Insecure’s authenticity.…
31st Aug: Dip into these modeling gigs.
31st Aug: Calling all amateur cooks with serious culinary skills 👨‍🍳
31st Aug: This story is just one example of how Chadwick Boseman exemplified everything an actor should be. He didn’t just pl…
31st Aug: Are you surrounding yourself with the right people?
31st Aug: Is there anything @ReginaKing can’t do? The Oscar- and Emmy-winning star is both heartbreaking and kickass in…
31st Aug: How much do you value your work?
31st Aug: The CDs behind “Unbelievable” recently adapted their audition processes.
31st Aug: #TheVoice accepts applications year-round, so don’t fret if you missed the deadline for the upcoming season: you ca…
31st Aug: As an actor, the more tools you have in your toolbox, the better off you are when an opportunity presents itself.
31st Aug: Build your team and know why they are there.
31st Aug: LinkedIn is by far the most widely-used professional platform online.
31st Aug: "I always tell anybody who comes to my class: I want you to be a chameleon in this business."
30th Aug: Voiceover includes a wonderful mix of opportunities, from ADR and radio to video games and movies.
30th Aug: This week’s lineup on The Slate is short but so sweet. Hope to see you there! Register for 9/1’s Zoom:…
30th Aug: Stress happens but it’s how we respond to it that determines how we feel.
30th Aug: Look at the written descriptions between the VO words.
30th Aug: Kids grow and change quickly.
30th Aug: Keep a healthy mind, update your website, and continue to train with those who you want to progress with.
30th Aug: Here’s the Backstage guide to the London talent agents you’ll need to know if you want to be in film.
30th Aug: Stop focusing on singing and start focusing on noticing.
30th Aug: Mistake #1: Wrong substitution.
30th Aug: The idea of finding your own sound is an interesting concept.
30th Aug: Learn everything you can about the business.
29th Aug: Humor can be a coping mechanism.
29th Aug: We’re always interested to find the next performer who will compete with the best.
29th Aug: "To feel creatively engaged, I’ve been reading, writing, attending acting and dance workshops through video chats,…
29th Aug: If you want to break into the business, land a job as a production assistant.
29th Aug: Color outside—or inside—those lines with whatever colors you choose.
29th Aug: Get up, get motivated, start sweating, and feel great.
29th Aug: Here’s what you need to have for a great standup comedy demo reel.
29th Aug: Ask yourself these questions to take steps to make what you want a reality. (via @BrianPatacca)
29th Aug: .@Zendaya’s performance in #Euphoria demonstrates the young actor’s talent and charisma to stunning effect. Let’s b…
29th Aug: Before you know it winter will be upon us, so let’s get our kitchens ready with the superfoods that can keep your d…
29th Aug: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world.
29th Aug: Could you be the right fit for these production jobs?
29th Aug: This indie film is casting right now!
28th Aug: Don’t miss any of the great Disney and Disney-inspired gigs seeking talent around the world.
28th Aug: Your next project might be brewing right now ☕️
28th Aug: For @Hannahgadsby, comedy works best when it is at its most personal.
28th Aug: The industry is still suffering the effects of COVID-19’s shutdown in production, with a slightly less robust Septe…
28th Aug: Longtime Backstage user @MsToniWood1 never shies away from a challenge. Instead, she sees it as an opportunity to…
28th Aug: “You need to be prepared, but you have to bring something into the room that makes you special for a role.”
28th Aug: The CW has discovered the winning formula for its next hopeful project: sugar, spice, everything nice, and Chemical…
28th Aug: These projects are hiring crew right now!
28th Aug: Get the family together for this project!
28th Aug: Netflix’s adaptation of this hit thriller novel starts shooting in November.
28th Aug: #TIFF is getting extra creative this year.
28th Aug: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia.
28th Aug: Here’s everything you’ll need for a small, professional-grade setup in your home.
28th Aug: What tools should a young actor have in their toolkit?
28th Aug: So how do you get your child an agent?
28th Aug: Dance your way into one of these projects!
28th Aug: These projects are looking for crew from around the globe!
28th Aug: Pour yourself a cup of coffee and apply to these projects ☕️
27th Aug: In this week’s episode of @InTheEnvelope the CDs behind #DeadToMe, #MrsMaisel, and #HandmaidsTale broke down what t…
27th Aug: Let today’s top gigs energize you!
27th Aug: This remote project is looking for young talent 💻
27th Aug: Apply online for your next production job 🎥
27th Aug: Seconded ✌️
27th Aug: There are still plenty of fantastic opportunities to work from home right now!
27th Aug: Believe it or not @Realeugenelevy almost turned down #AmericanPie—here’s why.
27th Aug: #TheGoodPlace’s costume designer worked very closely with the actors to find the iconic looks for their characters.
27th Aug: #1: Put your cellphone down.
27th Aug: Allow Emmy nominee Paul Mescal to break down his crackling chemistry with Daisy Edgar-Jones on #NormalPeople.
27th Aug: #3: You’ll practice vocal health. (via @Sound_Advice)
27th Aug: A mentor’s job isn’t to give you a career—that’s yours to earn. (via @RealSteveRohr)
27th Aug: “Please, please don’t be afraid of failing, for if you don’t fail, you have not tried, and if you are not trying, y…
27th Aug: Learning how not to oversing can be a process that feels easier said than done.
27th Aug: Don’t miss your chance to be on #StrangerThings!
27th Aug: After almost six months of nationwide shutdowns because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Actors’ Equity Association is all…
27th Aug: .@IssaRae, the creator and star of HBO’s critically acclaimed comedy series #Insecure, is nominated at the upcoming…
26th Aug: You could lend your voice to this Adult Swim short.
26th Aug: #SchittsCreek, #DeadToMe, #MrsMaisel, and more shows had precise moments when everything on our small screens was f…
26th Aug: Travis Fimmel is following up his breakout, fan-favorite role on #Vikings with Ridley Scott’s new HBO Max series,…
26th Aug: The life of the late Whitney Houston, arguably the greatest voice of her generation, is coming to the big screen.
26th Aug: “I’ve learned things from Moira in terms of how I want to use my voice and use my platform to speak about the thing…
26th Aug: Key takeaways from @mulaney’s #SNL audition tips: 1️⃣ People are lazy 2️⃣ Keep it short
26th Aug: There are lots of great opportunities for talent in Texas and the South right now!
26th Aug: Beloved actor and writer @Realeugenelevy looks back on his years as co-creator, EP, and star on @SchittsCreek as a…
26th Aug: Find out how @JadeAnouka made #HERandHERfilm entirely at home with her phone camera during lockdown.
26th Aug: The new agency’s first client is actor Michael B. Jordan.
26th Aug: Find out what type of website will work best for you and get started!
26th Aug: These projects are scary good 😱
26th Aug: Here are five things to keep in mind.
26th Aug: The camera can either be an actor’s best friend or worst enemy, depending on your approach.
26th Aug: #2: Do your research.
25th Aug: Get comfy and settled in and apply to these projects!
25th Aug: A high-paying commercial, a VR narrative game, and more are casting right now.
25th Aug: #DragRace has a very unique (and Emmy-nominated) casting process.
25th Aug: Reach for the stars with these projects casting young talent 🔭
25th Aug: These London projects are looking for below-the-line and creative talent.
25th Aug: This commercial is looking for UK talent ASAP!
25th Aug: There’s generally an undiscussed point, that serves as an important reminder. (via @robpeterpaul)
25th Aug: It’s imperative to be keenly aware of your look and how aligned that is to the way people actually perceive you.
25th Aug: At any place of work, people who do Meisner exercises can connect and communicate better with their coworkers and c…
24th Aug: A commercial, a hybrid documentary and visual album, and more are casting now!
24th Aug: .@Hannahgadsby became the toast of the comedy world with her Emmy-winning special “Nanette” two years ago. Now, she…
24th Aug: They have been found: more cast members of the upcoming film adaptation of #DearEvanHansen, that is.
24th Aug: Get fit—and paid—with this project 💪
24th Aug: Follow these tips when choosing an acting class.
24th Aug: #NewMutants star @Maisie_Williams had a very important realization after her #GameOfThrones audition.
24th Aug: If you’re a fan of #MrsMaisel, #Billions, #StrangerThings, and other TV shows, this project might be perfect for yo…
24th Aug: There’s a lot to consider.
24th Aug: “Virtual Production” is more than just a buzzphrase.
24th Aug: Join us for another eventful week of The Slate! Register for 8/25’s Zoom: Register for 8/2…
24th Aug: Picking someone speaks to your target audience and whose values align with your brand can make all the difference.
24th Aug: It may be time to move up to the big kid’s table.
24th Aug: A recurring theme among parents of child actors is feeling stressed.
24th Aug: The one question every voice actor should ask before laying out a lot of cash for a mic.
23rd Aug: Internal and external focus depends on what you pay attention to.
23rd Aug: Bring your voiceover career to the next level.
23rd Aug: Don’t try to be what you think they want, show them what they need—you!
23rd Aug: Sometimes a piece of pop culture resonates so strongly with the prevailing American mood that it seems like nothing…
23rd Aug: The key is to make sure your EPK stays visually focused.
23rd Aug: Actors need to be ready to do their best work whenever opportunity knocks.
23rd Aug: There are lots of great ways to release muscle tension.
23rd Aug: These are red flags that should be fixed in a new reel.
23rd Aug: And don’t forget the most important thing: have fun creating!
23rd Aug: When’s the last time you posted on LinkedIn?
22nd Aug: The first step to improving your child’s comedic game is finding good material.
22nd Aug: Learning what your vocal type is can be helpful for anyone.
22nd Aug: The need for someone who understands how video is used and how to produce is growing.
22nd Aug: With a monologue, you’re on your own.
22nd Aug: Reflect on your training and experience.
22nd Aug: Taking control of your image as an actor is essential for marketing your own personal brand.
22nd Aug: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia.
22nd Aug: Here is what you need to keep in mind when it comes to your headshots 📸
22nd Aug: #3: No location limit
22nd Aug: This actor’s acting skills translated perfectly to her side hustle. (via @LinneaSage)
22nd Aug: Apply online for your next production job.
22nd Aug: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world!
21st Aug: Our own awards editor @JackSmartWrites is breaking down what the #Emmys need to do to truly reflect what the world…
21st Aug: Get the family together for a remote, high-paying Halloween video.
21st Aug: Calling all #PercyJackson fans!
21st Aug: A corporate video, TV pilot, and photo shoot are casting now!
21st Aug: Recently unearthed audition tapes from the all-star cast of “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” offer a glimpse into the…
21st Aug: Here are several marketing tools you can’t live without. (via @MarciLiroff)
21st Aug: Let’s break down the incredible limited series + TV movie nominees.
21st Aug: Olivia Wilde will spin her next web at Sony to develop and direct a female-centric Marvel movie (Spider-Woman, perh…
21st Aug: Find out how to get to Sesame Street!
21st Aug: .@MayaRudolph’s solution to overcoming imposter syndrome? Harnessing the inherent power of acting to channel differ…
21st Aug: If “anyone can be anyone in #TheCircle,” then there’s no reason you can’t be one of its next contestants.
21st Aug: This high-paying remote project is casting now!
21st Aug: The show will go on—finally. The #TonyAwards ceremony will go digital at a to-be-announced date this fall.
21st Aug: A print and video Movember-themed campaign is casting!
21st Aug: The TV-adaptation of Anthony Horowitz’s spy adventure series is returning to Amazon for a second series!
21st Aug: Looking for some fresh ideas for your social media? These actors might be just the inspiration you need. (via…
21st Aug: Have you ever blanked on the words to a song in the middle of a performance? Try these tips. (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
21st Aug: In this week’s episode of @InTheEnvelope @MayaRudolph broke down how she’s created so many iconic characters.
21st Aug: There are lots of great opportunities for talent in California including remote and voiceover work!
20th Aug: Lend your voice to one of the characters of an upcoming nursery rhyme-centered animated film.
20th Aug: Your fellow actors are looking for advice!
20th Aug: Plus a short film and multiple commercials are casting young talent right now!
20th Aug: Get to know this year’s #Emmys nominees.
20th Aug: Twenty years after his first #Emmy nomination @DylanMcDermott is deservedly recognized again this year for…
20th Aug: Think you had a crappy audition? Well, @iamsambee will raise you.
20th Aug: Take it from these #DeadToMe CDs: When doing a self-tape, keep it simple.
20th Aug: “If you really believe you have something to say and something to share, you have to put your heart into getting th…
20th Aug: Kids TV is a constantly evolving industry that always needs to keep its finger on the pulse.
20th Aug: Here are some tips and tricks to make the dancer life affordable!
20th Aug: “They say that trying new things will make you feel young again, and they’re right.”
20th Aug: Have you made these mistakes? If so find out how to fix them. (via @HeadshotsByMarc)
20th Aug: #3: You need to work at it every day.
20th Aug: Costume design requires many practical skills, but being brave and observant matters just as much.
20th Aug: There are lots of great opportunities for talent in Southeastern states—including remote projects!
19th Aug: You could get paid to talk about TV without even leaving your couch.
19th Aug: Do you have the skills to join this #TopChef spinoff?
19th Aug: These voiceover projects are casting talent right now 🎙
19th Aug: Hulu will explore America’s prescription drug crisis in a new limited series starring Michael Keaton.
19th Aug: .@BlackLadySketch star @ashleyn1cole’s writing has won her an Emmy and her fantastic writing advice deserves awards…
19th Aug: This remote project could be the perfect fit for you!
19th Aug: What’s @iamsambee secret to success? Doing more and caring less—in the best way. In this week’s cover story the…
19th Aug: Here’s the only 2020 #Emmys acting voting guide you need.
19th Aug: “Singing is a very psychological art form. You don’t play the instrument; you are the instrument.” - @breasinclaire
19th Aug: For #SNL’s director of 14 years, working on the show has been the most challenging and rewarding experience.
19th Aug: It’s not enough to be good. You have to be great. (via @josephpearlman)
19th Aug: If you can do cartoon voices and just haven’t booked any professional work yet, how do you showcase those talents?
19th Aug: Watch Jennifer Aniston chat with the cast and director of the Apple TV+ series “The Morning Show”. She talks about…
19th Aug: This #TeenageBountyHunters star has learned that everyone’s path to success is different.
19th Aug: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada, including a courtroom drama play, a corporate unboxing video, a…
19th Aug: The new production lot is expected to be completed in 2025.
19th Aug: If you’re a funny and personable fitness trainer this project may be the perfect fit 💪
18th Aug: A petition calling for the changes to be overturned is currently at more than 14,000 signat…
18th Aug: A corporate spoken word project is seeking an actor for both voiceover and on-camera work.
18th Aug: #BadEducation’s tone displays Finley’s ability to dig deep into characters without snapping to moral judgments.
18th Aug: The annual @ABFF will go fully virtual for its postponed 24th edition of the festival while keeping its values aliv…
18th Aug: Young talent can put their cooking skills to use with this project!
18th Aug: For the many theater professionals it’s been a challenge to pivot their current skill sets to find work in other fu…
18th Aug: These projects need talent in the UK right now!
18th Aug: Think about your vocal preparedness and then embrace your daily vocal marathons.
18th Aug: As screen and audio production returns, unions are calling for performers and creatives to adhere to guidelines to…
18th Aug: This is new territory for many and it’ll take some extra know-how to shine online. (via @craigteach)
18th Aug: #1: Do your homework.
18th Aug: A critical aspect of an actor’s journey is to find the acting technique that works for them. (via @actatbaronbrown)
18th Aug: Have you been honing your dance skills during quarantine in preparation for the return of #SYTYCD? While the dance…
17th Aug: There are lots of good opportunities for talent in regions and cities across the country.
17th Aug: Get the family together for the great gigs casting talent right now!
17th Aug: A haircare event for a global brand, a shoot for men’s hair grooming products, and more are casting modeling talent…
17th Aug: We’re going live with @Power_STARZ star @michaelraineyjr on Instagram (@backstagecast) tomorrow! We be chatting wit…
17th Aug: #TheCrown has announced two major cast members for its final seasons.
17th Aug: “Some would argue there are no transgender actors who are famous enough to open an expensive studio film. To me, th…
17th Aug: “This is the first time for many of us that we’ve had any sense of stillness or time for reflection. Now it’s on us…
17th Aug: These films will give today’s young talent compelling examples from some of the greatest child actors. (via…
17th Aug: This could be a brilliant way to “hack” how you approach your career.
17th Aug: It was important for Tom Payne to have a calling card when he came over to the U.S.
17th Aug: Don’t try to be the perfect version of yourself online—just be you.
17th Aug: Study, stay current, watch and listen to trends.
17th Aug: There are multiple ways to win an audition.
17th Aug: This kind of work can offer a more reliable income stream compared to other kinds of VO work.
16th Aug: Give them a smorgasbord of goodies.
16th Aug: How do you become the best voice actor you can be?
16th Aug: With a little bit of work, you’ll soon be quoting the Bard.
16th Aug: From casting directors to voiceover actors, we have a great lineup for next week on The Slate. Hope to see you ther…
16th Aug: Step #1: Find your niche.
16th Aug: Don’t forget to give yourself a healthy dose of hope, positivity, and empowerment right now.
16th Aug: By improving your concentration, your acting will improve too!
16th Aug: Tension and strain are only reactions to our fears and insecurities.
16th Aug: This aspect of voiceover needs to be understood in order to compete as a voice actor.
16th Aug: "I feel there is much to learn in this period; lessons that I will not only bring into my work, but also to enrich…
16th Aug: Working in the video game genre is both challenging and rewarding.
15th Aug: Consider these factors to help make your decision.
15th Aug: You need to consider this strategically.
15th Aug: #2: You’re looking for a flexible work arrangement that will allow you to have time for auditions.
15th Aug: Social media apps are effective networking and relationship-building tools for your acting career.
15th Aug: "We want to watch and to cheerlead for people who have gone through something but keep on battling.”
15th Aug: Reading increases your awareness of the world around you.
15th Aug: There’s a deep connection between the mind and body that’s incredibly transformative if you know how to tap into it…
15th Aug: Vocal health is serious business.
15th Aug: Here are some of the best tips for creating and using your actor pitch statement. (via @actorceo)
15th Aug: Ready for your next production job?
15th Aug: Could you play a Disney princess?
15th Aug: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada including multiple commercials, a music video, and more!
14th Aug: For the first time in its 38-year history, the LGBTQ film festival @Outfest will be going digital with the largest…
14th Aug: A new music video from a world-famous R&B artist is seeking lead actors 🎶
14th Aug: Here’s your complete guide to getting cast on #AGT.
14th Aug: You could travel the Serengeti as the host of a new walking safari series.
14th Aug: There are lots of opportunities for talent in the Northeast right now.
14th Aug: For @LauraDDOkids finding the right fit is all about doing your due diligence and research.
14th Aug: #Twilight, #Supergirl, #NurseJackie, and #CantHardlyWait star @peterfacinelli is going to answer YOUR questions on…
14th Aug: A cult movie is reportedly getting the small-screen treatment.
14th Aug: For these film festivals the show must go on—albeit with new creative solutions.
14th Aug: This actor has a rule of sending at least five submissions every day on Backstage—and it works. #IGotCast
14th Aug: When it comes to writing for TV, #Lost, #TheLeftovers, and #Watchmen creator Damon Lindelof knows what he’s talking…
14th Aug: This commercial is casting a character loosely based upon the memorable turn of R. Lee Ermey in Stanley Kubrick’s “…
14th Aug: This WWII BBC drama is back for a second series.
14th Aug: Apply online for your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia!
14th Aug: This exercise can completely change your approach to all scenes, not just monologues.
14th Aug: #3: You feel you could be a messenger.
14th Aug: First, don’t lose sight of the dancer you are.
14th Aug: Whether you’re reading #MidnightSun, rewatching the #Twilight movies, or just want to play a supernatural character…
14th Aug: This #StrangerThings star has a great audition strategy.
14th Aug: Love the great outdoors? This might be the project for you 🏕
13th Aug: #Watchmen writers Damon Lindelof and @cordjefferson have top tier advice for any aspiring artists in this week’s ep…
13th Aug: This Disney Instagram comedy series is looking for remote talent!
13th Aug: .@maxrichtermusic’ compositions can elevate an incredible moment in TV or film to a sublime one.
13th Aug: .@MishaGreen has created an epic cross-genre story with #LovecraftCountry.
13th Aug: What do you think, actors?
13th Aug: Shoot for the stars with today’s top gigs for kids 💫
13th Aug: Find out how @kerrywashington adjusted her #AmericanSon performance for film.
13th Aug: This is vital advice for aspiring composers.
13th Aug: “Gotta catch ‘em all!” - You looking at these remote projects
13th Aug: After more than a month of back-and-forth, Equity has agreed to Disney’s new safety measures and has given the go-a…
13th Aug: Make sure to protect your voice. (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
13th Aug: To change the key or not change the key, that is the question.
13th Aug: Make your own money moves and apply online for these projects!
13th Aug: Casting is underway for a pair of voiceover roles in this film.
13th Aug: Don’t miss out on these remote crew jobs!
12th Aug: Orlando Bloom utilizes an exercise from drama school when creating a character.
12th Aug: You could head back to Hawkins and join the cast of #StrangerThings.
12th Aug: This historical literary adaptation for HBO Max is searching for talent.
12th Aug: 🐶 Calling all dog lovers 🐶
12th Aug: Here’s everything you need to know about the shows up for #Emmys this year.
12th Aug: Playing #Lucifer’s twin Michael in season 5 was a new challenge for @tomellis17.
12th Aug: At the height of his career—and as a newly minted #Emmy nominee—Jeremy Strong’s secret to success is to consistentl…
12th Aug: Find out how @iamwandasykes got into character to play Moms Mabley on @MaiselTV.
12th Aug: .@MaiselTV star @RachelBros is joining us on Zoom to talk about her decorated, Emmy- and Golden Globe–winning caree…
12th Aug: Your abilities as a stage manager don’t make this historic moment easy but you can find ways to make professional p…
12th Aug: There are two major divisions of modeling—make sure you know which one you want to break into before getting an age…
12th Aug: Fresh off the announcement that Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate we chatted with her #SNL cou…
12th Aug: It will help you connect the dots.
12th Aug: Though the big red chairs #TheVoice might still be empty as productions wait for a safe return to filming, fans of…
12th Aug: Apply online for this high-paying gig!
11th Aug: Want to act on a TV series someday? Then you’ll likely have to go through one of these people first.
11th Aug: You could be a spokesperson from your own home!
11th Aug: #TheCircle casting is now open.
11th Aug: The first Actors Equity-approved musical production in the time of COVID-19 has begun performances—with safety meas…
11th Aug: Don’t miss these crew opportunities in NYC!
11th Aug: These projects are looking for young talent—apply online today 👯‍♀️
11th Aug: #BetterCallSaul showrunner @petergould has an enviable but complicated problem: how to conclude a hit series that i…
11th Aug: Don’t miss the best advice on nailing remote auditions.
11th Aug: Now that we’re in the second half of 2020 (yes it’s, true) it might be time to ask yourself these questions. (via…
11th Aug: Could you be the right fit for this remote brand ambassador opportunity?
11th Aug: Getting organized and decluttering in these ways can help you feel focused and rejuvenated in your voiceover work.…
11th Aug: #3: Break it up.
10th Aug: You could be the spokesperson for this company!
10th Aug: The #Candyman reboot director will helm the sequel to #CaptainMarvel 💥
10th Aug: This makeup shoot (which will follow all COVID safety guidelines) is casting now!
10th Aug: .@samirawiley is going live with us on Instagram (@backstagecast) tomorrow to talk about everything from her #OITNB…
10th Aug: This MTV show is casting now!
10th Aug: Think of these virtual meetings as self-tapes.
10th Aug: It’s critical to be cognizant of the fact that when you’re on, you’re always on.
10th Aug: When choosing a backdrop, it’s important to assess three important things.
10th Aug: Breakthrough to new levels of singing by changing how you think about using your voice!
10th Aug: These tips should get you well on your way to landing commercial VO bookings!
10th Aug: As a performer, you are your greatest advocate.
10th Aug: It’s a tricky intersection of creativity and business.
9th Aug: The most important thing will ALWAYS be the acting.
9th Aug: Get ready and mark your calendars for a packed week of The Slate sessions 📅 Register for 8/10’s Zoom Webinar:…
9th Aug: Voiceover is an acting avenue that continues to rise and there’s no reason you can’t be a part of it.
9th Aug: Read them. Know them. Maybe one day you’ll be lucky enough to perform in them.
9th Aug: A strong headshot is an actor’s golden ticket.
9th Aug: "For performance capture, we really want to see how you walk, how you move."
9th Aug: Time to get cutting your reel!
9th Aug: When you pick yourself, who knows who will see you and pick you because of it.
9th Aug: A career in voiceover is an entity of its own.
9th Aug: There are many ways adults and kids can still work on their craft.
9th Aug: Voiceover actors have been employed entertainers since the dawn of radio dramas.
8th Aug: The joy of working on Shakespeare for the actor is that there is always more to learn and explore!
8th Aug: If you’ve considered getting into voiceover, start here.
8th Aug: Every moment counts.
8th Aug: Having an understanding of these terms can be a great benefit.
8th Aug: The crew you work with should be determined based on the details of the project.
8th Aug: You have the power to reduce confusion between your performance and the screenplay by taking this step.
8th Aug: DO: Memorize the script. DON’T: Get too hung up on technique.
8th Aug: For actors, rest replenishes our ability to create and respond in the moment.
8th Aug: It’s essential to do your homework before reaching out. (via @kimfaygreenberg)
8th Aug: A reinvigorated version of #TheXFactor is coming in 2021—make sure you’re ready for it.
7th Aug: Grab a role in an untitled French-English bilingual film casting its stars.
7th Aug: If the shoe fits…audition for it!
7th Aug: You could be the lead in this short film!
7th Aug: Take it from #TheSimpsons star @nancycartwright you don’t need fancy equipment to get started in voiceover. Liste…
7th Aug: What tools are needed to make a safe space—albeit cyberspace—for actors? Find out from the writer-director of…
7th Aug: Find out how #Riverdale came to life and cast the perfect group of 20-something stars.
7th Aug: Don’t expect to audition in person anytime soon. (via @MarciLiroff)
7th Aug: This is not a lie: Tom Hanks may be playing Geppetto in the upcoming live-action adaptation of “Pinocchio.”
7th Aug: The remote project this actor booked on Backstage really lifted her spirits during quarantine. #IGotCast
7th Aug: Your knives? Out. These projects? Casting.
7th Aug: The second series of #GentlemanJack is set to film this autumn.
7th Aug: Apply online for these projects 🏉
7th Aug: #4: Build your audition book.
7th Aug: Your fellow actors need your social media advice.
7th Aug: Making these videos during quarantine has opened @mneelzy’s mind creatively.
7th Aug: In voiceover, says #TheSimpsons star and current Emmy Award nominee @nancycartwright, “you can’t really make any mi…
7th Aug: These productions are looking for crew members in L.A.
6th Aug: Calling all captains!
6th Aug: “It’s a me, Mario!” - You auditioning for this project
6th Aug: While no new season of #TheXFactor will air this year, this list of casting opportunities might be just what you ne…
6th Aug: Your child actor can bounce into their next gig with these opportunities.
6th Aug: Since the release of #WeSeeYouWAT, there has been little response from theaters and producers—until now.
6th Aug: A series of commercials for Sonic Drive-In is looking for talkative and charismatic talent.
6th Aug: .@ramy ended up booking a series regular role because a casting director remembered him.
6th Aug: Try these 10 tips on your YouTube channel. (via @Marketing4Actor)
6th Aug: There are five key ways you can build up your creative reserves in even the most stagnant period. (via @fundself)
6th Aug: It’s even more important to listen to your emotions right now.
6th Aug: The next time you work with stunt professionals, keep this advice in mind. (via @Charisjjackson)
6th Aug: These connectors can make a huge difference in your auditions. (via @craigteach)
6th Aug: Two environmental PSAs are looking for Canadian talent.
6th Aug: Don’t miss this high-paying remote opportunity!
6th Aug: Could you be the right fit for this Netflix project?
6th Aug: Apply online for these crew jobs!
5th Aug: There are a bunch of remote crew jobs hiring right now.
5th Aug: For @alisonbrie there’s a through line for both comedic and dramatic work.
5th Aug: You could lend your voice to a wide variety of projects right now 🎙
5th Aug: You could shoot this commercial from home!
5th Aug: The Emmy nominee truly *loves* being an actor.
5th Aug: This film starring Elsie Fisher is expected to start production soon after being stuck in development for several y…
5th Aug: How did @ramy stage a Hollywood takeover before age 30? By writing himself into TV history. For this week’s cover s…
5th Aug: It’s a different beast from what many actors are used to, but with the right information and experience, it can be…
5th Aug: “But in the middle of all this, in the middle of all this suspended time, I keep thinking about letting go. What if…
5th Aug: You don’t have to break the bank to get your big break. (via @carlosnetodance)
5th Aug: Worry less about the letters in a degree and more about finding the right program for you.
5th Aug: #2: Keep your demos fresh and evergreen. (via @LauLapides)
5th Aug: Choosing a voice teacher can be almost as personal as choosing a therapist.
5th Aug: This high-paying national commercial is looking for talent!
4th Aug: While you wait for an opportunity to audition for #AGT and show off your talent to the judges, here are some other…
4th Aug: In this special @InTheEnvelope episode our own @JackSmartWrites, @Casey_Mink, and @KatieMinard break down everythin…
4th Aug: Barrington Stage Company was going to be the first theater in the country to mount a show indoors using Actors Equi…
4th Aug: .@hannahjk1 proves that you can bring a strong presence with or without a badass costume.
4th Aug: Calling all #Lucifer fans: We’re going on our Instagram (@backstagecast) with @tomellis17 tomorrow 🔥 We’ll be sitti…
4th Aug: There are lots of great roles for young talent right now!
4th Aug: #Summerland writer-director @jswale proves that female creators can do it all.
4th Aug: You don’t have to dream on, this Aerosmith film is casting now 🎸
4th Aug: Do not be fooled into thinking anyone who can read and speak can be an actor.
4th Aug: #1: Know how to prepare a good audition. (via @berlandcasting)
4th Aug: If you already have a great headshot, when is the time for an update? (via @HeadshotsByMarc)
4th Aug: Jordan Firstman, whose impressions videos on #Instagram and #TikTok—among them that of “banana bread’s publicist”—h…
3rd Aug: Attention overly competitive couples, audition for these projects!
3rd Aug: The saying goes that two heads are better than one, and that can apply to filmmaking, too. #Insecure creator-star I…
3rd Aug: Grab your face mask and check out these modeling jobs.
3rd Aug: "I try not to be too preachy about convincing young actors of how precious their own art can become —it will be a p…
3rd Aug: There are lots of opportunities for talent in cities across the country, including an Invisalign video!
3rd Aug: August is here to shake things up. We start the month with a full moon!
3rd Aug: Aretha Franklin sang that all she wanted was a little respect. And she got it. Sadly, you might not right now—but k…
3rd Aug: Breathing. It is one of the most basic functions of the human body.
3rd Aug: The first step is to ask yourself: is voiceover right for you?
3rd Aug: A clean, confident and easy-to-examine résumé can spark wonderful audition moments.
2nd Aug: The first step actually begins with you.
2nd Aug: We’re powering this month’s #MonoLive Actor Monologue Challenge by @hhff_nyc and #WASHED Series with a theme is Dra…
2nd Aug: Voiceover is an ever-growing field, and opportunities abound if you know where to start.
2nd Aug: You have the power to reduce confusion between your performance and the screenplay by taking this step.
2nd Aug: We’re going live with @helenbehan on our Instagram (@backstagecast) tomorrow! We’ll be chatting with the #BAFTA nom…
2nd Aug: Remember, your job is to tell a story with as much truth as you can while having as much fun as you can.
2nd Aug: It’s important to know how your own face comes across on the camera.
2nd Aug: If it’s on-screen sound design you’re interested in, finding the right training can be difficult.
2nd Aug: #1. An actor’s age range is no more than five years.
2nd Aug: Opportunities to book character voiceovers are more plentiful than ever.
2nd Aug: Make sure your environment is professional.
2nd Aug: The VO field is wide open with many opportunities
1st Aug: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
1st Aug: Be yourself.
1st Aug: There are many ways to scale back your crew to not only fit your budget, but work for you creatively.
1st Aug: "We want to hear a contrast between commercials, stuff that showcases character, and a more polished sound."
1st Aug: Remember, challenges in life do make you stronger.
1st Aug: Behind every distinctive shot is a director of photography.
1st Aug: While searching for your next comedic piece be sure to have fun exploring different playwrights. (via…
1st Aug: Winning combinations like these give the production team no choice but to hire you. (via @JosephPearlman)
1st Aug: “You need to seem calm and that you are confident in what you can do. Just don’t overthink it. If you overthink it…
1st Aug: Crowded waiting rooms, check-in bottlenecks, searching for the right room—all of these scenarios become risky in th…
1st Aug: These Disney and Disney-related gigs are seeking talent!
1st Aug: Emil Carey, who stars on the new @Netflix thriller #GetEven, always believed that little girls with big imagination…
1st Aug: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada including a bilingual VR project.
31st Jul: The 2020 Emmys will be remembered for more than just the pandemic disrupting the TV industry: Backstage’s awards ed…
31st Jul: Have you ever wonder what a day in the life of a hairstylist was like on set? Step into the shoes of Kristen Saia,…
31st Jul: #Watchmen Emmy nominee Jean Smart takes us behind her character-building process Listen to our latest episode of…
31st Jul: While you binge the second season of @UmbrellaAcad, explore some new space of your own with these projects casting…
31st Jul: Ask and mama will provide! @Disneyplus, currently still reveling in the release of #Hamilton, is now developing a f…
31st Jul: Order yourself a good meal and check out these opportunities in the New York City area!
31st Jul: Social media promotion is everything.
31st Jul: New York City has moved into the last phase of reopening from virus-prevention shutdowns: Phase 4. This marks the r…
31st Jul: "Try and do a really good job at the acting, so you’re showing them: ‘If you give me this part, this is what I woul…
31st Jul: Sharpen your self-taping and audition skills, these projects need talent in the UK!
31st Jul: Voiceover auditions shouldn’t sound like you’re reading.
31st Jul: Smile, be courteous and enjoy being a paid, working actor.
31st Jul: These gigs are casting throughout Australia, including a BuzzFeed video!
31st Jul: Try this exercise and see if these characters can help you find your rhythm.
31st Jul: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world!
31st Jul: "Regret is the worst feeling in the world. It’s so non-productive and so unhealthy. All you can do is tell yourself…
31st Jul: Your next gig can be straight from your living room couch!
30th Jul: Dog lovers are wanted for a social media ad!
30th Jul: "Go out and start listening to the sounds around you in the world and record them." - Oscar Winner Christopher Boyes
30th Jul: There are lots of great opportunities in California for talent, including an NBC game show!
30th Jul: Series creator Mark Duplass of @HBO anthology series #Room104 knew Julian Wass would be up for the task. "Because y…
30th Jul: Don’t miss any of the top gigs casting kids!
30th Jul: #1 Business Mistake: Not running your career as a business. (via @theburgettgroup)
30th Jul: "I knew perfectly they’d either think I was completely desperate and crazy or they’d like it and find it funny." -…
30th Jul: Studios are looking towards production re-opening and these UK projects are now visible on the horizon.
30th Jul: Working and recording as a voiceover actor can easily be done from the comfort of your home!
30th Jul: Consider what you want and need out of the next four years of your life.
30th Jul: Background work is a great way to make contacts and learn about your art while getting paid.
30th Jul: Whether you want to take part in a reality competition show or sing on an album, you’ll want to check out these gig…
30th Jul: There are lots of great opportunities for talent in the Southeast.
29th Jul: Your favorite actors all have that one gig that really was “where it all began,” and that includes Mandy Patinkin.
29th Jul: Casting is underway for a national gas station commercial!
29th Jul: There are lots of great opportunities for talent in cities and states in the South.
29th Jul: Voice an Instagram series with Disney Doorables toys!
29th Jul: With a little thought and planning, you can tame your stress and make it more manageable. (via @CinchNutrition)
29th Jul: Set up by casting directors Rosie and James Pearson, @CCI2020 was formed in the early days of lockdown to support a…
29th Jul: “This will not only help many hundreds of small companies across the UK, but also the many thousands of freelancers…
29th Jul: Be sure you’re always putting your best foot forward when working over video.
29th Jul: The next time you’re preparing for an audition, tap into the most defining trait you possess! (via @craigteach)
29th Jul: There are so many great new writers producing exciting songs every day. (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
29th Jul: Sip your cup of coffee and check out these great gigs casting in Los Angeles!
28th Jul: The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, IATSE, has released its guidelines for restarting live th…
28th Jul: Searching for a job can be tough. Indeed wants to hear your story!
28th Jul: Karen Baker Landers first job was on #Goonies. "I remember the sound supervisor showed me something on the screen a…
28th Jul: A national commercial for Hallmark is looking for young talent!
28th Jul: “The biggest challenge is making sure the music and the musicality of the performers feels authentic." - Jessie Nel…
28th Jul: Congrats to all the actors nominated for #Emmys today! Learn more about some of this year’s nominees in our conversations with them ⬇
28th Jul: #1: Create a safe space.
28th Jul: "If I’m going to spend two or three minutes watching an actor, I would rather watch them doing a self-tape for exac…
28th Jul: Congrats to this year’s #Emmy nominees!
28th Jul: What #Emmys nominations are you the most excited about? Who else would you have nominated?
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Guest Actress in a Drama: Alexis Bledel Cicely Tyson Laverne Cox Harriet Walter Cherry Jones Phylicia Rashad
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Guest Actress in a Comedy: Angela Bassett Maya Rudolph (for #TheGoodPlace) Wanda Sykes Bette Mi…
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Guest Actor in a Drama: Andrew Scott Giancarlo Esposito Martin Short Jason Bateman James Cromwell Ron Cephas Jones
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Guest Actor in a Comedy: Luke Kirby Fred Willard Dev Patel Adam Driver Eddie Murphy Brad Pitt
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie: Holland Taylor Uzo Aduba Margo Martindale Trac…
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Supporting Actress in a Drama: Laura Dern Meryl Streep Helena Bonham Carter Samira Wiley Fiona…
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie: Dylan McDermott Jim Parsons Tituss Burgess Yahya…
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Supporting Actor in a Drama: Giancarlo Esposito Bradley Whitford Billy Crudup Mark Duplass Nich…
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Andre Braugher William Jackson Harper Alan Arkin Sterling K. Bro…
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Outstanding Drama Series: #BetterCallSaul #TheCrown #HandmaidsTale #KillingEve…
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Outstanding Comedy Series: #CurbYourEnthusiasm #DeadToMe #TheGoodPlace #InsecureHBO…
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Outstanding Limited Series: #LittleFiresEverywhere #MrsAmerica #Unbelievable #Unorthodox #Watchmen
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie: Cate Blanchett Shira Haas Regina King Octavia Spencer Kerry Washington
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie: Jeremy Irons Hugh Jackman Paul Mescal Jeremy Pope Mark Ruffalo
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Lead Actress in a Drama: Jennifer Aniston Olivia Colman Jodie Comer Laura Linney Sandra Oh Zendaya
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Lead Actor in a Drama: Jason Bateman Sterling K. Brown Steve Carell Brian Cox Billy Porter Jeremy Strong
28th Jul: #Emmys nominees for Lead Actor in a Comedy: Anthony Anderson Don Cheadle Ted Danson Michael Douglas Eugene Levy Ramy Youssef
28th Jul: It’s #Emmys nomination day! Follow along with us as we livetweet the nominations at 11:30am ET/8:30am PT. Who do yo…
28th Jul: Take out your guitar and audition for this project!
28th Jul: Like the craft of voice acting, it takes practice to learn to evaluate yourself.
28th Jul: Our first human act is breathing.
28th Jul: At the end of the day, all you can do is what’s right for you. (via @robpeterpaul)
28th Jul: “I was equal parts at the highest point of my career, and the lowest." (via @Dance_Magazine)
27th Jul: A mattress company is casting a pair of actors!
27th Jul: Don’t miss any of the top modeling jobs available nationwide!
27th Jul: If you love football, this gig is for you!
27th Jul: It’s helpful to select a monologue that fits in line with the tone of what you’re auditioning for.
27th Jul: Crying, ultimately, is emotion plus vulnerability.
27th Jul: Words have power. They can shape our emotions and impact our behavior.
27th Jul: There are ways you can make the best of this time.
27th Jul: Don’t take the risk of your materials not reaching the right contacts.
27th Jul: A quality demo will keep you on the path of a successful voiceover career.
27th Jul: Social media dos and don’ts.
27th Jul: Here’s your look at the week ahead on The Slate. What sessions will you be attending? Pre-register for Laura Thede…
26th Jul: Now you’ll totally be prepared the next time you’re asked to suddenly become a copywriter.
26th Jul: Keep everything professional!
26th Jul: Voice work should be fun and creative.
26th Jul: You can not only survive in this constant state of unpredictability—you can thrive.
26th Jul: These exercises can be done anywhere and on a budget.
26th Jul: Here are some of the industry’s actors-turned-directors.
26th Jul: If you love storytelling, collaborating, creating, research, and—of course—clothes, you might be a natural.
26th Jul: Narrating an audiobook is the most challenging work you can do in voiceover.
26th Jul: Do multiple takes. That’s the benefit of self-tape auditions!
25th Jul: The animation voiceover industry is fiercely competitive.
25th Jul: Make sure your profile photos are recent and the same everywhere.
25th Jul: A career in voiceover can be as exciting as it is lucrative.
25th Jul: YouTube requires a lot of dedicated work in advance.
25th Jul: “I never saw [Vine] as an end to my creative journey—quite the contrary."
25th Jul: It’s important to have an idea of what monologues you can perform.
25th Jul: #2: Read books, not scripts.
25th Jul: A home read is equivalent to a self-taped on-camera audition.
25th Jul: The dramaturg is possibly the single most misunderstood job in theater.
25th Jul: There are always surprising opportunities that present themselves even in challenging times. (via @actatbaronbrown)
25th Jul: There are lots of opportunities for talent in NYC and the surrounding area, including remote work.
24th Jul: #TheCircle is casting. Send message.
24th Jul: 🌎 Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world 🌎
24th Jul: “I learned that taking a break is what I needed to come back stronger.”
24th Jul: Voice is more than just singing.
24th Jul: We’re sure so many actors can relate to this. Listen to our full @InTheEnvelope podcast episode with @ZoeKravitz h…
24th Jul: “I think that the three people who have truly blown me away the most with their original auditions are…
24th Jul: #OuterBanks was just renewed for a second season! Find out how to get cast on the hit show.
24th Jul: “Not everyone gets to love their first job out of school, but thanks to Backstage, I got that chance!” -…
24th Jul: Two Landos are better than one, it seems.
24th Jul: Put on your best smile and audition for these projects!
24th Jul: Filming has been rescheduled for early next year on the adaptation of #Matilda the musical.
24th Jul: Apply online for these opportunities in Australia!
24th Jul: Actors need to know about subtext. (via @Charisjjackson)
24th Jul: Improv can really help voice actors.
24th Jul: That reel can’t get your child work if no one sees it. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
24th Jul: Here are some exercises you can do in your home during the shutdown to keep your voice sharp.
24th Jul: There are legitimate fees that should be expected as you pursue a career in modeling.
24th Jul: This fantasy film is casting in Canada 🦋✨
24th Jul: As Congress reconvenes on Capitol Hill to hammer out legislation addressing dire health, economic, and social justi…
24th Jul: A series of commercials for Sonic Drive-In is looking for talent.
23rd Jul: Any performer who has felt rejected could take a page out of @ZoeKravitz’s book.
23rd Jul: This hit MTV series is casting!
23rd Jul: According to this camera operator, failure can be a crucial part of cinematic success.
23rd Jul: Plus, a series of reading app social media videos, a short period film, and more gigs are casting young talent.
23rd Jul: Fire up that keyboard and lend your advice.
23rd Jul: Your acting career shouldn’t prevent you from making your voice heard.
23rd Jul: Thankfully, that little white lie paid off for @adriennelwarren.
23rd Jul: “The first thing we have to do is accept our circumstance. We have to practice acceptance.”
23rd Jul: “I’ve usually had a very good experience, but I think they sometimes forget you’re a human and you worked really ha…
23rd Jul: Keep working. Keep researching. Keep trying.
23rd Jul: Beginning actors can be confused about the need for a monologue or more than one. (via @actbetter)
23rd Jul: There are a number of important considerations when choosing who to sign with.
23rd Jul: #3: Timing.
23rd Jul: “I realized how challenging acting really is... It just really made me appreciate actors more than I ever had.”
23rd Jul: #3: Have a purpose. (via @smforactors)
23rd Jul: “I’m letting my body heal not only from this virus, but from my eight-shows-a-week lifestyle.” (via…
23rd Jul: If you love #OuterBanks you’ll love these projects.
22nd Jul: There are multiple high-paying gigs looking for talent right now!
22nd Jul: If you’re an incoming college freshman this project could be a perfect fit.
22nd Jul: Three distinct PSAs are casting various roles for voiceover actors.
22nd Jul: Production is being prepped for the Netflix adaptation of @MrJasonRBrown’s “13: The Musical”
22nd Jul: Don’t miss out on this remote opportunity.
22nd Jul: Though the Broadway season was cut short, it still belonged to the star of @TinaBroadway, @adriennelwarren. In this…
22nd Jul: 🚨 Here is your ultimate guide to getting cast on #ChicagoMed, #ChicagoPD, and #ChicagoFire 🚨
22nd Jul: Entertainment unions and trade organizations are desperately lobbying for congressional relief funding as the indus…
22nd Jul: If you are after relaxed and friendly representation, this agency might be a good fit!
22nd Jul: This TV and film writer has a fascinating work-from-home side hustle. (via @LinneaSage)
22nd Jul: Every day on every film can throw a challenge at you that you’ve never encountered before.
22nd Jul: 1#: You’ll master self-direction.
22nd Jul: They both have their challenges.
22nd Jul: #1: Do your research. (via @philip24601)
22nd Jul: Step one: Find your voice first.
22nd Jul: This is an opportune time to stay focused on your self-care—and your training.
22nd Jul: These musicals broke the mold. (via @dance_magazine)
21st Jul: This feature film is casting right now 🎉
21st Jul: This director proves that patience is a necessary trait for aspiring creatives.
21st Jul: Don’t let these opportunities speed past you.
21st Jul: The Ava DuVernay-Colin Kaepernick limited series is casting a teen to play young Colin Kaepernick!
21st Jul: There are lots of opportunities for talent in NYC, including remote work.
21st Jul: Zoom is not your enemy. (via @robpeterpaul)
21st Jul: Gather your roommates for this gig!
21st Jul: Put your hair and makeup skills to the test with this project 💁‍♀️
21st Jul: Make your self-tapes stand out with these tips from #Fleabag CD @KVHendry.
21st Jul: There are three things every single performer should be doing right now.
21st Jul: “My philosophy as a director is to hire actors who are good at their job, and then let them do their job.”
21st Jul: A producer’s work is never done—even during lockdown.
21st Jul: This romantic short film is casting right now!
21st Jul: Live out your fantasy and star in this fantasy feature film 👑
21st Jul: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia.
21st Jul: Your reel lets future bosses know you’re bookable and ready for more work. (via @BillCoelius)
21st Jul: Here’s how to make your performance shine in your next self-tape.
21st Jul: Before committing your child to the pursuit of a professional career, there are two big determinations that need to…
21st Jul: #2: Pay attention to continuity.
21st Jul: Camps and programs may be canceled, but there are still many ways your young actor can get the most out of their tr…
21st Jul: Take it from #BobsBurgers stars @EugeneMirman and @JohnRobertsFun, small steps can yield big results. Listen to o…
21st Jul: #ODAAT’s @everythingloria says the impact of the current and post-coronavirus world will be huge on the industry.
21st Jul: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada!
21st Jul: We’re going live with @alisonbrie on our Instagram (@backstagecast) tomorrow! We’ll be chatting with the #GLOW,…
20th Jul: This remote project might be tailor-made for you.
20th Jul: Swipe right on these projects.
20th Jul: 🎶 Tell us more, tell us more 🎶
20th Jul: Alexander Dreymon has learned a lot from playing Uhtred on #TheLastKingdom.
20th Jul: This feature film is casting lead roles!
20th Jul: You could film for this MTV show from your own home!
20th Jul: Find out how you could follow in the footsteps of #BobsBurgers stars @EugeneMirman and @JohnRobertsFun.
20th Jul: Calling all athletes!
20th Jul: There’s not much you can control in this business, but you can certainly be the master of your own domain.
20th Jul: A YouTube prank series is seeking a quick-witted young actor for a recurring gig.
20th Jul: Do you have advice for your fellow actors?
20th Jul: .@JoeyKing made returning for #TheKissingBooth2 easy for @Joel_Courtney.
20th Jul: From lead actors to background, costumes speak to everything from setting and time period to unspoken circumstances…
20th Jul: You still can’t put Baby in the corner!
20th Jul: You could work from home for MTV!
20th Jul: The next installment of #TheGreat is on its way!
20th Jul: #NormalPeople star @mescal_paul’s top acting tip is all about collaboration.
16th Jul: Get a confidence boost with this YouTube Live session tomorrow! Full schedule:
15th Jul: If you love #ChicagoMed, #ChicagoPD + #ChicagoFire you’ll also love these projects!
15th Jul: Fill your plate with the great gigs in today’s roundup!
15th Jul: There are lots of opportunities for talent in the Southeast—including remote work!
15th Jul: A background in music can prove helpful for someone looking to get film editing.
15th Jul: Lend your voice to these voiceover projects casting now!
15th Jul: This feature film is looking for talent for lead and supporting roles.
15th Jul: Modeling is about so much more than just getting your picture taken.
15th Jul: Take it from this modeling coach, you can book modeling work with no experience.
15th Jul: How are drama schools coping with COVID-19, and will they reopen just as they were when they closed?
15th Jul: There are opportunities that come with the restrictions COVID-19 have implemented.
15th Jul: Audition prep ✔️
15th Jul: This is a personal decision that should be based on many factors.
15th Jul: Join us for two Insta-worthy sessions tomorrow! Full schedule:
15th Jul: Get the family together for this project.
14th Jul: User-generated content has become the new normal for brand marketers and has largely been a way that brand content…
14th Jul: Apply now, because you’re worth it.
14th Jul: #CrazyExGirlfriend, #Dollface, and #AloneTogether star @littleesther is taking over our Instagram (@backstagecast)…
14th Jul: Make no mistake, your network is extremely valuable.
14th Jul: The new vanguard of brand marketers is now using remote casting platforms to create user-generated content. We chat…
14th Jul: Thanks to her Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated work on #ThisIsUs, @ChrissyMetz is one of those TV actors who feels…
14th Jul: Speed into these roles for young talent 🚗💨
14th Jul: #MrsAmerica might be many people’s first introduction to the Equal Rights Amendment battle.
14th Jul: Most young actors learn basic cookie-cutter concepts of acting, but never truly know what good acting is.
14th Jul: Could you be the right fit?
14th Jul: Read these plays in their entirety to get a flavor of current trends and material you can use in your work. (via…
14th Jul: Giancarlo Esposito (@quiethandfilms) knows how to abandon the fear of failure and build confidence.
14th Jul: The first thing you need to know if you’re going to stand out is the concept of connection.
14th Jul: Whether online or off, the idea of networking with others is a good one.
14th Jul: Learn how to be one of those directors actors love. (via @Charisjjackson)
14th Jul: Turning present-day New York City into the 1950s version seen in #MrsMaisel is an art.
14th Jul: Broadway stars @Andy_Karl and @official_orfeh are working through this moment in time one forkful of cake and “Sex…
14th Jul: Training with Meisner upon moving to New York City prepared @Chris_Meloni for his exceptional work today.
13th Jul: Join us for 2️⃣ live The Slate events tomorrow! Full schedule:
13th Jul: A pair of high-paying commercials are casting right now.
13th Jul: There are a ton of (remote!) opportunities for talent across the country this week.
13th Jul: Here are some modeling projects picked just for you 💐
13th Jul: The cape and cowl have been passed: @JaviciaLeslie is the new #Batwoman!
13th Jul: .@PaapaEssiedu has been gracing stages and screens in the UK since the beginning of his career. Join us as we go li…
13th Jul: You should say yes to even the smallest opportunity.
13th Jul: Find out exactly how you can list the unique credit.
13th Jul: Lockdown may present the perfect situation to start developing your comedy skills.
13th Jul: This new action-packed spy series starring Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden is now in pre-production.
13th Jul: Stale, bring, instant, hanger, move.
13th Jul: Voiceover can ultimately improve your overall acting ability.
13th Jul: A self-submission is like a gift to an actor.
13th Jul: Theaters may be dark, but musical theater actors can still work on their craft. Join us tomorrow to do just that in…
13th Jul: Be confident in the value that you know you provide.
12th Jul: What is most important is what you’re bringing in the door with you.
12th Jul: Play it without sound and ask yourself these questions.
12th Jul: By the time your audition comes, you’ll be ready to crush it.
12th Jul: “When you submit your material to an agent, keep it short and sweet."
12th Jul: Most importantly when you get started, have fun.
12th Jul: With Backstage’s help, you can cast and produce a shoot that features your desired models.
12th Jul: The range of styles is wider than you’d think.
12th Jul: Are there any signs pointing you towards a career in voiceover?
12th Jul: It is so much more than you know.
12th Jul: "I think, even if it’s not a comedic role, having a sense of humor [helps]."
11th Jul: Select TV material that matches your casting.
11th Jul: "I picked up pretty much immediately that I’d need to practice patience at every step of my career."
11th Jul: 5, 6, 7, 8. Did you spot our Backstage magazine in the new @Netflix movie #FeelTheBeat with @SofiaCarson? If you di…
11th Jul: Try taking a step back to mull over what you do and how you do it.
11th Jul: These monologues are sure to make a lasting impression!
11th Jul: Coronavirus changed the game for voiceover work.
11th Jul: Try these tips on your YouTube channel today!
11th Jul: The makeup design process combines both creative and logistical work.
11th Jul: For an actor, training is a necessity.
11th Jul: Do you have what it takes to be the next #AmericanIdol?
11th Jul: #1: Reverse the verse.
11th Jul: Mary Hidalgo explains what she looks for in a voice cast.
11th Jul: The journey of applying for an artist visa will involve a lot of community outreach and plenty of bureaucracy. (via…
11th Jul: In the latest episode of @InTheEnvelope, @MarkDuplass says your restraints are what you can use to forge ahead and…
11th Jul: Say cheers to these gigs 🍹
11th Jul: There are lots of opportunities for talent in New York City and nearby areas.
11th Jul: 2020 is an exceptional year and 2020’s is an exceptional @thekilroys13’s list. #TheList2020.
10th Jul: Take it from #LosEspookys’ @anafabregagood and @juliothesquare, finding your perfect collaborator isn’t easy, but i…
10th Jul: The upcoming Ava DuVernay-Colin Kaepernick series is casting its series star.
10th Jul: Here’s how you can speed your way onto #TheFlash ⚡️
10th Jul: Find out where the #StrangerThings casting director finds new talent.
10th Jul: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world 🌎
10th Jul: Find out what the casting director behind #LittleFiresEverywhere, #BigLittleLies, and #SharpObjects looks for in an…
10th Jul: “The Wonder Years” is getting a new look at ABC.
10th Jul: #TheGreat ignored the realities of 18th century Russia when it came to casting.
10th Jul: This actor was cast remotely on Backstage for a job that shot in the Caribbean—not bad! #IGotCast
10th Jul: With increased attention on gaming, how has the games industry coped—and even thrived—under the intense pressures o…
10th Jul: A major snack brand is casting an actor or performer for a commercial starring a Mexican wrestler 💪
10th Jul: With #BroadCity, #SearchParty, #NoraFromQueens and more this casting team has brought to life a comedic yet realist…
10th Jul: A theater in education tour, a weekly comedy series, and more are casting in Australia right now.
10th Jul: Are you ready to raise the funds? (via @Charisjjackson)
10th Jul: Do you have any cover letter tips?
10th Jul: #2: Learn a new skill.
10th Jul: Let’s walk through the points of the voiceover matching process.
10th Jul: This isn’t the time to talk about what we can’t do. It’s a time to embrace what we can do.
10th Jul: Talent needs to have something special when they share the screen with stars like Laura Linney or Bette Midler.
10th Jul: “I think a little bit of nerves is good. It’s partly excitement, it’s feeling vulnerable. But it’s also why we do i…
10th Jul: Finding ways to connect and embrace yourself is key.
10th Jul: #LosEspookys’ @anafabregagood and @juliothesquare’s advice for those aspiring to write or perform comedy is deliver…
9th Jul: “We’re still behind in this industry in terms of how we treat women, especially women in roles behind the camera.”
9th Jul: This Netflix doc is looking for a narrator!
9th Jul: These projects are looking for young talent to apply online.
9th Jul: This virtual reading is looking for talent with previous Zoom-based performance experience.
9th Jul: “I don’t think I’ve laughed harder at anything that I’ve been in than that movie.”
9th Jul: A show like #Succession loses all credibility the moment the audience stops believing its world is genuinely inhabi…
9th Jul: Emmy award-winning casting director Avy Kaufman has had a storied career—and wants to welcome you into her audition…
9th Jul: #Alternatino creator @arturocastro85 has great advice for other creators to get started.
9th Jul: Seth Rogen’s Edgar Allen Poe-inspired supernatural thriller is casting.
9th Jul: “As actors—as artists—we have the privilege of being so many things, and I hope that the fear of missing out on a ‘…
9th Jul: Do you have what it takes to be your own agent?
9th Jul: We all could use a little wisdom from today’s most award-worthy actors and creators.
9th Jul: #4: Active listening. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
9th Jul: There’s no better time than now to venture into the many possibilities of voiceover acting.
9th Jul: A self-tape can make or break you when auditioning for a project.
9th Jul: Whether you’re a voiceover actor, a character actor, or just a big #BreakingBad fan, we’ve got The Slate sessions f…
9th Jul: Embrace your inner Barry Allen and take a look at these action, adventure, and superhero-inspired productions that…
9th Jul: To boldly go where no one has gone before isn’t just a classic #StarTrek phrase—it’s what the team behind…
8th Jul: There are lots of opportunities for talent in southeastern states this week.
8th Jul: The ultimate reward is becoming the spokesperson for this brand.
8th Jul: #BreakingBad, #BetterCallSaul, #TheMandalorian, and more projects wouldn’t be the same without master of the screen…
8th Jul: “Just make it. People either rise to that challenge or they don’t. The truth is that you just don’t have any more e…
8th Jul: Put that Keanu impression to good use!
8th Jul: Research is necessary when it comes to production design.
8th Jul: Make some money while talking about money with this project.
8th Jul: #DeadToMe finds @1capplegate turning in her career-best work. In this week’s cover story she opens up about how she…
8th Jul: Are you the right fit for these roles?
8th Jul: .@BradleyWhitford is thankful for the complex writing on #HandmaidsTale.
8th Jul: The casting director behind #Snowpiercer likes to find new faces.
8th Jul: Social media rockstars like @TheRock consistently do four things that help them create awesome posts. (via…
8th Jul: Here are the traits and qualities you should focus on to succeed in the voiceover industry. (via @voschoolpodcast)
8th Jul: These voiceover casting directors have tips for the next time you’re up for a voice acting job.
8th Jul: “When your heart is in it, the results your pursuits yield will speak for themselves.” - @_tonyrossi
8th Jul: “But when I look back, it was every part of that 17 years that led to #Stateless.”
8th Jul: Speed into your next gig 🚗💨
7th Jul: Join us and the casting director of #Fleabag for an in-depth conversation tomorrow. Pre-register here:…
7th Jul: You could lend your voice to this gaming company 🎮
7th Jul: #TheOffice and #SpaceForce’s Greg Daniels knows how to make timeless comedy.
7th Jul: COVID-19 is forcing many changes to the operations of the industry.
7th Jul: Actors’ Equity has approved the opening of two theaters since stages across the nation shut down in mid-March.
7th Jul: There are lots of opportunities this week for young talent.
7th Jul: Networking with an agent? Here’s how to follow up.
7th Jul: As we whirl through the daily rollercoaster of quarantine and beyond, here’s a simple guide that will keep you on t…
7th Jul: The #BirdsOfPrey team is back in flight with a twist on #PiratesOfTheCaribbean.
7th Jul: .@NYTofGB has quite the track record when it comes to successful alumni.
7th Jul: There’s not just one right way to network. (via @carlosnetodance)
7th Jul: #3: Be good at following written directions.
7th Jul: Enter this side of the voiceover industry.
7th Jul: Even experienced actors get nervous.
7th Jul: As a young performer, it’s great to have this goal, but the last thing you want to do is sit idly by waiting for yo…
7th Jul: Make sure you follow tomorrow’s The Slate session. Full schedule:
6th Jul: “Playing Joe just means that I have to listen and I have to love to listen, which is a good skill, no matter what y…
6th Jul: Could you be the right fit for these projects?
6th Jul: A men’s skincare shoot, a jewelry campaign, and more are casting right now!
6th Jul: Today’s technology allows for more artistic experimentation than ever before.
6th Jul: You could star in this mystery from your own home 🔍
6th Jul: In the latest episode of @InTheEnvelope, @gugumbatharaw revealed the tricks she uses for any role, no matter how di…
6th Jul: The British government has now stepped up and offered a £1.57bn lifeline to keep the arts sector alive.
6th Jul: “Preparation is absolutely paramount.”
6th Jul: Court is in session for season two of Chrissy Teigen’s Quibi series.
6th Jul: There are lots of opportunities for talent in New York, including remote work.
6th Jul: Here are some inspiring ideas on how you can take action right now as a voice actor.
6th Jul: The creators of #Westworld are developing a #Fallout series.
6th Jul: This heist film with a musical backdrop is set to shoot in 2021.
6th Jul: This actor made the jump from student to working actor seamlessly—with help from Backstage. #IGotCast
6th Jul: This biopic is casting 3 icons—could you be one of them?
6th Jul: Take control of your career and make the jobs come to you.
6th Jul: If you’re ready to get your hands on some new gear, we want to help you make the best choice.
6th Jul: These traits are absolutely vital to succeeding in voiceover.
6th Jul: Ask yourself these questions to take the right steps.
5th Jul: Whether you’re on a project or in class, keep working.
5th Jul: Start your week off right with two YouTube Live sessions ▶️ Full schedule:
5th Jul: You think whispering is your life-saver, but actually…
5th Jul: Be flexible and communicate clearly.
5th Jul: Don’t debate, collaborate.
5th Jul: Actors should understand what they’re signing
5th Jul: Make sure you’re taking full entrepreneurial control of your own career.
5th Jul: “If you wanna be in show business, leap before you look.”
5th Jul: Nerve-wracking castings, self-doubt, and waiting for the call.
5th Jul: “I’m a natural. I don’t need training. They’ll tell me how to play it. I just want to book jobs.”
5th Jul: These apps might be the tools you need to get your lines down.
4th Jul: Think outside the box!
4th Jul: Content creation should be job number one
4th Jul: Voiceover actors might need to find projects in a variety of ways.
4th Jul: For every hero, there is the archnemisis.
4th Jul: Opportunities are all around you.
4th Jul: If you follow these guidelines, your child will be able to showcase their skills.
4th Jul: We’ve got this, and we’re in it together.
4th Jul: Voiceover Actors! Here is how you can save and manage your money.
4th Jul: Activate the imagination, and you activate the heart.
3rd Jul: Voiceover actors, keep track of your finances.
3rd Jul: Take those roles—because any one of them could lead to twenty more.
3rd Jul: This summer, consider some of these voiceover genres for your child.
3rd Jul: Your breakdown is as important as your script for attracting talent.
3rd Jul: Creators worldwide are making the switch and casting remotely.
3rd Jul: The best costume designers empower actors.
3rd Jul: Buzz doesn’t just happen. (via @SpotlightPRco)
3rd Jul: “All these lessons and experiences, I take with me into every audition and every role I get.”
3rd Jul: Remember that less is more. (via @DouglasTaurel)
3rd Jul: #1 Develop strong branding.
3rd Jul: It’s an honor just to be nominated…but in 2020, aren’t these stars long overdue?
3rd Jul: Even #TheGoodPlace star @DarcyCarden struggled at the start of her career. Listen the latest @InTheEnvelope episo…
3rd Jul: BuzzFeed is seeking Black talent from around the globe who would like to share their experience.
3rd Jul: Put all that time on TikTok to good use with this gig.
2nd Jul: It took years for #TheGoodPlace star @DarcyCarden to learn the lesson she wants other artists to remember.
2nd Jul: This fantasy novel adaptation is casting a pair of supporting roles.
2nd Jul: You could be part of this fun video series!
2nd Jul: As the credits rolled on the final episode of #LittleFiresEverywhere, a familiar voice emanated: @ingridmusic’s. Fi…
2nd Jul: What do you consider a fair rate?
2nd Jul: Get the family together for this project.
2nd Jul: Shooting sci-fi shows like #Westworld and #Snowpiercer requires a specific aesthetic and vision.
2nd Jul: Even @ChrisEvans has had his fair share of audition horror stories.
2nd Jul: It’s more important than ever to survey the agencies helping their artists build a career from their vocal cords.
2nd Jul: Be ready to come back and kill it when the time is right!
2nd Jul: Working with @MichaelaCoel on #IMayDestroyYou taught @PaapaEssiedu an invaluable lesson.
2nd Jul: Here are three ways to think of ideas, so you’re never stuck again. (via @smforactors)
2nd Jul: There is nothing to lose and everything to gain from listening to your child’s clear message and stepping back.
2nd Jul: The space you record in is the biggest factor determining the quality of your recording.
2nd Jul: “We get to create the art that Hollywood may not be ready for yet.” - @yesimsarahjones
2nd Jul: “Our job is to make sure we understand the script properly and find a way to convey that to an audience” -…
2nd Jul: Obsessed with true crime series? Now’s your chance to be part of one.
1st Jul: The Broadway League has announced an incoming audit of diversity and racial representation in the theater industry.
1st Jul: Raise a glass to these projects looking for talent right now 🥃
1st Jul: Don’t miss any of the great voiceover opportunities right now, including some ongoing work 🎙
1st Jul: These two projects are hoping to safely start production soon.
1st Jul: Rose Byrne wanted to make sure she got the living icon right in #MrsAmerica.
1st Jul: There are lots of remote opportunities for talent in Texas and other Southern states.
1st Jul: #TheBoldType star @aishadee will be channeling her inner Kat and taking over our Instagram (@backstagecast) to spen…
1st Jul: Before @ChrisEvans became a superhero and superstar, he made a habit of asking scene partners: “What’s your process…
1st Jul: Take it from @kevinbacon: That #TigerKing binge could actually benefit your acting.
1st Jul: This month will set the stage for a six-month-long faceoff between the individual and institutions, indicating that…
1st Jul: Take it from #LoveVictor breakout star @_michaelcimino_, hard work pays off.
1st Jul: Here are three pitfalls to avoid in your quest for monologue excellence. (via @catapultacting)
1st Jul: An acting education has many benefits. (via @321Acting)
1st Jul: Learning about this industry will help you market yourself as a voiceover actor.
1st Jul: There are three distinct ways in which comedy can help you find your voice.
1st Jul: Social media played a key role when Tom Holland was up for #SpiderMan
1st Jul: Start July (yes, it is in fact July tomorrow) off right with this The Slate session. Full schedule:…
30th Jun: There’s one key quality that makes a good audition for this manager.
30th Jun: This isn’t a daydream: An indie feature film is casting its stars right now.
30th Jun: A lead performance in an indie feature can change everything.
30th Jun: Just do it* *Apply for these gigs
30th Jun: In the latest episode of @InTheEnvelope #Dickinson star @HaileeSteinfeld broke down why she loves taking on roles t…
30th Jun: These commercials, podcasts, films, and more are looking for you to work from home.
30th Jun: .@AnthonyMackie has shown for years that he can deliver a precise and affecting dramatic performance in tandem with…
30th Jun: Don’t miss out on this high-paying gig!
30th Jun: HBO Max is looking for kids with big imaginations and crafting skills ✨
30th Jun: While the New York state guidelines offer a path to restarting production, they’re not a return to normal.
30th Jun: Initially shut down in mid-March, 2020 will mark a stark point in Broadway history: the season with only two and a…
30th Jun: Voiceover is one of the most viable branches of our industry that a talent who’s driven can seek out, master, and m…
30th Jun: Getting organized can help you feel focused and rejuvenated in your voiceover work.
30th Jun: #2: You learn timing. (via @absolutecintron)
29th Jun: Plus, a romcom fiction podcast, a feature docudrama, and a series of product promotional shoots are all casting.
29th Jun: This high-paying pharmaceutical photo shoot is casting now.
29th Jun: Looking forward to this panel moderated by our own @Casey_Mink tomorrow!
29th Jun: “Seat belts, everyone!” - @ElizabethBanks after we reboard the Magic School Bus
29th Jun: There are lots of great opportunities for talent in cities across the country—including remote projects.
29th Jun: We’re going live with #SexEducation star Ncuti Gatwa on our Instagram (@backstagecast) tomorrow! We’ll be chatting…
29th Jun: We’re all taking it one day at a time right now as we learn more about the pandemic—here’s how you can support your…
29th Jun: This film starring Olivia Colman and Colin Firth is set to begin production this fall.
29th Jun: It’s the kind of knowledge that when applied correctly can get you the job.
29th Jun: There’s something for everyone and applying for union gigs is easy with Backstage!
29th Jun: Be conscious of your time on social media.
29th Jun: Your reel lets future bosses know you’re bookable and ready for more work.
28th Jun: It’s an illuminating look behind the scenes of the commercial casting process!
28th Jun: Kick off your week with these two back-to-back The Slate sessions! Pre-register for our Zoom with Ricky Gervais:…
28th Jun: The material you select can make all the difference.
28th Jun: The most important thing for an actor to maintain through uncertain times is craft.
28th Jun: Every action and interaction in your life is sending positive or negative vibes into the world.
28th Jun: If you can answer all these questions, then chances are you’ve done your homework.
28th Jun: If you want to stay off the “worst dialects” list, keep the following tips in mind.
28th Jun: Take it from a drag queen: Voice health is a priority!
28th Jun: A home read is equivalent to a self-taped on-camera audition.
28th Jun: Here are a few movies you can watch while you continue to social distance!
28th Jun: To be successful in the voiceover field, you need to be well versed on the lingo.
27th Jun: Focus on the RIGHT followers, not just MORE followers.
27th Jun: Join us for a 30-minute Zoom webinar with the one and only @rickygervais on Monday. The session will feature a deep…
27th Jun: Making assumptions can complicate your work in the voiceover industry.
27th Jun: Let your bio jumpstart your career even when you’re not there to audition!
27th Jun: Now is a perfect time to touch-up or start your résumé!
27th Jun: Consider these elements before you bring that great new tune to your next audition.
27th Jun: There are many different ways to create a realistic character.
27th Jun: This casting director wants you to remember to take care of your health.
27th Jun: Allow @KeeganMKey to explain why improv training is so important for actors and creators. Listen to our latest ep…
27th Jun: The process of getting a job as a choreographer can be quite elusive.
27th Jun: For voiceover artists, there are three common schools of thought when it comes to headshots.
27th Jun: Compared to traditional media, creating online content is much easier—especially now. (via @smforactors)
27th Jun: There are so many things that can make a film like #KnivesOut memorable, and production design is certainly one of…
27th Jun: Who should you follow? What should you tweet? How should you engage?
27th Jun: From attaining a bodybuilder’s physique to undergoing transformations that render them unrecognizable, actors will…
26th Jun: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada!
26th Jun: This A&E series is casting right now.
26th Jun: Chemistry came naturally for NormalPeople’s @mescal_paul and @DaisyEdgarJones.
26th Jun: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world including a high-paying feature film that is casting one…
26th Jun: Here’s your ultimate guide to getting cast on #TheWitcher.
26th Jun: Get comfy and apply for these projects online now!
26th Jun: In the latest episode of @InTheEnvelope @KeeganMKey gave insightful advice for actors, writers, and especially acto…
26th Jun: Finding actors with less experience who could hold their own was a key element to casting #SchittsCreek.
26th Jun: But will it be called “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: My, My How Can We Resist You”?
26th Jun: Casting director @marciliroff wants you to learn a key lesson from this self-tape snafu.
26th Jun: This actor knows how to see the potential behind every casting notice. #IGotCast
26th Jun: Put on your blue suede shoes and audition for these projects.
26th Jun: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia.
26th Jun: It’s possible to guarantee a win every time you audition, even when you don’t book a role. (via @josephpearlman)
26th Jun: You really want to consider the uses of each shot. (via @HeadshotsByMarc)
26th Jun: If an agent does want to sign you, take your time.
26th Jun: Character acting is great acting. (via @actatbaronbrown)
26th Jun: In addition to reflecting on her time as co-showrunner on #SelfMade, Elle Johnson revealed what it was like working…
26th Jun: It’s time to take a look at how traditional setups will change with COVID-19.
25th Jun: The new season of #SearchParty is about to get real.
25th Jun: Plus, a high-paying dental care brand commercial, a product fitness video, and a short film are all casting.
25th Jun: If you need some help with your quarantine baking, this might be the opportunity for you.
25th Jun: “I think for a long time, I thought that acting was about hiding in the people I got to become as opposed to being…
25th Jun: These projects are casting young talent from around the country 🌎
25th Jun: From HBO shows to superhero-themed gigs, celebrate the return of #DoomPatrol by auditioning for these opportunities.
25th Jun: Your fellow actors want to know what your experience has been.
25th Jun: Here is the story of how a one-woman monologue transformed into the global phenomenon that is #Fleabag.
25th Jun: “I’m alive. It’s not just on the paper; I am her. I’m who you’re looking for.” - @angelicaross on bringing Candy in…
25th Jun: Find out how @trent_reznor and Atticus Ross nailed #Watchmen’s aural mood.
25th Jun: “You have to see boundaries and try and break them all the time. Because, the minute you go: ‘Ah, yes, I made it,’…
25th Jun: Make sure you’re taking the right photos. (via @aaronrmarcus)
25th Jun: Connection is key. (via @craigteach)
25th Jun: Knowing how to label and slate your audition is a very important skill for voiceover actors.
25th Jun: There are 5 key things to consider.
25th Jun: A #NormalPeople breakout star + A celebrity acting coach + An Emmy-winning casting director = Another great day of…
25th Jun: The #CurbYourEnthusiasm and @DaveOnFXX showrunner puts trust into actors to carry out his vision and even exceed ex…
25th Jun: Your next opportunity is brewing.
24th Jun: A high-paying sleep tracker explainer video, a community-centered utilities commercial, and more are casting voiceo…
24th Jun: Say cheers to these projects 🍷
24th Jun: Kate Shindle has been reelected president of the nation’s union for stage actors and managers, Actors’ Equity Assoc…
24th Jun: Production is ramping back up for these two projects.
24th Jun: .@MattBomer’s #TheSinner role was a challenge—but he was certainly up for it.
24th Jun: There are lots of opportunities for talent in Texas and the South, including remote work.
24th Jun: From #Scandal to #LittleFiresEverywhere, @kerrywashington acts with purpose. In this week’s cover story the four-ti…
24th Jun: .@AudraEqualityMc, @BrandonVDixon, @VWOfficial, @laChanze and more have teamed up to form @BLKTheatreUnite, a new c…
24th Jun: If you’re an actor looking to make the leap to directing you won’t want to miss this insight from #ThisIsUs actor +…
24th Jun: The Casting Directors Association is a relatively new group representing that oh-so-important tribe, the casting di…
24th Jun: We’re going live on Instagram (@backstagecast) with #NormalPeople star @mescal_paul tomorrow to talk about about na…
24th Jun: Do you have what it takes to play this icon on stage?
24th Jun: The demo reel is the single most important tool for an actor’s career. (via @CreateYourReel)
24th Jun: Taking dance classes helps you to be more mentally alert, more focused, and less tense. (via @llondoncasting)
24th Jun: Don’t fall prey to these red flags.
24th Jun: It might be something that you’ve never thought about before. (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
24th Jun: .@sagaftraFOUND is doing its part to protect and support guild members with their COVID-19 Relief Fund, which has r…
24th Jun: We have two amazing AMAs with Emmy-winning CDs tomorrow that you won’t want to miss! Register for the Zoom session…
23rd Jun: Pass the torch with these great gigs.
23rd Jun: Run, don’t walk, to apply for these projects.
23rd Jun: #TheWitcher is restarting production in August—but in the meantime these fantasy projects are casting talent now!
23rd Jun: A book trailer for “Paige Saves the Day” is looking for young talent!
23rd Jun: For @pearsoncasting there were key differences between casting @sixthemusical and casting #RENT.
23rd Jun: Don’t miss tomorrow’s The Slate lineup—including a very important discussion for UK actors. Full schedule:…
23rd Jun: #2: Remember your “why.”
23rd Jun: It’s a reminder of your self-worth and how much you value your time. (via @MatthewDelNegro)
23rd Jun: There are many factors that determine if this is a wise decision.
23rd Jun: For Your Monologue Consideration: These monologues from #InsecureHBO, #TheGoodPlace, and more.
22nd Jun: Don’t sleep on these opportunities.
22nd Jun: Photo shoots for a clothing company, a rose delivery service, and more are looking for talent this week.
22nd Jun: Kristen Stewart has lined up a royal gig for next year as Princess Diana.
22nd Jun: Lend your voice to this horror podcast!
22nd Jun: Talent is needed for video games, podcasts, films, and more and all can be done from the comfort of your living roo…
22nd Jun: The answers apply to everyone.
22nd Jun: This one’s gonna be good! Two-time Emmy winner and three-time Golden Globe nominee @BradleyWhitford (known best for…
22nd Jun: It’s been three months since lockdown began and although film and TV is now adapting to the challenging circumstanc…
22nd Jun: This could be your chance to play a cinematic icon.
22nd Jun: The BBC have commissioned a second series of the thriller starring Holliday Grainger as Rachel Carey.
22nd Jun: The B.A. and BFA distinction might be less significant than you imagine.
22nd Jun: Just be prepared to spend more time than you first anticipated supporting yourself by other means as you build your…
22nd Jun: We’re holistic beings—body, soul, and spirit—and having everything working together is key!
22nd Jun: Voiceover coach Joan Baker explains what voiceover actors need to have on their demo reels.
21st Jun: The more confident you are, the better you perform on screen and on stage.
21st Jun: The one and only @Chris_Meloni is going live with us on our Instagram (@backstagecast) tomorrow! The…
21st Jun: Many people are attracted to the voiceover industry because of animation.
21st Jun: Don’t compare...self-care.
21st Jun: Which voiceover performance is your favorite?
21st Jun: Here are three pitfalls to avoid in your quest for monologue excellence.
21st Jun: These tips will help the next time you film your next self-tape!
21st Jun: “I think about how much fun I had when I was a kid and I was acting in elementary school and in high school and my…
21st Jun: Read books, not scripts.
21st Jun: There are hundreds of ways good nutrition and the right health hacks can supercharge your potential.
21st Jun: If you’re going to do it, do it right.
20th Jun: Build in a reward that satisfies your pleasure-seeking brain.
20th Jun: When you start to feel your sense of self-belief swell, you’ll feel like you can take on the world.
20th Jun: You are not alone, and you deserve to be cared for.
20th Jun: Here is some advice for actors working in animation.
20th Jun: Casting directors are on your side.
20th Jun: Preparation is key.
19th Jun: This short comedy film is casting its lead!
19th Jun: There are 3 key points to think of.
19th Jun: Your fellow actors are looking for answers.
19th Jun: Here are five vital tips to help you get, stay in, and create a voiceover career.
19th Jun: Casting isn’t just about finding the best, most interesting actors for a role.
19th Jun: We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, @zoeydeutch. Auditioning is an opportunity to exercise your acting skill…
19th Jun: This remote project is casting 4 lead roles.
18th Jun: iHeartRadio and Jared Jewelry want to help set up the proposal of your dreams with a special edition Pride video.
18th Jun: Education + hosting = the perfect project for a child actor.
18th Jun: Don’t miss these great opportunities for talent in California right now.
18th Jun: All of @zoeydeutch’s characters, each as different as the next, are prepared with an arsenal of actorly tricks, as…
18th Jun: #TheChi star @BirgundiBaker is taking over our Instagram (@backstagecast) ahead of the @SHOTheChi’s season premiere…
18th Jun: Multiple high-paying feature films are casting around the world right now.
18th Jun: Virtual visits with reporters open up all kinds of exciting opportunities for performers. (via @RealSteveRohr)
18th Jun: #TacomaFD’s @HassieHarrison has gone to wild lengths in the audition room.
18th Jun: #1: Expand your repertoire. (via @LauLapides)
18th Jun: Even #ThePolitician star @Sam_Jaeger doesn’t like auditioning.
18th Jun: If you’re planning to produce your voiceover demos, be sure to invest in yourself.
18th Jun: Once you truly commit to the planning of becoming successful, it’ll lead you to actually becoming successful.
18th Jun: You and your pet could be the stars of this work-from-home project.
17th Jun: Finish up your week with The Slate (we will be off on Friday as Backstage observes Juneteenth) with these insightfu…
17th Jun: Go all-in on these projects.
17th Jun: If you want to be an essential member of the team that helps realize the aesthetic vision for a film or TV show, yo…
17th Jun: From a horror podcast to an animated web series, there are a ton of voiceover projects casting right now.
17th Jun: There are lots of remote opportunities for actors in Texas and the south right now.
17th Jun: Here are some actionable steps you can take today to feel better tomorrow.
17th Jun: Always be a smart actor in the choices you make about staying safe at work and out in the world. (via @BradLemack)
17th Jun: .@blogilates still stands out amidst the proliferated landscape because Cassey Ho remains committed to the reason s…
17th Jun: Those TikTok dances you’ve been practicing could get you this job.
17th Jun: With voiceover garnering so much attention and interest, it’s definitely time to consider it for yourself.
17th Jun: #2: Look for opportunities for them to practice their audition skills.
17th Jun: When it comes to voice acting, you’re either a professional or you’re not, right out of the gate.
17th Jun: Here are three things job seekers should keep an eye out for when reading the trades.
17th Jun: Join us tomorrow for Steph VS’s final daily workout for The Slate and two must-see Zoom sessions. Pre-register fo…
17th Jun: #ThisIsUs has captured the hearts of fans around the world—and these projects might too.
16th Jun: This short film is casting its three lead roles.
16th Jun: This is your ultimate guide to getting on #MrsMaisel.
16th Jun: Wondering what it takes to create the look of a set in movies like #WonderWoman?
16th Jun: Several Amazon-related commercials are casting L.A. talent right now.
16th Jun: Discovery Kids is looking for young talent help make learning science fun 🔬🧪
16th Jun: Take it from these casting directors, now is the time to nail your self-tape technique.
16th Jun: There are five major reasons to use LinkedIn to create your own opportunities.
16th Jun: Here are five ways to develop a child actor résumé. (via @321Acting)
16th Jun: As a voice actor, the ability to hear and correct your own accent can be crucial to your success.
16th Jun: Independent films can be a great launching pad for an actor’s career. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
16th Jun: This week join actor #Avengers star @AnthonyMackie and celebrated movement instructor + co-founder of…
16th Jun: “People need to be able to see themselves as the hero in the story. “ - #Hightown star @atkinsestimond
15th Jun: A stacked day of The Slate is coming… Join us tomorrow for this fantastic lineup of sessions. Full schedule:…
15th Jun: The new date for the 93rd #Oscars ceremony will be April 25, 2021.
15th Jun: Lend your voice to this interactive project.
15th Jun: A high-paying national tech shoot, a graphic novel reference art gig, and more modeling projects are casting now.
15th Jun: .@itsgabrielleu will star in and produce @Netflix’s “The Perfect Find.”
15th Jun: There are lots of opportunities for talent in cities and regions across the country including remote projects.
15th Jun: For an industry accustomed to in-person auditions, live theater actors are preparing to embrace homemade video subm…
15th Jun: Tomorrow we’re thrilled to be going live with @Maisie_Williams on Instagram (@backstagecast)! Our own…
15th Jun: The 2019–20 New York theater season may go down as the one that was “lost,” but not if the @DramaDeskAwards have an…
15th Jun: #SexEducation was open to casting unknowns—and that’s how they found Emma Mackey.
15th Jun: This Netflix film needs UK talent ASAP.
15th Jun: It’s simple to set up a home voiceover studio, and it’s not difficult to transform the quality of sound from passab…
15th Jun: Here are some classic Disney songs you can make your own for your next audition.
15th Jun: Acting on bad advice can hurt your career, and demoralize a voice actor before they even begin.
15th Jun: Did you remember all of these guest stars?
15th Jun: It’s important that the voice convey the right tone and attitude for the brand.
15th Jun: It pays to be strategic.
14th Jun: Head into the week stronger than ever with tomorrow’s workout. Full schedule:
14th Jun: "It’s about the person fitting the role correctly, and it’s OK to have no experience"
14th Jun: Take this time to research casting directors who could be future collaborators.
14th Jun: It may be time to move up to the big kid’s table.
14th Jun: Everything you need to know about getting your foot in the door.
14th Jun: Your mircophone should be like your soulmate.
14th Jun: Lead with your best online foot forward.
14th Jun: A person needs experiences in order to grow.
14th Jun: Perfection is an elusive lover.
14th Jun: This opportunity is a game-changer.
14th Jun: What was your final your score?
14th Jun: What makes a coach great is the ability to continually inspire.
14th Jun: From Viola Davis to Leonardo DiCaprio, these actors overcame financial hardship to become stars.
13th Jun: At the core of effective living is planning and management.
13th Jun: This #DirtyJohn director starts every journey with actors by having a conversation about how they work best and tal…
13th Jun: "Each person has something that makes them special and interesting and that is what we want to see."
13th Jun: An acting background is a useful directing tool.
13th Jun: Be optimistic about voiceover work.
13th Jun: You need to revise your marketing perspective.
13th Jun: Find the best moments that showcase you.
13th Jun: Plus, a children’s digital television series, a feature film, and more great gigs are casting around the country.
13th Jun: Here are six must-haves for aspiring and working actors alike 📚 (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
13th Jun: Voiceover direction is very specific.
13th Jun: Multiple short films are casting Canadian talent right now.
13th Jun: After taking a two-decade hiatus @amgoth2000 was able to jump back in without missing a beat with the help of Backs…
13th Jun: Learn about the challenges and rewards of producing an indie film from the producer of #Shirley.
13th Jun: Don’t miss these Disney-related gigs seeking talent around the world.
13th Jun: Make some money out of your time at home with one of these gigs seeking talent right now.
12th Jun: Your digital presence is key.
12th Jun: Today’s top gigs are fun for the whole family.
12th Jun: Watch out for these red flags when signing on to an indie film. (via @MarciLiroff)
12th Jun: There are lots of opportunities for talent in New York City, including work-at-home opportunities.
12th Jun: Take it from @CynthiaEriVo, don’t be afraid to reach out to your peers. Listen to our full inspiring and enlighte…
12th Jun: On #LosEspookys acting and costumes influence each other on set—take it from actor @juliothesquare and costume desi…
12th Jun: We’re proud to partner with @csacasting for a free virtual event to benefit Black Lives Matter and engage the actin…
12th Jun: The #Booksmart star is reportedly in talks to play Zoe Murphy in the #DearEvanHansen movie adaptation.
12th Jun: Take notes on @sydney_sweeney’s audition prep.
12th Jun: The story you want to tell may be too strange or bold to fit into any typical box, but it’s often strangeness and b…
12th Jun: This feature film is looking to cast a key supporting character.
12th Jun: When the pandemic hit this author made the most of the situation and did his first remote search for actors to read…
12th Jun: Being driven to start a career where you make people laugh is all well and good, but how do you find your own funny…
12th Jun: Commercial voiceover work can be an ideal genre for voice actors. (via @kb_Voiceovers)
12th Jun: When you think Meisner, don’t just think acting—think writing too. (via @actatbaronbrown)
12th Jun: Your fellow actors want to know!
12th Jun: “So next time someone says, ‘You’re not the right fit,’ take a deep breath, smile, and know—fashion changes quickly…
12th Jun: Wrap up your week with a can’t miss session for voiceover actors. Full schedule:
11th Jun: Knowing how to cast a project and knowing how to cast a voiceover project are similar, but there are some key diffe…
11th Jun: Plus, a feature film, a fictional horror podcast, and a skincare social media ad are all casting.
11th Jun: This feature film akin to “The Hangover” is casting several principal roles.
11th Jun: A food delivery service is looking for a couple to cook up a testimonial-style video from home.
11th Jun: “I want to create platforms for people to showcase them. I want to be able to make space for other women of color.”…
11th Jun: Don’t miss any of the top gigs casting kids, including a fun and creative toy shoot.
11th Jun: The industry is reminded of the @NYTofGB’s impact every few months when an actor interview features a version of th…
11th Jun: Get an answer to one of the most frequently asked questions.
11th Jun: This might be the motivation you need.
11th Jun: #2: Find someone with a history of helping. (via @RealSteveRohr)
11th Jun: Understanding these differences can help you as you decide what you want to audition for. (via @Charisjjackson)
11th Jun: “I think some things that you really want are supposed to be hard.” - #NormalPeople breakout @mescal_paul
11th Jun: Acting in indie films allows @katewalsh to work with exciting new storytellers.
11th Jun: This is why you should do that random indie film.
11th Jun: This project has the potential to turn into ongoing voiceover work.
10th Jun: Celebrate Father’s Day with this remote project.
10th Jun: A health and wellness brand is seeking talent for a global work-from-home gig.
10th Jun: There are two pilots featuring #SNL stars tentatively planning to film this year.
10th Jun: Cicely Tyson, #WatchmenHBO, #Fleabag, and #WhenTheySeeUs are just some of this year’s @PeabodyAwards winners.
10th Jun: There are lots of energizing opportunities for talent in Southern states like Texas right now.
10th Jun: “[In the film, Radha] is not so much defining her voice as defying what is expected of her voice, as opposed to wai…
10th Jun: If you have an idea, you can be a filmmaker—that’s what @Miranda_July did. Her journey proves that indie film is th…
10th Jun: .@bwayadvocacyco is taking action with its 3-day forum, #BwayForBLM, which @adriennelwarren explains was organized…
10th Jun: Here are some tips to alleviate the stress of memorization and make the process smooth and seamless. (via…
10th Jun: “Your integrity is an expensive commodity that cannot be bought. Keep yours.” - @WerucheOpia
10th Jun: Sonejuhi Sinha’s creative choices work to reframe a beloved cinematic genre around central characters and themes th…
10th Jun: Take a moment to take care of your body and voice with us tomorrow. Full schedule:
9th Jun: Entertainment unions and leaders have submitted a guidebook for New York and California states outlining industry s…
9th Jun: Show dad some love this Father’s Day, and get paid to share your funny or sweet videos of dad for a social media ad.
9th Jun: Black actors like @JohnBoyega, @KekePalmer, @VanessaMorgan, and @michaelb4jordan are speaking their truth.
9th Jun: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Los Angeles, including a starring role in a feature film, a high-paying…
9th Jun: There are a few things you can do to up your chances.
9th Jun: Nickelodeon is casting young talent—apply online now.
9th Jun: “I’ve always thought she is so magnetic and has such a presence and that I need to see her do more.” -…
9th Jun: It’s clear our post-lockdown world might look very different.
9th Jun: A new TV drama from the producers of #Fleabag is casting.
9th Jun: You need to have a plan and you need to think about something you probably don’t want to think about: money. (via…
9th Jun: Don’t miss our session with Victoria Scott tomorrow, voiceover actors 🎙 Full schedule:
8th Jun: “Hedy Lamarr” has found a new home and, with it, a series order.
8th Jun: Put those newfound Zoom skills to work with this project.
8th Jun: Don’t miss any of the top modeling jobs available nationwide.
8th Jun: Also, the eLearning site ZilLearn is looking for talent to work remotely, Tik Tok-style athletic wear commercials n…
8th Jun: Plus, a mobile game campaign, a music-learning app commercial, and more are casting.
8th Jun: “If you just started, now’s a good time to reflect on what you want out of life. And be confident—if you’re insecur…
8th Jun: Excited to having some important conversations today on The Slate. Full schedule:
8th Jun: #2: Choose material that is well-written.
8th Jun: This kind of work can be extremely lucrative and offer a more reliable income stream.
8th Jun: You want your voice to support you and your career for many years to come.
7th Jun: Practice your pirouettes at home.
7th Jun: "How do I become the best voice actor I can be?"
7th Jun: #1:Have a good idea and develop it until it’s great.
7th Jun: Study, stay current, watch and listen to trends.
7th Jun: Consider this your official “greenlight,” a go-ahead from one multi-hyphenate to another.
7th Jun: Give people the tools they need to help you succeed.
7th Jun: Techniques work if you want them to.
7th Jun: Becoming a member of the actors union is a goal for many voice actors.
6th Jun: "It really is a medium on its own, and it can really improve what you’re studying"
6th Jun: Working in the video game genre is both challenging and rewarding.
6th Jun: It is important for actors to know the best practices for making their recordings go off without a hitch.
6th Jun: The hustle, the grind, the constant rejection.
6th Jun: Be a sponge.
6th Jun: Here are three goals in particular that you should set to help you get going.
5th Jun: “When Did I First Know I Was Black?,” a docuseries exploring racism in America, is seeking participants to share th…
5th Jun: Don’t miss any of the great Disney-inspired gigs seeking talent around the world.
5th Jun: There are lots of opportunities for NYC and Northeast-based talent, including plenty of remote gigs.
5th Jun: After making history by becoming the first woman and first person of color directing a unit on a #StarWars film, Vi…
5th Jun: This UK horror film is looking for its lead.
5th Jun: The nominations have been announced for this year’s postponed #BAFTATV awards, now due to go ahead at a virtual cer…
5th Jun: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia.
4th Jun: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada—including remote work.
4th Jun: Harlem Film House (@whyyoumadson) is looking for talent to present monologues that speak to an end to social injust…
4th Jun: “You’re just constantly going in, so I don’t even know if ‘rejection’ is a good word for [not booking jobs]…. It’s…
4th Jun: If you’re quarantining with fellow actors this project might be for you.
4th Jun: Sonic Drive-In is seeking a real Latinx family to become the face of a high-paying bilingual commercial campaign.
4th Jun: The industry is changing, should your résumé change too?
4th Jun: The professional breaks, it may go without saying, are even more capricious than usual now with the current pandemi…
4th Jun: There’s confidence among students and staff that the future will be different, but not impossible to navigate.
4th Jun: Congrats to Ncuti Gatwa on his #BAFTATV nomination! We caught up with the #SexEducation star to look back on how E…
4th Jun: Slowly but surely, the UK’s film, television, and commercials industries are inching their way towards getting the…
4th Jun: If you’re quarantining with a spouse, significant other, roommate, friend, or sibling this project might be a good…
3rd Jun: Join us tomorrow for a session with the CDs behind @sixthemusical and more. Pre-registration for the talkback with…
3rd Jun: You can apply online for these acting opportunities today.
3rd Jun: If you’re a voiceover actor or looking to get into voiceover acting, #BoJackHorseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg h…
3rd Jun: Ongoing work for meditation scripts, an audio comedy series, and more are casting voiceover talent right now.
3rd Jun: An online video course is seeking talent to remotely record motivational content for at-risk youth.
3rd Jun: There are a few extra steps you can take to increase the safety and reduce the chance for infection when at a heads…
3rd Jun: Here are a few resources for performers, creators, and allies to the Black Lives Matter movement including organiza…
3rd Jun: Actor @Suraj_Sh4h is the founder of the @BAMEBAMEBAMEE General Open Auditions, an event that allows less-represente…
3rd Jun: We hope this morning’s workout can help center you today. Full schedule:
2nd Jun: As a company, we stand with Black Lives Matter and providing resources + monetary support where we can. We will be…
2nd Jun: Today, we are silent so that we may listen. As proud members of the performance arts + creative sectors, we will o…
2nd Jun: Excited to be chatting with British film and television actor Ashley Walters live on Instagram (@backstagecast) tom…
1st Jun: A Universal Pictures feature film is casting its four stars.
1st Jun: Apply online for this high-paying modeling opportunity.
1st Jun: Remote voiceover, video, and presenting work is casting talent across the country right now.
1st Jun: From COVID contact tracing to copyediting, you can do these jobs from your own home.
1st Jun: This June challenges us to start investigating our belief systems and wounds in a series of revisions and reinventi…
1st Jun: Here are the top 10 podcasts to inspire, challenge, and offer practical advice for actors at any stage of careers.…
1st Jun: Being talented and/or having a “good look” isn’t enough to be a professional actor.
1st Jun: If you’ve considered getting into voiceover, start here.
1st Jun: Learn to trust yourself.
1st Jun: Things are tough right now—we hope you’re all taking care of yourselves the best you can while continuing to suppor…
1st Jun: Use these tips to land your next commerical VO gig!
31st May: We all have a role to play. We will not sit in silence. Black Lives Matter. At this crucial moment, we continue…
31st May: Success in the dynamic world of VO begins and ends with you.
31st May: The next time you’re not sure where to look, consider these factors to help make your decision.
31st May: Voiceover can ultimately improve your overall acting ability.
31st May: Podcasts are a wonderful way to learn about your craft and you can listen at anytime.
31st May: Networking is a vital part of your career.
31st May: The best actors are the smart ones.
31st May: The more you learn, the better you get.
31st May: These plays are must-reads.
31st May: A career in voiceover is an entity of its own.
30th May: Let your bio jumpstart your career even when you’re not there to audition!
30th May: Find out exactly what it takes to become a voiceover actor.
30th May: Part of a successful career involves maintaining a vibrant social media presence.
30th May: It’s not a recreation. It’s an interpretation.
30th May: "If you live your life this way, I promise you’ll be ready to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your w…
30th May: Use this weekend to discover new material!
30th May: Here are four things to consider during your job search and before accepting a position.
30th May: “As we stay home and flatten the curve, let’s focus on our glasses as half full, until our cups are running over an…
30th May: When crafted properly, loglines can be one of the most efficient and effective tools for grabbing attention. (via…
30th May: Of all the films released in 2020, perhaps none other is more memorable in terms of aesthetics as “Emma.”
30th May: This technique has been used by Halle Berry, Brad Pitt, and Charlize Theron, just to name a few.
29th May: Apply online for these projects casting in Canada right now!
29th May: Speed into your next gig 🏍💨
29th May: Find out how you could join Archie and friends in a booth at Pop’s on #Riverdale.
29th May: There are lots of opportunities for talent in NYC, including plenty of remote gigs.
29th May: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s still Henry Cavill as Superman!
29th May: The #GameOfThrones prequel is coming—find out how you could be in it.
29th May: Take it from Sarah Snook, you can learn from your characters. Listen to our full @InTheEnvelope podcast episode w…
29th May: Watching #LittleWomen at home and noticing how delectable the food is? That’s thanks to food stylist Christine Tobi…
29th May: This period piece is shooting in late 2020 and early 2021 and looking for talent now—could you be the right fit?
29th May: .@brooklynfest is going one step further than other festivals during this time, leaning into the pandemic’s upheava…
29th May: Auditions to play these Disney characters will be held via Zoom.
29th May: “All of the daily practices have helped me to experience each day, moment to moment, in a way I was only really doi…
29th May: Looking for an at-home project? Try perfecting your email strategy. (via @TonyHowell)
29th May: Plus, become an interviewer for executive YouTube content and more great global gigs.
29th May: Use this time at home to *really* make your monologue your own. (via @Charisjjackson)
29th May: Now is the perfect time to transition into voiceover.
29th May: You can star in a feature film right at home!
29th May: Celebrate the end of another week at home with The Slate tomorrow. Full schedule:
28th May: Wish you could take a trip to #Riverdale? Dive right into a teen drama with these projects seeking talent!
28th May: Put yourself at ease with one of the great gigs in today’s roundup!
28th May: These projects are looking for young talent to apply online!
28th May: An important question for actors right now.
28th May: The new series is packed with talent that all voiceover actors can learn from.
28th May: Working actors everywhere can take #Succession star Sarah Snook’s advice on @InTheEnvelope to heart, particularly w…
28th May: #SpaceForce star @TrondyNewman’s career shows breadth and depth—and many types of actors can learn from her.
28th May: For #TheFavourite this CD looked for new faces to inhabit smaller roles—find out how that could be you.
28th May: The #SexEducation star will be playing Emily Brontë in the upcoming film.
28th May: There are nuances between the two that you should know.
28th May: Put your best face forward at your next audition with these tips.
28th May: No matter what’s happening in the outside world, the practices actors need to live by to protect themselves don’t c…
28th May: Self-tapes are becoming the norm—here’s how to make a professional, quality + competitive one.
28th May: Be ready for the next time you’re able to be on set by brushing up on this vocabulary. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
28th May: “It often gives me language I need but didn’t have before.” - @TraceeEllisRoss
28th May: From writing process to acting choices, we’ve got a well-rounded group of sessions tomorrow. Which one(s) are you g…
28th May: There are lots of opportunities for talent in Georgia and other Southeastern states—including remote projects.
27th May: Ben Sinclair has brought that boundary-pushing sensibility to #HighMaintenance.
27th May: Here’s your chance to get paid for being a #TWD fan.
27th May: Commercials might be a totally different world for your agent.
27th May: Step into the world of VR with this project!
27th May: #BoJackHorseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg has a lot of opinions on what makes a good voice actor and what makes…
27th May: Get your voiceover profile set up and apply to these great gigs today 🎙
27th May: If you follow this advice you could land a voiceover gig on Netflix or Disney.
27th May: We took the class so you can find out if you should too 📹
27th May: Take it from writer-producer-actor @danbucatinsky: Don’t be afraid of fear. Listen our full @InTheEnvelope episod…
27th May: No theaters currently have union approval to put actors on stage, Actors’ Equity leaders said during a virtual pres…
27th May: Two key factors are contributing to the uncertainty about start dates.
27th May: #3: Success is maintaining healthy, supportive friendships.
27th May: Make sure your Instagram is in tip-top shape.
27th May: Take a break from that #LordOfTheRings quarantine marathon to get to know the team that transforms actors into othe…
27th May: Has #NormalPeople been your quarantine obsession? Then don’t miss tomorrow’s The Slate lineup. Pre-register for o…
27th May: [Ding-dong] Your next project is here!
26th May: Team up with your furry friend for this project!
26th May: Don’t make these mistakes in your next voiceover audition. (via @DebbieIrwinVO)
26th May: Just one of @danbucatinsky’s pieces of can’t-miss advice on @InTheEnvelope: “I learned very early on, out of necess…
26th May: Put those guitar and piano skills to work (from home) 🎸🎹
26th May: Close the deal on these projects!
26th May: Despite the UK and regional government releasing plans to end lockdown, it’s unclear when rules will relax enough t…
26th May: You could have these modeling opportunities in the bag—apply online now 👜
26th May: Elle Woods is bending-and-snapping her way back to theaters with some help from Mindy Kaling.
26th May: There are lots of opportunities in cities and regions across the country, including remote work.
26th May: This eco-friendly ad is looking for an actor to work from home!
26th May: Everything from YouTube vlogs to TikTok accounts.
26th May: Having a good voice really isn’t the most important talent.
26th May: Social media is a double edged sword for everyone.
26th May: This weekend, consider some of these voiceover genres for your child.
25th May: These writers compose songs that are interesting and yet accessible on first hearing.
25th May: After a long weekend off The Slate is back! We hope to see you at our sessions tomorrow. Pre-register for the Q&A…
25th May: If you follow these guidelines, your child will be able to showcase their skills.
25th May: You have better chances when you go through the channels like Backstage.
25th May: It’s important to be the best and leave a good impression.
25th May: Use today to become familiarized with these landmark plays.
25th May: “Amazon’s productions are really exciting, offering something different in the vast streaming universe.”
25th May: Remember: You’re also worth it. You also deserve it.
25th May: Acting is acting is acting—right?
25th May: Be a sponge and soak it up as much as you can.
25th May: The transition from acting to hosting can be an easy one.
24th May: The space you record in determines the quality of your recording.
24th May: Student films are totally worth your time.
24th May: You may actually have an edge in the voiceover industry.
24th May: It can be difficult to do.
24th May: Your child may be the next creative this industry needs.
24th May: You can cut your prep time in half.
24th May: Breathe deep, see what’s in front of you. and connect to your body.
24th May: Find out whether or not you should change the key.
24th May: Use this time at home to up your Twitter game!
24th May: Lin-Manuel Miranda was once a struggling multi-hyphenate just like you.
23rd May: Fortunately, it’s an easy fix once you know you’re doing it.
23rd May: End the cycle by following these simple strategies.
23rd May: Sadly, Meisner is often reduced to the smallest part of the technique.
23rd May: Take full entrepreneurial control of your own career.
23rd May: A self-tape is crucial to your success as an actor—especially now.
23rd May: These practices will set the foundation for a more confident you.
23rd May: Take care of yourselves ❤️
23rd May: Not quarantining with your significant other? These tips might be helpful.
23rd May: Your dream to be an actor has been patiently waiting for you.
23rd May: Now might be a good time to start looking for your perfect monologue. (via @CreateYourReel)
23rd May: Apply online for the great gigs casting in Canada, including a short sci-fi drama, a series of skincare ads, and mo…
23rd May: While you cheer up with #TheLovebirds you can also find something to love with these romance projects!
22nd May: Crack open a cold one and apply online to these projects 🍻
22nd May: Don’t miss out on this great (remote) voiceover gig!
22nd May: Let them be your (Broadway) stars!
22nd May: .@AnnaKendrick47 argues that being authentic to your brand—and your sense of humor—is a virtue when it comes to com…
22nd May: .@TheGreatHulu shows us a side to Elle Fanning that we haven’t seen before.
22nd May: When lead roles come knocking, be ready. #IGotCast
22nd May: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia 🎤
22nd May: Here are some tips on how to get an agent when a showcase isn’t an option.
22nd May: Your fellow actors want to know!
22nd May: You can get started in voiceover (with the help of Backstage’s voiceover tools) at any age. (via @DebbieIrwinVO)
22nd May: If you’re not embracing the whole “things will get better” attitude, no sweat. Here are some tips to keep in mind.…
22nd May: The search is on for international voiceover actors for ongoing remote work.
22nd May: There are a ton of remote opportunities for California actors right now!
21st May: Want to get cast in a commercial? There are a number of opportunities for talent to work remotely right now!
21st May: Swipe right on these gigs 🔥
21st May: Take it from the legendary Laura Linney in the latest episode of @InTheEnvelope: “You have to let yourself really s…
21st May: Nickelodeon is casting—and you can apply online!
21st May: .@AnnaKendrick47’s advice for her younger self is advice all actors should remember.
21st May: They didn’t coin him “King of the Super Bowl” for nothing.
21st May: Stephanie Courtney has become a familiar face portraying Flo, Progressive’s peppy sales associate—and she has advic…
21st May: Are you a new parent hoping to get your beautiful newborn seen by the rest of the world? Commercials could be a gre…
21st May: “We’re continuing to examine different corners of the industry to help you better understand how trends are shiftin…
21st May: Now might be the perfect time to get started on tip #1
21st May: Training is key. (via @JoanTheVoice + @RGaskins1)
21st May: Take it from @JosephPearlman, achieving that career-defining moment is not as challenging as it may seem.
21st May: These are habits you can easily practice at home. (via @Sound_Advice)
21st May: The Slate will be off on 5/22 + 5/25 for the long weekend (yes it IS already Memorial Day) But before that we’re…
21st May: Don’t sleep on these projects 💤
21st May: Use this time at home to research these CDs that could help kick-start your commercial career.
20th May: Work on these voiceover opportunities from your own home 🎙
20th May: Apply online for these paid gigs (including remote opportunities).
20th May: If you’re an aspiring voiceover actor this is a must-read.
20th May: Netflix is going forward with “Social Distance,” a Jenji Kohan–produced series that was quickly conceived as a reac…
20th May: Time to apply to these projects looking for talent in Texas and the South—including remote gigs ⌚️
20th May: Twitter can get you an agent—just ask @laurenlapkus.
20th May: .@AnnaKendrick47’s secret to success was (surprisingly) #Twilight. It was during that audition she learned to unlea…
20th May: Elle Fanning has been acting her entire life, growing up onscreen in both indie darlings and blockbusters—and now s…
20th May: .@warnerbrostv is offering an astonishing opportunity for graduating acting students who had their final year inter…
20th May: “Commercial acting is very different.”
20th May: Commercials and casting are changing—here’s why that matters to actors.
20th May: #TheGreat star @charitywakefld always remembers an insight from Helen Mirren.
20th May: Is there really a difference?
20th May: Shakespeare wrote King Lear during his quarantine and you can hone your Shakespeare skills during yours.
20th May: Many of today’s most successful—and famous—stars got their start shelling products in 30-second clips.
20th May: You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s The Slate lineup, #CurbYourEnthusiasm fans. Full schedule:…
20th May: Put those special skills to work (from home).
20th May: Thinking about dying your hair in quarantine? You could get paid to do it at home.
19th May: Find your own sci-fi or horror project while you eagerly await the return of #StrangerThings.
19th May: You could be on the #LateLateShow from your own home!
19th May: There are lots of projects casting young talent, including remote roles and opportunities to apply online.
19th May: There is now a five-step process for one of the nation’s epicenters of entertainment to ramp up businesses after CO…
19th May: Actors must adapt to the new online frontier, whether they’ve used it before or just discovered its need since the…
19th May: For #Hightown’s @RebeccaCutter_ the pursuit of her passion project was just the thing to take her from a showrunner…
19th May: You can get started in Hollywood without going to film school—take it from #TheEddy’s executive producer and direct…
19th May: Apply online for this innovative BBC New Creatives film and more UK projects.
19th May: #2: It doesn’t get easier, you just get braver. (via @josephpearlman)
19th May: Reason #1: You constantly compare yourself to other actors on social media. (via @Marketing4Actor)
19th May: There’s a lot to consider. (via @Charisjjackson)
19th May: From casting directors to voiceover pros, we have it all on The Slate tomorrow. Pre-registration for the panel dis…
19th May: .@FullFrontalSamB, @TheDailyShow, @colbertlateshow, and @FallonTonight have become unexpected blueprints for creati…
18th May: Say hello again to a little friend.
18th May: Start your week on the right foot with these great gigs—including remote opportunities.
18th May: Swipe right on these projects you can apply to (or film) at home.
18th May: Apply online (after your Zoom yoga class) for these modeling gigs 🧘‍♀️
18th May: A variety of projects are casting remote roles right now—could you be the right fit?
18th May: Sometimes, when you least expect it, the stars line up and your life changes in a major way.
18th May: This self-tape mistake will cost you the role.
18th May: Understanding what you’re working toward and embody it.
18th May: These well-known gurus helped develop acting as we know it.
18th May: This wisdom is timeless and is something you can use to your advantage.
18th May: Be a rock star, both on stage and off, with improvisation.
18th May: Kick off your week with 3 motivational sessions on The Slate 🙌 Full schedule:
17th May: Watch one of these movies tonight with your child actor!
17th May: Here are a few contemporary monologues for men that will take you off the beaten track of audition pieces.
17th May: You don’t want to put up roadblocks to your success because you’ve become your own worst enemy online.
17th May: “Don’t be a fool by listening to a fool.”
17th May: This technique will vastly improve your memory and confidence
17th May: Remember to make them something you can step in and out of and enjoy.
17th May: Stop sitting on your great script ideas; tell your stories!
17th May: What makes an actor cry on stage or turn red with fury?
17th May: Quality over quantity.
16th May: Practice these voiceover tips before your next at home audition.
16th May: Résumés are like fingerprints, no two are the same.
16th May: Use this weekend to watch your favorite TV show, it may help you at your next audition.
16th May: It’s easy to start feeling sluggish while in quarantine—but with these workout videos from Olympian @StephaneVS you…
16th May: When creating your demo reel this weekend, make sure to include this.
16th May: With these elements in place, you’ll have every advantage to consistently present the best art of your life.
16th May: .@Nimbull (virtually) sat down with our own Gabrielle Hamann to talk about the ways we help brands and production c…
16th May: These four elements will help you make distinct choices and enhance your reads. (via @berlandcasting)
16th May: Celebrity acting coach @JosephPearlman believes that “the single biggest thing holding actors back from their dream…
16th May: There is a huge correlation between athletes and performers in the arts. (via @MatthewDelNegro)
16th May: When it comes to a show like @MaiselTV every tiny detail matters—especially every single sound you hear.
16th May: Find a great #Snowpiercer-inspired gig of your own to board with these sci-fi, drama, and action productions.
15th May: Auditions for this magical gig will be held via Zoom ✨
15th May: Get paid to share your funny or scary summer camp stories with BuzzFeed ⛺️
15th May: Apply online for these projects casting throughout Canada!
15th May: Yes, you could get paid to dye your hair in quarantine.
15th May: Put those make-up skills to work with this remote project 💄
15th May: Struggling to find inspiration for your creativity at home? Here are some actionable ideas for you. (via…
15th May: The saga is not yet over for #PercyJackson.
15th May: There’s a lot that you can do to maximize your child’s chances of success without leaving home. (via @321Acting)
15th May: Apply online for a short action film, voiceover project, and more!
15th May: We can’t say we’re surprised that @janetmock has the best insight for creatives right now. Listen to our full…
15th May: We all know what actors can’t do in lockdown, but one thing you can do is make your first reel or refresh an old on…
15th May: “And for someone who likes to experience different roles and meet new people, Backstage is just the place to be.” E…
15th May: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia!
15th May: Shows based on the works of Shakespeare can be a great entry point. (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
15th May: There methods of memorization will make your job easier and your director less stressed!
15th May: There are lots of great gigs casting around the world!
15th May: Use this time at home to practice.
15th May: "You can always dress for the role and do certain things, especially if you’re doing self-tape." @JoFroggatt has de…
15th May: Don’t miss any of the top gigs casting at home for kids!
15th May: “Stop sweating the timeline. I spent a lot of time when I was young thinking I gotta be this by this age, by the ti…
15th May: Whether you’re an actor, a creator, or both, tomorrow’s The Slate lineup has something for you. Pre-register for t…
14th May: One of New York City’s most iconic workforces is wondering what comes next.
14th May: Are you an Instagram influencer? We have a great gig for you!
14th May: One audition once literally made @jrmypope sick and (worst of all) “really messed up my sweet potato journey.”
14th May: "When I can see an actor who is on a tape and they look like they love acting, and they also have a joy with my wor…
14th May: There are lots of opportunities for talent in California, including remote gigs.
14th May: A piece of advice from Warren Beatty changed everything for #MrsAmerica producer @StaceySher.
14th May: There are many ways to keep your creative energy flowing from your home. (via @llondoncasting)
14th May: Believe it or not, getting bangs helped @DaisyEdgarJones book #NormalPeople.
14th May: Keep these exciting UK screen projects on your radar!
14th May: For actors, the weight of it all can take its toll, making you want to cave in, get silent, and hide your head in t…
14th May: “You can’t shriek with joy because there are 446 people sobbing around you.” - @itsmelauralinney, actor in TV’s hot…
14th May: Some of the skills you already have can help you in voiceover.
14th May: Calling all creators: We have two sessions on The Slate tomorrow that might be perfect for you. Pre-register for t…
14th May: Production might still be on hold, but some Hollywood film and TV projects are casting.
14th May: Get animated at home with these projects.
13th May: Find out why @barnetdarren loved the #NeverHaveIEver kissing scene.
13th May: Ultimate guilty pleasure #90DayFiance is casting right now.
13th May: "We’re really not trying to identify strong production skills at this level; we’re looking to identify storytelling…
13th May: Record for these voiceover projects from your own home!
13th May: Calling all prospective film school students! Here are seven scholarships that should be on your radar.
13th May: We know you perfected your impression during quarantine, now put it to good use!
13th May: Renaissance man @jrmypope + @CynthiaEriVo aren’t just Broadway-turned-Hollywood (in Jeremy’s case,…
13th May: We test-drove this online acting course to give you an honest verdict.
13th May: Here are some parent-friendly acting activities you can do during lockdown.
13th May: And how to fix it 😭
13th May: #2: Rewrite your mental script. (via @robpeterpaul)
13th May: Get warmed up for another Wednesday on The Slate. Full schedule:
13th May: Calling all @blackishabc fans! @anthonyanderson is joining us on Instagram Live (@backstagecast on IG) tomorrow to…
13th May: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Los Angeles!
12th May: Bad news: Broadway will remain closed until September Good news: The SAG-AFTRA Foundation has released $4 million…
12th May: Today’s acting gigs are just what the doctor ordered.
12th May: There are lots of great opportunities for young talent, including work-at-home gigs.
12th May: You could work from home for these big brands!
12th May: Don’t miss these opportunities to work from home, UK actors!
12th May: Approach your discovery process with gentle curiosity and an open mind. (via @ardenkaywin)
12th May: This also applies to virtual interviews.
12th May: Reason #1: Social media helps you build relationships. (via @Marketing4Actor)
12th May: Which The Slate session are YOU most excited about tomorrow? Full schedule:
12th May: .@BenSPLATT’s gorgeous Saturday songs are exactly what we all need right now ❤️
12th May: Some of Hollywood’s most seminal creatives share alma maters.
11th May: “The best science fiction is rubbing shoulders with the real world.” - #Snowpiercer showrunner @GraemeManson1
11th May: Don’t miss out on this well-paying remote opportunity!
11th May: While most of the industry remains shut down, CBS is keeping some business as usual with a slew of new season order…
11th May: You’re just in time to apply for this remote gig ⌚️
11th May: Here’s what @MarciLiroff thinks you can do to keep your mojo AND your sanity.
11th May: There are lots of opportunities for talent located across the country, including plenty of remote gigs.
11th May: You can audition for the #TootsieMusical tour remotely right now!
11th May: Nearly two months into lockdown, the future of UK theatre is under threat.
11th May: Sometimes being too competitive can lead to one of the seven deadly sins.
11th May: Accents are an important skill to master.
11th May: Can you guess the two qualities?
11th May: The two disciplines have much in common.
11th May: Improv will definitely make you a better voiceover actor.
10th May: Kick off your week with this lineup of The Slate activities. Can’t wait to see you there! Full schedule:…
10th May: Your diaphragm is one of the essentials to your singing voice.
10th May: Our own @JackSmartWrites is interviewing @natkelley live on our Instagram (@backstagecast) tomorrow! The two will b…
10th May: “For me, it’s very rare that I go to an audition without seeing an acting coach."
10th May: Here are a few things to know if your child is interested in pursuing comedy.
10th May: If modeling interests you but you’re concerned about your age, don’t be.
10th May: Memorizing lines may be diffcult at times, but we have the solution.
10th May: Use this yoga technique to help improve your singing.
10th May: From classic to contemporary, we’ve got you covered.
10th May: Are you meant to be an actor? Here are six irrefutable signs.
10th May: Listen to what people are actually communicating and not just their words.
9th May: Every actor should have one dramatic and one comedic monologue in your back pocket.
9th May: There are multiple benefits of improv training.
9th May: The most important component to remember is preparation!
9th May: Here are some tips for student actors.
9th May: Follow these winning strategies when choosing a monologue.
9th May: Keep going and keep your head in the game.
9th May: Find your next big role in these gigs casting online throughout Australia!
9th May: Actors like Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie prove that we can’t look away from the ugly truth. (via @Charisjjackson)
9th May: Humor is a healthy psychological way to process trauma and release tension—and we could all use that right now. (vi…
8th May: #TheConjuring3 is casting online for future filming.
8th May: A pair of short films filming later this year are casting major roles online.
8th May: “Being curious and hungry, studying different types of dance and music, and doing your research is just as importan…
8th May: Put those guitar skills to work with this remote opportunity 🎸
8th May: Pandora is reportedly opening its gates for Cate Blanchett.
8th May: There are a ton of remote projects casting around the world right now 🌏
8th May: Gary Martin is one of the most respected and versatile voice artists around—and he has advice for you.
8th May: That’s advice that we’ll never forget. Listen to our latest episode of @InTheEnvelope with @VIDA_STARZ’s…
8th May: Use this time at home to work on your phrasing.
8th May: Reading is the key first step—and now is a great time to get started on it. (via @321Acting)
8th May: As we social distance and wait for Broadway to return in some capacity in the future, you might be thinking about w…
8th May: Tomorrow on The Slate: 🎶 Zoom, zoom, zoom (make my heart go boom boom) 🎶 We hope to see you at one of our Zoom ses…
7th May: Earn cash AND custom clothes for this remote commercial.
7th May: A press conference featuring leaders from 10 industry unions shed light on the challenges facing all sectors of the…
7th May: “The way you live your life, the way you wake up in the morning, the way you show up in the world, that is the gold…
7th May: Your child actor can audition for this project right from home!
7th May: Put your best face forward and apply to these remote opportunities.
7th May: Your fellow actors are looking for recommendations!
7th May: Take it from @wendimclendonco, it’s important to advocate for yourself.
7th May: It’s clear that @madchenamick followed that advice when making her directorial debut with last night’s haunting…
7th May: Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, they’re actually quite different.
7th May: Get creative and think outside the box; monologues and ideas are all around you.
7th May: One of the best resources for finding loyal voiceover clients is through LinkedIn.
7th May: Congrats to #Fleabag, #Dickinson, #Succession, and more nominees!
7th May: Channel your inner superhero 💥
6th May: “The path to recovery is simply too steep for our small company,” Shetler Studios, a staple of the New York City th…
6th May: This remote Father’s Day project will warm your heart (and earn you some extra cash).
6th May: You can apply online for this #TheConjuring3 gig!
6th May: Don’t miss out on these remote voiceover projects 🎙
6th May: .@LaneNapper taught @ArianaGrande how to dance—now he’s teaching you.
6th May: Learn from the best—the choreographers of @wecomefromaway, @WaitressMusical, and @MoulinRougeBway.
6th May: For those of you learning monologues to keep fresh or doing self-tapes this masterclass is an invaluable resource.
6th May: We’re going live on Instagram tomorrow with #BroadCity star + creator, star, writer, and EP of #Alternatino on Come…
6th May: Be prepared!
6th May: Keep these items on hand for when times get a little tough.
6th May: Kids grow and change quickly—does their reel need to as well? (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
6th May: Get mythical for this virtual summer camp 🧜‍♀️🧚‍♀️
5th May: Don’t miss these The Slate sessions on Zoom, YouTube, and our Instagram Story tomorrow! Full schedule:…
5th May: Put together a band from home with this project!
5th May: ATTN @neverhaveiever fans: THE Paxton Hall-Yoshida is doing a Q&A on our Instagram Story (@backstagecast on IG) tom…
5th May: Young talent can do these projects remotely!
5th May: And most importantly, what they’re looking for.
5th May: These agents are the best in the business at getting talent in front of the film camera 🎬
5th May: Don’t miss your chance to apply for these UK projects online.
5th May: Stop focusing on singing and start focusing on noticing. (via @ardenkaywin)
5th May: You can make casting directors remember you with your self-tape 🎥
5th May: From #BB8 to Babu Frik, this creature and special effects makeup supervisor is responsible for some of the most ico…
5th May: #Brockmire and #TheSimpsons star @HankAzaria is going to be answering YOUR questions in our Instagram Story tomorro…
4th May: Sock it to the week with the great gigs you can apply to online today 🧦
4th May: You could work from home for this high-end opportunity.
4th May: The Force is with Taika Waititi on this #StarWarsDay!
4th May: Press START on these remote projects 🎮
4th May: #MayThe4thBeWithYou, along with this Yoda wisdom.
4th May: The shows can’t go on—but the awards show can. Congrats to the winners from the completely remote #LortelAwards!
4th May: Become a stronger and more well-rounded performer.
4th May: LinkedIn is a great place to be and well worth your time.
4th May: This is how you can build a collection of quality clips to showcase your character voices.
4th May: Use social media to advance your comedy career.
3rd May: There’s no better time than now to venture into the many possibilities of voiceover acting.
3rd May: Here’s some #MondayMotivation for you: Tomorrow’s The Slate activities. Full schedule:
3rd May: What is a self-tape? How do I self-tape? We have the answers.
3rd May: Here are a few ways Broadway heavyweights keep their voices healthy.
3rd May: Use today to start creating a demo reel.
3rd May: Practice these posing tips this morning before taking a new headshot.
3rd May: Write an effective cover letter that gets attention for the right reasons.
3rd May: For your work, you have to allow yourself to feel.
3rd May: Nine tips for creating—and sending—a self-tape that will get you noticed.
3rd May: Some entertainment for your Saturday night!
3rd May: Make sure you always have a book that shows off a variety of genres and character types.
2nd May: Now, more than ever, your big break might just be resting in your hand.
2nd May: #Batwoman star @NicoleKang is taking over our Instagram tomorrow to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the show a…
2nd May: Performing onstage or performing onscreen? Do you know the difference?
2nd May: Singing, Dancing. Acting. It is important to train in all three.
2nd May: Your grid, your timeline, your feed—they all need to be treated like a full-time job.
2nd May: Use this time at home to practice a new song!
2nd May: Choose one of these songs for your next audition.
2nd May: Apply online for these gigs casting throughout Australia!
2nd May: Don’t compare, self-care.
2nd May: Make it your goal to be fearless and defy expectations. (via @ThePresentActor)
2nd May: May is the time to address the old wounds this crisis has brought up, integrate the new lessons, and reassess where…
2nd May: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting (remotely) around the world!
2nd May: If you can’t get enough of #RickAndMorty, why not try becoming a part of your own unique sci-fi or animated adventu…
1st May: “Through stories, we can look past the political aspect of an issue, and instead, see the humanity behind it.” -…
1st May: This BuzzFeed project is filming remotely!
1st May: From #Hollywood to #SpaceForce, May is blooming with new series—perfect for sheltering in place amid a pandemic.
1st May: .@AEAPresident knows the show can’t go on just yet. But @actorsequity will be ready when it does.
1st May: “I believe it’s more important for me to focus on my health and how I am going to be when I come out of this.” -…
1st May: .@andyallo didn’t book #PitchPerfect2 but she made the right impression on @ElizabethBanks.
1st May: There are lots of great at-home opportunities this week for talent in NYC.
1st May: Bless our soul, live-action #Hercules may be on a roll.
1st May: These three feature films echo the dark-night-of-the-soul nature of #Monos, and they are all casting now.
1st May: Find out how CDs and agents work together to bring a project to fruition.
1st May: Here’s the latest on what’s going on in the UK.
1st May: Calling all bilingual UK performers!
1st May: Get great advice from one of the greats in the latest episode of our podcast @InTheEnvelope where we talked to the…
1st May: This could be a great time to make the most a mentorship. (via @RealSteveRohr)
1st May: A recurring theme among parents of child actors is feeling stressed—here’s how you can manage it.
1st May: How do you determine the best drills you should use for your vocal practice? Take it from @Andrew_M_Byrne, it’s all…
1st May: Don’t miss your chance to apply for these projects online, Canadian actors!
1st May: Is your teen obsessed with TikTok? This might be the perfect project for them!
1st May: Believe it or not tomorrow, it’s gonna be May. And it’s gonna be this The Slate lineup featuring a #GreatComet danc…
30th Apr: Have you booked a voiceover gig using Backstage? We want to hear from you! Reply below and you might be featured in…
30th Apr: Work from home with these remote gigs 🏡
30th Apr: A lot of actors are fine-tuning their reels and looking for advice right now.
30th Apr: “Unless you try to climb these mountains, you’re not going to grow.” - #PennyDreadful: #CityofAngels star Nathan La…
30th Apr: There are lots of great opportunities for California-based talent, including lots of work from home gigs.
30th Apr: “Go big or go home” was @AaronTveit’s strategy for his @MoulinRougeBway audition—and it paid off.
30th Apr: Actor @iamfinlay has 20 years of experience acting in commercials—and some tips on how you can too (all from home).
30th Apr: This season, films will no longer be required to screen in a theater to be eligible for the #Oscars.
30th Apr: #4: Create an impressive online presence. (via @LauLapides)
30th Apr: You might need to hear it now more than ever. (via @CastableActor)
30th Apr: There may not be in-person events right now but there are other ways you can start laying the groundwork to get rep…
30th Apr: You’ve got mail and it says you should check out these remote gigs 💌
29th Apr: In case you forgot what day it was, here’s your reminder that tomorrow is Thursday. And this is Thursday’s The Slat…
29th Apr: Apply online for you next project now!
29th Apr: Horror and voiceover is a scary good combination for your next remote gig.
29th Apr: There’s one key thing successful actors and agents share.
29th Apr: A short comedy film about staying at home during the pandemic is casting talent to film remotely.
29th Apr: Find out how to land an agent through self-submission.
29th Apr: Theater leaders are beginning conversations around how to reopen their institutions after they were shuttered by th…
29th Apr: Getting the right agent to help and guide your child’s career is crucial—and denotes a degree of seriousness.
29th Apr: Now could be a good time to work on this valuable tool. (via @SpotlightPRco)
29th Apr: #1: Make a creative workspace* *At home (via @philip24601)
29th Apr: Two Byrnes, one The Slate lineup. Don’t miss our Wednesday activities! Don’t forget, you have to pre-register for…
28th Apr: Get social from home with the great gigs in today’s roundup!
28th Apr: Apply online for these projects casting L.A. actors!
28th Apr: The survey data from Artist Relief and Americans for the Arts reveals a stark reality for an already competitive se…
28th Apr: It’s now confirmed that Alicia Vikander will return for the second installment of the rebooted #TombRaider franchis…
28th Apr: Today would have been the day this year’s @TheTonyAwards nominations were announced. Instead of being sad about wha…
28th Apr: Fresh off a #DramaDeskAwards nomination for her devastating stage performance in "Medea" Off-Broadway, Rose Byrne i…
28th Apr: There are lots of opportunities for young talent, including remote gigs.
28th Apr: This upcoming film based on a bestselling novel is casting now—apply online!
28th Apr: Voiceover could be a fun way for your child actor to keep active at home!
28th Apr: UK actors, voiceover actors, and actors looking to stay in shape, this one’s for you. Hope to see you at one (or mo…
27th Apr: Calling all Hailee Steinfeld fans!
27th Apr: Francis Lawrence, who directed the last three #HungerGames movies, will return to direct the new prequel film.
27th Apr: Don’t miss any of the top modeling jobs available nationwide—including remote projects!
27th Apr: Don’t cut it close, apply to these remote opportunities now!
27th Apr: Remember, we’re all human beings first ❤️
27th Apr: Maximize your time during quarantine with @m4chetti’s guidance.
27th Apr: Quarantine is a good time to work on your showreel with the help of these companies.
27th Apr: Programming in the 2020 @MySFF is migrating online to continue supporting filmmakers.
27th Apr: Campaigns and ads are able to take advantage of an even larger talent pool by casting remotely.
27th Apr: Here are a few things to look for, as well as a few tricks to get you through in a pinch.
27th Apr: Are you maintaining your vocal health? Here are personal regimens and trade secrets.
27th Apr: As a voiceover artist, there are five major reasons to use LinkedIn.
27th Apr: Now is a perfect time to update your resume!
26th Apr: Kick off the next week in quarantine with tomorrow’s The Slate lineup! Full schedule:
26th Apr: Tune in for a Q&A on our IG Story (@backstagecast) with the star of @prodigalsonfox @justanactor on all things acti…
26th Apr: Find out what content performs best on each platform.
26th Apr: Every performer needs to understand rhythm, and now is your chance to learn.
26th Apr: There are several things you need to be a voice actor, but a wonderful voice doesn’t top the list.
26th Apr: As a voice actor, the ability to hear and correct your own accent can be crucial to your success.
26th Apr: These movies are perfect to watch with your child actor.
26th Apr: Add these films to your weekend watch list!
25th Apr: Here are 10 ways to stay in top creative shape.
25th Apr: These classic monologues will surprise and capture the attention of any panel.
25th Apr: Try these tools to help you sing through your entire range smoothly, reliably, and without fear.
25th Apr: Get creative this weekend and think outside the box, monologues and ideas are all around you!
25th Apr: Take the time now to prepare a film monologue that highlights your strengths.
25th Apr: We’re on social media more than ever right now—make sure you’re using it as a positive force. (via @carlosnetodance)
25th Apr: Are you the right fit for these remote jobs?
25th Apr: These resources might lead you to something great 🤩
25th Apr: Here’s what you can do now to prep for a future post-social distancing headshot session 📸
25th Apr: .@jaedenmartell proved that an incredible self-tape can win over #DefendingJacob showrunner @MarkBomback
25th Apr: This conferencing tool wants talent for a work-at-home opportunity.
24th Apr: The #PennyDreadful spinoff is finally here! Find your own #CityOfAngels with one of these projects.
24th Apr: Find love from quarantine with some help from the #LateLateShow
24th Apr: #Frozen on Broadway wants your video submissions!
24th Apr: Share your tips and insight with your fellow actors.
24th Apr: #RussianDoll showrunner + #StarWars = A new female-centric Disney+ series to look forward to
24th Apr: One of Canada’s top brands is casting online right now.
24th Apr: We couldn’t have said it better. Listen to the latest episode of our (now weekly!) podcast @InTheEnvelope now:…
24th Apr: You can record for this drama from home 😱
24th Apr: Auditions to play Disney characters are being held via Zoom!
24th Apr: Find out which platform is the best fit for you. (via @smforactors)
24th Apr: Here are a few instances when you’ll know it’s time for a change. (via @JoanTheVoice + @RGaskins1)
24th Apr: Friday in quarantine = extra fun The Slate activities for you 🥳 Join us and some big names on Zoom and right here…
24th Apr: Bored with your current routine? Add some thrills and chills to your days by applying to these horror-themed projec…
23rd Apr: There are a ton of projects looking for young talent—apply online now!
23rd Apr: Put that skincare routine to good use with these remote opportunities.
23rd Apr: Alexander Dreymon has earned global attention for his lead role in the historical drama @TheLastKingdom and he’s go…
23rd Apr: Our podcast @InTheEnvelope is back and it’s weekly! We’re kicking it off with indie darling, life-long actor, and…
23rd Apr: There are lots of opportunities for California actors to work from home right now.
23rd Apr: EP, co-creator, co-showrunner, director, and actor on the critically acclaimed @OneDayAtATime, @everythingloria is…
23rd Apr: There’s a reason why #TheCrown’s distinguished look has changed.
23rd Apr: #FutureMan stars @elizacoupe + @jhutch1992 are going live on our Instagram tomorrow! They’ll be chatting about acti…
23rd Apr: These might be perfect for child actors to work on at home! (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
23rd Apr: Imogen Poots says acting opposite @MarkRuffalo in @HBO’s #IKTMIT was “the best tennis match ever.”
23rd Apr: Stay updated on what’s happening in the industry right now, UK actors.
23rd Apr: Make the most of this time at home and follow these winning strategies to choose the perfect monologue.
23rd Apr: Find out if voiceover is the right fit for you to work from home right now. (via @voschoolpodcast)
23rd Apr: With self-tapes becoming the norm, having the right makeup look for the camera is more important than ever.
23rd Apr: LinkedIn could help grow your voiceover business—even during a pandemic.
23rd Apr: These projects are casting remote talent around the globe!
23rd Apr: UPDATE: With bipartisan cooperation, the Senate has approved $310 billion to replenish the PPP with new provisions…
23rd Apr: There are lots of remote opportunities for talent in Southern states like Texas.
22nd Apr: Join us on Zoom and YouTube Live for tomorrow’s The Slate lineup! NOTE: You must pre-register for Alison Franck’s w…
22nd Apr: Put those at-home yoga sessions to good use 🧘‍♀️
22nd Apr: .@growwithbamboo quickly pivoted to help their clients create content to stay relevant in this challenging moment.
22nd Apr: Record from home with these voiceover gigs!
22nd Apr: “I believe I have the career that I have only because I’ve said yes to things that seemed so out of the box for oth…
22nd Apr: There are lots of remote opportunities for talent in southeastern states right now.
22nd Apr: Want to create a hit show? #SexEducation’s showrunner says you should binge-watch a lot of TV.
22nd Apr: This #DowntonAbbey CD is always focused on who the best person for the role might be—find out how you could be that…
22nd Apr: With the industry in lock-down, UK actors can use this valuable time to research these television uber-agents.
22nd Apr: Looking to stand out as a dancer? Here’s how to build a commercial dance résumé that will get you noticed.
22nd Apr: Learning what your vocal type is for voiceover work can be helpful. Try out this exercise!
22nd Apr: Looking for something to do at home tomorrow? One (or more) of our The Slate sessions might be right for you. Ful…
21st Apr: Hey, all you cool cats and kittens, now’s your chance to pounce on these remote projects.
21st Apr: If you can’t stop singing along to the new Dua Lipa album this project might be right for you.
21st Apr: The 2019–20 NYC theater season still had much to celebrate with the (digital) 2020 @DramaDeskAwards nominations!
21st Apr: This project has a promposal for you, young actors.
21st Apr: This is a difficult time for musical theatre actors—but it’s providing a pause for agents to look for talent, and f…
21st Apr: This Amazon Prime series is looking for UK actors—apply online now!
21st Apr: Follow these simple tips to produce your own self-tape!
21st Apr: Take a break from building up your island on #AnimalCrossing to apply for these gaming projects.
21st Apr: From social media to dancing, we have a wide variety of programming on The Slate tomorrow! Also for all you Aussie…
21st Apr: Model from your own home with these gigs!
20th Apr: Stay active at home with theses gigs 💪
20th Apr: #SpiderMan trilogy director Sam Raimi has officially signed on to direct the upcoming #DoctorStrange sequel 💥
20th Apr: There are lots of great opportunities for talent around the country, including lots of remote work.
20th Apr: Will the industry eventually get back to normal?
20th Apr: The latest: New data follows COVID-19’s impact on artists and sees a shift to digital and online programming.
20th Apr: Find out how to grab this agent’s attention in your reel!
20th Apr: A fun Monday game for you all: The last celebrity in your camera roll is co-starring with you in the last TV show y…
20th Apr: During this global pandemic, there’s been a rise in self-tapes—make sure you’re recording a winning audition every…
20th Apr: Grounding your singing in a consistent and reliable support goes a long way.
20th Apr: These practices will set the foundation for a confident, more happier you!
20th Apr: Before you watch tonight’s #Westworld, check out these gigs.
20th Apr: Your mental, physical, and comedic health are all super important right now. Kick your week off right and join us f…
19th Apr: Break into the audiobook market using these tips!
19th Apr: Few actors can land a joke like @wendimclendonco. The #TheGoldbergs, #Bridesmaids and #Reno911 star is going live o…
19th Apr: In need of a good laugh? These stars are sharing what their first headshots looked like.
19th Apr: Headshot or not, let your voice book the job you want.
19th Apr: You have control over your skin, make it glow!
19th Apr: Here are some ways to use nutrition to your advantage.
19th Apr: Looking for something to do while staying home? Check out these landmark plays.
19th Apr: Everyone uses Twitter, but are you tweeting correctly?
19th Apr: Stop focusing on the singing and start focusing on noticing.
18th Apr: These guidelines should help you refresh or learn your British accent.
18th Apr: Social media is becoming apart of your job, and directors are looking at your page.
18th Apr: Six must-have books for aspiring and working actors alike.
18th Apr: By following these tips, you’ll be ready for anything!
18th Apr: Fear no more! Check out these tips to help you perform Shakespeare and enjoy it.
18th Apr: Sink your teeth into these online opportunities 🧛‍♂️
17th Apr: Put all your new virtual meeting skills to use with this gig!
17th Apr: Make sure your monologue is right for you (via @marciliroff)
17th Apr: These Disney projects are holding online auditions right now 💫
17th Apr: There are lots of remote opportunities for NYC talent right now!
17th Apr: You can record for this project from your own home, wherever in the world it may be!
17th Apr: The Emmy-winning director of #HandmaidsTale might be teaming up with Jennifer Lopez.
17th Apr: Apply online for these projects, UK actors. You could be exactly what they’re looking for!
17th Apr: Today on our Instagram (@backstagecast): @laurenlapkus will be answering your questions about how to turn your expe…
17th Apr: If you can’t sell yourself in a matter of 15-30 seconds, you’re not adequately marketing yourself. (via…
17th Apr: Use your time at home to practice being present in the moment of the body when singing. (via @ardenkaywin)
17th Apr: There’s a reason why #TheGoodFight star @Nyambi will never forget this advice from @jfreewright.
17th Apr: Who says you can’t have 🔥 Friday plans during quarantine? Don’t miss out on tomorrow’s The Slate activities. Full…
17th Apr: You can learn how to do it from home with @ardenkaywin’s help.
16th Apr: Don’t miss out on these opportunities that you can apply for and record from home.
16th Apr: Connect with your fellow actors to do some virtual scene work!
16th Apr: These remote opportunities for kids are music to our ears 🎶
16th Apr: California actors have a bunch of opportunities to work from home right now!
16th Apr: Eryn Krueger Mekash has worked on #Glee, #AmericanHorrorStory, #ThePolitician, and now @hollywoodnetflx.
16th Apr: There are four instances where you may want to include your acting experience.
16th Apr: #DefendingJacob is the hardest @jaedenmartell has ever pushed himself as an actor.
16th Apr: Here are easy things you can do to heal your voice.
16th Apr: Today’s additions to your quarantine reading list. (via @Charisjjackson)
16th Apr: "I’m taking this time to readdress my role in society as a whole and how I might help do my part, however small, in…
16th Apr: Dance, workout, and learn with us throughout the day tomorrow 🕺💪📝 Full The Slate schedule:
16th Apr: Record these ads right from your own home!
15th Apr: Get paid to do what many of us are doing in lockdown: binge-watch TV!
15th Apr: Kids can still work on their craft during quarantine! Keep these qualities in mind when choosing a class.
15th Apr: Don’t miss these gigs, voiceover actors—including several work-from-home opportunities.
15th Apr: There are lots of remote opportunities for talent in southeastern states.
15th Apr: Level up with these video game audition tips—especially the remote auditioning ones.
15th Apr: “You really need a woman at the helm of this show because of the very specific female perspective.” - #KillingEve h…
15th Apr: Something new you can learn at home today: How you can use your real life emotions to improve your acting.
15th Apr: Every actor needs one! Make sure you know how to make + update your reel 🎥
15th Apr: Self-taping is a skill that every actor should be prepared to do at a moment’s notice, especially right now.
15th Apr: With social media and the internet it’s easier than ever for actors and filmmakers to get their content out there.…
15th Apr: Some quarantine reading material for you 📚
15th Apr: “Another way of looking at it is we are being asked to stay at home and lose ourselves in our art, our minds, and o…
15th Apr: You won’t want to sleep in with this packed morning tomorrow! Hope to see you there (and don’t worry West Coast you…
15th Apr: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Los Angeles—including work from home opportunities.
14th Apr: You could be exactly what these (remote) projects are looking for!
14th Apr: During our Zoom seminar yesterday CD Julia Flores suggested actors do scene work together for their demo reels/webs…
14th Apr: Not everyone is on pause—companies like @Hearst are still creating (and casting) content.
14th Apr: Young talent can show off those piano skills and more with these remote projects 🎹
14th Apr: This year spring cleaning doesn’t just mean going through items in your acting closet, but also making sure you’re…
14th Apr: This feature film about a dark cult is shooting remotely.
14th Apr: Perfecting your Shakespeare monologue could be your next quarantine project.
14th Apr: If you’re an actor in need of silver lining today, know that working and recording as a voiceover actor can easily…
14th Apr: Thinking of creating your own content right now? Try these first. (via @smforactors)
14th Apr: All we really want is for Elizabeth Stanley to take over our Instagram. And we’re getting it tomorrow! Don’t miss t…
14th Apr: We have a full (The) Slate of activities for tomorrow! Hope to see you there, actors. NOTE: For the Q&A with Harri…
13th Apr: This project is looking for podcast hosts, scriptwriters, and more for ongoing remote work.
13th Apr: Book these modeling gigs from your own home!
13th Apr: With this cast, Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial debut is something to look forward to.
13th Apr: Game on! 🎮 There remote opportunities for talent across the country right now.
13th Apr: This agent wants you to be aware of one big thing—time ⏰
13th Apr: This actor makes his own hours and creates his own worlds as an iOS developer 📱 (via @LinneaSage)
13th Apr: There are so many talented VO artists, and you can become one of them.
13th Apr: Required reading before you get obsessed with "Run" on HBO tonight.
13th Apr: Looking to strengthen your connections and build new relationships? LinkedIn should be your go-to.
13th Apr: Tik-Tok is the new trend, and everyone is doing it!
13th Apr: Start another week of quarantine off right with our Monday schedule of activities 🙌 Full schedule:…
12th Apr: These monologues for men are sure to make a lasting impression!
12th Apr: How does race play a role within an industry that could be considered colorblind?
12th Apr: Get that perfect self-tape, since self-tapes are the new norm.
12th Apr: We love a good improv performance, and so does every casting director and agent.
12th Apr: Keep these monologues in your back pocket to be better prepared for your next audition.
12th Apr: Voiceover acting can be fun and with a little help, it can also become your full-time job.
12th Apr: Follow these basics and you might just land that dream job!
11th Apr: Learn a new instrument while stuck at home? Utilize it at your next audition.
11th Apr: These actors are on their social media A game, take a look!
11th Apr: Use these tips to help keep your vocal cords in tip-top shape.
11th Apr: Get those self-tapes ready!
11th Apr: Expand your vocabulary! (via @MWPRinc)
11th Apr: Your next quarantine project: Revamping your résumé. (via @AExpress)
11th Apr: There are a ton of projects casting remotely all around the globe 🌎
11th Apr: Find out why “Run” might be your next quarantine TV obsession.
10th Apr: Wrap up your week by applying to these gigs—all from home!
10th Apr: You can audition for this ABC show from your own home 🏡
10th Apr: “What I hope comes out of this is that people understand that artists aren’t these preachers that cannot be underst…
10th Apr: As a voice actor can you engage in visual online mediums in a respectful way? (via @DebbieIrwinVO)
10th Apr: There are a lot of remote opportunities for NYC actors right now!
10th Apr: Some good news today: Fan favorites Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy could get a #BirdsOfPrey sequel!
10th Apr: #TrueBlood and @SHO_Homeland star @SamTrammell is taking over our Instagram (@backstagecast) today to chat about hi…
10th Apr: Get the latest updates on support for UK actors.
10th Apr: These UK projects are casting online right now—you could be exactly what they’re looking for.
10th Apr: #LittleFiresEverywhere star @robbannasophia is joining us for an AMA session to share some insights on building an…
10th Apr: Use this time at home to read through entire works and understand your monologues better.
10th Apr: Know your angles for those self-tapes! (via @HarttandSoul)
10th Apr: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada—including remote opportunities.
10th Apr: Close out another week at home with a full day of The Slate activities. Which ones are you hoping to join? Full sc…
10th Apr: After ditching a career in finance for the screen, @Christine_Ko finally feels like she’s hitting her stride.
9th Apr: #Frozen on Broadway is seeking video submissions for young Elsa and Anna!
9th Apr: Play an alien conspiracy theorist or the narrator for a major chip brand short—all from home!
9th Apr: The Backstage community is here for you.
9th Apr: There are lots of opportunities in California including plenty of remote gigs.
9th Apr: One positive right now? The sheer amount of free theatre out there for our eyeballs to enjoy.
9th Apr: “Our job is not to ignore, not to pretend it’ll all just pass like a storm, but to make new pathways.”
9th Apr: Watching @MaiselTV while stuck at home? This article is for you.
9th Apr: These monologues are sure to push your child to improve their acting skills while they’re stuck at home. (via…
9th Apr: Now could be a great time to pinpoint your specific type. (via @CastableActor)
9th Apr: It’s invaluable for voice actors to develop ongoing self-assessment skills. (via @JoanTheVoice + @RGaskins1)
9th Apr: With everyone staying at home right now, casting directors are turning to self-tape auditions—make sure your’s are…
9th Apr: Here’s what what aspiring writers need to know about the world of animated TV.
9th Apr: There are great opportunities in Texas and other southern states, including gigs working from home.
9th Apr: Don’t miss these work-from-home opportunities, voiceover actors 🎙
9th Apr: Looking for something to do while you’re stuck at home tomorrow? Maybe one (or more) of these The Slate activities…
8th Apr: Work from home with these projects looking for talent right now!
8th Apr: From theater to advertising, there are a ton of remote opportunities right now!
8th Apr: Something for TV fans to look forward to!
8th Apr: June 7 is now the proposed date for Broadway actors, and industry workers alike to return to work—and for audiences…
8th Apr: There are lots of opportunities in Florida and Georgia including great remote gigs.
8th Apr: The union is calling for the federal government to extend the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act to cov…
8th Apr: Quarantine could be a good time to work on your CV—here’s how.
8th Apr: Don’t know what to put in your voice reel? Follow this voice agent’s advice.
8th Apr: Find out how actors can utilize government funding during this time.
8th Apr: Working on a new monologue could be your next at-home project. (via @llondoncasting)
8th Apr: “Are we all losing our minds in quarantine a bit more slowly thanks to the labor of actors in television and film?…
8th Apr: #1: It’s OK to start anywhere (like right now at home!)
8th Apr: What’s on The Slate for tomorrow? A lot! We hope you can join us! Full schedule:
8th Apr: It’s hard to believe #SchittsCreek is coming to an end tonight. Ahead of the #SchittsFinale we’re taking a moment…
8th Apr: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Los Angeles, including a high-paying work from home opportunity.
7th Apr: The #LateLateShow is casting remotely right now!
7th Apr: Today’s inspiration: @rudymancuso’s insight on digital storytelling.
7th Apr: Staying productive at home with these exercises is one of the best things dancers can do right now.
7th Apr: Apply to these UK gigs from home today!
7th Apr: Here are the latest updates on COVID-19–related industry changes in the UK.
7th Apr: There are plenty of remote opportunities for young actors right now!
7th Apr: We’re on social media right now more than ever, make sure you’re building the right habits.
7th Apr: If you want to sing with clarity, power, and less effort, here are a few simple things you can practice at home. (v…
7th Apr: Many actors are facing uncertain times right now, but they can survive this. (via @DouglasTaurel)
7th Apr: This @HamiltonMusical reunion is exactly what you need to see today.
7th Apr: “We are a part of something bigger, and we are, for sure, all in this together.” - #Ozark star @TomPelphrey
6th Apr: Work out, ask questions, and learn how to organize your voiceover studio with us—all from your own home—tomorrow!…
6th Apr: Audition remotely for “Evita” and more shows!
6th Apr: One of these remote modeling opportunities could be right for you!
6th Apr: There are lots of opportunities to work this week from anywhere in the country, especially at home.
6th Apr: Here is some (much-needed) good news for #CallMeByYourName fans!
6th Apr: From age 18–80, actors should be on social media—here’s why.
6th Apr: Thinking of starting a YouTube channel while you’re stuck at home? Try to make the most of it.
6th Apr: Today you’ll be one degree closer to Kevin Bacon. Our own @thebenlindsay will be interviewing @kevinbacon on our In…
6th Apr: Use this time inside to focus on areas that are normally hard to focus on—like cleaning up your social media with…
6th Apr: Acting isn’t just memorizing lines and talking in conversational reality with intermittent emotion.
6th Apr: Be ready for your next audition with these songs.
6th Apr: Looking at your demo reel right now? Look at this first.
6th Apr: Your time at home could be a great time to work on fixing them.
5th Apr: Kick your week off with a packed day of The Slate activities. We’ve got a variety of programing at a variety of tim…
5th Apr: Beaware of these mistakes.
5th Apr: Need a place to channel your creative energy right now? Becoming the new triple threat might be right for you.
5th Apr: Spending more time on Twitter right now? Mabye give these accounts a follow.
5th Apr: Voiceover is one of the most viable branches of our industry that a talent who’s driven can seek out, master, and m…
5th Apr: Use this time at home to get to know these composers.
4th Apr: Add these to your quarantine reading list.
4th Apr: Learn from some voiceover industry veterans.
4th Apr: The secret to booking VO gigs is a mixture of common sense and a little inside knowledge.
4th Apr: Looking to stay proactive during quarantine? Try these tips.
4th Apr: #3: Be good at following written directions.
4th Apr: It’s not all fun and games, animation work requires these elements. (via @berlandcasting)
4th Apr: Finding brands to partner with through social media is more important than ever.
4th Apr: Even in quarantine, auditions are still being held—put your best self-tape forward with these tips.
4th Apr: Watching #Onward on Disney+ and wishing you were in it? These opportunities could be a good fit for you.
4th Apr: This film is casting via self-tape right now!
4th Apr: Our awards editor @JackSmartWrites breaks down the still-unforeseen ripple effects of the coronavirus crisis on the…
3rd Apr: There are lots of remote work opportunities in NYC.
3rd Apr: A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like you could be the queen (via video submissions).
3rd Apr: Awesome news: This #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy gig is taking video submissions right now.
3rd Apr: There are ways CDs use social media to cast their projects, too! (via @MarciLiroff)
3rd Apr: There are projects casting remotely all around the world right now!
3rd Apr: With a pandemic adding stress on top of stress for performers, finding ways to cope is essential.
3rd Apr: A #TigerKing limited series starring Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin is picking up steam.
3rd Apr: Today on Instagram: #GreysAnatomy, #13ReasonsWhy, #TheUmbrellaAcademy and #AlmostLove star @katewalsh joins us live…
3rd Apr: Don’t miss out on these projects remotely casting UK actors!
3rd Apr: Looking for something productive to do at home? Try fine-tuning your résumé.
3rd Apr: Brush up on your vocabulary!
3rd Apr: How does your balance inform your voice? Allow @Andrew_M_Byrne to explain.
3rd Apr: There are lots of opportunities accepting video submissions and allowing California talent to work remotely.
3rd Apr: TGITSFS: Thank God It’s The Slate Friday Schedule Hope to end the week with you on Instagram, Zoom, and YouTube!…
3rd Apr: Is your child actor looking to fill their time on social media right now? This guide is a great place to figure out…
2nd Apr: Don’t miss out on this work from home opportunity for young actors!
2nd Apr: From theater to commercials, these projects are casting remotely right now!
2nd Apr: Influencers are a great way for brands to utilize engaging talent—especially now.
2nd Apr: Thinking of starting a YouTube channel? Here’s some equipment to consider.
2nd Apr: What do you think, actors?
2nd Apr: Today’s dose of much needed inspiration: @IssaRae’s advice to her younger self.
2nd Apr: #LateWithLilly host @Lilly’s YouTube videos aren’t just entertaining, they’re full of lessons for up-and-coming con…
2nd Apr: We spoke to some of the people that would have made up Edinburgh Fringe 2020 to find out how they’re moving forward.
2nd Apr: .@sabrinanetflix star @gtleatherwood’s social media is a perfect blend of personal and promotional.
2nd Apr: From movie marathons to dance parties, here’s what you can do with your child actors during this time at home. (via…
2nd Apr: Apply online for these upcoming projects.
2nd Apr: Here’s what you need to up your self-tape game.
2nd Apr: Now is a perfect time to make sure your résumé is on point. (via @BillCoelius)
2nd Apr: Take heart, horoscope readers: The astrology of the moment is pointing to radical progress.
2nd Apr: “So, my biggest advice to young and teenage girls trying to break into the industry is to stay persistent and take…
2nd Apr: Looking to channel your social media presence into a career? Get to know these agencies.
2nd Apr: Here’s what’s on The Slate for tomorrow. We hope to see you there, actors! 🎬 Full schedule:
2nd Apr: Turn that new TikTok obsession into your big break.
1st Apr: This summer production of “Head Over Heels” is seeking talent via video submissions!
1st Apr: These projects are casting remote talent around the country.
1st Apr: Something good for all of you #TheOffice fans out there ❤️
1st Apr: There are several work from home opportunities like ongoing, high-paying commercial work for voiceover actors right…
1st Apr: Looking to dive into the social media space right now? Start with these tips.
1st Apr: Keep an eye on these projects once production resumes.
1st Apr: Making work and staying creative in an increasingly digital space is more important than ever before—in this week’s…
1st Apr: This week there are great upcoming gigs in Florida and Georgia as well as opportunities for talent to work from hom…
1st Apr: Keep updated on the latest COVID-19-related industry changes in the UK.
1st Apr: Sharpen your self-taping skills and get busy!
1st Apr: Looking to learn something new right now? Here’s a good place to start 🎭
1st Apr: Practice focusing on the universe between the lines.
1st Apr: So, a couple weeks into virtual acting classes, what’s the verdict?
31st Mar: Make some money out of your time at home!
31st Mar: Put your skills to good use from home 🎹
31st Mar: Stay on beat with these L.A. gigs casting remotely this week 🥁
31st Mar: Looking for April isolation TV? Here are our recommendations.
31st Mar: There are tons of great opportunities for young talent this week—including remote opportunities.
31st Mar: Associate Casting Director Zachary Spiegel is answering YOUR questions in an AMA at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT/9 p.m. UK t…
31st Mar: Here are two exercises that you can practice in your free time to prepare for your next audition. (via @craigteach)
31st Mar: Use this time to make sure your range is listed correctly.
31st Mar: “For most of us, those obstacles are ourselves and our responsibilities outside the craft but I also think you can…
31st Mar: Remember that your community’s got your back.
31st Mar: Here’s what’s on deck for tomorrow’s The Slate activities! Hope to see you working out, dancing, training, and aski…
31st Mar: This year, because of the COVID-19 crisis, @reelabilities is expanding access even further.
30th Mar: #Succession and #Barry are still staying (mostly) on track.
30th Mar: Today’s top remote gigs need a hero (and maybe even a villain)!
30th Mar: Don’t miss out on these remote modeling gigs!
30th Mar: “I work in Hollywood, so I don’t know much about pandemics, but I do know one thing: We’re going to get past this.”
30th Mar: Looking for remote work? Bingo—you’ve found it!
30th Mar: With Coronavirus forcing most people to work from home, voice work is in the spotlight like never before—find out w…
30th Mar: Here are six things you can do when at home to help your singing career.
30th Mar: Don’t miss out on these work from home opportunities.
30th Mar: We imagine quite a few of you have done this recently.
30th Mar: #2: Practice
30th Mar: Go update yours!
30th Mar: Success in the dynamic world of VO begins and ends with you.
29th Mar: Home reads are extra important right now.
29th Mar: Here are four ways you can break into the audiobook market.
29th Mar: Suck at home? Go update your LinkedIn!
29th Mar: Kick your week off with a packed day of The Slate activities. We’ve got a variety of programing at a variety of tim…
29th Mar: Use this time to brush up on your Shakespeare!
29th Mar: If you’ve considered getting into voiceover, start here.
29th Mar: Most people, actors included, don’t know what their voice sounds like, especially on the microphone.
29th Mar: Digital is even more important now.
28th Mar: The Slate: Weekend Edition is here! @zoeysplaylist star @jcolburnlevy is taking over our Instagram stories tomorrow…
28th Mar: #2: You’ll engage your imagination.
28th Mar: Use this time to build your brand.
28th Mar: You can do it!
28th Mar: Before you transition to voiceover make sure you understand this process.
28th Mar: Especially right now.
28th Mar: Use this time to build that audience!
28th Mar: Now might be a perfect time to start working on your own content. (via @Charisjjackson)
28th Mar: Thinking of using this time to start a podcast? Read this first.
27th Mar: Allow Patti LuPone’s basement tours to bring you much needed joy.
27th Mar: There are lots of opportunities this week for talent in New York City, including gigs that work from home.
27th Mar: Put your best self(ie) forward and apply for these great (remote) gigs!
27th Mar: Follow @ardenkaywin’s tips for performers to stay positive and take care of their mind during these stressful times.
27th Mar: This ABC show is hosting auditions via Skype!
27th Mar: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada today!
27th Mar: George Miller has been taking phone and video meetings with actors for the next #MadMax film.
27th Mar: Our own @thebenlindsay will be interviewing @TheSinnerUSA star @MattBomer on our Instagram Live today at 5pm ET/2pm…
27th Mar: Here are some of the different places you can look to for financial support if you’re an UK actor working on a redu…
27th Mar: “I believe that looking at challenging situations directly and assessing the best course of action can be the most…
27th Mar: Use this time to decide what to keep and what to bump from your reel. (via @CreateYourReel)
27th Mar: Before you escape our uncertain world by watching tonight’s episode of #KatyKeene, take a look back at last week’s…
27th Mar: Who says your Fridays can’t be packed with activities when you’re social distancing? We have a full schedule for Th…
27th Mar: It’s more important than ever to stay on your clients’ radar. (via @KB_Voiceovers)
26th Mar: Calling all podcast hosts, scriptwriters, and interview hosts!
26th Mar: Don’t miss any of the top gigs casting kids (remotely) today!
26th Mar: Here’s an opportunity for actors looking for a gig during the Broadway shutdown.
26th Mar: There are lots of remote opportunities this week in California.
26th Mar: Some of your fellow actors are facing unusual problems right now, do you have advice?
26th Mar: Does your child actor want to use this time to start a YouTube channel? Consider all of this first. (via @321Acting)
26th Mar: With the world in quarantine, there’s never been a better time to up your digital game.
26th Mar: .@karleefomo, a CSA Casting Associate with credits including #ThePost and #TheGetDown will be answering your questi…
26th Mar: Talent is needed for a growing list of remote work for performers—don’t miss out!
26th Mar: Watching a lot of movies right now? Keep an ear out for the sound mixing 👂
26th Mar: Be prepared!
26th Mar: While things look bleak now, this agent assures that everything being at a standstill doesn’t mean you should antic…
25th Mar: Here’s what’s on The Slate for tomorrow. We hope you’ll join us! Again, please take note that our Zoom link chang…
25th Mar: This feature film wants self-taped auditions for a lead role.
25th Mar: This remote opportunity for @shanboody’s Quibi show is casting!
25th Mar: Stay in the loop so you’re ready when these productions are casting again.
25th Mar: Don’t miss any of the great gigs available for voiceover actors today, including several work-from-home opportuniti…
25th Mar: Using this time to start your YouTube channel? These tips will set you on the path to success. (via…
25th Mar: This scripted reality show has video auditions and remote rehearsals!
25th Mar: Follow these key steps to ensure a quality demo process and an exceptional final product. (via @LauLapides)
25th Mar: We learn by doing, we get better by practicing—and now is the perfect time to practice.
25th Mar: Can’t wait to continue our The Slate activities with you tomorrow, actors! Please take note our Zoom link changed a…
24th Mar: “You’re sitting there going, ‘I have all the resources in the world, I can just look up how to do this,’ and you’re…
24th Mar: This hit Off-Broadway musical is seeking video submissions for an upcoming developmental production.
24th Mar: All that time you’re spending on TikTok right now could pay off!
24th Mar: So sad to hear that the acclaimed playwright Terrence McNally has passed away due to coronavirus complications. W…
24th Mar: It’s easy to take a dark view of the future of the arts right now—but history has shown that artists have thrived d…
24th Mar: Using this time to work on your training? Make sure you remember this. (via @robpeterpaul)
24th Mar: There are plenty of opportunities for young talent this week, including chances to work directly from home.
24th Mar: With the world in quarantine, self-taped auditions are—for now, at least—the norm.
24th Mar: We’re all spending extra time on social media right now—make sure you have healthy habits around it. (via…
24th Mar: With most auditions going the self-taped route right now, it’s important to make sure yours stands out.
24th Mar: Tomorrow is day two of The Slate! Thank you to everyone who joined us for day one today, it was beautiful seeing ou…
24th Mar: As part of our commitment to our industry, we will donate 10% of all new memberships to @TheActorsFund for the next…
23rd Mar: Share a different kind of ghost story 👻
23rd Mar: Something to look forward to: @rosariodawson in #TheMandalorian
23rd Mar: Looking for remote modeling work? This project is looking for a spokesperson to work from home!
23rd Mar: Just because kids aren’t physically coming to acting class doesn’t mean they have to stop working. (via…
23rd Mar: There’s a multitude of things you can still do to hone your craft.
23rd Mar: There are lots of opportunities this week in regions and cities across the country, including remote work.
23rd Mar: Theatres across the UK remain closed until further notice and production of most TV and film has halted.
23rd Mar: Looking for something to watch? Start here.
23rd Mar: Now could be a great time to take a closer look at your social media.
23rd Mar: Or socially distant relationships...
23rd Mar: Well, now you have the time!
22nd Mar: Our all-new digital on-camera series kicks off tomorrow! See the full schedule here:
22nd Mar: Use your time at home wisely and perfect your monologue.
22nd Mar: Do you have them?
22nd Mar: #1: Learn everything you can about the business.
22nd Mar: Now could be a great time to learn from some comedy specials!
22nd Mar: Now is the time to nail your self-tape.
22nd Mar: Add these to your social distancing watchlist.
22nd Mar: Looking for some long (and inspiring) reads? Try our 2019 cover stories.
21st Mar: Friday night, union leaders of the Coalition of Broadway Unions and Guilds negotiated a deal with the Broadway Leag…
21st Mar: Be ready for your next one.
21st Mar: A lot of these are relevant right now.
21st Mar: Spend this time perfecting your reel.
21st Mar: Read this before you jump into voiceover.
21st Mar: You must define your own success—especially now.
21st Mar: Looking for a movie to watch with your child actor right now? These might foot the bill.
21st Mar: These online auditions might be perfect for you!
21st Mar: This actor’s advice is relevant now more than ever. #IGotCast
21st Mar: This time at home could be a great chance to work on your child actor’s monologue! (via @MarciLiroff)
21st Mar: Don’t forget to take the rest you need during this time.
20th Mar: Get your outside fix while staying indoors with this voiceover opportunity 🏕
20th Mar: The Backstage community is here for you ❤️
20th Mar: Due to L.A.’s new Safer at Home emergency order, this panel has been postponed until further notice.
20th Mar: Disney is still casting these projects for later this year 💫
20th Mar: Now’s the time to hone these skills.
20th Mar: You could bring some comfort and cheer to people through this remote job!
20th Mar: We hope @jaggedmusical star @kathryng’s eloquent essay to brings you some peace today.
20th Mar: Spider-Man may need a lawyer soon, and it seems like Marvel just might have the right man for the job 👀
20th Mar: Online classes can help you emerge stronger after this moment of crisis.
20th Mar: You could be be a remote dialogue performer in this video game 🎮
20th Mar: There is a whole lot of uncertainty right now, but one thing is for sure: We’re going to be here to help you every…
20th Mar: In acting and in life (especially right now): Just breathe.
20th Mar: You could be the lead actor in these ads!
19th Mar: Don’t miss this panel from @CSAcasting and @sagaftraFOUND.
19th Mar: A German audio drama is seeking a pair of voice actors for major roles 🎙
19th Mar: The latest updates: - Members of Congress propose relief funding for entertainers - With Broadway closed, Tony Awar…
19th Mar: Start prepping your video audition for this project ASAP!
19th Mar: Here’s today’s much needed laugh courtesy of Jessie Mueller.
19th Mar: This Showtime series is looking for young talent.
19th Mar: There are a ton of projects in California for talent to work remotely as well as possibilities for the summer.
19th Mar: Despite the frustrating situation, the creative industries are doing what they do best and coming up with creative…
19th Mar: Joining LinkedIn can be very helpful for your voiceover career—and now’s the perfect time to do it.
19th Mar: The remote work we’ve had to shift to comes with its challenges—but you can overcome them.
19th Mar: If you’re looking for magical musical escapism right now, @CWKatyKeene might do the trick. Lucky for you one of its…
19th Mar: It may be easy to feel isolated and bored, but it’s important to remain positive, calm, and productive.
19th Mar: Just because you have a story to tell doesn’t mean that there are only three jobs that will allow you to tell them.
19th Mar: Now is the perfect time to discover and create that original character voice. (via @Sound_Advice)
19th Mar: Here’s your daily reminder to breathe.
19th Mar: While many awards shows may stick to their usual schedules of announcing nominees and winners, others may rearrange…
18th Mar: Equity is advising its members to file for unemployment immediately to earn the maximum amount of benefits should t…
18th Mar: This project is casting several roles for remote work 👋
18th Mar: A commercial for an online market for motorcycles needs talent 🏍💨
18th Mar: Your union rep can be a great resource right now.
18th Mar: .@jaggedmusical star Elizabeth Stanley’s advice on pushing through the downtime is vital, especially now.
18th Mar: A YouTube channel, a new app for therapists, and more projects are looking for voiceover talent right now!
18th Mar: We spoke with @minutesbway star Jessie Mueller a few weeks ago when things were a little different. We hope our con…
18th Mar: Social distancing doesn’t have to mean separating yourself from theatre, culture and the arts.
18th Mar: This feature film starring John Cena is casting!
18th Mar: Stay updated on what auditions have been canceled, postponed, or changed to video submissions only.
18th Mar: Sending out your voiceover reel while stuck at home? Make sure you update it first.
18th Mar: Digital stunt doubles has allowed TV and film creatives to come up with more elaborate stunt and action sequences—b…
18th Mar: The lesson #LittleFiresEverywhere star @gavinklewis1 learned from @ReeseW and @kerrywashington is important to reme…
18th Mar: Find out how you can build a collection of quality clips to showcase your amazing character voices.
18th Mar: Audiobook narration offers a great opportunity to voiceover actors. (via @tplummer76)
17th Mar: A short horror thesis film, a family comedy, and more are casting in L.A. actors right now.
17th Mar: In true showbiz fashion, nobody is going down without a fight.
17th Mar: Good audition news: This Broadway show is casting remotely!
17th Mar: It’s all about self-submissions right now—here’s how to make yours shine.
17th Mar: There are lots of projects seeking young talent!
17th Mar: Now’s the perfect time to hone your line memorization skills.
17th Mar: .@sagaftraFOUND is utilizing the union’s Motion Picture Players Welfare Fund to open disaster relief funding for me…
17th Mar: Theatres across the UK have gone dark in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.
17th Mar: .@AoDespair’s new HBO miniseries #ThePlotAgainstAmerica is the antidote to Donald Trump.
17th Mar: This well-known RPG is looking for voices—are you the right fit?
17th Mar: Make sure you understand the process. (via @kenlazercasting)
17th Mar: Now’s the perfect time to consider these elements and perfect your next audition song. (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
16th Mar: Actors’ Equity released a statement calling on producers to postpone EPAs and ECCs.
16th Mar: Starz is looking for stars like you ️
16th Mar: Disney’s new live-action #PeterPan has found its Peter and Wendy
16th Mar: It’s a hard time for actors as IRL work is canceled, but not all has stopped. Talent is still needed for a growing…
16th Mar: Don’t miss any of the top modeling jobs available nationwide!
16th Mar: This photographer has taken headshots for #TheCrown and #GameOfThrones stars—be sure to follow her advice.
16th Mar: Don’t miss out on these projects casting this week across the country.
16th Mar: “I had to remind myself of that young boy playing cops and robbers on the street—the simplicity of using your imagi…
16th Mar: You might have a greedy agent—and that’s a good thing!
16th Mar: Now more than ever it’s important to do everything you can to keep yourself as healthy as possible.
16th Mar: Luci Romberg has pushed through injuries and fear to become a non-negotiable in Melissa McCarthy’s contract.
16th Mar: There are multiple strategies to help you memorize your monologue.
16th Mar: The perfect self-tape can change your life.
16th Mar: What factors go into the character-building process?
15th Mar: Tight throat when you perform? Here’s the answer.
15th Mar: Brush up your Shakespeare.
15th Mar: Now go update yours!
15th Mar: Get to work on your screenplay!
15th Mar: Are you ready to get serious about landing voiceover gigs?
15th Mar: #3: Avoid the cloying justification.
15th Mar: And how can you join them?
15th Mar: A good reminder.
14th Mar: Use the tools of your craft.
14th Mar: Take care of yourself.
14th Mar: Let go of what you think your voice is supposed to sound like.
14th Mar: Having a good voice really isn’t the most important talent.
14th Mar: This is important to remember now more than ever.
14th Mar: Good advice, this is.
14th Mar: Achieve your goals and book one of these gigs.
14th Mar: There are three major aspects of a great self-taped audition.
14th Mar: Find out what to expect once you book a pilot. (via @josephpearlman)
14th Mar: A *scary* good decision. (via @actatbaronbrown)
14th Mar: If you’re lucky, you’ll get to try it all!
13th Mar: Help man find man’s best friend
13th Mar: Now’s your chance to be on #StrangerThings!
13th Mar: Do you have what it takes to play #DoctorStrange?
13th Mar: You could join this Showtime series.
13th Mar: #Westworld is finally back! Celebrate its return by starting your own sci-fi journey with these projects.
13th Mar: Latest update: The Humana Festival of New American Plays has been suspended.
13th Mar: Do you like scary movies? Good, because Ghostface is coming back for you.
13th Mar: What’s your preference?
13th Mar: A new series based on a real sex scandal that rocked government is in the works.
13th Mar: This morning’s updates: - Regional stages are now suspending shows - Oregon Shakespeare Festival goes dark - Boston…
13th Mar: You could be exactly what these projects are looking for!
13th Mar: There are many different ways to create a realistic character.
13th Mar: Here’s a simple way to make sure you’re in a good place to start to bring down the tax beast.
13th Mar: A24’s next big feature is now underway.
13th Mar: #4: Always look for content. (via @Marketing4Actor)
13th Mar: If you look through the comments of @amandaseales’ posts they’re teeming with messages of gratitude and love—someth…
12th Mar: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world today!
12th Mar: Bet on yourself and apply for these gigs!
12th Mar: Make TV magic on #Legacies
12th Mar: Two major TV pilots, are seeking young talent.
12th Mar: Broadway will go dark until mid-April.
12th Mar: Sonoya Mizuno took the leap and it paid off.
12th Mar: Okay ladies, let’s get in reformation. Beyoncé meets Anne Boleyn in more ways than one in @SixBroadway.
12th Mar: Here’s what the film, television, and theater industries are doing to prepare for the escalating impacts of coronav…
12th Mar: Pilot season can also be self-sabotage season.
12th Mar: #1: The camera responds to the truth.
12th Mar: Before you start your search for a modeling agent, you need to understand what type of modeling agent you need. (vi…
11th Mar: The cast and creators of the upcoming Netflix musical adaptation have found the perfect way to spend a day now that…
11th Mar: Reclaim your throne with the great gigs in today’s casting roundup
11th Mar: This period western produced by Jay-Z and starring Idris Elba is casting.
11th Mar: Have you got the beat?
11th Mar: Keep an eye on these productions
11th Mar: You could be the gem this HBO show is looking for.
11th Mar: These stage projects need talent in the UK right now
11th Mar: Here are five things to avoid at your next musical theater audition and why your audition will suffer if you don’t.…
11th Mar: Your network is everything. (via @321Acting)
11th Mar: As a vocal athlete, aka a singer or actor, your voice is your most essential and important asset for your livelihoo…
10th Mar: Check out these fun and engaging opportunities that are perfect for performers!
10th Mar: Enter “The Gilded Age” by way of today’s casting roundup!
10th Mar: “I would not have been able to create such a complex character like Isabella Bautista on #Narcos without the teachi…
10th Mar: Step One Dance Company is making a big splash into expectation-shattering territory for cruise line entertainment.
10th Mar: Scoot into these opportunities
10th Mar: Falling in love with the business early on can be beneficial in many ways.
10th Mar: Take it from the show’s director: #DispatchesFromElsewhere shows a whole new side of Jason Segel.
10th Mar: It’s about the 3 Ts. (via @robpeterpaul)
10th Mar: Finding yourself with some unexpected (or CDC-recommended) time indoors? You′re not alone.
10th Mar: Are you guilty of these headshot mistakes? (via @HeadshotsByMarc)
9th Mar: No one fights like Gaston, gets greenlights like Gaston.
9th Mar: Where do you belong? Maybe on the #MeanGirlsTour!
9th Mar: Get sweet with a popular candy bar brand seeking models for a campaign
9th Mar: This feature film needs talent for principal and supporting roles.
9th Mar: You could be just what these short films are looking for.
9th Mar: Looking for your own #LoveIsBlind moment? From Bravo to MTV, audition for these reality dating series!
9th Mar: Do you have the right representation?
9th Mar: This sound designer is responsible for every time you hear the TARDIS on #DoctorWho.
9th Mar: Rather than gloat, Sandler took the road less traveled, i.e. the high one.
9th Mar: Survival jobs need to have two very important qualities.
9th Mar: Being an actor, unfortunately, means that you will experience failure—likely more than once.
9th Mar: Realizing your tax deductions requires some creative thinking and strategic planning due to the new tax code.
8th Mar: Focus, focus, focus.
8th Mar: Most actors have no idea what to expect when they walk onto a huge TV set for the first time—make sure you do.
8th Mar: Here is some advice on how to budget and save money.
8th Mar: Happy #InternationalWomensDay to the women creators that have lead the way in making interesting and compelling wor…
8th Mar: #1: Be coachable.
8th Mar: The first step to getting your child into the business is understanding the casting process.
8th Mar: Have you sung any of these in an audition?
8th Mar: #5: Put your back into it.
8th Mar: Don’t wrangle for extra lines.
8th Mar: You think all the basics are suggestions. Nope, they’re mandatory
7th Mar: Hopefully, this will make your tax season a little less...taxing.
7th Mar: Start by asking yourself these questions to take steps to make what you want a reality.
7th Mar: Background acting can absolutely be a full-time profession if you know how to go about it.
7th Mar: Auditions that need British accents are everywhere.
7th Mar: Don’t wait until your child books a job to look into everything.
7th Mar: First, you need to ask yourself if you’re ready to compete in a union market. (via @kimfaygreenberg)
7th Mar: Even if you have an agent, it’s always helpful to be proactive and market yourself. (via @aaronrmarcus)
7th Mar: Find adventure in Europe, where Disney+ is filming its new competition series.
7th Mar: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada today!
6th Mar: The play starring Lawrence Fishburne, Darren Criss, and Sam Rockwell is seeking a principal understudy.
6th Mar: “King Richard” has taken its throne in L.A.
6th Mar: “The Brides,” a vampire pilot for ABC, is casting!
6th Mar: Don’t miss your chance to be a star on Starz ️
6th Mar: Weekend to-do list: 1. See #Onward 2. Apply to these projects 3. Let the magic happen
6th Mar: This #Riverdale CD knows how you can get cast during pilot season.
6th Mar: Mark Ruffalo has been silent on his involvement in HBO’s #Parasite series…until this week.
6th Mar: This new Sky One sci-fi cop drama is casting!
6th Mar: A home read is equivalent to a self-taped on-camera audition—make sure you get yours right. (via @berlandcasting)
6th Mar: There are two key elements.
6th Mar: LinkedIn is a valuable tool for staying connected to people you’ve worked with and for researching people you want…
6th Mar: There are benefits of improv to voice actors. (via @voschoolpodcast)
6th Mar: How do you get that coveted union card?
6th Mar: Fifty years into her acting career, Lesley Manville is at the height of her powers.
6th Mar:
5th Mar: Don’t let any of these great acting gigs go ️
5th Mar: A network dating show executive produced by John Legend and #AmericanIdol’s Simon Lythgoe is looking for singles wh…
5th Mar: “With all the respect and admiration I had for Jerome Robbins—without denying that, how do you make a genuinely aut…
5th Mar: A West Coast production of the award-winning musical “Billy Elliot” is seeking its young star.
5th Mar: This actor went from lining up at Equity open calls to playing Diana in @DianaOnBroadway.
5th Mar: No need to keep quiet about this. See #AQuietPlace Part II before anyone else in NYC! RSVP here:…
5th Mar: There’s one thing this @voicecallonline doesn’t like to hear.
5th Mar: Find out what makes a *great* headshot.
5th Mar: These four series are officially a go!
5th Mar: The casting process for films is in the subtleties. (via @llondoncasting)
5th Mar: Add these shows to your TV lineup.
5th Mar: There are ways to get noticed and stay on a CD’s right side for the right reasons.
5th Mar: L.A.’s famous billboard diva is back home at last as NBC’s “Angelyne” is filming around town.
4th Mar: Here’s your chance to be in an Amazon Studios project.
4th Mar: Become the queen of the castle in “Six”
4th Mar: After 12 seasons on #BigBangTheory, Kaley Cuoco is looking to get back to the small screen and make a big bang of h…
4th Mar: .@ava is in the ATL for #DMZ, her latest directorial project.
4th Mar: Don’t miss any of the great gigs available for voiceover actors today!
4th Mar: Keep an eye out for this new Hulu series starring Nicole Kidman and based on a novel from the author of…
4th Mar: You could be in Sylvester Stallone’s next movie!
4th Mar: In whatever medium or genre, @MoulinRougeBway star @AaronTveit operates by a guiding principle: “It is all about re…
4th Mar: This month is bookended by difficult transits with some nourishing, stabilizing astrology (finally!) throughout
4th Mar: It’s that time of year again, when the South Bank gets taken over by the full fabulous force of @BFIFlare!
4th Mar: This UK production boom is the perfect time for actors to develop their skills.
4th Mar: The big-screen adaptation of @MatildaMusical is gearing up for production later this year.
4th Mar: Timing is everything!
4th Mar: Beware of too many accidentals.
4th Mar: There’s a lot you can learn from Cirque du Soleil. (via @MeraMayde)
4th Mar: Plus, two short films and more great gigs are casting around L.A.
3rd Mar: Line up for the great gigs in today’s roundup 🎁
3rd Mar: Learn from John Krasinski’s Backstage strategy.
3rd Mar: There are lots of great opportunities this week for young talent!
3rd Mar: Want to go to @CarnegieMellon? Make sure you understand their application process.
3rd Mar: Don’t Say: “Forget skills, it’s all about who you know…” Do Say: “If it wasn’t for @UKScreenSkills I wouldn’t be he…
3rd Mar: You could be just what they’re looking for!
3rd Mar: These casting directors are notable key players in Australia whose work has led to discovering some of the most suc…
3rd Mar: Your set bag is important.
3rd Mar: Directing your first film can feel daunting—just take it one step at a time. (via @DouglasTaurel)
3rd Mar: Casting babies is a lot of fun, but it can be full of challenging surprises as well.
3rd Mar: You could go to #SXSW!
2nd Mar: For film and television studios looking to diversify their content, there could soon be an app for that.
2nd Mar: A new HBO show from the creator of #DowntonAbbey? Yeah, you don’t want to miss this.
2nd Mar: Hello, Clarice.
2nd Mar: An apparel and footwear shoot is seeking a diverse group of young models—could you be one of them?
2nd Mar: You could be in Oscar Isaac, Willem Dafoe, and Ty Sheridan’s new movie.
2nd Mar: Rest in peace, James Lipton. The legend inspired and informed countless actors over the years. His elegant advice—i…
2nd Mar: “I have always stayed true to my culture, and because of it I landed my first big role playing Yessika.” -…
2nd Mar: For actors in the United States, labor unions are a big deal—make sure you know why.
2nd Mar: Be part of a whole new world with these opportunities 💫
2nd Mar: There’s one thing agents hate to see in an actor’s initial approach.
2nd Mar: When it comes to morning routines, the most important thing is to find out what works best for you.
2nd Mar: Channel 4 will begin filming these two series later this year.
2nd Mar: Always have a goal.
2nd Mar: It’s imperative that you look out for yourself when it comes to non-Equity work.
2nd Mar: Stay healthy out there!
2nd Mar: Showing up to that appointment will be worth it.
1st Mar: Ready to get unstuck?
1st Mar: Follow Emilia Clarke’s lead.
1st Mar: When it comes to finding material for auditions and classwork for teens, it can be challenging—this will help.
1st Mar: Are you ready?
1st Mar: Self-sabotage is an inner critic that will keep growing if you don’t put a stop to it.
1st Mar: Whether you’re just starting out or a decade into the biz, here are three ways to join the Actors’ Equity Associati…
1st Mar: Earning an Equity Card is a rite of passage.
1st Mar: Put up your guard when you need to, but no matter what happens, don’t let anyone rob you of your softness.
1st Mar: Is your range accurate on your résumé?
1st Mar: These well-known gurus helped develop acting as we know it and continue to grow some of the industry’s most respect…
29th Feb: Don’t miss these pilot season tips and tricks.
29th Feb: #1: Expand your repertoire.
29th Feb: You’re in the business of selling you.
29th Feb: As an actor, no matter where you’re located, an awareness of the unions associated with the business will be to you…
29th Feb: The secret to booking VO gigs is a mixture of common sense and a little inside knowledge.
29th Feb: There are a few instances when you won’t be asked to do a monologue. (via @actbetter)
29th Feb: Your reel is your handshake and first hello—make sure it’s right. (via @BillCoelius)
29th Feb: If you’re a parent looking for work for your child actor in L.A., how do you find it?
29th Feb: #DragRace is back! And this season fans will see why @jansportnyc’s musical theater background sets her apart from…
29th Feb: “Because I keep my Backstage profile up to date, I receive periodic messages from casting directors asking me to au…
29th Feb: Find out how to get into your dream musical theater program.
28th Feb: Allow casting director @MarciLiroff to explain how to tackle a monologue.
28th Feb: Head to Hawkins and apply to this #StrangerThings job!
28th Feb: “What happened with this character is a window into an important issue.”
28th Feb: Don’t miss your chance to be on Showtime.
28th Feb: Captain America may be heading down to Skid Row.
28th Feb: Barnard College-based @Athenafilmfest (now celebrating its 10th anniversary!) focuses on female leaders in front of…
28th Feb: Here are ten British photographers who’ll help you make the best of this important calling card.
28th Feb: Tom Hiddleston is officially coming to Netflix.
28th Feb: Director Omar Khalifa is casting a superhero drama from The Film House, an award-winning production company—and you…
28th Feb: You could provide the voiceover for a high-paying TV commercial!
28th Feb: Make the most of your downtime. (via @SpotlightPRco)
28th Feb: There are a few things that will make it impossible for a casting director to forget you.
28th Feb: Here are a few plays with great monologues for men aged 18–50 that you can try out! (via @actatbaronbrown)
28th Feb: Set sail towards your next acting job!
27th Feb: Summon your next big acting job on #Legacies or any of these other projects today ✨
27th Feb: The second feature film in the “Age of Stone and Sky” series is seeking talent for principal and supporting roles.
27th Feb: There are great projects looking for young talent right now!
27th Feb: Everyone should follow @lanacondor’s advice when it comes to acting and just life in general.
27th Feb: Have you ever done it before?
27th Feb: For #ToAllTheBoys star @MadeleineArthur it’s about patience, persistence, and preparedness.
27th Feb: Oscar winner Oorlagh George is going from short-form to feature-length.
27th Feb: #3: Timing
27th Feb: Are your actions in line with your intention? (via @BGBStudio)
27th Feb: There are many ways for your child to start on this career path regardless of where you live. (via @321Acting)
27th Feb: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world today!
26th Feb: Could you be exactly what these projects are looking for?
26th Feb: Don’t make us write you 365 letters to get you to apply for this #TheNotebook gig.
26th Feb: ’Tis the pilot season.
26th Feb: .@sabrinanetflix star @gtleatherwood will be answering YOUR questions tomorrow (2/27) on our Instagram (…
26th Feb: Keep an eye out for these pilots 👀
26th Feb: Find your own stairway to heaven with these opportunities.
26th Feb: Put down the Eggos and apply to this #StrangerThings opportunity!
26th Feb: There’s a secret to @toalltheboys star @lanacondor success. In this week’s cover story the actor opens up about how…
26th Feb: Carve your way into these opportunities 🛹
26th Feb: As protests continue against the new Broadway revival of “West Side Story,” the show’s producers and Equity have bo…
26th Feb: .@alwayssunny co-creator, showrunner, and star @RMcElhenney is now taking the reins on @mythic_quest—find out how h…
26th Feb: Swipe right on this gig and you might get some celebrity dating advice.
26th Feb: Here are the facts that upcoming actors need to know about digital de-ageing.
26th Feb: Have you tried any of these survival jobs?
26th Feb: Post-show self-control is key.
26th Feb: Here’s how you can get the most impactful letter for your recommendations.
25th Feb: #TheStranger @kadiffkirwan learned “to be fearless and ask forgiveness rather than permission” from fellow actor…
25th Feb: Fed up with the projects coming your way? Follow the showrunner of #HighFidelity’s lead and make your own.
25th Feb: Yesterday’s verdict represents the most substantial legal win for the #MeToo and @TIMESUPNOW movements and is a big…
25th Feb: HBO, Disney Channel, and Netflix are looking for young talent right now.
25th Feb: It’s already been quite the year for the @NationalTheatre—but they’re just getting started.
25th Feb: My, my how can you resist these gigs?
25th Feb: Do you have them? (via @voschoolpodcast)
25th Feb: Your time and energy spent representing yourself will make you stand out as an actor.
25th Feb: Don’t overlook monologue material from TV.
24th Feb: Let your fantasies unwind with some help from today’s top acting jobs!
24th Feb: #GameOfThrones creators + Sandra Oh = TV magic
24th Feb: .@sammicannold isn’t here to follow rules.
24th Feb: These modeling opportunities certainly deliver.
24th Feb: If you don’t feel this way when you book a job, it might not be right for you.
24th Feb: NBC, HBO, and Netflix are all looking for talent this week. Could you be what they’re looking for?
24th Feb: The personal has never been so professional for Ben Affleck.
24th Feb: “Images nowadays are everywhere, so in order to make an image stand out, it should have something unique,” say the…
24th Feb: Still coming down from last night’s #TWD premiere? Channel that energy into apply for these gigs.
24th Feb: Looking for a monologue? Start here.
24th Feb: The decision depends on you, individually, and what you hope to get out of your education.
24th Feb: He’s one of the greatest living actors today, but Al Pacino is still learning.
24th Feb: "You are too young to be cynical."
23rd Feb: Patricia Clarkson once gave Michelle Williams some advice that she still thinks of to this day.
23rd Feb: "There is no such thing as a perfect school. A lot of factors must go into your choice."
23rd Feb: Do you know your angles?
23rd Feb: #2: You will stay sharp for other acting opportunities.
23rd Feb: Here are some self-care tips to consider.
23rd Feb: Real beauty comes from telling the truth.
23rd Feb: #3: Write down five shows you could see yourself on.
23rd Feb: Her audition secret? Be hungover.
23rd Feb: "I can’t think of any actor that’s made it without a strong personality of some sort."
22nd Feb: Despite her Emmy, her Oscar, and the very fact that she is Nicole Kidman, Nicole Kidman is as fallible an actor as…
22nd Feb: Step out of your comfort zone and give one of these public exercises a shot.
22nd Feb: Be diligent about safeguarding your own story.
22nd Feb: Have this ready before your next audition.
22nd Feb: Kids and teens have natural and intuitive abilities when it comes to acting—make sure their training knows this.
22nd Feb: These Australian CDs (@chickennchips_) want to cast underrepresented actors.
22nd Feb: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia today!
22nd Feb: #3: Be consistent.
22nd Feb: It’s all about AIM.
22nd Feb: Calling all #AlteredCarbon fans! Want to see a special screening of @Netflix’s @AltCarb in NYC on 2/24? RSVP here:…
22nd Feb: What’s gonna work on a set? Teamwork! (via @Charisjjackson)
22nd Feb: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada today!
21st Feb: The Netflix adaptation @MrJasonRBrown’s “13: The Musical” is casting!
21st Feb: No more crying: filming for Amazon’s upcoming “A League of Their Own” series has begun in L.A.!
21st Feb: You could help bring #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy to life!
21st Feb: Jason Bateman was originally supposed to helm the project but had to withdraw.
21st Feb: Spotify, Maybelline, and HBO are looking for talent in NYC this week.
21st Feb: Want to be a supporting artist? Here’s everything you need to know from one of the UK’s largest and most respected…
21st Feb: Jack Lowden’s next film is officially a go.
21st Feb: Actors when someone tells them not to stress about their audition
21st Feb: Take yourself down to paradise city and audition for these gigs 🤘
21st Feb: Everything matters: how you manage your time, how you interact with others, how much you respect the work. (via…
21st Feb: The good news is you can learn to spot the signs and counteract them.
21st Feb: Keep these in your back pocket and you’ll be prepared for anything a casting director throws your way. (via…
21st Feb: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world today!
21st Feb: This year marks Backstage’s 60th anniversary, and as you may have noticed, things are changing around here! Allow…
20th Feb: Friends don’t lie, so here’s the truth: #StrangerThings is casting.
20th Feb: This year we turn 60. That’s 60 years of helping creators find talent to bring their projects to life. We’re markin…
20th Feb: A dramatic-crime feature film is seeking talent
20th Feb: Do you think it’s overkill?
20th Feb: Today’s top gigs are anything but trouble!
20th Feb: Demand for SAs has skyrocketed as British studios have become the home for giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney.
20th Feb: Reconfiguring the sacred songbook of Bob Dylan to fit an original Broadway musical is a mammoth task—and…
20th Feb: #Scandal and @lockekeynetflix star @darbysofficial is proof that persistence pays off.
20th Feb: #2: Take advantage of story highlights.
20th Feb: Having parents who know how to help their young actor makes a huge difference in the audition room.
20th Feb: What makes a technical narration different from other corporate narrations?. (via @kb_Voiceovers)
19th Feb: The creator of #DowntonAbbey has a new HBO show and you could be on it!
19th Feb: Do you have what it takes to be in #CobraKai?
19th Feb: Nailed your Harley Quinn impression after seeing #BirdsOfPrey? We have the job for you.
19th Feb: #DearEvanHansen will soon be found...onscreen.
19th Feb: Improv is the No. 1 thing that helped this #CurbYourEnthusiasm star transition from comedy to acting.
19th Feb: Say “Yee-haw!” to these opportunities.
19th Feb: We’ll be chatting with @AvalonArtists owner and agent Craig Holzberg this Friday (2/21) on #BackstageLive. Leave yo…
19th Feb: These projects will start shooting soon!
19th Feb: Make sure you’re getting the most out of the footage you’re using. (via @CreateYourReel)
19th Feb: Here are three pitfalls to avoid in your quest for monologue excellence. (via @catapultacting)
19th Feb: Success in the dynamic world of VO begins and ends with you. (via @LauLapides)
18th Feb: Missing your chance to be on #ChicagoPD would be criminal.
18th Feb: The Italian Stallion has taken up residence in the Dirty South for his next big project.
18th Feb: This dystopian series is looking for young talent!
18th Feb: Patience is a virtue according the lead agent at @HarveyVoices
18th Feb: Hello, hello, hello! @RuPaulsDragRace Season 12 queen @jansportnyc is coming to #BackstageLive tomorrow! Comment be…
18th Feb: Want to tell your own #MarriageStory? These might be the opportunities for you.
18th Feb: Repetition is only the beginning. (via @actatbaronbrown)
18th Feb: Nutrition affects your energy, your line-memorizing brain, your skin, everything.
18th Feb: Your career doesn’t need to be a ladder that you have to climb. (via @josephpearlman)
18th Feb: This actor owes it all to those golden arches.
17th Feb: In super Marvel casting news…
17th Feb: Now’s your chance to become a series regular on The CW!
17th Feb: It’s a big decision.
17th Feb: Believe it or not, #Friends and #TheOffice can help you survive pilot season.
17th Feb: Love music festivals? This might be the perfect job for you.
17th Feb: What’s next for @sagaftra? We spoke with the union’s president @TheGabrielle_C to find out.
17th Feb: This Netflix film starring Idris Elba is casting—don’t miss out.
17th Feb: #PhantomThread Oscar nominee Lesley Manville will be on #BackstageLive tomorrow (2/18) to talk about her new film…
17th Feb: .@NFTSFilmTV is considered one of the top 15 film schools in the world.
17th Feb: The new BBC drama is expected to film in and around Belfast and Strangford Lough.
17th Feb: A critically acclaimed series is returning AND a brand new one is coming!
17th Feb: Even Charlize Theron hates auditioning (and always has).
17th Feb: #11: High notes go down, not up!
17th Feb: More specifically, let’s talk eyelids.
17th Feb: “Sleep is the apple a day, really, for singers."
16th Feb: Celebrating the return of #Outlander by taking a look back at some of our favorite interviews with the cast.…
16th Feb: Agents understand the pilot season stress.
16th Feb: “For me, it’s very rare that I go to an audition without seeing an acting coach."
16th Feb: Time is running out to sign up for our new course! Set yourself up to land your next big acting role by harnessing…
16th Feb: Good self-tapes = bookings.
16th Feb: #5: Consistency
16th Feb: Amped about that new trailer? Find out what had to happen to get "Stranger Things" there.
16th Feb: These stars get to know their characters more deeply each year.
16th Feb: It starts by fearlessly rejecting the herd mentality.
16th Feb: Are you saving for retirement?
15th Feb: Time is running out! Sign up for our new course that will help you NAIL your next audition:
15th Feb: The blank space can actually be the biggest canvas an actor can have.
15th Feb: Is it possible that actors are moving into a musical theater marketplace where being a triple-threat isn’t enough?
15th Feb: Don’t think L.A. is your only option for pilot season.
15th Feb: As long as you fully live in the character’s shoes, a piece of paper in your hand shouldn’t matter.
15th Feb: If you can do cartoon voices and just haven’t booked any professional work yet, how do you showcase those talents?
15th Feb: Give yourself space this pilot season.
15th Feb: Use your time in the room wisely.
15th Feb: The difference between a good show and a great show? The level of laughter.
15th Feb: How a character sounds is as important as how they look.
15th Feb: Is there a winning #Oscars strategy?
15th Feb: Sharpen your skills with voiceover. (via @Sound_Advice)
15th Feb: ”I would find any audition, anything I was even a little bit right for, and I would go in and I would try out a new…
15th Feb: Dance your way into these great opportunities.
14th Feb: The One Where Jennifer Aniston Gives Great Advice.
14th Feb: The stakes are high for the great gigs in today’s casting roundup!
14th Feb: Disney is casting all around the world today!
14th Feb: Finding an agent is like finding an apartment—there are plenty of options, but finding the perfect fit is tricky. A…
14th Feb: There are tons of incredible opportunities in NYC this week!
14th Feb: “Be mine.” - These opportunities wanting you to apply
14th Feb: Set yourself up for success. Learn the best audition techniques from industry experts in our new course—created j…
14th Feb: Your next self-tape could end up being this ABC executive’s next discovery.
14th Feb: Now is the perfect time to make a pilot season checklist. (via @MarciLiroff)
14th Feb: It’s unclear if the story will take the same direction as the animated sequels.
14th Feb: Happy Valentine’s Day! Head to our Instagram Stories (@backstagecast) to vote for your favorite TV couples From…
14th Feb: Acting has been her dream for 11 years, and she made it a reality.
14th Feb: Would you call yourself “original” or “out-there”? Then this gig might be a perfect fit!
14th Feb: Get ready for more #SexEducation!
14th Feb: Speed into your next big role in these gigs casting in Australia.
14th Feb: Don’t get distracted.
14th Feb: If you do all 10 shows and do them well, you’re a hero. (via @philip24601)
14th Feb: Goals are important to set at the start and throughout your career. (via @Charisjjackson)
14th Feb: According to your fellow actors there can be nuances.
13th Feb: Have mercy! John Stamos’ Disney+ series is filming.
13th Feb: Milo Ventimiglia’s new series is casting!
13th Feb: Disney is looking for a trio of young actors.
13th Feb: Listen up, models!
13th Feb: Multiple feature films are looking for talent in California this week
13th Feb: .@MattBomer’s worst audition was “certainly unique.”
13th Feb: There’s a reason why the #Oscars stage looked different this year.
13th Feb: #Indebted star @elliottdotabby has some advice for auditioning for Lorne Michaels.
13th Feb: #3: Are they teaching or selling? (via @kb_Voiceovers)
13th Feb: You never know what casting is looking for. (via @_tonyrossi)
13th Feb: Looking for the perfect online acting course? Look no further. Learn new audition techniques in our new course—crea…
13th Feb: Now is the best time of year to do that research. (via @321Acting)
13th Feb: Paid opportunities that let you use your acting skills? Cheers to that!
13th Feb: Set sail with these great gigs casting around the world today!
12th Feb: Rosario Dawson’s new project is casting!
12th Feb: There aren’t a billion casting opportunities today, but there is a #Billions one.
12th Feb: “You need to take care of yourself.” - @DearEvanHansen and #ToAllTheBoys2 star @Jordan_Fisher speaking the absolute…
12th Feb: Two projects are looking for hosts across the country this week!
12th Feb: When you wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning—head on over to NBC’s new streaming service.
12th Feb: Hey now, you’re an all star, get your game on, go apply to these gigs.
12th Feb: You won’t believe the lengths @MattBomer went to for his goliath role in @TheSinnerUSA. Find out how the actor unde…
12th Feb: #Shrill writer, executive producer, and star Aidy Bryant has the BEST advice for creating your own work.
12th Feb: These agencies have the connections, insider knowledge, and contacts that can kickstart a successful career for a y…
12th Feb: Find out what young actors need to succeed in the business, and how NOT to impress agents.
12th Feb: We’re chatting with Ken Lazer of @kenlazercasting tomorrow! Comment below with any questions you have for him about…
12th Feb: Put all those years watching medical shows to good use!
12th Feb: .@hannahzeilexo’s story might make you as emotional as an episode of #ThisIsUs.
12th Feb: Choosing between a B.A. and BFA program is a difficult decision—but not for the reasons you think.
12th Feb: The personal statement can be one of the most daunting parts of an application.
12th Feb: These agencies have worked with some big-name clients but are still available to take a chance on a midcareer actor.
11th Feb: It’s all about training, technique, and psychology for @imheathergraham.
11th Feb: Calling all #Riverdale, #TheFlash, #NancyDrew, and #AllAmerican fans!
11th Feb: Apply to these opportunities before they disappear
11th Feb: Join us Thursday for free headshots by Joe Jenkins ( at this month’s Act Up! event via…
11th Feb: #Briarpatch boss @andygreenwald used to interview showrunners—now he is one.
11th Feb: When was the last time you raised your freelance voiceover rates? (via @rhondasvoice)
11th Feb: Three bucks, two bags, one great roundup of roles for kids!
11th Feb: This technique is favored by award-winning talent. (via @Charisjjackson)
11th Feb: #3: You need to work at it every day.
11th Feb: Good training and experience will teach you to work on the things within your control.
11th Feb: “I think that all of the wild vision and creativity come from just having freedom to do whatever you want.” -…
10th Feb: Oh, what a night to apply for these gigs!
10th Feb: “This is a home run for our members and the entire industry.”
10th Feb: Our knives? Still out.
10th Feb: Run, don’t walk, to apply for these opportunities!
10th Feb: Don’t give your talent agents all the power.
10th Feb: There are lots of great opportunities in regions and cities across the country this week.
10th Feb: The #Oscars weren’t the only awards show this weekend. Here’s who won at the #SpiritAwards.
10th Feb: Some post-#Oscars #MondayMotivation for you
10th Feb: BONG HIVE ASSEMBLE #Oscars
10th Feb: Jane Fonda presenting Best Picture is EXACTLY what we like to see on the #Oscars stage
10th Feb: That IS the best of humanity. What a speech, Joaquin Phoenix. #Oscars
10th Feb: Bong Joon-ho quoting Martin Scorsese in his #Oscars speech is easily one of the best moments of the night so far.
10th Feb: After you book the gig. #Oscars
10th Feb: All that time at cat school really paid off #Oscars
10th Feb: You and your scene partner after the director says "cut" #Oscars
10th Feb: If your reaction shot was not shown during the surprise Eminem performance were you actually at the #Oscars?
10th Feb: Gotta say, a Lose Yourself performance is not what we were expecting to see tonight. #Oscars
10th Feb: RT if you too are crying about Laura Dern thanking her parents #Oscars
10th Feb: Mahershala Ali presenting Laura Dern with her Oscar, we love to see it! #Oscars
10th Feb: find someone who looks at you the way Bong Joon-ho looks at his Oscar. #Oscars
10th Feb: Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig just taught you all you need to know about acting 😂 #Oscars
10th Feb: Timothée Chalamet + Natalie Portman = an ideal #Oscars presenting pair
10th Feb: Anyone else scream with joy at their TV at that #Parasite Best Original Screenplay win? #Oscars
10th Feb: Ready to stan every Elsa on that #Oscars stage right now.
10th Feb: "We have a firm believe that representation matters deeply." 👏👏👏 A fantastic reminder on the #Oscars stage from the creators of #HairLove.
10th Feb: Cabaret revival with Regina King as Emcee, please #Oscars
10th Feb: We ALSO loved Eddie Murphy in #DolemiteIsMyName, Steve. #Oscars
10th Feb: Check "Iowa Caucus App Joke" off on your #Oscars bingo card!
10th Feb: Janelle Monáe AND Billy Porter? The #Oscars are off to a perfect start.
10th Feb: Janelle Monáe as Mister Rogers is already a top tier #Oscars opening
10th Feb: It’s finally here. The #Oscars are tonight! Follow along as we livetweet the awards at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST. Who are you rooting for?
10th Feb: Refresh your memory before the #Oscars tonight!
9th Feb: Fingers crossed tonight’s Oscar winners do it right.
9th Feb: Some actors will tell you that it’s not worth your time to go to an Open Call—but with these tips that’s not the ca…
9th Feb: How do you survive the psychological minefield of the waiting room?
9th Feb: Here’s everything you need to know before the #Oscars tonight.
9th Feb: A casting Oscar isn’t just a pipe dream—recent developments point to the Academy coming around to the idea.
9th Feb: Joaquin Phoenix and Saoirse Ronan are two Oscar-less actors who might finally win big this year.
9th Feb: “I really think I’m done with it, yeah. Gotta be.”
9th Feb: The performances that have one of these three elements will probably win at tomorrow’s #Oscars.
9th Feb: It’s a tale worthy of its own Broadway play.
8th Feb: Which Best Picture nominee is YOUR favorite?
8th Feb: Each of these actors have a shot at #Oscars gold tomorrow. Who do you think deserves it most?
8th Feb: A question that plagues actors everywhere.
8th Feb: Add these to your vocabulary.
8th Feb: Narrating an audiobook is the most challenging work you can do in voiceover—do you have what it takes?
8th Feb: Through Meisner, you can build a strong acting brand of your own.
8th Feb: Finding that perfect day job can be challenging—let this help. (via @kimfaygreenberg)
8th Feb: Auditions for dancers are different than what an actor might expect.
8th Feb: Plus, a short grunge music film, a touring play, and more are casting around Canada!
7th Feb: The Academy has made diversifying their voting demographic a priority—but is it working?
7th Feb: “I hope she had a good time making it.”
7th Feb: Wish upon a star for these great Disney-related gigs!
7th Feb: It’s not just your imagination: the hit Broadway musical “Ain’t Too Proud” is casting!
7th Feb: Fox’s next television drama has found its next filming location!
7th Feb: Hold it right there, puddin’! Before you run to see #BirdsOfPrey, apply to these gigs.
7th Feb: Marvel is close to signing the #SpiderMan trilogy director for the new #DoctorStrange movie.
7th Feb: Don’t throw away your shot to audition for #Hamilton!
7th Feb: Dance your way into these new gigs.
7th Feb: Some of the most talked-about theater today isn’t happening on the Broadway stage but at Off-Broadway companies lik…
7th Feb: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia today!
7th Feb: Take five minutes and try this.
7th Feb: It’s going to take a lot of hustle.
7th Feb: Political ads are a hugely lucrative area of the voiceover industry. (via @voschoolpodcast)
7th Feb: TWO feature films are looking for talent in California this week.
6th Feb: Take a road trip to the Upside Down with this #StrangerThings opportunity.
6th Feb: Be prepared for these gigs!
6th Feb: Have you ever asked a casting director for feedback?
6th Feb: .@HMonHBO is as much an ode to costuming as it is to weed.
6th Feb: Want to book work for @Netflix? This @ianowt star says you should know your material inside and out.
6th Feb: Follow the cast of #Parasite’s masterful lead and guide these thrillers through their twists and turns.
6th Feb: The #BohemianRhapsody star will play Marianne from her breakout stardom through drug addiction, homelessness, and e…
6th Feb: Here’s how you can use your reel to stand out from the crowd before even stepping foot into an audition room.
6th Feb: Follow these simple tips and gain the confidence to produce your own self-tape.
6th Feb: Take these steps to set up a program that allows you to focus on your craft rather than the next check.
6th Feb: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world today!
6th Feb: Did you know Joe Pesci was a backup dancer? Ahead of the #Oscars look back at these the nominated actors’ humble be…
6th Feb: Follow “The Old Man” around L.A. this week!
5th Feb: Now is the time to seize the day and apply for these gigs!
5th Feb: Don’t miss your chance to be in Ryan Reynolds’ new Netflix movie!
5th Feb: Calling all music lovers!
5th Feb: Can you smell what @TheRock is cooking up on NBC this fall?
5th Feb: .@IsaRossellini and @Kyle_MacLachlan did a fantastic acting exercise in the “Blue Velvet” audition room.
5th Feb: Richard Linklater’s new feature film is casting!
5th Feb: Vocal health is serious business for actors.
5th Feb: Everyone’s path is different, figure out what’s right for you. (via @MatthewDelNegro)
5th Feb: Actor @chelsxalana helps others with their problems AND makes her own flexible schedule with this side hustle. (via…
5th Feb: You could play the ghoulish lead in a horror short film 😱
4th Feb: #ChicagoFire is looking for talent of all ages.
4th Feb: Did you cast your project on Backstage? We want to hear from you! Reply below and you might get featured in Backsta…
4th Feb: "It may take you a decade, it may take you two, or it may happen tomorrow, but either way, if you find what I found…
4th Feb: More #GameOfThrones is coming, but in the meantime audition for these other 🔥 projects.
4th Feb: There are lots of great opportunities for young talent this week!
4th Feb: Here’s what models can get from joining the union.
4th Feb: Steal the spotlight and audition for these projects!
4th Feb: “The one thing that many people don’t understand about production design is that it is more than just making a beau…
4th Feb: Headshots are extra important here.
4th Feb: These agencies have a reputation for consistently booking work for their commercial talent.
3rd Feb: HBO Max’s new series is looking for talent—could it be you?
3rd Feb: Actors right before they walk into an audition
3rd Feb: It’s all happening!
3rd Feb: .@Lin_Manuel’s directorial debut has added even more stars 💥
3rd Feb: “It’s practice, practice, practice.”
3rd Feb: Don’t miss any of the top modeling jobs available nationwide!
3rd Feb: Phone rings, door chimes, in comes @CompanyBway, @SixBroadway, @LehmanTrilogy, and more!
3rd Feb: This lesser-known agent duty is very important for actors.
3rd Feb: The answer depends on where you are in your career.
3rd Feb: You had us at "Original Broadway Cast"
3rd Feb: The UK’s film and TV industries are in the midst of an unprecedented boom.
3rd Feb: #1917Movie, #Parasite, and #Joker notched key wins at the #BAFTAs.
3rd Feb: If you think all there is to getting started is, “Strike a pose and go from there,” you’re not going to get too far.
3rd Feb: You know what happens when you assume...
3rd Feb: There are a lot of things you need to know as an actor—this is a great place to start.
2nd Feb: #3: Send a thank you.
2nd Feb: Keep your passion alive.
2nd Feb: Intimacy is by no means an easy thing to create.
2nd Feb: #2: If you’re a singer, have 30–60 seconds of a song prepared that really showcases your voice.
2nd Feb: Do your show homework.
2nd Feb: Jennifer Aniston is curating her OWN narrative for the first time.
2nd Feb: “I think I learned a lot from that movie in that I spend a lot of time trying to be very thoughtful about the roles…
2nd Feb: When you sing, don’t go on autopilot.
2nd Feb: "Learning a dialect has more in common with learning a dance than it does with learning a song."
1st Feb: Make sure all of your communication skills are on point.
1st Feb: If you’re not failing, you’re probably not trying.
1st Feb: Even the best actors can make this mistake.
1st Feb: Required reading.
1st Feb: Good morning!
1st Feb: However you start the process, just concentrate on bringing your best! (via @Sound_Advice)
1st Feb: Background work is a great way for your child to earn about the rhythms of sets. (via @321Acting)
1st Feb: This actor is putting in the work and it’s paying off—with not just one project but four in as many months.…
1st Feb: These are valuable tips for all designers from scenic to lighting.
1st Feb: “It’s an illuminating phenomenon to see the fury over this film was directed at an actress in a film made by men, s…
1st Feb: Don’t miss out on these fun and engaging gigs!
1st Feb: “I remember when I was in high school, my acting teacher had Backstage magazine and I saw all the actors on it and…
31st Jan: According to the Dean of the School of Drama at the @uncschoolofarts auditioning actors should practice availabili…
31st Jan: Swipe right on these gigs.
31st Jan: “All the actors get awards. Why not the people who put them there?”
31st Jan: There are two chances to be on Disney Channel this week!
31st Jan: You hear that? That’s the sound of great opportunities this week!
31st Jan: Oscar nominee Jonathan Pryce knows that mastering the basics is key. Listen to our full @InTheEnvelope episode wit…
31st Jan: This #OnceUponATimeInHollywood CD doesn’t have a “type” but she does think actors should brush up on their Hollywoo…
31st Jan: We sat down with the director and programming director of @sundancefest to find how to get the most out of the film…
31st Jan: Congratulations to all of the #ArtiosAwards winners!
31st Jan: Who you gonna call? Casting directors about these opportunities.
31st Jan: This is BIG news for UK actors.
31st Jan: A new drama series starring Olivia Colman is coming!
31st Jan: #NextToNormal with @rachelbayjones and @BrandonVDixon is just the latest in perfect casting at @kencen. #N2NKenCen
31st Jan: Dame Maggie Smith is getting into the holiday spirit early this year with a bunch of other stars.
31st Jan: There isn’t just one way you can go about obtaining representation. (via @llondoncasting)
31st Jan: Are you stuck trying to come up with good ideas about what to post? (via @smforactors)
31st Jan: It’s no small feat!
31st Jan: These habits can change the way you’re perceived in the professional world.
31st Jan: Netflix’s new musical will star Meryl Streep, and maybe you!
31st Jan: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada today!
30th Jan: #Mixedish star @christinanthony proves that it’s all about knowing your fundamentals.
30th Jan: Head to the Upside Down and audition for #StrangerThings!
30th Jan: “The things that were most valuable to me were voice work, diction, movement classes, Alexander Technique, and espe…
30th Jan: Don’t miss any of the top gigs casting kids today!
30th Jan: If you had a dollar for every time someone this awards season said, “She is Judy,” you’d be rich by #Oscars Sunday.
30th Jan: We’ve teamed up with @nitehawkcinema to host their #Oscars party! Join us for a night of glitz and glam complete wi…
30th Jan: Find out why each of these nominated actors has a shot at #Oscars gold.
30th Jan: .@davidalangrier is one of today’s pre-eminent performers, and he’s back on Broadway in @roundaboutnyc’s…
30th Jan: #KillingEve will likely begin filming season 4 this summer.
30th Jan: Join this #Fleabag-esque comedy series!
30th Jan: While there’s never a reason to play it safe in your acting, it is essential to play it safe during the casting pro…
30th Jan: #4: Don’t respond to critics. (via @RealSteveRohr)
30th Jan: Start living that dream or pursuing that actor side hustle! (via @MeraMayde)
30th Jan: .@MaiselTV charmed its way into our hearts at just the right time—here’s how it all came together.
29th Jan: YouTube, Amazon, and Nickelodeon are casting right now!
29th Jan: You could be part of Regina King’s directorial debut!
29th Jan: Here come today’s top casting opportunities around the country!
29th Jan: Disney is gearing up to reboot another live-action classic.
29th Jan: The 2018–19 season also saw the highest amount of nonwhite Broadway audiences ever recorded.
29th Jan: Flex those Shakespeare muscles.
29th Jan: Whether you’re a member of @TheAcademy or just an invested cinephile, here’s your official guide to the Best Pictur…
29th Jan: In this week’s issue we’re breaking down the speedy awards season that was—from the #OscarNoms to the deserving per…
29th Jan: Abderrahmane Sissako, the director of 2014’s “Timbuktu,” is casting the lead role for his next feature film.
29th Jan: Even the best actors can learn something from watching @SchittsCreek, take it from @annefrances.
29th Jan: Margot Robbie was insistent that #BirdsOfPrey be directed by a woman—and that’s how she found Cathy Yan, the first…
29th Jan: Next time you’re stuck in traffic on the way to class or walking between auditions, check out one of these podcasts…
29th Jan: Go through this checklist before your next go-see. (via @aaronrmarcus)
29th Jan: No matter what area of choreography you’re looking to get into these tips will help.
29th Jan: Even Oscar winners have imposter syndrome. (via @robpeterpaul)
29th Jan: This is a landmark decision that cements the permanent need of the intimacy coordinator.
28th Jan: Quench your thirst with these great gigs.
28th Jan: Tyler Perry’s new show is looking for young talent!
28th Jan: Actors we want to hear from you! What are your favorite apps to use?
28th Jan: Give it some zazz and you could be in the Netflix adaptation of #TheProm starring Meryl Streep!
28th Jan: These opportunities are scary good.
28th Jan: If British Equity is a mug of tea, then American Equity and SAG-AFTRA are rocket-fuel-strong black coffees served i…
28th Jan: Do your research—starting with this.
28th Jan: There are a number of important considerations when choosing who to sign with.
27th Jan: You could act in HBO’s next period drama.
27th Jan: Billy Eichner and Betty Gilpin have officially joined Ryan Murphy’s new project.
27th Jan: Say “Hello!” to these gigs!
27th Jan: A dog = the ideal modeling partner.
27th Jan: Take control of your audition with these tips. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
27th Jan: Want to get—and keep—an agent? Don’t do these things.
27th Jan: Congratulations to our former cover stars Amber Gray + @EvaNoblezada and the entire cast of @hadestown on their…
27th Jan: A tenth installment of this BBC crime drama will begin filming in April.
27th Jan: "The whole time I was like, I’ll be fine if I don’t get it, whatever. And then you get that close and you’re like,…
27th Jan: Pay attention to posture.
27th Jan: Acting is acting, no matter where.
26th Jan: Find your light!
26th Jan: You know about warming up—but what about cooling down?
26th Jan: Say “yes, and” to life.
26th Jan: Are you ready?
26th Jan: It happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
26th Jan: Just breathe.
26th Jan: Set aside some time soon to do these things.
26th Jan: How do you choose what to see wisely in order to make the most of your time and money?
25th Jan: This is one of the most important—and at times most difficult—parts of acting.
25th Jan: Want to know what goes on behind closed doors?
25th Jan: Madam Satan continues to be a standout on “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.”
25th Jan: A good side job does this.
25th Jan: Animation requires these elements.
25th Jan: Auditioning for TV is about getting through the audition confidently and efficiently. (via @DouglasTaurel)
25th Jan: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world today!
25th Jan: Good actors can develop bad habits that complicate the editing process—make sure you don’t.
25th Jan: Find out what this agent is looking for in future clients.
25th Jan: No excuses! (via @ardenkaywin)
25th Jan: Watching #CAOS Part 3 and dying to be in a similar project? Take a look at these.
25th Jan: Propelling your child’s acting career to the next level can be a daunting task, especially in Hollywood—allow us to…
25th Jan: “This season is so much more about Sabrina coming into her own as a person” - @kiernanshipka on the new season of…
24th Jan: You could be the newest member of the House of Mouse!
24th Jan: Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson’s new film is casting!
24th Jan: Our awards editor @JackSmartWriters has always thought there are three elements to an #Oscars win.
24th Jan: Accio #CursedChildNYC auditions ⚡️
24th Jan: #DoomPatrol is back in action!
24th Jan: Want to become a comedy star? Start with this #BombshellMovie CD.
24th Jan: #Sundance is in full swing—find out how you could get discovered at the iconic film festival.
24th Jan: Want to become an intimacy coordinator? Start here. (via @MarciLiroff)
24th Jan: More #CaptainMarvel could be coming our way!
24th Jan: TIRED: Sending a friend request on Facebook WIRED: Sending an application to Facebook
24th Jan: You might not know #TheIrishman and #Joker producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff by name, but you definitely know her wor…
24th Jan: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia today.
24th Jan: #2: Pay attention to lighting.
24th Jan: First things first, keep your ears open. (via @kb_Voiceovers)
24th Jan: #3: Make sure you know how to get there.
24th Jan: What are the signs pointing you toward a full-time career in voiceover? (via @voschoolpodcast)
24th Jan: Put your game face on.
23rd Jan: Channel your inner vampire/werewolf/witch on #Legacies.
23rd Jan: #Bonding is back bonding with New Yorkers.
23rd Jan: A new Nickelodeon show is looking for young talent!
23rd Jan: Give your fellow actors some advice!
23rd Jan: Calling all captains! These #StarTrekPicard-themed gigs are waiting for you.
23rd Jan: Can you guess Alison Pill’s favorite part about #StarTrekPicard?
23rd Jan: Get your own turn on the catwalk by applying for #KatyKeene and these other great gigs!
23rd Jan: Press START on these voiceover opportunities.
23rd Jan: Stir up your own #Succession-style drama with these gigs.
23rd Jan: #1: Respect everyone. (via @actatbaronbrown)
23rd Jan: Have you ever blanked on the words to a song in the middle of a performance? (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
23rd Jan: Tap into this the next time you’re preparing for an audition. (via @craigteach)
23rd Jan: From a financial perspective, is it ever wise to work for free?
23rd Jan: “So, the best advice I could have given to my younger self is: Always remain a student.”
22nd Jan: You could join the DCEU alongside this Oscar nominee.
22nd Jan: Peter Pan is getting the Disney+ treatment.
22nd Jan: “I want to make sure that they’re funny and responsive.” - @EverythingsOkTV star and creator @JoshThomas87
22nd Jan: Making @1917 was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—and now it could win #Oscars gold. In this week’s cover story its…
22nd Jan: You could be directed by the one and only Regina King.
22nd Jan: #Outlander’s sixth season is shooting this spring!
22nd Jan: Maisie Williams’ new project is looking for talent!
22nd Jan: Buzz doesn’t just happen. (via @SpotlightPRco)
22nd Jan: Tackling comedic monologues can be one of the most difficult tasks a student undertakes. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
22nd Jan: Without an idea of what your neutral voice is, it can be very hard to know what to adjust.
22nd Jan: This actor uses people skills she learned from acting in her side hustle. (via @LinneaSage)
22nd Jan: “I used everything I learned in casting to change my work in the room.”
22nd Jan: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting this week in Los Angeles!
21st Jan: Set yourself up to land your next big acting role by harnessing the power of effective audition techniques. Learn…
21st Jan: Jellicles can and jellicles do apply for these gigs.
21st Jan: More #GameOfThrones AND #You are on the way!
21st Jan: Here’s what it took to make #MissingLink worthy of #GoldenGlobes (and possibly #Oscars) gold.
21st Jan: Don’t miss this catalog shoot for Really Good Stuff, ad for Aeropostale, and more great gigs!
21st Jan: Who wouldn’t want to be part of Idris Elba’s new Netflix movie?
21st Jan: Nothing upsets an agent more than this.
21st Jan: What does Nina Gold—the casting director who the cast of #TheCrown thanked in their #SAGAwards acceptance speech—lo…
21st Jan: .@TanyaLReynolds learned to embrace her flaws in @sexeducation.
21st Jan: The fastest way to get experience on a real film or TV set is to work as a production assistant or intern. (via…
21st Jan: A new drama starring Lily James is officially a go!
21st Jan: #1: It’s impeding your ability to book a gig.
21st Jan: Read them. Know them. Maybe one day you’ll be lucky enough to perform in them.
21st Jan: Your acting skills and training can help you become successful in any profession.
21st Jan: Nail your next self-tape.
20th Jan: Has it ever happened to you?
20th Jan: Have a Q&A with yourself.
20th Jan: Improv is a great tool for actors.
20th Jan: Here are eight actors on the point in their careers where things started falling into place.
20th Jan: The multi-talented @Jordan_Fisher is coming to #BackstageLive ahead of his @DearEvanHansen debut! Ask the…
20th Jan: Voiceover casting generally boils down to one of three options.
20th Jan: #Parasite emerged as the big film winner at tonight’s #SAGAwards.
20th Jan: Us watching the cast of Parasite win Best Ensemble at the #SAGAwards
20th Jan: Now we want to have a popcorn breakfast at the theater with Renée Zellweger #SAGAwards
20th Jan: When you show your friend your new demo reel. #SAGAwards
20th Jan: "I really recommend it." - Helena Bonham Carter and also us about @TheCrownNetflix. #SAGAwards
20th Jan: When Jennifer Aniston cries, we all cry. #SAGAwards
20th Jan: Roman Griffin Davis just had the cutest #SAGAwards moment everyone else go home
20th Jan: Time to find Brad Pitt on Tinder, apparently #SAGAwards
20th Jan: YES! Love Laura Dern thanking casting directors everywhere 👏👏👏👏👏 #SAGAwards
20th Jan: tfw your fave actor wins at the #SAGAwards
20th Jan: Alex Borstein, #1 #Fleabag stan, everyone. #SAGAwards
20th Jan: Congrats to our former cover star Tony Shalhoub! So deserved. #SAGAwards
20th Jan: Give Tom Hanks an award for that reaction shot alone #SAGAwards
20th Jan: Tonight’s the night actors, it’s the #SAGAwards! Follow along as we livetweet the awards at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST. Who are you rooting for?
20th Jan: Refresh your memory before tonights #SAGAwards.
19th Jan: Take some time today.
19th Jan: This course could be the answer to your audition woes.
19th Jan: First off, just choose ONE.
19th Jan: Revisit our talk with "Slave Play" playwright Jeremy O. Harris before the show takes its final bow on Broadway toda…
19th Jan: Every actor has one.
19th Jan: "They do not know how to fill a house with their voice, and therefore their presence."
19th Jan: "Another thing that has helped me immensely is when heroes of mine that I’m working with tell me how afraid they ar…
18th Jan: How do you know if a job is truly survival job material?
18th Jan: Use your fear.
18th Jan: Learn from the legend.
18th Jan: Looking for somewhere to watch the #SAGAwards? Look no further.
18th Jan: #4: Work on one that has an arc or storyline.
18th Jan: Here is what you need to keep in mind when it comes to your headshots.
18th Jan: Incorporate these practices into your daily routine so they build upon each other.
18th Jan: The material you choose is key.
18th Jan: The simple tool of subtext can change and impact a performance in leaps and bounds. (via @Charisjjackson)
18th Jan: The Humana Festival of new American plays is considered the tasting room for the next big thing.
18th Jan: Is Netflix destined for Oscar glory? Allow our own @JackSmartWrites to break down its chances.
18th Jan: These agencies have the industry resources to take your career to the next level.
17th Jan: New York City and the Northeast have lots of opportunities this week!
17th Jan: The CW’s #KatyKeene is looking for background talent!
17th Jan: “Station Eleven” is breaking out in Chicago.
17th Jan: Andrea Hoeschen will be taking charge of the Chicago-based office, which covers a jurisdiction of 16 states from No…
17th Jan: Wish upon a star for the great Disney gigs casting today!
17th Jan: Joe’s 100% a psychopath but @PennBadgley’s performance has made viewers smitten with his @YouNetflix character.
17th Jan: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world today—including this high-paying scripted project.
17th Jan: A Taika Waititi #StarWars movie? Sign us up.
17th Jan: Make sure you follow this one piece of advice.
17th Jan: Billy Crudup was full of actorly wisdom on our latest episode of @InTheEnvelope. Don’t miss his advice about auditi…
17th Jan: “Complete your profile, be patient, and be consistent. Careers take time to build, and the little gigs lead to bigg…
17th Jan: Don’t miss these great opportunities, UK actors!
17th Jan: The @TIMESUPNOW guide aims to educate actors about their rights in a field where project-specific demands can leave…
17th Jan: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Gemma Chan? Marvel’s #Eternals is filming!
17th Jan: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia today.
17th Jan: Especially during pilot season.
17th Jan: Deciding whether or not to pass on a project is a fine line. (@MatthewDelNegro)
17th Jan: Billy Crudup developed this philosophy through years of working on classic texts onstage and playing offbeat charac…
17th Jan: Here’s how you can be the best background actor on set. (via @aronrmarcus)
17th Jan: #SWAT has set up shop this week in Central L.A.
17th Jan: Everything’s alright with these opportunities!
16th Jan: #TheMorningShow star Billy Crudup has valuable advice for working actors at every level.
16th Jan: Here’s your chance to go to Hogwarts!
16th Jan: The 10-year-old #SAGAwards nominee learned a lot from Quentin Tarantino: “Just seeing him walk around, I was thinki…
16th Jan: Here’s your child’s chance to become a Kidz Bop kid!
16th Jan: It’s time to pack your bags—but with what?
16th Jan: “All I could hear is the ‘crackle, crackle, crackle,’ then ‘crunch, crunch, crunch.’”
16th Jan: She’s a little bit a la la la-la la la la a little bit Alexis and she’s going to be on #BackstageLive tomorrow (1/1…
16th Jan: Here’s what you can learn from @raylynn93’s #Frozen2 audition.
16th Jan: #3: Structure matters.
16th Jan: Follow @AnnaKendrick47’s lead and find your Twitter voice.
16th Jan: Don’t miss any of these great gigs in Canada—apply now!
16th Jan: What makes one improviser rise about the rest at @TheSecondCity?
16th Jan: These opportunities 🎶 could be perfect for you 🎶
15th Jan: Spark something new with these opportunities ⚡️
15th Jan: God, we hope you get it.
15th Jan: Happy #SwingDay!
15th Jan: .@BeanieFeldstein as Monica Lewinsky? Perfect casting. You in the next #AmericanCrimeStory? Could also be perfect…
15th Jan: The animated film nominees at the upcoming #Oscars are impressively distinctive.
15th Jan: Jason Sudeikis and Evangeline Lilly’s new film needs young talent for a supporting role!
15th Jan: .@sabfb wasn’t afraid to experiment for his @sexeducation audition.
15th Jan: You can’t pin Rose Byrne down—and that’s just the way she likes it. From bit parts to prestige TV to indie dramas a…
15th Jan: What-a-lotta-Wes!
15th Jan: ATTN young actors: School of Drama at @uncschoolofarts dean Scott Zigler is coming to #BackstageLive tomorrow (1/16…
15th Jan: If the Oscars won’t recognize actors for voiceover performances then we will.
15th Jan: Going ✈️ your next role
15th Jan: Don’t 👏 do 👏 it 👏
15th Jan: #2: Find someone with a history of helping. (via @RealSteveRohr)
15th Jan: It starts with a little bit of magic. (via @LilAngelsTalent)
15th Jan: Looking for a great role for young talent? Look no further.
15th Jan: “Just have fun. Even with a character that’s so dark and deep, you think, ‘Fun? That’s a weird word.’ But as an act…
14th Jan: You could be in Kristen Stewart’s next movie!
14th Jan: In the latest episode of @InTheEnvelope @JoeyKing dives into her process, #SAGAwards nomination, and more. Listen n…
14th Jan: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting this week in Los Angeles, including a “Freaky Friday”-esque indie feature.
14th Jan: Many feel uneasy about this growing trend, and it does raise a lot of questions.
14th Jan: .@EverythingsOkTV star @JoshThomas87 is coming to #BackstageLive tomorrow (1/15)! Ask the @FreeformTV actor and com…
14th Jan: .@sagaftra is coordinating a chain of watch parties around the country. Get together with your fellow union members…
14th Jan: When it comes to animation and games producers are after original character voices. (via @Sound_Advice)
14th Jan: Voiceover acting can be an incredibly exciting career, and luckily, there are a lot of opportunities out there righ…
14th Jan: How do you find those opportunities? (via @BillCoelius)
14th Jan: Here are 6 tips that will help. (via @HarttandSoul)
14th Jan: “I knew there was no plan B for me. This had to happen.” - @CristinaRodlo
13th Jan: Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle.
13th Jan: Do you know who you’re voting for in the #SAGAwards?
13th Jan: Don’t be scared, more #AmericanHorrorStory is coming.
13th Jan: Don’t sleep on these opportunities.
13th Jan: In the hunt for representation, you have to consider your environment.
13th Jan: Exercise your skills on #ChicagoMed.
13th Jan: Congratulations to all of the actors nominated during this morning’s #OscarNoms. Find out more about some of this year’s nominees ⬇️
13th Jan: ICYMI: Here are all of last night’s #CriticsChoice winners.
13th Jan: Celebrate the London Short Film Festival by snapping up one of these roles.
13th Jan: Could you join the Marvel universe?
13th Jan: Congrats to all of this morning’s #OscarNoms!
13th Jan: What #OscarNoms do you think was most deserved? Who else would you have nominated?
13th Jan: #OscarNoms for Best Picture: #FordvFerrari #TheIrishman #JojoRabbit #JokerMovie #LittleWomen #MarriageStory…
13th Jan: #OscarNoms for Best Director: Martin Scorsese Todd Phillips Sam Mendes Quentin Tarantino Bong Joon Ho
13th Jan: #OscarNoms for Best Actress: Cynthia Erivo Scarlett Johansson Saoirse Ronan Charlize Theron Renée Zellweger
13th Jan: #OscarNoms for Best Actor: Antonio Banderas Leonardo DiCaprio Adam Driver Joaquin Phoenix Jonathan Pryce
13th Jan: #OscarNoms for Best Supporting Actor: Tom Hanks Anthony Hopkins Al Pacino Joe Pesci Brad Pitt
13th Jan: #OscarNoms for Best Supporting Actress: Kathy Bates Laura Dern Scarlett Johansson Florence Pugh Margot Robbie
13th Jan: The big day is here—it’s #OscarNoms day! Follow along with us as we livetweet the nominations at 8:18am ET/5:18am P…
13th Jan: Brush up before the Oscar nominations.
13th Jan: Water and steam, you’ll sing like a dream.
13th Jan: 4 of these actors might have another shot at Oscar gold if they get nominated tomorrow.
13th Jan: That reason might snag her an Oscar nomination tomorrow morning.
12th Jan: Do you have the same favorites?
12th Jan: Take care of yourself!
12th Jan: Actors have charisma, creativity, and passion that can transform into a price tag with hosting.
12th Jan: These playwrights have not only created great plays, but challenged rules regarding plot structure, characterizatio…
12th Jan: We’re taught from a young age not to be boastful and as a result, we’ve had the whole accepting compliments thing b…
12th Jan: Behind every “Hamilton” and “Dear Evan Hansen” is a producer (OK, probably several) who believes in the show.
12th Jan: The number one reason actors freeze or over-perform at auditions is fear.
11th Jan: There are two kinds of acting: straight acting and character acting.
11th Jan: And snagged him a Golden Globe.
11th Jan: Dance is a lesson in connecting to material.
11th Jan: Sometimes, the reasons you’re not booking work can be elusive—and sometimes they really aren’t.
11th Jan: Voiceover auditions shouldn’t sound like you’re reading.
11th Jan: Dancing can help you think on your feet during auditions. (via @llondoncasting)
11th Jan: #3: Stay healthy.
11th Jan: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada today!
11th Jan: Make sure you’re prepared if you’re elected as the company deputy.
11th Jan: Each one of these agencies offers something different, covering all the bases for talent at any stage of their care…
11th Jan: Queens residents may find themselves escaping from monsters this week as this new Hulu series is filming.
11th Jan: “I knew there was no other person who could do it but Florence.” - Greta Gerwig and also anyone who has seen…
11th Jan: #Billions, #KatyKeene, and #Hadestown are all casting in NYC right now!
10th Jan: Nominated at the #SAGAwards and more, Fox Searchlight’s #JojoRabbit is led by the terrific Roman Griffin Davis.
10th Jan: Allow our awards editor @JackSmartWrites to break down what the precursor awards mean for the #Oscars.
10th Jan: Go back in time on #Legacies.
10th Jan: Find out how to get cast by the #AHiddenLife director.
10th Jan: Calling all Disney fans! Don’t miss these casting opportunities.
10th Jan: #TheBatman has officially started shooting.
10th Jan: 2019’s biggest hits aren’t done yet—#KnivesOut, #Parasite, AND #HustlersMovie might all have second lives.
10th Jan: Acting is in the family for this mother and her teenage son. #IGotCast
10th Jan: Want your child actor cast in commercials? Find out how to do it from @MarciLiroff.
10th Jan: Cheers to these gigs 🍻
10th Jan: Remarkable actors go through intense training specifically so you can’t tell how hard they’re working. (via…
10th Jan: Don’t only focus on the exterior. (via @HeadshotsByMarc)
10th Jan: Have you ever wondered who’s announcing the #Oscars, #TonyAwards, or Emmys? (via @voschoolpodcast)
10th Jan: Step into the spotlight and audition for these gigs!
10th Jan: Everyone’s story is different!
10th Jan: Game on!
9th Jan: You have two opportunities to be on The CW this week: #KatyKeene AND #BlackLightning are casting.
9th Jan: #RoswellNM is looking for young talent!
9th Jan: This #Moonlight, #BealeStreet, and #JustMercy editor knows how to milk a subtle moment for utmost emotional impact.
9th Jan: The #Servant star’s taste is *chef’s kiss*
9th Jan: From stars of #TheCrown to #GameOfThrones find out which #SAGAwards nominees you should vote for.
9th Jan: Bill Camp’s audition horror story? Choking in front of Arthur Miller.
9th Jan: If you love #HauntingofHillHouse you’ll love these opportunities.
9th Jan: Take note, voiceover actors!
9th Jan: Find your next big role in these gigs casting throughout Australia today.
9th Jan: A TV set is full of traps for actors—don’t get caught in them. (via @BGBStudio)
9th Jan: Keep your voice in tip-top shape.
9th Jan: Be prepared before your audition!
9th Jan: Before the #SAGAwards listen to an extra special @InTheEnvelope interview with its head producer @1kathyConnell!
8th Jan: There are tons of great opportunities for talent in Georgia and Florida this week.
8th Jan: 🚨 #ChicagoMed is looking for talent 🚨
8th Jan: Don’t miss any of the great gigs available for voiceover actors today!
8th Jan: “We learn stuff about ourselves, our interests, and our strengths as we try things, so we should all take some time…
8th Jan: Pilot season is here!
8th Jan: There are lots of great opportunities in Texas and the South this week!
8th Jan: Lauren Ambrose does more than thrill on @Servant—in fact @MNightShyamalan says no other actor could play Dorothy.…
8th Jan: This audition trick landed @TaronEgerton @rocketmanmovie, and then #Rocketman landed him a #GoldenGlobes win.
8th Jan: There’s a reason Rachel Brosnahan and Tony Shalhoub keep winning awards for their hilarious work on @PrimeVideo’s…
8th Jan: The #FORDvFERRARI director cast Matt Damon opposite Christian Bale for a good reason.
8th Jan: When actually IS pilot season now? (via @BradLemack)
8th Jan: Here’s everything you need to know about Broadway’s unsung heroes.
8th Jan: These small independent projects could follow in #Fleabag’s footsteps and grow into an award-winning series.
8th Jan: All voiceover areas have their own nuances and subtleties, and video games are no exception.
8th Jan: The opportunities have got just what you need.
7th Jan: One of the strongest predictors of the eventual Oscar winner for best picture has announced its nominees.
7th Jan: You could be on Hulu!
7th Jan: The DGA’s top prize has a strong correlation to the Academy Award for best director—so keep an eye on these nominee…
7th Jan: HBO, The CW, and CBS shows are looking for young talent this week.
7th Jan: AND this history-making film is casting ➡️
7th Jan: Yes, there are right and wrong ways to put together your reel.
7th Jan: Start 2020 off right with these events!
7th Jan: As with previous years, this year’s #BAFTA nominations are being criticized for lack of diversity.
7th Jan: It’s easier said than done.
7th Jan: As an actor, you might have to be physically apart from your partner for long periods of time.
7th Jan: Instagram can be like the magazine of you. (via @Marketing4Actor)
7th Jan: If you woke up on New Years Day resolving that 2020 would be the year you nailed all your auditions and booked ever…
6th Jan: Congrats to all of the #WGAAwards nominees!
6th Jan: Get crowned as the next member of the Disney royal family 👑
6th Jan: Don’t miss any of the top modeling jobs available this week!
6th Jan: #KillingEve getting renewed for Season 4 before Season 3 even airs is what we ALL deserve.
6th Jan: There’s one reason why your agent might lie to you in 2020.
6th Jan: Don’t miss your chance to be on Netflix!
6th Jan: You can tackle those nerves with these tips. (via @HeadshotsByMarc)
6th Jan: Interested in a WW1 project after #1917Movie?
6th Jan: Congrats to Taron Egerton on his #GoldenGlobes win! We loved chatting with the actor about his (now award-winning)…
6th Jan: #OnceUponATimeInHollywood and #1917Movie won big at the #GoldenGlobes tonight.
6th Jan: "When I was starting out these names that were just listed—Pacino, Pesci, Hanks, Tony Hopkins—were like Gods to me.…
6th Jan: All rise for the queen (and yes, obviously, that means Olivia Colman)
6th Jan: "I got a talkshow and I was able to be myself." —Ellen DeGeneres, icon, inspiration
6th Jan: "Once you get over the one-inch wall of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films" —Bong Joon-ho, PREACHING #Parasite
6th Jan: If you take away just one thing from this Golden Globes, actors, let it be this: We have the power.
6th Jan: Tonight’s the night, it’s the #GoldenGlobes! Follow along as our own @Casey_Mink livetweets the awards show at 8pm…
6th Jan: Are you too aware of the camera?
5th Jan: "Don’t bow down to us."
5th Jan: Acting for film is its own ballgame.
5th Jan: Do you know them all?
5th Jan: #1: Pay attention to posture.
5th Jan: "Two heads are better than one.”
5th Jan: Do your homework—starting with this.
5th Jan: We know how daunting agency prospects can be, so we created a one-stop shop for all things agent.
5th Jan: Picking a classical audition speech is a minefield—let us help you navigate it.
4th Jan: “Start auditioning right away.”
4th Jan: Bernadette Peters was once an auditioning actor just like you. But perhaps unlike you, she enjoyed it.
4th Jan: A good acting scene should never look like a good acting scene.
4th Jan: You can own it in your region!
4th Jan: A great mentor can provide a big picture perspective while also helping you navigate what’s right in front of you.
4th Jan: The reality of voiceover, in particular, is that it’s an industry of industries.
4th Jan: What tactic lands you that big job?
4th Jan: It’s not too late! (via @DebbieIrwinVO)
4th Jan: Be a happier and healthier social media user this year. (via @smforactors)
4th Jan: “You are not your job, you are not your paycheck, you are not a list of credits.” - James Scully proving that he’s…
3rd Jan: Say “Hello!” to your next gig!
3rd Jan: You don’t want to miss Paul Rudd’s best acting advice for Marvel and Netflix.
3rd Jan: Take it from our own @JackSmartWrites: The #GoldenGlobes are a swanky, gaudy affair designed to shake up the Oscar…
3rd Jan: The new year is starting with some promising news for #SherlockHolmes fans.
3rd Jan: Elle Woods would certainly approve of this.
3rd Jan: .@BLarracuente, one of the stars of the new @PartyofFiveTV reboot, is stopping by #BackstageLive on Monday (1/6). R…
3rd Jan: Listen up! New York City has lots of amazing opportunities for talent this week.
3rd Jan: Find out how the #UncutGems and #Euphoria CD casts the perfect ensemble.
3rd Jan: “I was recently contacted by a director whom I met through a Backstage project, who contacted me for a commercial p…
3rd Jan: Have you perfected your craft enough that you’re ready to tackle a series? (via @chrisgiovannii)
3rd Jan: “You are capable of so much more than you can imagine.”
3rd Jan: #2: You want to connect with other characters.
3rd Jan: What happens when a film you were in is bought by streaming service?
3rd Jan: Start the new year off right with your January horoscope!
3rd Jan: Listen to our full conversation with the #LivingWithYourself star in our latest episode of @InTheEnvelope:…
3rd Jan: Nominees for the 35th annual #ArtiosAwards have been unveiled.
2nd Jan: Head way down under the ground for your next big acting gig!
2nd Jan: In the latest episode of @InTheEnvelope, the #GoldenGlobes nominee tells us why he loves “talking about what it mea…
2nd Jan: Don’t miss any of these great gigs available for child actors!
2nd Jan: Take what you got and audition for these gigs!
2nd Jan: Don’t know what ensemble to vote for at this year’s #SAGAwards? This will help.
2nd Jan: Playing Korey Wise in #WhenTheySeeUs was the most difficult thing @JharrelJerome has ever done in his life. But wit…
2nd Jan: Want to win an Oscar? You should work with this #TheTwoPopes screenwriter.
2nd Jan: #ZoeysPlaylist star @jcolburnlevy is valid—that feedback IS confusing.
2nd Jan: New year, new horror films.
2nd Jan: Between #BohemianRhapsody and #Rocketman costume designer Julian Day has gone from fabulous to, well, fabulous-er!
2nd Jan: In 2020, a new law will change the way Californians do business—including actors.
2nd Jan: An MA can give you the training and connections you’ll need to succeed.
2nd Jan: Today’s the perfect day to revamp your profile.
2nd Jan: Conquer your nerves this year.
2nd Jan: Start your 2020 off right and apply to these gigs!
1st Jan: New year, new casting opportunities 🍾🎉
1st Jan: Bring star quality to the great gigs casting across the nation today!
1st Jan: Looking for great opportunities in Texas and the South? There are tons of great auditions and gigs to kick off your…
1st Jan: Here are some proactive ways you can help your agent help you this year! (via @kimfaygreenberg)
1st Jan: Happy New Year, actors! 2020 will be your year, we already know it. 🥂
1st Jan: Calling all child actors and parents! (via @LilAngelsTalent)
1st Jan: Think of auditions like a coloring book. (via @ThePresentActor)
1st Jan: #1: Don’t dress like a character you think you look like.
1st Jan: What clues could help predict the year’s major film contenders? Look to these 10 critics groups’ awards.
31st Dec: Finish the year on a high note by scoring one of the great gigs!
31st Dec: You could be heading to Skid Row!
31st Dec: It’s not just pure imagination—there are lots of incredible opportunities available for young talent this week.
31st Dec: Wrapping up 2019 by taking a look back at all of our covers from this year! Take a look at them all here:…
31st Dec: Let’s close out 2019 by highlighting great work from our fellow actors! Quote tweet this and tell us your favorit…
31st Dec: Success sometimes, but very very rarely, involves holding a golden statuette.
31st Dec: You need to get the whole picture.
31st Dec: Canceling can have a dramatic impact on a production.
31st Dec: Let’s talk about those #SAGAwards nominations on @InTheEnvelope.
30th Dec: Everybody say “yeah” to these gigs!
30th Dec: Lend a hand to this yogurt brand!
30th Dec: #MarriageStory required a deep understanding of balance and perspective.
30th Dec: Make these 3 resolutions in 2020.
30th Dec: Climb to the top of the list for these gigs!
30th Dec: Making sure you have the essentials will help you enter tour life with ease.
30th Dec: Calling all #LoveIsland fans!
30th Dec: Meisner training can be helpful it for writers too.
30th Dec: Do any of these sound familiar?
30th Dec: Read this before you take the leap.
29th Dec: The less cartoonish, the better.
29th Dec: Even the biggest stars need a break.
29th Dec: Meryl Streep doesn’t envy those currently on the hunt for that big break.
29th Dec: “You HAVE to be in New York or L.A. to start.”
29th Dec: A picture’s worth a thousand words, and you don’t want 999 of them to be about your ill-advised clothing choices.
29th Dec: “Can’t stand it—I really can’t stand it."
29th Dec: If Bong Joon-ho could give one piece of advice to jumpstart creatives, it would be to rid your work of others’ expe…
29th Dec: Stay open to soap operas.
29th Dec: Let these stars give you a confidence boost.
28th Dec: Are you making these mistakes?
28th Dec: From material to preparation to what to wear, this guide will tell you everything actors need to know about auditio…
28th Dec: You need these audition tips.
28th Dec: Want to learn how to take your best headshot?
28th Dec: Are your credits listed correctly?
28th Dec: Add these to your reading list.
28th Dec: Ask these before saying “yes” to anything. (via @brittneygrabill)
28th Dec: The Bard is worth a second look. (via @actbetter)
28th Dec: #2: Comedians are forced to listen for feedback.
28th Dec: "So much of what happens in this industry is out of our control. What I can control is preparation and execution."
27th Dec: Create your next big role with a paperclip, some string, and a little extra help from today’s casting roundup!
27th Dec: NYC is teeming with great opportunities this week!
27th Dec: Find out how Netflix casts films, according to #MarriageStory’s CDs.
27th Dec: Screen, stage, and more projects need talent in the UK right now!
27th Dec: These London agencies need to be on your radar.
27th Dec: It’s a question @MarciLiroff hears often.
27th Dec: This child actor is willing to put in the work. #IGotCast
27th Dec: Follow these actors, and their lead. (via @Marketing4Actor)
27th Dec: Here are some tips on how to get an agent when your college days are behind you.
27th Dec: #1: Read everything on the page.
27th Dec: Disney Channel is looking for young talent for a new project!
26th Dec: Here’s your chance to be in an Amazon series!
26th Dec: “Your experience as an actor can always grow. What you have to do is be hungry to grow it.”
26th Dec: Want to transition from acting to filmmaking? Here are some pointers from the #Clemency cinematographer.
26th Dec: You have to read it to believe it.
26th Dec: There are lots of amazing opportunities in California this week.
26th Dec: Follow @ReneeGoldsberry’s advice and never stop chasing your dream.
26th Dec: Find out how the @JOSH_BENNY got @AdamSandler to star in #UncutGems.
26th Dec: Are you ready for the #SpiritAwards?
26th Dec: Production for “Vacation Friends” is set to begin in March.
26th Dec: You could be just what these projects are looking for!
26th Dec: Unfortunately, a good singing voice isn’t enough to get you the gig.
26th Dec: How can you determine the right standout choice to make?
26th Dec: We must teach child actors certain protocols and etiquette.
26th Dec: #BlackLightning is casting!
25th Dec: Take a break from the holiday magic to get what you really wanted for the holidays: one of these roles!
25th Dec: What was your favorite acceptance speech this year?
25th Dec: Don’t miss any of the great gigs available for voiceover actors today!
25th Dec: Give yourself the gift of these gigs!
25th Dec: Looking for great opportunities in Texas or another state in the South? There are tons of great upcoming auditions…
25th Dec: Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁 Our gift to you is this list of 10 holiday episodes that will bring you joy:…
25th Dec: A sixth and seventh installment of BBC Scotland’s crime drama is on the way.
25th Dec: Find your next big role today!
25th Dec: When it comes to knowing how to make movies, actors can learn a lot by working on independent film sets. (via…
25th Dec: It’s is no small feat. (via @ardenkaywin)
25th Dec: How do you make something made-up feel real?
25th Dec: A family comedy show is seeking four young actors to play major roles.
25th Dec: Find the beat with the great gigs!
24th Dec: The new HBO series starring Elizabeth Debicki and Aunjanue Ellis is casting!
24th Dec: Step into these great opportunities! 👟
24th Dec: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world today!
24th Dec: Disney Channel is looking for young talent!
24th Dec: “A room of all women” behind the scenes helped make #TheMorningShow a Golden Globe nominated show.
24th Dec: The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School is one of the UK’s leading drama schools and also one of the most selective.
24th Dec: A second series of #Pennyworth will begin shooting in 2020.
24th Dec: Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. (via @heatherhiatt1)
24th Dec: These two things can make a huge difference in an audition. (via @craigteach)
24th Dec: We’re in a singularly unique industry where you shouldn’t let fiscal matters define you. (via @BradLemack)
23rd Dec: Ever wanted to be a supernatural teen on The CW? This #Legacies gig could be your chance!
23rd Dec: If we weren’t excited for “Americanah” before, we sure are now.
23rd Dec: Looking for a great gig in a city near you?
23rd Dec: Take care of yourself this new year.
23rd Dec: We had a busy year here at Backstage!
23rd Dec: Here’s our go-to list of the best London agencies.
23rd Dec: We can all now look back and appreciate the life lessons the Christmas play gave us.
23rd Dec: These three #TheCrown stars have one school in common.
23rd Dec: Yes, they look.
23rd Dec: Open mics are your friend.
22nd Dec: Stop making these mistakes, and who knows? Maybe you’ll have a Tony Award by this time next year (crazier things ha…
22nd Dec: Happy first night of Hanukkah! These are some of our favorite TV moments inspired by the Festival of Lights. What a…
22nd Dec: Sitcoms have their own rhythm and pacing.
22nd Dec: Apply to start your own adventure!
22nd Dec: How many do you know?
22nd Dec: Characters are key.
22nd Dec: Find out how you can enter this side of the industry.
22nd Dec: How much time do actors actually spend working?
22nd Dec: "I didn’t just want to come back because everybody loved her."
22nd Dec: Choose the right song.
22nd Dec: #5: Social media
21st Dec: Make sure your director likes working with you.
21st Dec: Get to know these five contemporary writers that consistently produce audition-friendly work.
21st Dec: Channel your holiday cheer into these opportunities.
21st Dec: Treat nutrition as a tool and use it to your advantage.
21st Dec: You must always be prepared to feel like an idiot at most commercial auditions.
21st Dec: Be prepared.
21st Dec: Here’s your chance to star in a dystopian series.
21st Dec: #1: Communicate with your boss. (via @BrianPatacca)
21st Dec: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting around the world today!
21st Dec: What should you expect and prepare for when you’re about to step into that room?
21st Dec: Let’s bid farewell to the year in awards by looking back at the best speeches of 2019.
21st Dec: How does it play a role within an industry that could be considered colorblind? (via @voschoolpodcast)
21st Dec: You could be in a modern English adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.”
21st Dec: The Force is strong with these projects.
21st Dec: #WitcherNetflix could be the next #GameOfThrones—and this CD could cast you in it.
20th Dec: “The director actually reached out to me personally through Backstage’s messaging system and invited me to audition…
20th Dec: You could take the trip of a lifetime (and get paid for it).
20th Dec: You could be in Jennifer Lopez’s new movie!
20th Dec: The Casting Society of America is continuing its diversity and inclusion efforts with their next open call.
20th Dec: Find out why @HarryConnickJR dives deep into every project.
20th Dec: Today’s casting notices are anything but elementary, dear actors!
20th Dec: A great sex or fight scene needs one important thing.
20th Dec: In need of listening material during your holiday travels? Our awards podcast @InTheEnvelope might do the trick:…
20th Dec: After attempts by both Hal Ashby and Tim Burton, #TheFavourite helmer will take a turn at a Gothic Western next.
20th Dec: According to Ruth Wilson the set of #TheAffair was a “very toxic work environment.”
20th Dec: Keep these in mind as you prepare your Shakespeare monologue.
20th Dec: Avoid these at your next shoot. (via @HeadshotsByMarc)
20th Dec: Do you have a preference?
20th Dec: No Baby Yoda quotes yet, unfortunately.
20th Dec: They did it without any spells or potions.
20th Dec: Don’t miss your chance to go full sci-fi.
19th Dec: Show off your spark and apply for this #BlackLightning gig!
19th Dec: Steven Soderbergh has been quietly at work on a new film with a cast that’s hard to be quiet about.
19th Dec: Start building a career with these opportunities!
19th Dec: #JustMercy is changing audience members’ opinion on the death penalty.
19th Dec: “And Rodney was like, ‘Eh, I don’t know, kid, you talk that language, where are you going to go with that, talking…
19th Dec: In @HarrietFilm we see iconic abolitionist Harriet Tubman like we have never seen her before.
19th Dec: “‘I had to go film that after I’d played seven months as a cat, and I was like, ‘Do I remember how to be a human?’”…
19th Dec: Here are some guidelines for writing the best bio possible.
19th Dec: “Just because you’re not a ‘name’ or you don’t have a long list of credits, doesn’t mean you deserve to be ignored…
19th Dec: Plan in advance—don’t wait until your child books a job to look into everything. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
19th Dec: Here are 10 habits of the best video freelancers.
19th Dec: Give yourself the gift of self-care, rest, and reflection this holiday season.
19th Dec: If you’re a #Friends fan and a people person then this is the perfect gig for you.
19th Dec: Find out how Iorek Byrnison’s voice actor brought one of the most beloved characters to life ahead of the…
18th Dec: 🎶 “The Phantom of the Opera” is here inside today’s casting roundup 🎶
18th Dec: Here’s your chance to be in an NBC pilot!
18th Dec: There are lots of casting opportunities in Texas and other states in the South this week.
18th Dec: The hit series #TemptationIsland is casting!
18th Dec: We’re here to remind you that tomorrow we’re chatting with @jaggedmusical star Elizabeth Stanley on #BackstageLive.…
18th Dec: Joining an iconic film franchise like #StarWars may sound intimidating, but @JoonasSuotamo has embraced the legacy…
18th Dec: Idris Elba is set to star in a quasi-Western produced by Jay-Z.
18th Dec: In this week’s cover story the legendary Eddie Murphy talks #DolemiteIsMyName, why perseverance is key for any aspi…
18th Dec: These episodes will keep you sane while your family incessantly asks about your career this holiday season.
18th Dec: Revisiting Olaf brought something new to the #Frozen franchise for @joshgad.
18th Dec: The cast #BigLittleLies (+15 others) were some of the best and busiest actors working onscreen this year.
18th Dec: One of these projects might be your perfect match.
18th Dec: Do you feel “at home” in the classroom?
18th Dec: The dramaturg is possibly the single most misunderstood job in theater.
18th Dec: Your reel is your handshake and your first hello—make sure it’s right. (via @BillCoelius)
18th Dec: Are you ready to be a superstar?
17th Dec: Director Melina Matsoukas initially thought Daniel Kaluuya was wrong for #QueenAndSlim.
17th Dec: #ChicagoMed is looking for medical assistance!
17th Dec: Netflix is looking for young talent!
17th Dec: #1: Go big.
17th Dec: You might be exactly what they’re looking for.
17th Dec: Don’t just do your best impression of a #DowntonAbbey character. (via @BritishVODiva)
17th Dec: There are a number of things you can do to support your kid as they pursue a professional career.
17th Dec: The secret to getting cast in films lies in the subtleties. (via @llondoncasting)
17th Dec: “So, take the risk, jump off the cliff, and slay your own self-doubting beast.”
16th Dec: Land one of these gigs if you can-can-can!
16th Dec: One Amazon series to rule them all…
16th Dec: Here come the gigs, all ready for you. 👰
16th Dec: Web series are getting seen by all the right people.
16th Dec: Want to see #BombshellMovie before anyone else? You’re in luck! RSVP here to see the film for free in NYC on 12/18:…
16th Dec: You could be on MTV!
16th Dec: Musical theater’s seasoned roles for men are also some of its richest.
16th Dec: Avoid one practice in particular like the plague.
16th Dec: Every. Single. Time.
16th Dec: "We’ll cast the net as wide as we need to find what we’re looking for."
15th Dec: Ask yourself these questions.
15th Dec: LA! Get tickets for a FREE @filmindependent screening of USA Network Premiere: "Dare Me" on 12.18. Includes Q&A wit…
15th Dec: Yes, six-time Oscar nominee and critical film darling Amy Adams once had a survival job just like you.
15th Dec: Learn from one of the greats, Catherine O’Hara.
15th Dec: What if you’re sabotaging yourself long before your call time?
15th Dec: This skill will instantly make you stand out.
15th Dec: It’s a new world.
15th Dec: Even Brad Pitt dealt with tough times.
15th Dec: Lee Strasberg is one of the godfathers of acting—see who learned from his Method.
15th Dec: Every actor needs to know how to work in a very personal and specific way.
14th Dec: Acting is being in character.
14th Dec: Do you have what it takes to be a member of #SwingNation?
14th Dec: Are you going through a slump?
14th Dec: Sadness is not a destination.
14th Dec: "We’re not against you."
14th Dec: #1: Learn everything you can about the business.
14th Dec: Be proactive and market yourself.
14th Dec: Here are a few things you need to know before making the move.
14th Dec: ’Tis the cold and flu season. (via @Sound_Advice)
14th Dec: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada today!
13th Dec: 🚨 Here’s your chance to be on #ChicagoFire 🚨
13th Dec: Our Awards Editor @JackSmartWrites is here to break down this week’s #GoldenGlobes and #SAGAwards nominations.
13th Dec: Ring in the new year with this gig!
13th Dec: Don’t think twice before applying to any of the great acting jobs casting around the world!
13th Dec: Here’s how you can jumpstart your acting career before you get that diploma.
13th Dec: The Griswold family may be back to cause more chaos.
13th Dec: Hit the high seas with these opportunities!
13th Dec: 3 great dramas are officially a go!
13th Dec: Equity has made a statement on the general election.
13th Dec: Find inner peace with the great gigs available in Australia today!
13th Dec: Don’t let your mind get in the way of your performance. (via @ardenkaywin)
13th Dec: Tight throat when you perform? Here’s the answer. (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
13th Dec: Slow times are coming, make sure you’re ready.
13th Dec: .@TraceeEllisRoss’ Instagram is equal parts glamour, behind-the-scenes peeks, and (most importantly) unmitigated go…
12th Dec: .@MarjaLewisRyan’s hands-on experience prepared her for the all-encompassing job of helming @SHO_TheLWord.
12th Dec: This is your chance to work on a Jordan Peele project.
12th Dec: Don’t miss this opportunity to be in an Amazon series!
12th Dec: We’re confident you have good answers for this.
12th Dec: Don’t miss any of the great gigs available today for child actors!
12th Dec: #SaveBeetlejuice because it sounds unlike *any* other musical.
12th Dec: Thankfully (for all of us) @JasCephasJones turned her @HamiltonMusical audition around.
12th Dec: Get ready to shed 96,000 tears watching the #InTheHeightsMovie trailer.
12th Dec: Your editor can tell when you’re faking it—take it from the #FORDvFERRARI editors.
12th Dec: There are a ton of events to fit into the last half of December!
12th Dec: The case for being a card-carrying member of Equity is a strong one.
12th Dec: Dress the part to get the part.
12th Dec: Ready to get to work?
12th Dec: It’s important to set goals. (via @tv_hosting)
12th Dec: Join Bryan Cranston’s new show!
11th Dec: [flashing The Bat-Signal]
11th Dec: Take it from this actor, your worst audition can become your greatest cocktail party story.
11th Dec: Don’t miss any of the great gigs available for voiceover actors today!
11th Dec: #911onFOX is gearing up to save a few more lives next year.
11th Dec: Here’s your chance to join #DoomPatrol.
11th Dec: Here’s your required post-#SAGAwards nominations reading. Our favorite coverage of the deserving nominees ⬇️
11th Dec: Congratulations to all of the #SAGAwards nominees!
11th Dec: You could join this “part play, part social project.”
11th Dec: What #SAGAwards nomination do you think was most deserved? Who else would you have nominated?
11th Dec: #SAGAwards nominations for Best Cast in a Motion Picture: Bombshell The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Parasite
11th Dec: #SAGAwards nominations for Best Male Actor in a Leading Role: Christian Bale Leonardo DiCaprio Adam Driver Taron Egerton Joaquin Phoenix
11th Dec: #SAGAwards for Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role: Laura Dern Scarlett Johansson Nicole Kidman Jennifer Lopez Margot Robbie
11th Dec: #SAGAwards nominations for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role: Jamie Foxx Tom Hanks Al Pacino Joe Pesci Brad Pitt
11th Dec: #SAGAwards nominations for Best Female Actor in a Drama Series: Jennifer Aniston Helena Bonham Carter Olivia Colman…
11th Dec: #SAGAwards nominations for Best Male Actor in a Drama Series: Sterling K. Brown Steve Carell Billy Crudup Peter Dinklage David Harbour
11th Dec: #SAGAwards nominations for Best Female Actor in a Comedy Series: Christina Applegate Alex Borstein Rachel Brosnahan…
11th Dec: #SAGAwards nominations for Best Male Actor in a Comedy Series: Alan Arkin Michael Douglas Bill Hander Andrew Scott Tony Shalhoub
11th Dec: #SAGAwards nominations for Best Female Actor in a Limited Series: Patricia Arquette Toni Collette Joey King Emily Watson Michelle Williams
11th Dec: #SAGAwards nominations for Best Male Actor in a Limited Series: Mahershala Ali Russell Crowe Jared Harris Jharrel Jerome Sam Rockwell
11th Dec: It’s #SAGAWards nomination day! Follow along with us as we livetweet the nominations at 10am EST/7am PST. Who do yo…
11th Dec: There’s no right or wrong choice.
11th Dec: Ask these key questions before clicking any “register” button. (via @kb_Voiceovers)
11th Dec: Are you ready for tomorrow’s #SAGAwards nominations?
11th Dec: Here are the pros and cons. (via @robpeterpaul)
11th Dec: Here’s some advice that @dfcaggiano wish she had followed.
11th Dec: Calling all dancers!
11th Dec: This is the perfect opportunity for kids.
10th Dec: Was it contractually acceptable for #PelotonWife to do an #AviationGin ad? It all comes down to exclusivity rules.
10th Dec: You could be dancing through life in #Wicked.
10th Dec: This actually is a good time to promote yourself.
10th Dec: #SAGAwards nominations are tomorrow! Keep your eye out for nominations for these incredible actors ⬇️
10th Dec: We’re proud to help feature films, network TV shows, A-list music videos, and more innovative projects find amazing…
10th Dec: .@TaikaWaititi says you shouldn’t be overthinking #JojoRabbit—or your acting.
10th Dec: What does joining Equity involve?
10th Dec: Make some noise for these music video opportunities.
10th Dec: The “taut and sophisticated psychological thriller” is filming in Belfast.
10th Dec: If you earned money in California as a young performer any time after 2000, you might have unclaimed wages held in…
10th Dec: When is it time for an update? (via @HeadshotsByMarc)
10th Dec: Don’t forget: The hero is the product or service.
10th Dec: The first step to getting your child into the business is understanding the casting process. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
10th Dec: Where Melissa goes to get chucked into a wall, Luci Romberg follows.
10th Dec: Required pre-#SAGAwards nominations reading.
9th Dec: Show you’re unstoppable by scoring one of these great gigs!
9th Dec: Swipe right on these opportunities.
9th Dec: Gird your loins.
9th Dec: Quench your thirst with these modeling gigs.
9th Dec: Congrats to all of our past (and one present!) cover stars who scored #GoldenGlobes nominations this morning 🏆⬇️
9th Dec: These British and Irish actors set 2019 on fire.
9th Dec: “When you’re giving someone a present, it’s the thought that counts.”
9th Dec: The #GoldenGlobes shook up plenty of award prognostication lists with their nominations this morning.
9th Dec: What #GoldenGlobes nomination do you think was most deserved? Who else would you have nominated?
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Motion Picture, Drama: The Irishman Marriage Story 1917 Joker The Two Popes
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Jojo Rabbit Kni…
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama: Cynthia Erivo Scarlett Johansson Saoirse Ron…
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy: Awkwafina Ana de Armas Cate Bl…
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama: Christian Bale Antonio Banderas Adam Driver…
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy: Daniel Craig Roman Griffin Davis…
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture: Tom Hanks Anthony Hopkins Al Pacino Joe Pesci Brad Pitt
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best TV Series, Drama: Big Little Lies The Crown Killing Eve The Morning Show Succession
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Kathy Bates Annette Bening Laura Dern J…
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama: Jennifer Aniston Olivia Colman Jodie Comer Nicole Kidman Reese Witherspoon
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made…
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made fo…
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama: Brian Cox Kit Harington Rami Malek Tobias Menzies Billy Porter
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy: Bill Hader Michael Douglas Ben Platt Paul Rudd Ramy Youssef
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy: Barry Fleabag The Kominsky Method The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel The Politician
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actress in TV Series, Musical or Comedy: Christina Applegate Phoebe Waller-Bridg…
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Limited Series: Catch 22 Chernobyl Fosse/Verdon The Loudest Voice Unbelievable
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actress in a Limited Series: Michelle Williams Helen Mirren Merritt Wever Kaitlyn Dever Joey King
9th Dec: #GoldenGlobes nominations for Best Actor in a Limited Series: Chris Abbott Sacha Baron Cohen Russell Crowe Jared Harris Sam Rockwell
9th Dec: It’s #GoldenGlobes nomination day! Follow along with us as we livetweet the nominations at 8am EST/5am PST. Who do…
9th Dec: It can be difficult for certain roles.
9th Dec: Hagen is a favorite among actors for two main reasons.
9th Dec: It’s all too easy to panic about being off-book.
8th Dec: Have you ever done it?
8th Dec: Take note!
8th Dec: It’s Ryan Murphy’s world and one day you could be living in it.
8th Dec: #2: It doesn’t get easier, you just get braver.
8th Dec: Humans aren’t supposed to be just one thing.
8th Dec: Keira Knightley’s intimate scene in “Atonement” is oft-cited as one of the all-time greatest—here’s why.
8th Dec: It’s every actor’s dream to achieve wide-spread notoriety for playing a role—isn’t it?
8th Dec: Have you spotted them?
8th Dec: Follow Oscar winner’s lead.
7th Dec: Just breathe.
7th Dec: Are you monitoring your financial health?
7th Dec: Step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch...again!
7th Dec: These stars might help you make one of the most important decisions of your life.
7th Dec: Communication is key.
7th Dec: Is it too soon?
7th Dec: These may be good to practice during the holiday season! (via @craigteach)
7th Dec: Starting an MFA program is a big step, and it can be a scary one, too.
7th Dec: Don’t miss any of the great acting jobs casting around the world!
7th Dec: #MrsMaisel taught this actor a lot. (via @BillCoelius)
7th Dec: “If you live somewhere where there are little to no professional acting opportunities, just get as much as you can…
7th Dec: Running a crowdfunding campaign includes several moving parts at once.
7th Dec: Take it from our Awards Editor @JackSmartWrites, first impressions are everything.
6th Dec: It’s a necessary skill to master.
6th Dec: You could be queen of the castle* *Broadway
6th Dec: Mahershala Ali, @JoeyKing, @kerrywashington, @AsanteBlackk, and more are some of the worthiest contenders in the in…
6th Dec: .@MaiselTV star Tony Shalhoub says he’s reluctant about giving acting advice but in reality he’s really good at giv…
4th Dec: Keep an eye on the #LaLaLand director’s new film, the #GossipGirl revival, and more new projects.
4th Dec: There are tons of opportunities to audition and land great gigs in Texas and the South this week.
4th Dec: Talent and personality will make this NYC agent want to sign you.
4th Dec: Do casting directors speak in code? (via @MarciLiroff)
4th Dec: Oscar, Emmy, and SAG Award winner @PattyArquette has spent years building her own process, and she thinks you shoul…
4th Dec: Small-screen talent like @MjRodriguez7, @NiecyNash, @DavidKHarbour, @TobiasMenzies, and more belong on your awards…
4th Dec: The big city needs small theaters.
4th Dec: If you want to be a part of the MCU then you need to know how to impress this CD.
4th Dec: Give yourself a gift this holiday season and apply for these opportunities.
4th Dec: You could be just what these projects are looking for!
4th Dec: Do you know what your range is?
4th Dec: It’s just like #TheGoodPlace. (via @MatthewDelNegro)
4th Dec: Now more than ever, the world needs your vulnerability. (via @BGBStudio)
4th Dec: Here’s how to deal with a family that isn’t as supportive of your career as you’d like.
4th Dec: A reel is a comic’s calling card.
4th Dec: .@wavesmovie soars on the strength of an ensemble that brilliantly balances scenes of tender intimacy with searing…
4th Dec: .@OnceInHollywood is bolstered by a peerless ensemble.
4th Dec: Do you accept this casting notice?
3rd Dec: The actors in @UsMovie are in many ways twice as impressive as the rest.
3rd Dec: The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be [your name].
3rd Dec: #DolemiteIsMyName star @DaVineJoy is having a breakthrough moment playing an actor having a breakthrough moment.
3rd Dec: .@VeepHBO’s ensemble turned shameful vices into comedy gold for seven peerless seasons.
3rd Dec: The #ThisIsUs newcomers, along with the original ensemble, put forth performances worthy of another #SAGAwards win.
3rd Dec: Looking for a great opportunity for young talent? Look no further.
3rd Dec: You should be 🤧
3rd Dec: Fox Searchlight Pictures takes us inside the brilliant casting behind film awards contender @jojorabbitmovie.
3rd Dec: The ensemble of #StrangerThings is simply one of the most entertaining and best acted groups of the year—ain’t noth…
3rd Dec: #MarriageStory won big at the #Gothams last night.
3rd Dec: With an impressive slate of indie films under his belt, @wavesmovie star @kelvharrJR knows what it takes to get cas…
3rd Dec: In a clear sign that 2019’s battle of the studios rages on, Sky has announced a huge new film studio complex.
3rd Dec: Felicity Jones was amazingly willing to do whatever it took to nail her performance in @theaeronautsmov.
3rd Dec: Annette Bening, @JanelleMonae, @Florence_Pugh, @iamjamiefoxx and more gave some of this year’s most unforgettable b…
3rd Dec: “I live in New York City, and my advice is to fully take advantage of the size and scale of the city [and] the coun…
3rd Dec: Jed Mercurio will have the nation on the edge of their seats again.
3rd Dec: Yes, you can do both. (via @DouglasTaurel)
3rd Dec: Get a head start on your pilot season prep. (via @chrisgiovannii)
3rd Dec: Make sure you’re getting the most out of the footage you’re using. (via @CreateYourReel)
3rd Dec: Looking for contemporary material for auditions and classwork? We’ve got you. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
3rd Dec: Get started by building relationships with choreographers.
3rd Dec: You’ll want to read this, parents.
3rd Dec: Don’t miss your chance to be on Netflix!
3rd Dec: Watching the cast of #Succession bounce off each other is a sublime pleasure.
2nd Dec: #Parasite’s cast deserves to be showered with accolades.
2nd Dec: Here’s your chance to join a Ben Affleck film!
2nd Dec: #PoseFX is cast to near perfection.
2nd Dec: Don’t miss any of the modeling jobs available nationwide!
2nd Dec: Nicole Kidman once disguised herself to get cast by Martin Scorsese.
2nd Dec: 2019’s best pop culture moments according to @JackSmartWrites? @JLo in @HustlersMovie, @ava’s @WhenTheySeeUs,…
2nd Dec: Several indies have been propelled to the front of this season’s awards race after #BIFA2019.
2nd Dec: It’s the perfect time to get down to business. ♐️♑️
2nd Dec: Working on #KnivesOut gave @jamieleecurtis a great reminder as an actor.
2nd Dec: How do you nail your HBO audition? Treat it as an opportunity to act.
2nd Dec: Don’t miss these events, London actors!
2nd Dec: Congrats to all the Evening Standard Awards winners!
2nd Dec: Keep an eye out for #TheLighthouse director’s Viking saga.
2nd Dec: Show your strengths with these great UK gigs!
2nd Dec: Celebrate the End-of-Year with The Artist Co-op! Get your tickets now for the TAC House Party, December 14th from 7…
2nd Dec: Surprise! Claire Foy has been back on the set of #TheCrown.
2nd Dec: Cyber Week is here and so is our best deal of the year. Save 50% on one year of Backstage access and launch your…
2nd Dec: It can be difficult to do.
2nd Dec: You can use your talent and training in a different field!
2nd Dec: As an actor, it’s likely that at some point in your career you may have to navigate long-distance.
1st Dec: Get to following!
1st Dec: Adventure is out there!
1st Dec: #3: Dog Walker
1st Dec: For a chance to win a trip for two to the Sundance Film Festival and other prizes, enter the #SundanceCollab Decem…
1st Dec: Yes, you can master auditioning by honing your craft.
1st Dec: Hurry up and save with our best deal of the year. It’s time to take your career to the next level!…
1st Dec: You need to make sure you have quality work to share first.
1st Dec: Cut your prep time in half.
1st Dec: In theater, arguably unlike any other medium, the roles for women only get better with age.
1st Dec: Beware of too many accidentals.
1st Dec: Who knew Taylor Swift was such a believer in Method?
1st Dec: Your network is everything!
30th Nov: Keep up with these accounts!
30th Nov: There are several forms of payment, one of which happens to be financial.
30th Nov: Series regulars aren’t often new to the industry, but don’t lose hope.
30th Nov: Even Lin-Manuel Miranda has an embarassing first headshot.
30th Nov: Time is running out! Take advantage of this deal AND take your career to the next level.
30th Nov: Learn from the best—Emilia Clarke.
30th Nov: Start your audition day off right!
30th Nov: Harness the fear.
30th Nov: Find your light.
30th Nov: Is saying "No" an option?
29th Nov: Don’t miss your chance to be on The CW’s #Dynasty!
29th Nov: Find out if you could join the MCU.
29th Nov: We can show you the world with these great projects casting globally!
29th Nov: Truth resonates.
29th Nov: NYC is full of great opportunities for talent seeking roles this week.
29th Nov: There’s no better way to recover from yesterday’s food coma than catching a movie. Here are the 6 movies you should…
29th Nov: Fortunately, it’s an easy fix once you know you’re doing it.
29th Nov: It’s Black Friday and you know what that means: Our BEST deal of the year is here. Save 50% on one year of Backst…
29th Nov: Know the warning signs.
29th Nov: Here are some ideas for how to fill in the blanks.
29th Nov: Seize the day and add one of these to your repertoire.
29th Nov: You could bring Christmas cheer to the kids of Melbourne!
29th Nov: Sadly, Meisner is often reduced to the smallest part of the technique.
29th Nov: Make sure YOU win.
28th Nov: Take a break from your turkey dinner and go after one of the great gigs in today’s casting roundup!
28th Nov: Do you have what it takes?
28th Nov: #3: Learn to listen.
28th Nov: An NBC pilot is looking for kids!
28th Nov: Consider yourself the CEO of your career.
28th Nov: California is a great place to discover opportunities on the stage and screen this week.
28th Nov: Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 🍂 Celebrate with 10 of the best Thanksgiving episodes ever:
28th Nov: Is your bag ready?
28th Nov: Be ready to self-tape at any moment.
28th Nov: Confidence is key.
28th Nov: #1: Don’t use fancy colored paper or fonts.
28th Nov: Know what to look for! (via @llondoncasting)
28th Nov: Take a breath and read this. (via @mjvstudio)
28th Nov: Don’t miss any of the great gigs casting in Canada today!
28th Nov: Barry Jenkins’ new series is casting!
28th Nov: Few series on television today are as delightful and, well, marvelous as @MaiselTV—and that’s a credit to its cast.
27th Nov: Don’t miss these fantastic voiceover opportunities.
27th Nov: You could grace the same small screen as Cynthia Erivo’s Aretha Franklin.
27th Nov: The pilot starring David Oyelowo has already started lining up actors.
27th Nov: Achieving @MarriageStory’s tonal balance requires an ensemble fully immersed in the story.
27th Nov: Follow Tim Blake Nelson’s advice and be patient with yourself. Hear more of the actor’s A+ advice in the latest e…
27th Nov: Come to the Fun Home (audition)!
27th Nov: A Skype session helped @thekarenpittman land her role on #TheMorningShow.
27th Nov: While filming #BigLittleLies Nicole Kidman was so immersed in the physicality of Celeste’s abuse “moving in and out…
27th Nov: Grab an iced coffee, filming for the #LoveSimon series is underway!
27th Nov: Thankfully, #ABeautifulDayMovie’s director Marielle Heller got @TomHanks to change his mind.
27th Nov: This lesson will either inspire or depress you. The choice is yours.
27th Nov: You could be just what these UK projects are looking for!
27th Nov: Remember this. (via @CastableActor)
27th Nov: It’s not all lols and 😂 (via @Marketing4Actor)
27th Nov: It’s a party in L.A. with these gigs!
26th Nov: The remarkable @IamSandraOh and @jodiecomer lead an equally skilled supporting cast on @KillingEve, making it one o…
26th Nov: History is happening in Manhattan AND San Francisco.
26th Nov: It’s impossible to look anywhere on the screen during #KnivesOut without seeing stars.
26th Nov: The #Daredevil and @betrayalbwy star was once mistaken for a different Charlie at an audition 😨
26th Nov: What does it mean to be a character actor? If anybody can answer that question, it’s Tim Blake Nelson.
26th Nov: Silence your inner saboteur.
26th Nov: You can find plenty of gigs all over the country casting kids this week.
26th Nov: The *perfect* family activity.
26th Nov: Don’t be afraid to get ugly. (via @Charisjjackson)
26th Nov: Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
26th Nov: Make sure your accent doesn’t go horribly wrong.
26th Nov: Standout performances from @michaelb4jordan, @iamjamiefoxx and @brielarson help make #JustMercy feel urgently relev…
25th Nov: Here’s what you should have ready to watch during your turkey coma on Thursday.
25th Nov: You could get the party started on #Legacies 🎉
25th Nov: Noah Hawley is going boldly where several men have gone before.
25th Nov: This week’s best modeling opportunities are all fun and games.
25th Nov: A heartfelt commercial project could be your next gig!
25th Nov: #JojoRabbit’s cast draws out humor and genuine emotion in equal measure.
25th Nov: #StrangerThings’ journey to Netflix is one for the history books.
25th Nov: Here’s one tool to improve your mental health as an actor.
25th Nov: Here is *everything* UK actors need to know about CVs.
25th Nov: Okay, Acting Twitter: Quote tweet this with the most underrated performance of the past decade.
25th Nov: Our Awards Editor @JackSmartWrites breaks down this season’s indie contenders.
25th Nov: Never lose that joy.
25th Nov: Be careful when preparing a film monologue!
25th Nov: Standup can be a great audition tool.
25th Nov: How many have you told yourself?
24th Nov: Make sure your headshot is always one of the few that remain on the casting desk until the very end.
24th Nov: #3: Do your research.
24th Nov: You can thrive.
24th Nov: Don’t let this happen to you.
24th Nov: Avoid these mistakes.
24th Nov: Ask the *right* questions.
24th Nov: To slide into the DMs or not to slide into the DMs…
24th Nov: Swipe right!
24th Nov: Her lessons are invaluable.
24th Nov: Wishing you were a Rockette this holiday season? Read this.
23rd Nov: Don’t count cruise ships out.
23rd Nov: Is it worth it just for the experience?
23rd Nov: Method acting in particular impacts your brain.
23rd Nov: Here’s what to do if you don’t have an agent.
23rd Nov: Rates and budgets and negotiations, oh my!
23rd Nov: Here are some self-care tips to consider.
23rd Nov: .@TheIrishmanFilm is stuffed with one of the best—and flashiest—ensembles of the year.
23rd Nov: Add these techniques to your rehearsal arsenal. (via @robpeterpaul)
23rd Nov: Get in the festive spirit with these gigs!
23rd Nov: Acting education has many benefits for kids.
23rd Nov: Discover your next gig in these projects casting worldwide!
23rd Nov: “There’s beauty in the mess and that you will get farther than you thought you would by being perfect.” - @daybreak…
23rd Nov: There are a ton of great opportunities casting in Canada right now!
23rd Nov: Excited for #Frozen2? Audition for one of these great projects worth melting for!
22nd Nov: You’ll want to heed this actor’s advice. #IGotCast
22nd Nov: We’re there for you with some great opportunities around the country today!
22nd Nov: The chemistry @LoreneScafaria fostered in her cast (the all-star lineup of @ConstanceWu, @JLo, @missjuliastules,…
22nd Nov: Every scene in #KnivesOut features a star—find out how that could be you.
22nd Nov: #KatyKeene is looking for talent in NYC!
22nd Nov: Casting director @MarciLiroff doesn’t mince words for early-career actors.
22nd Nov: #ThePolitician is back for a second term in NYC.
22nd Nov: Chris Pratt’s new movie is filming right now AND got a title upgrade!
22nd Nov: Younger actors can learn from Al Pacino just like he’s learned from younger actors.
22nd Nov: Calling all #Frozen fans: @joshgad is coming to #BackstageLive this Monday (11/25)! He’ll be answering YOUR questio…
22nd Nov: We might be getting a #Joker sequel.
22nd Nov: Go all in on these opportunities.
22nd Nov: Emilia Clarke was in tears while filming some of #GameOfThrones’ sex scenes.
22nd Nov: Keep an eye out for opportunities from these stellar new projects, UK actors.
22nd Nov: These opportunities in Australia are calling your name!
22nd Nov: These plays are must-reads. (via @actatbaronbrown)
22nd Nov: Here’s how you can nail your self-tape.
22nd Nov: California is teeming with opportunities for talent this week!
22nd Nov: Our Backstage Experts want to answer YOUR questions! Reply with any questions you have about acting or performing a…
22nd Nov: ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ (via @craigteach)
22nd Nov: What do you think?
22nd Nov: It’s hard to go wrong with a cast led by @CynthiaEriVo, @JanelleMonae, @leslieodomjr
22nd Nov: So no one told you life could include this #Friends side gig
21st Nov: Iconic actor @LucyLiu joined us on @InTheEnvelope to chat about #Elementary + #WhyWomenKill, starting out as an act…
21st Nov: Congrats to all of the #SpiritAwards nominees!
21st Nov: 🙌 Lift up your hands in praise of these great gigs 🙌
21st Nov: .@LucyLiu has become an award-winning actor and A-list star by nature of her attitude: she loves both the craft and…
21st Nov: We’re not playing around, these are great gigs for kids.
21st Nov: .@CharlizeAfrica once bombed her audition for @tomhanks—and his response was perfection.
21st Nov: The cast of @HandmaidsOnHulu provide more nuanced displays of character study with every episode.
21st Nov: “I’d wake up in the morning and I’d spontaneously gone out the night before and I’d be hungover and I would be late…
21st Nov: Games can provide a great opportunity to play varied roles in a wide range of genres.
21st Nov: Smart Hulk has emotions, and audiences need to see them!
21st Nov: This year’s funniest and most talented TV performers include @DonCheadle, @Racheldoesstuff, @danjlevy, @nlyonne and…
21st Nov: “People are listening in a way they didn’t 10 years ago, 20 years ago and history has taught us that they certainly…
21st Nov: Find your niche and own it.
21st Nov: Are you straining to sing your high notes? Try these tips. (via @philip24601)
21st Nov: Your career doesn’t have to freeze. (via @Sound_Advice)
21st Nov: “Actor training of this caliber and level of accessibility for blind and low vision actors has never been available…
21st Nov: Is table flipping one of your special skills?
20th Nov: #TheGoodPlace has one of the strongest—and most infectiously charming—ensembles the small screen has ever seen.
20th Nov: Don’t miss your chance to be on Hulu!
20th Nov: It doesn’t get more marvelous than this conversation with @MaiselTV’s @RachelBros and Tony Shalhoub.
20th Nov: Yeehaw!
20th Nov: Tomorrow (11/21) we’re chatting with @wavesmovie and OG @HamiltonMusical star @ReneeGoldsberry on #BackstageLive. S…
20th Nov: It’s obvious that @GlowNetflix’s actors take pride in telling their character’s stories, even if they’re doing it i…
20th Nov: The Marvel directors are gearing up for a gritty new project.
20th Nov: Oscar winner @CharlizeAfrica will never go Method again—even to play Megyn Kelly in @bombshellmovie. In this week’s…
20th Nov: Greta Gerwig had Eliza Scanlen crying—in the best way—in the @LittleWomen audition room.
20th Nov: You could be in the next Chris Pratt movie!
20th Nov: Let us tell you a story about some really good gigs.
20th Nov: Read between the lines.
20th Nov: It’s all about the eyes 👀 (via @johnsudolstudio)
20th Nov: Having a child with allergies on a set with strangers and food everywhere can be downright terrifying. (via…
20th Nov: Yes, it’s possible to secretly love auditioning, take it from @rocketmanmovie star @TaronEgerton.
20th Nov: Put your best foot forward and apply to these gigs! 👟
19th Nov: We’re certainly ready for @filmindependent’s #SpiritAwards nominations!
19th Nov: This could be your chance to join #ChicagoPD!
19th Nov: TV may never be able to replicate the magic of #GameOfThrones’ actors.
19th Nov: In the latest episode of @InTheEnvelope @TaronEgerton stopped by to discuss starring as young Elton John in…
19th Nov: What do you get when you combine the powers of one of today’s most acclaimed and decorated character actors with on…
19th Nov: Adam Driver’s background helped shape his character in #TheReportMovie.
19th Nov: Looking for roles for kids? There are lots of amazing opportunities available right now.
19th Nov: Here’s how you can build a collection of quality clips to showcase your amazing character voices.
19th Nov: Have this audition bag ready to grab on your way out the door.
19th Nov: Many voice actors specialize in dubbing. (via @kb_Voiceovers)
19th Nov: Quench your thirst with these opportunities.
18th Nov: Each #Fleabag actor contributes more than the sum of their parts.
18th Nov: Try defying gravity with these gigs.
18th Nov: We finally have some kind of “Impeachment” news.
18th Nov: Bundle up and apply for these gigs! ❄️
18th Nov: The Queen—Latifah, that is—has arrived in the Peach State.
18th Nov: The actors’ investment in their characters as human beings helped make #Euphoria the show of the summer.
18th Nov: Our own @JackSmartWrites on why #MarriageStory will undoubtedly connect with audiences.
18th Nov: Being an actor is better today than it was 20 years ago.
18th Nov: Remember, your job is to tell a story with as much truth as you can.
18th Nov: Have you tried it?
18th Nov: If it works for Benicio Del Toro, it could work for you.
18th Nov: Acting IS a real job. Even if you’re not working all the time.
17th Nov: Channel your inner Betty White.
17th Nov: Now go out and nail your next audition.
17th Nov: No one likes a breakout, actors included.
17th Nov: Protect your voice.
17th Nov: Take this advice to heart, actors.
17th Nov: #1: Listen
17th Nov: If you’re an actor who’s left her ingenue days in the past, turning to female playwrights can potentially open up n…
17th Nov: Add these to your repertoire.
17th Nov: You, too, can do it all.
17th Nov: This Monday (11/18) we’ll be chatting with NYC agent Ashley Landay from @kmrtalent on #BackstageLive. She’ll be ans…
17th Nov: Stay grounded.
16th Nov: Self-care is important
16th Nov: [Moira Rose voice] Pay attention bébés
16th Nov: Set yourself up for a win.
16th Nov: Social media is a double edged sword for everyone, so how do we begin to navigate its use for children?
16th Nov: Master these elements.
16th Nov: Narrating an audiobook is the most challenging work you can do in voiceover.
16th Nov: It’s not easy getting your film career started—but this advice will help. (via @brittneygrabill)
16th Nov: Always know your strengths and believe in yourself. #ICastIt
16th Nov: Using warmup exercises just for the purposes of warming up is a total waste of time. (via @ardenkaywin)
16th Nov: It takes a strong actor to be able to step into the short, uncomfortable roles in sexual harassment training videos…
16th Nov: #ThisIsUs is currently filming new things that will make you cry 😭
16th Nov: Discover your next gig in these projects casting worldwide!
15th Nov: Solve the mystery of #KnivesOut before anyone else and see a free advanced screening on Wednesday 11/20 in NYC! RSV…
15th Nov: .@DowntonAbbey’s tight-knit ensemble that has long worked together to comprise a winning team.
15th Nov: Don’t miss your chance to be in the room where it happens!
15th Nov: .@jordanrweiss’ journey to #Dollface is a “highly unusual” one.
15th Nov: A new season of #TheCrown brought challenges for a new cast of actors, and they easily met them.
15th Nov: From #LegoMovie to #SpiderVerse, this CD is behind some of the buzziest animation projects.
15th Nov: You could watch the season 3 premiere of @MaiselTV AND see @RachelBros + Tony Shalhoub this weekend!
15th Nov: Weekend Plans: Applying to these gigs.
15th Nov: This actor knows how to venture outside her comfort zone to continue honing her craft. #IGotCast
15th Nov: “Look who’s here.” - “Follies” arriving to the big screen
15th Nov: Don’t miss any of these great opportunities in the UK!
15th Nov: Keep an eye out for opportunities to be in the #DoctorStrange sequel, UK actors!
15th Nov: London’s @_bridgetheatre has launched their upcoming season by announcing four new productions written by women.
15th Nov: Get connected with the great gigs available in Australia today!
15th Nov: Is it a secret code?
15th Nov: Each audition waiting room has its own cast of characters. (via @josephpearlman)
15th Nov: Add these to your vocabulary. (via @MWPRinc)
15th Nov: Theater school training could even help your on-camera career.
15th Nov: D-I-Apply to these gigs!
15th Nov: Raise your glass to these gigs!
14th Nov: Start practicing zombie noises for your #TheWalkingDead audition.
14th Nov: The fact that @blackishabc is still finding original, wacky-yet-true ways to make us laugh is thanks in large part…
14th Nov: #ThisIsUs is looking for young talent!
14th Nov: 🗣 It’s Awards Season That means @InTheEnvelope is back and ready to deep dive into this year’s awards races and le…
14th Nov: With millions of views on their parodies of #Supernatural, Lady Gaga, and more, @HillywoodShow knows how to get ey…
14th Nov: #ABeautifulDayMovie feels like a warm hug you hope never ends—and that’s because of its cast.
14th Nov: Christian Bale is done with full-body transformations.
14th Nov: Bryan Cranston taught #TheCrown breakout Erin Doherty something that helped her book Princess Anne.
14th Nov: Something every actor wants to do.
14th Nov: The camera can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
14th Nov: Are you committed to advancing your career? Join Tony Award-winning Broadway Producer @KenDavenport and 500 members…
14th Nov: This is the time when we should be telling kids to go for it. (@bretshuford)
14th Nov: It’s no bull: #Bull is currently filming in Brooklyn.
14th Nov: The South is full of great opportunities on the stage and screen this week.
14th Nov: Don’t miss this week’s BEST voiceover gigs!
13th Nov: The reason we believe #BarryHBO every shocking step of the way is its players.
13th Nov: Be a billionaire for a day on #Billions 💵
13th Nov: Ducks fly together—and maybe you could fly with them.
13th Nov: Lizzy Caplan made sure to bring her own ideas to Annie Wilkes while still honoring Kathy Bates on #CastleRock.
13th Nov: Avengers, assemble the most impressive ensemble in all of cinema.
13th Nov: .@iamRuthECarter’s insight on the “balancing act within that transformation process” is valuable to any actor.
13th Nov: “The movie is absolutely biographical because it’s all coming out of his mind.” - @antoniobanderas on Pedro Almodóv…
13th Nov: New York City actors rejoice!
13th Nov: The facility is part of a larger initiative to provide resources to locals.
13th Nov: Tomorrow (11/14) on #BackstageLive we’re excited to be chatting with @sexeducation star @asabfb. Comment with your…
13th Nov: Don’t miss your chance to join the DC Universe in #DoomPatrol.
13th Nov: Get yourself on the shortlist for these short films.
13th Nov: Get listening to @insideacting, @theaterppl, @InTheEnvelope and more! (via @Marketing4Actor)
13th Nov: #2: Be prepared.
13th Nov: Concentration is a fundamental requirement for all good acting. (@actatbaronbrown)
13th Nov: YouTube mega-network @smosh is casting!
12th Nov: Start prepping your #RHOD tagline.
12th Nov: This new Nickelodeon show is looking for leads!
12th Nov: Happy #DisneyPlus day! Celebrate by applying to these Disney gigs—you might be the next new face that everyone is s…
12th Nov: It’s the technique favored by award-winning talent like Amy Adams. (via @Charisjjackson)
12th Nov: Contrary to popular belief, open calls are NOT a waste of time.
12th Nov: The answer depends on two things.
12th Nov: Even Jedi masters like @HamillHimself cringe at their old auditions.
11th Nov: Gather your best material for this #KatyKeene audition. 🧵
11th Nov: .@DarcyCarden + @abbijacobson = our ideal “A League Of Their Own” roster
11th Nov: Consider these factors the next time you have to tape a monologue.
11th Nov: You could help promote the #LatinGRAMMY!
11th Nov: Jason Momoa AND Netflix? Seems like an opportunity you can’t pass up.
11th Nov: Don’t miss these essential events for London actors.
11th Nov: Call your agent to be in “Call My Agent!”
11th Nov: Add this exercise to your personal acting tool box.
11th Nov: Have you made these mistakes?
11th Nov: You NEED your rest.
10th Nov: Like and subscribe!
10th Nov: You might be TOO busy.
10th Nov: Now is the perfect time to update that reel.
10th Nov: #1: Read everything on the page.
10th Nov: Show them what they want to (go-)see.
10th Nov: So how do you get started in these areas?
10th Nov: Looking "bad" never looked so good.
10th Nov: To retouch or not to retouch, that is the question.
10th Nov: Tough roles come with the territory.
9th Nov: You are a walking billboard, especially when it comes to acting and auditioning.
9th Nov: Always remember this advice.
9th Nov: Refresh your wardrobe!
9th Nov: Branded projects = fantastic opportunities
9th Nov: Finding the right film school doesn’t necessarily mean finding the most expensive or prestigious institution.
9th Nov: There are great opportunities looking for talent in Australia this week!
9th Nov: And 4 ways you can fix it.
9th Nov: Make sure you find the right fit. (via @carolynebarry)
9th Nov: Voice matching = emulating the voice of another person so completely that people don’t know the difference. (via…
9th Nov: This crazy awards season is kicking off with the @JackSmartWrites’ favorite awards show, the #SAGAwards.
9th Nov: Discover your next gig in these projects casting worldwide!
8th Nov: Aaron Sorkin’s latest film is looking for background talent!
8th Nov: These opportunities will have you feeling anything but blue.
8th Nov: Strategic moves—and chutzpah—carried #MarriageStory star @rayliotta from a young soap opera actor to a Golden Globe…
8th Nov: Excited for #DoctorSleep? Hereeeeee’s some gigs for you!
8th Nov: You asked “What is the best way to get back into the industry later in life?” and @MarciLiroff answered.
8th Nov: Today’s the perfect day to apply to these opportunities in Canada.
8th Nov: This is what you need to know before stepping into a Disney audition room.
8th Nov: These famous names could be coming to Gotham.
8th Nov: Shuttling between two cities, @AmandaDamron has established a crucial network. #IGotCast
8th Nov: Wrap up your week with the great gigs casting around the UK today!
8th Nov: The British Independent Film Awards have announced their full list of nominations!
8th Nov: The job of your audition song is to make YOU look amazing. (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
8th Nov: Stage and screen actors have a long list of opportunities in California this week.
8th Nov: Add these to your reading list 📚 (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
8th Nov: Now is the perfect time to snag the seasonal side gig you’ve been searching for.
8th Nov: You know what happens when you assume… (via @_tonyrossi)
8th Nov: Start your mornings off right.
8th Nov: Disney+ has everything fans want to stream, and we have everything actors want to audition for.
8th Nov: 🎶 The hills are alive with the sound of casting notices 🎶
7th Nov: There are enigmatic actors—and then there’s Adam Driver.
7th Nov: .@RachelBros’ new film #ImYourWoman is casting!
7th Nov: Production on #FalconandtheWinterSoldier is officially underway!
7th Nov: If Tracy Letts’ illustrious career is any indication, you might want to give it a try, too.
7th Nov: Jonathan Pryce says being “naughty” helped his acting career.
7th Nov: The #LucyInTheSky cinematographer has a close relationship with her actors on set.
7th Nov: Jennifer Aniston has established a *perfect* blend of content on Instagram.
7th Nov: #ProdigalSon and #TheWalkingDead star @justanactor has A+ advice for UK actors looking to break through in the US.
7th Nov: The move was sported by LAMDA president Benedict Cumberbatch.
7th Nov: Homerton is steeped in musical heritage.
7th Nov: Your dream to be an actor has been patiently waiting for you.
7th Nov: This is for all of you who have practiced tracing mouse ears with an imaginary wand and saying “And you’re watching…
7th Nov: Here’s your chance to be on Netflix!
7th Nov: Have you ever blanked on the words to a song in the middle of a performance? (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
7th Nov: If you’re in NYC be sure to show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the cast and crew of “Respect”
7th Nov: #SEALTeam star @NeilBrownJr is always learning.
7th Nov: These projects are casting all around the country!
6th Nov: There are *a lot* of amazing opportunities in Texas and surrounding states this week.
6th Nov: Get money in Comedy Central’s new digital series “Get Money”
6th Nov: Mary-Louise Parker’s keen instincts helped shape @SoundInsideBwy.
6th Nov: #AmericanHousewife star @KatyEMixon has the secret to acting on a sitcom.
6th Nov: .@michaelb4jordan’s new series will take on the criminal justice system and its injustice within communities of col…
6th Nov: Jonathan Pryce never aspired to be a film actor, but now he’s celebrating 50 years in the business. In this week’s…
6th Nov: Director @Almaharel didn’t want #HoneyBoy to be a straight biopic.
6th Nov: All good #StrangerThings fans know that 36 years ago today on November 6th, 1983 in Hawkins, Indiana Will Byers dis…
6th Nov: Make sure you know when—and when not—to sign with that agent.
6th Nov: We ho-ho-hope you apply for these gigs.
6th Nov: Learn these early in your career and you’ll be off to a good start.
6th Nov: Slam that download button. (via @Marketing4Actor)
6th Nov: Now is the perfect time of year to utilize your reel.
6th Nov: Don’t let these gigs speed past you!
5th Nov: Acting in a Netflix film starring Octavia Spencer AND Melissa McCarthy? Sounds like an opportunity you can’t pass up.
5th Nov: Don’t miss this chance to work with Ben Affleck!
5th Nov: There’s a reason why we want to watch Kathryn Hahn watch porn on #MrsFletcher.
5th Nov: Keep an eye out for these new series!
5th Nov: Don’t let this ruin your audition.
5th Nov: If you’re a new actor who wants to break into TV or film, read this 👇
5th Nov: Make sure you understand the audition process for child actors. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
5th Nov: Accio more #FantasticBeasts!
4th Nov: #Laundromat features one of Streep’s most involved stunts to date.
4th Nov: Start your week off right and apply to be in Jennifer Lopez’s new movie.
4th Nov: Here comes the alternative bride 👰
4th Nov: What’s more important, the agent or the agency?
4th Nov: Can it lead to an audition?
4th Nov: Supporting artists are vital parts of any production.
4th Nov: A new film starring Colin Firth and Kelly Macdonald is officially a go!
4th Nov: This blank space could be the biggest canvas an actor has to play with.
4th Nov: Get your voiceover career off the ground!
4th Nov: Thank you, Meisner!
3rd Nov: You definitely want to avoid these résumé gaffes.
3rd Nov: Bring out the real you.
3rd Nov: Get your career off on the right foot.
3rd Nov: Be your own greatest advocate!
3rd Nov: Here are a few good habis you should pick up, actors.
2nd Nov: Carry yourself like a pro on day 1.
2nd Nov: Put all of your time to good use.
2nd Nov: How early is too early? Asking for a friend.
2nd Nov: Hit the red carpet in style.
2nd Nov: There is another kind of listening: listening to your body. (via @ardenkaywin)
2nd Nov: You may not recognize @yakkopinky’s face, but you’ll definitely recognize his voice.
2nd Nov: Here are some ways you can ensure a CD will want to see you again.
1st Nov: Discover your next gig in these projects casting worldwide!
1st Nov: This Monday (11/4) @LittleWomen and @mockingbirdbway star Eliza Scanlen is coming to #BackstageLive. Reply with y…
1st Nov: 🚗💨 (that’s you speeding to apply for these gigs)
1st Nov: Here’s your Official Awards Season Kickoff™ from our own @JackSmartWrites
1st Nov: Our cover star @EdwardNorton isn’t the only actor to direct themselves. Take a look at 17 actors who have directed…
1st Nov: Great news, NYC actors: #KatyKeene is casting!
1st Nov: .@NYTW79’s casting director is always keeping an eye out for talent—find out if that could be you.
1st Nov: Mercury is in retrograde, but don’t let that get you down—your November horoscopes are here! ✨
1st Nov: Thankfully, Sarah Paulson’s #AHS absence may be short-lived 🙌
1st Nov: ’Tis the season to apply for these opportunities!
1st Nov: Congrats, @ChancePerdomo!
1st Nov: Jeremy Irons is set to star in a biopic about the horse trainer Sir Henry Cecil 🐴
1st Nov: Don’t make these mistakes. (via @Charisjjackson)
1st Nov: Get the truth, directly from the source. (via @kenlazercasting)
1st Nov: Read this before you pack your suitcase!
1st Nov: Get a head start on next year’s audition prep 👻 (via @BillCoelius)
1st Nov: Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer’s new Netflix movie is filming AND casting!
31st Oct: Don’t miss out—apply to these opportunities in Canada today!
31st Oct: “Never settle for less than you’re worth.” - #CarolsSecondAct star @ItoAghayere speaking the absolute truth
31st Oct: YOU could be in David Fincher’s next film.
31st Oct: Overwhelmed by TV? Don’t worry here’s The Ultimate Guide To Upcoming TV™
31st Oct: So yesterday the #LizzieMcGuire revival started filming.
31st Oct: Put on your Sunday clothes there’s lots of gigs out there!
31st Oct: The music of @inheritanceplay can be a double-edged sword for the actors onstage—here’s why.
31st Oct: Now is the time to seize the day and apply for these kids gigs!
31st Oct: Ignoring one CD helped make @EdwardNorton’s acting dreams come true.
31st Oct: The irony.
31st Oct: Celebrate Halloween by auditioning for these spooky gigs. 😱
31st Oct: Just ask @kateesackhoff: You never know which audition will be your big break.
31st Oct: Happy Halloween! We’re celebrating with a marathon of the best Halloween episodes. 🎃 What are your personal favorit…
31st Oct: #Humans and #Guilt star @ruthbradley49 did the best thing any actor can do: Learned from a bad audition.
31st Oct: Calling all moms who love to cook!
31st Oct: A high-paying energy drink commercial is looking for 🎷 talent.
31st Oct: Here are some guidelines for writing the best bio possible.
31st Oct: The L.A. struggle is real.
31st Oct: Have you been cast via Backstage? Tweet at us with #IGotCast and you could be featured in our weekly issue!
31st Oct: Money doesn’t grow on trees. It grows like trees. (via @absolutecintron)
30th Oct: Lend your voice to these opportunities!
30th Oct: Don’t miss out on these opportunities in Georgia and Florida!
30th Oct: ⚡️ #BlackLightning is casting ⚡️
30th Oct: HBO is lining up an all-star roster for this new project.
30th Oct: The most iconic #GameOfThrones moments will be forever be frozen in time thanks to the show’s principal stills phot…
30th Oct: You’ll want to get into these CDs’ rooms.
30th Oct: You could be part of the next Amazon hit!
30th Oct: The writer, director, producer, and star of @MotherlessBKLYN, @EdwardNorton plays by his own rules. In this week’s…
30th Oct: So if you care to find us this #WickedDay, look to @WICKED_Musical memory lane. 💚 Celebrate the 16th anniversary o…
30th Oct: Good news for Broadway actors!
30th Oct: Tomorrow (10/31) on #BackstageLive we’re chatting with @themorningshow star @thekarenpittman! Reply with your own q…
30th Oct: One of the biggest lessons #AlmostFamily star @Brittanysnow has learned? Don’t take rejection personally.
30th Oct: You could get big laughs on this new series 😂
30th Oct: These are the by far the quickest ways to memorize lines.
30th Oct: Canceling for an audition or booking can have a dramatic impact.
30th Oct: Animation work requires unique elements. (via @berlandcasting)
29th Oct: These opportunities won’t disappear in 24 hours, but you should still apply right away!
29th Oct: The Russo Brothers’ latest film is casting!
29th Oct: Being in #WandaVision sounds like kid’s dream.
29th Oct: There’s a reason why only @KatoriHall could bring @TINATheMusical to Broadway.
29th Oct: Actors should never be job-shamed. There is zero shame in working a job to pay the bills between roles. Here’s ev…
29th Oct: The *purrfect* way to celebrate #NationalCatDay? Watching the @catsmovie trailer again obviously.…
29th Oct: Calling all UK #GameOfThrones fans!
29th Oct: Here are some good choices you should make (and they are choices). (via @BStudio)
29th Oct: This is a cautionary tale.
29th Oct: Clear eyes, full hearts, actors can’t lose. (via @MatthewDelNegro)
29th Oct: The epic locations of #GameOfThrones helped transport actors to Westeros.
28th Oct: Good thing he did, because @ReginaKing is giving one of the performances of the year on #Watchmen.
28th Oct: Break out your dancing (and paining and drumming) shoes, models!
28th Oct: This actor became the lead model for medical startup @listenlively and booked other unique opportunities for actors…
28th Oct: Here’s your chance to become the next big Nickelodeon star!
28th Oct: Rachel Weisz is going to take on one of Hollywood’s biggest icons.
28th Oct: 🚨 You could be on #ChicagoPD 🚨
28th Oct: Thankfully @Maisie_Williams made it to that #GameOfThrones audition 😨
28th Oct: Rachel Weisz is set to portray Elizabeth Taylor in a new biopic! Revisit our cover story with the Oscar-winning a…
28th Oct: Have you been cast via Backstage? Give us a heads up with the hashtag #IGotCast and you could get featured in our w…
28th Oct: #ITMovie scared this Hollywood agent worst of all.
28th Oct: If dark comedies are your jam, you’re in luck!
28th Oct: You might not realize it.
28th Oct: Make this your post-audition routine.
28th Oct: There’s always more to learn when it comes to nailing your 16 bars in the audition room.
28th Oct: Decode this common CD phrase.
27th Oct: Learn from the best.
27th Oct: Have you made these headshot mistakes?
27th Oct: Add this checklist to your audition prep.
27th Oct: Take this note from Meryl Streep.
27th Oct: Tap into this one thing the next time you audition.
27th Oct: Take these assumptions and throw them out.
27th Oct: Don’t blend into the background.
27th Oct: Believe it or not, improv can help make auditions joyful.
27th Oct: It’s different for everyone.
27th Oct: “It’s impossible, when you’re playing a character for 12 hours a day, to assume that’s not going to rewire some asp…
26th Oct: Tina Fey might just be one of the best bosses to learn from.
26th Oct: Make sure your demo represents you AND can book you work.
26th Oct: Saturday Plans: 1. Read this 2. Update your résumé
26th Oct: Check your belt before you wreck your health.
26th Oct: There are specific things that you can do on the day that will guarantee headshot success.
26th Oct: You have to know what your side job is, what it is not, and why you’re doing it. (via @BGBStudio)
26th Oct: Your career doesn’t take the winter off, so neither should you! ❄️
26th Oct: These projects are casting worldwide! 🌎
25th Oct: Here’s your chance to be on Netflix!
25th Oct: Big news: #StrangerThings season 4 is filming!
25th Oct: Form a calming circle, #HocusPocus fans.
25th Oct: To have a finsta or not to have a finsta? That is the question. (via @MarciLiroff)
25th Oct: Find out how to impress the casting directors of #ITChapterTwo, #Pose, #WhenTheySeeUs and more.
25th Oct: Are you ready to give up, or are you thirsty for more, actors?
25th Oct: “No job that supports you is beneath you.” - @RufusHound
25th Oct: Here’s how you can nail your next audition. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
25th Oct: Make sure you understand the difference between drama and reality casting.
25th Oct: Here’s how you can know if a job IS survival job material.
25th Oct: Don’t miss any of the great opportunities casting in Canada today!
25th Oct: .@biancamrosesher uses her experience and communications degree to promote her own acting work 👏👏👏 (via @LinneaSage)
25th Oct: Make sure you stand out from the crowd.
25th Oct: Here’s what it’s REALLY like to work on a network series, according to the cast of #Emergence.
25th Oct: Don’t miss these exciting opportunities in California!
24th Oct: When this #Impluse star moved to L.A. at 16 her mother gave her one month to book a job—here’s how she did it.
24th Oct: Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer’s new movie is casting!
24th Oct: Get the family together for this great gig! 🏕
24th Oct: Follow the #BlessTheHarts creator’s advice and don’t give up.
24th Oct: Pitch yourself for these gigs—maybe you’ll hit a home run ⚾️
24th Oct: Ireland’s Killian Scott is breaking big in the US with #DublinMurders—here’s how.
24th Oct: This ruling is a big deal, UK actors.
24th Oct: What’s Rita Ora up to? Filming in London.
24th Oct: Get energized over the great gigs casting in Australia today!
24th Oct: Do you have what it takes? (via @ActingatEdgemar)
24th Oct: #5 Keep it short.
24th Oct: Every TV actor should know what their role is in this process. (via @josephpearlman)
24th Oct: Listen up actors, an icon has advice for you.
24th Oct: "MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE!" - Hopefully you realizing that this #FindingNemo gig is right for you.
24th Oct: Here’s your chance to be on MTV!
23rd Oct: With shows like @hadestown, @SlavePlayBway, and @constitutionbwy, @NYTW79 is making a huge artistic impact on Broad…
23rd Oct: Get up in this #KatyKeene gig!
23rd Oct: The cast of the highly anticipated adaptation is pretty perfect so far.
23rd Oct: Ben Affleck AND Justin Timberlake’s new movies are casting!
23rd Oct: The new agreement includes protective language around stunt work, harassment, and nudity.
23rd Oct: #ThePurgeTV star @PaolaNunez says L.A. destroyed her ego—in a good way.
23rd Oct: "If I could say anything about my career in its entirety, it’s that I got punched in the face for an audition and m…
23rd Oct: Video games are becoming a respected place for storytellers and acting talent to collaborate.
23rd Oct: There are a ton of projects looking for UK talent right now!
23rd Oct: Richmond was once voted one of the happiest places to live in London, and we can see why.
23rd Oct: Your acting skills can help you be successful in any profession. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
23rd Oct: Put your best face forward.
23rd Oct: TV promos require a specific kind of voiceover work. (via @kb_Voiceovers)
23rd Oct: Don’t miss out on these great gigs, L.A. actors!
22nd Oct: Here’s your chance to be on #TheBlacklist!
22nd Oct: Get to know the producers behind @HamiltonMusical, @DearEvanHansen, @sixthemusicalUS and more.
22nd Oct: Find out if audio description is right for you!
22nd Oct: This new HBO Max series is looking for young talent!
22nd Oct: On #LivingWithYourself two Paul Rudds are better than one.
22nd Oct: .@castlerockhulu star Lizzy Caplan is coming to #BackstageLive tomorrow (10/23). Reply with your questions and she…
22nd Oct: Don’t let your survival job prevent you from thriving. (via @robpeterpaul)
22nd Oct: It boils down to one of three options. (via @Sound_Advice)
22nd Oct: You could work with the Marvel directors!
22nd Oct: #TheBatman’s cast keeps getting better.
21st Oct: #Billions is looking for a variety of actors!
21st Oct: You could make bank with this bank 💰
21st Oct: Find out what this agent looks for in a demo reel.
21st Oct: The star-studded #TheSuicideSquad cast is hard at work in Georgia.
21st Oct: Here’s the ultimate guide to finding—and surviving—the survival job.
21st Oct: There are really two ways to get into modeling.
21st Oct: Time for a vocab quiz!
21st Oct: Make sure you know the difference.
21st Oct: Do you have a hard time crying on command? You’re probably making one of these mistakes.
20th Oct: Rules to live by.
20th Oct: Make sure you know what’s ok and what’s definitely not ok when it comes to non-Equity work.
20th Oct: What are your memorization tips?
20th Oct: One thing swings, understudies, and standbys all are: Unsung heroes.
20th Oct: It’s actually pretty dramatic.
20th Oct: Good morning!
20th Oct: Jada Pinkett Smith went full method in one audition.
20th Oct: Intimacy > Handsome Intimacy > Pretty Intimacy > Charming Intimacy > Funny
20th Oct: Make sure you think about your monologues.
20th Oct: Meryl Streep believes her stage roots have been seminal in her acting foundation.
19th Oct: Acting? There’s an app for that.
19th Oct: [Hacker voice] I’m in* *I’ve booked an amazing TV gig
19th Oct: Do you know the best way to create a demo reel?
19th Oct: #5: It could even launch your career.
19th Oct: There might be more similarities than you’d think.
19th Oct: Practice makes perfect.
19th Oct: Horror movies require special skills and tricks.
19th Oct: Put these on your reading list.
19th Oct: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to perform at a showcase to get an agent.
19th Oct: #BigLittleLies season 2 gave us great TV AND this advice.
19th Oct: An undisclosed Disney movie is casting!
19th Oct: NYC has great opportunities this week—including one in Jennifer Lopez’s new movie.
18th Oct: Act from the heart and grab one of these great gigs casting around Canada today!
18th Oct: Just in time for Halloween—play a vampire, werewolf, or witch on #Legacies.
18th Oct: Make sure #MarriageStory is in your awards conversation.
18th Oct: .@jvn’s life as a performer and host was not planned, but any actor can learn from his journey.
18th Oct: Jada Pinkett Smith might reprise her role as Niobe in #Matrix4.
18th Oct: .@donald_faison followed @BryanCranston’s advice when he transitioned genres for #Emergence.
18th Oct: .@kiernanshipka is the Instagram Queen 👑
18th Oct: Thousands of independent projects and films from around the world have been represented, financed and sold at AFM.…
18th Oct: Emily Blunt has time—and thyme—on her side as she begins filming her next film.
18th Oct: A new Oliver Twist remake is on the horizon.
18th Oct: Don’t miss any of the great gigs seeking talent in Australia!
18th Oct: There are countless ways of incorporating life insurance into your financial plan.
18th Oct: Getting info on how to start is the best first step.
18th Oct: Don’Don’t let performing a musical skill psych you out. (via @brittneygrabill)
18th Oct: Do you want to play airplane?
18th Oct: This week’s top gigs for kids are super…califragilisticexpialidocious!
17th Oct: You don’t need an agent, manager, or union status to book these kind of projects. #ICastIt
17th Oct: You could be on #TheWalkingDead!
17th Oct: This advice from @LTMusical’s composer is essential for anyone in the arts.
17th Oct: Looking to get into the #Halloween spirit? Here are 11 of the best Halloween episodes that you can (+ should) watch…
17th Oct: This is a landmark development in California.
17th Oct: Back in 2015 Paul Dano told us why he almost quit acting. Now that he’s been cast as The Riddler in #TheBatman we…
17th Oct: Here’s how you can get in the zone when it comes to stunts—just like the stars of #Treadstone.
17th Oct: One #TheLighthouse scene in particular was extremely difficult for Robert Pattinson to film.
17th Oct: It’s a beautiful Bikini Bottom day! The original cast of @SpongeBobBway is reuniting to film the musical for Nickel…
17th Oct: #EvilCBS star @katjaherbers’ best audition advice? Don’t…rub applesauce on your face.
17th Oct: Stay up to date on the latest projects casting in the UK!
17th Oct: This @GreatSocietyBwy star found the tools he needed to work through his own fears and insecurities.
17th Oct: Improv can help breathe new life into a scene. (via @Charisjjackson)
17th Oct: .@sofiavassilieva’s journey to @AlaskaOnHulu is inspiring for any actor.
17th Oct: DON’T: Play it safe with your acting DO: Make sure you’re safe when you’re going to an audition
17th Oct: Channel your inner ogre in "Shrek: The Musical"!
17th Oct: Lend your voice talents to these great gigs!
16th Oct: Comedy Central is looking for a wide variety of actors!
16th Oct: You could find your own #TheOffice job!
16th Oct: Justin Timberlake’s new movie is casting!
16th Oct: You could join the all-star cast of the untitled James Comey miniseries.
16th Oct: Jesse Plemons says filming one specific scene in #TheIrishman was “terrifying”
16th Oct: .@ScottAukerman knows how to use improv to build a career.
16th Oct: A bunch of stage and screen projects are looking for talent this week!
16th Oct: Instagram is more important than you might have thought.
16th Oct: Make you auditions go from 😟 to 😃 (via @craigteach)
16th Oct: Working with @Lin_Manuel helped @freestylelove star @aneesafolds trust in herself more.
16th Oct: You will be found on the west coast—#DearEvanHansen is holding L.A. auditions!
15th Oct: You could be on this new Fox series!
15th Oct: Don’t be afraid of genre shifts. Here’s how @ParasiteMovie director Bong Joon-ho directed his cast through the film…
15th Oct: #Sense8 and @treadstone star @BrianJacobSmith says this tool can keep young actors sane and centered.
15th Oct: Follow this A+ advice from @SantinoFontana, @will_roland, @ashleyparklady, @thealexnewell, and more!
15th Oct: Check out these opportunities for young talent all across the country!
15th Oct: Women have literally been rewriting theater for centuries.
15th Oct: PRO TIP: Follow @TomHolland1996, @Lin_Manuel, @JessicaVosk and these other 7 actors. (via @Marketing4Actor)
15th Oct: 🛴💨 (That’s you on your way to audition for these gigs)
15th Oct: Channel your inner zombie for this #TheWalkingDead gig!
14th Oct: Congrats, @MadelineSayet!
14th Oct: Tony Award-winning @TootsieMusical is casting!
14th Oct: Aaron Sorkin’s new movie is filming now!
14th Oct: Here are the biggest takeaways from #LFF
14th Oct: Self-care is important for any actor.
14th Oct: It’s film musicals season at @BFI!
14th Oct: TV and film did some heavy lifting for the UK economy.
14th Oct: A new series from the creators of #Medici and #HighCastle is officially a go.
14th Oct: Swipe right on this one.
14th Oct: Get the most out of that mentorship.
14th Oct: Why wait for opportunities to open up when you can also create some for yourself?
13th Oct: You might be hurting your voice without knowing it.
13th Oct: Life as a Broadway swing is vastly underrated.
13th Oct: Loving the work is the key to making it work!
13th Oct: Put your skills to work, actors!
13th Oct: Approach the Bard like a true professional.
13th Oct: Define success by your own terms.
13th Oct: Rejection happens. What matters most is what you do after.
13th Oct: Yes? No? Maybe so?
12th Oct: Read this before you book those bus tickets.
12th Oct: Keep it moving, actors.
12th Oct: Put all of your time in between auditions to good use!
12th Oct: Laura Dern may be on to something here, actors...
12th Oct: “You’re so good at accepting compliments!” - People complimenting you after you read this (via @heatherhiatt1)
12th Oct: Here’s how you can break into voiceover.
12th Oct: Creating your own content is a powerful way to showcase your skills (via @smforactors)
12th Oct: You could star as some of the most iconic literary characters in “To Kill A Mockingbird” on Broadway!
11th Oct: You could join Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on stage!
11th Oct: In this corner…you auditioning for these roles! 🥊
11th Oct: .@AmericanWifeABC star @KatyEMixon is coming to #BackstageLive this Monday! Reply with your questions and she might…
11th Oct: You can’t make a Tomlette* without breaking some Greggs** *Play a moron **Reading this first
11th Oct: You don’t need to dread networking. (via @MarciLiroff)
11th Oct: Filming for Netflix’s #Eurovision spoof is underway!
11th Oct: Daveed Diggs in #TheLittleMermaid, Billy Porter in #Cinderella…it’s a real-life fairytale in Rumorville this week.
11th Oct: It’s your choice: ☐ Apply for these opportunities ☐ Don’t apply for these opportunities
11th Oct: Self-sabotage happens to the best of us—here’s how you can counteract it.
11th Oct: Read this before you have a breakdown about finding breakdowns.
11th Oct: Meisner training can have an equally powerful impact on writers. (via @actatbaronbrown)
11th Oct: These auditions are seeking people from all over the globe 🌎
11th Oct: There are tons of amazing opportunities in California this week!
10th Oct: Whats the best thing to to after #Riverdale’s premiere last night? Apply for a role on its spinoff, #KatyKeene.
10th Oct: Listen to @americanutopia’s choreographer and get moving!
10th Oct: #Ozark is looking for young actors!
10th Oct: Jennifer Lopez’s new movie is filming AND casting in NYC!
10th Oct: Here’s how @WainwrightAE became a better actor thanks to @RaisingDion.
10th Oct: BAFTA is addressing on-screen diversity with a career development programme.
10th Oct: Read this before you take the leap.
10th Oct: Keep these key points in mind when getting your child an agent.
10th Oct: Volunteer as tribute for these #TheHungerGames-inspired opportunities.
10th Oct: “Deep Water” is looking for someone to play Ben Affleck’s daughter.
10th Oct: Calling all bakers!
9th Oct: #TheSuicideSquad is looking for talent in Georgia this week 💥
9th Oct: Here’s your chance to join Jennifer Lopez on screen!
9th Oct: Even after 7 years, Megan Boone is still surprised by @NBCBlacklist.
9th Oct: What do you do after winning 3 #Emmys? Get to work on your new HBO show, obviously.
9th Oct: Congrats, @yahya! The actor just landed a lead role in #Matrix4 👏👏👏 Revisit his cover story to find out why he’s m…
9th Oct: The #Borderlands labor debate has cost the series one of its leads.
9th Oct: #ThePolitician gave @lauradreyfuss the chance to play—and connect with @BenPlattOfficial again.
9th Oct: Tottenham is place where community is important—here’s where to live, eat and play in that community.
9th Oct: If you’re looking to exercise your acting muscles @FluxGym might be right for you.
9th Oct: Don’t stop believin’ that you could book these gigs.
9th Oct: Being put on hold has a purpose, and it’s not to torment you.
9th Oct: What do you do when you feel like you don’t have footage for a reel? This, you do this.
9th Oct: David Fincher’s new film starring Gary Oldman is casting for multiple roles.
8th Oct: There’s one particular part of auditioning that Al Pacino isn’t a fan of.
8th Oct: There are casting opportunities for kids all over the country right now!
8th Oct: You can’t “fake it ’til you make it” with stunts.
8th Oct: There are two important things to remember when something like this happens.
8th Oct: Background work is a fantastic way for new actors to see how a real set operates.
8th Oct: Don’t miss these great opportunities all around the country!
8th Oct: But your best face forward with these modeling opportunities!
7th Oct: You gotta know the territory if you’re gonna apply for these gigs!
7th Oct: Aretha Franklin + @CynthiaEriVo = Perfect casting
7th Oct: You have to be in it for the long game.
7th Oct: May the odds be ever in your favor, actors. #MondayMood
7th Oct: Here’s how you can nail your next commercial audition.
7th Oct: The next TWO #MissionImpossible movies are filing in the UK next year.
7th Oct: Keep that 🔥 alive!
7th Oct: Start your day on set off right!
7th Oct: Choose carefully, actors.
7th Oct: Happy opening @SlavePlayBway! Here’s how its playwright @jeremyoharris put in the work to make it happen.
6th Oct: Protip: every word, letter, and syllable matters.
6th Oct: When it comes to TV auditions, knowledge is power.
6th Oct: Actions speak louder than words!
6th Oct: You can never go wrong with the classics.
6th Oct: Build a commercial dance résumé that will get you noticed.
6th Oct: Attitude is everything!
6th Oct: Diversity is the 🔑
6th Oct: Say “yes, and” to life.
6th Oct: Give your self-tape space an upgrade or two.
6th Oct: Keep your vocal hygiene in tip top shape!
5th Oct: The VO School Podcast is diving deep into the world of advertising.
5th Oct: Write this one down, actors.
5th Oct: That vulnerability could be one of your greatest tools.
5th Oct: TV commercial auditions are different from film and TV auditions.
5th Oct: This is one of the most unique and creative side hustles yet! (via @LinneaSage)
5th Oct: Go Blue!
5th Oct: From Kinder to #KatyKeene, there are a ton of opportunities in NYC!
5th Oct: Go for the gold and apply for these great gigs 🥇
4th Oct: Don’t knock soaps.
4th Oct: Today is going to be a good day and here’s why: You can audition for #DearEvanHansen!
4th Oct: #Homeland’s final season is filming right now!
4th Oct: A familiar name is in talks to direct the next #SpiderMan movie.
4th Oct: Kindness goes a long way. #IGotCast
4th Oct: You could slip into iconic glass slippers!
4th Oct: #CopperfieldFilm had its first European screening at #LFF this week.
4th Oct: Spread holiday cheer this year!
4th Oct: That is the question.
4th Oct: These résumé details can make a BIG difference. (via @BillCoelius)
4th Oct: Want to apply to these gigs? Be our guest!
3rd Oct: The highly-anticipated sequel is casting!
3rd Oct: #BlackWidow has been filming late reshoots all week.
3rd Oct: Kids + Disney = A perfect match
3rd Oct: You’re not alone, even @ConstanceWu cringes about past auditions.
3rd Oct: Before #TheGoodPlace, @MannyJacinto learned a big audition faux pas the hard way.
3rd Oct: Tomorrow (10/4) on #BackstageLive we’re chatting with @ThePurgeTV star @PaolaNunez. Reply with your questions now a…
3rd Oct: The Royal Shakespeare Company announced yesterday that it is ending its partnership with oil giant BP.
3rd Oct: What’s the date? October 3rd, your new favorite day to read #MeanGirlsDay content. 👇
3rd Oct: There are a ton of great worldwide opportunities this week!
3rd Oct: A must-read before getting into voiceover. (via @voschoolpodcast)
3rd Oct: A great reel can’t get your child work if no one sees it. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
3rd Oct: Cheers to that! 🥃
3rd Oct: #Judy took its toll on Renée Zellweger.
3rd Oct: .@thesheertruth is switching things up with #TheWeekendMovie, but it all started with improv.
2nd Oct: Benedict Cumberbatch is donning a 10-gallon hat in his new Netflix film which is currently staffing up.
2nd Oct: Anna Kendrick’s new series #LoveLife is casting a major guest role.
2nd Oct: Acting is a job, and actors must feel comfortable at work—here’s how intimacy coordinators help.
2nd Oct: Here’s great voiceover advice, straight from the mouth of @bigmouth’s showrunner @BigMouthAndrew.
2nd Oct: Here’s your chance to be on HBO!
2nd Oct: Here’s how to write for Broadway, according to @SlavePlayBway scribe @jeremyoharris.
2nd Oct: With @HustlersMovie @ConstanceWu isn’t just playing with the boys—she’s beating them at their own game. Read about…
2nd Oct: An actor who lost her role in “The Color Purple” after homophobic comments is suing producers.
2nd Oct: Here are the best places to live, eat, and play in Blackheath!
2nd Oct: With this sweet opportunity YOU could be the face of a chocolate brand 🍫
2nd Oct: #FirstWivesClub star @michellechel has A+ advice for young actors.
2nd Oct: Different gigs? Different headshots. (via @HeadshotsByMarc)
2nd Oct: Keep these in mind at your next commercial audition.
2nd Oct: DIY not apply for these gigs?
1st Oct: Chris Pratt’s new film is looking for talent!
1st Oct: #October1st is a great day to apply for these spooky opportunities.
1st Oct: Stop watching the #BirdsofPrey trailer for a second to look at this #TheSuicideSquad audition.
1st Oct: The @mixedishabc show runner has some great advice for breaking into TV.
1st Oct: It’s #October1st and your October horoscope is here, actors. See what Libra Season has in store for you ♎️
1st Oct: This area can be a bit tricky for actors. (via @HarttandSoul)
1st Oct: Comedy requires more than just making people laugh—you have to be realistic about your finances. (via…
1st Oct: #AlmostFamily star @VickiCartagena is a perfect role model for introverted actors.
1st Oct: "I’m still working on it—20 years later…and then some!" - #OITNB star @MsLauraGomez
30th Sep: #Riverdale spinoff #KatyKeene is looking for talent!
30th Sep: Required #InternationalPodcastDay reading.
30th Sep: The police procedural is shooting in L.A. this week!
30th Sep: There are amazing opportunities all across the country this week!
30th Sep: .@Brittanysnow will be on #BackstageLive tomorrow (10/1) to talk about her new show @AlmostFamilyFOX. Reply with an…
30th Sep: Are you going to the #LFF?
30th Sep: And yes, they do look at your social media accounts.
30th Sep: Finding a class that works for you makes a big difference. (via @BGBStudio)
29th Sep: This is a must read for any actors in and around the City of Angels. (via @llondoncasting)
29th Sep: Why get in your own way?
29th Sep: Rules, as they say, are meant to be broken. (via @JosephPearlman)
29th Sep: Trial and error is a fine approach.
29th Sep: Mentorship is essential, actors! (via @RealSteveRohr)
29th Sep: Approach each one carefully.
28th Sep: Get your confidence game up!
28th Sep: Give your next audition an extra bit of polish.
28th Sep: Relish in every part of the process. (via @craigteach)
28th Sep: Make the most out of working the job that allows you the freedom to flex your creative muscles! 💪 (via…
28th Sep: From TV to plays there are a ton of opportunities in Australia this week.
28th Sep: #TheUnicorn star @iamRubyJay got amazing opportunities from her cover videos.
28th Sep: Make sure you’re prepared when you walking into that audition room.
28th Sep: [insert SpongeBob laugh here]
28th Sep: Here’s how you can know what’s the best fit for you.
28th Sep: Working on #TheIrishman was a once in a lifetime experience for this actor.
28th Sep: There are a bunch of roles looking for talent in Canada right now!
27th Sep: The franchise about a serial killer on the loose is on the loose in Atlanta!
27th Sep: Here’s your chance to make people lol
27th Sep: Spotted in NYC: #KatyKeene!
27th Sep: Don’t miss these NYC opportunities!
27th Sep: Take this actor’s advice and submit, submit, submit. #IGotCast
27th Sep: Jason Bateman in the new “Clue” movie with the Ryan Reynolds
27th Sep: Here’s how to nail your audition as a young performer.
27th Sep: You could be walking on the moon if you book these gigs.
27th Sep: It’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s world, we’re just living in it.
27th Sep: The stars are hard at work on the Amazon Studios project!
27th Sep: Make sure you’re making the right impression.
27th Sep: A new practice can help you become a bonafide triple threat.
27th Sep: Lend your voice to this iconic auto brand! 🚗
27th Sep: Understanding these differences can help you in the audition room. (via @Charisjjackson)
27th Sep: “RAAAAUUUUGHHHH” - You at #NYCC
27th Sep: Here’s your chance to star in a comedy feature!
26th Sep: Halloween has come early 🎃
26th Sep: Could you be a resident of Mystic Falls? Apply to this #Legacies gig to find out!
26th Sep: Larissa Fasthorse is the first playwright of Native American heritage to ever make the list.
26th Sep: To be embarrassed or not to be embarrassed: that is the question.
26th Sep: Kick back with a slutty pizza and enjoy, #Fleabag fans!
26th Sep: Take it from @quiethandfilms, there is such thing as doing too much in the audition room.
26th Sep: “You rock don’t ever change” - Us to @HilaryDuff after this perfect explanation.
26th Sep: Digital performance rights are tricky for actors, but Andy Serkis is looking to change that.
26th Sep: Find out how you can enter this side of the industry. (via @kb_Voiceovers)
26th Sep: Make sure you’re an actor directors like working with.
26th Sep: Even after becoming one of the best-known names in comedy, @JimGaffigan isn’t afraid of a challenge.
26th Sep: Time to break out your 🎻
26th Sep: Calling all future Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys! 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️
25th Sep: You could get hired on #ChicagoFire 🔥
25th Sep: For those of you who did this...get ready to yell "HOT PRIEST" at your TV even more. Andrew Scott was just cast as…
25th Sep: Here’s your chance to be in “The Eyes of Tammy Faye”
25th Sep: .@BeautifulOnBway star @KaraLindsay1’s honest essay about being pregnant on Broadway is a must-read.
25th Sep: From #CobraKai to #Ozark, there are a bunch of opportunities in Florida and Georgia right now.
25th Sep: Find out how #BreakingBad and #TheMandalorian star @quiethandfilms has become one of the foremost character actors…
25th Sep: This is what could make Joaquin Phoenix the best #Joker yet
25th Sep: 1️⃣ Assemble the Succession hive 2️⃣ Crank the Succession theme 3️⃣ Read this
25th Sep: There’s work for all different experience levels across the UK this week.
25th Sep: You have to have a unique set of skills to become a Broadway CD.
25th Sep: Finding that balance can be hard, but with these tips you can do it.
25th Sep: Practice your signature Peanuts dance moves!
24th Sep: These gigs won’t disappear after 24 hours! 👻
24th Sep: We’re Galinda, you’re Elphaba, and this article is “Popular”
24th Sep: Here’s what you can expect from the #DowntonAbbey movie.
24th Sep: This one’s for you, #DowntonAbbey fans.
24th Sep: Looking to transition from stage to screen? Make sure you take a look at this first. (via @hackhollywood)
24th Sep: Follow these rules and you might gain more followers.
24th Sep: Don’t miss any of the great modeling jobs available nationwide!
23rd Sep: It’s showtime!
23rd Sep: The greenlit film stars Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira.
23rd Sep: Last night’s #Emmys was a British Invasion
23rd Sep: Great #FirstDayofFall Activity: Planning your fall theatergoing schedule 🍂
23rd Sep: Playing Jekyll and Hyde? Sounds like an actor’s dream.
23rd Sep: Tomorrow (9/24) on #BackstageLive we’ll be chatting with @ScottAukerman about @ComedyBangBang and @netflix’s…
23rd Sep: Consider this your Bat-Signal 🦇
23rd Sep: Some post-#Emmys #MondayMotivation for you.
23rd Sep: Everyone at work tomorrow #Emmys
23rd Sep: #GameOfThrones going out on an #Emmys high note 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
23rd Sep: Talk about getting it done behind the camera! Give it up for #Ozark showrunner @BatemanJason, who just won an #Emmy…
23rd Sep: "Laura, I love you" - Julia Garner and us about Laura Linney #Emmys
23rd Sep: One #Emmy nomination, one BIG win for #Ozark star, #JuliaGarner! Congratulations to the newly-minted award winner,…
23rd Sep: Thank you for those incredible 10 years of work on this show, Peter Dinklage 👏👏👏 #Emmys
23rd Sep: brb crying every time one of our favorite shows that ended pops up during this montage #Emmys
23rd Sep: Are we watching the #Emmys or giant Masked Singer ad? You decide!
23rd Sep: Take a guess, actors... which award category/winner was this @JackSmartWrites tweet a reaction to?
23rd Sep: Alright but did the #Emmys voters have to watch every Bandersnatch story combo before they could vote?
23rd Sep: Jharrel Jerome deserves this Emmy, this standing ovation, and so much more for his performance on #WhenTheySeeUs 👏👏👏 #Emmys
23rd Sep: Ok someone needs to pitch a show starring RuPaul and Zendaya immediately #Emmys
23rd Sep: How many people do you think yelled "HOT PRIEST" at their TVs when they saw Andrew Scott in the background just now? #Emmys
23rd Sep: Every Emmy winner should start their acceptance speech by looking at their statue and saying "Look at her!" #Emmys
23rd Sep: Give @AlexBorstein another Emmy for flawlessly transitioning from a comedic speech to a profound speech in just a few seconds. #Emmys
23rd Sep: Make this the 4️⃣th #Emmy win for @MaiselTV star #TonyShalhoub, who just took home the trophy for Best Supporting A…
23rd Sep: Tony Shalhoub proved that he deserved that #Emmy with that speech #Emmys2019
23rd Sep: "Television has never been this damn good." @BryanCranston is right and he should say it #Emmys2019
23rd Sep: It may be a host-less #Emmys2019 but @anthonyanderson is doing an A+ job "hosting"
23rd Sep: T-minus 10 minutes until #Emmys2019 officially start! Make sure to join us as we (shocker) livetweet the broadcast.
23rd Sep: Tonight could be the night for these #Emmy-less actors!
23rd Sep: Interested in hearing handful of 2019 #Emmy nominees are on it sling their best advice for actors? Check out our…
22nd Sep: Add these titles to your reading list, actors.
22nd Sep: Choose your headshots carefully, actors
22nd Sep: If individual scenes could win awards, these would all be in the running for an #Emmy this year!
22nd Sep: Welcome to #EmmyAwards 101.
22nd Sep: Understanding your type is a key facet of finding success as an actor.
22nd Sep: If laughter is the best medicine, these #Emmy nominated actors are some of the best doctors you can find.
22nd Sep: Every mile, foot, and inch forward counts.
21st Sep: Take a quick look at the nominees up for an #Emmy in these drama categories!
21st Sep: .@WestworldHBO star @jfreewright is on to something here...
21st Sep: There are plenty of award-worthy TV series up for an #Emmy this year. Which of your favorites will bring the gold h…
21st Sep: Musicals, short films, and more are casting in Australia right now.
21st Sep: LinkedIn is a valuable tool for any actor. (via @Marketing4Actor)
21st Sep: If you need some artistic inspiration today, this is it.
21st Sep: #RentLive set designer Jason Sherwood worked hard for a very long time (more than 525,600 minutes?) to get where he…
21st Sep: #NewAmsterdam star @AnupamPKher knows a thing or two about social media, just look at his 14 million Twitter follow…
21st Sep: Production signs for the new series have been spotted all over town.
21st Sep: It’s amazing what audition reels can do.
21st Sep: From @ReeseW to @itsgabrielleu a ton of actors (who you might have missed) appeared on #Friends! Celebrate…
21st Sep: #SingleParents is currently filming its second season!
21st Sep: Explore these new opportunities in Canada!
20th Sep: #Riverdale spin-off #KatyKeene is looking for talent in NYC!
20th Sep: Your chance to play a supernatural character is here—#Legacies is looking for talent.
20th Sep: #Emmys weekend is upon us! That means it’s the perfect time to revisit our cover stories with these nominees ⬇
20th Sep: Is #LOTRonPrime your fantasy job? These might be the perfect fit for you.
20th Sep: Filming is underway for J.K. Rowling’s new series based on her #CormoranStrike crime novels.
20th Sep: The new Netflix movie could star Benedict Comberbatch, Paul Dano, and Elizabeth Moss.
20th Sep: NBC’s new courtroom drama is looking for talent!
20th Sep: In Nina Gold we trust! Congrats to the woman who led the charge in populating the land of Westeros on her latest wi…
20th Sep: Prep for the #Emmys this weekend by taking a look at our staff’s 6 most Emmy-worthy moments of the TV season 👇
20th Sep: You could play the Purple One in “The Story of Prince” 💜
20th Sep: The CDs of #MrsMaisel, #RussianDoll, #KillingEve, and more are here with the BEST advice.
20th Sep: The move follows a series of incidents at immersive productions in London.
20th Sep: It’s helpful to know!
20th Sep: No matter what area of choreography you’re looking to get into, these tips will help.
20th Sep: .@BarryJenkins’ new series is looking for talent!
19th Sep: Don’t miss these auditions, California!
19th Sep: Don’t rule out these composers! (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
19th Sep: Because you’d rather not make Chekhov roll over in his grave, here’s how to actually translate a play.
19th Sep: .@SeaWallALife is going to be recorded for @audible_com! Our conversation is with its stars Jake Gyllenhaal & Tom S…
19th Sep: Don’t miss @SlavePlayBway, @Lin_Manuel’s @freestylelove, @LTMusical and more on Broadway this fall.
19th Sep: “This Emmy nomination for her this year is long overdue” - @SullivanTweet on @TheMandyMoore’s performance on…
19th Sep: “I must say, I never thought I’d be here.” - @ZachVilla on his journey to #AHS1984
19th Sep: Thankfully @RealKateBaldwin’s audition nightmare worked out in her favor.
19th Sep: All aboard for new opportunities!
19th Sep: Don’t cry us a river, take a look at these auditions.
19th Sep: There are voiceover gigs from all types of genres right now!
18th Sep: Are you struggling with student debt? Equity wants to help.
18th Sep: Going ✈️ #Manifest’s second season
18th Sep: So sorry for posting this on #CheeseburgerDay but… …nutrition IS important
18th Sep: Hey now, hey now, this is what casting dreams are made of.
18th Sep: Your friend, the Theater Dictionary, is a very reliable friend.
18th Sep: Your job WON’T be a joke if you book one of these #Friends25-themed gigs.
18th Sep: Here’s your chance to be in the #ComingToAmerica sequel!
18th Sep: Stage and screen projects need talent this week!
18th Sep: Did you know that the @QueerEye crew took home a pair of 2019 #CreativeArtsEmmys this past weekend? Congrats to the…
18th Sep: It’s that time of year, L.A.! ❄️
17th Sep: #ChicagoFire is looking for 🔥 talent
17th Sep: Congrats to @GlowNetflix stunt coordinator Shauna Duggins, who flew off the top rope and pinned the competition dow…
17th Sep: When actually IS pilot season now?
17th Sep: There are plenty of great opportunities for young talent right now!
17th Sep: The best way to celebrate #ConstitutionDay? Revisiting @heidibschreck talking about her journey to @constitutionbwy…
17th Sep: Ever want to be in the room where it happens?
17th Sep: There’s no funny business when it comes to the business of funny.
17th Sep: There’s one characteristic that some of the hardest actors Jake Gyllenhaal has ever worked with all share.
17th Sep: .@JLo took a big risk with #Hustlers—and it’s paying off.
17th Sep: Don’t miss any of these model modeling opportunities.
16th Sep: Could you be the YouTube host with the most?
16th Sep: Attend the Premiere Event for "On Location: The Los Angeles Video Project" on October 5th at Sunset Las Palmas Stud…
16th Sep: This adaptation sounds like an actual dream.
16th Sep: CNBC is looking for a bunch of talent right now!
16th Sep: The first round of #Emmys were handed out this weekend and #GameOfThrones, #MaiselTV, and #HandmaidsTale won big.
16th Sep: Cherry Jones won an #Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for @HandmaidsOnHulu this weekend! 🏆 Read…
16th Sep: You probably don’t hear this advice every day.
16th Sep: Join us tomorrow (9/17) when @thesheertruth stops by #BackstageLive to talk about #TheWeekendMovie! Send us your…
16th Sep: The end of summer ≠ The end of great events
16th Sep: There are brilliant schools all across the UK.
16th Sep: Here’s your chance to get cast in @Netflix’s new sci-fi series!
16th Sep: Is one truly better than the other?
16th Sep: Put the phone down and take a second to read this, actors.
16th Sep: Being a great actor is important, but so is keeping your head on straight.
16th Sep: Every "no" brings you one step closer to that much anticipated "yes."
15th Sep: Need help memorizing that monologue? Memorize these tips first.
15th Sep: Consider this: the Warner Loughlin technique.
15th Sep: Build yourself a nice self-tape studio and watch the quality soar.
15th Sep: Say it with us, actors—information is your friend.
15th Sep: Every journey starts with taking the first step.
15th Sep: You gotta know the lingo if you want to be a pro.
14th Sep: Yes, color scheme matters.
14th Sep: Make sure you can come back to yourself when a project is wrapped.
14th Sep: Never forget: You’re on the same team.
14th Sep: Short answer: It will keep you sane
14th Sep: How do you determine who to work with to train and produce your voiceover demos?
14th Sep: Motivation is a muscle, you need to exercise it.
14th Sep: Directing and acting are each full-time, demanding jobs—find out what it’s like to balance them. (via…
14th Sep: It’s never too late to transition into VO. (via @DebbieIrwinVO)
14th Sep: Saying goodbye to #TheGoodPlace and #Arrow this season will be hard, but this might help.
14th Sep: This CD is always on the look out for fresh faces.
14th Sep: From comedy to horror, there’s plenty of different opportunities in Canada right now.
13th Sep: 🚨 #ChicagoMed is looking for talent 🚨
13th Sep: Channeling tough times into good art has paid off for Brad Pitt—and it could for you too.
13th Sep: “Casting a TV pilot and series is like jumping on a moving train and praying it doesn’t run you over.” -…
13th Sep: Plus @ChicagoMusical is looking for the next Roxie Hart!
13th Sep: But that survival job may come in handy someday. #IGotCast
13th Sep: Alright #GameOfThrones fans: What’s your dream cast for a Targaryen prequel series?
13th Sep: Equity threw down the gauntlet this week. #YesOrNo
13th Sep: A short film based on a song by Jimi Hendrix is looking for a drummer + other roles! 🥁
13th Sep: A whistleblower has accused Chinese security officials of trying to cancel a play.
13th Sep: Here are the best places for artists to live, eat, and play in Clerkenwell.
13th Sep: Be the jungle VIP with these auditions.
13th Sep: Social media is one of the best places, so you’re off to a good start.
13th Sep: Successful actors are becoming the new triple threat.
13th Sep: Keep these in mind before you post 📱 (via @RealSteveRohr)
13th Sep: The Printer Panic is real.
13th Sep: .@kalpenn’s #Sunnyside has been spotted in L.A.!
12th Sep: Break out your comedy chops for this Comedy Central gig.
12th Sep: Don’t miss these opportunities for kids!
12th Sep: These opportunities are scary good 😱
12th Sep: Do your homework before auditioning for a cruise ship gig 🛳
12th Sep: #RentLive stars @Tinashe and @Jordan_Fisher contributed more than just their 🔥 performances.
12th Sep: Australian actors can follow #TheGoldfinch star’s footsteps to Hollywood.
12th Sep: Be sure to follow these three rules (one of which is the rule of threes)
12th Sep: Every 👏 single 👏 time 👏
12th Sep: Is it time for a new demo reel? (via @JoanTheVoice & @RGaskins1)
12th Sep: A football-themed @disneyplus movie is looking for talent 🏈
12th Sep: You could do The Sorkin Walk And Talk™ in his next film.
11th Sep: Jennifer Lopez is having A Moment™, and you could be too with these opportunities.
11th Sep: Is card dealing one of your special skills? 🃏
11th Sep: Be part of the @Movember Movement!
11th Sep: Just how effective was #BoycottGeorgia?
11th Sep: You better think (think) about checking these opportunities out.
11th Sep: Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge are at their most vulnerable in @SeaWallALife onstage—and at their most honest of…
11th Sep: “It was just obvious that Ramona was Jennifer Lopez and could be nobody but Jennifer Lopez.” - @HustlersMovie write…
11th Sep: The one and only @jimgaffigan will be on #BackstageLive tomorrow (9/12). Reply with your questions and he might ans…
11th Sep: #SpiderVerse and @WuTangOnHulu star @shameikmoore has great advice for actors looking to shift into voice acting.
11th Sep: #DowntonAbbey star @Carmichelle’s secret to approaching a character? Stationery.
11th Sep: Speak being a rich man into existence by singing “If I Were a Rich Man”
11th Sep: Can you be a Broadway Baby?
11th Sep: David Fincher’s new film is looking for background actors!
10th Sep: You at this @AintTooProud audition: Get ready ‘cause here I come
10th Sep: Take your performance talents to the streets with these opportunities!
10th Sep: This bit of writing advice from Nora Ephron could lead to an Oscar nom—so take note 📝
10th Sep: Don’t fumble and miss these gigs for kids 🏈
10th Sep: What is Disney up to? 🤔
10th Sep: You can make any TV set your home—here’s how. (via @BGBStudio)
10th Sep: Don’t get thrown off guard.
10th Sep: The #ThisIsUs star has signed onto a new death-defying project.
9th Sep: You could join one of Disney’s next live-action feature ✨
9th Sep: There’s a moment you know…you could be in “Spring Awakening”
9th Sep: Don’t miss these great modeling jobs! 📸
9th Sep: No joke. #Joker is already getting Oscar buzz.
9th Sep: Today, every HBO series requires an intimacy coordinator on set for scenes of intimacy—but that only happened becau…
9th Sep: Seven out of eight of @bbcstudios’ new #WritersAcademy lineup are women 👏👏👏
9th Sep: European Union funding for the British film industry has not slowed.
9th Sep: Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy are set to star in a new biopic.
9th Sep: Sometimes an “expert” is not really an expert.
9th Sep: “Alexa, play my next gig.”
9th Sep: You’re in the room! That’s a win.
9th Sep: Everyone has their limits, make sure you know your own.
9th Sep: Writing for TV is a unique craft.
8th Sep: Brush up on your Shakespeare.
8th Sep: Make sure your first job is not your last.
8th Sep: Always say “Yes, and…”
8th Sep: Consider this before you make a decision about background work.
8th Sep: Are your commercial credits listed correctly on your résumé?
8th Sep: Aspiring directors, take note!
8th Sep: Acting is hard work.
8th Sep: Things you should repeat: Your favorite song Things you shouldn’t repeat: These mistakes
8th Sep: Your special skills can be more than a section on your résumé.
8th Sep: Imposter syndrome is hard to shake, even for the next Batman.
7th Sep: Being a part of #SwingNation has its perks.
7th Sep: Even Emmy nominees like Catherine O’Hara hate auditioning.
7th Sep: Don’t fall into a comparison spiral.
7th Sep: These ideas can help you fill in the blanks.
7th Sep: Is your bag ready?
7th Sep: Workshops in particular have a ton of benefits.
7th Sep: The @aavadb is a fantastic resource for casting VO talent (via @kb_Voiceovers)
7th Sep: Hagen’s technique is a favorite among actors for two reasons: 1) It’s practical 2) Hagen herself was a brilliant a…
7th Sep: Get advice from @samirawiley, @MazzelloJoe and more!
7th Sep: Picture this: Perfect headshots because you communicated effectively with your photographer.
7th Sep: Opportunities in California aren’t only in L.A.
7th Sep: Don’t miss out on these gigs!
6th Sep: Take a look at these gigs, NYC!
6th Sep: Sugar, butter, auditions for you. 🥧
6th Sep: SPOTTED: @MaiselTV in the streets of NYC!
6th Sep: Ever wonder how Pamela Anderson landed @Baywatch? We asked the CD ahead of the show’s 30th anniversary.
6th Sep: Want to rock and roll all night and party every day? 🤘😝🤘
6th Sep: That amateur footage from the set of #Bond25? Yeah, it’s been wiped from social media.
6th Sep: Every #HarryPotter fan is currently freaking out about these #CursedChild rumors.
6th Sep: The Emmas (Stone & Thompson) are hard at work on #Cruella in London.
6th Sep: This actor-model recently got to experience his favorite kind of audition—none! #IGotCast
6th Sep: Here’s your chance to show your team spirit, Australia!
6th Sep: Contacted by the IRS? Take a breath, read this.
6th Sep: If you like these: 🛳 🎢 🖼 ⛰ You might like these:
6th Sep: God, we hope you get it.
6th Sep: Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Nick, Nickelodeon is casting!
6th Sep: Attend the Premiere Event for "On Location: The Los Angeles Video Project" on October 5th at Sunset Las Palmas Stud…
6th Sep: Don’t miss these great paying opportunities in California!
5th Sep: Even Kirsten Dunst has felt pigeonholed as an actor.
5th Sep: You could land a part in Aaron Sorkin’s new feature film.
5th Sep: #TheWalkingDead is looking for newborns for background roles.
5th Sep: Don’t get stuck!
5th Sep: Add these to your Following list ➕
5th Sep: .@betrayalbwy star @ZaweAshton’s advice about leaving the audition room in protest is something every actor should…
5th Sep: There’s a lot going on with Equity and Fringe—make sure you’re caught up.
5th Sep: Love ‘90s fashion? Then you’ll LOVE @WuTangOnHulu.
5th Sep: This boom is good news for actors 👏👏👏
5th Sep: As an actor, it’s likely that you’ll have to navigate long-distance at some point.
5th Sep: Having a bad agent is worse than not having one at all.
5th Sep: Calling all gamers! 🎮
4th Sep: .@prattprattpratt and @Y_Strahovski’s upcoming film #GhostDraft is looking for actors!
4th Sep: There’s no crying in baseball but you could be in “A League Of Their Own” on @PrimeVideo ⚾️
4th Sep: These tips can help you succeed, not just survive.
4th Sep: The latest #SuicideSquad movie is looking for background talent!
4th Sep: A new play, a comedic software video, and a puppet show are all casting!
4th Sep: There’s no harm in liking their tweet about their cat to get your name on their radar 😸
4th Sep: Everything’s coming up roses with these audition songs.
4th Sep: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t *have* to wait tables.
4th Sep: Your September horoscopes are here, actors ✨
4th Sep: Stay sane this school year. (via @DeniseSimonDSC)
4th Sep: With #TellurideFilmFestival, film awards season has officially begun.
4th Sep: Make sure to connect with these CDs!
4th Sep: .@TheoryMusic is looking for two music video leads!
3rd Sep: The annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular is looking for talent 🎁
3rd Sep: There are a ton of opportunities for young actors right now!
3rd Sep: Still thinking about how perfect @violadavis will be as Michelle Obama.
3rd Sep: Do you have what it takes to audition for #MayansFX creator @sutterink?
3rd Sep: .@WuTangOnHulu and @SpiderVerse star @shameikmoore is joining us tomorrow (9/4) on #BackstageLive! Comment below wi…
3rd Sep: Learn more about Hugh Laurie’s latest project.
3rd Sep: “The Personal History Of David Copperfield” starring Dev Patel is a must-see.
3rd Sep: Keep your skills fresh!
3rd Sep: Dig deep, actors.
3rd Sep: Get the 411 on what "type" is and how to hone in on yours.
2nd Sep: Learn how to make the most out of your demo reel.
2nd Sep: Help your child actor get in front of the 8 ball!
2nd Sep: Rack up a few more Ws, actors!
2nd Sep: Are you ready to shoulder a project?
2nd Sep: Anxiety free is the way to be!
2nd Sep: Go ahead and take your first step towards finding an agent.
2nd Sep: Swiping not included.
1st Sep: What does technique mean to you?
1st Sep: You might not want to post that just yet...
1st Sep: Just in case you were wondering.
1st Sep: Stay focused now, actors.
1st Sep: Teamwork makes the dream work!
1st Sep: Those dollars can stretch a bit further than you expect.
1st Sep: Safety is paramount, always.
1st Sep: “The truth of ourselves is the root of our acting."
31st Aug: Make the process of finding a rep a little less stressful.
31st Aug: Protip: Avoid this VO audition pothole like your career depends on it.
31st Aug: Going on autopilot mid-note is not a good idea.
31st Aug: For those of you who may need to plead the fifth...
31st Aug: Welcome to Meisner 101!
31st Aug: Ever wonder what traits will get you in the door of an acting conservatory?
31st Aug: This is a *key* part of your audition.
31st Aug: Take this into consideration before you dive into marketing yourself. (via @ActatBaronBrown)
31st Aug: One of these skills will help you on set too. (via @MarciLiroff)
31st Aug: [slams the Follow button]
31st Aug: Multiple projects are casting actors throughout Canada!
31st Aug: Say “cheers” to these opportunities 🍻
30th Aug: A new @HBO series is looking for talent!
30th Aug: Different cultures, histories, and governments influence filmmaking, casting, and acting in Europe—and you should f…
30th Aug: Taika Waititi in every superhero franchise, please!
30th Aug: NYC actor @karenjohal3 is always looking ahead to her next project—and Backstage helps her do just that. #IGotCast
30th Aug: You could join the Marvel Universe!
30th Aug: These opportunities are too good to pass up.
30th Aug: These ideas could cut your prep time in half. (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
30th Aug: The perfect thing to do while you binge @darkcrystal? Apply for these gigs.
30th Aug: There’s are a lot of factors to consider 🤔
30th Aug: .@AnnaKendrick47 is starring in AND producing the series.
30th Aug: “IMDb can make no principled distinction to justify its arbitrary choices about when to invade the privacy of perfo…
30th Aug: From musicals to how-to videos, there are a ton of great opportunities in LA this week!
29th Aug: .@taylorswift13 loves cats so much that if someone said every song on #Lover was about her cats we’d believe them.
29th Aug: History* is happening in Manhattan! *auditions for the Broadway and Angelica Tour companies of @HamiltonMusical
29th Aug: Elizabeth Debicki and John David Washington were recently spotted on the set Christopher Nolan’s latest film.
29th Aug: Hop on board “The Polar Express” 🚂❄️
29th Aug: #ITChapterTwo’s Bill Skarsgård is not afraid to trust his (killer) instincts.
29th Aug: .@TheRock has perfected the art of social media. (via @Marketing4Actor)
29th Aug: .@indyv9’s story of how she got cast on #GameOfThrones is just as wild as the show itself.
29th Aug: Other than landing a role on #HomeAndAway and migrating to Palm Beach, here’s what you should do.
29th Aug: Don’t let fear get the best of you. 😰
29th Aug: Realistic advice for every actor at the start of their career. (via @MatthewDelNegro)
29th Aug: The size of an actor’s résumé is not the most important thing to @NBC’s SVP of Casting.
29th Aug: Are you too darn hot? Then check these 🔥 opportunities out.
29th Aug: Flex your horror AND comedy skills in this new film!
28th Aug: Of the two roles played by a Latina 45 or older, Jennifer Lopez played them both.
28th Aug: You could channel your inner werewolf with the students of the Salvatore School on #Legacies.
28th Aug: Who wouldn’t want to join #Shondaland?
28th Aug: The sequel to the iconic Eddie Murphy movie is looking for background talent!
28th Aug: #Emmys voting ends tomorrow! Make sure you’re prepared by listening to our latest @InTheEnvelope episodes featuring some of the nominees 👇
28th Aug: In @darkcrystal designers and puppeteers come to getter to create magical puppet performances that look and feel ju…
28th Aug: Building an evil character isn’t easy—but #BillSkarsgard just might have it figured out. Check out this week’s cove…
28th Aug: Take charge of your own brand today!
28th Aug: Step One: Read these lessons Step Two: Put those lessons to work
28th Aug: Now is the time to seize the day* *choose your audition song
28th Aug: These opportunities are *chef’s kiss*
28th Aug: Get your child started on the path to becoming a lifelong dancer!
28th Aug: We’re not kidding about #Kidding.
27th Aug: This may be your chance to work with @TaikaWaititi!
27th Aug: Start warming up now 🎤
27th Aug: .@jvn, the producer-comedian-podcaster-writer-gymnast-host of #GayofThrones and @QueerEye gives our @IntheEnvelope…
27th Aug: It’s safe to say that the collaboration between @jed_mercurio and #Bodyguard’s stars paid off.
27th Aug: The next #SuicideSquad film is looking for kids! 💥
27th Aug: Should you slide into those DMs? The answer might be more complicated than you thought (via @Charisjjackson)
27th Aug: Cruise ships can open doors to bigger opportunities 🛳 (via @LilAngelsTalent)
27th Aug: Did you see all of the #D23Expo news this weekend?
26th Aug: Better go get your suitcase packed, guess it’s time to go audition for @Hadestown.
26th Aug: B ackstage has M odeling opportunities W hat are you waiting for?
26th Aug: Time to practice saying “Like and subscribe!”
26th Aug: An agent-actor meeting should be one where you interview each other.
26th Aug: It can be tough, but you can do it. (via @DouglasTaurel)
26th Aug: Summer may be winding down, but the fun sure isn’t.
26th Aug: Equity is taking steps to make sure Edinburgh Fringe takes harassment and assault seriously.
26th Aug: George Clooney will star in, direct, AND produce an epic thriller.
26th Aug: Fill up that bookshelf 📚
26th Aug: Freezing can be your body’s defense mechanism, but don’t worry you can bypass it.
26th Aug: Just breathe.
26th Aug: - Don’t - Make - Lists
25th Aug: Preparation >>>>>>>> everything else.
25th Aug: The first year is the hardest, let this guide you.
25th Aug: Make sure your headshots make you, not break you.
25th Aug: And 3 ways to fix it.
25th Aug: Take control of your audition.
25th Aug: Not everything should make the cut ✂️
25th Aug: Learn from the best of the best.
25th Aug: Key is key.
25th Aug: Don’t know where to start? Right here is a great place 👇
25th Aug: Not booked and busy? Don’t worry, you can get through this.
24th Aug: Here’s what you’re NOT gonna do…
24th Aug: The most important thing? Have fun!
24th Aug: What you do before you get into that room is even more crucial for theater.
24th Aug: A dancer dances—and these tips help.
24th Aug: Want to stand out from the crowd? An EPK is a great place to start.
24th Aug: Do your research, starting with this.
24th Aug: Make sure you get what you pay for.
24th Aug: Start off your weekend by getting booked in an Etsy shoot!
23rd Aug: You could live out your comic book dreams on @blacklightning ⚡️
23rd Aug: Multiple feature films around the world are looking for actors!
23rd Aug: Now seeking an actor to play a young version of Audrey Hepburn!
23rd Aug: Start scouring film archives for your perfect monologue!
23rd Aug: This musical theater actor found his community here, and so can you! #IGotCast
23rd Aug: Olivia Colman was honoured as an icon of Britain this past week!
23rd Aug: Find out why you need to look at more than follower counts when picking an influencer for your future brand campaig…
23rd Aug: Ten years later, #TheLWord" is back!
23rd Aug: These paid acting jobs may have been styled just for you.
23rd Aug: Have you ever wanted to play a crooked cop?
23rd Aug: #Emmy nominated @MaiselTV star #TonyShalhoub knows a thing or two about taking risks at an audition. #MrsMaisel
23rd Aug: Find a new way to perform (while also spicing up your summer!)
22nd Aug: Sing and dance along the Seine in a production of this classic musical.
22nd Aug: Weigh in, actors... how do you manage the balancing act?
22nd Aug: Wondering how to personalize a character using trauma without reliving it? Let this new @InTheEnvelope episode feat…
22nd Aug: Here are a few ways to reignite their waning passion! (via @LilAngelsTalent)
22nd Aug: Breakout @fleabag star @SiansUniverse has some fun stories (and advice) to share!
22nd Aug: Grab your saddles, Aussie actors!
22nd Aug: Hit the set with Rosario on this USA series!
22nd Aug: "Thor: Love and Thunder" director @TaikaWaititi is out to score with another big film.
21st Aug: Get ready for check-in, actors.
21st Aug: Summon your inner "hillbilly" in this Amy Adams-starring Netflix film!
21st Aug: Get cast in a short film by the creator of the YouTube cult series Chicken Shop Date, @ameliadimz!
21st Aug: Rates and budgets and negotiations, oh my! (via @RhondasVoice)
21st Aug: A compelling monologue can help you audition for a compelling role. (via @amanda_prahl)
21st Aug: Make sure you protect your voice! 😱 (via @Andrew_M_Byrne)
21st Aug: A ton of short films are looking for talent, L.A.!
21st Aug: Collaboration is key for @nbcthegoodplace.
21st Aug: The star-studded cast of @BoysBandBway is back in NYC!
20th Aug: Always wanted to bridge genres? Here’s your chance.
20th Aug: Don’t miss these great roles for kids that are auditioning right now!
20th Aug: From @PhantomBway to @DearEvanHansen, you can’t go wrong with these choices.
20th Aug: Don’t rule out Amazon’s productions, UK actors.
20th Aug: Now’s your chance join the #OneChicago family on @NBCChicagoMed.
20th Aug: Believe it or not, every audition can be a win. (via @JosephPearlman)
20th Aug: Could you walk the halls with the cast of #LoveSimon?
20th Aug: These major brands are now casting models!
19th Aug: Love a good scare? Get cast in one of these horror films.
19th Aug: .@corinnefoxx had the perfect response to @iamjamiefoxx’s advice.
19th Aug: This is a must read for all UK actors!


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