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16th Aug:
16th Aug: Still helping you grow your business after all these years.
16th Aug: Working hard today so you can enjoy the weekend. #FridayFeeling
15th Aug: Get shoppers into your checkout cart. And then close the deal. #eCommerce 💳
15th Aug: #WebProTip #249 Research happens on desktops, shopping happens on mobile. Design accordingly. Andrew, General Manager
15th Aug: How many websites do you manage? If multiple, are they yours, or for clients?
15th Aug: 5000 new domain names are registered every hour. What domain name do you wish you had registered first? #ThursdayThought 🤔
14th Aug: Start with a great header design - first impressions and all.
14th Aug: Minimize the #PPC leaning curve.
14th Aug: Think you have what it takes to cash in on your website? Here are 2 great options.
14th Aug: Hackers target small business websites too. Keep your data safe.
14th Aug: Website traffic low? Our SEO webinar Will help you to grow #HumpDayHaiku + #Webinar Plug
14th Aug: Try these 8 #SEO tips to get more traffic.
13th Aug: All this PLUS round-the-clock support. You gotta check it out.
13th Aug: When you find the perfect, available #domainname....
13th Aug: ( ᐛ )ᕗ
13th Aug: #TuesdayMotivation "Do your homework - including researching the competition. You can learn a lot from your competi…
12th Aug: ✔︎Scalability ✔︎Flexibility ✔︎Bandwith With #VPSHosting, you get all you need for a growing website.
12th Aug: #1 - Look for one with a proven track record in the #WebHosting industry.
11th Aug: We asked, you responded and the results are in. Check Out The Top 15 #WordPressPlugins:
10th Aug: Describe your dream Lazy Day and you could win this #NationalLazyDay Relaxation Gift Pack. 3 winners chosen at rand…
10th Aug: Snappy is winning #NationalLazyDay.
9th Aug: Shared VS VPS Hosting explained.
9th Aug: The future of the internet is… streetlights? via @thenextweb
9th Aug: What are you planning? Trick question! No plans on #LazyDay.
8th Aug: Because your website deserves the best.
8th Aug: "Rule number one for gator - you gotta respect it." #Reno911Miami #BestMovieLineEver
8th Aug: Who feels this in their soul? 😂
8th Aug: You know you want to see HostGator present at #SXSW 2020. Our proposed panel even features 2 of our #SideHustleStar…
8th Aug: 71% of office workers stopped on the street for a survey agreed to give up their computer passwords in exchange for…
8th Aug: That moment when your #website finally bursts into activity... 😱
7th Aug: #CyberSecurity tip #1 - use HTTPS.
7th Aug: Facebook is a really good way to grow your email list. See how it works.
7th Aug: Entrepreneurs & side hustlers, why do you do it?
7th Aug: If you are going to advertise, do it well.
7th Aug: Looking for some #SideHustle inspiration? Check out these ideas from @nloper
6th Aug: #EmailMarketing - still the best after all these years.
6th Aug: Join us on Aug 22, 12PM CT for this free webinar to learn the basics of #SEO.
6th Aug:
5th Aug: Test different web pages and copy to zero in on what drives your visitors to take action.
5th Aug: Just another day at the #HostGator office.
3rd Aug: Shoutout to HostGator customer, @EscapeTheRoomz. Escape the rooms, enjoy the website. #ShoutOutSaturday
2nd Aug: #Hackers to left of me... #Malware to the right...
2nd Aug:
2nd Aug: Take that, #SharkWeek! We want #GatorWeek.
2nd Aug: We got the best Gutenberg website themes right here. ⬇️ #WordPress
1st Aug: Supercharge your website traffic.
1st Aug: #WebProTip # 246 Think long term. Choose a scalable solution to support website growth. - Doug, Director of Support
1st Aug: What is your biggest question about, or issue with #WordPress?
1st Aug: ⚡️ #GatorWeek Needs to Happen
1st Aug: duunn dunn... duunn dunn... dun dun dun dun dun dun #GatorWeek > #SharkWeek
1st Aug: That look when you find out @Discovery has made 31 years of #sharkweek and still no #gatorweek...
31st Jul: Prepare now so you can rake in the online holiday sales. 💰
31st Jul: HostGator customers, what would you want to learn?
31st Jul: Snappy eats sharks for lunch! (The gummies are quite delicious.) #GatorWeek > #SharkWeek
31st Jul: Gators are better Thank Sharks, you know that it’s true We want #GatorWeek #HumpdayHaiku
30th Jul: All URL redirects are not created equal.
30th Jul: Another #GatorWeek supporter right here. 👇
30th Jul: Pump up your lead generation strategy with these 5 steps:
30th Jul: Mermaids for #GatorWeek!
30th Jul: >*^,^,^~~~
30th Jul: #GatorWeek
30th Jul: Wishin it was #GatorWeek... #SharkWeek
30th Jul: #GatorWeek > #SharkWeek Snappy is not a fan, @SharkWeek.
29th Jul: Simple is good.
29th Jul: Optimize, optimize, optimize...
29th Jul: Now THIS is a horror movie. @thecrawlmovie Move over Jaws. #GatorWeek > #SharkWeek
29th Jul: Why do Sharks get their own week every year? Hey @Discovery forget #SharkWeek, we want #GatorWeek!
28th Jul: Even Gators need a burger once in a while. #NationalHamburgerDay
28th Jul: Ready to get learned? Our FREE webinar will make you #SEO savvy in no time. 🤓 Thursday, Aug. 22nd at 12PM CT -…
27th Jul: Shoutout to HostGator user @weikfitness. Looking healthy and happy! #ShoutoutSaturday
26th Jul: Stop waiting to get your online business idea up and running.
26th Jul: Reply below with a #WebProTip and you could #win a Snappy Plushie. 😁 Respond by Jul 28, 11:59CT - 5 winners chosen…
25th Jul: Web Pro Tip #240: Every site should have an SSL. No exceptions. - Andrew, General Manager
25th Jul: Free? Over 39,000 of them are. But install with caution. #wordpress
25th Jul: There are 2 theories on the creation of the Qwerty keyboard: ⓵ Common letters placed apart from each other so typew…
24th Jul: If #HumpDayHaiku Helps to get you through the day Then haiku away
23rd Jul: Bandwidth 💻vs. Band Width 🎸
23rd Jul: Struggling with SEO success? It’s time to get learned. Join our FREE webinar. Thursday, Aug. 22nd at 12PM CT -…
22nd Jul: Ka-Ching!
22nd Jul: #NyanSnappy
22nd Jul: So many great website building resources in a single blog.
20th Jul: Shoutout to HostGator user @FRNDSHPLGHTS. Raising awareness for Autism & making friends, one light at a time. #ShoutoutSaturday
20th Jul: " small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" - Commander Neil Armstrong SpaceGator Snappy salutes tho…
19th Jul: If you are managing websites for multiple clients, why not offer hosting as well? See how reseller hosting works.
19th Jul: #ThatMomentWhen your website shows up on the first page of Google...
19th Jul: ( ゚ヮ゚)/
18th Jul: WordPress email plugins are a thing. Use them.
18th Jul: Web Pro Tip #236: Never delete a page, always 301 redirect it! - Alexis, SEO Manager
18th Jul: The original name for Twitter was ‘Status’. That’s pretty straightforward. Who know’s where name ‘Twitter’ came from? #ThursdayThought 🤔
17th Jul: Blue Alligator Would Love to Host Your Website Check us Out Today #HumpDayHaiku #ShamelessSelfPromotion #HostGator
17th Jul: The HostGator support staff is available 24/7/365 to via Telephone, LiveChat or @HGSupport. Hit us up with your ho…
17th Jul: Free or not, do your research before installing.
16th Jul: Your WordPress website + Email Marketing = 🔥
16th Jul: 🎶Taking care of business every day 🎶Taking care of business every way Your turn...
16th Jul: Because spam bots are not people.
16th Jul: #TuesdayMotivation Just get out there and share your gifts with the world! #SideHustle Advice from @gail_m_carter 🙌
15th Jul: Backlinks are kind of a big deal for SEO. Find out why you need them, and how to get them.
13th Jul: PPC tip - the better you get at it the more you save.
12th Jul: Webhosting Q&A right here 👇
12th Jul:
11th Jul: In 1956, 5 megabytes (5MB) of data weighed a ton. If you have phone with 8GB of data, that would be over 1500 ton…
11th Jul: I feel the need... the need for speed.
10th Jul: What up fam, @ParkGator Vacation in the windy city
10th Jul: Will put scales on your chest #Coffeein5Words
9th Jul: #TuesdayMotivation Move the ball forward a little each day & eventually those little touches add up to big changes.…
9th Jul: My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush. #DumbThingsMyParentsSaid
8th Jul: FYI - boring product videos will actually harm your brand.
8th Jul: #SmallBizAdvice
6th Jul: 😏 #AutocorrectMakesMe....
6th Jul: Shoutout to Hostgator user @AmericanPomade. Slick site. #ShoutoutSaturday
5th Jul: Your website is live? Great. Now you need #SEO & #PPC to get people to visit your site.
5th Jul: Get more leads from your website - because coffee is for closers. ☕️
4th Jul: Uncle Snappy wants YOU to build a Kick-A$$ website #FourthofJuly #July4th2019 🎆
4th Jul: Show off your mad photog skills in your own photography website. WordPress has a plugin for that.
3rd Jul: This is how we do it. 🔥
3rd Jul: How are you celebrating the #4thOfJuly with content on your site or social? 🇺🇸🎆
3rd Jul: Bad product pages = no sales 😢 Good product pages = sales 😀 Make your product pages better.
2nd Jul: How to Add #LiveChat to Your Website For Free:
2nd Jul: TCB with PPC. Find out how.
1st Jul: .@bucees & @HostGator - together since 2014 🙌 #bestfriends
29th Jun: Secure yo site! Get your SSL certificate free when you host with us
28th Jun: How sticky is your sidebar...? @smashingmag says sticky menus are 22% easier to navigate
27th Jun: #NationalSunglassesDay 😎
27th Jun: We are now the biggest fans of our #SideHustleStars winner who creates a great product for a great cause. 1st Priz…
27th Jun: The #SideHustleStars talent runs deep. 2nd Prize - Calixto Gabriel Bravo & @Xcelencia is…
27th Jun: We are stoked to announce our #SideHustleStars Award winners! 🎉 This one is extra sweet. 3rd Prize - Michelle Viss…
26th Jun: Coffee, Coffee, Coff- -ee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, YAY! #HumpdayHaiku
26th Jun: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Shared Hosting = Single Server, multiple peeps 😊 VPS Hosting = Single Server, multiple peeps BUT space blo…
26th Jun: Hey @bucees, that website is just as sweet as your Texas shaped fudge. Wonder what awesome company could be hosting…
25th Jun: “Sure, people can read. They just choose not to." Readers are only scanning your webpages. How scannable are they?
25th Jun: Can customers actually purchase products or services directly from your website? #ecommerce
24th Jun: #MondayMotivation ¯(°_o)/¯
24th Jun: Fill in the blank. When a client gives you lemons, _________
21st Jun: Got funny small biz advice? Comment below or DM us to be featured.
21st Jun: Anything here look familiar? Five Small Business Statistics for 2019 via @smallbiztrends @Essentials
20th Jun: Express yourself (through your website style guide) - hey, hey, hey, hey.
20th Jun: 📰News flash - no one watches your boring videos.
19th Jun: WTF is a sticky sidebar widget?
19th Jun: Customers like this are everything. 🔥🔥
19th Jun: #SmallBusiness owners how did the first year compare to your expectations?
19th Jun: Use membership to create FOMO for the non-members visiting your website.
18th Jun: You might need VPS hosting if...
18th Jun: "For users who want web hosting and web design support all in one place, Gator Website Builder is a viable option w…
17th Jun: A picture is worth a thousand words. What if they are all bad words?
16th Jun: An SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, pub, tavern, public house, Irish pub, drinks, beer, alcohol #DadJokes #FathersDay
16th Jun: Hit us with your best #DadJokes *Bonus points if they’re gator or website related.
15th Jun: Because non-techy people deserve nice websites too.
14th Jun: Two hours later - the domain name is still available. We doubt for long... #Whataburger
14th Jun: Voila - No more disappearing sidebar in WordPress.
14th Jun: "Are you searching for the best web hosting provider? If yes, then HostGator can be the best option for you to choo…
12th Jun: Is it a service or product that already exists? Then the domain name is probably taken.
12th Jun: Summer Blockbuster Domain Names Still Available: ✔︎ ✔︎ ✔︎…
12th Jun: If a picture speaks a thousand words, what does a boring video say about your product.
11th Jun: If you think you need a web host, but not sure how it works. Read this:
11th Jun: When was the last time you did a content audit on your website:
11th Jun: Creating a new #WordPress site made easy with these 6 steps.
11th Jun: Outgrowing your shared hosting?
10th Jun: If you come up with a perfect name for your website, best to register it now before someone else does.
9th Jun: Be a PPC rockstar.
7th Jun: Turn website traffic into trust for your business.
6th Jun: Coffee is for closers! Use these tips to get great leads from your website.
5th Jun: See you next time, #DSATX. Thanks for the hospitality. We made some amazing friends in #ATX. #digitalsummit…
5th Jun: We have a winner! Instagram post from Alaina Frederick was picked to win the Oculus VR Headset. 🎉 Thanks, everyone…
5th Jun: See, she get’s it.
5th Jun: Come by the HostGator booth at #DSATX and taco ‘bout hosting! 🌮 Pick up a t-shirt while you’re here!
5th Jun: Getting energized for day 2 of #DSATX. Looking forward to a day of learning and networking. Come and see us to ge…
4th Jun: Wonder no more, here are the pages to start with when building your website.
4th Jun: Happy to be here at #dsatx. Come and see us! #snappygram
4th Jun: #DSATX attendees - show us your #Snappygram. Come by the booth to get your Snappy plush. Take a pic of him at t…
4th Jun: HostGator Website Builder - because the technically challenged deserve nice websites too.
4th Jun: More 💵, more 💵, more 💵.
3rd Jun: Maybe not ALL you need to know, but we like the opening sentence. "Are you searching for the best web hosting provi…
3rd Jun: Thanks to all the #SideHustleStars 🌟 that shared their stories! Remember, good things come to those who hustle.…
1st Jun: Every website goes through a domain registration process. E-v-e-r-y one.
31st May: A rose by any other name... 🌹 Because is taken and you need another domain name.
31st May: Easing into Friday like... #fridayfeeling
30th May: Who remembers the Site Kick promotions of 2014? #ThrowBackThursday classic HostGator video. #TBT
29th May: Find your bliss, start a business.
29th May: You can pry the "backslash" from my cold, dead hands!
29th May: What’s your blog type?
29th May: Make sure no one will confuse you with the competition.
29th May: Your #DomainManagement questions answered. Webinar replay now available.
28th May: Start an online business without going into debt? Yes, please.
28th May: Got Side Hustle? Tell us about it for a chance win 1 yr free hosting + 💰 First 100 to qualify get a swag box. So e…
28th May: Another #HostGatorSupportHero joins the squad. Meet Natasha 💥 Powers include: ⚡️FarSight - sees a path to customer…
28th May: WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento are the top 3 choices for eCommerce websites.
25th May: Define your style - no one likes a chaotic website.
24th May: Is Friday over yet? #threedayweekend
24th May: See how you can attract more customers with reviews.
23rd May: Would your website be the before, or the after picture?
22nd May: Congrats on writing that latest blog post! Now check out our awesome persona template to help you make sure the ne…
22nd May: Keep your #perfectdomain safe by remembering to renew. If registration lapses you could lose your domain and your website.
22nd May: Tips to finding the #perfectdomain: ✔︎ What represents your business name or purpose ✔︎ Keep it short ✔︎ Easy to sa…
22nd May: Webinar starting at 12pm CDT. Join us to get your domain questions answered. Use…
21st May: When your #SideHustle is affiliate marketing, your website has to create trust and encourage conversions.
21st May: Gators gonna gator.
21st May: Don’t miss tomorrow’s #webinar where you can learn: ✔︎ Tips for picking a great domain name ✔︎ How to register a do…
21st May: Another #HostGatorSupportHero joins the team - meet ‘hyllo’ 💥 His guidance makes the team stronger. Powers includ…
20th May: Your website has got to represent your business.
20th May: Show your visitors you care with regular site updates.
20th May: Content, content, everywhere - how will yours stand out?
20th May: Where the Side Hustlers at? Tell us your story and you could win 💰 First 100 to qualify get a Fuel Kit. No purchas…
20th May: If you have a dream, go for it. Everyone who succeeds has pushed through a moment (or many) of doubt.…
20th May: One of our favorite topics.
20th May: "What do we say to giving up? Not today." #Gameofstartups
20th May: "When you play the #gameofstartups, you innovate or you die." How would you change a #GOT quote to make it #Gameofstartups?
18th May: When looking into the need for an application server vs a web server, it’s not either-or. They are usually a pack…
17th May: All legit websites will have these basic pages.
16th May: Take those good reviews and turn them into new customers.
16th May: Think of it as GPS to help users find their way around your website.
16th May: Response to our #SmallBizSurvivalKit Giveaway was outstanding - but the small business advice we received blew us a…
16th May: If you have all the customers you need for your service business, keep scrolling.
15th May: decisions... decisions... Before you get online, you need to pick a great domain name. Join us on May 22 @ 12pm C…
15th May: Stop wasting your time creating boring website content. You can do better.
15th May: Good things come to those who Hustle💯 3 Winners = 1 yr free hosting + cash AND 1st 100 get swag. Hustlers enter he…
14th May: Nobody wants a stale website. Keep it fresh:
14th May: WordPress can be too basic. And Drupal can be too complex. But #Joomla is just right.
14th May: Our support powers keep growing. The latest #HostGatorSupportHero is Ana💥 She moves between support channels with…
13th May: Tell us about your Side Hustle! Top 3 winners get 1 yr FREE hosting + some serious 💰 Snap to it! First 100 qualifie…
13th May: Learn how an application server is different from a web server.
10th May: Get that fresh new content feeling!
10th May: Enter to win this #smallbizsurvivalkit: ⚡️1 yr free hosting ⚡️Apple watch ⚡️podcast mic…
10th May: You had me at open source. #drupal
9th May: Our #Smallbizsurvivalkit includes an Apple Watch, Ember Mug, 1 yr free hosting + more... Enter the #giveaway now:…
9th May: Without clear navigation, your website visitors could get lost.
9th May: Your small business rocks! Your website should show it. #smallbusinessweek #entreprenuer
9th May: Here are the best free #WordPress themes that work affiliate marketing websites.
8th May: This free webinar takes a look at domain name best practices. If you are thinking of getting online, join us to s…
8th May: See how being #selfemployed might actually make you happier. 😁 #smallbusinessweek
8th May: How do you acquire customers for your #SmallBusiness? #SmallBusinessWeek
7th May: Got Domain Questions? -- We’ve got answers! Register now for the May 22 webinar and get the answers you want.…
7th May: "A robots.txt file is not required for WordPress, but it’s definitely recommended." Learn more:
7th May: 7 steps to create a case study highlighting the success of your #smallbusiness. #SmallBusinessWeek
7th May: MORE customers, BETTER customers - draw them in with online reviews.
6th May: ⬆️ Level up your online writing skills.
6th May: .@zacjohnson shares tips for turning your blog into a profit center.
6th May: What is the biggest roadblock to starting your own business? #SmallBusinessWeek
6th May: Enter now to win (almost) everything you need to survive as a #smallbusiness owner. #Smallbizsurvivalkit entry for…
6th May: Too much stress in your life? 😰 Maybe you should start a #smallbusiness. #smallbusinessweek
5th May: This caimán is ready to fiesta! Feliz Cinco de Mayo! #cincodemayo 🇲🇽
4th May: A majority of web users are browsing on mobile. 📱 How your website looks on a small screen matters.
3rd May: Spotlight the amazing things about your business with customer reviews.
3rd May: Join us on May 22 @ 12pm CT for this FREE #Webinar on all things domain. Register today:
2nd May: So you think you can write... But can you write for a website? 🤔
2nd May: Doing it right will help Google focus on your high-priority content. #SEO
1st May: Improve your affiliate marketing revenue stream with an amazing #websitedesign.
1st May: 📣Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs! Great resources available during #smallbusinessweek.
1st May: Looking to get online? The first step is to select a perfect #domainname. Learn more about domain name management…
30th Apr: Find out how to pick a great website design template.
30th Apr: Create a strategy when determining the navigation structure of your website.
30th Apr: More and more businesses are offering #livechat as a way to retain customers, boost sales, and improve the overall…
30th Apr: New addition to the #HostGatorSupportHero team - John! 💥 He gives his all to helping customers & improving process…
30th Apr: The days of having a separate website that looks good on mobile are over! See how responsive web design works so t…
29th Apr: ✔︎ Planning your website ✔︎ Key website pages ✔︎ Selecting the right design Learn how to tackle these website buil…
26th Apr: This guide shows you what to expect from a #websitebuilder, and how to compare website builder plans to get the one…
26th Apr: Will you be participating in any #SmallBusinessWeek events or activities?
26th Apr: ✔︎ Most web users browse on mobile. ✔︎ Mobile is a key factor in SEO ranking. ✔︎ No need to maintain 2 websites Le…
26th Apr: An SSL certificate helps you show website visitors that you take security, and their privacy, seriously.
26th Apr: Pick the right #livechat application for your needs.
25th Apr: Heard you need a responsive website, but not sure what it means? We can help. #responsivedesign
25th Apr: A great website navigation menu might just be the most important element of your website.
25th Apr: #DYK - your website images are important for #SEO. 😯
24th Apr: ✔︎ Planning your website ✔︎ Key website pages ✔︎ Selecting the right design Learn how to tackle these website buil…
24th Apr: What advertising works best for your #smallbusiness?
24th Apr: #Bloggers and #website owners - how do you develop ideas for new content? Share your own tips for content planning…
24th Apr: Be more productive by minimizing these 11 activities. via @DariusForoux & @Pocket What pr…
24th Apr: If you manage a website very long, you will need to create a url redirect (or 20). Find out 5 ways to do it.
24th Apr: Here are the best plugins to get more from your #WordPress blog.
24th Apr: Find out what responsive web design is, and how to determine if your website has it?…
23rd Apr: Had to share this! Love your website @BiancaBujan 😍
23rd Apr: SSL certificates are quickly becoming a necessity for all websites. Find out why.
23rd Apr: Follow these 10 steps to make sure your website looks & works great on mobile! 📱
23rd Apr: Introducing the amazing Jessenia, our #HostGatorSupportHero of the week! 💥 Her healing powers can repair your webs…
22nd Apr: Standard #webhosting, or #applicationhosting? Which do you need for your new website?
22nd Apr: What would do if you found yourself with extra ⏱in a day? ✔️ Time with loved ones 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💕 ✔️ Self care 🚴‍♀️💅🏽…
22nd Apr: There are some common features and services you can expect to find in the website builder packages you consider.
21st Apr: Take the time today to slow down and count your eggs, your friends, your blessings -- and have some fun along the w…
20th Apr: Probably the only thing that a VPS and VPN have in common (beyond a closely-related acronym) is the virtualization…
19th Apr: The kind of advertising you need depends on what you are trying to accomplish.
19th Apr: You need a strategy when determining the navigation structure of your website.
19th Apr: Your website design is a reflection of your business. Take the time to decide how you want customers to perceive yo…
19th Apr: Is a free website builder the way to go? Learn the pros and cons...
19th Apr: Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a form of web hosting, while a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service and techn…
18th Apr: Compare your #webhosting options and choose the best fit for you.
18th Apr: Learn how important video can be for your social media and for your business.
18th Apr: Domain names and the services associated with them work on a subscription basis -- you need to keep everything up t…
18th Apr: This looks interesting. Will you be participating in any #SmallBusinessWeek events or campaigns?
18th Apr: We are honored you picked HostGator to be the host of your beautiful website! Your passion and talent definitely sh…
18th Apr: Snappy and the HostGator team are getting ready for #EasterWeekend! 🐰🐣 Check out the Egg-cellent game we created.…
18th Apr: Website builders are incredibly popular because they make building a website soooo simple!
17th Apr: Have a great idea for a website, but a limited budget?
17th Apr: Dealing with an influx of #spam after registering a domain name? There is a way to stop it.
17th Apr: Does your social strategy include creating compelling videos?
16th Apr: oh no, Snappy has a sad. 😭
16th Apr: You don’t have to be a big business with a large budget to create a responsive website.
16th Apr: Take a look at the options before selecting a #websitebuilder for your website.
16th Apr: Awesome turnout! 👏 HostGator is excited to participate this year! #deveopsdays
16th Apr: WordPress hosting is any form of hosting that’s been optimized to run WordPress. Learn the options you have and i…
16th Apr: Learn 4 steps to create a successful website navigation menu.
16th Apr: Evaluating your advertising options? Use this guide.
16th Apr: Why are some domains more valuable than others? Find out how it works.
15th Apr: You have a few things to consider when you register a new #domainname.
15th Apr: Everyone has to start somewhere...
15th Apr: What website design trends are you most excited about?
15th Apr: Do you have an idea for a #sidehustle? >> 15 Best Side Hustles You Can Start Earning With Now via @collegeinvestin
15th Apr: Best of luck to all the runners today!! 🏃🏽🏃‍♀️👟 We are inspired by your drive and commitment. #BostonMarathon…
15th Apr: oh 👏 my 👏 gosh 👏 Look how cute Snappy is with the Easter Bunny and his lil pup friend! 🐰😍
15th Apr: #DYK there are 5 main types of web hosting?
14th Apr: Try these 4 tips to improve your website conversion rate.
13th Apr: Do you know what content your customers want or need? Ask them!
12th Apr: We take a look at the advantages 👍and disadvantages 👎 of using a #WebsiteBuilder.
12th Apr: Remember when building a website meant learning code, or hiring someone to build it for you? Those days are over t…
12th Apr: Find out how to choose the right host for your #WordPress website. #webhost
11th Apr: How does application hosting compare to other web hosting options? 🤔
11th Apr: #DYK - When you buy a domain your contact information must be provided to the ICANN WHOIS directory where it become…
11th Apr: Glad you are up and running, @thegapdecaders! Your website and your lifestyle are an inspiration! Thanks for trust…
11th Apr: Improve the ROI of your PPC efforts.
10th Apr: Once you find the right domain name for your website, you need to check if it is available. And lock it down if i…
10th Apr: HostGator will be there! Will we see you at #devopsdays #houston? #devops #webdev
10th Apr: What is the most Popular Content Management System and why?
9th Apr: An outdated website could be turning customers away or off. 😨 Are there some updated design features you could ada…
9th Apr: Start using these blogging tools to accelerate your writing and business.
9th Apr: A website must function so your customers can use it, but it also has to represent your brand.
9th Apr: Reviews are in - and Gator Website Builder is a hit! 👏 What about you? Have you tried Gator Website Builder yet? W…
9th Apr: Find out about Application Hosting and what your options are.
9th Apr: A simple website builder is fast, easy to use, and probably has all the options you need for a basic website. Lear…
8th Apr: All of the beginner-friendly tools available today makes the process of building your website really simpler, and e…
8th Apr: Monday is almost over! Name one thing you started doing today (or need to start doing). #mondaymotivation👇
8th Apr: Thank you, @dopaminedarling, for trusting your website to HostGator!
8th Apr: Check out these great website design examples to find inspiration for your own website.
8th Apr: Choose the right #CMS for your website - we look at 3 popular options.
8th Apr: Without Domain Privacy the contact information for every domain registered is made public. No matter who the…
8th Apr: Start a blog in 5 easy steps.
8th Apr: Do you know the difference?
7th Apr: We are excited about all of the positive feedback recently on the new Gator Website Builder! Have you seen it yet?…
6th Apr: How does a #websitebuilder work, and who needs one? Find out ⬇️
5th Apr: If you were looking for a #sidehustle, @Entrepreneur and @wanderlustworkr have some suggestions, 50 of them...
5th Apr: To get online, you need to decide what application will you use to build your website, and what type of #webhosting…
5th Apr: Here are 5 things to consider when designing your website. #websitedesign
5th Apr: Decisions, decisions....
5th Apr: See where website design is headed this year, and into the future.
4th Apr: When was the last time you logged in to your HostGator account? What do you think of the new Customer Portal?
4th Apr: You have options when it comes to choosing the right tool to build your website. 🔨🔧 #contentmanagementsystem
4th Apr: A group of employees recently took part in Junior Achievement’s @JA_Centex Forum on Financial Equity Matters in Aus…
4th Apr: A website builder usually offers drag and drop functionality that lets you build a website without any coding exper…
4th Apr: Use these tips for creating a #website you can be proud of. #webdesign
4th Apr: If this is your first time building a website and you’d like to host your own site but outsource a lot of the compl…
3rd Apr: When was the last time you considered the real impact of your PPC efforts?
3rd Apr: Even if your bracket is blown out of the water, you can still be a winner in the HostGator Buzzer Beater Game! 🏀🏆…
3rd Apr: What you pay for a website can vary greatly based on what kind of site you want to build. See what impacts the cost.
3rd Apr: Consumers want to buy from brands they can trust. Use your content to build trust with you audience.
2nd Apr: Understand how and where to buy a website domain name.
2nd Apr: Do you have or have you considered a #sidehustle to earn extra income?
2nd Apr: What different types of #WordPress hosting are there anyway?
2nd Apr: You have less than 3 seconds to make a good impression on your #website visitors. Use great looking visuals to keep…
2nd Apr: What to know before you build out a #webstore.
1st Apr: By keeping your website simple—something easier to do with a basic website builder—you ensure that people will have…
1st Apr: Do you like to play #AprilFools day pranks?
1st Apr: If your perfect #domainname is already taken, use a domain name checker to get suggestions for more great options.
1st Apr: Do you have an omnichannel marketing plan for your website?
31st Mar: Your website can look like a million bucks with one of these free #WordPress themes!
31st Mar: Trying to decide if WordPress or a Website Builder is right for the website you want.
30th Mar: The life of a blogger is sometimes unorganized and stressful. Fortunately, there are tools that can give you an edg…
29th Mar: ✓ Domain name ✓ Web Hosting ✓ Web Design See how these factors, and others, affect the price of your website.
29th Mar: #DYK there is more than one way to create a url redirect?
29th Mar: When you’re in the early stages of creating a new website, you face an important choice: should you use a web conte…
29th Mar: Looks like Snappy is ready to take over the world! 🐊🏙
29th Mar: Do you know how to look for a domain name, and then what to do when you find the one for you?
29th Mar: There are lots of website builders with lots of features. Sometimes the simple option is the right option.
28th Mar: A great #websitebuilder lets you get online quick, without writing any code. #WordPress offers you more control, b…
27th Mar: Do I need a #webhost for my new #WordPress site? Find out. ⬇️
27th Mar: Find out how to select the perfect stock photo. 👌
27th Mar: Are you trying to keep up with a blog in your spare time? Check out these tools that could make your life easier.…
27th Mar: Did you see the fun postcards in the HostGator booth at #altsummit? Stop by and see us in the Riviera Hotel and s…
27th Mar: You can get a great #websitedesign from a free theme.
27th Mar: Every 👏 Website 👏 Must 👏 Look 👏 Good 👏 On 👏 Mobile 👏 Period. 👏
27th Mar: Ready to sell products and accept payments online? Follow these 8 steps.
26th Mar: Learn what to look for in a dedicated host, plus tips on finding the best cheap and reliable dedicated hosting for…
26th Mar: Wondering how much is too much to pay for a website? 💰
26th Mar: Do you know what to look for in a website design template?
26th Mar: A #websitebuilder that sticks with the basics could be the right choice for your new website.
26th Mar: We love to hear from our happy customers! Thanks for the shout-out, @Nip_Propane !
26th Mar: New guide shows you how to get the right dedicated server hosting at the right price.
25th Mar: If the goal of your website is to sell products, you need to consider these design elements to help increase conver…
25th Mar: Pros and cons of using a website builder.
25th Mar: If you are looking for a new website design, a template could be the way to go. Learn more. ⬇️
25th Mar: How does shared hosting work, and is that what I need for my website? We have to answers to these and more…
24th Mar: Get more from your Google PPC advertising.
24th Mar: Are you ready to blog?
22nd Mar: No matter what you write for your website or blog, or even how good it is... poor visuals will turn readers away.
22nd Mar: Looking to improve the performance of your #WordPress blog? Try these plugins.
22nd Mar: If you’re just building a website for fun or to share information with friends and family, a free hosting option is…
22nd Mar: A great way to build trust and authority on your website is by using professional photos.
21st Mar: New domain name? Existing domain name? Which option is best?
21st Mar: Should you get a domain name with a hosting account, or purchase it separately? Find out.
21st Mar: If you’re going to devote a portion of your marketing budget to Google PPC, you want to make sure you get the most…
21st Mar: Remember these 𝟓 factors when looking for that perfect website design template.
21st Mar: Our new Gator Website Builder, is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop website builder for anyone that has an idea for a w…
20th Mar: Learn the facts about how to use a #websitebuilder.
20th Mar: 5 ways to drive more blog traffic with videos: ✔︎ Grab attention ✔︎ Boost Engagement ✔︎ Explain Concepts ✔︎ Answer…
20th Mar: There are over 1.8 billion websites already online. Is one of them using the #domainname you have picked out?
20th Mar: Thanks for the shout out! 🤗
20th Mar: Who else is ready for #Spring2019! Happy #FirstDayofSpring! 🌷
19th Mar: Should you use free #webhosting or go for the paid subscription? 😬 Read on to learn the difference.
19th Mar: Feeling good about your bracket selections? 😀🏀 Test your own hoops skill in the HostGator Buzzer Beater game:…
19th Mar: No matter what you write for your website or blog, or even how good it is... Poor visuals will turn readers away.
19th Mar: WordPress plugins can help you get the most out of your blog. But there are so many to choose from. How do you kno…
19th Mar: Is it time for a website redesign? Use this handy ✔︎-list!
18th Mar: PPC is a powerful, and sometimes necessary marketing tool. Use these tips to improve your ROI.
18th Mar: Consider these 5 factors for your website design: ✓Header design ✓Navigation design ✓Functionality ✓Content Area ✓M…
18th Mar: HostGator is happy to be a #devopsdays #houston Silver Sponsor! See you at the event on Apr 16.…
18th Mar: What is a website builder? 🤷🏼‍♂️
17th Mar: Were you even aware that your website images are important for #SEO?
16th Mar: Do your research before buying that domain name.
16th Mar: Find out how domain names work, and tips for selecting one for your new website.
15th Mar: Find out: ✓ Why your domain name is important. ✓ How to buy the domain name you want.
15th Mar: Is there any reason to pay for something you can get for free? Depends on your needs.
15th Mar: Make sure your website theme offers the functionality options you need and then use metrics to make sure it is perf…
15th Mar: We love to hear from a happy customer! @HGSupport team rocks! 👏
15th Mar: Find out how videos can help you attract more people to your blog, and keep them engaged. #blogger #contentmarketing
15th Mar: Make sure your product videos are easy to find and easy to watch. Use these tips 👇
14th Mar: Want to gain subscribers, raise your social media profile, and ace SEO for your #WordPress blog? Try these plugins.
14th Mar: Want to add additional domains to your existing HostGator account? This video shows you how!
14th Mar: Make the most of your #socialmedia efforts.
14th Mar: Find out how to: ✓Select your theme ✓Customize your design ✓Organize your website ✓Create the main pages ✓Add your…
14th Mar: Learn how to create content that builds a relationship with your desired audience.
13th Mar: Want to grow your blog traffic? Be sure to include videos. 🎞
13th Mar: Use great content to increase conversions. 🙌
13th Mar: Before you start building out your website, you need to figure out what its name will be.
13th Mar: Why are some domains more valuable than others?
13th Mar: What is your biggest challenge in starting or managing a website? Feel free to add your own in the comments.
13th Mar: The first step to building a business or personal website is to buy a domain name.
13th Mar: We created Gator for anyone who has an idea for a website and wants to build and launch a website with ease. Check…
12th Mar: Your website content may be good, but it it optimized? 😲
12th Mar: Pick a great #WordPress theme and then make it your own with simple customizations.
12th Mar: Better product videos = more sales for you. 💸
12th Mar: Ready to start your fashion, travel, or lifestyle blog? Make sure you pick a theme to match your personality.
12th Mar: Product Categories - set them up and help customers find what they need, fast!
11th Mar: What if you find out the #DomainName you wanted is not available?
11th Mar: Hope you get a chance to participate in #NationalNappingDay. Snappy is getting in a few winks. 💤
11th Mar: 20 tips for marketing your #SmallBusiness on social media.
11th Mar: Considering the new Gator Website Builder for your website? Check out the webinar replay that shows you how easy i…
9th Mar: Is it time to buy your very own domain name?
9th Mar: What #WordPress theme is that site using?
8th Mar: See how easy it can be to get online with the new Gator Website Builder! #gatorbuilder 🐊
8th Mar: How much will that domain name cost?
8th Mar: Who owns that #domainname? 😯
7th Mar: 🚫 Learn what not-to-do when building your email lists. #emailmarketing
7th Mar: Step by step tutorial shows you how easy it can be to build a great website. 🔥
7th Mar: Want to make your mark online? Use this list to help find the type of website that is right for you!
7th Mar: See the benefits you get with a dedicated IP address. #website #webhosting
7th Mar: You could be just 8 👣 away from a profitable #ecommerce website.
7th Mar: Is your photography website designed to impress?
6th Mar: Ever thought of running your own gaming server?
6th Mar: A great shipping policy—one that gives your customers free options, and fast options, and provides delivery trackin…
6th Mar: Oh, the things you can do with the new Gator Website Builder! Here are 7 of our favorites.
5th Mar: Make sure the time you spend on #socialmedia really pays off.
5th Mar: ✅ Get the right dedicated server hosting at the right price.
5th Mar: If you have a website - you need to understand how to create and track conversions. 📊
5th Mar: What hosting option is best for your business? We break it down. ⬇️ #dedicatedhosting #sharedhosting
5th Mar: Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler! If you are celebrating today, have a fun and safe #MardiGras! #Carnival2019…
5th Mar: Completely redesigned for a better, more efficient hosting and account management integration. Check out the sleek…
5th Mar: Need an upgrade? Find out how #DedicatedHosting works & how much you can expect it to cost.
4th Mar: A #dedicatedserver can provide a ton of advantages for the right kind of user. Are you the right kind of user?
4th Mar: Gators do love a good parade!
4th Mar: Yes, you need product videos for your online store.
4th Mar: Is a dedicated IP right for your website? We explain what it is and what kinds of websites will benefit from it.
4th Mar: Ever wanted to run your own gaming server?
3rd Mar: The perfect #WordPress theme can help your #smallbusiness website reach the customers you want and need.
2nd Mar: Get your website online today with Gator Website Builder! 🔥#gatorbuilder 🐊
1st Mar: ☛ What it is? ☛ How much does it cost? ☛ How do I use it? Your Content Management Systems questions answered.
1st Mar: What is a dedicated IP server? Do you need one? Will it benefit your website?
1st Mar: Give your new fashion blog the right look by picking the right theme. 🤳
1st Mar: Find out what kind of content will help you increase website conversions. 🤔
1st Mar: Get the new website building for beginners guide!
1st Mar: Ready to sell your goods and services online? Find out what it takes. #ecommerce
28th Feb: Looking for that perfect #WordPress theme? 😍
28th Feb: Customized marketing emails can help open the door to more revenue. 💰 Get more #emailmarketing tips. 👇
28th Feb: Is your shipping policy understood by customers before they even add an item to the cart? 🛒
28th Feb: Decided on a #domainname for your website? GREAT! 🙌 Find out what to do next. ⬇️
27th Feb: Gator Website Builder has it all! 🔥 Here are the top 10 things to love! 💜 #gatorbuilder 🐊
27th Feb: New blog takes a look a the history between dedicated IPs and SSL certificates.
27th Feb: Is it time to go all in? >> 3 signs you should turn your #sidehustle into a full-time business via @FastCompany
27th Feb: Create a website in 6 easy steps: ✔︎ Pick the right plan ✔︎ Set up your domain ✔︎ Create your account ✔︎ Choose a t…
26th Feb: See how a #dedicatedserver can help to improve gaming, plus the top considerations when choosing a dedicated server…
26th Feb: Sitting on some domain names that you have no use for? Have you thought of selling them?
26th Feb: Want to show up higher in Google Search Results? Your website needs Search Engine Optimization. Get started with ou…
26th Feb: ✓ What is an IP Address? ✓ What is a Dedicated IP Address? ✓ How Do Dedicated and Shared IP Addresses Differ? You…
26th Feb: Our new Gator Website Builder, is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop website builder for anyone that has an idea for a w…
26th Feb: Making these mistakes could derail your marketing and sales efforts. 💣
26th Feb: Learn why you need to keep #WordPress and your plugins up-to-date.
25th Feb: Need a website refresh? Then you need this checklist.
25th Feb: Here’s how to create shipping options that your online customers expect.
25th Feb: Every business, big or small, starts with an idea. Success comes from hard work and continued belief in yourself.…
25th Feb: 📣 Get your Domain Name here! Purchase and manage all your domains with HostGator - your one-stop-shop for domains.…
25th Feb: Use great content to increase conversions.
25th Feb: 🤷🏼‍♂️Does my business need #dedicatedhosting? If you get a large volume of traffic or expect to grow rapidly you m…
24th Feb: Picking the right #WordPress theme is the key to getting the right look for your lifestyle blog. #bogger #blogging
23rd Feb: Our own Suhaib Zaheer shares core tips for everything from getting online to maintaining an optimized web presence.…
23rd Feb: Looking for the ultimate gaming experience? Dedicated server hosting may be what you need! (dedicated hosting and…
22nd Feb: Did you have a question at the #gatorbuilder webinar?
22nd Feb: Are you making these #emailmarketing mistakes? 😱
22nd Feb: Dedicated IP addresses used to be a necessity if you wanted to install an SSL certificate on your site. But, with c…
22nd Feb: Have an idea for a website, but not sure where to start? Check out the New Gator Website Builder. #gatorbuilder 🐊
22nd Feb: The best #websitebuilder for beginners. When will you create your first website?
22nd Feb: "Having a strong online presence is the key to business success in today’s digital world, especially for small and…
21st Feb: 𝐐: Can a #websitebuilder make it easier to create an #eCommerce website? 𝐀: YES! See how it works and how to pick…
21st Feb: Building out your eCommerce store with a website builder is a pretty simple and intuitive process. If you’re usin…
21st Feb: See how easy it can be to get online with the new Gator Website Builder! #gatorbuilder
21st Feb: Learn what dedicated IP and shared hosting actually are, how they differ, and the pros & cons of each.
21st Feb: Use your website to build trust with your audience.
21st Feb: Thinking of upgrading? Find out how #DedicateHosting works & how much you can expect it to cost.
20th Feb: Confused about the benefits of having a dedicated IP address?
20th Feb: Don’t forget to subscribe to the monthly HostGator newsletter by texting SNAPPYTIPS to 22828. Stay up to date on…
20th Feb: We are seeking customers to participate in the HostGator Customer Advisory Panel. See the details and apply:…
20th Feb: So many great questions today during #hgportal webinar. We’ll be recapping the best and most relevant questions in…
20th Feb: #hgportal webinar is being recorded. Link will be provided to everyone who registered via email, plus will be made…
20th Feb: It’s easier than ever to manage your HostGator account in the new #hgportal. ✓ Billing and payment history ✓ Cont…
20th Feb: Set up your customized email domain; create and manage multiple email accounts in the new Customer Portal. #hgportal
20th Feb: “One of our favorite new features is that the portal is now #mobileresponsive." Make adjustments to your account f…
20th Feb: "Creating a website gets easier and easier every day!" Our presenter Sean shows how easy it is to set up and launch…
20th Feb: The Marketplace has been redesigned to show what add-ons you have installed, plus more features or functionality th…
20th Feb: If you have a domain on HostGator, you can easily access the #SSL administrator to keep your website and your data…
20th Feb: Check out the sleek modern design that makes it easier to find the tools and resource you need to quickly create an…
20th Feb: #hgportal attendee poll results are in. Tell us how you would answer the question: What type of website do you hav…
20th Feb: Great news - the new customer portal is now LIVE. Login to your HostGator account today and see it for yourself. We…
20th Feb: #hgportal webinar has started! 😀🐊 Thanks for following along, and be sure to tweet your own comments.
20th Feb: The HostGator #webinar presenting the New Customer Portal is starting in 10 minutes! Follow along here for some k…
20th Feb: It’s #webinar Wednesday for HostGator! 🐊 Hope you will be joining us at 12PM CST for the HostGator Portal DEMO! Th…
20th Feb: Does my business website need a content management system? 🤷🏼‍♂️
20th Feb: Ready to take your #emailmarketing to the next level? Here are 5 reasons to use @ConstantContact today.
19th Feb: Using an omnichannel approach to market your #smallbusiness can help you reach the right customers in the right pla…
19th Feb: Looking for a great #websitebuilder? Check out what our new Gator Website Builder can do. #gatorbuilder 🐊
19th Feb: Register now for tomorrow’s #webinar! See the improvements we have made to the HostGator Customer Portal. Live Demo…
19th Feb: Want to sell your products or services online? 💳 Use a #WebsiteBuilder? #ecommerce
18th Feb: Tips for great content: ✓ Put Customers First ✓ Create Unique Content ✓ Use Subject Matter Experts ✓ Be Authentic…
17th Feb: See how a #websitebuilder can help you build an #eCommerce store in record time! ⏱
17th Feb: See what’s new with the HostGator Customer Portal during the #webinar on Wed, Feb 20. Reserve your spot today:…
16th Feb: #DYK - your new online business probably needs to be licensed. 😱
16th Feb: HostGator Customer Portal is: ✔️New and Improved ✔️Easier to Use See it for yourself on Wed, Feb 20 at 12PM CST.…
15th Feb: Is #dedicatedhosting a good fit for your website? Find out.👇
15th Feb: Looking for #webhosting, but not sure what you need?
15th Feb: If you are selling online, when and how should you be collecting sales tax? Find out.
15th Feb: You come up with the great idea. Let HostGator help you set up your online business.
15th Feb: HostGator’s Customer Portal has been redesigned to make it even easier to manage your website(s). Get a guided tour…
15th Feb: Create social media content that appeals to your customers and prospects. 😘 Find out how:…
15th Feb: Have you seen the new HostGator #websitebuilder? 😍 Check out 10 reasons we love it, and why we think you will too:…
14th Feb: Use #emailmarketing to stay connected with your website visitors. 🤗 Find out how to set up an email drip campaign f…
14th Feb: Let customers know their data will be safe with you. 🙂 Use these 3 tips to keep your website, and your customer dat…
14th Feb: Boost your #SEO efforts with link building. 😘 Find out how #backlinks work and how to get more for your website.…
14th Feb: Create a blog that puts you ahead of the competition. 😋 Get started with these 5 simple steps:…
14th Feb: Dazzle your website visitors with great content! 😀 Use these tips to create landing page content that converts more…
14th Feb: Design a website you (and your customers) will love! 😍 Check out this guide to web design best practices:…
14th Feb: 🌹Roses are red, 🍬 customers are sweet, 👕 get a FREE t-shirt if you reply to this tweet! See how 👇 Tell us what yo…
14th Feb: HostGator customers - get a look at the new & improved, easier-to-use, customer portal. 🔥🔥 Join us for a LIVE DEMO…
13th Feb: Every great website starts with a great domain name. HostGator can help with that!…
13th Feb: Thanks to all who participated in the #gatorbuilder webinar or #livetweet! Check back soon for a #webinar replay o…
13th Feb: 3 plans - one for every need. Pick the plan and term link that works for your website or your business!…
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13th Feb: The ‘store’ options in #gatorbuilder include great product page templates. You can use your photos, or our stock li…
13th Feb: Have products you need to sell? Drag-and-drop your way to selling online. “One of the best features of the Gator…
13th Feb: #gatorbuilder webinar poll #2. See how attendees answered and add your response below. What type of website do you…
13th Feb: Take advantage of the free stock imagery provided. Drag-and-drop them right onto your pages. The library is sorted…
13th Feb: #gatorbuilder webinar attendee poll results are in - how would you answer this question? What is the biggest chall…
13th Feb: All of the design templates are mobile-friendly, meaning they will automatically adjust to the screen size your web…
13th Feb: Customization is easy. Just drag-and-drop to add, remove, or move text and graphical elements to get the website la…
13th Feb: Templates Galore! Get a website that matches your business and your brand. We have over 200 pre-designed template…
13th Feb: “48% of people say a website’s design is the #1 factor in deciding the credibility of a business… yet ⅔ of small…
13th Feb: #gatorportal webinar has started! 😀🐊 Thanks for following along, and be sure to tweet your own comments.
13th Feb: The Gator Website Builder #webinar is starting in 10 minutes! ⌛️ Follow along here for some key quotes and live tw…
13th Feb: #𝟏 - Drag, drop, publish - It’s that simple Add text & images, plus dynamic elements (buttons, videos), with drag-a…
13th Feb: Test your #SEO skills with this short quiz. How did you stack up?
12th Feb: What is a Content Management System anyway?
12th Feb: Tomorrow is the day. We are excited to show you the new Gator Website Builder from HostGator! 🐊 See how it works a…
12th Feb: Doing #emailmarketing right for your #smallbiz helps to level the playing field against larger competitors.
12th Feb: For small businesses with limited time and budget, a website builder is usually the best choice when just starting…
12th Feb: #𝟐 - Great looking sites - 200+ templates. Over 200 scalable & unique design themes to help your business stand out…
11th Feb: Ready to start your online business? Congratulations. 🎊 Do you know what licenses and permits are required?
11th Feb: Consumers want to buy from brands they can trust.
11th Feb: #GatorBuilder #Webinar is in 2 DAYS! Don’t miss your opportunity to see a demo of the NEW Gator Website Builder fr…
11th Feb: What is omnichannel marketing anyway⁇
11th Feb: #𝟑 - Mobile-friendly sites - no added work. Any template you use will have a mobile-friendly version - great for SE…
10th Feb: Two webinars from HostGator in February. 🔥🔥 See the new Gator Website Builder on Feb 13, & the redesigned customer…
10th Feb: Here is a list of the most popular HostGator blogs of 2018, plus a recap of each. What was your favorite blog?
10th Feb: #𝟒 - A library of photos - ready to use. All packages come with a free library of stock photos. 10 Reasons to Love…
9th Feb: Does your current website design spark joy? 💓
9th Feb: #𝟓 - Built-in Analytics Keep an eye on your website’s performance with detailed website analytics. 10 Reasons to L…
8th Feb: Here are seven useful things you can do with our new Gator Website Builder! 👍 #gatorbuilder
8th Feb: Create product categories with your customers in mind.
8th Feb: ✔Privacy ✔GDPR ✔Anti-spam ✔Accessibility Understand which of these regulations affect your online business so yo…
8th Feb: Use a #WordPress plugin to help you with adding taxes to orders, 💳and reporting on taxes collected. 🗂
8th Feb: #𝟔 - Tell Your Story - Start a Blog Get a website ✚ a #blog that integrates seamlessly w/ your design. 10 Reasons…
8th Feb: See how easy it can be to design and build your own website! Gator Website Builder from HostGator #Webinar - Fe…
7th Feb: Learn what to look for in a #websitebuilder for your #ecommerce website.
7th Feb: Category filters (to refine category results by color, size, or something else) help customers find what they want…
7th Feb: Let customers in your vicinity know you are near so they are encouraged to stop by. 🗺
7th Feb: Gotta love website speed improvements! 👏👏👏
7th Feb: Always dreamed of being an #entrepreneur? ✨ Starting an online business is easier than ever!
7th Feb: #TBT - Who remembers Uncle Carl and his crazy inventions? He was the king of #hustle. 😂
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7th Feb: ✓Building an online store is easier than ever.
6th Feb: Website builders are an easy-to-use option when you want to create a website but have little technical skills. Us…
6th Feb: Live Demo: See the new, frustration-free #websitebuilder from HostGator! Wednesday, Feb 13, 12:00 PM CST Register N…
6th Feb: Let your customers help you craft a successful #contentstratgy. Find out how to get their input.
6th Feb: With today’s web builders you can literally drag and drop your way to a great eCommerce webstore. 🙌
6th Feb: #𝟖 - Manage Your Social Media Accounts Easily connect social accounts & post directly to your pages. 10 Reasons to…
6th Feb: #WordPress is a great option for your blog, but not all WordPress websites are the same.
5th Feb: Have you ever come across a website design you loved? 💓 Find out if they are using a WordPress theme, and which on…
5th Feb: HostGator contributes website tips to this @SmBizDaily article! 8 things #smallbusiness owners need to know in 201…
5th Feb: No. 𝟗 - Website Security Free SSL Certificates for all customers! 🐊10 Reasons to Love Gator Website Builder from H…
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31st Jan: Better communication starts with listening. 👂
31st Jan: Take a look back at the top 5 HostGator blog posts from 2018. What topics should we cover in 2019? Let us know in…
31st Jan: Are you ready to set up your online store or small business website? Make sure you’re clear on the laws you’ll need…
31st Jan: Turn Snappy 🐊into a masterpiece on #InspireYourHeartWithArtDay! ❤️🎨 Share your original drawing, photo, macaroni a…
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31st Jan: Learn 10 ways to get your website in better shape. Start today!
30th Jan: Do you have a website? Did you use a pre-designed template, or is it a custom designed layout?
30th Jan: 📣 Have you heard about the new Gator Website Builder from HostGator? 🐊 It makes building your dream website easier…
30th Jan: Website newbie? Use this guide to set up and create a beautiful website all by yourself. 🔥
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29th Jan: The new Gator 🐊 Website Builder makes it easier than ever to create a beautiful website without a ton of technical…
29th Jan: Find out how to get feedback from your customers that can help shape a successful content strategy for your busines…
29th Jan: Nice reminder of special days coming next month, and how to incorporate them into your communication plan.
29th Jan: From business idea 💡 to launch 🍾, we outline 9 steps you need to start an online business.
28th Jan: If you have a storefront, you need to promote your location online so customers can find you.
27th Jan: 😧 Are You Sure I Can Build My Own Website? 😃 Yes - you can!
26th Jan: Making any of these mistakes could mean big trouble for your new website. 🚨
26th Jan: New to the HostGator File Manager? This video shows you how to use it.
25th Jan: #SmallBusiness owners have a long to-do-list. 📃 Finding the right #websitebuilder can save you 🕐 and 💰 when buildi…
24th Jan: ✔️ Are there customers for your product? ✔️ Do they have the $ to buy your product? ✔️ Who will be your competitor…
24th Jan: In honor of #NationalComplimentDay - here is our multiple-choice quiz. ✔️ all answers that apply:
24th Jan: "The best way to predict the future is to create it." How will you create your future? #hustle💯 #entrepreneur…
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24th Jan: Make 2019 the year you turn your blog into a revenue stream. 🤑🔥
23rd Jan: How do you choose the best website builder for your small business website? Keep an eye out for these key features.
23rd Jan: You have options when it comes to hosting your website. This #Infographic breaks it down. Learn more here:…
23rd Jan: Make sure you have met the right permit and registration requirements for your new business. ✔️
22nd Jan: How To Create a Blog in WordPress via @TaxTwerk
22nd Jan: We love you back, @Theaprilblake! 💓 Be sure to check out her site for some great recipes!
22nd Jan: Website Building for Beginners.
22nd Jan: You have options when it comes to hosting your website. This #Infographic breaks it down. Learn more now:…
21st Jan: If you have to pay to for #webhosting, you should understand what it is. 🗒
21st Jan: Find out how to use Google AdSense to start earning 💵💵 from your #website or #blog.
21st Jan: "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at…
21st Jan: See what the most common website building mistakes are. 🙀 And learn how to avoid them:
21st Jan: Read it here, read it now. 🗞 We recap the most popular HostGator blogs from 2018! #websitetips #websitedesign…
20th Jan: Web hosting 😝 😝 who needs it anyway?
19th Jan: Need an upgrade? Find out how #DedicatedHosting works 🔧 & how much you can expect it to cost. 💰
19th Jan: ✅ Check out our NEW step-by-step guide ✍️to building a website! Beginners welcome!
18th Jan: Starting a new business is exciting. But paperwork 📝is required if you want to stay out of trouble.
18th Jan: Keep your WordPress website secure 🔓 with these 5 plugins. #websecurity #cybersecurity #WPSecurity
18th Jan: Use these 5 tips to give your business a competitive edge.
17th Jan: What kind of #website owner should use dedicated hosting? And how much does is cost? Find out ⬇️
17th Jan: 5 Tips for Building a Website, Best Marketing Practices, Are You Living the American Dream?, The Small Business Ret…
17th Jan: Find out how DIY website building works, and learn #WhatNotToDo when you chose this route.
16th Jan: How easy it it to make a purchase 💳 on your #ecommerce #website? New blog explores payment gateways and payment me…
16th Jan: Turning your WordPress site into an online learning platform requires some work, but it’s simpler and more straight…
16th Jan: 5 Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce SEO Without Building a Single Link via @BrockbankJames, @sejournal
16th Jan: Think you know #SEO? 🤔 Take this quiz now and test your knowledge. 📝👨‍🎓
16th Jan: Have questions about #webhosting? We have answers. ⬇️
16th Jan: Have you set goals for your website in 2019? 🎯
15th Jan: In THIS corner is shared hosting 🥊 to help you reduce costs for your small website. And in THIS corner we have VPS…
15th Jan: Snappy does love a great hat. 🎩 Let us know which one you like best. #NationalHatDay
15th Jan: Thinking of creating an online store? You may need an #eCommerce website builder. 🛒
14th Jan: 🔓 Security 🐞 Bug-Fixes ✅ Improvements 3 reasons you need to upgrade your #WordPress #website. Find out how to do…
14th Jan: Building your own website is easy! Follow this guide and you can do it without ever writing a piece of code.
14th Jan: Do you need a side hustle in 2019? Launch your new business with one of these 12 trending online business ideas! 💡
12th Jan: Send your website into warp speed with these tips. 🚀
11th Jan: Just getting started with #SEO? Our new #eBook walks you through the basics so you can boost your site’s visibili…
11th Jan: Check out our step-by-step guide on how to build a great website. 🔥🔥
10th Jan: Use these seven tips to reduce site load times and boost the user experience on your website in 2019. 📈
10th Jan: Do you own or work for a #SmallBusiness? What do you think is a big trend for 2019? Let us know in the comments. 👇…
10th Jan: Creating your website 🖥 isn’t enough. It takes work 💪to make sure your audience can find it. The good news 📰 is you…
10th Jan: #Infographic shows you the pros & cons of #WebHosting options. Learn more here:
10th Jan: Everyone uses their phone to search online. Make sure your website looks good on the small screen! 📱
9th Jan: Is it actually important to upgrade your #WordPress site? The answer is simple: 𝒀𝑬𝑺 ✔️
9th Jan: Find out how live streaming can help drive traffic to your website. PLUS 5 brands that are doing it right.
9th Jan: Always nice to hear from a happy HostGator customer! 🐊 😊 So glad we could help with your server move.
9th Jan: Check out all the features you get with HostGator! 🐊 Web hosting made easy! ✅
9th Jan: Building your own website is easy! Follow this guide and you can do it without ever writing a piece of code.
9th Jan: Find out how #WebHosting works, and why websites need it.
9th Jan: If you want to build a website, you should understand what #webhosting is and how it works.
8th Jan: Need an upgrade? Find out how #DedicateHosting works & how much 💵 you can expect it to cost.
8th Jan: "What are WordPress portfolio plugins?" Glad you asked... 👨‍🏫
7th Jan: Is 2019 the year you finally start your own online business? Use these ideas to jump-start your entrepreneurial dre…
7th Jan: Have you asked this question about your website? #DedicatedHosting
7th Jan: Back 👏 Up 👏 Your 👏 Website 👏
5th Jan: What do you think we can expect in 2019? #WebDesign
4th Jan: Choosing the right #WebHost for your site could be the difference between success and failure. Learn what to look f…
4th Jan: Expand your #SocialMedia reach and increase web traffic in 2019 with Pinterest. 📌
4th Jan: You are killing it on Social Media. Do you even need a website?
4th Jan: At HostGator, we are all dancing into Friday! Hope everyone had a great first week of 2019. And if you get a brea…
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3rd Jan: #EmailMarketing 📧 is a great way to keep your blog readers coming back for more.
3rd Jan: Every #SmallBusiness needs a website. 🖥 And most websites need #webhosting. Use these tips to get it right.
2nd Jan: What do you think about #Snappy🐊 😉
2nd Jan: #WordPress is a great option, but not all WordPress websites are the same.
2nd Jan: Start here to attract an audience for your website: ✔️Search Engine Optimization #SEO ✔️Social Media Promotion ✔️Cr…
2nd Jan: Are you curious? #webhosting #domain 👩‍💻
1st Jan: Cheers to the New Year! Snappy is looking forward to a great 2019! #HappyNewYear2019 🥂🎉
31st Dec: Slow website turning your customers away? 🐌 Have no fear, help is here! Just follow these tips for a warp speed…
31st Dec: How will you be celebrating the new year?
29th Dec: Check out this guide before building your website. #websitebuilding #webdesign #webhosting
28th Dec: Draw readers into your blog with a great title. Use these 10 tips to get it right: #blog #blogger
28th Dec: “Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.” Get star…
28th Dec: Every great website starts with a great domain name. HostGator can help with that! #domain #webhost #webhosting
27th Dec: 10 things to look for in #webhosting for your #eCommerce #website.
27th Dec: Find out what #DedicatedHosting actually is, the kind of benefits it offers your site, and which types of sites nee…
27th Dec: If you are going to start a blog, make it a great blog Use these tips to get you started.
25th Dec: Merry Christmas and Happy Ho-Ho-Hosting from the entire HostGator family!
23rd Dec: You know who is coming to town❗️ Are you on the 😡 or 😇 list? 🎅🏻📜
22nd Dec: If you have a #website, you should probably know this.
21st Dec: Can your ideal customers even find your website on search? Get the #eBook that shows you how to get your site fou…
21st Dec: Whether you are just getting started, or have an established affiliate marketing practice, you need to understand w…
21st Dec: Why is it so hard to find a domain name that’s not already taken? 🤔
20th Dec: We have the best customers!! Thanks for the shout out - glad to hear the amazing @HGSupport team resolved your issu…
20th Dec: 🛑 Before you start to build your website, read this.
20th Dec: What do you hope to accomplish with your website in 2019? 🎯
19th Dec: SPOILER ALERT: Yes, you need a website. Just get started already. 🏁
18th Dec: Did you do #marketresearch before you started your business? 📈 Have you done it since? 📉 Markets change - keep the…
18th Dec: Do you have a service-based business? Can potential customers find you online? Learn what it takes to create a webs…
17th Dec: Your #webhosting questions answered: 🙌
17th Dec: What are you doing different, or better than the competition?
16th Dec: Fantastic crowd at the #atx #jinglebellrun. Even #Bevo stopped by to get a Snappy! Come by and see us!!…
15th Dec: Use these #WordPress portfolio plugins to show off your best work: 📷🖼
14th Dec: Read the beginners guide to link building. 👇
14th Dec: If you are participating in the #Jinglebellrunatx on Sunday, Dec 16, look for @HostGator in the sponsor area. Play…
14th Dec: These 4 tips are just a small sample of the great #SmallBiz tips we received from HostGator customers during our…
13th Dec: Web Hosting vs Domain. 🥊 How are they different, and which do you need? Find out.
13th Dec: Choose a name for your business in 3 steps: ① Find out how your business fits into the market ② Research business…
12th Dec: "It’s no longer enough to simply have a nice-looking website. Small businesses and online retailers need websites t…
12th Dec: To beat the competition, you have to understand the competition.
12th Dec: Thanks to everyone who participated in the HostGator #SmallBiz holiday survival kit Giveaway! 🐊 Winners have been…
11th Dec: 2018 is almost over, what new design trends do you predict for 2019?
11th Dec: Get a better understanding of how #webhosting works.
11th Dec: Are you looking at this on a smart phone? How does your website look on mobile? 📱
10th Dec: #EmailMarketing 📧 is a great way to keep your blog readers coming back for more.
10th Dec: HostGator is proud to participate in the 2018 #Jinglebellrunatx. 🏃🏽 We invite all of our Austin friends to join us…
8th Dec: Pull in some extra holiday traffic and grow your customer base. 💵
7th Dec: Combining the power of your @WordPress content management system and @YouTube is just plain smart.
7th Dec: What is #WebHosting and who needs it? Find out. 👇
6th Dec: Check out these tips for advertising your website on a budget:
6th Dec: Create a successful blog in 5 easy steps! #blogger #blogging
5th Dec: Ever wonder who owns a domain?
4th Dec: Whether you’re working to rank on the first page of Google or beat Amazon, it can be achieved with these ten simple…
4th Dec: Did someone say #InternationalNinjaday? Who else is celebrating?
4th Dec: The new WordPress is coming - are you ready? #Gutenberg
3rd Dec: People spent over $687 billion during November and December alone last year and experts anticipate them spending ev…
2nd Dec: While each small business is different, in most cases there are ten main things you need in a web hosting plan for…
1st Dec: ✔️Improved Site Performance ✔️Outstanding Technical Support ✔️Domain-Associated Email Address ✔️...and more!
30th Nov: Pinterest recently reported that they are getting 250 million unique users a month. 5 ways you can start driving…
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20th Nov: THE TRAFFIC IS COMING. Make sure your website can handle it this #BlackFriday:
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19th Nov: We asked, you answered! We asked here on Twitter what you would do if you had extra 💸 to spend on your business th…
19th Nov: Get inspired with these 5️⃣awesome #eCommerce holiday campaigns!
18th Nov: Web hosting services are basically the online version of renting real estate for your home or business but —as you…
17th Nov: Your web host is also responsible for things like server maintenance, keeping the software and hardware up to date,…
17th Nov: This #Thanksgiving, spend time reflecting on all the blessings and opportunities in your life, and also remember th…
16th Nov: Getting ready to see #FantasticBeasts this weekend like...🔮
16th Nov: Benefits of using a #WebsiteBuilder ⬇️ 1. Quick Setup 2. Affordability 3. Pre-Designed Templates ...and more!
15th Nov: Get ready to build a successful #blog business in 2019 with these 5️⃣actionable steps!
15th Nov: Getting ready for next week like...👔🍗
14th Nov: 10 action items to add to your to-do list now to get your website in shape for 2019.🖥
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13th Nov: #NonProfits, take note! People give 40% more in December than the rest of the year.
12th Nov: Picture this: You’ve finally come up with the perfect domain name! 😁 You’re unbelievably excited.🤩 You head over t…
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11th Nov: Now’s the time to make your site more mobile-friendly, plan your holiday-sale merchandise offers, hatch a gift wrap…
11th Nov: You’ve worked hard on your website (and your brand) – so it’s important to take the time to protect it with these…
10th Nov: In the process of designing a new website? Check out our top #WebDesign trends of 2018 to guide you💻 ⬇️See: Hamburg…
10th Nov: To create a return policy that works for you and your customers, it helps to understand why online shoppers return,…
9th Nov: The holidays are coming! Not quite prepared yet? Here are 7️⃣last-minute ways you can use your #website and…
8th Nov: 85% of people turn to Google for product discovery and shopping. Without an #eCommerce website, your products have…
8th Nov: How do you make your website users so happy they might want to do The Carlton Dance?🕺 An excellent user experience…
8th Nov: Over 1/3 of consumers start their shopping before Thanksgiving, which means if you haven’t already developed and st…
7th Nov: Trying to figure out which website builder to go with can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know enough to e…
7th Nov: If your website doesn’t have a budget to put toward promotion, you still have some powerful ways to start reaching…
6th Nov: Our top 5️⃣ #WordPress portfolio plugins to show off your best work:
5th Nov: If your #business had extra $ this holiday season, what would you spend it on? 🎁 #SmallBiz
5th Nov: For the next couple of months, people will be in spending mode as they collect gifts for loved ones and prepare for…
4th Nov: Your guide to creating a successful #ecommerce website ⬇️
4th Nov: Make sure your #ReturnPolicy is on point📍this holiday season!
4th Nov: #BlackFriday is coming — but can your #website handle the traffic? How to prepare ⬇️
3rd Nov: Two shipping #fraud schemes⚠️ to watch out for this #holiday season and tips for protecting your store year-round…
1st Nov: Want your business featured on the HostGator blog and social media? Simply fill out this quick survey about your…
1st Nov: Can relate. Happy #November1st!
1st Nov: Does your company really need a blog? The short answer is… yes.
31st Oct: What should Snappy dress up as for #Halloween? #HappyHalloween
31st Oct: Happy Halloween! 👻 Are you dressing up? Tell us in the comments! #happyhalloween
30th Oct: Dedicated servers come with very high performance, as they can be configured to your exact needs, and provide a hig…
30th Oct: Are you using #GoogleAdWords for your business?🤔
29th Oct: Do you have a style guide? Make sure it includes: ✔️The website’s color scheme ✔️The logo design to use (and any v…
29th Oct: Quick tip: Make your content go a little further in search by creating relevant categories or tags on your blog usi…
29th Oct: You should be making a list, and checking it twice...📝Make shopping easier for your customers by creating a holiday…
29th Oct: The overall profitability of your niche will determine how much money you can make from your blog.
29th Oct: Breaking down the differences between a domain and a website, so you can set up your very first website.
27th Oct: In this blog⏩Learn why adding #YouTube videos to your site is a great idea, the different ways you can embed your v…
27th Oct: Over time, as your store experience gets easier for your customers, you should see fewer deserted carts and higher…
27th Oct: Benefits of using #WordPress shortcodes: 🔘Easily add contact forms 🔘Quickly add call-to-action buttons 🔘Add image g…
26th Oct: Is it time to upgrade #hosting plans? 👀Make sure your #website can handle the holiday rush this season:…
26th Oct: Here are twelve of the most popular types of websites you’ll see around the web.
26th Oct: Research found that over a third start shopping before Thanksgiving. Do you know when your #customers shop?
25th Oct: Let us walk you through what @WordPress review sites are and how you can build one and the best themes and plugins…
25th Oct: VPS? Shared? Cloud? WordPress? Dedicated server? What does it all mean?
25th Oct: #SmallBiz tip: Create unique coupon codes for each coupon that you offer in order to track which ones are most popu…
25th Oct: Who do you want to win #TheWorldSeries? The Red Sox or the Dodgers? ⚾️
24th Oct: Optimize pages for SEO ✅ Review return policy ✅ Test checkout process ✅
23rd Oct: #Twinning. 16 tips to promote your small business during the holidays in honor of our 16th birthday:…
22nd Oct: What should we celebrate our birthday with?🐊 #SnappyBirthday
22nd Oct: ⑮: Create an SEO plan for the future.
21st Oct: We have put together the ULTIMATE guide to creating your first website.🙌Step 1: Determine your website goals.
21st Oct: In navigating the line between professional and unprofessional, email addresses have an important role.
20th Oct: Want 55% more website visitors? Then blog.
19th Oct: Set measurable, specific goals for your website that are in line with your marketing goals.
19th Oct: ⑭: Submit your sitemap to @Google.
18th Oct: October is #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth! 🔒 Make sure to protect your #website with these basic hacker prevention t…
18th Oct: For people to be able to find your website, you have to figure out the right domain name and register it.
17th Oct: Can you guess how old HostGator is turning next week? 🎂🐊 #HappyBirthdayHostGator
17th Oct: ⑬: Link to other pages on your website.
17th Oct: What separates the successes from the failures? Among other things, a strategy and a good website.
16th Oct: Why you should start an #ecommerce store: 💵Less overhead costs 💡Your products get found in search 📱People can buy…
15th Oct: ⑫: Write unique meta descriptions.
13th Oct: You can’t assume your business website will be perceived as professional just because it represents a business.
12th Oct: Nearly half of all consumers on the Internet expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less.
12th Oct: ⑪: Optimize text on the page.
11th Oct: Cloud hosting can grow with your company as all you’ll need to do is add additional server resources if your site d…
10th Oct: ⑩: Optimize headings.
10th Oct: With numerous tools and tutorials available, any person can build a high quality site from scratch quickly.
9th Oct: Businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors.
8th Oct: ⑨: Optimize images.
8th Oct: Don’t limit yourself, your site or your dream. Choose web hosting that supports your goals as your business grows.
7th Oct: Stale content? Poor quality images? Broken links? All avoidable.
5th Oct: ⑧: Optimize title tags.
4th Oct: The templates that website builders use have been designed and coded by web design experts, so the site you create…
3rd Oct: ⑦: Optimize page URLs.
2nd Oct: How secure is your website? This checklist will help you figure it out.
2nd Oct: When people talk about pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, they’re talking about two potential channels: search and soci…
1st Oct: One creative way to make your site stand out? Make the product the star:
1st Oct: ⑥: Target primary keywords for each page.
1st Oct: You don’t need everyone on the internet to like your blog titles, but you do need the people in your target audienc…
30th Sep: By focusing on user experience you’ll improve certain metrics across your site that are good for SEO.
29th Sep: Instead of having to code a website from scratch, or construct a template from a prebuilt design, you’re relying on…
28th Sep: ⑤: Use a mobile-friendly design.
28th Sep: 301, 302, meta refresh... how does one choose?
27th Sep: While there’s some overlap between the different categories, in general, each type of website has certain goals to…
27th Sep: "Getting a ton of traffic to your site is great, but without a clear focus or calls to action (for monetization) in…
26th Sep: There’s never been an easier time than now to share your creativity, products and ideas with people worldwide.
26th Sep: With so many freebies readily available for use, there’s really no excuse to neglect your web design.
26th Sep: ④: Plan out your site’s architecture.
26th Sep: All HostGator hosting packages are eligible for free SSLs on all domains that are hosted within the hosting account and pointed by A record.
26th Sep: Why do online shoppers abandon their carts, and how can your store make them more likely to buy what they put in th…
25th Sep: Ever feel like all the good business ideas are taken?
25th Sep: Looking for some new creative design inspiration for your site? How about using parallax scrolling:…
25th Sep: 15 creative website design ideas:
24th Sep: Want a $40 Visa giftcard? Refer a friend to HostGator!
24th Sep: With a website builder, you’ll be able to drag and drop your site to completion. You can move around blocks of text…
24th Sep: Building a website can seem like a ton of work, but there are a number of tools available to make it easier.
23rd Sep: With the introduction of website builders, the process of getting your site online couldn’t be easier, not to menti…
22nd Sep: Cloud hosting is extremely reliable, because it draws its resources from multiple different servers. If one goes do…
21st Sep: A website redirect will take one website URL and point it to another. When anyone types in or clicks on that origin…
21st Sep: ③: Perform keyword research.
21st Sep: There are 5 main types of web hosting — do you know what they are?
20th Sep: At the end of the day, you build a website because you want to attract, engage, and convert customers. If your si…
20th Sep: Looking for a step-by-step guide for enabling your free SSL? Look no further!
20th Sep: People won’t bother reading the content you create unless you also nail the title.
20th Sep: How to find out who owns a domain:
19th Sep: Even basic knowledge of cPanel can be very beneficial to website beginners.
19th Sep: Want a $40 Visa giftcard? Refer a friend to HostGator!
19th Sep: Around 70% of eCommerce shopping carts with products in them are abandoned by shoppers before checkout. 😩
19th Sep: ⏰ = 💵
18th Sep: What is domain privacy and why do you need it?
18th Sep: You can significantly reduce the number of abandoning visitors by speeding up your website.
18th Sep: Only 37 percent of small businesses feel very confident about the security of their digital asset storage.
17th Sep: As the old adage goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
17th Sep: Don’t make your shoppers backtrack during checkout or navigate away to an aggregator site looking for coupon codes.
16th Sep: Send your friends to HostGator, and for each qualifying friend you refer, you will get a $40 Visa giftcard.
16th Sep: Your website’s up. You’re confident it’s awesome. But so far every time you check your analytics it’s just … cricke…
16th Sep: Remember, there is no right choice for everyone; the right type for you depends upon the needs of your site.
15th Sep: A quick guide to getting your own branded email address for your business, organization or side project.
14th Sep: Send your friends to HostGator, and for each qualifying friend you refer, you will get a $40 Visa giftcard.
14th Sep: ②: Select a reputable web hosting provider.
13th Sep: One creative design element you might want to employ on your site? Leaving the visitor wanting more:…
13th Sep: How to avoid shopping cart abandonment on your eCommerce site:
13th Sep: 5 ways to make your website more eco-friendly.
13th Sep: The free SSL lasts for 90 days from issuance and renews automatically at no cost to you so your site hosted with Ho…
12th Sep: Crafting a blog post? Stuck on the headline? Learn the popular headline formulas:
12th Sep: Have you ever clicked through to a website and immediately clicked away because you didn’t like what you saw? Don…
12th Sep: What are subdomains and how do they affect SEO?
11th Sep: A website is kind of like a car. It needs regular maintenance to perform optimally.
11th Sep: How to build a warp speed website:
10th Sep: 5 ways to redirect a website URL:
10th Sep: Love HostGator? For every qualifying friend you refer, you will get a $40 Visa giftcard.
10th Sep: Building a website used to require immense technical and development skills. But today, with the introduction of…
9th Sep: Ready to sell online? Launch your eCommerce store with this 5-step plan.
8th Sep: Love HostGator? For every qualifying friend you refer, you will get a $40 Visa giftcard.
8th Sep: How to optimize images on #WordPress for lightning fast loading.
7th Sep: 3 digital security tips for your small business:
7th Sep: "@CoSchedule analyzed the number of shares different posts got based on their Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) Score…
7th Sep: Before adding any new plugins to your site, ask yourself if the functionality you gain is worth the trade-off in si…
6th Sep: Site taking more than ❸ seconds to load? Not good.
6th Sep: 5 ways to turn your blog into an online brand:
6th Sep: 15 of the best #SEO blogs you should be reading: ( the @moz blog)
5th Sep: Ever wonder who owns that domain you want? It might be easier to figure out than you think.
5th Sep: ⓵: Choose your domain name carefully.
5th Sep: A dedicated server is exactly like it sounds. Your website and all of the necessary files are stored on a single ph…
4th Sep: Turn your website into a 🚀.
4th Sep: Need a website? Need it fast? Follow these 6 steps:
4th Sep: Follow the domain transfer request steps here and you’ll be able to easily transfer your domain name in no time.
3rd Sep: Shopping cart abandonment: The bane of eCommerce
3rd Sep: 10 tips for creating great blog titles:
2nd Sep: One way to make your site more green? Clean up your code.
2nd Sep: How to promote your new website with PPC:
1st Sep: How and why you should use @WooCommerce for your online store.
1st Sep: A website builder is a tool that lets you build a beautiful and functional website without any coding or design kno…
1st Sep: A badly organized site is confusing for the user, hard for the website owner to manage, and bad for SEO.
31st Aug: There are still a few weeks of summer left to implement new technology!
30th Aug: 3 simple tips to keep your #smallbiz digital assets secure
29th Aug: These #WordPress plugins can help with overall website security, community event management, fundraising and more.
29th Aug: About Us: How to tell your business story the right way
28th Aug: Avoid the pitfalls of human error by backing up your files.
28th Aug: 4 reasons why online marketing matters (and how you can do it better).
28th Aug: In navigating the line between professional and unprofessional, email addresses have an important role.
27th Aug: There are only a few days left to apply for our scholarship program!
27th Aug: Here it is: The final checklist you need before launching your website.
27th Aug: If you can setup a WordPress blog, your dream online store is closer than you might think.
26th Aug: The overall profitability of your niche will determine how much money you can make from your blog.
26th Aug: Benefits of using a website security checker
25th Aug: 94% of people say bad design keeps them from trusting a website, so yeah, read this.
25th Aug: 15 creative website design ideas
24th Aug: Sharing your creativity, products and ideas with people worldwide has never been easier.
24th Aug: Bolster your tech before this season ends with these tech initiatives.
23rd Aug: Let us walk you through the process of doing a site security check.
23rd Aug: These seven #WordPress plugins are ideal for non-profits.
22nd Aug: There are a number of tools and tutorials available so that any person can build a high quality site from scratch q…
22nd Aug: For people to be able to find your website, you have to figure out the right domain name and register it.
21st Aug: In 2017, 61 percent of SMBs have experienced an attack and 54 percent have experienced a data breach.
21st Aug: You launched your website - sweet! But do you know what it is doing for you?
21st Aug: How to (and why you should) add HTTPS to your WordPress site.
20th Aug: A step-by-step guide for enabling your free SSL with @HostGator.
20th Aug: Remember, there is no right choice for everyone; the right type for you depends upon the needs of your site.
20th Aug: 8 reasons why your website has a high bounce rate (and how to fix it).
19th Aug: Cloud hosting or shared hosting? Which one is better for you?
19th Aug: What separates the success from failure? Among other things, a strategy and a good website.
19th Aug: SEO 101: Best practices for website architecture
18th Aug: Website architecture: 6 best practices for SEO
17th Aug: Set measurable, specific goals for your website that are in line with your marketing goals.
17th Aug: 3 digital security tips for your small business
17th Aug: A guide to conducting a website safety check
16th Aug: People are more likely to do what you want them to do if you let them know what you want them to do
16th Aug: Planning your website out will give you clear direction as well as prevent missed deadlines and backtracking.
15th Aug: One important area of knowledge every business owner needs to take some time to understand is online marketing.
15th Aug: Unfortunately, simply having a website can put you at risk for a variety of different attacks and hazards.
14th Aug: A website security scanner will regularly check and monitor your site to look for any security weaknesses.
14th Aug: HTML 101: Master website management with this #HTML cheat sheet
13th Aug: #DYK: We offer a free SSL option for all our customers!
12th Aug: It may surprise you to know that when it comes to on-site SEO, what your URLs look like is actually really importan…
12th Aug: Deadline for our scholarship program is Aug. 30! Apply today!
12th Aug: Breaking down the differences between a domain and a website, so you can set up your very first website.
11th Aug: Before you actually put your website into the world, you want to be extra sure everything is right.
10th Aug: These 15 creative website ideas go beyond just images and fonts
10th Aug: Looking for a scholarship for school? Our deadline is in just a few weeks!
9th Aug: The free SSL lasts for 90 days from issuance and renews automatically at no cost to you.
8th Aug: Website architecture is important for improving your SEO, and it will make your life easier when maintaining the si…
8th Aug: Every business, organization or blog will have different needs.
8th Aug: Online Marketing 101: Basic introduction for business owners
7th Aug: Slow loading site, 509 errors, increasing security — these are just a few reasons to consider migrating to VPS.
7th Aug: A branded email address gives more legitimacy to your business.
7th Aug: Marketing 101: How to get better results from your calls to action
6th Aug: There is a lot of August left. Do you have your business marketing plan together?
6th Aug: The growth of website builders has made it easy to build a website without code. But knowing some basic HTML never…
5th Aug: The About Us section of your website has the potential to draw in customers, establish trust, and make people want…
4th Aug: Never cropped an image? Picked a font? Examined a color palette? This article is for you.
3rd Aug: 5 summer tech initiatives for small businesses
1st Aug: There is still a lot of summer left!
1st Aug: Planning your website out will give you clear direction as well as prevent missed deadlines and backtracking.
31st Jul: In addition to regularly backing up your files, taking the following 7 easy steps will help keep your website safe.
31st Jul: 9 practical steps for planning a website:
30th Jul: For anyone registering a domain name with HostGator, you have three different possible routes to take.
30th Jul: What is shared hosting? What is cloud hosting? Which one should you choose?
29th Jul: How to build a website:
29th Jul: In navigating the line between professional and unprofessional, email addresses have an important role.
28th Jul: 5 ways to evaluate the success of your website:
27th Jul: Building a website without a plan is like constructing a building without blueprints.
27th Jul: A quick guide to getting your own branded email address:
26th Jul: Ever feel like all the good business ideas are taken?
25th Jul: What’s the difference between a domain and a website?
25th Jul: What is a domain? What is a website? And, most importantly, how do they work together?
24th Jul: HostGator customers without a SSL certificate will be receiving a free one this July to comply with Google Chrome’s…
24th Jul: Ready to launch your new site? Take a spin through these 15 checklist items before you make it live.
23rd Jul: Have you implemented your free SSL yet?
23rd Jul: Starting in July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will alert users that a site isn’t secure if it doesn’t have an HTTP…
23rd Jul: There’s never been an easier time than now to share your creativity, products and ideas with people worldwide.
23rd Jul: 3 reasons domain privacy is worth it:
22nd Jul: If your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed by the time the HTTPS update is released, your site will dis…
22nd Jul: VPS? Shared? Cloud? WordPress? Dedicated server? What does it all mean?
22nd Jul: Compare the types of web hosting available and choose the best fit for your goals, budget, and technical skill leve…
22nd Jul: HostGator customers without a SSL certificate will be receiving a free one this July to comply with Google Chrome’s…
21st Jul: Creating a website is easier than most people expect it to be.


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7th Nov: Meet Bill!

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