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Is Lenovo a Decent Brand? - Lenovo is a Chinese producer of PCs, tablets, servers, and advanced mobile phones. Established in 1984, Lenovo has ended up one of the biggest makers of processing gadgets. In 2013, the organization bragged the most astounding measure of offers worldwide with right around 17 million units sold, a position beforehand held by HP since 2007. Lenovo as of now produces the acclaimed ThinkPad arrangement of portable PCs, once in the past made by IBM. Purchasers can purchase their items straightforwardly from the organization at, which offers their present equipment line-up and in addition a wide exhibit of PC embellishments and programming. The site likewise offers client support and documentation for Lenovo gadgets.

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Lenovo's site fundamentally serves as an online store for the organization's items and guests will be instantly welcomed with a wide assortment of Lenovo offerings. For US clients, offers the producer's whole line of portable PCs (counting ThinkPad's), desktop and "in with no reservations one" PCs, servers, workstations, and capacity. The store additionally offers an unfathomable exhibit of frill and programming. These incorporate peripherals, conveying cases, sound gadgets, PC segments, batteries and chargers, working frameworks, office projects, and considerably more. The choices are noteworthy and the site is anything but difficult to explore, making it simple to discover what you require rapidly. The site offers correlation diagrams too, permitting you to effortlessly think about the determinations of various gadgets you are looking for. likewise has an outlet store where they offer restored equipment for extensive discounts.

Is Reliable? is a much respected producer of figuring gadgets and frill and their items speak to a fantastic cost to-execution proportion. Their site,, is an incredible place for potential purchasers to see the organization's present line-up. While one may locate a superior arrangement on another site it merits investigating to research item details and look at the changed models accessible. It is exceptionally prescribed to routinely check the Lenovo outlet also for any arrangements and marked down stock.

Disadvantage review

Lamentably, does not have their cell phones accessible for US clients yet, in spite of the fact that the organization arrangements to bring their new "IdeaPhone" to U.S. showcases soon. To discover Lenovo's equipment drivers they are really found on rather than the primary site. Luckily there is a connection at the highest point of the page for the bolster site. At long last, a few customers have reported that the Lenovo ThinkPads are not as strong as the old IBM-made scratch pad, referring to second rate consoles and general form quality. This is something to consider for any potential purchaser who is peering toward another, Lenovo-produced ThinkPad. has an audit site where clients have written in their positives and negatives about specific items and this might be profitable before acquiring.


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10% Off Ideapad Y700 Laptops Coupon (to 5th Dec 2016)
9% Off YOGA 900 Laptop Coupon (to 30th Nov 2016)
15% Off Lenovo YOGA Mouse Orders Coupon (to 28th Nov 2016)
20% Off Thinkpad X1 Accessories Coupon (to 26th Nov 2016)
6% Off Orders Coupon (to 25th Nov 2016)
5% Off YOGA 500 Laptop Coupon (to 13th Nov 2016)


12th Feb2019: Happy birthday, Charles Darwin.
11th Feb2019: Does your smart speaker need a screen? Of course it does! #LenovoSmartDisplay
11th Feb2019: We were going to try and #ThinkPadTheGRAMMYs but our boss says “Beerbongs & ThinkPads” is unacceptable. Should we l…
9th Feb2019: Tablets have gotten smarter. And more versatile. Learn more about Lenovo Smart Tab here:
8th Feb2019: Hope everyone is winding down a great week. Did you do what you set out to do? If so, knock off early. If not, keep pounding. #HappyWeekend
8th Feb2019: In 1993 there was a ThinkPad (the 555BJ Bubble Jet) with a built-in printer. It also popped popcorn. OK, the first…
7th Feb2019: Gender balance--like other diversity goals--matters because it brings more ideas to the table and better products i…
7th Feb2019: Off-topic Thursday question: what is your go-to karaoke song and do you kill it (or just murder it)?
6th Feb2019: Two Chromebooks for two different settings: the rugged Lenovo 500e for education or the sleek Chromebook C330 for g…
6th Feb2019: IMPECCABLE. Slim, sleek all-metal unibody design. Nearly edgeless display. Just 1.2 kg and 12.2 mm thin. This is th…
4th Feb2019: Wishing wealth and good fortune to all. Happy Chinese New Year! #YearOfThePig #LunarNewYear
4th Feb2019: So, what time that game start? #SuperBowl
1st Feb2019: Sprinting into the weekend here. Hope you are too.
31st Jan2019: YOGA C930: "Super well-designed and powerful," according to @BusinessInsider. Learn more here:…
30th Jan2019: Lots of people can try to explain how Voice Command works. But can they do it while being attacked by a dog? Watch…
29th Jan2019: Your eyes can speak to your computer. Yes they can. Yoga S940 motion tracking.
28th Jan2019: Boring old ThinkPad. It never ever changes. Same old design, right? #NotSoMuch Learn more about ThinkPad X1 Yoga:…
25th Jan2019: Just another day at the office. (📷: @GARNIER_Willy)
15th Jan2019: "The time is always right to do what is right." The words and wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr. ringing in our ears today.
12th Jan2019: What a week. #LenovoCES #CES2019 Miss out? Learn more:
12th Jan2019: Powerful. Impeccably designed. Business sexy. We just unboxed the new ThinkPad X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga live from…
11th Jan2019: Coming soon: this miraculous Moto Mod brings 5G speed to your Moto Z3 in one quick magnetic moment. #LenovoCES Le…
11th Jan2019: POCKET DYNAMO: Thin and light as a smartphone, our new ultraportable Bluetooth 5.0 speaker delivers 360-degree soun…
11th Jan2019: Highlights from our 3rd day here at #CES2019. What a week. #LenovoCES
11th Jan2019: Your eyes can speak to your computer. Yes they can. Yoga S940 motion tracking. #LenovoCES
10th Jan2019: Our new Smart Clock w/ the Google Assistant makes an attractive & useful addition to your nightstand. Just one “Hey…
10th Jan2019: CALLING ALL LENOVO FANS! Vote Lenovo for @Engadget Best of #CES2019! Our Yoga A940, Smart Clock & Smart Tab are amo…
10th Jan2019: We like the way you think, Anurag.
10th Jan2019: A 43.4-inch curved display? Appallingly good for gaming. This is the Legion Y44w Monitor. #LenovoCES #CES2019
10th Jan2019: Lights going down on #LenovoCES Day 2. Anyone having fun?
10th Jan2019: Fantastic, spirited discussion on the state of Women in Tech: STEM ed, mansplaining & impossible expectations among…
10th Jan2019: Are we making real progress? Join us now as we talk gender & tech with leaders from @Intel, @Microsoft, @verizon an…
10th Jan2019: Highlights from Day 2 of #CES2019. Any favorites?
9th Jan2019: We built a bonkers all-in-one PC for designers and creators. And we unboxed it just for you. #LenovoCES #CES2019
9th Jan2019: TAKE VIDEO CALLS to the next level. Four display options--standard, quadrant, split view or panoramic. Acoustic ech…
9th Jan2019: With 5G being the hot topic here at #CES2019, here’s a gentle reminder that it can be most easily explained via dod…
3rd Jan2019: New Year, new wallpaper. Download it here:
3rd Jan2019: "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." --JRR Tolkien, born on this day in 1892.
3rd Jan2019: From 8-track players to VCRs, gadgets go from cutting-edge to has-been joke with lightning speed. On the eve of…
31st Dec2018: OK, so where are you all celebrating tonight? #HappyNewYear2019
31st Dec2018: Hey world, Happy New Year!
30th Dec2018: The people have spoken. The Lenovo product of the year, as chosen by you guys, is the magnificent ThinkPad X1 Carbo…
29th Dec2018: Best #Chromebook of 2018? Very nearly perfect? Read on, read on.
28th Dec2018: VOTE NOW to choose which Lenovo gadget will advance to the final round of our product of the year series. #Lenovo2018
28th Dec2018: Happy Birthday to the Marvel-ous Stan Lee, who would have been 96 today. We mourned his passing earlier this year b…
27th Dec2018: Join us here beginning January 8 for live coverage from #CES2019, the world’s largest consumer electronics show.…
23rd Nov2018: Hey US friends 👀
21st Nov2018: An attack dog. A dodgeball team. The world’s spiciest salsas. What do these have to do with tech? Find out here:…
20th Nov2018: Fulfill your destiny. New Star Wars: Jedi Challenges – Dark Side Expansion featuring the Kylo Ren Lightsaber contro…
19th Nov2018: "Pretty much perfect." @NeowinFeed on our ThinkPad P1
18th Nov2018: A weekend full of @MotoGP racing continues! 🏁🎮 The @MotoGPeSport World Champion was named Friday (powered by…
16th Nov2018: Happy Friday. Where are you headed this weekend?
15th Nov2018: Tech can be a powerful enabler of #diversity & inclusion. Let’s build a smarter future where we can all thrive toge…
14th Nov2018: How do we create inclusive environments that help close the gender gap in STEM? Team Lenovo in Paris today ponderin…
13th Nov2018: A sometimes overlooked aspect of the coming #AI revolution.
13th Nov2018: Architect Shuhei Aoyama recognized a common purpose in our ThinkVision Monitors: a love of simple design & a dedica…
12th Nov2018: Gamers talk. We listen. And our PCs get better and better. Giving thanks for the @LenovoLegion Council. #intel
9th Nov2018: "Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere." Remembering astronomer C…
7th Nov2018: Marie Curie, major badass. #stem #hero
7th Nov2018: "Undoubtedly one of the best 2-in-1 laptops around." - @LaptopMag on our Yoga C930
6th Nov2018: Someone turns 4 today. #HBDAlexa @amazonecho
6th Nov2018: Hot salsa? Good. Hot laptop? Not so good. #ExtremeIT Watch the full video here:
5th Nov2018: Tell us about the first mobile phone you ever used. Was it awesome?
4th Nov2018: Sunday best, Lenovo style.
3rd Nov2018: Headlines we love, Part 355. (@Gizmodo in love with our Yoga C930.)
2nd Nov2018: Happy Friday, all. How about today, instead of us trying to sell you stuff, you share something good about where yo…
31st Oct2018: Full moon and full-on fright, wishing our friends a #HappyHalloween night.
31st Oct2018: Go big screen or go home. #LenovoSmartDisplay
30th Oct2018: Capture your own 180° VR video with the Lenovo Mirage Camera with Daydream, then watch it on the Lenovo Mirage Solo…
29th Oct2018: “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” --painter Bob Ross, born on this day in 1942
29th Oct2018: So spooky. #HappyHalloween
26th Oct2018: A refreshing approach to #gaming PC design. Learn more about @LenovoLegion Cubes here:
25th Oct2018: Happy Birthday, Pablo Picasso.
19th Oct2018: Activate screen privacy at the touch of a button. Introducing the ThinkPad Privacy Guard.
18th Oct2018: This one goes out to all the swaggy #IT teams from Shanghai to San Francisco.
17th Oct2018: Rarely do you get such an awesome display in this price range. @LaptopMag on our @LenovoLegion Y730 #gaming laptop.
17th Oct2018: Our ❤️ letter to PC geeks. #ThinkPadX1Extreme
16th Oct2018: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” --Oscar Wilde, born on this day in 1854
16th Oct2018: Sometimes a hinge is more than just a hinge. Learn more about Yoga C930 here:
15th Oct2018: Farm to table: leveraging #AI and data in the enterprise.
15th Oct2018: Giant kid or tiny laptop? You make the call.
13th Oct2018: How we sought to reinvent the laptop with the Yoga Book C930. #engineering #dualdisplay
12th Oct2018: Friday art project.
11th Oct2018: Do you think that, late at night, Smart Homes call each other to talk about their owners? #ServerRoomThoughts
11th Oct2018: If you got the chance to escape reality, where would you go? Share your extreme #VR ideas & you just might get a…
10th Oct2018: Your processor has a top speed. So does our employee Ray. We push the limits of both on Extreme I.T. Watch now:…
9th Oct2018: If you are into #photography & photo editing, there is no better laptop for you than our ThinkPad X1 Yoga, according to @LaptopMag.
9th Oct2018: We asked our colleague Mark to explain how blockchain is all about trust & transparency. Then we abducted him to te…
9th Oct2018: GOAT. Yoga. Goat Yoga.
8th Oct2018: Betsy is here to talk about the immersive experience of VR while she’s immersed in, uh... you’ll see. Watch now:…
5th Oct2018: The ThinkPad laptop is 26 today. Being a millennial, it celebrated by taking this selfie.
4th Oct2018: For #NationalPoetryDay: Roses are red Violets are blue Having a TrackPoint is like having a tiny mouse in t…
4th Oct2018: We called it Extreme for a reason. More:
3rd Oct2018: Hey chefs, what would you make? #LenovoSmartDisplay Learn more:
2nd Oct2018: Fulfill your destiny. New Star Wars: Jedi Challenges – Dark Side Expansion featuring the Kylo Ren Lightsaber contro…
1st Oct2018: Can anyone recall the time before smartphones existed? The young people need to hear how hard our lives were 👴👵.
29th Sep2018: Go on, drink up. #NationalCoffeeDay (📷: @_Tasurinchi_)
29th Sep2018: A kaleidoscope of color, wild new tech and anticipation for a thrilling future: this was #LenovoTechWorld. More:…
28th Sep2018: This unmanned AI retail store provides visitors with a convenient shopping experience, while also helping the store…
28th Sep2018: Wrapping up a busy week with a quick stop at the #GreatWall. Can anyone top this Friday view?
28th Sep2018: Game long and prosper. This new Tiburn Enterprise Star Trek PC with an optional built-in projector is coming soon.…
27th Sep2018: Fix an engine with no experience. Real-time augmented reality training is just one function of the new daystAR prod…
27th Sep2018: Day 2 of #LenovoTechWorld starts now!
27th Sep2018: How to arrive for Day 2 of #LenovoTechWorld.
26th Sep2018: Make calls, listen to music and track biometrics all without the need of a smartphone. This is the OLA smart sports…
26th Sep2018: Introducing HoloTable, a 3D holographic concept that enables doctors to simulate multiple surgery plans based on th…
26th Sep2018: Crowd getting settled, Lenovians getting excited. Day 1 of #LenovoTechWorld starts now!
25th Sep2018: Coming together beautifully here in Beijing. #LenovoTechWorld
25th Sep2018: Taking in the art, architecture and ancient sites around Beijing before #LenovoTechWorld.
22nd Sep2018: Caption this: _________________.
21st Sep2018: Join us September 26-27 for a thrilling look into the future of technology. #LenovoTechWorld
21st Sep2018: Think Peace. #PeaceDay
20th Sep2018: VR offers so much promise beyond gaming and entertainment. Great example from Australia.
20th Sep2018: There’s nothing like it. #ThisIsThinkPad
19th Sep2018: Language recognition, autonomous vehicles and more: your #AI future.
19th Sep2018: With the right tools, you can do anything. #YogaBook
18th Sep2018: Did you ever consider that the inventor of the QWERTY keyboard was alphabet-challenged? #ServerRoomThoughts
18th Sep2018: Just another day at the office. (photo: Willy Garnier)
17th Sep2018: "It has us drooling." @ArsTechnica on ThinkPad X1 Extreme.
16th Sep2018: "Hey Google, how can I create an additional day of the weekend?" #LenovoSmartDisplay
16th Sep2018: We came, we saw, we laid down our vision for intelligent transformation & the future of tech. #LenovoTransform over…
15th Sep2018: Thanks, New York. #LenovoTransform was a blast of inspiration. Time to catch a taxi and head home.
15th Sep2018: Activate screen privacy at the touch of a button. Introducing ThinkPad PrivacyGuard. #LenovoTransform…
14th Sep2018: The future of tech is all about collaboration--and joining forces makes everybody smarter. Special thanks to @Intel…
14th Sep2018: Ending a busy day of #LenovoTransform on a River Cruise. Can we do this all again tomorrow? Asking for a friend.
13th Sep2018: Racing cars with your brain? This gamified experience developed jointly with the National Taipei University of Tech…
13th Sep2018: Introducing ThinkShield, the most comprehensive security suite available today. Protecting and guarding every stage…
13th Sep2018: What happens when you partner @Lenovo with @NetApp? Global scale, supply chain efficiency and innovative tech to he…
13th Sep2018: The intelligent transformation starts now! #LenovoTransform
13th Sep2018: START ‘EM YOUNG! Happy #ProgrammersDay to all.
13th Sep2018: The future of enterprise computing is coming. #LenovoTransform #NYC
12th Sep2018: 24 hours until #LenovoTransform kicks off in NYC! Stay tuned & get more info by visiting
11th Sep2018: Change happens fast. On the eve of #LenovoTransform, we look at how AI, 5G & smart connected devices are about to r…
10th Sep2018: Does anyone really think @AtliJarl has his #gaming habit under control? A) Yes B) No
10th Sep2018: Can blockchain solve all your company’s problems? Maybe not, but it is revolutionizing the enterprise. Here’s our o…
9th Sep2018: A fast processor can make your business fly. Our colleague Ray--star of the latest #ExtremeIT video--may find himse…


2nd Sep2018: Journey to IFA 2018
30th Aug2018: Discover YOGA C930
30th Aug2018: Discover YOGA S730
30th Aug2018: Yoga C930 Tour

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