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30% off at Origin Coupon (to 9th Oct 2018)
Extra 20% discount Coupon (to 6th Aug 2017)
50% off Any Title at Origin Coupon (to 23rd Sep 2016)
25% Off All Games at Origin Coupon (to 13th May 2015)


16th Nov2018: More incredible games are coming to Origin Access! Come check out Hyper Light Drifter, The Solus Project, Fran Bow,… https://t.co/XZPqq42IxE
9th Nov2018: Ready to enter the fight? Here are all the great benefits you get by playing Battlefield V now with Origin Access P… https://t.co/MP9H1ttjDM
30th Oct2018: Just one more day left! Sign up now to get a 7-day free trial of Origin Access. Sign up here:… https://t.co/qA1vJT2s2j
25th Oct2018: Play FIFA 19, Madden 19, and all these other great games now by signing up for the Origin Access 7-day free trial!… https://t.co/8c9p7w60OY
18th Oct2018: Want some new games to play? Tropico 5, Project Highrise, Tharsis, and many more are dropping today into the Origin… https://t.co/iLYg5HVsZL
12th Oct2018: Take me down to Paradise City! Burnout Paradise Remastered is now on Origin Access. https://t.co/lNVMv8CT4f https://t.co/AlRzcXDVEE
4th Oct2018: Want to get an edge on the competition? Get MUT packs every month as an Origin Access member. Premier members recei… https://t.co/u6ymc0u4Zf
22nd Sep2018: Play FIFA 19 early through Origin Access Premier to get a head start in FIFA Ultimate Team. Learn more:… https://t.co/ztpwr5eAYS
20th Sep2018: Ready to hit the pitch? Get the full game with Origin Access Premier, eight days before launch, starting September… https://t.co/4wbN1ebVUx
19th Sep2018: Get ready to take the field! Earn exclusive monthly Madden Ultimate Team packs by becoming an Origin Access member.… https://t.co/waX84FSZMe
13th Sep2018: Need more games to play? Shadow Tactics, Crawl, Shenzhen I/O, and more have now entered the Origin Access library!… https://t.co/Yyg3zSxuvD
4th Sep2018: Prepare for the frontline with Origin Access. Get into the Battlefield V open beta 48 hours before anyone else star… https://t.co/F6AxlQnfoy
17th Aug2018: Take me down to Paradise City! Play the full game now with Origin Access Premier. https://t.co/cPyDcgHJj9 https://t.co/A0W74DDTrA
16th Aug2018: Level up your savings now through Aug 28 10AM PDT. https://t.co/N5aKJsmJRq https://t.co/1xJowgJcVD
2nd Aug2018: Not a trial, just the full game. Join Origin Access Premier to get Madden NFL 19 + 50,000 MUT Coins to begin your d… https://t.co/auulB2JUPU
1st Aug2018: Get The Sims 4 + Dine Out + Kids Room stuff when you subscribe to Origin Access Premier! https://t.co/AjlxtQ2oth https://t.co/xlb9lAdNyi
30th Jul2018: Gain full access to our PC games days before release and enjoy a slew of extra content, beyond just the game, with… https://t.co/7oUSNOLo2C
12th Jul2018: New games have been added to the Origin Access library! Go play Darksiders Warmastered, Cities Skylines, Orwell: Ig… https://t.co/XgkbTyTeOf
16th Jun2018: Last call! This is your last chance to get a 7-day free trial of Origin Access. Enjoy a catalog of over 100+ games,… https://t.co/9UGYAERQ7d
14th Jun2018: The Origin Access Free Trial is OUT NOW, play the entire library of games free for 7-days! https://t.co/OuFDyrOF2p https://t.co/kn4huFzkRU
11th Jun2018: Games, music, and much much more! Beat the heat and play some upcoming EA games like Battlefield V and FIFA 19. Day… https://t.co/RDLjulIsMd
10th Jun2018: Foster friendship with a pair of Yarnys! Try Unravel Two now with Origin Access. https://t.co/vGUWZ2tfZB https://t.co/pr7VN044Af
9th Jun2018: Need for Speed Payback, Inside, This is the Police and more are now available with Origin Access. Not a member? Pla… https://t.co/Rxc8MEfnm3
9th Jun2018: Coming later this summer - Origin Access Premier gets you new games like Battlefield V, FIFA 19, Madden NFL 19, and… https://t.co/B3fi8bGZCL
8th Jun2018: Get up to 75% off. The Infinite Gaming Sale is back! https://t.co/8JPHyctNDy https://t.co/4tKbNX9Wuc
31st May2018: The Sims 4 Build Your Bundle and refreshed game pages have arrived on Origin. Check it out in the latest Spotlight!… https://t.co/aGtvbEP4O1
17th May2018: Tyranny™ Commander Edition, ABZÛ, Kingdom: New Lands and more are now in The Vault. Check ‘em out!… https://t.co/8DCBNnuLAK
14th May2018: Hungry for something new? 9 new titles are coming to The Vault on May 17. Learn More: https://t.co/rz8fVORYjS https://t.co/SnlKFNz43j
26th Apr2018: Clear your calendar - 8 new games are now yours with Origin Access. https://t.co/r9JAXBSvfq https://t.co/vsjJ1PQG5Q
19th Apr2018: Assemble your squad. Rupture is now free for all #Battlefield 1 players. Learn more about The Road Ahead for… https://t.co/0S5VLfkvL3
19th Apr2018: Save up to 50% and spend spring with the Sims! Answer the call of the outdoors for less. https://t.co/g4OBOzqGZj https://t.co/iO7LyYWo52
12th Apr2018: Discover an unknown island and unveil its many secrets. Buy Dead in Vinland now on Origin. https://t.co/um2Rn7hw2g https://t.co/y47BPY2Fo1
26th Mar2018: Last chance to get a free trial for a full 7 days of Origin Access. Sign up now! https://t.co/ktTNm3zsP1 https://t.co/yLEWN9hdDx
22nd Mar2018: These great games are being added to The Vault today. Play them now with the Origin Access free trial!… https://t.co/nrzpL60Dac
20th Mar2018: Play Mass Effect: Andromeda now with Origin Access! https://t.co/o4JsqwA2p5 https://t.co/LJAboKLc4N
20th Mar2018: Hunting for a great deal? Save up to 65% on Battlefield 1, FIFA 18, The Sims 4 and more! Sale ends March 27th at 10… https://t.co/zaG95sogh2
7th Mar2018: Experience EOS in stunning 4K with the FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION now available on Origin.… https://t.co/8bhQr99cFi
6th Mar2018: Origin Access free trial is coming soon, stay tuned! https://t.co/W4JzCDV6Rp
1st Mar2018: Only a few more days left! Save big on Star Wars Battlefront II, The Sims 4, and more. https://t.co/IZxa7ChHVv https://t.co/G9bzVvHgF8
26th Feb2018: Text to speech for chat, Bioware DLC bundles, and more updates have come to Origin in January. Check it out in the… https://t.co/o57xdpiXu9
19th Feb2018: One day left! Get 5 Need for Speed™ Payback Premium Shipments now with Origin Access. https://t.co/CZPjGznxnB https://t.co/0FBHqin3JL
15th Feb2018: Just 5 days left to get 5 Need for Speed™ Payback Premium Shipments now with Origin Access. https://t.co/CZPjGznxnB https://t.co/7xWC6gAhC9
13th Feb2018: Show your baby some love. Get 5 Need for Speed™ Payback Premium Shipments now with Origin Access.… https://t.co/Hcx5juRxHn
23rd Jan2018: Take action. Major savings on some of your favorite games. https://t.co/xwvTiNiN55 https://t.co/cy6azXX3yo
20th Dec2017: Save big on great games this holiday season! https://t.co/cIEe3ndAwO https://t.co/JvD96Nd1uq
20th Nov2017: Awesome deals on great games. Sale ends 10AM PST November 28. https://t.co/neL0aN752Z https://t.co/CdepHVLeEa
13th Nov2017: Last chance to get up to 50% off #TheSims4! Sale ends 10AM PT November 14. https://t.co/rtjSC1AlYa https://t.co/ObTRcMMEwi
10th Nov2017: Get up to 50% off #TheSims4! Sale ends 10AM PT November 14. https://t.co/rtjSC1AlYa https://t.co/fHCkFYlFDQ
10th Nov2017: At #NYCC, our friends @testedcom showed off an awesome Messenger Droid cosplay from #StarWarsBattlefrontII. See how… https://t.co/1eTv1Yhxsq
9th Nov2017: The time is now. The #StarWarsBattlefrontII Play First Trial is available on Origin Access. https://t.co/01nO88NAbb https://t.co/BV9kW52OmZ
2nd Nov2017: The race is on! Play Need for Speed Payback before anyone else with Origin Access. https://t.co/dYRjqjx4GS https://t.co/tCPdglLv7g
1st Nov2017: Check out the new customization options for downloading and installing your games in the latest Origin spotlight:… https://t.co/gQTd0sbdDT
26th Oct2017: Find out how new Login Verification features can help keep your account safe in the latest Origin Spotlight:… https://t.co/7DoMIU92F3
20th Oct2017: Our friends @testedcom created a Messenger Droid from #StarWarsBattlefrontII! Watch the full video from #NYCC… https://t.co/8gg33hnqGD
19th Oct2017: Tons of games, unlimited play – Origin Access is now available in Brazil! Try new EA games before launch day.… https://t.co/q2rHeI4ZjL
18th Oct2017: Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition is now available on Origin Access. Watch the trailer now. https://t.co/ZMVFpDDrIj
17th Oct2017: Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition is now available on Origin Access. https://t.co/ABywa1HV5P https://t.co/xmIUZk53jV
16th Oct2017: This sale ghosts soon! Get up to 50% off #TheSims4 now! Sale ends 10AM PDT October 17th. https://t.co/SvQRgbJumH https://t.co/JMJEGNqwTE
12th Oct2017: Steamworld Dig 2 trial is live on Origin. Dig your way into the temple and explore to the Red Rock Passage!… https://t.co/U90aHSVkZ8
11th Oct2017: So many awesome games are coming to Origin Access this season! https://t.co/l0EzXPeDcC https://t.co/OML1pUDobO
10th Oct2017: Get up to 50% off The Sims 4! Sale ends 10AM PDT October 17. https://t.co/v7kIlJksH9 https://t.co/thD06pune0
21st Sep2017: Experience The World’s Game. FIFA 18 is now available for Origin Access members: https://t.co/ph8hyXherO #FIFA18 https://t.co/4c9UQU7bP5
20th Sep2017: The Battlefield Blowout Sale is going on now! Sale ends 9/26. <https://t.co/dUaXdlj8W2> https://t.co/tclBskUgR4
13th Sep2017: Download the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass for free on Origin. Ends October 3rd. https://t.co/kBlxP5y9re https://t.co/T17LmS0Aep
5th Sep2017: Origin Spotlight – Notifications and Homepage Updates. Read more: https://t.co/cOIJ1uTzow https://t.co/L21VqpJC9g
5th Sep2017: Dig it! Play Steamworld Dig for FREE on Origin: https://t.co/RNOLARWd4L https://t.co/QToLqNsJmn
25th Aug2017: The Player Appreciation Sale has ended!
24th Aug2017: Have a ball! #TheSims4 Toddler Stuff is out now: https://t.co/5yiTnscglx https://t.co/NLEr1cXb6c
21st Aug2017: Are you ready for #TheSims4 Cats & Dogs? #Woof #Meow https://t.co/IyxjyHcCAP https://t.co/jf4hHcja1O
15th Aug2017: Our Player Appreciation Sale kicks off today! Get awesome deals on your favorite games. Ends 8/25.… https://t.co/WNZ1Nonv5V
13th Aug2017: LIVE NOW: Join our Battlefield 1 Origin Access celebration with @DazsBF on @Twitch: https://t.co/jYOaiC7Yof
11th Aug2017: Please Knock on My Door is coming to Origin on September 7th. https://t.co/d6fkESeRUM @GTLime https://t.co/EMdbRwfWco
11th Aug2017: Battlefield 1 is now available on Origin Access – celebrate with @DazsBF and his epic gameplay on @Twitch Sun, Aug… https://t.co/StDzjnDfeJ
10th Aug2017: Hey, members! Battlefield 1 is now available on Origin Access. https://t.co/ABywa1HV5P https://t.co/H8avkREYHv
1st Aug2017: Hey members! Titanfall 2 is now in The Vault. https://t.co/ABywa1qkeh https://t.co/olUgLQTeL9
15th Jul2017: Play the Mass Effect: Andromeda trial for free, then save 50% when you decide to buy. More: https://t.co/Lf6Ij8t0V9
11th Jul2017: Now is the time to play #TheSims4. All Expansion Packs are 50% off. https://t.co/am8XjS92ZE https://t.co/oFsN848v2j
11th Jul2017: Origin Access Members can now live the good life! #TheSims4 is now in The Vault: https://t.co/ABywa1HV5P https://t.co/KKQ8VwL9nV
7th Jul2017: .@EAStarWars Battlefront Ultimate Edition is now available for Origin Access Members. https://t.co/ABywa1HV5P https://t.co/M2ydtmKCaa
7th Jul2017: Origin Access Members, get excited for @Battlefield 1 and @Titanfall 2 — coming soon to Origin Access.… https://t.co/MDMH7zG4cg
22nd Jun2017: Squad goals https://t.co/MH15LRsMyL
11th Jun2017: ME Swag! Tweet a selfie of you playing an Origin Access game to @OriginInsider w/ #OriginAccessSweepstakes to win!:… https://t.co/cq4l9P0ZD1
4th May2017: Join @testedcom to see how proper cooling affects PC gaming performance in Team PC episode 3! Watch the full video:… https://t.co/PCL7omvU9Z
3rd May2017: Putting load on a CPU with no heat sink attached? DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Leave it up to @testedcom in Team PC Epi… https://t.co/tqXNljW5SU
21st Apr2017: Origin Access Members, take on The Journey in FIFA 17, now in The Vault: https://t.co/IlgtTgk4es https://t.co/zsqEodpw7g
13th Apr2017: From now until May 4th, collect, plant, and convert magical beans in the PlantSim Challenge for The Sims 4:… https://t.co/dmymtPgyQE
5th Apr2017: Get ready to hit the pitch. @EASPORTSFIFA 17 joins The Vault on April 21, and we have a whole lot more on the way.… https://t.co/U3TlzIgDpP
1st Apr2017: Spend your weekend with the elite APEX militia in Mass Effect: Andromeda! https://t.co/syceKiiox5
31st Mar2017: Get to know your own 20-foot war machine for free in the Titanfall 2 Trial. Play Single or Multiplayer now:… https://t.co/BeJKCrx16s
16th Mar2017: Origin Access Members, you have arrived at Andromeda. Play 10 hours now: https://t.co/2rIshEAOqC https://t.co/rr35dL0apD
15th Mar2017: Tomorrow, Origin Access Members get to explore a new galaxy in Mass Effect: Andromeda: https://t.co/znySL7trQZ https://t.co/lc879LYRGI
14th Mar2017: Join the French war effort and head to Verdun. Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass is now available with Season Pass:… https://t.co/YIz0BEZs7z
10th Mar2017: GET HYPE! Mass Effect: Andromeda drops on March 21! https://t.co/sa6891YXio
6th Mar2017: Say hello to the shiny new Origin community forums! Swing by, say hello, and talk about video games with us:… https://t.co/7JcMK12KTE
28th Feb2017: Awesome games at a fraction of the price. Say hello to the EA Publisher Sale - save up to 75% until March 14:… https://t.co/sqZp8IPsPF
24th Feb2017: ICYMI - You can now be a year-long Origin Access Member for just $29.99! Save dough and play tons of awesome games:… https://t.co/Fxea0oAdHT
21st Feb2017: Do you know the effects positive & negative pressure have on your PC? Find out with @testedcom in Team PC Episode 2! https://t.co/RLJq9cZOww
20th Feb2017: What does taco vs. case fan teach us about building the best air cooled PC? Find out with the @testedcom crew tomor… https://t.co/cIImbLj2wh


13th Feb2018: The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Official Trailer
10th Aug2017: Battlefield 1: Now Available in the Origin Access Vault
15th Apr2017: Star Wars Battlefront II: Full Length Reveal Trailer
22nd Mar2017: Battlefield 1 Premium Pass
11th Mar2017: Battlefield 1 Official They Shall Not Pass Trailer
9th Mar2017: More Glory. More Adrenaline. More Epic Moments. All with Origin Access.
21st Feb2017: Team PC Episode 2 - Positive and Negative Air Pressure
18th Feb2017: Origin Access Vault Winter Showcase Twitch Stream
20th Jan2017: Origin Access – Great PC games, unlimited play
18th Jan2017: Star Wars Battlefront: Now Available in the Origin Access Vault
28th Nov2016: TEAM PC Episode 1 - Battlefield 1 Biplanes
21st Oct2016: Origin – Battlefield 1 Official Launch Trailer
8th Oct2016: Origin Access – Play Battlefield 1 First on October 13
30th Sep2016: Battlefield 1 Official Single Player Trailer
10th Sep2016: Welcome to The New Origin Experience!
16th Aug2016: Battlefield 1 Official Gamescom Trailer
10th Aug2016: Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series: WeaponS
22nd Jun2016: FIFA 17 - The Journey - Official Trailer
22nd Jun2016: FIFA 17 - Official Gameplay Trailer
22nd Jun2016: FIFA 17 - FOOTBALL HAS CHANGED - Reveal Trailer
17th Jun2016: Battlefield 1 Official Gameplay Trailer
10th Jun2016: Save big with the Infinite Gaming Sale – up to 75% off!
2nd Jun2016: Origin Access – Play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst First on June 2
11th May2016: Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer
19th Apr2016: Origin Access – FIFA 16 in The Vault on April 19
22nd Mar2016: Origin Access – Titanfall Available in The Vault on Mar. 22
26th Feb2016: Origin Access Play First Trials- Theory of Relativity feat. Bill Nye
18th Feb2016: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Play First Trial on Origin Access
12th Jan2016: Origin Access feat. Bill Nye – Multiverse Theory
18th Dec2015: Origin Holiday Sale 2015
8th Dec2015: The Sims 4 Get Together: Official Trailer
12th Aug2015: DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION Official Trailer – The Descent (DLC)
4th Aug2015: Origin Gamescom Sale Video
7th Jul2015: FIFA 16 E3 reveal trailer
19th Jun2015: Origin Insider - Star Wars Battlefront: Co-Op Missions Gameplay | “Survival Mode” on Tatooine
19th Jun2015: Origin Insider - Star Wars Battlefront: Multiplayer Gameplay | E3 2015 “Walker Assault” on Hoth
17th Apr2015: Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer on Origin
1st Apr2015: SIMS 4 Get to Work
24th Mar2015: Dragon Age™: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon
18th Mar2015: Battlefield Hardline NOW AVAILABLE on Origin!
24th Feb2015: Preload Battlefield Hardline on Origin
2nd Feb2015: Why is Battlefield Hardline Great on PC?
18th Nov2014: DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Gameplay Launch Trailer
28th Oct2014: On The House: Crusader No Remorse
13th Oct2014: Reasons to Buy The Sims 4 on Origin
10th Oct2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition - Made for PC Gamers by PC Gamers
8th Oct2014: Dragon Age Origins On The House
25th Aug2014: Preload The Sims 4
25th Jun2014: Buy, Download & Play on Origin (Zombie Survival Guide)
24th Jun2014: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare - PC Launch Trailer
8th May2014: How to Use Origin Pinning
28th Apr2014: The Origin Great Game Guarantee

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