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Current Promo Offers - January 2019


27th Sep2018: Groupon Adds Frontier Airlines FRONTIER Miles℠ to Loyalty Program Powered By Points’ Loyalty Commerce Platform… https://t.co/18UE3xLadj
2nd Aug2018: Last night we had the opportunity to meet so many new faces at TravelTechTO. Thanks to the organizers and to all th… https://t.co/f8W6VpqpBC
25th Jan2018: We are at #techfest today! Come down to our booth to meet the team and learn about why you should work with us! Fre… https://t.co/CF8VBYnQ9n
8th Sep2017: Which airlines offer the most generous reward programs? Check out this article posted by @skift https://t.co/BZSZMT1Qcq
27th Jul2017: It was awesome to host @ProductTankTO last night and welcome back former Pointster and Senior Product Manager at… https://t.co/gDKEMSgrHb
27th Jul2017: Learn about speed-seeking Alan Owens, Director of IT Operations at Points who loves beer, potatoes and Pink Floyd... https://t.co/L6B6NIJHHK
24th Jul2017: Prof flight hacker Gilbert Ott advises flyers to buy points directly from airline if you want to travel like royalty https://t.co/scraW1Xhuc
21st Jul2017: New whitepaper reveals smart travel companies leverage tech giants rather than fear them https://t.co/hbe4theSqG @AmadeusITGroup @skift
1st Jun2017: If You Want To Succeed With Analytics, Effective Communication Is A Must: https://t.co/FIFMumxhrI (via @Forbes ) @alteryx #analytics
24th May2017: Earning #LoyaltyRewards can be as easy as treating yourself to a shopping spree! #Winning https://t.co/faExM5o8H9
17th May2017: What does #FeaturedPointster Leanna Di Benedetto like most about working at #Points? Find out here: https://t.co/T5u71h89yG #lovewhatyoudo
16th May2017: ,@jeffrey_byrne, a Product Manager @PointsLoyalty, is our latest featured #Pointster! Learn more about him here: https://t.co/XM4IE5OIoE
16th May2017: Want know the ultimate airport reward? Lounge access. #TreatYourselfTuesday & use your #points to make it happen https://t.co/ZVXb2WB164
8th May2017: Looking to maximize your rewards? Check out this article via @HiltonHotels. Hint: use Points Loyalty wallet: https://t.co/hWuoxnS5B4
5th May2017: Meet our Team! Peter is a #WebDeveloper by day, a martial arts coach by night and this week’s featured Pointster: https://t.co/1grIkFUKDE
2nd May2017: #ICYMI We partnered with @FlyANA_official to launch a swathe of new services for Mileage Club members. Learn more: https://t.co/TzXDfI9SFE
26th Apr2017: Jamie, our VP of Partnerships, is on stage at Loyalty@Freddie Awards w/ @C_Latitude talking about everyday member e… https://t.co/ISr4JJXPrM
25th Apr2017: We are thrilled to announce our partnership with @FlyANA_official in collaboration with @C_Latitude. Learn more: https://t.co/P63SFb8pji
24th Apr2017: Adding flexibility to loyalty programs can help brands regain travelers’ trust. Read more on @skift: https://t.co/OahXni72bj
18th Apr2017: Meet our Team! Leanna has traveled the world, lived in Australia, worked on Canadian Idol & now calls Points home:… https://t.co/wh7x4t3xq8
17th Apr2017: #ICYMI We teamed up with WestJet to give reward members the ability to buy WestJet Dollars. Check out the details: https://t.co/5uvt5cSgJw
14th Apr2017: Check out this article on @MileCards on how to transfer points using the Points Loyalty Wallet: https://t.co/BAW2L0wu41
14th Apr2017: "Loyalty currency is only as valuable as it is accessible." Hear more from our Prez on @Loyalty360: https://t.co/botEk4dEjM
12th Apr2017: Showing our support for #DayofPink & standing up against bullying. We believe in an environment that fosters divers… https://t.co/FNb66AN7wk
12th Apr2017: Two of our fearless #Scrum Masters are representing Points at the #SGCAL via @ScrumAlliance this week. Look for the… https://t.co/Kyp9ElbKX6
12th Apr2017: Airports & airlines are looking to biometrics to improve the passenger experience. @skift explains: https://t.co/HwXJw0pbJD
11th Apr2017: Check out our #traveltips on how #loyalty points & miles can help you save during peak travel times: https://t.co/LYjKnFKkjI
10th Apr2017: There are 1776 steps in the CN Tower. How do we know? 6 Pointsters just conquered the #CNTowerClimb for @WWFCanada… https://t.co/JR4e0aKunC
8th Apr2017: Are your loyalty rewards nearing expiration? Check out our #loyaltytips on staying on top of your accounts:… https://t.co/dgyF7xQxny
8th Apr2017: Meet our team! Daniel is sought-out around the office for movie reviews, Raptors punditry & all things #trending: https://t.co/elK8OQ1lrz
8th Apr2017: .@Loyalty360 explains how indirect #loyalty benefits are essential to building a successful #brand: https://t.co/zL5I39GqZG
6th Apr2017: #IDSDP Our Pointsters traveled w/ Right To Play & saw the impact of play firsthand. Read about their journey:… https://t.co/3K2cAh0r05
5th Apr2017: We, too, think points are kind of a big deal @ihgrewardsclub! Check out their guide on how to earn & the many benef… https://t.co/394YGB3tdN
4th Apr2017: #DYK 70% of mobile shoppers are more positive about brands who let them save loyalty rewards in their mobile wallet: https://t.co/QNgcEb7M0f
31st Mar2017: What are the key features of an effective loyalty program? @smallbiztrends examines: https://t.co/PwPHOkzIfc
29th Mar2017: Thanks @CreditDonkey! Points & PointsHound made the list of top loyalty innovators. Check it out: https://t.co/LG6nxxbRDI
29th Mar2017: How can #loyalty programs help #brands in crisis? We explain in @BizReport: https://t.co/NkFmfLmn6C
29th Mar2017: #Data holds the key to the customer loyalty puzzle. @Loyalty360 examines how data can ignite engagement: https://t.co/KwmS4aJhLD
27th Mar2017: #DYK Adding an authorized user to your #rewards credit card can increase your earning potential? Learn more via: https://t.co/hcHvGy5emV
27th Mar2017: Do #travel brands understand how to use customer data? @skift examines: https://t.co/60AQwvfI72
24th Mar2017: Brand loyal customers must be nurtured & it’s up to brands to take initiative. Learn how via @ajagrawal24 & @Forbes: https://t.co/3K05EkS5dN
24th Mar2017: Meet our team! Jonathon is scuba-dive certified, has scored 2 hole-in-ones & is an awesome asset to Points: https://t.co/hJ1PC8CD3F
22nd Mar2017: Looking for ways to give back? #ThePointsmans share their tips on donating points & miles to charity: https://t.co/D6JDcqViLF
22nd Mar2017: How can brands make #loyalty a part of consumers everyday lives? Our partner @C_Latitude examines in @USATODAY: https://t.co/pU35QmAW7K
21st Mar2017: #DYK many airlines offer #loyalty #rewards when booking #hotel stays? We show you how: https://t.co/RDwKy7khrE
20th Mar2017: Ever wondered what life is like at Points? Get an insiders perspective from one of our talented Product Managers: https://t.co/MqEoxdk8lB
20th Mar2017: "The real opportunity is in mobilizing loyalty programs through mobile wallets." Read more from @colloquy: https://t.co/dEGTPEUROy
17th Mar2017: Happy #StPatricksDay! We sure are lucky to have such a great team. Check out our celebrations today #PointsLife:… https://t.co/r9sRIjfuDf
16th Mar2017: Data, value, relevancy & mobile capabilities make #loyalty a mutually beneficial relationship. @colloquy explains: https://t.co/AfF6fwfIcf
13th Mar2017: We officially launched our @PointsLoyalty #Instagram channel! Follow along to see what life is like as a Pointster: https://t.co/aN58F2qcv1
13th Mar2017: Want to travel like an elite member? Here are some tips on how to rack up those #loyalty perks: https://t.co/EcAGmu97jn
11th Mar2017: #DYK Traveling in a group means more opportunities to earn #loyalty points & #miles ✈️️ Learn more here: https://t.co/98sZDckxkO
9th Mar2017: Tip: the key to keeping your #loyalty accounts active is to educate yourself. #ThePointsmans break it down: https://t.co/qYe9p9Mu0f
9th Mar2017: ...did we mention we have some AMAZING Pointsters?! https://t.co/PkURPrDxPv
8th Mar2017: Congrats to our partner @LQ on the launch of Redeem Away! An amazing new benefit for members use #reward points on… https://t.co/d8VhwiiwKi
8th Mar2017: Today we celebrate our amazing Pointsters! Read our latest blog post to find our what #BeBoldForChange means to us: https://t.co/bb1KDSjKE7
8th Mar2017: #DYK woman only fill 25% of the jobs in STEM industries? #BeBoldForChange #InternationalWomensDay https://t.co/Cv2aZyBc8U
7th Mar2017: By creating personalized guest experiences, brands can differentiate offerings & bolster guest loyalty via @skift: https://t.co/EAfzFkhLb2
6th Mar2017: We are SO honoured to have made @GPTW_Canada list of Best Workplaces for Women! #womenintech #IWD2017 https://t.co/eu0HIIg3Bx
6th Mar2017: Not enough R&R time this weekend? Why not book your #springbreak travel 🌴 Here are #loyalty hacks to get you there: https://t.co/G8pdKNAaks
3rd Mar2017: Learn how traveling with your family can be rewarding for your relationship AND your #loyalty wallet: https://t.co/XWcoMT4x2T
3rd Mar2017: APIs enable partnerships that are changing the #travel business & create new sources of revenue, via @EyeforTravel: https://t.co/Gwu4cmEOJ2
2nd Mar2017: When it comes to driving #sales, few things are more important than building #loyalty. @Entrepreneur explains: https://t.co/L8OMYWtGy6
1st Mar2017: Members want more freedom & flexibility when interacting w/ their loyalty rewards. Check out our tips on @BizReport: https://t.co/8zIuAsO6RX
28th Feb2017: Data analytics allow businesses to engage consumers like never before. @Forbes explore how data can improve loyalty: https://t.co/nmXboKnXQE
27th Feb2017: #DYK you can convert your points & miles into gift cards? Check out these tips from @theedanibee on @aboutdotcom: https://t.co/rYwfcEx4Fd
24th Feb2017: .@thePointsGate shows you how to earn #airline miles for booking #hotels on PointsHound: https://t.co/enFF3kJFIm
24th Feb2017: #DYK a great way to top up your points & miles balance is to buy them? Here are some tips on buying rewards: https://t.co/43PSrBrFOP
23rd Feb2017: Loyalty programs drive repeat business in the hotel, food & beverage industries. Read more on @Loyalty360: https://t.co/kcLx15eQTc
21st Feb2017: How can brands use loyalty programs to drive sales? Check out these 3 tips from @theedanibee on @BizReport: https://t.co/yNmo6Lpncj
21st Feb2017: Points & miles are currencies w/ real dollar value. Monitor them like your bank accounts. Learn more via @Kiplinger: https://t.co/hRv3pAviVS
20th Feb2017: "Omnichannel" is a buzzword in the #loyalty world, but what does it mean & why does it matter? @colloquy explains: https://t.co/iywyMTn6HU
18th Feb2017: Is your mobile wallet catching the eye of consumers? Hint: loyalty & rewards can help. We weigh in @risnewsinsights: https://t.co/gptoALA7Qa
18th Feb2017: Beyond free checked bags & airport lounge access perks, is Elite Status worth the effort? @theedanibee weighs in: https://t.co/DqVrSu0pO4
17th Feb2017: #loyalty rewards nearing expiration? Check out these tips & tricks from #ThePointsmans on keeping accounts active: https://t.co/J3KniRDETK
17th Feb2017: #ICYMI Our new partnership w/ @CopaAirlines now allows ConnectMiles members to Buy, Gift & Transfer rewards: https://t.co/bvEERq6vVx
17th Feb2017: .@MobileMW offers 3 tips on designing a loyalty program that benefits you and your customers. Check them out: https://t.co/K4IG38wLkb
16th Feb2017: Lost in the #loyalty slang? @theedanibee rounds up common terms to help you navigate your rewards on @aboutdotcom: https://t.co/3Sd5TD7q7H
15th Feb2017: Our Prez discusses why #loyalty programs matter & what #developers should look for in loyalty APIs @AppDeveloperMag: https://t.co/StC7ZSiX95
14th Feb2017: Hotel rooms booked by #loyalty members is at an all-time high reinforcing their value prop, via @hotelbusiness https://t.co/eK3tGlVOGc
14th Feb2017: Spread the love this #Valentines day, #loyalty love that is! #TravelTuesday https://t.co/1bERgltgVx
13th Feb2017: How can #technology enhance the #travel experience for passengers? @gary_writes explains on @SamsungBizUSA: https://t.co/Ze0RaoB7gK
9th Feb2017: Planning your spring break travels? #ThePointsmans share their tips on how to save during peak #travel times: https://t.co/mHOBi98M7k
8th Feb2017: Our new partnership w/ @CopaAirlines now allows ConnectMiles members to Buy, Gift & Transfer rewards. Learn more: https://t.co/bvEERq6vVx
6th Feb2017: 2017 is the year of #loyalty! Hear from top #hotel execs on where they see loyalty heading: https://t.co/MpyTxnerE4 @deannating @skift
3rd Feb2017: #DYK you can buy, gift & transfer #rewards to keep accounts active? Read more tips from @theedanibee on @aboutdotcom https://t.co/qEHZRiVlr9
2nd Feb2017: How does flexible #loyalty increase program engagement? Our Prez, Christopher Barnard, explains on @Loyalty360: https://t.co/KiNPSDhVT6
1st Feb2017: Exciting day for our Partner @HiltonHonors! Congrats on the new name, member perks & benefits. Check it out: https://t.co/ZRRXwp2Wbw
1st Feb2017: #DYK you can earn #loyalty rewards on utility bills & college books? #ThePointsmans show you how: https://t.co/jkUTfY1kJB
31st Jan2017: Long flight ahead? Opt for a stopover & explore a new city w/ #rewards! @theedanibee shows you how: https://t.co/ow2fEcEsny #TravelTuesday
30th Jan2017: How can loyalty programs help drive #customer loyalty & engagement? Hear from our CEO Rob MacLean on @hotelbusiness: https://t.co/E06tdmWYOq
28th Jan2017: .@theedanibee discusses the rise of coalition #loyalty programs w/ @Incentive_Mag. Check it out: https://t.co/l4Ld3PCZod #loyaltymarketing
27th Jan2017: #DYK you can share the #loyalty love by transferring points/miles to family & Friends? #ThePointsmans show you how:… https://t.co/2owKWJFEyZ
26th Jan2017: The Points Loyalty Wallet lets you track, exchange and redeem your #loyaltyrewards all in one place. Learn more: https://t.co/75EOjDXmBq
25th Jan2017: #DYK you can earn frequent flyer #rewards on your #hotel bookings? Find out more from @theedanibee on @aboutdotcom https://t.co/MSiI5hp2zb
24th Jan2017: Check out @CNTraveler 9 business travel hacks to help pay for your next vacation. Hint: use https://t.co/QAywH0IIet: https://t.co/oPfEavI0jK
24th Jan2017: 94% of consumers would use a #MobileWallet more often if they could earn & redeem #loyalty rewards. Learn more here: https://t.co/dq0I9QZUro
23rd Jan2017: #Travel & #loyalty accounts are the latest targets for fraudsters. Keep your accounts protected with these 4 tips: https://t.co/X5TCFZGUAK
20th Jan2017: .@LetsTalkPaymnts explains how APIs are changing the face of B2C interactions & solving tech challenges: https://t.co/1jdWpjwc4M
20th Jan2017: Our VP of Marketing, @theedanibee, explains how #loyaltyprograms can help increase consumer engagement on @BizReport https://t.co/mSK6ZsFyeH

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