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14th Sep2018: Make sure you follow these steps before renting a car overseas.
10th Sep2018: Looking for road trip ideas?
7th Sep2018: Cover Genius the team behind won yet another an award last night #Insurtech Program of the…
5th Jun2018: Make sure your rental insurance covers animal collision when travelling in Australia! Go to…
25th May2018: Weak code of conduct from leading rental companies leads to little protection for customers.
21st May2018: Make sure you make an informed decision at the rental desk for your next trip!
23rd Apr2018: Europcar accused of charging multiple holiday makers for same repairs
13th Apr2018: Car hire repair charges inflated in two thirds of cases, Which? finds
6th Apr2018: Have you been defrauded by a hire car company?
2nd Apr2018: A panel beater or other supplier’s ‘estimate’ for repairs was always the base document for the charge, with an addi…
28th Mar2018: Charging for fake repairs makes hire car firms more money than rentals
22nd Mar2018: Expose from the largest newspaper in oz reveals widespread ripoffs by rental companies:
21st Nov2017: Nice to get a mention in one of the leading industry journals! Insurtechs named in world power list -
20th Oct2017: thanks @SmartCompany for all your hard work putting together the event. great to be recognised as the Smart50 winne…
20th Oct2017: The fastest growing co in AU! Winning vs the car hire giants w/fairer insurance @stoneandchalk #insurtech @themabbo
21st Aug2017: Recently found on the front cover of Daily Mail. A big warning about big ripoffs by rental car companies.
19th Aug2017: An interesting report about Australians traveling overseas, including their problems with car hire!
5th May2017: Explainer Video: via @YouTube
31st Mar2017: why isnt all insurance bespoke to user? can be done with some serious filing effort by underwriters - we look forwa…
31st Mar2017: thanks! we are getting there!
31st Mar2017: hey @ChristinaOnUX make sure u chat with my cofounder Angus at the @SVIAccelerator event. great to hear your input…
8th Mar2017: Good to see some insurtech debate on tonights panel starring our Data Science Lead Leonard Hoon #insurtechsydney
28th Feb2017: nice piece @annagamelopata. look forward to catching up at the conference
28th Feb2017: Tx for the interview ANZIIF! And thanks for discussing our new BrightWrite platform. Some big announcements to come!
9th Feb2017: Tks @coveragerinc can u pls update our entry to Post Seed. Seed was $1m in 09/15, the Post Seed was also $1m, 01/17.
4th Jan2017: Good piece on Machine Learning from local VC KTM, tx for the mention @stoneandchalk
21st Nov2016: Please vote for us in the Startcon Awards. Scroll down to the Fintech category and choose Cover Genius.
3rd Nov2016: Feeling loved by our claimants! Paying claims in <24 hours while rental companies withhold bonds for 3-4 weeks.…
27th Oct2016: great illustration, u gotta "become friends with no"!! @kpmgaustralia @themabbo
27th Oct2016: Elevate61 2017 launch!! tks 2 @kpmgaustralia & co-panelist @vinaeco from @unohomeloans. great program for AU startu…
24th Oct2016: Proud to take part in @refugeetalent changing discourse+employing newest Aussies. @annarobson @stoneandchalk
17th Oct2016: Nice mention for our mates @simplesurance & @trov. 2 of the best! via @FT
29th Sep2016: 6% of insurance execs have tech bg, 15% feel they understand forthcoming innovations. @McKQuarterly @99thfloorau
26th Sep2016: Big thanks @tob for bringing #insurtech into the #fintech circle. Same model after all!
16th Aug2016: Truths from the coalface! Advice to jobseekers: Apply 2 Series A funded startups @TheLastWhale @stoneandchalk @BIAUS
16th Aug2016: thanks @stoneandchalk for putting us all in touch, and to @Advance for their contribution to Aussie startup scene
11th Aug2016: Shame @ThriftyCar 100days post Hertz,Europcar @acccgovau fine: $2200 for scuffed fuelcap @choiceaustralia @estherhan
29th Jun2016: CEO of - @tattia - pitching to the #Insurtechcon crowd in #London
29th Jun2016: Great to be sponsoring the London InsurTech conference #InsurTechCon @insurtechcon
9th Jun2016: Huge switching numbers will come to insurance in 1-2 years.
17th May2016: Congrats to our Sales CRM supplier@pipedrive on reaching 30k customers - we use your product everyday! #Pipedrive30k
13th May2016: future change in insurance:millennials=50 percent of global consumption by 2018
9th May2016: Inv criteria @elevate61 mgt team;mkt opp;novelty;barriers2entry;path 2 profitability;exit strategy @CooleyLLP
9th May2016: Opening day #elevate61 @Advance - @siimonreynolds: VCs think u can own a niche. And its great PR. Ex: FB. @CooleyLLP
1st May2016: Great to have him on the team. @stoneandchalk might want JD to talk about tech from the other side of the table
27th Apr2016: 4 principles for great networking by @daveinsull - look fwd to seeing you work from close range!
27th Apr2016: Welcome!! Former Citi analyst Diddams to run the numbers at Cover Genius via @FinancialReview
19th Apr2016: #insurtech=#fintech model:Carriers need 2 deploy capital/techbrokers need licences. Old brokers suffer Caribou Honig
14th Apr2016: And...... #CoverGenius picks up the WIN at the #elevate61 pitching contest!Thanks to @kpmgaustralia. Roll on the US roadshow!!
14th Apr2016: Great visualisation of the #CoverGenius #businessmodel at #elevate61 week in #Sydney
11th Apr2016: Ever hired a car? Poor form! Record fine for #1 global rental co but its tip of iceberg @EstherHjHan #waiverwatch
5th Apr2016: Autonomous car predictions: No more city parking. Ever;Parking hot in outer burbs (charging,repairs);Buy tollroads
24th Mar2016: The guy with the big cheque (is next to me) #insdisrupt @SVIAccelerator @XLInnovate @simplesurance
23rd Mar2016: Lite blue: 21% insurers are NOT redesigning 4 their customers! Crazy. Should never stop #InsDisrupt @MunichReInnov8s
23rd Mar2016: Graeme and the team @rightindem are saving customers who quit their carrier after a total loss claim #insdisrupt
23rd Mar2016: Great insight. Forget the product!!
23rd Mar2016: Excellent first day at #insdisrupt @MikeatSpice. Today focused on market insights. Mix of carriers and services
12th Mar2016: Wondering if rental co.s will makes the "rogues gallery" put together by the fair trade commission in our state
10th Mar2016: We have amiable fights w/ insurers. We always get our way cos customers deserve better policies!! #FSTInsurance
10th Mar2016: Concur with @ScottMorrisonMP on this! Great to have a voice @stoneandchalk
29th Feb2016: What is the cheapest way to reduce the car hire excess? @JemmaCastle @choiceaustralia #rentalcars #beprepared
25th Feb2016: Car hire companies taking you for a ride? @jodirbird @choiceaustralia #rentalcars #hiddencosts #beprepared
24th Feb2016: At #insurtech meetup #instech london. Great crowd & exhibitors @FinTechEurope
24th Feb2016: Cant wait! see you in nyc @Advance
23rd Feb2016: Thanks to #elevate61 @kpmgAustralia @advance. Happy to be with such hi calibre Elevators
23rd Dec2015: nice piece in afr today @paulxmccarthy ! lets catch up in the new year to talk all things @Data61news & DM me!
18th Dec2015: good huddle @stoneandchalk !!
18th Dec2015: Enjoyed @TurnbullMalcolm, @ScottMorrisonMP at @stoneandchalk last wk 4 PMs innovation agenda. fintech all the way!
3rd Dec2015: With @paulchan, "Going Public". Great story @stoneandchalk @annefulwood @Pureprofile
11th Nov2015: Proud to be in new Australian Fintech Asscn (refers to our parent co Cover Genius) @ReinventureCap @stoneandchalk
26th Oct2015: great explanation from @bradharrison1 @stoneandchalk #SuWSyd
26th Oct2015: Cant do the US without sales! "An idea doesnt sell itself"
16th Oct2015: got a mention: the top prospects in the Australian sector
16th Oct2015: rate of fintech investment is growing by 45% p.a. and $US13.7 billion was ploughed into startups in the space in the last year alone @biaus
16th Oct2015: we love a niche too! @dannygilligan @ReinventureFund
18th Sep2015: great to see other Insurance startups getting investor attn. Def hot right now!
26th Aug2015: Very relevant to us! Good to meet @eyersj last night & chat re UK entrepreneur/investment schemes @stoneandchalk
26th Aug2015: congrats to @mikebairdMP & @davidthodey. GREAT ANNOUNCEMENT: $190M investment in job creation w startup focus.
26th Aug2015: Talking with @mikebairdMP about our #insurance & why he should be investing in #fintech #startups @stoneandchalk
25th Aug2015: congrats @stoneandchalk. great launch and good to meet your partners including @cguinsurance @ReinventureCap @TALLifeNews & others
25th Aug2015: Holidaymakers told by @Hertz to return to France after #carrental breaks down. @scamadviser
24th Aug2015: There are alternatives to covering the excess on your #carhire. @EndScamming @MoneyTalksNews
18th Aug2015: Fintech #Startups: named as a top prospect in the Australian sector
17th Aug2015: Do Australian travellers need to take out insurance for car rental in the US? @beaudonelly
17th Aug2015: The choice of rental car insurance is completely optional @Blazeadventure #cdw #excesscover
14th Aug2015: This is why you should be using @rentalcover. No hidden exclusions with excess cover policies! #cdw @MoneySmartTeam
6th Aug2015: The combined cost of Excess Waiver Insurance is a fraction of the excess charge payable in the event of damage.
6th Aug2015: Post Office Travel Money says motorists risk steering into trouble if they cut corners on #carrental. @TDUKnews
5th Aug2015: Not if you want to be covered for basics such as tyre damage!
3rd Aug2015: Another way consumers are routinely #rippedoff is in the assessment of damage they are then charged for #rental #scam
3rd Aug2015: #Carhire companies have been accused of ripping off customers for decades. @irishtimes
27th Jul2015: improvement? really? suppliers make $$$ from dodgy damages @guardian @HertzNews @AvisUK @Budget @europcar @sixt @enterprisecares
27th Jul2015: Excess waiver #insurance is the biggest cost with #carrentals. Drivers pay an average of £92 per week @MoneyTelegraph
23rd Jul2015: Buy the basic package only. #rentalcompanies make big profits by selling add-ons! @milesbrignall @MoneyTelegraph
22nd Jul2015: One of the biggest areas of complaint is where rental customers are charged for damage they did not cause #guardian
21st Jul2015: Hertz, Avis Budget, Europcar, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Sixt have agreed to make “improvements” #insurance #scam
20th Jul2015: Rental companies can charge for damage & mysterious “violations”. It’s all too easy! @guardian
16th Jul2015: There are major limitations with #creditcard cover: foreign #carrentals are often excluded!
16th Jul2015: Not all #creditcards offer #carrental insurance, and those that do will often have varying degrees of coverage.
13th Jul2015: Certain countries are often excluded from coverage - such as Israel, Jamaica and Ireland, the review found @cardhub
13th Jul2015: Visa does not cover accidents on dirt or gravel roads. And MasterCard has a somewhat tougher claims process @cardhub
13th Jul2015: CardHub reviewed free car rental insurance offered by Visa, Amex & MasterCard and found caveats. @cardhub
13th Jul2015: If you have dropped insurance coverage then you may not be covered for your car rental @iiiorg
8th Jul2015: Typical from @Hertz. They will charge you for their overpriced CDW without you even knowing it. @consumerreports
7th Jul2015: A study by @insuranceQts found that a single claim of $2,000 on average boosts insurance policies by 41 percent.
7th Jul2015: Most credit card companies require you to refuse the CDW insurance offered at the car rental counter @thehappytalent
7th Jul2015: Your credit card only covers your rental if the bill is in the same name as the card holder. @AskObrella
7th Jul2015: A few credit cards automatically offer primary coverage on rentals, even if you have your own insurance. @Chase
7th Jul2015: A few credit cards automatically offer primary coverage on rentals, even if you have your own insurance. @Discover
7th Jul2015: Credit cards have many hidden exclusions when it comes to rental car coverage #carrental @MoneySavingExp
5th Jul2015: Using a credit card, or own auto insurance policy can leave you wide open to steeper charges
3rd Jul2015: 26% of U.S. drivers renting a car have driven without fully understanding what their insurance covered. @TheStreet
2nd Jul2015: Latest airbag-death case. BEWARE of car rentals that have uncompleted safety recalls! #takata
1st Jul2015: Seems like 2 weeks in advance is the best way to save @money on #carrental
29th Jun2015: What happens when you give skater punks a rental car? @jalopnik @videosofscience @lmao
29th Jun2015: Silvercar is popping up everywhere. Did you know you can get cheaper excess cover through us?
26th Jun2015: want to know what makes us laugh @Hertz? they didnt repair the car! theres a "matrix" for how to charge for unrepaired damages #indefensible
26th Jun2015: heard back from @Hertz. joke response: Unftly this has been reviewed several times & has been determined to be correct. No refund authorized
25th Jun2015: prob exists in the rest of the World. Wld be better if US parent controlled their brand & CDW more closely. outrage
25th Jun2015: it took the representative 5 inspections to even notice it. We were shocked at being accused of damaging the vehicle. @Hertz @HertzNews
25th Jun2015: my rental. I was charged EUR 198 plus tax for something for which I was not responsible. The protrusion was so tiny ... @Hertz @HertzNews
25th Jun2015: for which I was responsible. I did not collide with anything, back over anything or otherwise have any issue during @Hertz @HertzNews
25th Jun2015: scrutinized a small area where the front air dam meets the undercarriage, and stated there was a small protrusion there @Hertz @HertzNews
25th Jun2015: It appeared he was trying very hard to find some issue with the vehicle. After he had gone around the @Hertz @FlorenceAirport @HertzNews
25th Jun2015: first time, he went around several other times, at least five, looking at all the door panels, undercarriage, trunk, roof. @Hertz @HertzNews
25th Jun2015: proceeded to circle the vehicle, inspecting every square inch for damage. After finding nothing visible @Hertz @FlorenceAirport @HertzNews

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