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7th Jan2019: Honk if you think windchill has no chill.
7th Jan2019: How come drivers never get acceptance speech shoutouts? They’re the ones who REALLY got you there.
6th Jan2019: Me: Am I making the resolutions or are the resolutions making me? My driver: So is this your address or not?
4th Jan2019: Raise your hand if you commute to work. Raise your hand if you want price protection on your commute. Same. Join… https://t.co/KGRCnJGric
3rd Jan2019: Eat pizza and take Uber Black. It’s a cheat day.
2nd Jan2019: Uber. Helping you keep—and break—resolutions since 2009.
1st Jan2019: There’s no shame if you don’t walk.
1st Jan2019: Should old acquaintance be forgot, you can always add another stop.
1st Jan2019: No shame in your last text of 2018 going out to your driver to confirm your pickup location.
1st Jan2019: When it comes to a New Year’s Eve pickup, no need to send up fireworks. Just send your driver a Pickup Message and… https://t.co/uanxsnilVJ
31st Dec2018: When you’re en route to ring in the new year, let your friends know you’ll be there for the ball drop. Share your s… https://t.co/FH2ey2Xg1w
27th Dec2018: The night doesn’t have to stop when the ball drops this New Year’s Eve. Earn points on your way to the after part… https://t.co/f3Jbz16vIn
21st Dec2018: Be there to create memories that last a lifetime. Just tap a button to request a ride home from over 400+ airports.… https://t.co/fQGEiGurPb
20th Dec2018: Naughty: Leaving your company holiday party after 5 minutes. Nice: Earning points for the ride home. Join the wai… https://t.co/HAiuNRSKRM
19th Dec2018: Be there in time for your holiday getaway. Schedule your ride to the airport in advance, so you can vacation withou… https://t.co/oQEddJujnL
14th Dec2018: Starbucks delivered in 2019. Welcome to the future with @UberEats. https://t.co/RTNXUan6RD
8th Dec2018: Be there for the holiday spirit. Pick up your friends on the way so you show up in style. https://t.co/aDg8SvRLyr https://t.co/452hg09Ces
8th Dec2018: Earn a @Starbucks buy one share one offer all weekend long when you ride with Uber. Already earned one? Get out and… https://t.co/koQh1JK2SZ
7th Dec2018: Life happens. When it does, make the most of flexible cancellations with #UberRewards. Get on the waitlist today.… https://t.co/IGWIZJVsRg
6th Dec2018: Explore a new city with the same peace of mind. Learn how we’re committed to keeping you safe, no matter where you… https://t.co/jfg27QnO8b
4th Dec2018: Uber and @Starbucks have paired up to help you spread holiday cheers. Get a buy 1, get 1 drink offer at Starbucks w… https://t.co/Mvu4pE2g9v
29th Nov2018: One year ago, we committed to help @_MealsOnWheels provide food and friendship to over 2.4 million seniors every ye… https://t.co/oitZPN4T0J
28th Nov2018: Earn points for a night in or a night out. Learn how to earn points on @UberEats and rides with #UberRewards… https://t.co/CSPed0uczf
26th Nov2018: If you have the drive, nothing should stand in your way. Thousands of deaf and hard-of-hearing drivers have complet… https://t.co/ytKaDdatEv
25th Nov2018: Join the #UberRewards waitlist. When the program becomes available (& you enroll by May 2019), every eligible dolla… https://t.co/DJY5sRAGc1
20th Nov2018: Our commitment to creating safe journeys for women starts with listening. See the full results from the… https://t.co/hc9otVAhrd
19th Nov2018: Need an assist? When missing out isn’t an option, we’ve got a ride for you. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening https://t.co/qyVguG56HY
16th Nov2018: Riders now unlock special benefits with #UberRewards. They can work their way through Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diam… https://t.co/VksIpZs3c2
16th Nov2018: Women make up 5% of US and European permanent museum collections. NYC, #RethinkTheRatio with us today at Hilma af K… https://t.co/kJ0dz9yPbx
14th Nov2018: Today we’re launching Uber Rewards. The more you ride or dine in, the more you unlock. With more flexibility and co… https://t.co/Sqeq2RAMcE
13th Nov2018: Opportunity is here, where realizing your dream fits into your schedule. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening https://t.co/kRLlsqFl0z
9th Nov2018: See something that’s bigger than your screen. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening https://t.co/7PyZnKrj6q
5th Nov2018: Your vote is what drives democracy forward. Learn where your local polling place is and get there with a discounted… https://t.co/k6sEEdslAz
2nd Nov2018: Knees in the breeze > thumbs on the keys https://t.co/inBqFap2y8
2nd Nov2018: To the drivers who go the extra mile—the Uber Pro program is here to reward you for all you do. https://t.co/dW2xLXx3M1
27th Oct2018: Get out and seize the Saturday. Learn more about getting there on two wheels. https://t.co/KdP6x5hNLD https://t.co/8Dfv2R1yb6
23rd Oct2018: The last mile home from work shouldn’t have to feel like work. Last mile service always stops outside your front do… https://t.co/7CqDQpUfkJ
19th Oct2018: Meet the stars halfway. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening https://t.co/PTmIw8gKad
18th Oct2018: A whole big world is just a short trip away. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening https://t.co/OU5IMh4mz7
17th Oct2018: Have you read about our partnership with @girlboss? Now is your chance via @InStyle: https://t.co/K0CU3v6CYM
15th Oct2018: Together with @Girlboss, we’re proud to #RethinkTheRatio and move entrepreneurs toward opportunity. Through the Ube… https://t.co/Krf32zcEGi
10th Oct2018: "We’ve taken some big steps on the safety front. We’ve changed our actions but the cultural change continues. You n… https://t.co/zp70OKnkMi
9th Oct2018: You could stay here and watch us roll out content, or you could roll out and make your own. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening… https://t.co/DwS1gMFykP
5th Oct2018: Go forth and make the content that you want to see in the world. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening. https://t.co/1utGvnP4hs https://t.co/YPZMRQwkkC
4th Oct2018: You drive the vote, we’ll get you to the polls. Learn more about how we’re helping people show up on Election Day. https://t.co/ftLaWCEhZ7
4th Oct2018: .@jump_rides scooters are arriving now. https://t.co/btuTTTOa56
2nd Oct2018: Excited to welcome our new Chief People Officer, Nikki Krishnamurthy, as we continue to focus on building an inclus… https://t.co/08Es6zas70
26th Sep2018: Excited to partner with @sharedstreetsio in our commitment to sustainable transportation by providing cities with s… https://t.co/bMbNTTk4bs
21st Sep2018: Opportunity is here, moving one step closer to your goals. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening https://t.co/GNPDalGPeo
20th Sep2018: "What we are saying is opportunity happens everywhere if you are willing to move." -Executive Creative Director… https://t.co/J458Q5zEVt
20th Sep2018: Opportunity is here, where every date can feel like the very first. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening https://t.co/Ha7DWMEdaW
18th Sep2018: Opportunity is everywhere. All you have to do is get out and find it. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening https://t.co/vc2J0PsKtj
17th Sep2018: When opportunity arises, move. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening https://t.co/bww8H8uslv
8th Sep2018: Love is love. https://t.co/nBfpLprUcV
6th Sep2018: Excited to introduce more ways to Uber—whether you like to ride, bike, scoot, or rent, your favorite way to get the… https://t.co/bRiv00zBtv
6th Sep2018: Safety is at the core of everything we do. Check out the latest features that can help give you peace of mind at ev… https://t.co/qZQeotn8jM
31st Aug2018: .@jboyolee, our Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, sat down to tell us all about the road that led her here: https://t.co/1KhQnBLc02
29th Aug2018: We’re making changes that bring you more. Moving forward, we’re excited to announce even more ways to get around:… https://t.co/iCMvGP5T5M
22nd Aug2018: “He will be a great partner for me and the entire management team as we move towards becoming a public company.” -… https://t.co/8p8Fd6Vec5
21st Aug2018: Ordering from your favorite restaurant just around the corner will soon be even more affordable on @UberEats with d… https://t.co/WhI5M5IKG3
15th Aug2018: Meet your partner on the road. Our new Driver app has officially launched. All you have to do is GO.… https://t.co/0aMSYPnGj0
8th Aug2018: Happy to do our part by providing free rides and meals to nonprofits working with @FWDus to reunite separated famil… https://t.co/uP8t5qIf1b
7th Aug2018: We’re shining a new Spotlight on better pickups. As your driver approaches, just tap a button and a color floods yo… https://t.co/y7IYdVBkJ4
3rd Aug2018: UberCHOPPER is helping riders experience Dubai by sky. Check out the views from the top. https://t.co/ns34CA8Prb
1st Aug2018: Summer trip right around the corner? Our scheduled rides are now guaranteed, so you can relax all the way from fron… https://t.co/Kw2mW92SOr
31st Jul2018: We’ve partnered with talented drivers from around the world to create our new Driver App. Learn more about our year… https://t.co/vggxL4hPJf
31st Jul2018: Ready for a pickup that won’t let you down? Now you can send a message to your driver with a single tap.… https://t.co/aHEG71xGnr
26th Jul2018: When the bouquet is thrown and the guests are gone, now you can send your driver a Pickup Message to let them know… https://t.co/45vckOMBfg
22nd Jul2018: Want to avoid rush hour traffic? Trade four wheels for two. @jumpbikes can make your commute a breeze...which some… https://t.co/alDnyBm5Cg
18th Jul2018: New features, smoother pickups. We’re working to improve your trips before you even get in the car.… https://t.co/gSiDieeAMY
11th Jul2018: Spike Lee is following the journey of five drivers who are chasing down their dreams in Brooklyn. These stories are… https://t.co/5nHR0WR3eo
10th Jul2018: What seven tricks ensure a five star ride? Find out from this top-rated driver. https://t.co/fjHbD5dY4J
2nd Jul2018: With a redesigned driver card, it’s easier than ever to check your driver’s information before hopping in the back… https://t.co/eyPRQVNWWq
29th Jun2018: Looking for a more refreshing ride? UberBOAT is hitting the Croatian seas for its second summer of coastal cruising. https://t.co/UC0Pu1K5fi
27th Jun2018: Our new emergency assistance is there if you need it. Just tap the 911 assistance button to reveal your car informa… https://t.co/jkn5tTxyiD
27th Jun2018: Craving some encore enchiladas? Now just tap to share your trip details with loved ones so they know exactly when y… https://t.co/theY2bXaHe
25th Jun2018: Our Uber Freight team is celebrating members of the LGBTQ+ community on and off the road. https://t.co/vbiCc5IKGx
23rd Jun2018: Fashionably late to the parade? Now let your Trusted Contacts know you’re on the way with a single tap.… https://t.co/9UVsEFrkMx
21st Jun2018: Proud to partner with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation to help fight HIV by providing free Uber Health rides to an… https://t.co/hArr3Ha3Ay
21st Jun2018: We are proud to work alongside the founding members of the PTIO, and look forward to bringing awareness to the oppo… https://t.co/iWdkJeHPVN
20th Jun2018: We’re excited to find new ways to make you feel safe and confident on every trip. Now you can find all of our new s… https://t.co/4yEJPNqB7o
20th Jun2018: Thanks to our trusty new Trusted Contacts feature, @MotiAnkari can give his mom peace of mind while traveling to an… https://t.co/PhXWODfNzo
17th Jun2018: Did you know that an average of three babies are born in Ubers each month in Brazil? Thankful for the driver-partne… https://t.co/ipfoewr9Dr
16th Jun2018: The tip of a lifetime. https://t.co/rfpf99INzr
14th Jun2018: Eid Mubarak to all our riders, driver-partners, and employees celebrating in cities around the world. See how we’ve… https://t.co/0qkalmyhHB
14th Jun2018: The new features in our Safety Toolkit can give you extra peace of mind during a night out—just ask @sayyesblog:… https://t.co/PrKqxg2T87
12th Jun2018: Introducing Uber Lite: a simple version of the rider app that saves space, works on any network, and on any Android… https://t.co/PErWBSW9aJ
12th Jun2018: To celebrate one year on the road, @UberFreight is expanding its coverage across the continental US and rolling out… https://t.co/MNP9FNyCLn
8th Jun2018: Proud to be in such good company, @Glassdoor. https://t.co/rsHtqmHah9
8th Jun2018: Not all heroes wear capes. https://t.co/auwpCkaf2b
7th Jun2018: Moving forward, we’re bringing you new features designed to provide more peace of mind on every trip you take.… https://t.co/HcZ3Dx1RPv
6th Jun2018: Hear from our legal advisor, @TinaTchen, on the challenges of sexual assault reporting and her plan to bring transp… https://t.co/3yz1LIwxN4
5th Jun2018: Upping your Uber rating might not be as hard as you think—check out these four tips to help you get five stars. https://t.co/O1o8MZ24lm
4th Jun2018: When your driver gets you charged up for the day, tell us about it. Share feedback about the trip, during your trip… https://t.co/QjibY7Tcbe
31st May2018: "In four of the five largest cities in the U.S., it is indeed cheaper to rely on Uber than it is to own a car." Mar… https://t.co/NPi5yfsPpx
30th May2018: When your driver makes the trip seem effortless, tell us on the way. We’re doing more to listen so we can work towa… https://t.co/Oxxq6HbyJY
30th May2018: Love at first ride? Read how these strangers went from shared rides to shared lives via @nytimes, @abbyellin https://t.co/5xYuS258qk
26th May2018: Have something to say? Let us hear it. We’re doing more to listen and improve our quality by letting you share feed… https://t.co/WCDpHPNqUM
23rd May2018: Moving forward, we’re committed to improving our quality by listening to you. https://t.co/e1Sl6BSEnQ https://t.co/gmNhYSA33H
19th May2018: Singers, songwriters, producers—we took a ride with the female artists behind this year’s biggest hits who are pavi… https://t.co/LwB9Aq9sXw
18th May2018: Come along for a ride with our new CEO, @dkhos. He’s in the back seat talking about improvements to the app and how… https://t.co/hAjpuashDe
17th May2018: This just in: @dkhos is going on record about where we’re headed and what moving forward means for riders and drive… https://t.co/GpOBcYpjpT
16th May2018: The 2 best pieces of advice our CEO, @dkhos, got from his dad growing up? Always be humble and always do the right… https://t.co/gp7qsXGmiU
15th May2018: “Sexual predators often look for a dark corner. Our message to the world is that we have the lights on.” -CEO… https://t.co/YlE2U2DRfF
15th May2018: Chief Legal Officer @tonywest on our latest actions to help address the epidemic of sexual violence. https://t.co/CuZS1stMtD
15th May2018: (1/6) Every day, Uber connects 15 million trips around the world. At that scale, our service ultimately reflects th… https://t.co/x1qRi22x1A
9th May2018: How will the way you move around your city change in the next decade? With UberAIR, your futuristic fantasy might b… https://t.co/Rb0scDpgCV
6th May2018: Planning a summer getaway to wine country? Don’t make pour decisions—check out UberWINE. https://t.co/i62tGujkQh
5th May2018: Meet Eric Allison, Head of Uber Elevate. His mission? To take things to the next level...literally. https://t.co/TwMRDv97Go
5th May2018: What does a future with flying cars look like? Find out from the Uber Elevate team. https://t.co/QzTOfUHPaq
3rd May2018: #TBT to this royal ride with Meghan Markle and @justbobbibrown. Check out more via @people. https://t.co/ihdEvF0kwQ
1st May2018: Have a radical story like Ray’s? Share your Uber trip with us, and you could be featured on Stories from the Road.… https://t.co/Mr5Da8f8dj
30th Apr2018: If only you could request an Uber back to the weekend.
29th Apr2018: Be the change you wish to see in your Uber rating.
26th Apr2018: “By the looks on their faces, they never knew.” Travel back in time with Ray in Stories from the road:… https://t.co/eoHcZEoi9j
23rd Apr2018: "They whipped out their phones and began capturing this beautiful moment–it was like watching a comet.” Catch an al… https://t.co/3vfm2EF0ZO
20th Apr2018: When a picture is worth much more than 1,000 words—thanks @lilghostgirl for sharing about your ride with @onurkerey. https://t.co/YXfAS2t4cL
20th Apr2018: To celebrate #EarthDay, we’re sharing the numbers behind how we’re making mobility more sustainable—follow along here.


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11th Jul2018: Uber Presents: Malka (Trailer) | Da Republic of Brooklyn
11th Jul2018: Uber Presents: Domingo Nolasco | Da Republic of Brooklyn
11th Jul2018: Uber Presents: Domingo Nolasco (Trailer) | Da Republic of Brooklyn
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11th Jul2018: Uber Presents: Keith Mabry | Da Republic of Brooklyn
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6th Jul2018: Azzedine, chauffeur avec Uber | UBER
5th Jul2018: Vienna Insider Tour #unterwegsinwien | UBER
4th Jul2018: Uber Presents: Spike Lee (Trailer) | Da Republic of Brooklyn
4th Jul2018: Uber Presents: Da Republic of Brooklyn (Trailer)
2nd Jul2018: Uber Presents: Spike Lee (Trailer) | Da Republic of Brooklyn
30th Jun2018: CPUC Information For Uber Driver-partners | Uber Support | Uber
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28th Jun2018: Yahia, chauffeur avec Uber | UBER
23rd Jun2018: Teyana Taylor’s Road to the BET Experience | UBER
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31st May2018: أوبرالأردن تدعم الهيئة المستقلة للانتخابات
30th May2018: Introducing Uber Legends: Real Riders and Drivers of Dubai | UBER

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