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Current Promo Offers - March 2021

Unreliable Offers

Krystal Resort Cancun - 60% off (to 31st Dec)
5 Star Cancun Villa Resort - 75% off (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $149 - Williamsburg! (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $199 - Myrtle Beach! (to 31st Dec)
Orlando - 3 Nights $99! (to 31st Dec)
Play Hermosa - $499 Per Couple!! (to 31st Dec)
Punta Cana - All Inclusive! Only $499 Per Couple!! (to 31st Dec)
2 Nights $129 - Virginia Beach! (to 31st Dec)
Cancun - $699 Per Couple! (to 31st Dec)
Riviera Maya - $999 Per Couple!! (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $149 - Wisconsin Dells!! (to 31st Dec)
2 Nights in Rockland - $99!! (to 31st Dec)
Cancun - $590 Per Couple!! (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $149 - Charleston!! (to 31st Dec)
Orlando - $99!! (to 31st Dec)
Phoenix - $99!! (to 31st Dec)
Playa del Carmen - $599 Per Couple!! (to 31st Dec)
2 Nights $149 - Virginia Beach! (to 31st Dec)
New Orleans - $99!! (to 31st Dec)
Kennebunk Deal - $249 Per Couple!! (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $139 - Daytona Beach! (to 31st Dec)
Cancun - $599 Per Couple!! (to 31st Dec)
Cayman Islands - 4 Nights $249! (to 31st Dec)
2 Nights $199 - Miami! (to 31st Dec)
Cabo Deal - $599 Per Couple! (to 31st Dec)
St. Augustine Deal - $199!! (to 31st Dec)
2 Nights in North Conway - $299!! (to 31st Dec)
Punta Cana - All Inclusive! Only $599 Per Couple!! (to 31st Dec)
Hilton Head - 2 Nights $179! (to 31st Dec)
Shenandoah Deal - $99!! (to 31st Dec)
Las Vegas Deal - $299!! (to 31st Dec)
Hilton Head - 3 Nights - $99! (to 31st Dec)
Williamsburg - $199!! (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $99 - Poconos!! (to 31st Dec)
St. Petersburg Deal - $199!! (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $199 - Wisconsin Dells! (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $159 - Las Vegas! (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $99 - Las Vegas! (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $59 - Gatlinburg! (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $199 - St. Petersburg!! (to 31st Dec)
3 Nights $249 - Fort Lauderdale! (to 31st Dec)
Save up to 83% at Orlando, Florida bookings (to 31st Dec)
Save up to 69% at Montego Bay, Jamaica bookings (to 31st Dec)
Save up to 80% at Cancun, Mexico bookings (to 31st Dec)
Save up to 86% at Las Vegas, Nevada bookings! (to 31st Dec)
Save up to 81% at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico bookings! (to 31st Dec)
Save up to 80% at Punta Cana bookings (to 31st Dec)
Westgate Town Center - 80% off (to 31st Dec)
Westgate Las Vegas Hotel & Casino - 89% off (to 31st Dec)
5 Star Cabo Beach Resort - 70% off (to 31st Dec)
Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos - 70% off (to 31st Dec)
5 Nights In A Suite At 5 Star Cancun Villa Resort For Only $799 Per.. (to 31st May)
5 Nights At Sandos Playacar Resort For Only $799 Per Couple! (to 31st May)
5 Nights At Krystal Cancun Resort For Only $699 Per Couple! (to 31st May)
5 Nights In A Suite At The Grand Sirenis Resort For Only $799 Per C.. (to 31st May)
5 Nights In Villa Suite At The Vallarta Beach Resort For Only $599 .. (to 31st May)
Flash Sale! 5 Nights At Omni Cancun Resort For Only $799 Per Couple! (to 31st May)
5 Nights At The Luxury Adult Punta Cana For Only $799 Per Couple! (to 31st May)
5 Nights At The Adult Luxury Punta Cana For Only $799 Per Couple! (to 31st May)
3 Nights In At Westgate Lakes Orlando Resort For Only $99! (to 31st May)
5 Nights In A Suite At A Ulra Luxury Beachfront Cabo Resort For Onl.. (to 31st May)
5 Nights In A Villa Suite At The 5 Star Cabo Beach Resort For Only .. (to 31st May)
5 Nights In A Suite At Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos For Only $799 Pe.. (to 31st May)
Omni Cancun Resort (to 31st May)
Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos (to 31st May)
5 Star Cabo Beach Resort (to 31st May)
Grand Sirenis (to 31st May)
Krystal Resorts Cancun (to 31st May)
Adult Luxury Punta Cana (to 31st May)
Westgate Lakes Orlando (to 31st May)
Sandos Playacar (to 31st May)
Grand Cancun (to 31st May)
Save On Average 83% On Vacation Destinations (to 4th Mar)
Hot Weekly Deals: Save Even 86% (to 4th Mar)
Read Traveler Reviews & Get Inspired (to 4th Mar)
New Cancun June Special Offer For $599 (to 30th Jun)
Get 5 nights in this luxury Cancun Beachfront Resort for only $99! (to 22nd Oct)
Save 90% (Now 4 days for $99, was $997) on Festiva at Sandcastle South Beach in Myrtle Beach only at! Includes $100 Restaurant Dining Voucher! (to 26th May)
Save 71% (Now 5 Nights for $499, Was $1707) on The Krystal Resort Cancun Only at! Includes Unlimited Meals and Alcoholic Drinks! (to 11th May)
Save 74% (Now 5 nights for $499, was $1898) on the Hidden Cove Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica only at! Includes Unlimited Meals and Drinks! (valid through 5/9) (to 9th May)
Save 78% (Now 3 Nights for $129, Was $579) on the The Grandview at Las Vegas Only at! Includes Kitchen, Dining Room and Jacuzzi Tubs! (to 7th May)
Spend 3 Nights at the Luxury Radisson Hotel Right Off of the Famous Strip in Branson, Missouri with a $100 Dining Voucher all for only $129! Only at BookVIP! (to 30th Apr)
Save 76% (Now 3 Nights for $99, Was $407) on Westgate Lakes Orlando Resort Only at Book.. (to 17th Apr)
Save 78% (Now 3 Nights for $149, Was $684) on The Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel Only at Boo... (to 14th Apr)
Save 78% (Now 3 Nights for $149, Was $684) on The Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel Only at Boo.. (to 14th Apr)
Save 79% (Now 5 Nights for $399, Was $1859) on The Krystal Puerto Vallarta Hotel in Mex... (to 10th Apr)
Save 74% (Now 5 Nights For $599, Was $2299) on the Luxury Telom Resort in Riviera Maya,... (to 10th Apr)
Save 60% (Now 5 Nights for $699, Was $1749) on The Sandos Caracol Resort in Riviera May... (to 10th Apr)
Save 69% (Now 5 Nights for $590, Was $1897) on The Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort an... (to 8th Apr)
Save 75% (Now 3 Nights for $249, Was $1012) on The Summer Bay Orlando Resort Only at Bo... (to 30th Mar)
Save 81% (Now 5 Nights for $349, was $1859) On The Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos in Cabo... (to 27th Mar)
Save 74% (Now 5 Nights For $499, Was $1898) on the Hidden Cove Resort in Montego Bay, J... (to 25th Mar)
Save 69% (Now 3 Nights for $139, Was $449) on The Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower ... (to 22nd Mar)
Save 72% (Now 3 Nights for $99, Was $354) on the Westgate Williamsburg Hotel in William... (to 18th Mar)
Save 70% (Now 3 Days and 2 Nights for $149, Was $497) on the Newport Beachside Hotel in... (to 16th Mar)
Save 80% (Now 5 Nights for $399, Was $2041) on the Emporio Hotel and Suites Cancun Reso... (to 11th Mar)
Save 83% (Now 3 Nights for $119, Was $697) on the Westgate Las Vegas Hotel and Casino O... (to 8th Mar)
Spend 3 Nights for $99 in the Luxurious Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort (Was $585) in Ga... (to 5th Mar)
Save 79% (Now 5 Nights for $399 Instead of $1859) on the Krystal Puerto Vallarta Resort... (to 27th Feb)
Save 78% (Now 3 Nights for $149 Instead of $684) on the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel Only ... (to 27th Feb)
$699 Riviera Maya All Inclusive Package (was $1749)! Spend 5 Nights at the 5-Star Sando... (to 26th Feb)
Save 78% (Now 5 Nights for $499 Instead of $2299) on the Ultra Luxury Tulum Resort in M... (to 18th Feb)
$699 Cabo San Lucas All Inclusive Package! Spend 5 Nights at The 5-Star Sandos Finister... (to 18th Feb)


2nd Mar: Other than I couldnt understand the rep very well it was good
28th Feb: There were a lot of questions, but the young lady that helped us was very friendly and professional, and answered a…
27th Feb: Very fast and helpful Ezra Helped us
25th Feb: Everything was simple and easy!
24th Feb: Wilson was great to work with and provided all the information by phone and email. Great service - awesome savings.
24th Feb: Nico was very helpful and personable!
24th Feb: Great service ! Excited for our trip !
23rd Feb: So far everything looks good. The reservation process was quick and easy.
22nd Feb: The process was very easy and understandable
22nd Feb: very good customer service
21st Feb: Loki was clear and professional in our reservation.
19th Feb: Saved hundreds on a all inclusive trip to Cabo
19th Feb: Very easy. Make sure you meet requirements!
18th Feb: The representative was super patient with me and i appreciate that. thank you
18th Feb: How satisfied were you with the products/services that you received? - i will answer this after our stay
17th Feb: Happy with the service provided
12th Feb: the lady who helped me was great
12th Feb: Good, but not great. The taxes and fees on top of the advertised price were an unwelcome surprise.
11th Feb: So easy! Can’t wait for our trip!!!
9th Feb: The representative Lady 0015 was excellent very friendly, helpful and patient! I love her and look forward to booki…
9th Feb: Great bargain price for luxury resort quality!
8th Feb: I like the ease of booking a trip. Customer service was great
8th Feb: It was pretty cool just expect to pay resort fee
8th Feb: Easy to work with, great package!
7th Feb: Mark M. was very helpful and informative! He provided great customer service.
7th Feb: Ecra has been very helpful and informative
5th Feb: awesome customer service!!
2nd Feb: Loved the customer service
31st Jan: My experience with BookVIP was excellent!
30th Jan: Gigi was very helpful to book.
30th Jan: Very professional and polite
30th Jan: Alfie was EXCELLENT! Concise and helpful.
29th Jan: Carla my phone rep was awesome
29th Jan: Easy, great customer service
28th Jan: Very affordable and easy to book and many dates available
26th Jan: Great experience fast and friendly
26th Jan: She is very Clear with explaining everything
26th Jan: Excellent service, very fast in solving my concerns...
21st Jan: My experience was great! Answered all of my questions and was able to book my next vacation with no issues or set b…
21st Jan: Great customer service. Kudos to Manny in Puerto Vallarta.
21st Jan: Rob made it easy to get this offer.
21st Jan: Ami helped me to set up our reservation and it was smooth and quick! She was very thorough and explained everything…
19th Jan: Ann was vey helpful and efficient!
19th Jan: Great customer service good price
18th Jan: We purchased a trip to Cabo, book VIP made the process very easy and assisted in any area that we needed help with.
15th Jan: Very easy to book dates for trip. Saving a ton of cash . Thank you.
15th Jan: It was excellent talking to the people who work there over the phone and having an understanding
13th Jan: Customer service was great! He was very patience and detailed. I know my anniversary will be great! So happy of the…
12th Jan: affordable and easy to book
11th Jan: They allowed us to change our reservation
10th Jan: So far everything has been nice.
9th Jan: Very satisfied, service was prompt and straight to the point.
8th Jan: it was a pleasure speaking with Isreal in changing my itinerary, he made it simple and stress free
8th Jan: Was very easy and the agent was informative
6th Jan: Bookvip prices are Beyond anything Comparable
5th Jan: I still have not taken the trip so it all remains to be seen. So far it looks great. The only thing is I do have to…
4th Jan: I love shopping for trips on BookVIp. Never fail
31st Dec: I did not have to wait long to talk to a agent (less than 10 min), and the agent answer all my questions.
30th Dec: Very helpful and courteous staff.
27th Dec: Thank you Peter for all your help! During our booking process all of our questions were answered very clearly. Loo…
27th Dec: Very good experience we are very pleased 😊
23rd Dec: Great prices for great hotels
22nd Dec: Quick..pleasant. conversation
22nd Dec: Great deal but too long to conduct verification of requirements
19th Dec: great customer service, very polite & helpful
16th Dec: Great customer service. Great value.
11th Dec: Easy to book. Friendly people to talk you though everything.
11th Dec: Jon Martin & April were great!
3rd Dec: Fairly smooth process and friendly staff
2nd Dec: Representative provided with details
1st Dec: Salena was great she went out of her way to accommodate the issue experienced through another representative. Thank…
1st Dec: it took a long time but when i bought it they NEVER indicated that i had to go to a presention???
1st Dec: Jose was awesome..he was the friendliest travel agent I have ever dealt with
28th Nov: Quick and easy to understand the process
28th Nov: Elberto was concise and clear.
26th Nov: Great!! Great communication!!
23rd Nov: They spoke good english so it made the reservation easy
21st Nov: Very easy to book and very affordable
20th Nov: It should not take an hour to book these kind of things.
18th Nov: Great a little time consuming
17th Nov: jose is terrific, made everything clear and easy
14th Nov: Phone call was wonderful The lady I booked with was amazing.
14th Nov: Great fast friendly service.
13th Nov: long wait on reservation call fir reservations took almost 2 hours
13th Nov: So far it had been a good experience.
12th Nov: Very helpful customer service.
4th Nov: Seems like a very good deal with nice people
3rd Nov: Everyone in the call Center was very helpful and courteous
28th Oct: Every question was answered!
26th Oct: I was pleased with the service I received ... The young lady was polite and very through . Excellent customer servi…
26th Oct: Straightforward - so far.
25th Oct: The link did not work over and over but the crusty Serb rep was persistent u til it worked
24th Oct: Very nice and very informative 👍
22nd Oct: My experiences have been great. I got exactly what I was told I was getting. It was a promise made and promise kept.
21st Oct: The booking process was a little lengthy as it took about 45minutes. And attempted to pressure me into a package I…
20th Oct: so far everything has been very smooth and customer service has been excellent
19th Oct: My agent was very helpful and answered all of my questions.
18th Oct: Jovie was very nice patient and clear to understand on p[hone
17th Oct: I made an update change in my travel arrangements and was surprisingly surprised it happened like clockwork and qui…
15th Oct: It was a good experience!
13th Oct: Nice people helped me. I appreciate that.
8th Oct: Great professional service.
5th Oct: Everything so far has gone well
5th Oct: I love BookVip. I have used them several times and tell all.of my friends and family about them.
4th Oct: You should advise us about the resort fee earlier in teh call.
2nd Oct: So far so good. Jeselle was very nice. This is a big trip for us. All good so far
1st Oct: Rebooked from a old reservation - delay due to medical
30th Sep: Sara was awesome sooo easy to book and answered all of our questions she was amazing !!!
30th Sep: Great company to travel with
30th Sep: Done with ease & the agents were both knowledgeable and very helpful
17th Sep: It was great ...the guy named krick ext # 0174 was very professional & friendly
17th Sep: Great. I appreciate Wilson. He was very informative and polite
17th Sep: Everything is looking great so far. Very friendly booking agent Marcie, helped us get the dates we wanted.
17th Sep: The value of the package is always outstanding. Unfortunately, the customer service has been disturbingly meek and…
15th Sep: Book a reservatio with a very nice rep on the phone!
14th Sep: Great informative Very detailed Great sales representative
14th Sep: Was very easy and short Great job
13th Sep: Mark was an excellent representative. I appreciated his insights and also the fact that he was easily understood on…
11th Sep: Excellent customer service
9th Sep: Very profesionaland informative
9th Sep: Kevin # 0037 was great and very knowledgeable.
8th Sep: Awesome thanks for the bargain!! Gigi was a great help for me!!
6th Sep: Excellent Mark is awesome
5th Sep: Customer service was excellent
4th Sep: They had a great deal. Also the customer service.
3rd Sep: It was a good experience.
3rd Sep: Promotion Well described online Gigi x0229 did an excellent job on the phone
3rd Sep: Fabulous & awesome rep, Marcyn!!!
1st Sep: Gissele was very friendly.
31st Aug: the customer service was great
28th Aug: My initial reservation call went smoothly
28th Aug: It was great. Agent was very friendly
25th Aug: great food, sights and people. It qas amazing
24th Aug: Great customer service on the phone with Selina
22nd Aug: My experience was great customer service
21st Aug: Great experience, Tasha explained everything in great detail. Excited to go on my trip!
20th Aug: Easy to book before selecting dates, called to schedule dates at a later time and the representative on the phone w…
20th Aug: I’ll wait till to see the resort
18th Aug: Very good customer service
18th Aug: Thank you so much Cat u have been very helpful and very clear in your explanations
13th Aug: Unbelievable deal, easy to arrange.
10th Aug: Everything was perfect 👌🏾
10th Aug: The agent is knowledgeable and helpful
7th Aug: Love using BookVIP!!!! Great prices and great resorts!
7th Aug: It was very plain and simple and everything was clearly explained and understood
6th Aug: Bad connection but Cat was great and very helpful
30th Jul: Appreciated the rate. Though booking was tough.
29th Jul: your customer service representative - Jose was a real pleasure to deal with. Thank you book vip.
28th Jul: Mat was very pleasant on the phone.
23rd Jul: Easy, affordable, and great vacation spots
23rd Jul: Very easy to book your trip. Professional customer service. They explained every detail so no hidden surprises. We…
22nd Jul: The CSR was on it and very dedicated to his job.
22nd Jul: The representative is polite
21st Jul: Marc was wonderful to talk to, and had great knowledge of our trip details and recommendations.
21st Jul: Booking was fast and easy. Agent was informative and kind. She answered all my questions.
20th Jul: I am very happy, you provide a very professional service.
18th Jul: Great experience nice to talk to
15th Jul: Joel is a wonderful host he has great customer service
13th Jul: Excellent customer service!
11th Jul: Excellent customer service
10th Jul: Jessel 0144 Thank you very much for the worry-free booking experience of a lifetime.
9th Jul: Staff was super friendly and so very helpful.
7th Jul: CAT was very patient and kind!
7th Jul: Easy process. Great customer service
5th Jul: Kevin was an absolute dream and explained everything I needed to know perfectly.
4th Jul: Is the first time I call for this service and I super grateful for the service and attention I received. Now I just…
30th Jun: I am very excited to go on this vacation. I have not used Bookvip before but I see it has some great reviews.
28th Jun: Super easy experience with booking
26th Jun: Melvin provided great customer service.
25th Jun: Thank you for the great explanation and the trip insurance!
24th Jun: Sara was very helpful with the booking of my room
23rd Jun: the agent that helped me was nice
23rd Jun: It has been a good experience so far.
23rd Jun: Mark was very helpful and made this booking very easy!
20th Jun: So far we have enjoyed everything
20th Jun: very easy and professional
18th Jun: Mark was helpful and honest .
18th Jun: The booking agent was very kind and welcomed as many questions as I needed.
18th Jun: Very helpful and easy to book.
17th Jun: Good and interesting conversation with the agent
16th Jun: East to book. Great price. Great customer service.
16th Jun: Lady on the ohone is awesome good customer service
14th Jun: 1st time experiencing and the agent was nice and polite
11th Jun: Great all inclusive packages
10th Jun: Grace returned my telephone message and "provided Excellent Service from the beginning to the completion of ou…
10th Jun: good customer service. Always with you every step of the way
10th Jun: Customer service and knowledgeable
7th Jun: it was not bad but i had to repeat myself twice with two different reps. the info should be kept on file from the f…
6th Jun: They are very helpful and walked me through the process.
6th Jun: Great, thank you for the reservation
2nd Jun: I just loved the lady at the resort she was so thorough .and very a tentative to my needs .. Looking forward on goi…
2nd Jun: Everything has been quick and easy. Customer service has been excellent. I am very pleased.
31st May: as described ARRIVED QUICKLY
28th May: This was a very lengthy process to purchase a trip
26th May: They were very friendly and helpful on the phone and got me taken vases of super quick
26th May: This is mine and my husbands first Cancun Mexico trip we will be going on and it will be our 10 year anniversary so…
20th May: Looking very forward to our vacation, next year! Thank you!
20th May: So far everything looks good!
18th May: customer service has been very helpful
18th May: Representative was very helpful.
17th May: My shopping experience was very pleasant. The agent was also very informational.
15th May: Great customer service ext 0043
14th May: Nothing but good customer service
13th May: Great person Jose Gonzales
9th May: A bit confusing and misleading
7th May: We did not ask about a gift as indicated, the experience was top quality.
7th May: I was handled by an excellent customer service provided by Ms. Tasha! This is my first time with BookVip and I am g…
6th May: Thank you for the great deal, looking forward in our stay.
6th May: It was great he was helpful
4th May: A good vacation for a good price.
28th Apr: Booking was easy. Agent was able to answer questions.
24th Apr: Very nice customer service
23rd Apr: Very nice and explained in detail
16th Apr: Miss Lady was so much help with booking our trip. I hope the trip is just as good.
5th Apr: Outstanding customer service! Both Lady and Loki we’re amazing. Miss Lady Walked me through step-by-step maki…
3rd Apr: Eli was extremely helpful and informative
3rd Apr: Operator Wilson was great!
28th Mar: We booked Huatulco Secrets All-inclusive Resort. We are very pleased with the price we paid and the services we wil…
27th Mar: So far my experience has been pleasant
24th Mar: Very impressed with Mark as he was extremely helpful
24th Mar: Very easy. Very pleasant.
21st Mar: Quick and clear phone call about the trip. There were taxes and resort fees added onto the price but those were to…
17th Mar: BookVip is conveniently priced and best of all... hassle free!!!! I will continue to book through BookVip.
17th Mar: I am doing this review only based on the booking have not used the package yet until May
16th Mar: Great rates for the vacation packages you offer in Vegas.
15th Mar: So far a great experience
15th Mar: The representative was very informative and nice.
14th Mar: The representantive Sara Sanchez was awesome!
12th Mar: Quick easy and my agent really nice.
12th Mar: It has been a very pleasant experience
11th Mar: My experience was very good. The service was professional, courteous, and very well explained.
10th Mar: Customer service was great.
9th Mar: Very helpful and understanding of travel situation
9th Mar: Very knowledgeable customer service provided by Markie.
9th Mar: We travel in April. Looking forward to our trip
9th Mar: Everything has been good so far.
3rd Mar: It was such an easy process, and would certainly do it again!
3rd Mar: Customer Service are great
2nd Mar: Very nice people and they answer your question to the best of their ability
1st Mar: Great customer customer service
28th Feb: Apple turned it all around and changed my booking experience I look forward to taking the vacation.
27th Feb: Great opportunity fir vacation.
27th Feb: Today I delt with a extremely pushy woman who was trying to sell me all inclusive. When I said No. She told me my d…
27th Feb: Kevin agent 0037 was great and reviewed everything to the fullest. Great service
27th Feb: Hill was very pleasant to speak with and also patience. Thank you for making our experience a great one!
25th Feb: Mark was absolutely great! Very professional and friendly. I would like to make him my go to vacation person.
25th Feb: Excellent attention. I hope our vacation will be as good as the service.
24th Feb: I did not like that I had to wait on the phone for almost 40 minutes before I could speak to someone. However when…
24th Feb: I bought this package due to the price but the customer service has been excellent and I am hoping for a wonderful…
24th Feb: Kevin did a great job walking me through the process!
23rd Feb: Great deal for a Great Resort
22nd Feb: Mark M. did just a great job at making me feel so welcome to BOOK VIP!!! He is a great asset to your Team!!!
22nd Feb: Pleasant when speaking to myself and informative enjoy my rep Levy xt0038
20th Feb: Thank you! For my birthday trip
19th Feb: Agent did a great job explaining everything
18th Feb: Great price for a 3 nights 4 day stay I can not wait to see what the resort looks like.
17th Feb: Is it possible to have pick from airport and drop off please.
16th Feb: Everyone is incredible. Customer service at bookvip is the best.
16th Feb: Please hire more native English speakers please. It is very hard to understand your customer service agents.
13th Feb: BookVip was fantastic to book through, super easy
13th Feb: Thank you Wilson, ext 0170 for your patience and answers and kindness.
13th Feb: Very good the gentleman was very helpful thank you
12th Feb: Great Experience. Very detailed information.
11th Feb: It was a great experience!
10th Feb: I will be traveling in may
8th Feb: Clearly gave details of vacation package
8th Feb: very helpful and accommodating friendly
7th Feb: I wish there weren’t taxes included
5th Feb: I Iove bookvip, their prices are great and I always save money booking with them. I have recommended them to severa…
4th Feb: Room was run down and no washer and dryer as promised.
4th Feb: This is my 1st time, and I look fwd to a great time.
4th Feb: Price was perfect and customer service was superb!
3rd Feb: Very easy to book a vacation thank you
2nd Feb: Fantastic customer service.
2nd Feb: Great quality customer service and nice vacation packages.
1st Feb: I love anything that’s fast and easy.
1st Feb: It was excellent - Eli was very helpful
31st Jan: Costumer Service is very good.
31st Jan: The agents need to speak better English please.
31st Jan: It feels great and painless about booking with you. Thank you
29th Jan: Very easy and Rob was very informative
25th Jan: Emmy was great,explain everything very well
24th Jan: Eli was great with booking experience!
23rd Jan: Por davor quisiers Una habiracion confortablecEs por Aniversariio y Cumpleaños q camos a permanecer en esa E…
23rd Jan: Representative was nice and explained everything in frail!
21st Jan: Always a great experience!
21st Jan: Your reservationist was do polite, Sam 10173. Wish I could have gotten tickets we could use, not waterpark.
21st Jan: Great price! Great service!
20th Jan: duffy was great x 0035 great follow up.
19th Jan: Wonderful! The representative is amazing and friendly!
17th Jan: Jorge has amazing customer service. He went above and beyond and had great communication. Thank you Jorge!
16th Jan: They gave me a really good deal and was very helpful about all I needed to do to get it Rolling! Thanks
15th Jan: Customer service is great
15th Jan: Knowledgeable staff professional good deal
12th Jan: The lady I talked to was very knowledgeable about my reservation. I hope we like the resort.
12th Jan: Very helpful and patience with me. Great customer service representative
11th Jan: The phone people are very nice
10th Jan: Excelente atención al cliente
10th Jan: Rom was very helpful and courteous with making our reservation.
9th Jan: Was very easy & Emmy my CSR was q great help
8th Jan: Great time on phone. Worked out well!
7th Jan: Was easy to set up and highly recommend it. Nelly was most helpful 0164.
7th Jan: Easy to get confirmed! Will enjoy this trip!
6th Jan: Very helpful and great service
6th Jan: Eli was very helpful with the booking and answering all my questions.
5th Jan: So excited for my vacation!
5th Jan: Courteous representative, gives full information. Very helpful.
4th Jan: long phone call but nice gentleman
2nd Jan: Simple and professional service
31st Dec: Very clear and easy directions from representative.
28th Dec: I had issues and needed to speak with a manager/supervisor. Jay took good car of me.
28th Dec: So far so good..first time to mexico and im very excited.yall wrte very helpful so far
26th Dec: Wede was great, he was patient with me and answered all my questions
25th Dec: Customer service was good
20th Dec: Nice job by Jeremy and Grace
17th Dec: Very trustworthy agency , would refer ti friends and family
16th Dec: Very easy and all my questions were answered.
16th Dec: Luigi(0149) was great, answered all my questions.
14th Dec: Easy process. Very pleased.
12th Dec: I had the best great customer service. Every agent I spoke with was great. They always met my needs.
11th Dec: I received courteous and respectful help when I had questions about the insurance which they addressed and fixed. T…
11th Dec: All my questions were answered and the staff was very polite
11th Dec: My vacation planner Marty was awesome ...can’t wait to go
9th Dec: Easy phone call to book my trip dates after I just bought an amazingly inexpensive Black Friday deal to Cancun!! I…
9th Dec: my agent, Cat, very patient with all my questions and very knowledgable.
9th Dec: Hard to understand customer service rep
9th Dec: They have been helpful and very accommodating. Pricing was great and affordable.
6th Dec: Nice representative. Rob is great.
6th Dec: Satisfied Luigi extension 0149
4th Dec: It was quick and easy and he explained everything to the fullest
4th Dec: Everyone was great and helpful!! Kevin was fast and efficient!!
2nd Dec: Recently booked. Trip planned for Match
2nd Dec: Wilson is amazing to work with!!
2nd Dec: Jene was very nice and helpful today with my booking.
1st Dec: I didn’t know about the 90 minutes presentation before the booking call
1st Dec: Nice people attending yours questions and explained everything.
29th Nov: Kevin was helpful in explaining how to book and what to expect.
29th Nov: It was a great experience
28th Nov: Until you have people speaking American on customer service for Americans, you will never be a world class service.…
26th Nov: Kevin was great he answered all my questions
26th Nov: Easy process and great service.
24th Nov: 5 Star The guy on the phone was a top guy Thanks man
23rd Nov: so far, so good. dates that i asked for were available
21st Nov: My first time but is easy and faster service
21st Nov: Loki has been very helpful!
21st Nov: Easy process completing reservations
19th Nov: thank you for patient with me throughout process
18th Nov: My experience with was different from any other booking agency. Customer service was unders…
16th Nov: We are completely satisfied so far with the offer and BookVIP service. Great follow-up and easy to understand Assum…
14th Nov: Great deal but too many restrictions.
13th Nov: Quick and easy. Jun was a great help.
13th Nov: Luigi who helped us over the phone was very friendly and professional.
12th Nov: Read the terms and conditions carefully. Some of the conditions do not make sense, but they are what they are. Ever…
8th Nov: Luigi 0149 was very informative and was very thorough with every detail. Great to deal with!
8th Nov: Luigi 0149 was very helpful!
6th Nov: Thank you for a good service and grate price.
5th Nov: Always a Great experience
5th Nov: pretty good.. kind of confusing
4th Nov: Luis was VERY nice and professional!!!
27th Oct: Great assistance when I call
27th Oct: Very easy to use and the service was very nice.
26th Oct: excellent service! |Zaira is wonderful!!
25th Oct: Mr. Luigi 0119 did a great job very helpful , explaining the resort
24th Oct: Too many personal questions making us uncomfortable
23rd Oct: Experience with BookVIP has been great!
22nd Oct: very helpful and delightful to talk to 0149 luigi
18th Oct: Luigi 0149 was very helpful
18th Oct: Tasha was patient and pleasant
17th Oct: Was a great experience very easy
16th Oct: Looking forward to this new experience
15th Oct: Would have preferred to know about everything upfront
14th Oct: It went smoothly except for the hotel taxes that were not told to us when we first booked our package.
12th Oct: We have had no problems with BookVIP.
11th Oct: He answered all my questions and concerns and he was very nice and helpful.
10th Oct: Easy process and great communication with agent.
9th Oct: I felt unsecure while talking to the representative. There was too much of my personal information given, and I cou…
6th Oct: Great value, and customer service from the representative.
5th Oct: Saw an advertisement on Facebook and decided to call and make a reservation.
4th Oct: Thanks Book VIP for all your help! I appreciate your customer service Melvin.
4th Oct: Is was very easy and self guided
4th Oct: Gaberalla was very helpful.
1st Oct: The overall process has been easy! Luigi EXT:0149
29th Sep: Online portion was extremely user friendly.
28th Sep: Wonderful and very knowledgeable.
24th Sep: Richard was very helpful and explained everything completely.
24th Sep: very easy, customer service is outstanding!!
24th Sep: Kurt was very thorough with explanation
23rd Sep: Very good shopping experience. Information was very thorough. I received great service and vacation package was e…
22nd Sep: Very long, but informative
22nd Sep: A little long but good service
20th Sep: Excellent customer service
19th Sep: Loki was well informed and very helpful.
18th Sep: The person I spoke with was very helpful! He was at extension 0020. Wonderful Man Mr. Mac.
18th Sep: Customer service always good


29th May: BookVIP Reviews

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