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Holiday Offer! Get $10 off any flight with code MERRY Coupon (to 3rd Aug)
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$10 off Flight to Detroit. (to 4th Apr)
Search Car, Hotel & Flight Deals at Cheapoair to Save Your Money (to 4th Apr)
$10 OFF - Coupon Code - Cheap Flight to San Francisco Coupon (to 4th Apr)
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Get $10 off your flight to Detroit - This week only! ... Coupon (to 28th Jan)
Get $10 off your flight to Las Vegas - This week ... Coupon (to 28th Jan)
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Get $10 off your flight to Boston - This week only! ... Coupon (to 28th Jan)
Get $10 off your flight to Miami - This week only! ... Coupon (to 28th Jan)
Get $10 off your flight to Los Angeles - This week ... Coupon (to 28th Jan)
Get $10 off your flight to Seattle - This week only! ... Coupon (to 6th Dec)
Get $10 off your flight to Baltimore - This week only! ... Coupon (to 12th Nov)
Get $10 off your flight to Denver - This week only! ... Coupon (to 12th Nov)
Get $10 off your flight to San Diego - This week ... Coupon (to 12th Nov)
Get $10 off your flight to San Francisco - This week ... Coupon (to 11th Sep)
Get $10 off your flight to Philadelphia - This week only! ... Coupon (to 8th Aug)
Get $10 off your flight to New York City - This ... Coupon (to 7th Aug)
Get $10 off your flight to Chicago - This week only! ... Coupon (to 6th Aug)
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11th Sep: If you need to visit family this holiday season, we can help.
2nd Sep: Some changes to our #cryptocurrency payments. #cryptotravel
2nd Sep: Someone is taking flying and social distancing to the next level.
31st Aug: United is permanently removing change fees on standard Economy tickets! We hope other airlines do the same.
25th Aug: The pros and cons of traveling this holiday season.
21st Aug: Labor destinations that get you away from the crowds.
17th Aug: Pro tip: visit Death Valley in the winter.
8th Aug: Get a feel of Europe without a passport.
7th Aug: Isolated beach destinations to visit.
7th Aug: We want to thank our crypto community for your travel business! is committed to encouraging…
5th Aug: Take a drive down the eastern seaboard for some of our favorite spots. #RoadTrip
31st Jul: A bit of Europe in the U.S.
16th Jul: If you hope to vacation in the coming months, check this out for safe travel ideas.
10th Jul: California dreaming! #Staycations
7th Jul: Look for the "COVID Clean" hotel badge for some added peace of mind when you book hotels on…
26th Jun: Are you ready to harness your pent up travel energy into the most epic vacation?
27th May: Planning to fly soon? Things you can do to help keep you safe. #TravelTips
22nd May: We hope you have a safe and happy #MemorialDayWeekend!
16th May: Dream now, travel later! #NewZealand
14th May: We pride ourselves in our customer service! #CheapAirDifference
8th May: How do you feel about mandatory face masks on flights?
6th May: We want to thank our travel advsors for giving our customers the kind and efficient service they deserve during the…
16th Apr: We’re dreaming of future trips. Are you?
23rd Mar: Why it is best to wait closer to departure to cancel your flights. #COVID19
16th Mar: We believe in the power of travel, but this is not the time to travel. #FlattenTheCurve #COVID19
10th Mar: Europe is more affordable than you realize! @iamwormify
4th Mar: Many airlines are doing this. Glad United is too for the peace of mind of travelers.
13th Feb: Happy #GalentinesDay! Some of our favorite girl trips on our blog: #galentines
10th Feb: Travel should be easy! #CheapAirDifference
2nd Feb: Where are you going with that extra springtime?
23rd Jan: Beat the winter blues. ❄️✈️🏝️
13th Jan: Have you booked your first trip of the decade? What are you waiting for? ✈️ #MondayMotivation #2020Goals
10th Jan: "Do you need an assigned seat? Do you need a window or an aisle? Extra legroom? Make sure the flight you book has a…
9th Jan: Thanks for the review! If you ever run into problems our Travel Advisors are here to help at 800-CheapAir or help@C…
3rd Jan: New year, new cities to visit! See for details about our favorite 2020 destinations in the…
1st Jan: Where will 2020 take you? ✈️🌏 #2020Goals
1st Jan: Happy New Year! #2020NewYear
31st Dec: This is why we kiss at midnight. 😘🥂 Goodbye 2019!
31st Dec: We mean LAST MINUTE deals for New Years Eve! Act fast to start 2020 somewhere new. ✈️🥂🎉 #2020goals…
29th Dec: 10 affordable U.S. cities to visit in 2020! See for details. ✈️ #2020TravelGoals
28th Dec: How will you ring in the New Year?
28th Dec: Where will 2020 take you? #2020Goals
27th Dec: Thank you, Nita, for your glowing review! ✈️😊 #CheapAirDifference
27th Dec: Our favorite Star Wars filming destinations in our very own galaxy. ✨ #StarWars9
26th Dec: Start planning those long weekend trips! #2020goals
26th Dec: We wish you a Merry Christmas. Use code MERRY on for $10 off your next flight. Online only,…
24th Dec: You can track Santa on #SantaTracker
24th Dec: Need a last minute gift idea? #ChristmasEve
21st Dec: Glad you found your last minute flights, Jason! Enjoy the holidays.
21st Dec: Happy Winter Solstice!
19th Dec: Some of the most awesome and affordable U.S. destinations for 2020! Read more on:…
18th Dec: We pride in ourselves in our easy to use website that highlights airfare savings. Plus the freedom to pay your way…
17th Dec: Thanks for your review Stephanie!
16th Dec: May your holiday travel be Merry!
14th Dec: Travel is the perfect Christmas gift! @btctn #CryptoTravel
14th Dec: Time to cross some of these off the bucket list! ✈️.#2020Travel
13th Dec: Pay for flights and hotels over time on ✈️ #FlyNowPayLater
12th Dec: Just try a search on! ✈️
12th Dec: If you still need your holiday flights, check out our favorite money saving tips. ✈️🎄 #WednesdayWisdom…
10th Dec: These destinations are still looking affordable for this winter. ✈️#HolidayFlights
10th Dec: 2020 goals! ✈️#TravelTuesday
7th Dec: Fast, friendly and knowledgeable service from travel advisors! ✈️ #CheapAirDifference
7th Dec: Are you still shopping for Christmas flights? These are the best and worst day to fly. ✈️🎄…
6th Dec: The perfect gift idea.
6th Dec: Thank you Juanita! We are happy to give 10-star service. ✈️#CheapAirDifference
5th Dec: Our 2020 top travel destinations are in! ✈️ #TravelInspiration
4th Dec: Want to escape the cold weather? Check out these destinations to warm up your holiday! ✈️
4th Dec: 7 Creative Ways to Save on Holiday Travel — Straight From the Experts. @BrewandBubbly via @POPSUGAR. #TravelTuesday…
3rd Dec: Caught traveling through stormy weather? Here are some #TravelTips to get you through possible delays.
3rd Dec: Many airlines have extended their Cyber Monday deals! Take advantage of airfare sales. Use promo code: CYBER on…
3rd Dec: Thanks for the review @PayneFullHuman! ✈️ #CryptoTravel
2nd Dec: Take an additional $10 off any purchase today with promo code CYBER on ✈️ #CyberMonday
1st Dec: wishes you a jolly, merry December! ✈️ #HelloDecember
28th Nov: Happy Thanksgiving! As a token of gratitude, use promo code THANKS for $10 off your next flight. Online only, book…
27th Nov: Today is one of the busiest travel days ... Here are some tips to help you navigate flight delays. ✈️🍂🦃…
27th Nov: Avoid the Thanksgiving travel stress with these tips!
26th Nov: Bad weather might be an issue this Thanksgiving travel week! Get ahead of the problem with these tips. #TravelTips
23rd Nov: Are you traveling for Thanksgiving? Check out our #TravelTips for easy travel this week. ✈️🍂🦃
23rd Nov: Thanks for booking on Jasons! #CheapAirDifference #CryptoTravel
22nd Nov: If you hate the TSA lines this post is for you: #TravelTips
21st Nov: Happy #WorldHelloDay!
21st Nov: Glad you were able to arrange monthly payments for your anniversary flights Mrs. Fletcher! Financing on…
20th Nov: Christmas airfares are trending up! Check out our Holiday Flight Report for flight tips. ✈️🎄 #HolidayFlights…
19th Nov: "CheapAir is a pioneer in this business as it has been accepting cryptocurrency since 2013." #CryptoTravel…
19th Nov: We love to make awesome travel happen! Thanks MSF, enjoy your trip! ✈️ #TravelNowPalyLater #CheapAirDifference
16th Nov: Avoid the weekend of December 20th if you can! @yahoolifestyle
15th Nov: Thanks for your review Laurence! Pay for flights and hotels with #cryptocurrency on! ✈️…
15th Nov: "After scheduling and booking your travel, gives you up to a year to pay for your trip."…
15th Nov: Give yourself the gift of travel! ✈️🎄 #HolidayTravel
13th Nov: Holiday Flight Tip: Make sure to factor in baggage fees when booking flights! lets you easi…
13th Nov: What are your must-have items in your carry on? ✈️ #TravelTips
12th Nov: Our travel advisors are readily available and happy to help you at 800-CheapAir (800-243-2724)! ✈️…
11th Nov: Planning to travel for the holidays? Check out our Holiday Cheap Flights Report for flight tips and deals,…
11th Nov: Happy Veterans Day!
10th Nov: Thank you Dr. O, for the first-class review of ✈️#CheapAirDifference
10th Nov: Got #Crypto, will travel! ✈️ #CryptoTravel #Bitcoin #Litecoin #Dash #Etherium #BitcoinCash
9th Nov: These U.S. cities still have affordable Thanksgiving fares! ✈️🦃 #ThanksgivingFlights
9th Nov: Want to save money on Thanksgiving flights? Fly these dates to save, #HolidayTravel
9th Nov: "Overall, Sundays, in general, tend to have some of the most expensive air tickets, according to a study by http://…
8th Nov: Did you know you could save more than $110 per ticket on average by flying home the Monday after Thanksgiving than…
8th Nov: Glad you found a good deal on Felix! Our travel advisors are happy to help. ✈️…
7th Nov: The flight you choose matters! #TravelTips @MiaTaylorWriter via @MSNLifestyle
6th Nov: Our easy to use fare display and commitment to serve our cryptocurency customers are some of the differentiators…
5th Nov: Go where you want, when you want. #SelfPartnered travel tips.
5th Nov: Thanksgiving is one of the cheapest times of year to buy international flights. This is where people are forgoing a…
5th Nov: Be flexible if you still need to buy your Thanksgiving flights. Checkout all our tips at…
4th Nov: Get the holiday flight deals! ✈️🎄 #MondayMotivation
3rd Nov: makes travel easy-breezy!
2nd Nov: accepts crytpcurrency for most major airlines and hotels. ✈️ #TravelWithCrypto @foinio1…
2nd Nov: Because some of us need to travel on a budget. #TravelTips @cheapism @MiaTaylorWriter
1st Nov: November awaits! Book your fall adventure on ✈️🍂
31st Oct: Get in the spirit of #Halloween with these haunted houses.
31st Oct: Congrats Washington Nationals on your World Series Win!
29th Oct: Happy Birthday Internet! Without you, our easy to use website, would only be 1-800-CheapAir…
28th Oct: Did you know booking your Christmas flights before Halloween can save you on average 20%, not to mention the better…
28th Oct: Halloween haunts for the most daring.
25th Oct: New York is cheaper in the fall. ✈️🗽🍂 #FunFactFriday
24th Oct: Get what you really want this holiday! #TravelNowPayLater on ✈️🎄 #HolidayFlights
24th Oct: The Ancient City of Taos in New Mexico is bucket list worthy and no passport needed! ✈️ Flights from Denver, Color…
24th Oct: We like to serve our travel à la mode! ✈️ #CheapAirDifference #TravelWithCrypto #Bitcoin
23rd Oct: How to island hop Hawaii! ✈️🏝️
22nd Oct: If you dare to scare! 👻 #HauntedHouses
22nd Oct: Thanks for the review Kyle! ✈️ #CheapAirDifference
21st Oct: Overweight baggage fees ... No problem! #ExcessBaggageChallengeAccepted
21st Oct: Buy before the best flights sell out for the holidays. ✈️🎄 #TravelTip
18th Oct: That #FridayFeeling when you book your next adventure. 😁 ✈️🌏 @micheledebczak @mental_floss
18th Oct: We specialize in smooth. ✈️ #CheapAirDifference
18th Oct: Travel in Bitcoin style! ✈️ #TravelWithCrypto @J_Settembre via @FoxBusiness
17th Oct: Need to escape the family this Thanksgiving? These are the most popular, international destinations people are trav…
15th Oct: You tried the rest, now try the best. ✈️😉 #CheapAirDifference
15th Oct: You need a quick autumn getaway. has them. ✈️ #FallFoliage #TravelTuesday
15th Oct: Attn: parents traveling with infants. ✈️👶
12th Oct: Travel. Should. Be Easy. ✈️ #CheapAirDifference
11th Oct: Fall goals! ✈️🍂🍁🍂
10th Oct: Basic economy fares: the good, the bad and the ug-ly. ✈️ @keywordkelly via @Forbes
10th Oct: Facts. ✈️ #CheapAirDifference
9th Oct: Use your Thanksgiving break to see the world!
8th Oct: Have questions or want help booking? No problem. Call us at 800-CheapAir or email us at ✈️…
7th Oct: Want to save money on Thanksgiving flights? Buy soon and avoid the orange days on our calendar. Get more holiday fl…
6th Oct: Booking on is easy like Sunday morning. #CheapAirDifference
5th Oct: Try a quick search on and let your fingers explore the world. ✈️🌏 #CheapAirDifference
4th Oct: Take a fall break! ✈️🍂🍃🍁 #FridayVibes
3rd Oct: It’s getting easier to explore the world with #crypto! ✈️ #bitcoin
2nd Oct: How to visit more than one Hawaiian island. ✈️
1st Oct: Happy #October1st! ✈️🍂🍃🍁
29th Sep: This is the cheapest time to buy Thanksgiving and holiday flights!
27th Sep: Do you want to avoid the family this Thanksgiving? ✈️🌍
26th Sep: Have #crypto will travel! #Bitcoin #Dash #Litecoin Ethereum
26th Sep: Try a search on and see why we are one of the highest rated online travel sites.…
25th Sep: Stay healthy road warriors! #WellnessWednesday
25th Sep: Get out and smell the pumpkin spice in the air.
24th Sep: The fall is a great season to visit Italy. #TravelTuesday
23rd Sep: Happy 1st day of fall!
19th Sep: Read our #Area51 guide,, before you storm over! 🌌👽
18th Sep: Here’s that motivation to take a last minute trip. #WednesdayWidsom
17th Sep: September is a great time to buy flights for Thanksgiving, as the holiday gets closer, flights get more expensive.…
17th Sep: is proud to be the first online travel agency to accept Dash! #Dash #travelwithcrypto
16th Sep: Fall is a great for famaily travel!
16th Sep: Pittsburgh Steelers fans do you need a cheer up trip? Visit Big Ben. Book flights to London on…
14th Sep: At we believe that travel should be easy and affordable! ✈️ #CheapAirDifference
13th Sep: This Friday the 13th is the first time in 20 years to coincide with a full moon! You’ll have to wait 30 years for n…
13th Sep: Time for a Roman holiday! ✈️
11th Sep: Travel should be easy! #WednesdayWisdom #CheapAirDifference
11th Sep: Remembering and honoring 9/11 ...
10th Sep: Fall is around the corner! And September is the best time to buy Thanksgiving flights! Do it soon on…
10th Sep: Get your Thanksgiving flights soon! ✈️ #TipTuesday #TravelTuesday
9th Sep: #FamilyGoals 💕
9th Sep: You need to start planning that trip. ✈️🌎 #MondayMotivaton
7th Sep: Large online retailer accepts Dash payments directly, as does…
6th Sep: Flights and hotels with cryptocurrency on! ✈️🏨 Yahoo Finance
5th Sep: Booking. Travel. Should. Be. Easy! Try a search on and see the #CheapAirDifference ✈️
4th Sep: September is the best month to buy Thanksgiving flights. ✈️🦃🍁🍂 #WednesdayWisdom #TravelTips
3rd Sep: It’s a great time to buy flights! ✈️#TravelTips @NerdWallet
1st Sep: New month, new adventures! ✈️#September1st
30th Aug: Happy #NationalBeachDay! Which is your type of beach? ✈️ 🏖
30th Aug: Travel should be easy and painless! Plus affordable! #CheapAirDifference
29th Aug: PSA 📣 This is one of the cheapest times of year to buy flights! ✈️
29th Aug: Are you ready to buy your Thanksgiving flights? Buy soon on, to save! ✈️🦃
28th Aug: There’s still time to vacation this summer! ✈️🌞
28th Aug: Fall season has some of the best weather and affordable travel accommodations!
26th Aug: How to travel with your fur baby! ✈️🐶 #InternationalDogDay
23rd Aug: To celebrate National Cheap Flight Day, take additional savings off some of the cheapest airfares of the year on…
23rd Aug: Happy #NationalCheapFlightDay! 🎉✈️ Is today a good day to buy flights? YES! Is today the best day to buy flight…
22nd Aug: "Sometimes you don’t have all the money to buy a plane ticket upfront, making it so you have to wait until closer t…
22nd Aug: Go out and explore! #TravelSingle
22nd Aug: PSA: This is the one of the cheapest times of the year to buy flights. Affordable accommodations too! Stock up on y…
21st Aug: Psst.... Our secret to great service is that we have U.S. based travel advisors happy to help! Call us at 800-243-2…
21st Aug: Don’t delay a trip to Denmark, when airfares are looking good.
21st Aug: Life is short. Travel now! ✈️🌏 @micheledebczak via @mental_floss
20th Aug: Kids are back in school and the airlines are drastically lowering fares! This is one of the cheapest times of year…
19th Aug: Welcome to the fan club Ashley! #PayWithLiteCoin
16th Aug: Tips for the novice camper. 😊⛺ #HappyCamper
15th Aug: Need some R&R? These calm U.S. destinations will renew you for the hectic world.…
15th Aug: Happy #NationalRelaxationDay!
15th Aug: Find your perfect flight today on! ✈️☀️ #ItsStillSummer
14th Aug: The kids are back in school and it’s still summer ... Cheaper less crowded vacation time! ✈️🌞…
12th Aug: How to make the most of your #honeymoon! ✈️💕 #traveltips
9th Aug: Live life, book your next travel adventure on! ✈️📖#BookLoversDay #FridayFeeling
9th Aug: Craving an authentic encounter with an extraterrestrial being? Learn more about Area 51 before you storm over.…
8th Aug: Thank you Donna! We love helping our customers! #CheapAirDifference
8th Aug: Show your love of the world in your travels! ✈️ 🌍💙 #EcoTravel
6th Aug: Take me out to the ballgame! ✈️⚾️ #traveltuesday
5th Aug: Are you just getting around to booking your Labor Day plans this year? We got you! Check out these inexpensive dest…
3rd Aug: Book flights and hotels on CheapAir with #Litecoin!
3rd Aug: Family reunion planning 101! ✈️
1st Aug: Wishing everyone a month full of happy travels! #August1st
1st Aug: Feed the travel bug! #FlyNowPayLater
31st Jul: Those on can now directly shop on!
26th Jul: Use these tips to get the lowest fares. 😎✈️ #TravelTips
25th Jul: Serving the #cryptocommunity since 2013! Book your next flight or hotel with #cryptocurrency on…
24th Jul: Camping newbies, this info is for you. 😊🏕️ #Camping101 @outdoorsgeek @undercanvas
23rd Jul: You still have time to snag a late summer bargain. Just be flexible with your travel schedule. Book now on…
23rd Jul: You can now prequalify for monthly payments for flights and hotels on! ✈️🏨#FlyNowPayLater
20th Jul: Try these #traveltips. And remember, when you book on you have our travel advisors at your…
18th Jul: Increase your chances of finding deals on flights with these #traveltips! ✈️ @USATODAY
17th Jul: Get your phone ready to share your Instagram-worthy vacation pics. ✈️📱🌍 @xfinitymobile
16th Jul: The answer might surprise you!
15th Jul: Avoid paying for bags. Packing tips, for basic economy.
12th Jul: Our annual buy-holiday-flights-early-to-save-money, nagging has officially begun. We care about you, just like your…
11th Jul: Smart buys for July includes flights! 🤓✈️@nerdwallet
10th Jul: If you like piña coladas .... 🎶✈️🍍🥥🍹 Happy National #PiñaColadaDay!
8th Jul: Europe on a modest budget.
8th Jul: Booking flights should be EASY! #CheapAirDifference
4th Jul: Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸🎆
4th Jul: Make this a memorable holiday weekend! We take monthly payments too. #FlyNowPayLater
2nd Jul: Is your phone ready to travel? 📱✈️ #traveltips
2nd Jul: Have #Bitcoin, will travel! ✈️🌍 #btc
1st Jul: Hello July! ☀️✈️
30th Jun: We love what we do and look forward to serving our customers. #CheapAirDifference
29th Jun: Flying soon? Checkout our summer travel tips. ✈️😎
28th Jun: Glad Nessa easily found an hotel deal on! Give us a try, we support #cryptocurrency and…
28th Jun: Attn: procrastinators, #TravelTips via @TheStreet.
27th Jun: The road less traveled is full of adventure. #Wanderlust #travelinspiration
25th Jun: Happy to save our customers time and money on ✈️😎 #CheapAirDifference
25th Jun: How you can still travel to Cuba.
23rd Jun: These cities are popular for a reason! #Summer
22nd Jun: Happy first day of summer! Get out there and enjoy the longest day of the year. ✈️☀️🌴 #SummerSolstice
21st Jun: Some or our favorite places from sea to shining sea.
21st Jun: Tips to save on your next trip via @CharlesSchwab. #TravelTips
20th Jun: Try your next flight search on and let us impress you with the #CheapAirDifference.
20th Jun: Despite our advise to book early for cheaper flights we find most of our customers still book last-minute and find…
18th Jun: Can you guess the most popular summer vacation spot in the U.S.? ☀️✈️ #TravelTuesday
14th Jun: Read this before your next trip!
13th Jun: Try a quick search on! You might find a great flight deal like Doug. #CheapAirDifference…
12th Jun: Timing. Is. Everything! ✈️🌴☀️ #FlightTips @_Pat_Clarke via @TravelPulse
12th Jun: Top 10 most popular European destination according to our customers! Read about them here:…
11th Jun: Take the road less traveled! ✈️🌍 #TravelTuesday
10th Jun: How many of these have you visited and which are on your bucket list? #MondayMotivation
7th Jun: Take a step back in time and checkout the stylish mid-century #TWAhotel at JFK.
6th Jun: Survey says, buy soon for cheaper flights.
6th Jun: Timing is everything when looking for cheap flights. #ThursdayThought @itsjoshocampo @lifehacker
6th Jun: Accepting crypto for flights is our jam at! ✈️ #DASH #Litecoin #ethereum #BCH #BTC
6th Jun: Fly into these European airports to save money on flights! ✈️🌍
5th Jun: 10 Tips to Cheap #summerflights! Read more on, #TravelTips
4th Jun: The latest flight, price trends to save you money. ✈️📈 #TravelTips #SummerTravel @TravelPulse @_Pat_Clarke
4th Jun: With new restrictions to #Cuba travel these travel destinations will give you the feeling of Cuba without the burea…
4th Jun: Thank you Cindy! Our pride at is happy, satisfied customers. 😊 #CheapAirDifference.
3rd Jun: These are the best days to travel in July! Check out our summer flight page to see the cheapest days to fly the res…
2nd Jun: Did you know, the average flight price changes approximately 76 times before the plane is fully booked?
30th May: Fly now, pay later....
29th May: These European cities deserve some love. ✈️🌍 @VisitBelfast @SeeMontenegro @visitBergen
28th May: Love The Princess Bride? Visit the Cliffs of Insanity, aka, the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.
27th May: Happy Memorial Day!
25th May: Book your #BitcoinCash travel easily on #BCH


12th Jan: Havana Biennial

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